Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver,  on November 9, 1923 · Page 5
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Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, · Page 5

Vancouver, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, November 9, 1923
Page 5
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VANCOUVER DAILY WORLD The Newspaper of the Home FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1923 11 Declaration of Death Sought in Court V Wfm iS 3k i .7 m?r&fzffiM U i K I i&s ftl f TIB I Bill I S OJlflajj MJBwAMWI g$l lIBIIIHIIlll111 1 WffiVMfwr f C ifJ yAJmamsSJwamKK1J . UQmtmm&$Ml ? - BflSL $&m$eikM ' ' &IW t T 1m" p. t GROCERY SPECIALS ST. CHAnt.ES MILK Large tin .. 100 CROWN OLIVFI SOAP l'er cake .. 6o KOQEftS' GOLDEN BYKUF & - lb. tin for 40e SHREDDED WHEAT Per pkt. ... lOo SOVERISIUN BRAND SOCKKYE SALMON Vi - lb. tin l&o MBBY'S - TOMATO SOUP Per tin .. So NO. 1 JAP RICK Per lb 6o LIBBY'S PEACHES Slices or halves; per tin 17 - ao W reserve the right to limit weekly quantities of grocery specials to laiuily Aieeds. CROWN OLIVE SOAP l'er cake .. 60 Krs: go.lden. syKui: - & SHREDDED WHEAT Per pkt. ... lOo SOVERISIUN BRAND SOCKEYE SAL - i - ibby's - tomato soup Per tin .. so NO. 1 JAP RICE Per lb 60 LIBBY'S 1'EACHES Slices or halves; WHEN STARS CEASE TO SHINE, THEY FIND BUSINESS IS GOOD STORY ABOUT ELEVATORS HERE IS DISCREDITED Hastings and Abbott and Cordova St. Phone Sevmour 8000 selling exotic perfumes in a Xoa Angeles department store. You saw Nell Newman's name on tho screen in some of Nazimova's HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 9 What becomes of tho stars when they stop shining? And what becomes of the would - be stars who fail to shine? The answer is easy they fe - o into business. Selling real estate is the most popular (and most profitable) activity Metro pictures. Now she's secretary of the Girls' Studio Club, Hollywood tranch of the Y.W.C.A. Irene Hunt was a star in Bio - Another List of Week - End Specials in Girls' Ready - to - Wear graph days. She still plays for the motion camera occasionally. But most of the time she helps her hus An addition to No. 1 grain elevator Increasing its storage capacity by 700,000 bushels, and thus giving the elevator a total capacity of 2,000,000 bushels, now in course of construction, will be ready to receive grain on Nov. 20, and ready to shrp frrain out on Dec. 1, according to a statement issued by the secretary of the harbor band run his exclusive milinery shop. Truly Shattuck is known to vau annul mftivmiktmrT.4ljitiv W!ta Y . - ? deville audiences everywhere. She's Little Girls' Coats at $6.95 Stylish Coats of English all wool blanket cloth, having first grade beaverino collars. There are numerous attractive styles to choose from in such popular colors played in motior. pictures some, but her permanent "credit card" is hung over the cafe she runs at Schulberg studio. Two movie hoavies, Walter long commission. No. 2 elevator, Secre as brown, peacock, navy and fawn; sizes 2 $6.95 tary Harvey stated, would bo ready i Girls' Velour Coats Dressy Coats of high grade velours, having luxurious fur collars in the moat favored shapes. There is a stle and color to meet the taste of the most exacting young miss, and they are priced at figures to please parents. Sizes 6 to 15 years. (JQ QJ? COO KA Trices tSUUO toBidj.OU Girls' Flannel Dresses nroadcloth and Velour Finished Flannel Dresses, In dozens of stylish models, featuring all the most pleas to 6 years , and Tom Kennedy, arc respectively Girls' Coats at $10.50 A proup of stylish Coals for tho girls of 7 to 15, at a figure which many parents will welcome. They are without a doubt the best values wo have been able to to begin operations on or about the first of May next. In view of information which has appeared in other newspapers and which' has been broadcast to the east that there has been no increase of grain - handling facilities in Vancouver during the past year; that the ing colors and combination shades. Sizes 8 to 14 offer this season. Mado of all wool blanket cloth, in all DISAPPEARANCE I OF H. J. PROCTER IS RECALLED Wife of Missing Man Seeking Administration of the Estate Sevan years a;o, on Nov. 2, 1916, Frederick P. Procter left his home i at 1846 Haro Street, presumably to : fro to his office. From the moment ! ho kissed his wife goodbye on that I fateful morning, ho haj not been I heard from. His disappearance and the worldwide search which followed was recalled Thursday afternoon when Eva M. Procter, hi wife, thorugh the le - i kj firm of Abbott, Macrae & Co., I made application to tho supreme I court for a declaration of death, and i asking that his estate, amounting to j $32,459, bo administered according I to the terms of his will. The mifwing man at the time of ! his disappearance was a member of ! the brokerage firm of Mahon, McFar - land & Procter, ami it was stated i that he had been worrying consider - I ably over business affairs. He was auffcring from ill health und depres - I slot), and it wan thought that during a spell of melancholia he had wandered off into a thicket in Stanley (Park and had become lost. When jthe matter was called to tho at ten - j tlon of tho police, bloodhounds from jNew Westminster wero secured and I taken to the park in an effort to 'pick up a scent, but tho search (proved unavailing. Since that timo his two brothers, ! R. C. Procter of Altamont and Dr. A. I. Procter of Point Grey, have I mado inquiries In practically every ihospital in the western states and Canada with a view of ascertaining ' his whereabouts, even going to the 'extent of offering a substantial re - : ward for information. On May 31. 1918, on the order of Mr. Justice Morrison, Kdward Ma - hon was named as curator of the estate. years. Priced OA QC $9.50 tho popular colors and equipped with fur collaxs. Saturday $10.50 tDl.ttJ to from addition to No. 1 elevator will not be Girls' Serge Dresses Stylish and serviceable dresses for girls of 6 to 14 years, in high grade all - wool and fine botany series. SHOES! SHOES! SHOES! Men, Here Are Values That Merit Your Attention Saturday Our Iron Clad Work Boots at $3.48 See the many pleasing styles offer ready until Jan. 1st, and No. 2 elevator until Sept., 1924, this official announcement will help to re - establish confidence in Vancouver as a grain port. , Last year grain was flowing freely until about the middle of July, and thus, with No. 2 elevator in operation after May 1st Secretary Harvey believes that Vancouver will be able to handle a goodly portion of this year's crop. ed in manager and matchmaker at tho Hollywood American lcgion stadium, where boxing matches are held Tuesdays. Kemember Ward Wing, hnndsome juvenile? He oven produced a picture or two himself. Now he sells automobiles. He intends to use his profits to produce more films. Margaret Shelby, Mary Miles Min - ter's sister, once tried screen acting. Now she's in the real estate business. There are four MaeQuarrie brothers on the legitimate stage who started to be movie actors. Now Murdock .MaeQuarrie is tho only actor of the iiunily. Frank, George and Albert f.nd real estato more profitable. Even talented directors lead a layman's life on occasion. During the summer slump in film activity Rol - lin Sturgeon, who developed many actresses to stardom .opened a real estato tract on Cahuenga Pass and isold residence sites to his friends. He's back at tho megaphone now directing Glenn Hunter in "West of the Water Tower" for Lasky. .... $4.50 to $6.95 Prices ices Men who demand the utmost in shoe value should take advantage of this rare offering Saturday. We guarantee every pair solid throughout. Your choice of toecap $3.48 or without; double weight soles; sizes 6 to 9V4 Saturday Men's Goodyear Welt Dress Footwear at $3.98 Choose from six different styles In this grou p. There are both black and brown calf boots, in Balmoral and Blucher styles; medium and full round toe styles, all (JQ QO Goodyear welted. Complcto sizes Saturday tDO.tO QUIT HUNGER STRIKE. I5KLFAST, Nov. 9. (Associated Press) According to the Belfast Telegraph, Frank Barrett, Tom Hales, R. CI. Harton and Sean T. O'Kelly, all leading republicans, have abandoned their hunger strike. Men's Everett Leather Slippers at $1.98 Men's Brown and Black Kid Leather Slippers, cushion inner soles and flexible welted soles. Saturday $1.98 IIIXKNK CHADWICK among both men and women, nut nearly every shop on Hollyv oud boulevard holds someone who; e movio hopes are blasted. Helena Chadwick, for instance, announces that just as soon as her contract with Goldwyn expires she is going into the real estato business. Sclllnir land in Hollywood will swell her income quicker than acting in motion pictures will. (But then, of course, it's a question whether any company would sign the temperamental Helene up with the memory of her suit to make Goldwyn give her more publicity fresh in mind.) Terhaps you remember Magda Lane, the Swiss beauty who was Herb Rawlinson's leading woman in one picture, and starred in two - reel westerns for Universal. She was pretty enough, but" not an actress enough. She wisely recognized this herself, and now she's in charge of an information bureau for tourists in a Los Angeles hotel. Yvette Mitchell brought her almond - shaped eyes and shiny black hair to Hollywood before the craze for oriental characters began. She played a few parts. Now she's happy Thanksgiving Specials Oval Sheet Iron Roasters, special 89? Oval Aluminium Double Roasters, special . . . $3. - 19 Bake or Roast Pan, large sizes. Special 3S Corn Toppers, to pass tho evening ..... 33 und 48? Kitchenware Dept., First Floor. Rogers' Silverware Tea Spoons, special, per dozen $3.75 Dessert Spoons, doz. $6.00 Dessert Forks, doz. $6.00 Dessert Knives, doz. fS.50 Table Spoona, per doz. 96.50 Main Floor. EDDIE BORDEN AND HIS NUTTY COMPANY EMPRESS Phone Seymour 2492 The Allen Players "SIX CYLINDER LOVE" Night, 8:30; 25c, 85c, 60c, 75c Gallery 15c, Wed neid ay Bargain Matinee: Lower Floor, 30c: balcony 20c; kiddies anywhere !5o (Ret.) Saturday Matinee: Lower floor 40c; Balcony 30c, Klddiei anywhere (So (Rea.) BILL AND BLONDY II JULIA EDWARDS ELSIE AND PAULSON PANTAG ESCOPE EVANS It WILSON MEAT DEPARTMENT SPECIALS ' 8:!i0 Till 11 o'CIock Tork Shoulders, per lb 11 10c? per lb. Prime Tot Roasts. Blade Ribs, Hind Legs Pork, per lb 24 fork Hocks. les I,amb per lb ' 33tt 13'4 per lb. - Decp Sirloin Roasts, Wins XjCg , ,k ito luba - Humps, ljunb Stew. Cross Rib Roasts. Alberta Turkeys, per lb 17C Cccse per lb 28? Pr lb. Shell Bone Roasts, Round Steak Milk fed Chickens', 'per lb 40$ noasta. Lots of fowl. 17V4? Per lb. Prime Ribs, TBone Roasts, 5 per lb. Liver, Hearts, Tripe, Beef Fats Sirloin Tips. Round Steak, Lean Pork Butts, and Boiling Beef. Khop early for the best selection. FISH DEPARTMENT Eastern Cod, boned and skinless; per lb. 15e? Fresh Boiled Crabs, 3 for 20$ Finnan Haddies, per lb 15t? Fresh Haddio Fillets, 2 lbs. for 25t? Fresh Herrings, 4 lbs. for 25c? SAXTON AND FARRELL LONDON, Nov, 9. (Canadian Tress Cable) Premier King will go north on Monday to receive an honorary degree from Kdinburgh University. On Tuesday he will receive the freedom of Sheffield. Ho will go to Paris later in the week. 2:30 7 and a Matt. 80c NioMi 100 NOW PLAYING mnos H. P.BEATZ E D W A R DJ .LA M B ERT MOSS & HIVE .110WHLGiLliup,!l Henedus Sisters & Juan Reyes Puts one of these famous Pianos in your home. Globe Theatre KWIWP HOCKEY Harry Watson, Jr. BATTLING DUGAN1 KIJ'IN RROTIIERS De Lyle Alda With EDWARD TIERNEY t JAS DONNELLY Attractive Pictured Concert OrehMtra NOW "The Man Next Door" From (he stirring novel by Kmerson Hough KBWS COMEDY SEATTLE at VANCOIJVFR Tho limit of 25 Pianos in the last club was taken up at once, so to accommodate those uho were disappointed, we are extending the offer to another fifteen purchasers. If j on can not take delivery now secure one for later delivery. AVENUE" Theatre Lawrence Raye Company Prewent 'MylQuaker Girl' With MISS DORIS DEARMER' POPULAR PRICKS Box Olflc. Say. 9473 POPULAR PRICES BOX OFFICE Book Them Early SEY. 832 MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12th, 8:30 IM. Prices: Keservc Seals, $1.10; Promenade, $1.50; Box Seats, $1.75 Entire ISulrony Unreserved, 75e; Keys, 25c. Reserve Seals now on sale at Spalding's Sporting Goods Store, 421 HastinGs Street West. Phone Seymour 517b'. Reservations Held Until' 6 o'clock on Slonday. PRICES: $475 TERMS 913 Ter Month $450 TERMS $12 Per Month $425 TERMS $10 Per Month Performance. 7 ana 0. TE ATTBE 7:30 na 9:30 "Garrison's Finish" Witii Jack Plckford and Madf. Bellamy Latest Leather Pusher. Hound 6 Comingr Monday Zane Grey's ''To the Last Man" Christ Church Organ Recitals 155tli Twilight Recital, Saturday, Nov. lOlh, at 4 p.m. Organist, Mr. F. Chubb, Tl.A., Muse. Baa, F.R.C.O. Violoncellist, Mr. Geo. Kirch nor Collection 2f)C Special Recital by Marcel Dupre Organist of Notre Dame, I'a ris. Saturday, Nov. 17, at 4 p.m. Collection 7Jc. Sequel to Robin Hood WALLACE BEERY AND 'JOHN BOWERS IN Our contract protects you in case of sickness or The Karn Piano requires no recommendations, loss of employment. It ranks the highest in Canada. AJELLO PIANO' JS, w. THIS WEEK DELUXE SHOWS 230 - 8:30 p.m. COMPANY Opposite Province Office Richard, the Lion - Hearted K - iTSlLANQ JL a. THEATRE S TONIGHT rcrfnrmanncs at 7 and 5 'Ruggles of Red Gap' Topic. Pable. Ccnnedy Added Attraction Ada Broadb.nt'i Saauri GLORIA SWANSON WITH H. B. WARNEB "ZAZA" SPECIAL PERFORMANCE NOTE THE HOUR Prices 25 to $1.50 Boxes and Loges $2.00 MONDAY AND TUESDAY Matinees Each Day RKTL'RN VISIT OK THE EMINENT ENGLISH ACTOR BRANSBV WILLIAMS AND HIS ALL - ENGLISH COMPANY IN THE ROMANTIC FRENCH DRAMA "VIDOCQ" FOUNDED ON THE LIFE OF THE FAMOUS DETECTIVE IS'uW POLA NEGRI In "The Spanish Dancer" Comedy Newa Mag - azin. Next Week "IF WINTER COMES" x n (! f S! 7 n i.frt . ii One of the world's moBt eel.. brated love stories spiced with Kay French atmosphere and bulfflns 'with blft, tense mo - Hunts. All of Gloria's former success are dwarfed In Special re - engacement of PA it 'MY WILD IRISH" i r REVIVAL OF DICKENS' ! ROSE" f Adapted from "THE SITATJGH11AN" 3 "It'a Tome" NOW! THE BEST LOVE BTOBY EVIB WRITTEN "ST. ELMO" with JOHN GILBERT BARBARA LAMABI3 and Kotab'.. Cast Read and Loved by All Also Shoiirlnir: A COMEDY 4th Cliaptar TIMBER QBET.K, THE VOICE IN THE DARK SINGINO "SWANEE SMILES" Klch.lin at tb. Organ. C0MUO NEXT WEEK Tb. Bifge.t Thriller of th. FRISCILLA DEAN in DRIFTING, Matt Moore TV lilac. Beery ai AN INNOVATION MINXATtrRE CONCERT Madam. MARGKERITA GENTILE Distinguished Operatic Meizo - Soprano (Artist 1'uptl of Slgnor Inzerillo). (a) Sol Knr (Ov.r tb. Sea); (b) Gipsy'. Sonjf from "U Trovator."i (c) "O Bocca Doloro.a" (Monmful Lip.); (d) "Lot. Band a Llttl. Qlft of Rose." CAPITOL 8TMFHONT ORCHESTRA AND GRAND ORGAN Overture, "TAfNHATJ3EX'" Kermaid Comedy "RUNNING WILD" New. and Uatrails. SATURDAY AFTERNOON 5 TO 7 O'CLOCK mm - ,i,j,,il k..ft4i ;2 The Great English Actor Will Present Eis Famous "ONE - MAN SHOW" Basrd on Sir Walter Scott's Novel "The Talisman" A Throbbing Love Story of the World's Most Pop. ular Kind C0PPERFIELD" Tues. Mat. and Eve. Prices Nights 50c to $2.50 Mon. Mat 50c to $2.00 Tues. Mat 25c to $1.50 (Govt. Tax Extra) Including selections from his repertoire of famous monologues with character sketches from PICKENS, including one of the most laushable characters ever presented "GR ANDFATHER SMALIAVEED." Also, that renowned Chinese monologue "OR A Mi E BLOSSOM," by Sax. Ruhmer; concluding with the great British success which kept (he Army and Navy laughing for three years, "THE STAGE POOR KEEPER," who talks on every subject under the sun, axL lib., and revive old memories with impersonations of distinguished English actors. GREAT ADDED ATTRACTIONS NOW PLAYING "ENEMIES OF WOMEN" A thrilling and exciting screen masterpiece. Also COMEDY AJTO StAGAZISX DON'T TORGET Every Wed. and Thar, at 8:30 rUTVRB ARTIST NIGHT If It Hurt You to Laug - n Dcmt Com. Btrana n.w. ana mag - azine uar - toon. "Pellx, th. Ghost Breaker" Ru.a.ll G. McLean, Distinguished Canadian Baritone, in Prelud. Presentation Sons, "Invictna" Strand Concert Orchestra, G.ortr E. M.t - calle, Conductor. SHOWS 1, 3, S, 7 and 9 F.t. NEXT WEEK "Strangers of the Night" (Captain Appl.jack) 1 51 4 1 i Head 'The World Want Ads.

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