Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 6, 1974 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1974
Page 10
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College President Trades Cap, Gown for Blue Collar Times Herald, Carroll, la. Thursday, June 6, 1974 ByJoyStilley NEW YORK (AP) - Dr. John Coleman has done a Horatio Alger in reverse. He went from college president to ditch-digger, restaurant salad-and-sandwich man and garbage collector. But now he is back as head of Haverford College in Haverford, Pa., feeling enriched by having taken time off from the academic world to enter the world of the manual laborer. "I'm still searching for the answers as to why I did it," mused the lean, sandy-haired educator who spent 10 weeks last spring as a blue-collar worker. "1 tnmk 1 just wanted to prove I could work in, live in, be happy in a different world." After a week spent toughening up at a friend's dairy farm in his native Ontario, Coleman got a job in Atlanta digging sewer ditches for $2.75 an hour and lived on his earnings. "I knew which end of the shovel to use but I was not skilled and never would have been if I'd stayed there two years. 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An hour later the proprietor handed him $2 and said. "Sorry, you won't do." ''I was absolutely devastated when I lost that job," he recalled. "My salary check from Haverford was going to the bank each month, but I have never felt more worthless as a person. Because I deal in the world of words, always asking why, it was more frustrating because the boss didn't see the necessity of telling me why. I wouldn't do, and that was it." After a few desperate days of job-hunting he was taken on as salad-and-sandwich man at a Boston seafood restaurant, COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Life — Accident and Health — Fire — Auto All Corrmerciol Lines Robert L. Kraus, Ray P Leni Corrcll 792-2580 KRAUS & LENZ Insurance _ dredo 673-4422 1'roft'Hsional Center 01: North West Street fund lor U.S. Government Securities, Inc. 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In Coleman's final job with a gargabe firm in suburban Maryland he was rebuffed in his attempts to speak to people along his route. "There's enough insecurity built into everyone that it's very important for people to look down on," he said. "I took a ride on Sunday wearing a suit, shaved, driving a nice car, and people waved and said hello. The next day I went in their yards to pick up garbage and they'd be contemptuous. Yet I was the same man." The 52-year-old college president was pleased to learn as a ditchdigger that "I had the physical capacity to survive, which was satisfying to my ego. And I learned to get over my hangups, on four-letter words. They sometimes help, rather than hinder, communication. "In the restaurant work there was the satisfaction of being able to keep up with a complex job and I learned I could cope with noise, since I ordinarily work in genteel and quiet surroundings. "As a garbage collector the biggest lesson was learning of the contempt of people toward one who does the dirty work of society. Soon we'll have to pay so much to get people to do that kind of work that they'll have to get respect." But the most important outcome of his sabbatical, he added, was to make him more convinced than ever that students should take a break from school, a practice he has long advocated. "No one should go from high school through college without time out," said Coleman, four of whose five children have already heeded that advice. "Our experience has been that the student comes back clearer in his mind about why he wants to be there, gets more out of it and contributes more to the classroom." He would also like to see faculty members follow that practice. "I believe we would teach better if we had experiences that shake us up, get us out of the particular mold we're in. If I could design my ideal world I would be president of Haverford for eight months a year as long as they'd have me, and be away three or four months doing my thing — different kinds of jobs, though not all manual labor." Coleman has retained close friendships with a coworker at the Boston restaurant, to which he has since returned as an enthusiastically-greeted customer, and with the driver of the garbage truck. "He said he suspected fairly early something was wrong," Coleman laughed. "He though I was a cop spying on someone but he said 'You were a good worker and a good guy to talk to and that's all I cared about.'" Coleman, who is divorced, makes use of his restaurant ii Astrology 'King of Herm ' Pres ides Over Tiny Island Realm Bernice Bede OSD experience cooking for dinner parties he gives in the president's house on the campus. Witts Honored On Anniversary ARCADIA — Mr. and Mrs. George Witt noted their 30th wedding anniversary Sunday with a dinner in their home. Relatives were present from Westside, Bayard, Wall Lake, Manning, Nemaha and Arcadia. The couple were married June 1, 1944 at Westside. Their children hosted a dinner at the Sirloin Club in Schleswig Thursday evening to honor their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Popp and Brian accompanied by Mrs. Iva Spater visited Sunday in the Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Berntson home at Paullina. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Luck will play a behind-the- scenes role in helping you with something you're presently going after. Don't bank on it completely. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You're better able to cope with groups today than you were yesterday because of your more expansive outlook. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) It won't be difficult for you to have a favor granted, particularly if what you're asking is wanted for unselfish reasons. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You will think things out more thoroughly today and look at both sides of the coin. It would be wise to stick with conclusions you now draw. 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You could even pick up a By Joy Stilley NEW YORK (AP) — He was wearing a pink shirt and pink and black tie instead of royal robes, and there was no crown on his silver hair — but the "King of Herm" had a regal demeanor befitting the sole "ruler" of the smallest of Britain's Channel Islands. As such he presides over a school, a hotel, a quaint pub, a 900-year-old church, 45 residents and more than 100 purebred Guernseys, each with its own name. When he isn't being addressed by his unofficial title of King Peter, he is known as Maj. Peter Wood, Tenant of Herm, an island a half mile wide and one and a half miles long. It was in an effort to lure more U.S. tourists to the Channel Islands, which are tucked in between England and France, that he was in this country. special bargain. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) When you see others smiling back at you and treating you with special consideration, it's due to the warmth you project today. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) You won't have to be overly aggressive to satisfy your self-interests. In fact, it would behoove you to step back a little. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Without your being aware of it, your actions are exerting a positive influence over several friends. Keep giving them something to admire. YOUR BIRTHDAY June 7, 1974 Large strides that will fit your standing in the eyes of others will be made this year. Career advancement is likely for you. Wood, former major in the Royal Engineers, fell in love with his miniature empire on a holiday visit. He leased the island in 1949 from the States of Guernsey, with whose help he has changed it from a weed-grown eyesore to a successful farming and vacation spot. ''Everything was completely derelict after Herm's occupation by the Germans during World War II," he recalled. "There was no electricity, and we had to have drinking water shipped in. There were so many things to be done. That first winter I listed them all and picked out the five most important to get at first." His priorities included establishing a water supply system, putting in a sewage disposal plant and underground electric cables, rebuilding the houses, establishing communications such as telephones and a ferry to Guernsey, and developing a means of earning a living. "We have the biggest milk producing farm in the Channel Islands," Wood said. "Besides the raw milk that is shipped across and bought by the Guernsey government, we export daffodils — and tourism. "I converted the collages around the harbor into groups of hotel bedrooms, all operating around the country house which is the main building. There are about 90 beds for overnight visitors, but we have 500 or 600 daily visitors from Guernsey." What is there for guests to do on an island without cars, without organized activities or formal entertainment? "There is nothing to do there at all but to walk and make your own entertainment," Wood admits. "The first day is often frustrating, but when people are thrown back on their own resources they get immense pleasure out of the fact that they can entertain themselves. "People who live in motorized areas feel guilty that they don't use their legs more, and on Herm you have to walk everywhere. They are lovely hills and valleys, absolutely clear air, heavenly views, exhilarating sea. There are dances in the evening. We have a gramophone and a piano and the guests themselves get things going. And there's a sweet little fisherman's pub." There are some dozen families residing permanently on the island, with all the men working for Wood in various capacities. A few farm and garden, others are engaged in maintenance of the service systems and as carpenters, and there is a hotel manager and an accountant. "To all the children who grow up on Herm, their father is not a shadowy character who disappears by day," noted Wood, who has six children, of whom four were born on the island. "Because they see him at work they know that what he's doing is necessary to the community." There is a school for the four or five children of elementary school age, built on the side of the cottage of the fully-qualified teacher. If a doctor is needed he comes from Guernsey, which is three miles away. "The church is a little stone-roofed building, pure Norman, the oldest intact building and the only one I didn't have to do any repairs on. You get the feeling it is a holy place — it gives a sense of eace. NOW Spend Your Chance t< Pleasant Summer SEASON GIBSON ONER THE OFFICIAL ASSOCIATED PRESS 1974 BRAND NEW, the 1974 AP Sports Almanac is the first volume compiled by the expert and seasoned sports staffers of The Associated Press, the world's largest newsgath- ering organization. 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