Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 7, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1944
Page 7
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M .? r:'.:'- -• " v "• -'-' MQKfiAY. AUGUST 7. 1944 WANT ADS Remember, If Salesman Can't travel^ a WANT AD Can! Real Bargain! for duly c Vnll (ii Won Is, M-Day Hl Ail 15 Too Employment Hi'll" WimU'tl—I'Vimdo fl X adult family In MUUHc- 1,,1,-y. I'hone \Vutry. .l-sa'.'tj. Wiiiili'il—Male or I'Vniiilo MAS or HMisiuin H'Hiili'il to ulran ' offii'tf four hours weekly. Apply NauK.-uuck \V':itcr company. UHU.VSIST inul chulr dlreotur w:vntr'd. Athlress N«uj,'atuck ,\[ot)i'nlist Church, Music Com- mUtcc, 15 Frederick St.. Xiiutc. ilU'llor to work from t> tu H I>. in, fruni osvn home. Nutioniilly advertised product. Nil siU's or collections. Good pay. Aildi'i's.t Hox C In care of Nc«'s Announcements Notice* LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application Tliia it; to give notice that I Louis J. CivrnUJtoy. of 2-1 Wtishlnj:- ton 'street. Nau^atuck, luivc .filed tin apifiieaUon elated July 25, 1'J-M wluh ths Liquor Control Commission for a club permit for ttie sale of alcoholic liquor on the prein lacs, 203 Church street, NauK'atuck. The business is owned by 13. P. O. Elks Lodge No. 1»C7, of 203 Church street, JV;utKatiu:k, ami will be con- luctcd by Louis J. Comlskuy, of 24 Washington street, NdupUuck, as permittee. LOUIS J. COMISKEY, Dated: July 25, 19-H. ' ' 7-31; S-7. Ferbuiml ON HV iiftor AUK. 7, 1!M4 I will not be responsible for any bills contracted by anyone other than myself. Edward A. Hcrmonot, Announcements Lost And ••Ifouiul- FOUM). Defimse'Stumps In Nuu gutuck. store. Address Box 15' in care Nowa. Owner may have same by paying for this and and idcnli- •lying. . ' • SMALL mini of money lomui. -Own or may .'have same 'by paying foi { Call 219 Meadow St.. Joseph Aimuuncciuonts MONUMENTS : Special prices on. Ail Memorial* V. RICHARDS 200 So, Main St NuuRatuck Automotive AUIOH Sitlo DODCtE — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED Parts, Accessories Starr Corp. Dial D-IHO jales Service Malcolm. W SS Wutorlown Avc. Automotive Ailtos For Sale. 1041 HODGE <>' $c!(I:in— ,Junt Ilko nc\v. Clean, {;ood rubber, low 1 mileage. Lyons Aulo Co. Thoroas- t-on 04-2. Merchandise Iti Auto* Wanted : " PACKARD'.' "A safe place to buy" Packiirel-"W r atei - biiry, Inc. •iS2 Wuteitowi)-.Ayei>uc ; Dial. 4-610'J COMTLJiTJE '. Ji o in o furnishing bought for cash. 1-JiyFiest prices pairl for electric.'., refrigerators, washers,''and stoves, i-ogardl of cpndi.tion, .;.... '• Francis' Furniture Co. 449 NORTH MA121 STRKET • • .Tulephpne 30.00 '••; Contractors PAPKR HANGING W. F. Cota, 17 Tel. 5-IS6. ' und Fulntlng. Cedar Street. IJABY—Garments.'l>)ny pens, hatlii- , • netts,- cribs; high chairs, Kuntwct mattresses, toys.. * • THE RADIO SHOP. 380 Grand St. , 'Wdtcrbury - .'.' WHITE uJiamul. (f:w ;md oil combination move. One ycai-old. Tel. GG89. .'•' •'. . , Merchandise Feed And Fuel-: V'OOD'for .siile for and., fireplace. Hurry ; 12'd.w.ards. Burton Road; Beacon 1 t-.^ Phone Nangatuck 4-117.;'.-; :; -?.v On The Air Today For Sale Hou.-u-s I'\>r Sulo IM. ATI'S A! ILLS ONK rurally llmisi- of 7 rooms in A-l condition; hardwood floors; iw.'i*:*' ; Inr^i! beruuiful lot with rock garden; shade t roust. Let us show van ihiti bi-autii'ul home. ,'[(;•[!. V ('. KIKh'XAX a Mi'iidow St. Dial Naujr. 5707 or \V. H. HART, INC. ;n Ens; Mnin St. Dial \Vthy. .W239 J-'OR >MA', —Two family house, 11 room.*. 2 car ^ara^e and barn. All Improvements. Lot S-l s 1C3. At-:\ .iiici-li'!ee. Tel. 3-^-103, Krlclgo- port. . • KK1HT, IMiiinlly hiuise. All inipi'DvenietUs. in good condition. Z-rrir t;<u"ii;i' and l.irffe lot. Price $.'>,"i)(). Alsu 32-j'oom 2-fjimily hunci;, K,-II-:IJ. I <? nnd extra build- in*: Int. l-rico $u,300. A. Shcpley. •iv i. I'u;:. TK.V-nmm, i:-fiunll,v hiiiisi-. All ini- pnivi.'ine-ntM. l^ot 77x130. West side of town. Price. $H,riOO. Patsy Uibriolri, realtor, 172 Hljch street, .VntiK'ttuck Conn. Phone 0834 or 3-138. TWO family on Highland (iVL-nttr. Twci family )iou>;e on Srnti .street. Pour room, tuio fain lly house, 1 acre land on Wooster Ktn:ct. 1'rlce So.^00, John Healy. Wuntixl To llitv O-NM, Tivi> iitnl Ihri'i- ftimil.v II wvuiti-d. Abio farms and Ti-:. .11131, Kcal Estate Wanted VVantrd To Unit' rent in Naugaltiek. For Rent Idiom* To Kent TIIKKK iilcrly fiirnlslicd rounis f»r liuhl luiusi.'l'.eu|ilnK. All convon- li-nite.-i. K'n»l kicatiori. Suluible for - .•nliilt.i. Address J.Jo.\ W In cure of tin- News. 4:00 p. in. WABC—Broadwny' M-alince WATll—Ethel awd Albert \VKAt."-WTIC—Htmkstage Wife WO I'.—News; Gambtiiig 4:15 • p. ni. WOR—Rambling with Gambling W AT R-WJ5J—Forum; Noi-nuin yiiosv WEAF-WTIC—Stella Dallas •l.'.'tO |). III. WJ3AF-WT.IC—Loranao Jouett WABC—Off the Record;! Sir.glnj; Neighbor SVOR—Boo Stanley Orch. W-/--i'R,\V J 2 —No ws 4:-lZ> p. in. WEAF-\VTIC—Young Widdcr Brown WATR-WJZ—Coi-rcsponcleiHs Abroad WABC—Raymond Scott Show 5:11) ]i. in. \VEAF-WTIC—When -a Girl Marries WA.EC—Fun with Dunn WOK—Uncle Don WATR—Terry and Piisues 5:15 p. in. . WABC—Mother and Dad WTIC—Lovo ut'.cl Learn VVATIi—Melody Revue \VOR-Chick Carter 5:30 p. m. .WOK—Tom Mix Show .WABC—Three Sisters \VKAF-\VTiC-Ju-it l-'iain Eill WATK-WJX -Jack -Arnistrong WATR—News 5:45 p. in. WJK—Cupuiin Midriijrht WABC—Wilderness 14oad \\'OR—Superman WTIC—From Pa^e Farrall WATR—Sea Hound liMHI p. in. WO R—'.Mead 1 iocs; Prayer WTfC-VVEAF-WJJ5—Ne'ws; Talk WATR—News I!: 15 p. 1 ' in. WAEC—Murray Orch.; Chorus W1.CAF—Serentido to America WATR—Music for Dining WTIC-Prof. Schenker WJJ2—-Hop Harrigan O.NK fnnilshiMl rixiin for Kirls. li' Aetna .itrect, I or 2 = Pi-r:.\isiri.;r,i .'MX HIGH S .APPLY '.*M.-M.|. liorsio wltli !f rooms to vnf. lni|uir,. ;u Sheffield Luno. i" S..|- Vietor Chrnielln.skl. * it if JAMES MELTON * TONIGHT AT 9 WTIC WEAF THE TELEPHONE HOUR 4 GREAT ARTIST SERIES \VOK-No\vsrcol 6:30 p. in. WOR—News . WEAF—The Mood is Musii; WABC—Jcri Su:iav:in WJ2—Whoso War? \VTlC-Strictly SportH WATR—News; SOUK Program (J:-I3 p. in. \VOrt—Sta.;» Lymiix WABG—World Today \VJX—H-oni-y Toy lor. News WTIC-WEAF—Lowell Thomas, News VVATl'-i—l j lo:tsiire, Profit; Interlude 7:00 p, m. WEAF-WT1C—Music Shop WABC—i' Love a Aiystery WAl'R-VV.TZ—hionice HeiUL Orch. WOR—Fulton Lewis 7:15 p, m, WliAF-WT.tC—X-jws of the World WOR—Answer Ma,n VV.AUC—n.-tteline - . T.'.'IO p. in, WOR—Lou Sobol Show.. WEAF—A! Roth Orch.; Revue WATH—Phone Your Aiwwer \VT1C—Uaiica . Oroh. WABC—Thanks to Yanks WJZ—Lone Ranker 7:15 p. in. WEAF—Mews WATR—For the C-irls WTIC—Studio Pro W ra-ni.. H:tMl ]i, in. WATR-WJZ—\Vatch the World Co By \VEAF-WTiC-Cnvaicade \VAEC-Vox Pop. \ V AT'R-W O R—N e ws H:\~> p. in, WATR—Lam and Abnor WOR—Nick Cta-te:- 8.-.TO p. ni, WTIC—Voice of Firestone WAEC—Guy Nineties Revue »:-li3 p. ill. WI-IN-—northers \v.. CtLrda \VATR-WJZ-Elind Date WOR—Sherlock Holmes , U:00 p. m. WTIC-WEAF—Syni.phonU; Orch W-ABC^Mayor of the Town WOR—CrJtbriel Heat tor; Tost WJZ-\VATR—Counterspy !):30 p. m. WATU-WJZ—Spotlight on Woems WABC—-"Tho MZLT. Called X" \VOIi—Music on Worship WTIC—Pcllutler's Orch. WEAF—Information Please 10:00. p. m. WOR—News . • . WJH-WATR—Raymond G. Swing- WEAF-WTIC—Comtentcd Pro- %VA'BC—Screen Guild 10:15 p. m. \VATP.-WJZ—Ted Malono 10:3(1 p. m. ,VABC—Johnny Morgan Show WlilAF-WTIC—"Dr. :. Q." WOR—Symphoriette •• ;, Wanted .To Buy BANK NUfe ileposlt -boxes wanted, Highest 'cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phono what you hiive to offer. J. E. Murphcy, He- public 008-1, 815 Yeatman Ave., Webster Groves 19, Mo. -. - Merchandise 2.0. Wanted ro Buy •UJAM0NJDS. Old Watch' rcpaiririK our specialty GRAND JEWELRY 112 Grand' Street Dial 0-0082 CAS' H fol- Youi ' MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co. 203 Bank 4-142: CIJJIJS — VouUilieds, chlfforohcH, carriages, Play Pens, Bassinets. Large selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. white enamel liltelirn range, oil. T. J. Montambault, Union City. Tel. 2683. J'WO NEW SHOT GUNS FOH SALE. .12 -AND .16. TEL. -1S01. Railway property fire losses in 19-11 were.the largest 'of any year Since 1924. " . ' .-'• World War A Year Ago August 7, 1943 .JOH>"$ MUSIC SHOP Vo Iju.v, sell, oxclianffe, und repair all kinds, of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. 380-382 So. Main St., Watby, Conn. Education Services 31 And Private Instructor* . DINA SCHOOL OF MUSIC . STUDIOS—WATBY. 4-5028 553 South Main—11 Wilson Street . 'Piano — Voice — Mandolin . Children, Adults, Advanced, Beginners. Rapid Piano Course for Adult:) 3'rolesnfonul Service* Animals Cuttle Ana Swine J'JGS for s;ile, $5.(M> and up. Alxo pullet and broilers, 3 months and up. J.'-MCSEZO. Tel. 5378, Pond Hill. Services rrofossional Services ; JIABOSKIB'S IfcMjfo Repair Sliop. TJadios expertly repaired, moderate prices. Phone 5617. • JtEUFHOI-STEU- ING and slip covers. Amazingly low prices. Allen's Upholstorihc Studio. ' TJaslcrcraft artists.- I Grand St. WVHcrbury. Dial'4-0615 3!) Wanted To itcndcr Services ELECTRICAL itepalrlnir tfervlca Appliances n specially. Tl»y Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. 4000. OI)» JOB J'AINTINO A. J. Kudzma. Call Nuujf. 4266 after 5 p ,m. ATTENTION Kluccrofiut O»1»en> —Repair*, genuine parli and sen-ice. ' By bonded Elcctrolu* Man. I. Niusen, 3 T»,res«. Av«. Telephone 4822. 40 Cleaning And Dyeing CUSTOM REUFHOLSTEKIN'G — Special 2-piocc Suite ?59 KIFFJ.V UPHOLSTERING- CO. V.-ucrbury . ..4-8895 ^..ja slightly, smaller than the state" o£ Maine. . KEEVMAN'S Great Dry Cleaning Firm, offers its first cla-ss dry cleaning not only in family garments, but bjn.njtcts, rues and other specialties in l>iis field. KIEVMAN'S 16 Church Street (By linitud In Sicily, the American •• First Division captures Troina. On the Italian mainland. Allied nircraCt bombs Naples and'. San : Giovanni while U. S. forces capture ,'. tiny island oJ.' Usticu, northwest of i Palermo. | Allied bombers rnid Milan- lircn : BO heavily that explosions- were heard and fires seen j land. -10 miles away. Russian troops reported within 10 miles of Kharkov and less thifn SO miles from Bryansk. Rio de Janeiro dispatch reports torpedoing- and sinking of the 8,300 ton Brazilian ' stoumcr. Baf,'e, on July 31-, off- the- const of Serpipc States; 7S persons, including -11 o:' the 120 passengers and l!7 crewmen were missing. W.TZ—Aacdemy Award Thc-ater W-ATH—Nuww: Good Ole Days 11:IM) p. ni. ALL 'Stations, News 1J;JD p. in. WATP.-WEAF-WT1C—Nova WABC—Louis Prima Orch. WJ2—Jon Go.rt Trio WOR—News ll;:«) p. ni. WTICWEAF—Stories or Escape WABC—Johnny Lonf; Orch. WJ2-WATK—Saludo.s Amigos WOR—Guy Lonrb.-irdo Orch. 11:45 p. in. WEAF—Denny Beclsnor Orch. •: 12:1111 Midnight, WATR—SiKii Off WABC—New a; Warrincrtor. Orch W.I Z—New;* Sherwood" Orch. WTIC-WEAF—News; Serenade WORrr-FJelds. Muriel Orohs. 'Waterfall' Saves Paint For Jeeps Toledo — (UP)— Paint spray sal- viifred by a miniature .'-Niagara Falls' has provided the . battle mukc-up of olive clrap for 30,000 extra jeeps. - ,. ... Here's 'how the salvage operation is accomplished, according -to Willys- Overland production cx-- perts:- iiach jeep is paintod u-hcn - it posses between manually-operated •ipray puns and the waterfall. The 'filling: water catches the excess faint spray und carries it into vash 'system, "where it is removed rom the top of tho water and sent o chemical laboratories for rc- ThrouRh tho use of this ilque, the company has fi, 000 ''K- 1 ' lions of enamel. Nazi General Has A Close Call k/'Un't th«r* som*on« «ls« you can g*t to show how th« Ij>tv^op«r-bomb»rj9pktjcompw«d tpjhe tizt.of a man?'' Lla'nds on hips, Gen. Sepp Dletr.lcH (arrow), recently uppolnicd by the"Gcnniijii-ITiiclircr. as. commander, of -the Hitler SS- Division in Normandy, .looks at thc.wreckiiRc of-his car uXtor it hiid'-hepn 'bomJicd- Ij.y AJJlcU, planes.. UJptelph.lxjIisjted'.aK.a war criminal for his part In ho Kharkov htrocltie.s. Thin photo was radioed to London. • (Intcr- . national) . ROY CRANK CCME TO ME, MY. MEIAMCHOIY BABY.- CUDDLE'OP AND DON'T BE BlUE r WHO'S THERE? JUST ONE Of TOE BOYS MOM WfUOW SPRINGS, ANGEL WHO IF I JOIN YOU 7 Alt ALONE, SO AU ALONE r.vur, BOBINSOM ru.GFr SOME GAS IF SLEEPY CDMES. TURN-ON THE -ITUSE TO BE MVJAIOPPV; MAVBE SURE HE RAN QUTA GAS.'-'HiS GiRLDOESNr LIVE HEGE/ I'LL BE PITCHIN; JJOBEKT STUBM MFANWU.'LE.. TiJt /ATTACKlNe F.E.-I- A<=N MAV? BsSUN TO FIRS T' X-9 SIGNALS. MI5.FR.UOW AGENTS "WITH A 5TENCIL-CUT- IN A WINtJOW-SMAOE OF'-THE CAN'APY IN A 57£ JOINT B5FORE I SET YOU U? IN YOUR C*N CU' ml OUT- KQOM,GUYS IT WOf?<£O! THEY' STOPPED--F1RINS-WTO THI6' ROOA1J VK.BUT —OH.AU. RlfiKlT/j GOOGLE AXD FOR ON CWOP-CHOP'.! . JUGHWO FURLOO, CRN vou GIVE ANV INSIDE ON 5NUFFV \VlLLr.\»I KITT niul CLAUKNCE G*A« Wt'PE. TAXING THIS MIRROR WITH 116 '- IT'S VVP.A.1 TIMAK SENT US lMTO"SAMA.R FOR. 1 QH; WE'RE NOT QUITTING ). TH16 TOWER BY '' TMEWAYWET^ HOW?BY CAME H^K ' v ' bY THERE, 6HOULD BE A ' By WALLY BISHOr MRS- GPUMP PROMISED ME TO COT HER UAWN-THE.M SUE ONLY GAVE ME 7^-^-^(38* UET OLE' 60NIOM YOO GET GREAT EFFIE NOT TO TUlSLL GROW 1 TUOLJSUT I EARNED.TSE QUARTER TO BUY TUE A MEW BALL~

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