Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 8, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 5
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• I TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1944 NAUOATU0K; DAILY NEWS Twenty-Nine Conn. Men Are Reported Wounded In Action 4 4 \V:i..ihinuton, Autf. 8—(U V.) — The Wiir ilrpni'tiiH'iit announces the ilium's of - ;i Connecticut men re.- juM'tft! wnuiuled in action in the AMiiiie. Kiimpi'iin, Mediterranean mill soiitliu'est IVicillc nrra.t. They I'rivnt," Raymond' W. Al>olin>f or liln U'ineheMter road, Torrinjrton. 1'rivnn 1 first Class Julio Amat':il ,,•• .ir. Liberty street, Dunbury. Private I''ruflk S, All^ustini. 1 of ]OS South Main street, Middletmvn. I'nViiti' r' Class Edward iv.'nric 11 f -<J .Mountiil.'ivillo ,'ivenuo, P:iiilnii-y. 1'riviiti! h'irst Clas.s Poter J. Bos [Yiv.'ite John Ferraiuolo of '. U'.-illm-e strivr, .Vow 1-iiive.n. I'riviilo Miehuel S. Oil I III. of 3Sl [irnrh street. UrUljreport, Ti-chriio.'il Si'i'^'oant ICdniiinil \V IIii/i- of -M Allon sti-oft, Now Brit- iiin. 1'iivatf Vincent M. Lonibardi of 121 Hunnh .'ivBniu', L-'.i'idwport. I'rivnti' Anthony ilastrcilillo of >7 Kuiitiiii stri'i't, South Mill-walk Si'coiiil l.ii'Utpniint At wood i\t. Mi-K.I.Vi'ii of FiicliarU Grovi; roa<!. Quaki-r Hill. (•'list [.it'iiCtinant Rdwnrd ,r. Mft- .\r;ili(in uf 207 MriKiiuliu Htreet, Hint ford. 1'rivate Charles A., Jr., of •M nii'ision stivet, Norwich. S:utT S«:rj{fimt Curl N. Mayers* of lluiiif One, t'nionville. Sei'Kfjint I'^lward J. ,N'ns!adk;i of l 1 ' 1 . riark street, New Haven. l-'irst I.ii-ut. l-tnrry I'. Quinn. .(:-., Kurniici- liKpi'diuni Phone Us! W.aterbury Heating- Co. ;i Sprinif St.. •\Vtliy. •l-r.-KS of 17S2 East Main street, Bridgeport, Private. First Class Amalio -1. Rusati yf Culton court, Furmiuy- tun. f'rivntc Frank E. Spudulis of 2li Day siroet, Is'ew Britain. Private John M. Sullivan of 3W Warron .sti-eei. Bridgeport. And .'Prii-atu Pirst Class John B. \Vhiltlesey of Ni:w Proslon. Additionaly, Private Guido Cas- tiurna of North Canton Private Kirjst Class Michael J, Cudlaniia of :M7 Kairtleld avenue, VV'atei'bUry. Private Kernnrd 1C. Tartij; of LOIIK Kivur Village, MkUfictown. Private First Class John J. Jut- kiuwiCK of TiG Sinter avenue, Jewctt City. Private William Kapal.i of .'!!> Woodlawn street, Elnuvooil. Private Nelson S.,. Koohlcr ' of Main street. Broad Brook. Private Cheater Lat'ort,'e of Lake :ivcnue, .Bristol. Private Walter Ostashen of 5 rVquot strout, l-larlforil. And Staff Sergeant ClilTorcl E. \Veidnei- of :IC .Soiitli Main .street, Turks Enlisted To Combat Any Nazi Attacks London, Aiijf, 8—(UP)—An csti- m.'itud ton million Turkish men ,'incl women Imve been enlisteil to combat any Gci'nuin military move. Thu Turkish--nutionul assembly hos approved u law placing on a vipilanto footlTJJj 1 , every male from .10 to 00 and every fumnle from '.30 LO 'in. The vigilantes arc to oppose any Na/i attack within a radius of I ton miles of their homes. Ttia move I results 1'rom Turkey's sictioi in breaking oft diplomatic relations with Germany. Former German Ambussador Von Papen has arrived in Sofia on the hools of reports that Bultfi'ria is Wfiokinfr a profitable way out of the war. Stamford Woman Stabbed; Condtiion Reported Critical Stamford, AUK . S—(U P) — A Stnmfiii'd woman is in a conditinti after she nllnjtodly was stabbed with a butcher kniCc by he." husband during an argument over property. Philip SoirnmiiK'/o—an Ttalian World "\Var veteran—is boiii),' held without 1:!ail, iXcnordiriK to police, Scar.inuizzo eded the property to his wife—• Susie—and then demanded she ro- lirn it. \\'hen she rofusod. he reportedly stabbi-d her. Durinf,' the :oiuTle, ihfir Ki-yeai'-old son. An- hrmy, is said in have tried to iiiock the knife from his father's 'land with an air rifle. 'Vhnut DO per cent Kinia's total area is ft' West Yir- farm land. Millville Residents To Protest Against New Dump Site I UrsidontsVor 'Millville will meet I tonight at l.lic Millville library nt i S p. m. to protest tifi-ninst the reported pkirv "w.llleh proviclc.-v fov a fooonitfh jiublic dump on VVu.'jb road. . . . The borough, which lias been un- Mitcr;ess('Lilly scokini^- a dunipin)^ area since lost month, is interest-. ed in the Webb rond site, Paul Pas- sock, secretary • mnd treasurer of the Millville Library association, .said ihiw mornlnp. Re.siilcntt) of tliis area, find I'esident.s of other, areas which have potontinl duir.p siten, have olroiicly produced opposition, and will act at the nioet- Social Security Board's Millionth Insurance Benefit Cleveland, AUK- 8—(UP)—A 33- ycar-old widowed mother of • two children will receive the .first chocks today in a ceremony m.'irli- ing 1 the Social Security Board's one-millionth monthly insurance benefit. Mrs.- Mary Hex Thompson, of Purma, Ohio, will be presented the payment In a ceremony at lior home. Her husband hr.d paid $14. r > in social security taxes .over a purlod'of seven and one-half .'years. Altogether,' Mrs, Thompson rnuy receive payments on the account of her husband totaling $15,000 ciur- Ing the next 1T yenrs. or until .her youngest child ri!aches~'hl9v..l8th birthday. . . .' •'- .'. "" The payments will be in monthly chucks of slightly more than' .$25, in 'addition to two checks,for for each child. •...'. The Social Security Board now 1» paying; monthly benefits a't the rule of- more thair $200,000,000 a year. Collaborationist Ghang-es Tune INTEKV.ENTION ASKED Boston, Aujr. 8— (UP)—Union''-of- ficial.s havn ;ip ponied for Pro.sklonl. Rocwovel^s intervention in the schudulod slriktt Suptnmbcr -HIv of sonic l.KOO <:m|)loycs of the E:ist- urn Massachusetts Sti'eot Railway Company.' TJio -Pi'nSKjcnt was askod lo provide transportation for somr> 1.250.000 perHon.s in more than a. tlcrain communities who would be affected by <tif! uti'Ikc.', BUY W.-UC HONDS AND STAMV* Primary Is Being Held In Vermont; Only Two Contests Mont.pelicr, Vt.^ Aupr. 8—(UP)— It's primary d.-jy in the Croon .Mountai,n stnto. Wilh no national is-siics at stake and only two con- 1.CS1.P, voters ;ire not expected to turn out in largo numbers. The main interest in the primaiy con- Lers ini the hattlo between lieutenant GovernorMortimei-R. Pi-oo- lor and Arthur E. Simpson for UK: Republican no.-riin.iiion • for governor. The other contest is for the G. O. P. nomiar.iion- for lieutenant Kovernor.. Tile office- seekers arc A.S.-I S. Bloomar. spoak- i cr of the Vermont House' of Representatives, and Lee K. Emerson, a. former speaker. Both United States Senator George D. Aiken and Congressman G h ,-i r 1 e s A. pat.riiit.s, in Ttnines riiiuxlint^ up t.hi/ir coiint.rynien who hail ciillal>(ii"ited ivitli tin; Germans, make <mt; fiulituiii.'il I'riMichinaii fall (11 liis kfii.'i-s and shniil. (,!«• |'.s of U)i: .Allies and I)e Oiiiillu. Whi'ii the Anieri<:,in lihcrators iiKirehed inl.ti Koniies, l r ri>e l r ri-ji<!h eiti/A-ns Ki!t nut: to punish (hose wli« hail east (lu:lr lo(,s with tin? N'a/.is <l«r- iii£ (.li*! (>ccijj)a(ii>ii pi/riotl. .Signal Corps Kadiijphuto. (International Sumidphot.n) The United Suites p.-itent ojflce \\TIS closi.'rl in 18-IG because ollieial.s felt that everything had ihen been patented that could possibly be in- j liborated vented. ' 1 routes. British army policewomen nre following Uie inv;usinn arm.iijs onto Uie coivtine.'il. to direct traffic in ureas and advise on Plumloy.,. .ue ..unopposed *>Jor the Rupublican. nominations. All Demo- ci'atic candidates in the primary :u'C unopposed al«o/. ' Lost Radium t- '• " v ' *•••"..•*; Needled Found Salt I--i.lto City, Utah".' Atag. 8— (UP)—An Absent-minded Helen tint has disproved thc.Vneedle-in-lhe- h:jyslack .story. He tossed n/^piacket of four rnrji'um nc-cdles info-a wastebasket. From there •.the <700 '.pwck- age of needles went into.ajjreighl car load of lialed. waslcp^er. It iva-s thej-c that University \of t Utah :xperts found the precious metal in two hours' timo, using a radium dcicctor. • . The U S. fishinff fleet now han ? boats on. the job -and it is estimated 1,400 new boats -will be required to bring the fleet up to ircwor standards. ENROLL NOW! 19-i-l Summer Course of private and individual lessons on the Accordion. AH lessonH personally supervised by Domenic Mecca, assisted .by expert teachers who have been trained to teach the Mecca System of Accordion playing. . Mecca Accordion School 203 BANK ST. WATERBURY A dump in Bnnron Palls, which wias opened . about n week ai;o, WIK denied .for borouch use last week. "I SAVE ONEY By Buying At My Neighborhood Certified Quality Drug Store!" Yes, I save money by buying my regular monthly drug and home needs at Certified. . .you sec, there is a Certified Quality Drug Store in my neighborhood just as there is in yours, and it saves so much time and carfare when I do my shopping there. You would be surprised how many useful things for the house I find there, . .insect sprays, my daily supply of soft drinks, all my cosmetic ncedi, and even hubby's favorite razor blades. I like the low prices, too. Sura, I SAVE AT CERTIFIED, „ Naugatuck's Quality Driig- Stores Include: Donovan's Prescription Pharmacy FOUR YEARS AGO, I(aU? WAS IN OUR SHOES 217 Church Street __ Tel. 4125 Albert R. Adams 2 Church Street Tel. 2680 Olson Drug Store 174 Church Street Tel. 3341 Naugatuck Drug Co. 1 No. Main St. Tel. 4288 Parks Drug Co. 67 Rubber Avenue Tel. 2854 Edward J. Sodlosky 411 North Main St Tel. 4921 H ANS is a German. Four years ago, he feU the way many of us feel today. He thought the war was >.s good as won. He had rcu'son to think so. Far more reason tlian we have. France was his. England was bloody after Dimkcrquc. The German Army seemed invincible. But the war wasn't almost over. And now it is oar armies that arc on the march. It is our bombers blasting German cities. Victory is in our grasp. It's up to us to sec that we don't let it slip through our fingers the way Hans did. Most of us know that this is the military crisis of this war—the time when our fighting men must give everything they have, not once in a while but hour after hour—day after day. Kut this alone is not enough. 1 The lives of brave men are not enough. Money is needed too. 'For this is the financial crisis of the war just as surely as it is the military crisis. Millions of dollars' worth of equipment 'is being destroyed. The money to replace it must come from us, quickly. Jf every last one of us Lore at home will trv'to match the constant, day-to-day driv.e of the men* who fight our battles, we'll raise that money. The way to do it is to put every cent we can possibly invest into U.S. \Var Bonds. Not some of us. All of us. Not once in a while during a drive, but regularly. Can we. do the job that Hans couldn't do? It's up to you. And here ore 5 more roatons fov buying Extra War Bonds! I. War Bonds ar« the best, th* safest . men* in tha world) 2. War Bends return you $4 for «v«ry $3 In" 10 years. 3. War Bends help keep prices down. 4. War Bonds will help win th* Peace by In- creating purchasing power after the War. 5. War Bonds moan education tar your chll-~ dren, security for you, funds for retirement. BUY YOUR INVASION BONDS TODAY: This Advertisement is a Contribution Toward America's All-Out War Effort by The DAIL NE

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