Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 4, 1968 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 4, 1968
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\<s r» , * v ' uarfot MrtMM- — " fef 12 years fas a wens* are four daughters, of toils, ,._., tfrft. Vdrnon Badges of tore, Okla,, Mrs. Hariey Hood of Hope, Setvlees.were Thursday at the 8th & toad? St» Church of Christ by David Nicholas, Burial inOzan Celneiei'y near fitngen byLati- ~" Funeral Service. Humphrey Supported by Labor WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice President Hubert H, Humphrey has won key labor support for a presidential bid and aides are saying the new hopes for Vietnam war negotiations have boosted his prospects. Weather Experiment Station report far 24- hours ending at 7 a,m« Thursday, High 78, Low 45, precipitation ,32 of an ineh, JlMMY C, WALTERS Mr§, Jimmy C, Walters, 85, Idftgtime resident erf Fulton/died , ma !"Ll he •HW MnM fhuW She was a member of ^J tsburgh -baloney.' " Forecast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ARKANSAS - Partly cloudy Humphrey 7 said Wednesday an 5 "^ch cooler late tonight he's still "weighing" the deci' *? d Friday, Low tonight upper sion whether to seek the Democratic nomination, An aide called speculation that he would today But the vice president, he said, is under "enormous and the Christian Church* Surviving are three sons. . , „ »,„-, Charles of Rockford, m,, Col! ^ owlflg Pressure to announce a By THE J, L, Walters of Washington, D. C, and Frank Walters of Hope; 26s to low 30s north to around 40 south. Weather Elsewhere decision sooner planned." than he had Hanoi's declared willingness Albuquerque, clear * *«* "mlted^peace talks not Atlanta, cloudy Pate of Fulton. Arrangements will be announced by Herndon Funeral Home. AB1NQTON, Pa, (AP)-Ralph Pallen Coleman Sr., 75, illustrator .who later turned to religious art and portraiture, died Wednesday, He Illustrated books for numerous authors, including W, Somerset Maugham, F, Scott Fitzgerald and Booth Tarkington. His religious works Included designs for stained- glass windows, LONDON, Ont, (AP)- Arthur Rutherford Ford, 87, editor emeritus of the London Free Press and members of the Newspaper Hall of Fame, died Wednesday. He had continued writing a weekly column for the Free Press since retiring as editor in 1963. CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) P. Scott McLean, 43,.former vice president and general manager of Indianapolis television station WLW-I, was found dead in his home Wednesday night. McLean, who authorities said had undergone an unsuccessful kidney transplant, was a vice president of Avco Corp. Bismarck, clear Boise, cloudy ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Albany, cloudy 70 51 55 32 53 50 30 15 56 32 59 45 60 54 61356 . 63 59 64 54 40 13 72 33 61 52 43 17 Fort Worth, cloudy 75 41 Helena, clear 29 1] - 71 57 62 Louisville, rain Memphis, cloudy Miami, clear Milwaukee, clear 64 78 76 54 60 70 72 49 STORM J(From Page 1) ists and isolated ranchers. Temperatures'., plummeted sharply in the |wake of .the were issued for much of Hrecen- tral plains. Heavy-enow warnings were out ahead of the storm in, the Dakotas and Minnesota. \ Hardest hit by the outbreak of tornadoes atyL high winds was Arkansas which counted six only improves Humphrey's po sltion, the aide said, but undercuts Vietnam policy opposition Boston, by Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and Buffalo, rain Eugene J. McCarthy, the only Chicago, cloudy announced Democratic candi- Cincinnati, rain dates so far. Cleveland, rain The labor support came from Denver, cloudy AFL-ClO President George Des Moines, rain Meany, who indicated with the Detroit, cloudy word "we" that he was speak- Fairbanks, cloudy ing on behalf of his 14-million- ~ member labor federation. Only Humphrey, Meany said, Honolulu, cloudy 82 could campaign tor continuation Indianapolis, cloudy 61 of President Johnson's social Jacksonville, cloudy 81 and economic programs and for Juneau, cloudy 40 32 unity of "the American people Kansas City, cloudy 73 38 behind the defense of freedom Los Angeles, clear 70 53 and democracy In the world." In other political developments: — Sen. Thruston B. Morton, R4Cy., said he believes New Mpls.-St.P., rain York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller New Or leans, cloudy 7 8 will become an active presiden- New York, cloudy 66 tial candidate, making "some Ckla. City, clear 73 definitive announcements" by Monday or the end of week. But Rockefeller said in Al bany he stands on his March 21 Ptlnd, Me.', cloudy statement that he would accept Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy a genuine draft and will speak Rapid City, clear out on the issues but not cam- Richmond, cloudy paign for the GOP nomination. St. Louis, cloudy -Iowa Gov. Harold E. Salt Lk. City,cloudy45 39 Hughes, who has called a meet- San Diego, clear 66 53 ing of the nation's Democratic San Fran., cloudy 62 50 governors for April 15 in St. Seattle, cloudy 58 46 Louis, said "it's not a stop any- Tampa, cloudy 83 one or start anyone meeting" Washington, cloudy but "there probably will be people therg iha want fate both." California jSjHJmary *39mp19gn today aimed at cutting down the voting strength Kennedy is building in solidly Democratic Negro and Mexican-American districts. — Kennedy got a tumultuous •welcome in Washington D.C.'s predominantly Negro section Omaha, cloudy next Philadelphia, cloudy 65 Phoenix, clear Pittsburgh, rain 49 26 68 52 32 62 29 49 76 46 65 52 60 38 59 44 23 10 55 53 67 48 57 Winnipeg, clear 31 LIGHT FIRING (From Page 1) 66 50 10 _^ ____ jw ^ ^ v wvvmwu dead. Authorities searched and drew cries of ^'yes""when northwest of & e to 56 through the night for other pos- he asked help against a regular were re P° rted about A company from the 3rd Marine Division was the spearhead of the drive. After advancing along Highway 9 on the northeast, helicopters landed them they mile stole victims in wooded areas and rural communities in the eastern half of the state. As many as six twisters struck that section in a two-hour period. The severe weather later skipped across the Mississippi River and unleashed a wave of tornadoes on western Tennessee. Two perons died when a twister smashed a house at Atoka, 30 miles north cf Memphis. Ambulances shuttled 30 to 40 victims to the Memphis Naval Air Station Hospital with various injuries after a tornado struck a mobile-home park at Millington, north of Memphis. Two blocks of homes and a church were leveled and five persons, were injured in a tornado that hit the Vincent community west of West Memphis, Ark, Nine homes were demolished and six persons were injured at Crawfordsvttle, Ark,, a few miles farther west. Arkansas Power and Light Co, reported at least six towns without electrical power after the storms ripped down portions from the ter. perimed Democratic organization slate in the District of Columbia's May 7 primary. — Johnson supporters in the ... . Indiana and Oregon primaries °*S*? 6 * ^ were reported are taking a wait-and-see atti- withln 2 ' 5 mUes of thelr S° al by tude toward other candidates, an Associated Press survey shows, while Kennedy forces are raiding the Johnson dele- . ... , . .. _ , _, Men of ^ lst ^ Cavalry Di- pushed up from south of by mldafternoon. The bulk of the relief force, more Marine infantrymen and an engineer convoy, found the gate camp In California and ^ oln ^ tougher as they struggled nave won over a few Johnson ™ si ? l °^* Iwtosed High- men In Nebraska, -The Nashville way 9. They had to stop Tennessean *ty whUe engineers repaired reports a draft Johnson movement by Gov. Buford Ellington and other pro-Johnson governors. The paper says the plan is to commit state delegations to favorite-son candidates who would throw their support to the Johnson draft at the national convention. Buford declined to comment except to say he "is not trying to line up a ticket," Both Humphrey and Kennedy met separately with President bridges and the road. By noon today they were 5,5 miles east of the base. "Khe Sanh or Bust," said a on an equipment trailer. Senior U.S. officers were puz- by the lack of resistance the relief force was meeting. They had expected savage fighting. That could still be in store. The relief force had come within range of big North Viet- of the three disclosed details of what was discussed. Presidential press secretary of a WOO-volt line between George Christian said neither Uttte Rock and Memphis, Seven asked Johnson for an endorse- pttier cities had only partial wnt He added; "The Presi- electrical service, the company ^ ^os not wan j to preclude his freedom of movement. Johnson during the day but none nanie f **$&? and «**f * ... . _ - . _ * SV11 r\f> in rrt A t f\ \Jrm V-rtmm »<i *«n I A. the m h< ; c ° west inside mountains to Laos, Mini-Basket! , 16 lb, Capacity , Delicate Fabric Control , Loads free of lint-fuzz , 8 Wash, 2 Spin speeds MODEL WA 840D TORNADOES (From Page 1) of West Memphis. Nine homes were demolished and six persons injured at Craw. fordsville, about H miles west of West Memphis. A four-bedroom house trailer was overturned and six persons wore injured as another twister struck at Jamos Mill, about eight miles north of West Memphis. Arkansas Power & Light Co., reported that at least six towns were without electrical power and that a 500,000-watt line be- twsen Little Rock and Memphis, had been blown down. AP&L said at least seven other cities had only partial electrical power. The sheriff's o.ffice in Lincoln County, which was hardest hit, said search operations wtre hampered by debris and downed powsr lines. Heavy rains accompanied the tornadoes and some authorities feared flash flooding in the stricken areas. Marble s&e hail was reported to some areas. Numerous farm buildings over the state were reported darnig- ed or destroyed byhigh winds. HOPE (AftK) STAR. Printed by Offset Number of War Deaths Drop SAIGON (AP) — The number of Americans killed In the Viet* nam war dropped slightly last week but the total of U,S, wounded soared to the highest for a seven-day period during the conflict, At the same time, U,S, trdop strength increased by 5,000 to , ,. „„ „ - J -. , 516,000, the highest number ever i™. ™* Y/ 8 ' Com _ maftd , raised listed for American forces -in J to 20 > 7 .?. 5 h ? nMiber of Amerl earlier, these totals has been 270 killed, 670 wounded and 49 missing, The tJ.S. Command, in its weekly summary, said 3,289 en« emy were killed last week by al» lied forces as compared with 2,223 a week earlier, The South .Vietnamese command reported 2,872 enemy were killed last week but a week earlier, the , South Vietnamese had listed en- «emy dead at 3,428. The total of enemy reported killed each ;Week often conflicts in the separate reports issued by the two commands. The latest casualty reports M South Vietnam Cans Mlled In the Vietnam war The U.S. Command said 330-'"since Jan, 1, 1961, taken by au- Americans were killed in action * h ° ritl fl hereA ? s1 ^ sta rting last week as compared with 349 ^ te ° f *? conflict - Jh? ™***t a week earlier. The number i of * of American wounded to the wounded was 3,886, spokesmen !ff increased to 127,868. Of that said, as compared with i,§65.{ total ' the command said, 67,^6 wounded in the week ending W e hospitalized and 60,522 did March 23. Of that 3,886 total, , not require hospitalization. 1,829 were hospitalized but 2,057; «.S. headquarters said enemy did not require hospitalization, casualties inflicted by Allied the command said. ^° rces from Jan - l > 1968 » Unofficial records showed the ^rough March 30, 1968, were previous high for American 320 » 544 , kiUed ' No estimate is wounded was 2,766 in the week »"* ° f toe number of enemy ending last March 9. wounded. South Vietnamese military headquarters listed its casual- Yucatan is a peninsula ties for last week at 393 men which includes parts of Mex- killed, 1,160 wounded and 41 ico, Guatemala and British missing or captured. A week Honduras. Strop Us* to Be Ruled on by Court ST, LOUIS (AP) ~ The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments here Friday on whether the use of a leather strap to discipline prisoners constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, Attorneys Edward L. Wright of Little Rock and Williams S. Arnold of Crossett raised the question in an appeal filed on behalf of three Arkansas penitentiary Inmates, The Inmates are William King Jackson, Lyle Edward Ernst Jr, and Grady W, Mask. Wright and Arnold filed their notice of appeal last June after U.S. District Judges Gordon Young and Oren Harris held that the strap was not forbidden by the constitution if accompanied by adequate safeguards to prevent "caprlcous administration." The appeals court will be deciding a moot question as far as Arkansas' prisons are concerned, because the state's new Board of Correction adopted a rule Feb. 29 prohibiting use of the strap. Wright and Arnold, who are serving without pay on appoint- ment by Young and Harris, are proceeding with their appeal In an effort to prevent the possi* billty that the strap might be reinstated some time in the future, King Plans to Ignore Injunction MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and other civil rights leaders say they will ignore an injunction prohibiting another mass march here next Monday if the injunction is allowed to stand. Federal officials say the restraining order will be enforced by federal troops if necessary, A hearing was scheduled today before U.S. District Judge Bailey Brown, who issued the injunction Wednesday after city officials said they feared a recurrence of the rioting following a march led by King a week ago. King told a cheering audience of some 2,000 persons Wednesday night, "We're going to march again; we've got to march again in order to put the Issue where it's supposed to be." Raisins are a nourishing food. Thursday, ApriM. Convicted Slayer Is Paroled LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Hames Perry Williams, a convicted 1 murderer whose life sentence was reduced to 50 years by Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller lafet November, was among 84 cdtpf: victs paroled Wednesday by the?; state Pardon and Rirole Board.'* Parole records say that ott' ; Dec. 31, 1949, after Williams- had been sent to the peni» ! ' tentiary on a minor charge, he- killed fellow inmate Bill Boha'hw.- non during an escape froftr; Tucker Prison Farm, stole ait.- automobile and was involved in a gunfight with State Police at a roadblock. ""'," Williams was capturegj.^ charged with murder, kidnaping 2 and assault with intent to kill.... He received a life sentence. 1 ; 1: In 1966, he was given a one*" day pass on Christmas Day, but failed to return to the prisoner, A few days later, he exchanged gunfire with a state trooper neftf; Mena. Captured again, he was sentenced to nine years for assault' with intent to kill, with the 1 term to run concurrently witft' 1 his life sentence. ::>;.t Stuck with a bargain basement stove? TRADE IT IN ON AN ELEGANT CALORIC" GAS RANGE! Fun-Cookin FIESTA Sale! 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Now Serving Law CMI Natural Cas lu Over 560,000 Cuilomtn in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kama* ,tnd Tew

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