Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 1, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1928
Page 6
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I* of fr- rp tb*> "W. T» .TftMMrrt «tnr| tCVIjum Ttnnt ting; jR ,T Wi-J?«n» Cnlnrri •&*&* Or*n*mn, Montmiwrn H, McCorratek, T?«tnniT>sr>, Seymour, Tumpiro, n^N-it green, Hume; i*, E. BlrdsnlJ. Hopkins; Curl Mirier. •JteWrtt*. CTytf*; WH5 Br-vd. M*. Pi**c*t)t.: Mortz Hup*nbw,*:"er. Lyndon; John Tnich. PrtrphFtstown; M, B. 30*88*. Portland; H. D. Snv- *Jer, Fenton; Enno Jenwri, Union OroTC; Oms. Jomifon. Ustk-k; Wm, O. Rlordon. FuHfln; W. V. Parker! Osrtf«n Plain; Frank J«Hn, New-" ton; BSd BiMtllnsrr. Krir; J. E. buck, Albany. MOEEISON SCOUTS TO FLAY FOOTBALL Morrison. III., Oct. I—('Special.)— Robert Rummcl, pcritw for Troop 82, Bay Bcoulfl of America, makes the following report: "The members of troop P2 hold their regular meeting at the scout room Friday evening. Tliere ^-rrc 18 Kxsuta present. We otwncd our m««Ung; by presenting of tho flag RDd then saying the scout oath nnd law. "We made plans to organize a football team with M. 'Put' Pat- t*T8on as our coach. The scouts met *t Wie iair grounds Saturday and had a tryout. "Patrol projects were plvcn out. The third patrol hud cignalllng, and the first mid (second patrols having flrrt aid. We had Inspection In which the fourth patrol won with three points off. The patrol contest Is to start next meeting. Some of the things that will count points In this contest are the best good turns, inspection, the passing of testa, etc. The second patrol had & meeting Thursday evening, and the third patrol iwd oae Friday evening. "After the business part of the taeeUna; wa played two games, 'Nig,' our assistant scoutmaster rend part of a boos about the Mc- WUliamii expedition In the Arctic wgloaa written by a boy 14 years old Who was In company with him. We then closed with the scout benediction. Tiie next meeting .will be held Friday night at which time <SOT »,«S.UV;TS» 30 : TACT THAT wf WAS. GUYS HAve GOT us BRAT, so AIUTE THi'l Swttt KfW "DIDN'T HAVE No CLAW AT TO THIS NtW TAHHANy BIT SAHfi OWo&OVS THE SHOW? A(HT 10 NOTHIH T>AT IH YEAF.S nwns rtuU for b» t.h»1r new chib Installation day . t.h* offt«mj to b* Priwklent, Mr*, Ada .Ftcferts; pt^tfent, Mrs. Jglioibeth vlc« wrsJdwt, Mr». Ann* Ar- jnett; r««« s*cr«t»ry. Mm, Dfnlwai: correnpondnlit !«e€Mr*. JwH* Pfmufeteta mirer, Mrs. R^R Bysm; prewi pondent, Mrs. Mary Hftnnon Th» prosTRm Ss R* follows ItoH imU, vacation report*. Welcome to ne^ officers by Mm Wattle B*SK, the retirinir pwMdTO Responw, Mrs. Ada Piek*iw, Report front rtate federation *. ChlcftfO, Mrs. rraffif. B*^w. Report from dirtrhA fedwuthm s Mra. Elva Hazard. MUST SETTLE FOE DAMAGE TO TRUCE Chadwick. in.. Oct. I-^Special)— vcral weeks ago Charles F. H*rt- man of this place had his Ford truck. isnm£,hed while he was after a load of poultry. On Saturday a suit waa held before the justice of pence, filed against Walter Esta- hrooks to collect damages. A venire was delivered to the constable and the following jury was sworn Jn: Don Harris, L. A. Pink. William Spnhr, Henry Ixjechel, E J is hurt and George Miller. After hearing the evidence th Jury returned a verdict in favor o the plaintiff. f»H Carroll Mrs. Onfcen is**d from » of * hay mow. Wfm In Ml Otl b^J?*i0f?ltsL her Sim- dftv sclwwl clsss nt he.t horns day evening 1 . TAMPICO Tamplco.. Til., Oct. l— Mr. and Mrs. Enrl Pitts and baby left th* frTllft." ?*£• " IM ! a . l8 * J *««*'««l wltttn*!? **l h<s RilTsd ftfrtt tsiisrt to • thfl tools with wfttfeh j, e could not. it •emit, }.horouch work.. RTO! H. for Mt*rs of fore part of this for Rock Falls, fhfTf they will m&kfi th«»!r home, Mr. Pin* ivempjoywl In tbe hrrmpwnri barber rtjop In that r4ty, Mrs. Jennie Cootey returned here Bsttinisy evfninsj from a visit with Mr. end Mrs. Fred Cootey at Mc- Jlfnry, 111. flnlRhwl «h«t which hft knew to be sh«m. His r»«me on pemwnt o*vf>r Steriinst am! Rock F«,Hs be * monument to his skill, industry, and gfr>crs.l f.*jthfnInFss and In f-fgrlty RS R man which will outlast muy of his many friends now Dr. Guy of Ch!c»go pabrol leaders b« elects." and assistants will FOBB5BE PABTOR IS GUEST IN MOBRISON Morrtson. HI., Oct. 1— (Specia?)— Rev. O. LeRoy Walter, former pas- Hurt On His Birthday Chadwick, m. Oct. 1—(Special)— Delbert Etnyre met with a palnfi flocldent on his seventh birth which waa on Saturday. Delbert was playing in the yard, when h fell over a bos. breaking both bone In his left arm. Delbert is the sec ond son of Mr. and Mrs. Etnyre. BUMPED ON HEAD AS HE RAN INTO AUTO Morrison. 111., Oct. 1—(Special)— It is not uncommon for an automobile to run Into a person, but It is not quite so common for a person to run into an auto. This, however, waa what Johnny, son of-Mr, and Mra. S. Lazio, did Friday afternoon. The little fellow was standing op the Hotel Whlteslde corner with a companion as Mrs. Irvln Whistler turned north from Main into Cherry street. Acting on a sudden Impulse he started to cross the street, run- PROBABLY WILL NOT COMPLETE LIBRARY UNTIL ABOUT DEO. 1 Prophetstown, 111., Oct. 1~(Special) — The Prophetstown library board are considering plans for the opening of the building to the public. Inasmuch as much of tho material being used in the building Is of a special nature and must be prepared after the orders are received. It is not Just certain when the building will be ready for occupancy. The contractor. F. E. Breed, tor of the local Presbyterian church of this city, Is being given an oppor-1 o"E>r r tunity to spend a little time with his OJ:jljJU numerous friends and acquaintances here this week, as he is deun of the standard leadership training school which is to be held in the Presbyterian church, ling into the side of the car andj.cannoj. n jiay,_just- when he will be being knocked down. A bump on "able To" complete the structure, but he side of Ills head seemed to be i not before t the first of December, he extent of his injuries. GOODS AT AUCTION PREPARE TO START GRADING ON ROAD MILLEDGEV1LLE BRIEFS MilledgeviUe. 111., Oct. 1—Mrs John Wagner and two children Mildred Summers and Mrs. Fret Miller and two children spent Fri day with Mrs. Charles Sort. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gregory and two daughters left Wednesday fo Kentucky where they will visit hia Tapmico, 111.. Oct. — (Special)- !° g . ed Bother. They will also vis! The Helping Hand club of the 1 ™ 1 .. 3 -In the. southern part o ENTERTAINS OLUB OP TAMPICO OHUROH Christian church met in the country with Mrs. Ben Wade Wednesday in an all day meeting. An unusually weeKS - and expect to be gone tw Harry Cheeseman left large number of members were in hospital on Sunday going to attendance. Mrs. Wade furnished home of her mother, Mrs. Bogott the chicken fpr the picnic dinner <j where she will remain a week, , which was served cafeteria style and ' Mrs - and Mrs. George Smith and was very much enjoyed by all. Mrs. Mr - Mrs, Wayne Smith re- Weir led the devotionals in the bua- '-urned Friday evening from a two iness meeting. Much work was ac- weeks' visit in Pennsylvania. Com- compllshed during the afternoon, i ">£ home they drove over 600 miles TAMPICO BAPTIST RALLY THIS WEEK Tamplco, 111., Oct. l~(8pecial)— Rally week will be observed at the Morrison, 111., Oct. 1—(Special)— The household goods of HarryOd- former owner of the Choco- •f t Mor- Sat- urdny afternoon on Base street be- twmi Main and Lincolnway. The ?a tlihi trip el 1 /^?: artlcles »«« disposed of quickly building (Spec- 'Tamplco Baptist church this week. - , ndent; 8 ?" 1 " 5 a * ,' :3 ° P- m.-each evening the grading on route 73 Bouthl wlth tne followln B special speakers Prophetstown, 111,. Oct. 1 ial)—<Joseph Clegen, superintendent ship training held locally, and three and at sood priceB courses an> nffrrvH Tho»» o™ "T-t^ • ew« vutco. Teaching Work of the Church," in charge of Rev. C. H. Becker; "Jun""-"" i will WU1 MAKE SETTLEMENT FOR AUTO ACCIDENT ^(Special)— taught by Rev. A. Wlmmer, and Tlie Carlton hotel, which has been Rev. Walter giving instruction la unoccupied for about six months, "A Study in Adult Life." ls to be reopened. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Wilkinson, who have mided in the property on Clinton street lust north of the oil station, moved into the hotel today. It is not their intention to operate the dining room in connection with the hole!, butHo cater to those desiring rooms only. GALT AND COMO BRIEFS Oalt and Como, 111., Oct. r—Mr. and Mrs. Onno Otten, son Leroy and baby, Mrs. Anna Otten and Mr. and Mrs. John Otten and family for been shipped to thi j city and is on the way. It is expected the grading will be started within a few days, and according to the--program--previously -announcec the laying of the slab will follow soon, Morrison, ill., Oct. 1—(Special) — Mr. and Mrs. V. 8. Weldon of Qlen- dale. Calif., who wrecked their new Buick on Madison street Thursday noon. left Saturday afternoon by train for Cedar Rapids to visit with friends. They were enroute to that city when the accident happened. As soon as possible after the mis- company to California - what na4 occurred, and they in turn got in touch with a representative in Davenport. This gentleman came to Morrison Friday and made a settlement entirely satisfactory to Mr. the car 1 " l " '»»• only run about 2,500 miles back in good condition will be about $250, and the work will be done in thus city. MORRISON BRIEFS «*«.«. «* «•» i-t , . . — i ****** *«*»o, tfvtu* wiicai cuiu £L *SL™?°?.. *£*.*•_ in ^ ir : ^ 0 ^ to ft*, Sunday r.nd .,._. the day at the Andrew Otten farm. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Robinson of Fulton were Sunday night supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Hopkins. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sadden of Sunday at Uie home ERIE BRIEFS of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Fink. Prank and Arthur McCue, Jr., spent the week-end in Sterling at the home of Raymond Long. Mrs, Earl McKerg of Auburn. | Wash., arrived Sunday noon for a Morrison. HI. Oct. l.—Mr, and! vlslt al lllfi James McCue home. Mrs. Prank Smith drove to Mil- j" sive wU1 vis>it friends and relatives Icdgeville yesterday where they en-1 ln thls community for her girlhood Joyed a with the former who have but recently returned from a visit at their former home at Cliambersburg. Pa. Mrs. Caroline feldmaii left Saturday afternoon lor Coliado Springs, Colo., where »he will visit h*r daughter, Mrs. George Green and family. .• Mrs. K*te Uivens of Keutou was in Morrisou Saturday to tike tlie Unia to Merua, Neb., to visit 'relative*. Mrs. A. T. Freer «id Mrs. Jos. CteeH have issued tnvitatiom for ^ feaeteoa, to ba held Wedue&day at tfae Country ciutsr ...... " ....... ""~ ..... A. J. MdLstoiiiu arrived Uonu: Saturday morning from Detroit whe/e h» attejofltei tb« Mystic eeHveutioG, »to from » si4e trip to Oary, wtore be vkited tor broti^r. «t troop No. 1, at parents of was 5 P ent in Como, her moving to the west 15 or 20 years ago. Mrs. ,McKerg will be remembered as Mis eParl Hedger by her olg| time friends. Mr. and Mrs. Clem Beitel of Stewart, 111., called at the- homo of Miss Nettie and Charles Olds Sunday on their way to Davejyxirt. A number of old time school friends gathered at the hoaxe of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gass«jis Sunday and on the banks of Elkhora they enjoyed a beef-steak fry a social day. The Wisi^s M»rgaret and Helen Quinn at Chicago spew, tit* weekend fat the liome of Mr. an<j Mrs. Thomas McCue. Mr. jind Mrs. Charl^ Hk»k and baby and Mrs. ISmma Hoak fcU to Normsndy Sunday aud Uie day at the home ol Mr. Mrs, m. H Lane, -'• . ROUP Erie. 111.. Oct. 1. — Ruth Perkins and Alberta MiUer. who arc attending the State Teacher's College at De Kalb. spent th« week in their home. Miss Miller was accompanied home by Miss Josephine Tenboer of Union Drove. Ada and Ruth Slaymaker spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Slaymaker. Miss Ada is teaching in Clinton and Miss Ruth in Lee Center. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Angell and son of Rock Island were dinner guests in the Dave Quthrie home, Friday. Among those from out of town attending the funeral of Mrs. dart, Hoffman were Mr. and! Mrs. E. F. Buck. Peoria, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Lovett and son, Davenport. Mrs. George Wright and son Rock Island. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood and lUr. and Mrs, Prank Bennett of Oeneseo, Miss Ida Feaster, Mrs. Lou Kane and James Camp of Hillsdale. Mr. and Mrs. Shuemaker and son Lorln of Chicago were recent guests of Mrs. Bernice Sieben, Mrs, Shuemaker and Mrs. Sieben are cousins. Mr. and Mire. John Hawk returned Saturday from a few days' visit with friends in Morrison. The following members of the Erie Eastern Star lodge attended a meeting of tlie Rock Island chapter. Thursday afternoon and evening. Mrs. Bess Carl&on. Miss Catherine Allan, Mrs. Elva Hazard, Mrs. Kama Petersen, Miss Mett* Foster and Jack Greet 1 . Monday—Rev. W. W. Marshall of Dixon. Tuesday—Rev. I. A. Fox of Freeport. Wednesday—Rev. i Little of Sterling. Thursday—Dr B. Allen of Rockford. Friday—Rev R. H. Seltner of Mt. Carroll. Sunday. Oct. 7, Is rally day. Recovering From Injuries Erie, Illinois. Oct. l.— (Special.)Otto Plckens is recovering nibeiy from, injuries he sustained in a runaway last Wednesday. He had been drilling in wheat and was starting home with a wagon and four horse team and had stopped to get his dinner pail which was on the ground back of the wagon. The team started and when he tried to get hold of the lines he was struck by the front wheel of the wagon winch ran over his lefLJoot throwing him-to the ground badly wrenching his back and neck and lacerating his right leg &t the knee. Rites Held Saturday Prophetatown, 111., Oct. 1—(Special)—Th* funeral of Mrs, Orpha Shaw was held at 10 o'clock Saturday morning at the M. E. church with R«v. L. V. Sitler conducting th«r-fttes. The pall bearers were. Samuel Chapln, Simon Keiser, Wesley Boilers, .Grant Wildman. Prank Wlldman and Prank Ballard. Bural was made in Riverside cemetery. Entertains Philatheans Tamplco. 111.. Oct. 1—(Special)— The Philathea society of the Baptist church met in the country for a special meeting, on Thursday, at he home of Mrs. John W. Johnson. A fine picnic dinner wae enjoyed at icon. The afternoon was spent in working on articles for the annual the last day. Mrs. J. B. Mode and two children of Fort Atkinson, Wis,. who have been at her home, returned home on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. E. Patchen took her home. Mrs. Fay Glenn and two children of Aurora are spending the week at the David Glenn home. Fay came out on Sunday and the family returned home with him. Mrs. Anna Dieterle, Mr. and Mrs Frank Wetzel were Sterling visitors Thursday. Grandpa Dunmore is spending several weeks with his daughter Mrs, W. P. Hacker. , A reception was given at the Lutheran church on Friday evening for the new pastor Rev. E. J. Johnson and family. A short program was given-followed toy - light—refreshments. Mrs. Prankie Aurand caroe home Friday evening from Rockford where she had been a week. Mrs. Aurand was called there by the death of a sister-in-law and while away-she-also-visited her-~slster7 Mrs. Will Auraud and family The children of the various Bible school classes enjoyed a picnic at :he grade school yard on Saturday afternoon. A weiner roast an< candy bars were enjoyed by those present. Mrs, George Pfundstein and _, = . J. Barnhart spent Saturday to Polo at the Mrs, Duffy home. Frank Miller and daughter, Mrs. John Bracken were Bterlina visitors on Saturday. Mrs, Ed. Meyers entertained some cd th« latter part of the week with B. D. Orcenman. Mrs. Ins, Helller returned home Saturday evening from Rock Falls where she visited a few days with Mrs. W. 8. Stevens at the Van Drew hotrl. Mrs. M, L. Pierce, son Eddie. Mrs. O. W. Glowsburn, Mrs. C. E. Mc- Miss Kathryn Olds nnd Miss Gladys Glawburn spent Saturday in Davenport. Mrs. Minerva Lyons, a former resident of this city, was here from Prophetstown Saturday and spent the day calling on old friends. Carl Munson of Manllus spent Friday evening at the F. E. Reinagle home, Robert Whittaker of DeKalb visited at the John Jacobson home on Saturday. Mi-, and Mrs. George L. Murray entertained Mrs. Murray's parents Mr. nnd Mrs. A. R. Kirk of Bellflower, 111., and daughter, Miss Truth Kirk of Champaign over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Stelnhagen are in Michigan, called there by the serious illness of Mrs. SteinlWen's father, WUUnm Drennan. The glee club class of the Christian Sunday school held ». candy sale Saturday afternoon. waa faiibfu! and true in all other rels- tftmshtps BTirt ffif'se chRrRcipristte are oriiy lyplral of what his whole life and character were. Alexander QrAehJing. the second son of the ten children, eight sons nnd two daughters, of Henry nnd Wsi!bur?re B«:Jc OrnHillnp, WR^ horn PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS Prophetstown. HI., Oct. i._(8pec- lal)—Mrs. Clayton Pense and her youngest daughter of LaCJrange " with relatives the weekend and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Moore were arrivals in Prophetfitown Friday evening from their northern trip and report a very enjoyable time with relatives. •Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Webber who have been touring several states In the west on their wedding lip for the last six weeks, are expected home Thursday of this weet Miss Bernadine Lowery, who caches in Oak Park public schools. s spending the week end In Proph- 'tstown with a companion teacher, Miss Roush. Kenneth Hanson, who has been carrier of the Gazette in Prophetstown for a long time, has resigned and will work in the J. N. Lowry grocery store on Wednesday "venlngs and Saturdays. Real Estate Transfers 2. D. Carney to Jay Dorothy, wd to pt. sec. 22, Portland twp. (19-4) 11,000. Thomas A. Ramsdell to John M. Itager. wd. lot 9fi, in nwH sec 22 Sterling twp. (21-7). $10. ~1P.E. Breed to Gale Underhiii7 et 1. wd. pt. lot 5. blk. 2. Prophets- own, *1, Gale Underbill et al to F. E. Breed d. pt, sec. 32, Prophetstown two 20-5), *i. . "*. at, Pittsburgh, Pa., Feb. 25, 1850, He died rather suddrnly at his home, about 7 o'clock, Wednesday mom- ing. Sept. 215. 1023, aged 73 years, sewn months nnd one day, A rather remarkable coincidence WM that the son was born on the birthday anniversary of his mother, both e»ch year celebrating Feb. 25th When he w«s .still a baby the parents came west (o Illinois, settling first near Dixon, where on Lord's hill, the father conducted a blacksmith Rhpp for a year or more. Then they moved to n claim !n the woods at Eagle Point, wherc the family were truly pioneers, clearing the land they subsequently tilled, and building their home and barns of the logs which they shaped Into form with simple tools which, however, they handled most skilfully. Mr. Graehlini? wns never permitted to enjoy educaUoiual advantages beyond the elementary public schools, but he trained himself In many practical ways, so that his friend* always regarded him as an unusually capable man, who could turn his hand to many kinds of toll for support in living. Nov. 25. 1880. he was united In marriage to Miss Mary Wolber. at Black Oak, northwest of MittedKe* vllie. the ceremony belm? performed by Rev. John Stoll, at that tim« pastor of the West Jordan Lutheran church. To them three children were born: Fannie, wife of Matthias Schumaker, and Frank, both of Sterling, and Laura, wife of Lester H. Terhune. of Rock Falls. Besides the loving, devoted wife and children mentioned, seven grandchildren survive. Of Mr. GraehHng-s immediate family five brothers and one sister are still living: George Graehling, of Dixon; Ade-lph. James. Henry, and William Graehling. of Polo, and Lizzie, wife of Andrew Peters, of Milledgevllle. His eldest sister, Mary, wife of Frederick Diehl of Polo, passed away 12 years ago, and two brothers, Andrew and John, in Infancy. After living six years at Eagle point In Ogle county near Polo, the fam- CW? Mwry to d*t*# with A protete HW and bin. flled »nd Fernandas for citation filed „ dercd to executor to ffi*'" and coj show cause why saine'slsmiM itst-l filed and returmbJe Oct. IS, Falbert KacSyk e filed and approfsd. Inventory flled wid praisemcnt bill filed and Hsrlet s. Conawny for tU*t4on filed ftftd ordered Oct. 15. Alice F. Miller, re ..,„ —petition to determine ai*d filed. Kate L. John est,. posting and certificate of pal, lug^notices filed and approved. Wise eat, same as going. Lloyd E. Shover est, petiUcw letters of administration filed allowed. Oath filed and Bond of filed. William H. Martin, est,., claim* l lowed to amount of $7804. Hiram Meyers est.. certificate publishing notices filed and proved. Jennie B. Bturtevnnt est, In! tory flled and approved, Christian Pott est, final approved and discharge 0 William Allen est, last and admitted to probate. Asa E. Lydick e*L, petition letters of administrator nekl allowed and bond of 13,800 filed approved, letters ordered nod Warrant of appraisal ordered _ to John BrUtcoe, J. H, Russell F. M. Burgeaa. MATTOON WOMAN Mattooa, HL, Oct. S^UJ'J trace has been found of tto» who yesterday entered ttW'] Mrs. J. D. Andrews, &:„ *od with jewels valued at $7.000, hounds traced the marauder as a railroad station, lost toe trail.. lly moved to a near MHledge- No More Piles File sufferers eaa only get quick, safe »uid by r«i»oviiig . the c&use~rtoftd blood cJreulaUon in Uie lower bowel. Cutting and s&lveg cant do U»i» -- an internal remedy tuust be used. Dr. Lieauardt't Hem» nanuteu tablet, iucc«t<ia it r«iieves this blood con- uid *Ue^thwi6 the atiected Heui-Jtioid ia^i « 'for «, mf§ and to • File SttS*r*r». It illi »as*-for you or tuouey Pit&iruuicy s«d druggists Add a few drops of vinegar to the water when washing greasy dishes . greasei willgogae^ off e&aiiy. tore Saturday. of the young folks on Saturday evening in honor of her daughter Evelyn, it being her birthday. After a social time refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. George Hanna left Monday morning for Prairie du Chinen. whew? they are going to eoa- ult doctors in regard to Mr Hanna's health. Harvey Pike of Chicago spent the end of th* week with his sisters. Mrs. William J. Myers and daughter Irene were Sterling visitors on Saturday. Miss Bertha Wareheim is sick and unable to be at the poetoffice. Miss Helen MeKeau is taking her place. Mrs. Harry Buffington and Mrs. Charles Speaker were Sterling viei- BEWARE THE COUGH MOM COLDS THAT HANG ON from colds may lead to *e- rkw» ttoufek. You caa stop ibsat Bow witb Crtiomukkn, an eiuukifiad ietMui to uiwikal with lwo-ful<i aciiou; it i»fe>»sd taftBjJwrJsai sod ritauoa, wfeik tka tamaote Mai *fe» tka fer- oa to Mooo, ait«ck* tits te*! «f the <utd dwdt* db* growUt nf tiic fa M. Fellows, wd. to pt. lots 4 Ik. 43. Morrison. $3400. - Pearl Akerberg et al to John Ger- 6> Tampico ville. where they resided for 18 years. In 1905. they moved to Sterling and during the 23 years of their residence here they have lived at 1001 Third Avenue. Mr. ' Graehling while skilled in wood and Iron work' engaged in cement work, and because of his fine work along this line he always had all the work he could do. He with his good wife, became members of St. John's Lutheran church by profession of faith on April 20. 1813. He waa "an interested listener to .the preaching of uods word and a devout worship- .^L_at_the_senlcejs.j)f.,4he Church CIECT _ New and wary smart fall colors are gr«y with' ' ---a different shade of gnsy. from dark to light a man of sturdy honesty .__ He was and Integrity of character and there by gained the confidence ol all who had business dealings with him. He ys Jovial by nature to make ths best of " 6 and Arthur Adrich et al to John O Oerdes wd. pt. see. 15 Taajpico twp.' vlo-O), $10. Captain P. fry et al to Captain P A. VanOsdol to Edgar B. Kioss, q. c. d. pt. sub lot su-uction human hi« many, many friends in this community. h Dofc ?l>joycd " health for several years. He rather Most Nurses New Pace Fowdi MELLO-GLO, the new French Proem Faxs* Powdwr,: f erred by nurses because of it* [ Ity. and they say H doca rot the skin dry and drawn. Stayi longer, keeps shine away, and is beneficial to the comptedon. will love MSLLO-GLO whea use it. Bicklord'B Pharmacy.- " You Behind Your aC f* y ^Pressed his physical condition, 'Tin Just worn Just worn out and t. BeatUa to A. ^ Jj al, wd. lot a, blk. 13, Elisabeth 8. Book to Joseph W. Work, wd. nw^4 and awtt •-«&•-% SB. Qardfin Plain twp. 430-3), Joseph W. Work to Elisabeth S Book, et al, wd. saute. $10 Elate Duuck et al to Alice Maberry i Iots 6 ' 7> * uad 8 ' Wit- 3. add. Lyndon, $1. «10. ----' incapacitated for » y enjoyed visiU from his friends in hia home. His P&stor always appreciated in the highest degree Uw feltowBhlp of M r GraehUng, whom he highly , wa no* be com- by the assurance that death for him was gain, not loss! Giant hunting grasshoppers nesj- iy five inches long, that p*ey on small animals such as mice and the young of ground-noting birds, are found in the Congo. .." It IsMa ehoaeh -\ eus and weak without oUwri ing fun of your condition, them now. Mil out thoa* in ch«k» neck and cbect, weil grounded Umba. Btt . those-*' great ton rbs— Iron «a« Cod j Oil. But you doh't nmva to ' o!d-tlrn«. haily, cod liver oil. For chemi*$g pow tract th* vitamins and otfew producing; element* of cotf |t%^. and throw tba uaeieiM ell away, Burks'a Cod Uv«r OB * ° corobtriea wtth tastlnc tableU. <3et A quickly get porttona you*** «mrfed- H. Who Is Your Skinny Friend, Ethel? Tell Liia to take McCoys Tablets "?.£*.*«!** * n * J , «** ***««*» boni« u> healthy fleet! m Mice » real man. Tell hlai that th« whole that «is«i«nda ol mm »od womw osace just as thia m he *r* now immd of itoek weU-knit, «- temetive figure*. ---------- "*• One Uiin wouum mil ta* IS maim Of afl kaown drug* McCoy tokzs nil t»« taia irmdad guwmite*. A» fetecto ol Sh*8t gfetal aa« Tte Werfc. FSWMMW Bcpateiag ear t?e«&U| Clutterham Tin Shop Located at Kaftndl eu >SI» £lJI*tA*e, if Tmbteta or 3 Om tain, 4oesat gala «a»s4)teteSy " on with tb« '''' tetter. Liver l«b- -sf Guaranteed Fuel Be sure ot v the grade of Coal you need, then stoek up while prices are low- es| and deliveries are good. We sell only best grades at lowest prices* Store. JLociwt Adv. Mr. Farmer r< We will lowing prices for produce. 5 B. Springers <Wff over " J Bf . Springer* up am taat ' ^* $ >.l Bi &&

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