Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 6, 1974 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1974
Page 9
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Private Rights and Public Responsibilities t-UNNV tfl/S/A/tSS LONDON - (LENS) - How splendid, we say, with only a touch of benign condescension: the benighted Italians are catching up with us at last. Not quite caught up yet, of course, since the divorce law which 59 per cent of them supported in referendum is still one of the toughest in Europe. But by voting overwhelmingly to reject church orthodoxy in favor of civil divorce they have come to terms with a problem which others solved long ago. But is the Italian divorce dispute really as unique as all that? What Italians and especially Italian women were voting for was not so much the state over the church or one batch of politicians over another as the individual's freedom of choice. Similar Gary Middlecoff Coordinates... Made by People who Care... For People who Care! They're here! The country's most popular golf/dress slacks now come coordinated with superbly tailored sportshirts. Both boasting Jaymar quality! 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Thursday, June 6, 1974 CARROLL 10 conflicts between private rights and public responsibilities are troubling many of the complacent countries of the north at this very moment. The difference between their debates and Italy's is that the ground has shifted from divorce to a whole range of other questions, not least contraception and abortion. The closest parallel to Italy is Ireland, where the church is very nearly as strong, where divorce is forbidden by the constitution and abortion banned by law. and where the Dail is just working up its courage to consider legalizing contraception for married people (the pill has been legally available without prescription in Italy for three years). The argument about legalizing contraception in Ireland is running along much the same lines as the divorce debate in Italy, with churchmen insisting that it would be damaging to morality and supporters of the bill invoking the rights of private conscience and the realities of family life. These realities include the use of the pill by an estimated 38,000 Irishwomen who have had it prescribed for "medical" reasons. In France, where contraception was legalized only seven years ago, the dispute of the day is about abortion. After a dramatic campaign in which film stars and Nobel prize-winners publicly proclaimed themselves violators of the abortion ban, the government put forward a proposal in December to expand the grounds for abortion beyond saving the mother's life. This was shot down by the Gaullist party but a watered-down draft is due to come before the next session of parliament. As with contraception in Ireland, a liberalization of the abortion law in France would in one way be an acceptance of many people's present practice: The estimated rate of largely illegal abortion is from two to four times as high as legal abortion in Britain. Britain and the United States have come much closer than the Catholic countries of Europe to settling the questions of divorce, contraception and abortion in what most liberals still regard as a liberal manner. Yet in both countries there are substantial numbers of people who wonder where the limits of permissivism lie. One campaign based on the doubts very nearly succeeded: The New York state legislature, after legalizing abortion on demand in 1970, voted to repeal it two years later; the law was rescued only by Governor Rockefeller's veto. In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled that the states cannot prohibit abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. But the court's attitude has not stopped Congress from nibbling away at abortion rights through riders attached to other bills — for example, banning the use of Medicaid funds for abortion and preventing foreign aid money -'. LOAN Dip I HfvOE IM By Roger Bollen FILLING MU<5AS TAMIC from being used for abortion programs. This column of questions and answers on federal tax matters is provided by the local office of the U. S. Internal Revenue Service and is published as a public service to taxpayers. The column answers questions most frequently asked by taxpayers. Question. I won $500 in the state lottery. Are my winnings . taxable? Are my losing tickets', deductible? Answer. Gambling winnings are included in taxable income. If deductions are itemized, gambling losses are deductible to the extent of your winnings. If you have gambling losses but no winnings, you cannot deduct any of these losses. Question. I am contesting the results of a tax audit and plan to appeal at an IRS district conference. Do district conferees have the authority to consider the hazards of litigation in order to settle a case? Answer. Yes. In cases involving $2,500 or less in proposed tax deficiency, IRS district conferee staff has authority to consider the hazards of litigation and settlement the taxpayer's case on that basis. 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Within the one-year period required by law, I've bought a new home whose price exceeds the adjusted sale price of my old home. Am I now automatically entitled to postpone the tax on the gain from the sale or do I still have to notify the IRS? Answers. After your return is filed, if you purchase a new home within the one-year replacement period that costs you at least as much as you received for your old home, you sho,uld advise your IRS district director in writing that you have replaced your old residence, giving the dates of purchase and occupancy of the new residence and its cost. Question. Do you have a booklet that explains the IRS collection process for past due income taxes? Answer. Yes. IRS Publication 586. "The Collection Process (Income Tax Accounts)," explains how the IRS fulfills its obligations to collect overdue taxes and what the rights and duties are of taxpayers owing bills for taxes. The 12-page booklet can be obtained free of charge at your local IRS office. The average shower consumes 20 to 30 gallons of water while a bath tub uses about 35i gallons. Uncle Sam Pulls the Plug By NEA-London Economist Newsservice Under President Nixon and his Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butz, American farm policy has quietly been reversed in the last two years. Traditionally the great silos of the middle west, the Kansas cathedrals as they are called, were regarded as the storage bins for the world. Huge stocks of wheat and corn were piled up at the expense of Uncle Sam, and, with these surpluses hanging over the market, prices were kept low. The Department of Agriculture also paid farmers handsomely for keeping as much as 60 million acres lying fallow, These two schemes cost $4 billion a year. The world was happy with this policy — but not the American taxpayer. Today the federal government has got out of the grain business altogether. There are not more expensive stocks to be financed and the surge in world prices that has resulted as pushed American farm exports up to $18 billion a year. This is $9 billion more than in 1972 and this sum accounts by itself for the entire dramatic turn-around in America's balance of payments. America's farmers grew over $90 billion of produce last year and are costing the taxpayers only one-eighth the subsidies in 1972. So far so good. But Butz's policy is already running into trouble. American domestic prices have risen as sharply as export prices and the public, accustomed to years of cheap food, is angry. American grocery prices went up 14 per cent last year, a rise that will probably be matched in 1974 If food prices are to fall for the American housewife they must fall on the world market first, and that means a proportionate decline in America's export earnings, and a return to the old policy of storing the world's grain. So much grain has been exported from the United States that by the end of this season America may very well have to import from Canada for the first time. This spring it was almost forced to restrict exports of wheat as its own stocks dwindled to a tiny 4 million tons. The danger of Butz's policy is that America's major trading partners are unlikely to rely for their food supplies on a country that does not have ample stocks and therefore becomes an unreliable supplier. Japan, for example, buys from the United States the food it needs to keep its society going. Yet, last summer, President Nixon banned all exports of soybeans to Japan because domestic stocks were running low. So Japan has already turned to Brazil as an alternative source. Butz's policy has also played right into the hands of the common market. Britain, which ranks with Japan as the world's largest food importer, now has a greater guarantee of supply at cheaper prices within the EEC than with its traditional trading partners. The 140 miles of parkways and boulevards of Kansas City are landscaped with 250 large flower beds containing more than 250,000 plants. BOYS - GIRLS Tomorrow Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Toby If you're a Veteran High School Senior or Grad. started college, didn't finish - or have a low paying routine job, you should be informed about Employment in the field of Business OPPORTUNITIES? TH£R£ IS HO LIMIT Secretarial -Accounting- Management The C. E. School of Commerce offers business courses day or night at a reasonable cost and free lifetime nationwide placement service. Any previous business training is good — But not necessary. For information without obligation fill out and Mail to: C.E. 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