Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 8, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 1
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BONDS Vol. LXVIII, No. 184 ESTABLISHED 1885 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" WEATHER Fair, Continued Cool Full Report On Vtlgn * '• Naugatuck Water Company Reports Normal Conditions In The Local Reservoirs TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cent! St. Nazaire Totters Before Yank Smash Impounding' Of Water Early In Year Balances Below Average Rainfall F'rrsKli'tit William "H. Moody of the .Vaugatuck Water company reported 'hat conditions are as normal at local reservoirs as they weiv last year, oven though the live-rage rainfall here for the Jii'st .iov(>n months of the year Is 3 1-2 inches below normal. The Ilgurcs ( ,ri normal raiirall are based on rcc- oi'tl.i cf tho water company for the past f"0 yi'iirs, ' Pre.iident .Moody indicated that tin.' foresightcd policy oT tho local wiitor company led to the installation of flash boards at the Long Hill ri'serviiir In Bethany and early in the year this procedure led to the Impounding of an additional 100,000,000 gallons of water over tin- normal content of the reservoir, un I'Xtru 30 clays consumption for .Vaugatiick. Tho C'andee reservoir Is also be- inK used this year It was stated. Alri-jicly this year the Water company has Mold more water to local imliiNtry than was used last year in NnuKattiek's factories, this being unc of ;hc peak years locally In war Democratic Group Puts Over Higgins Naug-atuck Vote Is The De- .ciding- Factor In Nomination For 'Congressman Kvi;n in the face of this terrific uitTt.-Ji.Mi- NaugaUick reservoirs sire in excellent condition, and every , .- ,, „ ... • . tvator demand for householder and I .'?'' Ml- '. B . v ' lnos . Waterbur.V.s solid A'nugatuck delegates to the Dem - cratic Fifth Congregational convention nt Torr.ington last night are said to have been dividbd in their votes, with the heaviest local hacking having been for Michael Clancy of A n s o n I a, while Peter B, .Higgins of Torrington who won the nomination and W. Harry Byrnes also gutting a share of the local support. Waterbury is said to have passed the first ballot to see how the contest between Mr. Higgins and Mr. Clancy was shaping tip. When Mr. Higgins .showed in greatest strength by 51 1-2 votes to 48 for Mr. Clancv to 32 3-2 -ENGLISH CHANNEL Students Asked To Forego Art Work On Wall In the Intercut of Having the borough money, Nuugutiick hl|(h Hchool NtudcntN, If they arc the onou who are ruxpon- NlMc, tiri>*unkcd to forcffo art work which for the pu»t NOIIIC months, off and on, hatt been •Incoratinif it wall jUMt went of the ptchool. For Home, weekn "1!H4" In odd HI/.CH and drlp- pily applied, has been featured on this retaining tvall, and already lian been removed at leant twice. Now within the pant Bcvcrul day* "1944" Is hack there again. Student* may desire tto perpetuate for posterity, the year of their high school graduation, Init Hlll.sldi- avenue IN not a pop- nliir place for thl* enterprise. Hence to tuive NiiUKatuck'K time iui«l money, will students please drop the painting business and let their clnsn hook and UN record of clans achievement, he the permanent monument to Nauguluck hlgn gchool'N newest graduating class. , , first plate of entry for tlio AEF in another war, appeared about to play iv similar role aH tin.! iniglily I'mik push In Brittany hi-Kan to move ii on the historic port,'a section of which is shown above. Small map, inset, shows Uny liorls of the, Braon coast which U. S. forces are taking over one lifter another. The value of new landing; .plau.-s in the future movement of mi-n and supples cannot he overestimated. Na-/.l ships, seeking to cviicu-iti; fleeing Oorinans, are reported being sunk by ISritisti warships. (International) industry 1ms been taken care of with plenty of safety balance as far as the contents of the reservoirs here an; concerned. President Moody stated today that flash lioiii'd.i can In: used only in rallo to tho si/.e of the reservoir iiiul its retaining dams, but thtu I he Incut ifritor company Is work uu: i..n water retainers of u new do si^-n thitt may'aid 1 the llrm In im I'uiiailing additional waterf that os always available In tho winter anc w-iirly npring months. Private Presto Took Part In the ipan Campaign I'rlvate. .rosi-ph F. Presto of the United States Army Medical Corps, m a Irtttcr to his piU'cfitN. Mr. arid ilr.x, Frank Presto of High street, revi-als that his outfit took part in thf h/ittlo of SnlpHn in the Mari«mm Islands whore ho Is now Marionccl. I'rivntp Presto's letter, just re- ui'ivefl he.rc follows: "Well censorship has just been lift»r| arid wo are allowed to tell u-h'-T<- u'i- arc. You prohnbly had .vrnii- suspicions but to net your mind HI the hospital came HirtniKh the campaign horp with flying colors, f ,,ni on Salpan In II" 1 Marianna Islands. No doubt ynn'vi- ,-oarl jibout It in tho papers "r hiis tho invasion of .Europe oi-(nv/|r<| Saipan out? It was one "f tin- most important operations yt in (he I'aciile war and the part thr- :wth KloM I-[ospltnl played i tnklni; can- of casualties was h ii" mi-Una nm;il!. Now you knot w| iy l harla't written In so long; tht> time I u-a.s on the ship, Ama7 inK I K"t to the point whore th ">"t deli- Mifln't hnthei- me at al jn f'H-Making (l || things "into con I 1 ' 1 !'- U'"l! I'll have more to '"t'.-r for after all block of -I'j votes put the winner over very handily. The Torrington man was solidly supported by tho CIO and gained his victory on the -'Irst ballot. The 2 and 1-2 votes that Mr. J-Iig- gin.s received from the Naugatuck delegation helped put hrtn into the lead for thu Waterbury vote. If these votes had gone to Mr. Clancy, as did the'rust of the local voting strength with the exception of 1-2 vote, to- Mr. Byrnes, the Ansonia 'man might have won out. Attorney Michael ' Blansflcld of VVtttorbury, withdrew a." ..a candidate when he.failed to secure the backing or the Brass City delcga-' Congressman J. E. Talbot Nominated Gov. Baldwin At G. 0. P. Convention Today Nominated Today N a u §• a t u c k Republicans Play Prominent Part In Events At Hartford Nominated Gov. Baldwin Mr., Higgins will run against Congressman Joseph IS. Talbot of Nau- I'atuck who -is expected to receive the Republican nomination for office again without opposition. Prepared Tin Can Collection Here Next Tuesday we can t squeos Continued on Page 3) MM'inn- JSY roj,iCK C'MnVn. Aug. S—i UD—Police ar !'„.!"*•' r: "'l' h c - John.vrurl who r "(•'"'.ly hit his wlfo on the he; lv "h n 1,-nnl* racket. Mr.s. Johns luri is I,, a critical condition at ; '''"Pllal, suffering: a ft'acturcc 23 Jap Planes Weren't h For Major Joe . down,,,, wl , hln s , x Iti'it planes wpcks- Iti'it WHS thn record of Major •""' !''ONS. of n .Marine flying •"'Hiiiflron m GuntUilonnnl. But • '"""'n't enough; a few weeks* '""'' M'U'n 1 Joe boldly led his KI "ntly outnumbered unit •Kiiinst an attacking J«p formation with such force that nt 'r ff tho enemy were xhot down and the real fled wlth- om bflinif ,-ihle to drop n. »ln- «'<•• hrrnht Ho wjis uwnrdod '"•' Consro.MKlomil Moddl of Hono,- f ot . his grtilantry. As Inny n. s men jj) !0 j oc '"'*« keep on fighting, you c " n ' *"'>• you've bought bonds '•nnugh. Rent your *paro l '°? mx thr «»R;h a News. Want nnd buy extra .bonds with your income. Phono i S, Mullet 1 , tin co-ordinat- r of thu NauHn.ti.ick Salvage Com- nittce annotmicecl today that flic egul;ir /oIlccMon of prepared tin inns for War Salvage will be con- uctcr-| on Tuesday. August 15, in .11 parts of the .borough. Rcsi- cnti-. are asked to place their prepared c.'ins in a suitable container at the curb on Monday evening KO tha lihye will not bo missed by the .it rest department collectors (luring the early hours on Tuesday. Ite.-.'tlefits are also cautioned to refrain from disposing of their tin cun'M in this week's rubbish collpi'tion, Jis they may -help some needful fighting man if prepared for salvagu and included In next week 1 .* tin drive. quota 10,000 pounds of pnr.K per month, and 5fi per cant of this figure- i's the bust that the borough has done to Clilttt. Congressman Joseph E. Talbot placed in nomination foe the governorship,' the name of Governor Raymori'd' .E".'.;BjSl(lvvin,""iit:"tHc Republican state convention today at Hai'CTord. The honor came to Congressman Talbot due to his.close friendship, personal and political, 1 with Governor- Baldwin. The ' local political leader was mentioned .us a candidate for governor .several years ago but ho refused to contest with Air. Baldwin, -Congressman Talbot also was the outstanling GOP candidate when Governor Baldwin, several weeks ago, very seriously considered retiring from politics. JVnug-atuck Republicans consider the fact that Congressman Talbot placed in n ominatlon today, the | name of Governor Baldwin as an outstanding tribute to tho position that the local resident holds in the slate and national GOP picture Naugatuck delegates to the convention supported the election o(' Hep Harold E. Mitchell of Hartford, who on Monday was named to the stale chairmanship of the Republican party, succeeding J. Kenneth Bradley of Wcstporl who resigned the o!!icc, several days ago, mainly because of differences of opinion with Governor Baldwin. "Walter A. Norwash, well known local resident and president of the State Young Republicans, will bo host at a luncheon .today at the Hotel Bond in Hartford, tendered to the t'uil GOP ticket of nominees, .GOV. KAYMOND • E. BALDWIN- Republicans Name Baldwin And Danaher War Dept. Confirms Sears' Safety Local Soldier Wrote Home While Reported To Be "Missing In Action" Mr .and Mrs. Mahlon Scars of Pond Hill road received ofllcial word . from t-hc .War department that their son, - Pfc. M. Robert Sours, has rejoined his unit, somewhere in Italy. Pfc. Sears was recently reported missing, but his parents received mail from him dated after the time he was reported missing. The iVar. -department. sent Mr. und Mrs. Scarrs a telegram sta.1- np that" he was missing- July J. but shortly, after the Pond Hill road residents received letters dated July 10 and 16. The soldier has been in the Army two years, and overseas 16 months. Canadians And British Plow Through Nazi Lines In Drive Below Caen; Win Objectives McNair's Grave A rough wooden cross marks the grave of l,t. Gen. Leslie J. McNair, America's hiRhest ranking ing officer to lode his life in this war, iti the American Military cemetery at Isigny, France. He was killed in XoVmandy by a U. S. bo roll which foil,short of its murk. It hax just been announced that Gen. McXair's only son, Col. Douglas McNjilr, 37, has been killed in Guam. U. S- Signal Corps lladiophotn. (International) Rubbish Pickup On West Side Of Borough Wednesday . LATE.. . CO:NC. joSKrir E. TATJJOT Fine Program Is Scheduled For S." Outing Sun. One of tho most colorful and cx- eitinj,' attractions scheduled for Qntortj-iinment at the United States by his orgunination. This luncheon Rubber Company Family Ouiiifr to , ^,,_^.._ -, Fish, Game Club Meets Wednesday The Nnugatiick Fish and Gam.e Club, Inc., will hold its monthly etinR- fit Town Hall tomorrow nifrht at S o'clock. Various reports will bo heard from committee chairmen. The annual outinp which will be icld Sept. 3, will bear discussion, is Walter Gcsscck, general chairman of the event, is socking to complete plans and details for the ffalr, It was reported. Mr. Gosscck distributed tickets t the lust mooting and may report on the progress. A report on the effort to collect ishing equipment for men in the irmod forces will be made by Goron Hatch, chairman of the committee In chnrpo. will be one of the highlights of the convention and will include prominent Republicans from nil parts of the state in addition to the complete GOP ticket that is nominated by the convention today. The Niiu^atuck delegation to the convention include: Town Chairman Charles P Rodcnbach, Rep. Anna I 3 . Ei-k Dr. H. H. Gorton und Rep Willian A, Painter with Cong, Joseph 13 Talbot and Walter Norwash alternates. YOUTH 1 nnOWNKU Mrs. Mary Triano Passed Away This Morning Lakcville. Aug. 8—(UP)—A 19- car-old Lalccvillc youth—Eugene Clark—hns lost his life In a canoe- ng accident. Th<! canoe upset nnd lark, unable to swim', sank clc- plte the efforts of his companion —Dorothy Brill—to save him. paid for nuiNfciU Instrii- plnnoK, rndlos, phonograph*. Metro MiiHli' Mart, 88 Church St. «l. ri387.—Adv. Mrs. Mary G. Triano, 65, of 5157 South Main street, died early this morning in the Waterbury hospital. She was born in Italy and had resided in Naugatuck for 'i2 years. Survivors include two sons. Patsy and James, three daughters, Mrs. Joseph Altiorc, Mrs. Joseph Rusate and Miss Josephine Triano, two sisters. Mrs. Joseph Pichulo and Mrs. Paul Rosa, one brother, Charles Trnficant! and four grandchildren, all of Naugatuck, The funeral will bo held Thursday at S:30 a. m. from the residence to St. Francis church where a solemn high Mass will be celebrated at 9 o'clock. Burin] will be in St. James* cemetery, Friends may call at the resi-| dence after ~ p. m, today. Sunday, August 13th, at ] Linden Park is the Rodeo-Jambor- i ella. The program, which will be two hours :n lenjrtli, will feature mounted horse events, sing-ing, clowning, races nud contests — a complete western show with 30 cowboys and cows-jris in full western attire from Willow Crest Ra.nch in Bethany. Thi; list of events schedule! in order are: Grand parade, introduction of ollicials find special characters, cowgirls', musical contest, sfilldlo race, Girls' potato race, bonding contest, boot scramble, A'irls' baboon breakinfr contest, boys' ar.d Kirls' mounted basketball and the closing parade. There will be added .-ittractions a.s well, which will be announced over the loudspeaker. State G. 0. P. Convention Meets In Perfect Harmo ny At Hartford aHrtford, A.gti. S—(UP)—The Rc- publican state convention- has un animoiisly rc-r.omlnat.ed United •States Senator John A. Danahc: and Governor Raymond E. Baldwin. Danaher was nominated by State Representative Clun-lcs S. 1'ngham of Haddam. Baldwin was nominated by Congressman Jo.roph E, Talbot of Naugatuck— himself a candidate for another term at the upcoming Fifth district Congressional condition. Baldwin, said Talbot.. is a "man of the. highest integrity, a man of the whole cloth, and a' man, vho Talbot said, "qualified to sec hat the boys wrho are fighting quickly will be placed in good jobs in private industry when the war j.s over," Licutenant-Governor William L,. Hadden of. West Haven was re- Six Named As Union Delegates Six delegates have boon named 3y .Local -!fi. United Rubber Works's of America, to the Intcrnation- il U. R. W. A. convention in New York Sept. IS to 21. They incl-jdc,: George R. Froch- ich, president of the local, Stephen •Cnnpik, Frank Wood, John ButlcV, Joseph Kenishea and Gcncvievc 'ajeski. Alternates chosen were Thomas ionnlcy and Earl, Oouty. Tho local also discussed plans or its annual outing Sept. 10 at linden park ar.d for which Stephen Knnpik is general chairman. • (Continued on Page S) Rev. McTeague In Hospital .Rev. John F. McTcagiic. forme assistant at St. Mary's church and for the pH.-H some months ,-pasto of St. -Anthony's church in' Pros Superintendent of Streets H.-i old Murtha .in a special request today asked that Naugatuck residents do not include prepared tin cans in the rubbish collection here on Wednesday. On Monday and Tuesday, rubbish was picked up on the'East side of the town, .and on Wednesday, the houses on the West side will be covered. It has been noted that in the first pickup of rubbish many prepared tin cans were included, and this fact has led Mr. Murtha to indicate that now 'is not the time for this type of collccion, but will take place here next Tuesday. Residents of the west side of the borough arc asked to have rubbish placed in containers on the curb in front of their .domes on Wednesday s 0 that the .trucks of the street department may make clean sweep of c,-ti;h street and not have callbacks that arc cxpan- ive not only in labor, but tires tnd gasoline also. GERMAN OFFICERS HANGED London. Aug. S—(UP)—Eight high German officers involved in the plot, to assassinate Adolf Hitler on July 20th and overthrow his Nani regime were hanged today only two hours after sentence of death had been passed on them. They hod been convicted by a provincial court in Berlin after a two-day trial." NEW STRIKE Detroit, Aug. .8—(UP)—Five General Motors planls in Detroit arc tlie «;cno of a new strike, Somo S,5(K» workers, who ended an 11-day walkout 'yesterday, again lutvu quit in protest against dismissal of seven union members. —r—oOo MORE FISH PROMISED Washington, Aug. S—(UP)— The War Food Administration says there will be more fish— fresh, canned and frozen—fet- ch-ilia!) use during the next. 12 months. The supply of frozen fish is reported to be 50 per cent greater than last year. Use Their New Armor Plated Lorries Packed With Assault Infantry GERMANS HINT AMERICANS HAVE TAKEN LORIENT Between Normandy And Brittany Nazis Are Trying To Split Yanks' Front (By United PrcwO Canadian and British columns in. France arc .plowing- their way through German lines in> a. new ' and powerful offensive below Caen. Allied men and tanks went over to the attack shortly after mi<i- night and in the first few hours won - their first objectives—objcc- _?, lives 'irs a drive aimed at carvinjj:;'/ out the shortest: road to Paris 1Z2-.V miles away. '* United Press War Correspondent Richard McMillan, in a. graphic front line report, says that in the first hour alone the Canadians gained some three and one-half miles. The big attack opened shortly aficr ' more than 1,000 RR-F heavy bombers pounded German positions in the greatest bom- aardmcnt of the war. McMillan says that as the big- planes melt-id back into the.dark- ness, the British ajiri Canadians rolled .out a secret weapon as they began their advance. These were armor plated lorries, packed with. assault infantry. Says file United Press correspondent: "Down highways marked off on cither side by streaks of brilliant tracers th« armored lorries smashed through the enemy lines, unloading Uieir cargoes of tough fighting men deep insida the German positions to rip and flisorgaJiize the enemy." McMillan .cables that the lorries followed: the .first wave of tanlcs, and they came as a complete surprise to the Germans. Officers told the U-P ma.r. that Lhe combined air and artillery attack unleashed against tile Ger- ' ~ mans before the offensive began was the heaviest since the invasion. Just before the battle bcfrart «. larjre supply of sui-sical cotton, woo! was flown from England, and passed around to the troops. (Continued-on Page 8) Naugatuck s Ice Supply Is Not Up To Demand pcct. is a. hospital in patient at W.itorbui-y. St. Mary's The condi lion of Rev. McTe.-iguo is said to be satisfactory but no visitors will be allowed for at least one week CONSIUKRIXG CASES Hartford, Aug. 3— (UP)--A federal grand jury has been convened to consider approximately 60 case's, most of- them O-P-A violations. This, is the third time since the first of May that the jury has been called into session. Assistant United States Attorney Milton' Na.hum feays he- expects a number of" indictments will be -handed up. — Don't miss the !>|R savings in the August S:ilo of Furs now underway at Raphael's, >':iuj?.aliick'N Center, Church street, — Adv. Johnson St. Man Fined $75 On Three Counts Calvin Cable, Johnson street, ivns fined $25 on each of three counts plus a suspended sentence and robation in borough court this morning. Deputy Judge John P. Jones presided over the couvt this morning, in the absence of Judge Thomas Nenry, Judge Jones imposed $25 fines on charges of breach of pence and intoxication, and • the third charge theft, included a $25 fine and 30 days in j.ail, suspended for six months, and 90 days probation. Patrolman Wilfred Evon and John Hanlcy arrested Cable after a disturbance near High street, ind Hri alleged .attempt to steal, some pieces of lumber. This was the only case in court this morning. Local Residents See Record Lake Trout In Maine TEX INJfllED Salisbury, Moss., Aug. 8—(UP) —Ten persons ihave 'boon injured n the crash of a Boston and Maine Transportation company bus. All vcre released after cuts and, Henry Soliildgcn' of the Enst Waterburj' road, was a recent va- cationist at his summer place- at Lake Fcrrow. Topsfield, Maine. Mr. Schildscn hnd as his guest Joseph Mulcahy. of Waterbury, former Naugntuck resident, who associated with the State Higl way Department here. \ j-icig-hbo!- of Mr. Schildjren -it Lnkc Fcrrow, Guy Russell, ientcd the local men with half o .he largest lake trout caught i Maine this season*. The entire fis weighed 37 pound-? and contrib utcd toward a delicious fish din ncr for the Naugatuck visitors. Mr. Schildgen is a former State Highway Superintendent of dis trict No. l that includes Naupa tuck and several adjoining town ships. The heat wave of the past 10 days put a terrific crimp in Nau- gauick's supply of ice, the firm of r_>. Thurston's Sons, local manufacturer of ice, reports, with the demand here finally getting ahead of production. The Thurston firm has ice making equipment that in daily 24- hour operation turn out many" tons of ice, but even top production could not k'ocp pacs with Nauga- tucli's industrial and household demands. In addition to their own c-is- tomci-s, the Thurston firm wholesales to two other dealers and Xau- Ratuck's war plants use tons ot ice each day in manufacturing operations. The demand became so acute for ice here a few days ago that tho Thurston firm was finally forced to buy ice in Bridgeport, but it was indicated today that the ica conditions here arc rapidly returning- to normal under the cooler weather of the past few. days. PATIENT DfES Waterbury, Aug. S—(U P)_Ra. diuin poisoning is blamed for the death- of Mrs. Edna. Stcbqret of New Eritajjn, a. former employe of the Wnterbury Clock company. She is believed to have contracted the poisoning while painting luminous watch dials. Mrs. .Slcberct was admitted to .1 hospital about two weeks ago. —When your appetite IK :i hit jud- od, luid you arc looking for treatment for I thing different In food, »t_., • Wl Jorrs Restaurant, Church St.~A<h% lit MillvilleMayBe Location Of Dump The has h borough board committee eyes on three potential dumping sites in tlic Millvillc Section, it was reported this morning, but no action on obtaining any one of. them has been taJce'n. Residents of the Millvillc area will gather tonight at the Millvillc -ibrary to "cuss" anJ discuss tho >lans of the borough fathers. Everybody wants a dump, it has >ecn said Up and down Church street, but no one 'wants it near him. It is expected that tile citizens •U the meeting- tonight will voice protest and' probably choke the attempt, of the town to locate he new- site there,, A dump within the -borough's mils ha* been the aim of the Dump Committee, but all suitable tee have been abandoned because f protesting- citircns, or because J laws.

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