Lubbock Evening Journal from ,  on May 6, 1954 · Page 14
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Lubbock Evening Journal from , · Page 14

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Thursday, May 6, 1954
Page 14
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Pg. t SK. 11 Labboek, (T«c.), Bvorim Joornal, M«y 4, DM Sen. Russell Threatens Fight Against Labor Legislation MT • *J ' • • - : w' Restrictions In Committee Hit WASHINGTON ffl — Georgia's Sen. Russell said today he would vote to send the Taft-Hartley revision bill back to the Labor Committee "if it can be shown that Democrats on that committee did not have the fullest and freest right' 1 to have their proposals considered there. Rusr/ell. sometimes considered an unofficial spokesman for Southern Democrats.- said in an interview: "Denying a minority their rights in committee is no way to run a committee." May Vote Friday Lubbock Radio Proa rams KFYO KSEL 730 ABC 950 MBS KCBD 1590 NBC THURSDAY Evening 6:00 News 6:15 Sports Partd* 6:30 Starr uf Space 6:45 Starr uf Space 7:00 JackGregscn 7:15 Jack Gregson 7:30 Jack Gresson 7:45 Jack Gregson 8:00 Whlteman. 8:15 Whltcman 3:30 Whlteman 8:45 Whitoman 5:00 News 9:15 TuiT.e! Calling 9:30 Treasure Chest 9:45 Treasure Cheat 10:00 News 10:15 Spurn 10:30 Cocoanut Grove Orch. 10:45 Cocoanct Grove Orch. 1.1:00 Musical ParadiM 11:15 Musical Paradise 11:30 Musical ParadiM The Senate may vote tomorrow i uUs Musi , on a Democrarac move to send the U:0 ° slBn OH bill back to committee. If the move succeeds it may kill the measure for tliis session. Chairman H. Alexander Smith (R-NJ) of the Labor Committee told the Senate when Taft-Hartley revision debate opened Monday that committee Republicans "reluctantly agreed" to limit the bill to changes in the law specifically recommended by President Eisenhower. Democrats have charged steamroller tactics were used to block their proposed amendments. The committee measure was reported out for debate along strict party lines 7-6. In the Senate as a : 16:60 Modem Romances : whole the Democrats outnumber | $1* ^; since Eve . Republicans by one. But there has , ic^o Make Mine Music Sports Review News Gabriel Ueattel Lean Back & Listen Official Detective Oillcial D«ertiv« Crime fighters Crime Flghteri Henry: Hubbsrs vs Pampa Hubbers vs Pampa Rubbers vs Pampa Hubbers vs Pampa Hubbers vs Pampa Hubbers vs Pampa Hubbers vs Fampa Hubbers vs Pampa Hubbsrs vs Pampa Hubbers vs Fampa News Fulton Lewis Music Till Midnight Music Till Midnight Music Till Midnight Music Till MldnlsKt StenOtt Alex Dreier Dinner-Date Morgan Beany News & Sports Roy Kugen Roy Rosen Six Shooter Six Shooter Jason & Fleece Jason 4 Fleece Jewish Appeal Program Jewish Appeal Program Fibbei McGee Heart a! the New> Jane Picker* Jane Pickens Morgan Beatty News _et's Dance wet's Dance ^et'l Dance ^efs Dance Let's Dane* Let's Dana Sign OB FRIDAY Morning 5:30 5:45 6:00 Jack Creel 6:15 News 6:30 Jack Creel t>:45 JacK Creel 7:00 Asronsky 7:15 News 7:30 Sunrise serenade 7:45 MacVine-Weather 8:OU Kreaktast Club 8: ID BreaKIast Club 8:31) Breakias! Club 3:45 Breakfast Club 9:00 True Slurs' s:15 True story 9:30 Whispering Street! 9:45 G:rl Marries Vi been a question as to whether the > i} : !» Listen Ladies -.: Southern Democrats would go ! £$ nZa££<sn along v/ith their Northern col- j u:45 Hodgepodge leagues in a vote to send the bill j back to committee. I •v- i K *r _i, 1 '-:°0 Paul Harvey >o Labor Member ! 12; ib wair.e Kim Russell, who is not a Labor Com- j 12:30 News mittee member, said no committee : l j:jjjj f^'jjUioiie of Congress should limit its dis-j i-u, Ma Perkms cussion of legislation "to whatever i : 30 ctocker-mock ,'•': the President happens to recom- 1: '° MarUn • - " ;? mend." He continued: Homesteader Homesteader: News Mkts.; ASiC: Pratt Homesteader homesteader Country Music News Bczeman: Kaith Songs Happy Jack; Weather Polka Holidas; Scurebcard Moraine Special News Stamps for Shoppers Stamprfor Shoppers Three-Quarter Time At Your Service News: Woman's World Woman's World: Mkts. This Is the Story Story: News Q-jcen (or a Day Queen for a Day Break the Bank News: Harrr.cnies News: Harmonies Betty Martin Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning News & Weather Morning Melodic* News Bemle Huwell .News Timely runes Me;ody (or Milady News VVelcume rraveiers Welcome Travelers Coffee Date Coffee Date Coffee Date Coffee Date Coffee Date Second Chance News: Trio Time Stars Slr.g Soph. Music Soph. Music Afternoon ou uumiSt 2:15 Martin Block "We are r.ot a co-equal branch i jjjg plrry'lSsor, of government if we can't consider , s:oo Reed HrcwningShow matters beyond the President's recommendations." The Senate agreed yesterds.y to limit debate to 90 minutes, start- •,..«, .UUW...VF*. ing tomorrow, on each amendment! ||« Todajr_iTop Fi ' 3:15 Re»c! Bn.wnint> Show 3:30 M M. McBride 3:45 M M McBride 4.-DC News 4:15 Dr. Malune 4:30 Today's Top Five Ive or motion to the committee bill. . Debate on the bill itself will be limited to two hours, divided equally between those for and those against. The motion to recommit is likely to provide the first test of Republican efforts to pass Eisenhower's Taft-Hartley revision program designed to reinforce the "basic objectives'' of. the present law. Sen. Knowlacd of California, the Republican leader, expressed confidence Republicans can defeat the move and predicted final passage of the bill next week. But Sen. Goldwater (R-Ariz) said the vote would' be "very close." Art & Dcttle Todd 5:30 Bill Ring 5:45 Town & Country Time Bob Eberly Show News Cedric foster Sons of Pioneers V/estern Roundup Western Roundup Western Roundup Mkts. Roundup Western Roundup Western Ruundup Vi'esterr, Roundup v/esterr. Roundup VJestem Roundup Western Roundup Western Roundup Western Roundup . S50 Club 550 Dtfo: Newl Sews Pet Parade Sgt. Preston Set. Preston Sky King Sky Kins:: Brown Luncheon Date News Bernle Huweii Pauline Frederick Afternoon Songs Afternoon Songs Afternoon Songs Afternoon Songs Life Beautiful Music Adventure • Pepper Young Music: News Backstage Wlf« Sonxa For Today Ladles Matinee Woman in My House Just Plain BUI Front Page Farrtil Invitation to Music It Pays to be Married Hardln Habit Hardin Habit Hardin HaMt Hardln Habit ABOUT PEOPLE AND THINGS THEY DO One-Way Talk Is Just Like Home AMALRLLO, May fr-UP—Being? a policeman on a motorcycle with only a radio receiver is "just like being married," said Donald Nunnelly Wednesday. "Headquarters can talk to us but we can't talk back." he said. * * * Sweet Assignment CH1CKASHA, Okla., May 6 —UP—The state highway patrol got a sweet assignment Wednesday. A truck carrying 150 beehives wa* parked on U.S. Highway 81 and hordes of the bulling Insects swarmed across the toad in search of flowers. The highway patrol set up stations to warn motorists to wind up their windows. Evening Ind and er aerwarks. Texas Candidate Drops From Race ALBANY, Tex., May 6 —UP- Former congressman Thomas L. I Bianton, 81, has dropped out of the : Democratic primary where he was ', the sole opponent of Rep. Omar i Burleson. the Democrat who rep- j resents Texas' 37th district. i "My wife doesn't want to go to ! Washington, even if I were elected" ! Bianton said Wednesday. "Mv wife 1^00 News comes first." ; ££ The octogenarian was the 17th j 12=* *»» district congressman from 1917 un- i til 1937, when he returned to the law practice he established in 1897. Bianton is still practicing in the j same offices he established 57 > years ago. : 6:00 News 6:15 Sports Parade 6:30 Dutotthe West 6:45 Out ot the West 7:00 3 City By Line 7:15 Sammy fUye • 7:30 Hullywmxi Starway 7:45 Mike Mallcy 8:00 Ozztei Harriet ' ;S: 15 Ozzle & Harriet , 8:30 The World We Live In ! 8:45 The World We Live In j 9:00 F'.shtJ I 9:15 Flshts 9:30 Fights I 9:« Fights I 10:00 News i 10:15 Sports Roundup 10:30 Dar.ceorch. 10:45 Dance Orch U:00 Musical Paradise U:15 Musical Paradise 11:30 Musical Paradise 11:45 Musical Paradise 12:00 SignOtl NOTB IO BBAUERS Sports Review News Gabriel Ueatter Lean Back t Listen Official Detective Oftlcia! Detective Crime Fighters Crime Fighters Henri': Hubbers vs Poniss Hubbers vs Ponies Hubbers vs Ponies Hubbers vs Ponies Rubbers vs Ponies Hubbers vs Ponies Hubbers vs Ponies Hubbers vs Ponies Hubbers vs Ponies Hubbers vs Ponies Alex Dreier Dinner Date Morsan Bentty News k SporU Dinah snore F'ank Slnatrm Bob Hupe b«ri Hupe PhU Harm Phil Harris Swayze: Can You Top Toll Can You Top This Fiboer MoGee Hear*, of the New» Theater Royal Theater Royal News News Dance Date Dar.ce Date Dance Date Dance Date Dance Date Dance Date SisnOfl Fulton Lewis Music Till Midnishl Music Till Mldnizhc Music Till Midnight Music TU1 Midnight SisnOtt rne AvalancTje-Joarnal cannot oe responsible tcr the .ccuracs ol radio prosran- \\iUalt due to the arac'.ice ot stations to rai«D» last ninute unannounced otangs* Programs listed above are as raad^ op bj individual station, but arr «nW«t to error due to ct.anse? mad- b? «<m» KDAV 580 KVSP 1460 "ON THE TOP!" "If there's any justice in the TV ; world, then NBC-TV's new Thursday night stanza should be on the top of the rating heap in no time." BILLBOARD News: Roundup 2:15 Western Roundup i:45 Roundup: N<ws 3: CO Corral 3:45 Corral. Newi 4:00 Corral 4:15 Corral 4:30 Corral 4:45 T. V Shecdulc 5:00 News; Spanish 5:15 Spanish program 6: DO Spanish Program 6:30 Sisn OH THUKSUAtr Afternoon ..cwb. Music Music MUSK oundup Music News: Music N-wi. Music MUSK Mu.iK News. Music MUMI .News. MUSIC Music N>ws: Music Music News: Music News News: MUSIC SlznOB Television I.UBBOCS i KUBD-TV Channel 11 THURSDAY. MAY «. 19il 2:55—News ! 3:00—Ladies Matlnet I 3:30—Gx-k buuk | 4:00-Welcume Traveler! j 4:3C—On YUUT Account I C:00—Six Gun Theater I 5:55—Showtime: Revue I tt "The 'Justice' series should be an interesting one to watch. ... A great deal of directness ... that gave it rare impact." DETROIT TIMES " 'Justice' rales as one of tnc better rnif-hour dramatic series on the air. 'Justice' is here to stay." VARIETY It I" ' VKIUAY Morntai i 6:00 News. Junction i 6" 15 Country Junction I 7:00 News j 7:15 Country Junction i 7:30 Country Junction i 7:4b Parade ol Quartets : 8:00 News. NeighDor i F:15 Good Neighbor h:30 Jims (Jems ii:GO Jims Gems I 9:30 Personality ftme j 9:45 Mkts.. Music i 10.00 Camp Meeting i 10:45 Meeting. News : 11:00 faith Temple p :15 iiSG Roundup f 11:30 Jirr.s Trading Po«t : U:45 Parade of Quarets ! Afternoon 1U:CO News 12: lo H-Hshols L2.3U osQ Ranch 12:45 Western Kuundup • 1:00 Western Ruundup 2.01' News Roundup ; 2:45 Mkts !\fuslc' I 3-00 Corral i 3:4i> Corm; News | 4:00 Currai • 4:15 Corral • 4.31' Curra! 4:4:> r V .Schedule 5:0d Spanish PTr.Bram 6:;-0 S' Prosmm 6:30 StinCfl News: MUSJC Music News. Music Music Music Music News: Music Music Music News; Music Music Music Music News: MusJc Music News: MUSIC Music Music News: Music Music Music Mus:c News. Music News. Music MUSK News Music Music News Music Music 1 News: Music Muair News N'e-.vs. Music Slsn OtI "A uhale of a show ... a powerful piece of noting, staging and directing." NEWARK EVENING NEWS "... GRIPPING" "... a gripping story with great emotional impact. It was well played and well directed." CHICAGO DAILY TR1EUNE JUSTICE tonight's story "RUN FROM HONOR" starring Sidney Blackmer Eileen Heckarl Wallace Ford CHANNEL 11 7:30 PM Sponsored by The Border) Company Other Radio MAY 3 TllKOtyH MAY 7 .Morn Ins 3:Ou-Gmlrr<.-y Time <1H nrs.)—cbi 9:30 Bob Hupe—nbc News; Johnny Clsen—mbs I0:00-Strike It Rich—nbc 10:30—Two Quiz Shows—nbc Quiz Show—chs •10:45--Serials (3 1 2. hrs.>—cbs Afternoon 1J:30—Lopez Music-mbs 12:55—Baseuall—mUi BB network only 1:00—Mary .Varsaret McBride—abc 1:30—Wonderful Ciiy-mbs 2:00— Serials for 3 hrs-nbc Ruby Mercer Hr.-mbs •J. 15- Hnuse Party—CDS 3:4o--Wl/.ird or Odds—cl>s 3:30-Afternoon Music—abc Welcome Ranch—mbs TUL'ltSDAY. MAY 6 Eveolnjf S:00~Xews fur 15 Min.—cbi 3:15—Sports Broadcast—nbc Discussion Series—cbs 5:45—Newscast by Three—nbc News ar.d Comment—cbs 6:00— Tennessee Ernle—cbt 6:15—Bculah Sketch—cbs Dinner Date—mhs 6:30—News Broadcast—nbc The Cnurallcrs—cbs Starr of Space; News—abc 6:45—-One Man's family—nbc News Broadcast—cbs 7:00-Meet Millie-cbs 7:30—Junior Miss-cbs 8:00-Meet Mr. McNutley—cbi News & Story—mbs S:3fT— Mariene Dietrich—cbs ^uthor Meets Critics—mbs 9:00— News; Escape Drama—cbs Comment— Crossroad s— rnbi 9:15—Heart ol News—nbc 9:30—Jane Pickens—nbc Melody in Nlght-cbs News: Feature—abc Deems Taylor Cnncert—mbs 10:00—News & Variety—all neu 6:30—World ioday; Weather 6.45--Beirut huwell 7 00—Griiuclio Marx 7:30-TMen:n Action 8:00— Dragnet 8'.30—1 Led 3 LVvet 9:00—Martin Kane 9:30- Eddie Fisher 9:45—News: Weather: Sports 10:05—Boston Blackie KDCB-TV Channel 13 THLKSDAY. MAY 6. 19*4 1:45—Program Previews: Sermor.ette 2:00—Shopping Bag 2:30—Brighter Day 2:45-Lave ut Life 3:CO—Rficipe Roundup 3 ;45_Band stand 4: no—Doty on Dluy 4:15—Children's Theater 4:45—Cartoon Time 5:00— Agee Is Here 5:30—Ru-sh Riders ol Cheyenne 6:00—Community Crossroads 6:45— News, Siwrts & Weather 7:nu—The Visitor 7:30—Rackp; Squad 8:00—Wrcstllnc 9: no—On Stage 9:3fi-p;ace the Face 10:00—News. Sports & Wtather 10:15— Gtirst Goes West 11:30— Slpi Oil AMARILLO KGXC-TV Channel 4 THURSDAY, MAY 8. 1954 1:00—Kale Smith Show 2:00— Johnny Linn's Notebook 2:20— Food Fiesta 3:00— News & Weather 3:I5-Hawkins Falls 3:3>> -On Your Account 4:00—Gordon Suits Show 4:15—New Ideas 4:1'5— For Kids Only 4:55— Crusader Rabbit 5:00-Wild Bill Hickock 5:3')—Captain Video 5:-15—News: Wralher 6:00—You Ret Your Life 6:30— Justice 7:00— 7:30—Theater S:HG— Liberace 9:30_All Star Theater 9:00—Crusade in the PacUic 9:3u—News: Weather 9:45—Scoreboard. SporU 10:00—Feature Film ll:00-Slffn Off KFDA-TV Channel 10 THURSDAY, MAY C, 19S4 1:55—Review; Woman With A Fast 2:15—Secret Storm 2:30— Robert Q. Lewis 3:00—Garry Moore 3:15—Panhandle Postscripts 3:30— Homemaker's 4:30—Public Service 4:45—Cartoon Capers 5:Ct)—Western Theater 5:30—Doug Edwards 5:45—News: Weather 6: DO—Frontier playhouse T: CO—Lone Ranger 7:30—Ray Bolger Show 8:00—Abbott & CosteUo 8:30—Talent Patrol 9:00— Circle Arrow Show 9:30— Elreak The Bank 10:00— News: Weather; Sports 10:20— The'Latc Show No Baseballs? LOS ANGELES, May 6 —UP— Dr. Benjamin H. Culley, dean of men at Occidental College, Thursday began trying to raise $2,800 tuition for two foreign students— the hard way. He stuck his face through a hole in a canvas sheet at a school carnival and invited passersby to throw wet sponges at him for a fee. * * * Bird Cleaned WASHINGTON, May 6 —UP— Dennis Enkins, 7, sucked his pet parakeet into a vacuum cleaner Wednesday while cleaning bird seed from his living room floor. Committees Stale Meel (Continued From Page One) area, farm equipment supplier, and as location lor many governmental offices serving this area. AGRICULTURE—Cooperate with all interested agencies available to promote better soil and water conservation and to encourage diversified fanning. Study need for farmers' market and projects aimed at better iarm-city relations. PUBLIC HEALTH—Support programs for adequate medical :md hospital care for low income groups and continue activities to make Lubbock the most hoalthy city in the state. TRANSPORTATION — Promote additional facilities, encourage progressive improvement of existing facilities. Work for fa:r and comprehensive equalization of existing freight rates, and assist all carriers to secure volume outbound to offset rates necessary for one-way pay load. GOOD WILL—Cooperate with all projects designed to benefit the South Plains area. Strive for better relations with neighboring communities. Cooperate closely with Reese Air Force Base and Texas Tech. HOUSING — Work to improve living conditions in areas populated by low income families. CLEAN UP AND FIRE PREVENTION—Continue to work to make Lubbock cleanest city in "His mother stopped him just ail Texas, and work for stricter en- he reversed the machine in an at- forcement of cleanliness ordi- tempt to blow the bird out. Then a couple of neighbors extricated the prisoner—riiffiw} but unharmed. Scout Banquet (Continued From Page One) worker. Dr. Procter has been president of the Oklahoma College for Women since 1943. He is a member-at-large of the National Council of Boy Scouts of America and of the executive board of Region 9, which includes Okla- nances in regard to vacant lots and alleys. Promote adoption pi improved fire protection ordinance which assures the fire marshal reasonable power to^enforce elimination of gross fire hazards. OIL DEVELOPMENT—Encourage more oil interests to locate offices in Lubbock; encourage de^ (Continued From Page One) Patterson. Meadow. SHORTHAND ' i Conference AA—First, Patricia Bridges, Amarillo; secjjnd, Nina Ruth Crumpton, Lubbock. Conference A—First, Dorothea Howard, Meadow; second, Bill Meadors, Frenshjp. Conference B—First, Sue Zimmerman, Monahans; second, Barbara Polsky, Marfa. ONE-ACT PLAY ' Conference A First—White Deer High School, receiving "superior" rating with "Aria da Cape" (Edna St. Vincent Millay); ' director, ,Hobart McDonald; cast members, James Huffhines, Lyda Spears, Dick Foose, James Smith, and Dean Foose. Second—Levelland High School, receiving "excellent" rating with "The" Pink Dress" (Donald Elser); director, W. D. Hollis; cast members, Betty Copeland, Aubrey Mays, Gwen McMurry, Robbie Johnson, Derry Harding. All-star cast—James Huffhines, White Deer, best actor; Lyda Spears, White Deer, best actress; Betty Copeland and Gwen McMurry, both of Levelland. ONE-ACT PLAY Conference B First—Wilson High School, receiving "superior" rating with "Judge Lynch" (J. W. Rogers); director, J. G. Robbins; cast members, Shirley Hewlett, Evelyn Jones, Don White and Dan Cook. Second — Friona High School, receiving "good" rating with "Trifles" (Susan Glaspell); director, John Absher; cast members, W. A. Tinney, Jim Nixon, Don Lewis, Gay Cass and Denise Magness. All-star cast—Shirley Hewlett, best actress; Dan Cook, best actor; Gay Cass and W. A. Tinney, both of Friona. DEBATE Conference AA Boys Debate- First, Boone Brackett and Willis Taylor, Lubbock; second, John Reese and Glenn Kirk, Amarillo. Conference AA Girls Debate- First, Sandra McMath and Bever- Smith, Midland; second, Betsy United Nations Hailed As Top Peace Hope By Harry Truman (Continued From Page One) mittfle. The ex-president expressed'op- irhism about U.S. survival as a ree republic in the atomic ; age despite the still unresolved differences jetween the West and the Cominun- -, velopment of more oil service in- Pettyjohn and Frances Johnson, stirutions for servicing-^oil field equipment; invite more oil groups to meet in this city. Amarillo. Conference A Boys Debate First. Joe Hudgens and Bill homa, Texas and New Mexico. Is Former Rotary Governor He is a past district governor : , ™,-*.,i,i- of Rotary International, was state | work fort equitable chairman of the National Confer- ! assessments. ence of Christians and Jews and is listed in Who Who's In America. CITY AND COUNTY ECONOMY i Payne, Pecos; second, Aubrey —Promote city and county im-) Mays and Derry Harding, Level- proi'ernents with emphasis on economy and "stabilized taxes. Investigate relative assessment valuations of farm and city values and and fair CIVIC ACTIVITIES — Study need for outdoor amphitheatre, and if justified, urge its construction. New officers will be installed I Su PP° rt present cultural "activities fer, director of fiild service for the council, also of Lubbocfc. Officials pointed out that at the end of the South Plains Council's first year of operation, the group included 520 persons as either Boy tQ £ncourage ci y ic spir i t arrj0ng Negroes and Latin Americans. EDUCATION— Adopt a positive program to acquaint educators with the operation of the business and to Businessmen to the organiza- , .__ numbers 7,834' seein S members and 20§ Scout units. Marvin -Sandefer, member - of the Haynes district committee of Plainview, will serve as master of ceremonies. The invocation will be given by the Rev. E. E. Mul- tain the finest educational opportunities. Ascertain, demand for night classes for adults in below college levels, and study the need for more vocational education here. LAW ENFORCEMENT— Cooper- land. st nations. He said the nation has gone newspapers, take a morning walk, breakfast, and am at the office in Kansas City by nine. "I take care of my correspondence, which still piles in from oeo- pie all over the world. And then I work on my book. I've done about five or six hundred thousand words on it. Conference A Girls Debate- Betty Grace Copeland and Robbie Sue Johnson, Levelland: second, Charlotte Flowers and Pat Wood, Perryton. Conference B boys and/or girls —Chester Robins and Clifford Baker, Darrouzett; second, Betsy Donovan and Betty Isham, Sunray. EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEECH Conference AA Boys— First, Joe Garrison, Lubbock; second, Mike Hall, Amarillo. Conference AA Girls — First, June Dickerson, Midland; second, Marilyn Matney. Amarillo." Conference A Boys— First, Larry Matthews, Dalhart; second, Wayne Bristow, Muleshqe. Conference A Girls— First, Barbara .Reynolds, Dalhart; second, Sue McCown, Littlefield. Conference B Boys— First, Jimmy Johnson, Shallovvater ; second, Roycc Denton, Lakeview. hrough far worse struggles in its ilstory, and has not only survived mt steadily become greater. Critical Period Recalled He said: "The most critical per- od in this nation's history was from 1840 to 1865. We had a series of weak presidents. Had it iwt been 'or Lincoln, who was willing to face up to the problems and take the measures that had to be taken, the union would not have been saved. "Again, we had immense diffi. culties after the Grant administration. My father told me that if Tilden had spok°n the word, we would lave had another Civil War." (This was in reference to the extremely close contest for president between Democrat Samuel J. Tilden and Republican Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877. Hayes was declared elected by Congress in joint session, after long and bitter political bickering, although the House declared Tilden the winner.) "There is no question about our taking care of present problems. "Wilson fathered the League of Nations, and then was faced by people who turned the-clock back. Then Roosevelt came along and set the clock forward where it should be. Still Works Hard "This is a pendulum swing we are in. "It will come out all right, in my opinion." Truman sat in a study of his hotel suite with Mrs. Truman and daughter Margaret as he talked. He was wearing the service button of World War I in the lapel of a neat gray business suit. The lines of care that came into his face in his last years in' the White House were gone. His lace was pink and healthy-looking, plump and smooth. He appeared years younger than when he left the presidency a little more than a year ago. Truman was asked whether his life or interests or daily routine had- changed much since he left the White House. Mrs. Truman and Margaret interjected: "He works harder than ever!" The former president smiled, and said: "Only that I don't have the responsibilities of the presidency. I get up about 5:30 a.m., read the "In the evening, I take unfinished work home and plug away until time to go to bed." The former president, on the threshold of three score and ten, said he has one personal hope in the years ahead of him: "I hope I can keep mentally and physically fit as long as I live." He added that today "I never felt better in my life." He Can Take It WACO, Tex., May 6 —UP—Busy doctors looked up while giving injections of Salk anti-polio vaccine Wednesday and recognized a second-grader in line whose arm they had punctured only moments before. They told him he couldn't have a second shot. He said that was all right if they'd only give, him another lollypop. They gave him two. A new approach to Ireland's famous Blarney Stone has been completed, enabling visitors to kiss the stone quickly and conveniently, reports the Irish Tourist Bureau. Piles' Pain Grieved Him- This Relieved Him: He discovered pain-soothing, pile-ahrinking TM (Thornton i & Minor) Ointment formula, developed by doctors at Amer- lea's leading rectal-apeciRli&t hospital I So fast, soothing, gate these doctors use TM Ointment for relief of patients who com* to them for surgical treatment Work* wonders for simple cases. Ask druggist for TM (Thornton & Minor) Rectal Ointment ud Suppositories—Jl.OO tubt or packa«h Conference B Girls — First, liner, pastor of the first Presby- ate with all law cnforcement tenan Church, Seminole and the agenciGS and prom ote the estab-! Anna" Lee Fitzgerald, Booker i benediction will be by the Rev. | lishrncnt o£ a lega] aid c!irl i c for . secondi Joan B oyd, Kress,. , , those unable to pay for legal j SLIDE RULE Little- , serv j ces . y r g e the appointment of i Conference AA—First, Durwood an investigator for the district I sherell, Odessa; second, Joe attorney's office. i Howard, Midland. TRADE EXPANSION — Work Harry Vanderpool, pastor of the • those First Methodist Church, ''"'- ' field. John Lott, chairman of the council's leadership training committee from Post, will give tributes to retiring officers and board members. New officers of the council are Joe T. Salem, Sudan, president; J. C. Powell Jr., Brownfield, commissioner; Ralph Krebbs, Lubbock, first vice president; John F. Lott, Post, second vice president; J. M. Willson Jr., with retail and wholesale businesses to get more out of town customers, and consider publication of a wholesalers and manufacturers guide. GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS- Organize to see that members of Congress, and the Texas Legislature, together with government and Floydada, third vice president; Jack Christian, Littiefield, fourth vice president; F. M. McLaughlin, Lubbock, treasurer; and Weidon Gibbs, Lubbock, assistant treasurer. 1 New representatives to the na' tional council include Dr. Malone ;of Lubbock; L. M. McAdoo, Seagraves; and Henry Teubel, Tula. Holdover representatives are Dr. Clifford B. Jones. Lubbock; J. M. executive departments, have the full benefits of the experience, judgment and considered opinions of Lubbock busmessmen with respect to legislation and regulations affecting business and citizens of the South Plains. Study the merits of the county unit plan to determine if it should be adopted by Lubbock County. AMERICAN OPPORTUNITY — Organize programs of informing the general public of the benefits Conference A—First, Don Bell, Perryton; second, Bob Roberts, Perryton. Conference B—First, Billy Lackey, Spearman; second, Carl Willyard. Mobeetie. KEADY WRITERS Conference AA — First, Sidney Mack Howell, Plainview; second, James E. Vicars, Pampa: third, Welton Jones, Lubbock. Conference •A — F i r s t, Jon Wright, Kermit; second, Marget Fraser, Alpine; third, Joe Kirkpatrick, Phillips. Conference B—First, Mary Nichols, Channing; second, Anne Leslie, Adrian; third, Daniel Havens, Hale Center. GLASSES Arc Only As Guod As Tl» Man Who Fits Them! Look who wear Glasses by DR. FRED FERiS "The Old Kcllablo optomrtrlit" Cooppr'i Juwftlry lino Broadway Pbooe LOANS • Residence property—well located • Current Intercut rate • Kavuraoie pre-Dayment option • Quick service • Call us Fur inspection THORD DOJKRAY "Complete Insurance Service" IKLO I9tfc Dial 2-2Vn SALES OPPORTUNITY Leading distributor of Steel Products with Headquarters in Houston, requires the services of a young, aggressive salesman to live in Lubbock and travel the Panhandle and South Plains area. Customers include lumberyards, sheet .metal shops, and industrial firms.. Reply in your own handwriting, giving age, experience and other qualifications. BOX AJ—200 JOURNALISM Conference AA—F i r s t, Don Katz, Amarillo; second, Johnny Gilbert, Amarillo; third, . Judy Willson Sr., Floydada; and J. Edd that can come to it only if the Ann Allen Lamesa. McLaughlin, Rails. • --— -—••—- -- *--- ------ ' - - - — TRAFFIC DEATHS MOURNED American system ol free enter- Conference A—First, Sue Simp- prise is allowed to function with- sorli Monahans; second, Sondra out undue government restraint, j Watts, PecoS; third, Joan Dur-. SPOKANE, Wash. (Si — City po-1 Residents o_f the city have- been i re tt, Levelland.. lice are issued black arm bands j invited to visit the Chamber of | Conference B — First, Janet to wear for three days after a traf-j Commerce office during thislR uss% Wheeler; second, Carlene fie fatality If j, part of a campaign special week by C. I. Wall,, presi- p ea c'ock, Whiteface; third, Darla to cut down auto accidents. dent. Mayor Murrell Tripp pro- j £ nn Oats, Whiteface. • claimed the week in a statement: British engineers have reveal-i "The Lubbock Chamber of Corned plans; to produce an "atom 1 merce and Board of City Develop- motor" that will be small enough! ment has contributed immeasur- DOCTORS CAULEY & WELCH OPTOMETRISTS Lubbocfc, Texas 1114 Avenue L Dial 5-7180 CHAIN LINK FENCE NO REPAIRS! NO UPKEEP! NOW AT LOWEST COST KHEE & COURTEOUS ESTIMATES DIAL 3-6318 NOTHING DOWN—38 MONTHS TO PAY. FENCE COMPANY V)rh and Ave. 9 Dial 3-5318 to power a plane. I ably to the growth of Lubbock . . and strives to make the City of Lubbock a better place in which to live and in which to earn a living." A $900,000 paper plant is nearing completion in Guarcara, Venezuela. TV-Radio Service U. V. BLAKE 1943 19th St. Ph. S-7M2 MEMIER KTTA TEXAS BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP TO CONVENE IN LUBBOCK May 6th, 8 p. m. 10 p. m. Thursday 12 p. m. DR. JOHN R. RICE Will be the featured speaker tonight. Rice is a nationally known evangelist. ALL DAY SERVICES THURSDAY, COME! Time 8:00 P. M., 1 0:00 A. M. Thurs. Morning TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH 15th— AVENUE N Across The Street—Across The Nation! WE CAN MOVE ^OUR HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS WITHOUT A WORRY TO YOU! Yvs. w t ? are. now ••'ji;'i^{n i J to do jy'st .oxdctly th..t- willi ,1 larger flr< • of r.^v,- vans we can m *v»- ;i.l -"M i;i".xjs iir.vwhrri 1 safely, su-iftiv . Woufti < hoo*«> Vour Hank" , LUTHER TRANSFER & STORAGE 23RD & AVE. E DIAL 5 5715 AGENT ALLIED VAN LINES ,'

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