Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on July 25, 1998 · 23
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 23

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1998
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MMIMIIMOMMMOMM1MM01 Speedboat crash investigation reopened after informant's tip New details about a 1995 accident on Lewisville Lake that disfigured a woman could extend the statute of limitations officials believe BY DAVE NELSON Star-Telegram Staff Writer DENTON — Five weeks after declaring the case closed authorities are reopening their investigation into a boating accident that critically injured Stephanie Booker who was struck by a speedboat and left for dead in the 1995 crash on Lewisville Lake An informant has given Denton County investigators information overheard in a recent conversation between a man and a woman identified only as Tony and Barbara officials said The two are supposedly friends of people who were on the speedboat when the accident occurred In an unorthodox move yesterday the Denton County Sheriff's Department released details of the informant's tip including that the first name of the boat's driver is Danny and that the pissenger's is Yolanda Sheriff Weldon Lucas said he went public with the information in hopes that it will jog some memories "Our intent is to bring this information forward to the public in hopes that someone can draw a parallel with these names and relationships and come forward to help solve this puzzling case" he said in a statement Sheriff's investigators had closed the case June 18 saying there were no suspects and no good leads as the statute of limitations expired Without elaborating sheriff's 9:00am - 4:00pm CITY OF SAGINAW 4000 S Saginaw Blvd (At Police Station) 232-2641 FREE DOG DIP officials yesterday cited "extenuating circumstances" about the case that would allow the statute to be extended Legal experts said that if suspects had traveled across state lines during the past three years Texas' statute of limitations can be extended for the amount of time they were in another state's jurisdiction "There's a lot of ways we can go to extend the criminal statute" Lucas said in an interview "But I've said from the beginning that I'm not quitting on this case and if nothing else we will identify these individuals and plaster their face all over North Texas "That in itself won't let them get off scot-free" Based on witnesses' descriptions investigators had been searching for a male driver and a female passenger of a cigarette-shaped boat that rammed a boat carrying Booker and her friends went airborne and struck Booker late June 18 1995 in a no-wake zone near Pier 121 Marina Since the accident Booker's face has had to be reconstructed because all her facial nerves were severed The 35-year-old has had 17 surgeries received a new nose lips teeth and skin and still takes 50 pills a day to fight swelling and kill pain Booker's attorney Larry Rolle criticized the sheriff's announcement yesterday saying the tip does not sound any more credible than the hundreds that his office has received the past three years If it is valid he said he questions the public exposure Rolle who represents Booker in a civil lawsuit against the marina and whoever operated the speedboat has instructed his client to avoid media attention because he does not want her to get her hopes up Lucas said he believes that the information overheard by the infor LOW COST VACCINATION CLINIC Saturda ulyi25th I 09 011 (Ai ab 19 MEP arvo oron ordetella eartvp C11 !seas ab e ) 4 uadro I 30 o 4 4 LOW COST PACKAGES ALSO AVAILABLE Heartworm Test Rx Heartworm preventatives Available at discount prices FREE engraving of owners telephone number on the back of your pets rabies tag! tirmatilvmartalinx1 America's first average super hero and Fort Worth's Environmental Collection Center invite you to conquer Your Captain Crud Average super hero ' And it's free free free — to Fort Worth residents-- just bring a recent water bill Its also free to these par- lp 411? ticipating cities: Arlington Azle Burleson Colleyville ‘1'Z Euless Grand Prairie Grapevine Haltom City Hurst N Newark North Richland Hills Richland Hills Saginaw Stephenville Watauga & Unincorporated Tarrant County Call your city officials to find out what proof of residency FO RTWO you'll need to bring If your city isn't on the list call your ENVIRONMENTAL M kNApEMENT city and request it We are Open: Iliursdays 11 am - 7 pm Fridays 11 am 7 pm Saturdays 9 am - 3 pm Questions? 817 671- 5257 Web surfers visit: httpitalort-worthticusi fortworthidemfindexhtm 'Greetings adult friends and non-voting youth! 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