Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 9, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1896
Page 5
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iilivi ; ' ; t'5f;i '^T^lJ^lSr' ll±c p'f^&p«>-« ••7.$ fv.';••••' LV:f-:*- LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, SUNDAY MORNING, ATJOUST 9, 1896. 18 STILL HOT. Handkerchief Wonder TV\l-kA\7 We will place on Sale 100 dozen entirely new effects in I UUA Y Handkerchiefs. Rare Effects never shown in America. Point Venice Handkerchiefs. Very cheor Linen center*, with flue hemstitched edges, enclrclecl with HntulUne New Point Venice Lace EC feet,. The goods were Imported io sell at C5 ,ma 75c each. Tlmmsli U.e ralh.ro oC the importer we have «ccnred tuem so that we can dispose of the lot nt CHOICE 25 CENTS. We also place on sale mw choice comprising Hucn colored handkerchiefs effects worth up to C3c. All for 2Jc. Handkerchiefs froai our regular stock, and flue white linen embroidered. Shirt Waists Lot i. 6 S c 75C 85 Waists - - - 39C Lot 2. 980 $.1.25 $1-50 Waists - - 6 9 c Lot 3. $1.75 $ 2 - 00 Waists - - - 75C Choice of any $3.50 Waist - - $1.50 9 Days Here. WILL OBGANIZE. "Sound Money" Dsmosjats to Hold Another Convention. Will Put a Third Ticket in the Field- To Meet in Indianapolis September 2. " ; Indianapolis, Ind,, Aug. B.-Tlie provisional committee of• those democrats not indorsing the Chicago.plutform and ticket held a session here'Friday, a permanent organization-:was:<:ticcted hnd n call was issued for a-ntitional convention to be held in this city Wednesday, September 2, for the purppse.of.adopt- ingo declaration of principles and nominating candidates for.rpresident and vlce^pr/sidefot. Thc:provi»ionttl -coiu- mittec.wna merged into-a national com- mine'K;'''and.-'8ciintoi-John M. Palmer, of Ililnois.' jyus,mndepei!n!.-incnt chair- mnn.,-'-'\ i ./; v " •;• : ~:: ••':•• ~. ,?•/',';,To tall » Convention., wns wasted, in .deter- •Wie wlwol taw 72 hours more to rtu; It Is runn'jig from 10 «» ir ' Lour. A guess with every purchase. 409-411 BROADWAY. 806 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date Have been in great favor-at our establishment. Fact Is no one but a. finer lln. of woolens and worsteds to geleot-from than ours. Important Features ... In the make-up ofjour clothes work their superiority. We are not the;oheape 8 t tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. lQittee','-'-"-Mr. Ewing- read' ,ths ri|3iiiu- tion 'adopted nt. the AiitlJt.oi-ium.coufer- ence : iri Chicago'as the ...authority .'for the actiqn".of the present gathering. Mr duth'waite, chnirmnn..of | thc subcommittee;- then presented ..the .call for the convention, ns follows: :...' •'.•?/.': Tho'Call. "To tha {democrats of:'the United State*: A political .party has-always.been.defined to bo an'awoclatlon of .voters to .promote tho success' ot political firinclplcs.hcld In common.. -• Tha democratlc,:.party, dui-lng Its whole history, has boon, p edged to promote the-Jlberty ot tho individual.;thc.se- SSX^KVtncW^SI'af^ %^^"%£S38tfSS$ Pittsburgh Beildenti ijAre. 1 Ont About •100.OOO ur. More. • Pittsburgh,. Pa., Aug. . 8. —A land swindle, by which residents ol Pittsburgh lost $100,000, and perhaps more, has come to light, requisition papers for the arrest ot J. F. Vnn Smith, one of the principals in the. fraudulent transaction, have been, issued by Judge Porter. Van Smith-jhnsrbeen located in Alexandria, Vo. ;•-.-•• Not only has the $100,000 been Iqst, but over 100 people who bbug-ht land from Van Smith,.and. built homes for themselves, are without title to their property, and are liable to'be dispossessed. The swindle wns bold in conception and in execution. Forged ami fraudulent deeds ami certificates for western land, it is charged, were exchanged for good Allegheny county' land, and the latter was.sold or mortgaged for cash. James W. and-Joseph Breen, who traded land in this.county worth $20,000, for worthless deeds, have made information against the men concerned _ on the other side of the deal. Two o£ them are supposed to be myths, and the other two, it is expected, willbenrrcBtcd before nightfall. The' United States post office inspectors are also working on the case, since the mails were used unlawfully in engineering the laud More Fatalities in St, Louis and Chicago, No Abatement Felt in the Heat in Either Place—Warmer Than Any Preceding Day. See Our Prices on Granite Ware 4 quart Sauce Pan 6 quart Sauce Pan 8 quart Sauce Pan 10 quart Sauce Pan . • 12 quart Sauce Pan 6 quart Milk Pan . • » • • 4 quart Coffee Pot . 6 pint Tea Pot ,..••• No. 28 Wash Pan .. • • No. 30 Wash Pan . • . • • • Cuspidors ... • T. J. FLANEGIN, 310 Market 5 2Bc 35c 40c BOc 65c IBc 60c 36c 20c 2Bc 25c recently asst-mbled at CMpa'spi.. ,- Party Would Cettio .lu.T.xUt. "The democratic party >wllV.therefore, cease to exist unless It bo preserved, by the voluntary action of such of Its members as .tiU adhere to its lundamental-jrlncl. pies. No majority of members of that.con- vontion, however larce, had., any right or power to surrender thOHe,prlnc.H>lei. When they undertook to do so..tl»t,assomblago ceaied to bo a democratic-oon.ventlon.lhc. Stlon taken, the Irrefjular'.proceedings, and Oio Platform enunciated by 'hat body were and are, BO utterly and indefenfll- blv revolutionary, and constitute such r»d- fcal departures from the principles or true democracy, which should characterize a sound and patriotic administration of our country", affairs, that its results are not Sailed'to the confidence or support ot true democrats. For the flr«t time since national parties were formed there Is not before the American people a platform ,rte- clarlng the principles of the democratic narty as recocntied and moBt courageously «nd consistently administered by Jefter•«. Jack/on and Cleveland, nor^re there nominees for the ofllces «r president and vTcepresldBtit of tho United States pledged to carry those principle! Into practical ei- f°,-t The faithful and tru^domocrat. of the United States are determined: that ihelr principles shall not bo ruthlessly iiT- rendered, nor the people be depr yed ot »n TOportunlty to vote for candidates In accord therewith. • . •".•'..;.-'••• To Moot September a, "Therefore tho national democratic party of the United States, through .Its,regularly constituted committee, heruby,.calls a national convention of .that:.party, for the announcement of its platform and the nom- matlon of candidate.-for-the ofllcca of •president and vice pr.e.ident of l WMtw States and the transaction of such buil- noss as Is incidental thereto, to be held at Indianapolis on Wednesday,, the second day of September, 1899. at .U ; q:clock,noon,, and hereby reouosts that the, members of the party In the several state, who believe In sound money and the/presarvatlon of law and order, and who are unalterably op- Sosed W the plaform adopted and eandl- Sates nominated at: Chicago, will select ?n such manner a. to them shall seem best, i number of delegate, to the saino. equal to twle. the number of elootora vote, to •== Loganspoit £ Wabash Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the first _. each month, ten day's grace, All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special-Low rates on heaters during the months of May. June, July August and Sept- tember. Invitations Are always appreciated and especially so when they>ro tajtefully gotten np. '; THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a specialty of Van Smith, as known, .came fr^m Chicago, where it is said he hud bfpn under suspicion. He nt'onci' published alluring ndvertiscments of Chicago lots rind California and Washington Inmls, for which he held the power of attorney to exchange for' Allegheny poumy land. Van 'Smith 'displayed wonderful genius and'ere long had unloaded ten lots centrally -located in Chicago, ln,n<l at Lake View, Cal.. and atSeattie, Wash. -'••; ' .• The new purchasers.-nave since ascertained that their 'deeds, certificates, abstracts, ' etc., nre valueless. % an Smith sold or mortgaged his purchases here as rapidly as they were acquired and.quietly left the city.- The cnse has been worked up and the .principals located by a local detective agency. The agency 1ms also discovered rnuny interesting incidents in connection with Van Smith's life. It is also intimated that a mtident of Pittsburgh, of some prominence, is an ally of Van Smith, and that he will also be arrested. JOY .lNsi.Cy.BA. Rebel. Completely Cro»h R Sp.nUh At my —Ruinori. of.'» Truce. New York, Aug. 8.' —/Passengers arriving on the Ward line .steamer Xiag- nra, in, SnturdajV-frb'm' 1 Santiago de Cubn, report that H.hej.Spauisli troops suffered a crushing'def'eat in the battle fought near Santiago on Tuesday, July E8: The Spaniards were ordered to attack the insurgents and three bodies of troops were ordered to leave Manzanillo, 'Gu'ani*nainoi.,an'd .Santiago respectively and to inarch on the insurgents, who wer* supposed to be a short distance froiii.-.,tb,e'-city of Santiago. On the oppro*oh:.*t the first Spanisli column this 'novv*,was brought to the Insurgents that,ttoe.eneiny was approaching. Gensi-'Gom'ez-.an.d^arcia immediately gathercd-|tkeir;,trbops ^^ suc " ceeded ln.,enga|rlng each column before they cotildyffrtttf.iiunet.ure, The Spanish met n •crushlnjy. defeat, leaving numerous dead and vcounded on the battlefield, a i her-,Jio«pitals.,and private houses atjSantiago. were-reported filled with woundediSpanlsh troops. 'Key West; Fla,, Aug; S. — It is openly declared here thftt,;Capt. Gen. Weyler has reached an .understanding with the cjilef insurgent'leaders-and that negotiations will be ijeguniwlth a view to the cessation of hostilities,in Cuba upon terms satisfactory-'to-.-'all concerned. K Is also stated here that the euptain- ge'ncrnl and his deputy commanders have held a< conference in relation to this important movement. BAYONETED. Latest Styles In Fancy Type and Material. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. Thd well-known Specialists-lot New -York hare appointed u. A. HAUK as s«ent for their oelebratsd Spectacles and I r Glasses, every pair guaranteed, D. A. HAUK has complete assortment and Invltei all to eatlaff themselves of the great supstlorltr ol tne«« goods oir r ao»minaf»oture(l,8tthe5tor90fD. A. HAUK,8olesg«nt fo> Logsnaport Ind. . . . No Peddlers oupslled. sind this committee will malt* «P »-- —- nounce the roll ot th« delegates entitled to SkrUclpaU 1" ' h9 -pr»Uinlnary,-or«anii»- Uon. of the convention," •• '.". -.-'.'• Tb«' : E«eeatlTe Committee. '^'Vt 12 : 'o'ol3ck Frlday>ight Chairman Palmer'announced his executive committed aiioUowB: . ..',.. ..- W-'D'i Bynum, Indianapolis, Ind.; V>, E vH'iWemin, LouUvllle, liy^.Fredcrick LehiiiM, St. Louis, Mo.) John E, Hop- klnsi-."aiic»go, 111.;.Ellis B. .Usher. L» Croiic''. Wis.; F. M.- W> Ciitcheon, .St, Psiili'MijiJo.; Samuel HVHoldlng, Cievc- landj'.vO:j/ ! ;Charles Tracy, .New York. TSe'headquarters of the,committee will tr'estftbiltahed in Indianapolis, at least --*-<'^"- r -the convention.,. . : DIDN'T'vRESIQN. ilrman ot tlie Uundeiratb Qnes- Jied Concerning. Hohenlbhe. i«no«!«i, Aug. 8.—A; dispatch from Berlin' Brees correkporident .states that the wice: chairman ot :the bundearath, St. Louis, Aug. 8.—There is no ccssa-. t.ion of the intense heat from which St. Louis hu* suffered during the past ten days. At noon Saturday the mercury registered 03 degrees on surface thc.r- inometers. Nearly all contractorshnve .ihandoiied out-door work. Owing- to the hig-1'. temperature work in tbequor- ries imd other exposed places about the workhouse has been suspended. In the •24 hours e'mling nt noon Saturday 47 .c:iscs of lu'.'it ])i-ostrntion were reported ,at the cily liosjiitiil. The following fiilnliilcsnrerecorded: •Mrs. Don Uosfiirfl. Pi'tcr Grnnt, Michael Owen, August U'L-skc, M r s. •Collie Armstrong, l.-fc-nry Myers, John I'.lcy, Villinm Ilaffman, Jfrs. Katherinc KL-I'IY. \Villinm 0. Fugan. Eugene 1\ YOU'.'IK. M". Thomas King, Mrs. Mary Il'cker. .lolui Biinniley and Cnrl Kohlcr. It WHS reported Saturday morning from i)«ir liv points in >fissouri, Illinois «ml Ari<nns:i? thai the mercury is close to the jUO-mnrk, a.nd in many sections harvesting has suspended. Four JFatHlltics In Chicago. Chicago, Aug. 8.—Saturdny was the honest "morning Chicago has experi- (•IIL>IM for yenrs. At nine o'clock the 'ro-jistrntioii taken ;it the weather bu- renn wn.s SI) degrees, or but 7 degrees li'W tliiin the maximum temperature of IVt'd iiesiliiy, when t.he hcnt record for tin- year 18% was smashed to flinders. Tl'ie following deaths are reported: J. iCcKhart wns found (lend In n room at TIC \V"«it Madison street Saturday morning. It wns siiirnoseil thr.i Ills death wns caused h.v tl>o hnit. The body wes taken to the "jos'f'iilT Henry Cassidy, C402 Jlay street, ^'corn.-nijs Whitman, 207 Richmond street, roe u. r.i. Saturday. James Albert Rice, 1:30 a. m. Saturday. MANY FIRES. l)«»lruptlvn Flumes Visit M»ny Cltlee— 1'ropiTty L.OKH ConnKlirable. Kiinkakee. 111.. Aiip;. f. — The boiler rooiu.iinil buildings of the Gardner Wil- ii)iii"ioi: Coal company at Clarke'City, 111. "were toi.n!ly destroyed by fire Friday inoruing at .10:30 a. in. -The five started in the roof of the boiler room around the smokestack. The mine wns doing ii heavy, business and working a full force, ttv The-destruction of the inachrncry'nii'd hoisti'.ig apparatus 300 miners were entohibcd 500 feet in the .bowels of the em-th. The miners were placecTiu the gravest peril by the shut- ''.,ting o« of the supply of air. For aehort itlroe there wns great excitement in the yilingc nmong the friends and relatives of the imprisoned lueii. As soon as the ilre had 'completed its work the miners escaped bj 'climbing the long ladders ,in the air shaft. All .of the men es- 'caped without injury and;none the worse for their experience. The buildings will be rebuilt, immediately ai:d the mine expects to resume work in about two weeks, the loss is $5,000, fovered by insurance. Pana, 111., Aug.' S.—At 12:IS o'clock Saturday morning fire was discovered in the renr of SharrocKs cignr manufactory in 'the'Glasgow ^Ipck, .and in n short time the .whole block was a mass of name. The.fireoriginatcdjrom a ic?eTtn-eTRe. Shnrrock]s cignr roooi- ufactorv, 'Bankson's grocery; Ford_! bicycle "depot, McClung's cnndy manufactory and Ford's gullery were wiped - 1 - The buildings axe a total i-uin. weqs. on- the subject/said that«ot£ing was knowivin Berlin of the resignation of Chancellor: von Hohenlohe, which was rep6'rt«d Friday by the "Leipzig 'Keueste Nachrichten. The vice icialiinan- added that hd dld.not/believe that any changes in the chancellorship would occur now,.though a change was likely to be. raade.laj^r,,,. ••••' . The chancellor is to-day at Wilhelms- ;'hohe, where the'eifiperor.is.at present . Foil Sli gtorlci. Chicago, Aug.' '<3.~J?F: -M; Swift, ot Newton, In,, fell.Irpm.J.he sixth story of the Bichmond liottr ftorly -Saturday morning and Waa: instantly killed, his bead crashing ArweXn yaulf light In. the sidewalk., vfti to ,s^d;that he, had been drinking heavily and that ho f«U: Jrom the windqw.-whUe asleep. . Ohio MllitlB 8»l(t'to Have Charged Upon -', »r«»enbl« AMemWy. Cleveland, 0V,, Aug. 8; — The militia stationed, at ;the Brovyn hoist works chnifed upon a-, crowd, of citizens who were said- .to be 1 peaceatily gathered in front of the.-'home of --on* of them Friday night,, and 'two men were bayoneted; The wounds, .were not serious, Fifteen men were arrested by the soldiers, charged.wlth disorderly conduct, A petition was started Friday evening among the business, men in the vicinity of the works.appealing to the mayor for police protection against the militia: 1 They claim; that their' customers cannot walk the streets peaceably without danger from the bayonets of the poidiers. Sentiment is rapidly crystallizing against the continuance of soldi?!- guards, whose- indiscretions are daily causing trouble. -,. . ; ' . , The decision. In the injunction caee against the ma^orito restrain him from .calling out any mbr,e military to protect the Brown works' was passed until next • '' " ' . . . : DENIED ..GIVlNQ u REBATES. ; : o M»n»B«M ;'Ti««tlry> Be/or. lnt«- it»te Comm«e«'Comniliilon. Chicago,' - AwgS^-V-w.The interetate co'mmlniitoil continued Its .bvestigatlon-ofiyf****" 1 r& lioed d.is- • ;CT lininatlons-Sat«,-d*yrinoniing, Attorney Day conductiiifrtu'e examination. Traffic Mnnnger-^evm*n,.of..the Chi- 'caffo & Northwe?ier»; ; Traffic .Manager '' MoVton, of the 'Atcfctaoi; Topeka & San•*ii Fe' tfod Traffic Manager Wellington, "at the Wisconsin..Ceotral, were on tho : «imd and were Subjected to a rigid . miefitioning.' Each of,them denied that '•Jos" rebate had^peenjgiven to.sWp- •ners under-any ; ci^u.nistances, and Mr. - ••• \?«a unable to entncle them.. out. Loss about $27,000; partially insured. . Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 8.—Mnnnger Wilder, of Swift Packing company, says loss on building is $15,000, and while the loss on contents was not yet ascertained it would amount to $50,000 Friday evening he said the loss would reach $40,000. The building that wes burned cost when built, according W his statement, $45,000, and it was, ruined Des Moines, la., Aug. 8.—The Iowa Pipe & Tile works were damaged $30,000 by fire enrly Saturday morr.ing The insurance will amount to $10,000. MAINE DEMOCRATS. "Sound Monoy" Bolten Nominate Clifford for Governor. • ./ Waterville, Me,, Aug. 8—The "soun< money" democrats who marched out o the state convention held a convention of their'own and nominated William Henry Clifford, of Portland, for gov crnor. E. C. Jordan, of Portland, pre sided, Mr.' Clifford accepted the nomi nation. A manifesto WHS Isrucd to the demo- era tic:voters of MnlnSs declaring tha ' the declarations of the Chicago platform nro dangcrous,revolutionary,subvcrsive of government and social order, utterly opposed lo the-democratic.party, and appealing to"the democratic citizens to unite in n determined effort to save th< party from the threatened betrayal o Its sacred trust. ; ' Bay City, Mich.,- Aug. ». — Horace Lowe, aged 11 years, died of hydropho "bia Saturday morning. About six weeks ago the .boy WHS bitten on. the wris ami ankle by. a. cat as he was walking In the street; .Friday .the boy's hand became numb and he began to grow restless; At midnight he nsked to'b( strapped to the bed, as he felt that he was going- mad. He frothed at the mouth and was in convulsions the re- mainder'Of the night on.*died, shortly befove ten o'clock Saturday morning; • Told In Briof by Dlspatolxas flrom Various Localltloa. Crime Fruitrated by D*«tb. Anderson, Ind., Aug. 6. — Wlthonl any apparent reason Kdward Savngt awoke with n start nt two o'clock in tht morning: nnd found his roommat*. James Fields, standing over him with 8 razor in his hand. His attitude indt catcd that he was about to bring th« razor down across .Savage's throat Savage jumped uj> in his fright and Fields, surprised, fell back a foot 01 two. nnd then whirled half way round and fell to the floor dead. An iiivesti- pation revealed the fact that Fields bad been drinking and was delirious. Hi drank three ounces of chloral the night before. Taken from Kiln Gr»ve. Indianapolis. Ind., Aug. S.—John D TVyatt. the hypnotized subject buried »1 J-'Mrview park, five miles north of thil city, last Tuesday, was dug out ofhii grave Friday nis'ht in the presence ol pcveral thousand spectators. IVot Tioonc exercised his power by restoring him to consciousness, whiffli he did by . calling out loudly: "\Viikc. wake, vaJ;e." Insr;>ntly TVyatt vosc to a sitting posilion. while a thrill of horroi r.in throuqrh .. the spectators. Prof, Boone hails from Paris. Ky.. and this it his fn-st public test of his Tij-pnoth powers. Flnoil CTtHlt* II»vo<>. Liberty. Ind.. An?. S.—-A destructive Floi-m niifl cloudburst twcptthisand nd- joinintr counties. Hooding the country for miles around. All flu- rivers, creeks nnd flrcoms arc flooded and the bottom lands, which were covered will; grow- in? crops. All-this has been swept.' nwny. Vi'hitc TVnlor river flows .1 dis-' tanc'e of 2," miles through the flooded • district anil thousands of bushels of frrain liave been swept away. Kcsi- • ficnccs. barns, mills, in fact everything movable, hns gone. down. Several live* are reported lost. Shot Ttironcli a Window. Shelbyvivlle, Ind., A'.ig. S. — 'An pt- tcr.ipt was made to assassinafe Frank Mc-Cliire, of Alqulnn, Fnyette county, lie had pone to bed. and bad just dropped asleep, when he was aroused by he report of a fireiu-m. Arising he ound tli.i house full of smoke, nnd upon r/ikinp closer it wns discovered that he woulfl-be assassin hod fired a shot- nn through the window at him, .the) ; .isehnrpe striking the headboard. Me- Clure is at a loss to know the perpctra- oi:s o.f the deed. No clew wns left as to heir identity. GM Belt Popnlmtlon Grew*. Anderson, Ind., Aug. 8.—The hou?e- o-housi: canvass being made-in ttl« ' >ounty for census purposes ha«broii(tht : out some surprises for those not acquainted with the gas belt's growth. The compilation has been completed for Alexandria arid Elwood. It shows-El- rood is now a. city of 11,033 inhabitants,-. Against 1,490 in 1887 and 7,950 in 1894. Alexandria makes a still more wonder- 11! showing. 'Her population is T;G32. pgninst -191 in 1887, and estimated *,COO n 1894. Hast Sign the Scale. EJwood, Ind., Aug. 8.—A mass meet- ng- of citizens held to unite on-some.--, means to secure a settlement of the tin . plate wage difficulty was addressed by President Garland, of the Amalgamated nsEociation, who said, among other things: . "We have no quarrel with the company. I think they are not ready-to Btnrt now. We feel that we must have the same wages paid elsewhere. We ai* . ready for work whenever the company j signs the scale. Unless it is signed we will not work." . ,8 The PUtol .W— Shclbyville, Ind., Aug. 8.—Mfllard ••; Sullivan, aped 13 yenrs, son of Harry, ; Sullivan, took his father's pistol from | tne'inunteUndV pointing it to ward.Miss ^ Pearl Hilt, said: "Auntie,I'll showyou 'how to shoot," nnd pulled the trigger. The bullet entered her neck, completely j severing the jugular vein, and Miss Hilt ,; flied in a few minutes. M»de In»»n« bj Illneu. Shclbyville, Ind.. Aug. S.—For the past two .weeks William Eyse, a grain merchant, has been dangerously ill, and has had the close attention of his daughter,' Mrs. Elizabeth Ovcrstrect, i Friday morning it was necessary to I .'^ hold nn inquiry in lunacy on her. Ehm*|-.-".'<: had become insane from worrying I;- ' over her father's illness and was taken f to an asylum. Victim of • Tnre«H«r Engine. Portland, Ind., Aug. 6.—Wilber Pass-, water, ;m Adams county farmer, had Ills toot caught by a threshing machine and the leg crushed to a pulp. He was taken to the nearest town ,\nd the injured member amputated at the hip joint, but Jied in five minutes after the operation, had been performed. ^ ' Tiroko All Hl> Bonei. • i Shoals, Ind., Aug. S.—The B. & O. 5. W. west-bound mail train struckEcn- jnmin Taylor at Trondnle, one mile east] of this city, breaking every bone m his Ixidy and killing him instantly. Mt. ray'lor was a man 74 years of age. ,. Ivilled by Nefroei. ' Harrodsburg, Ky., Aug. . 8.—E9J>ert J; Hopper and Mattie Johnson, wnoW. bodies were found on the LouuTlU^, Southern tracks, so mangled thattbft,; coroner's jury could find no.evidence-] of foul play, were murdered by ^ five, i negroes. A negro who witnessed th*. murder has told about it. Bobbery was

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