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The Dominion Newsi
Morgantown, West Virginia
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Janco urges Governor to call FBI to county council in asking Moore to take action if DePond deems it advisable. "no comment" when United Press International contacted the Governor's Office in Charleston yesterday for response to a Morgantown Chamber of Commerce resolution urging Moore to ask for FBI aid. This resolution was passed last Friday and a copy mailed to Moore. Earlier, on April 6, five WVU students traveled to Charleston to personally plead with the governor to use the powers of his office to enlist FBI aid but they said they were told he would not do so because there was no proof of the breaking of a Monongalia County, and the murder of the two West Virginia University students, whose decapitated bodies were found on April 16, 1970. It is imperative that the FBI be brought into Monongalia County.

As you know, the two crimes certainly appear to have interstate connections or involve the violation of federal laws. I refer, of course, to the possible gambling and narcotics involvement as well as the dynamite and clamps used in the Laurita (Continued on Page 8-A) Related story Page 1-B Monongalia County Sheriff Joseph C. Janco strongly urged yesterday that the active assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation be obtained to help solve both the coed murders and the attempted assassination of Joseph A. Laurita Jr. Janco's request was in the form of a letter to Gov.

Arch A. Moore, Jr. "It is imperative that the FBI be brought into Monongalia County," Janco said to FBI is necessary for the solving of the bombing of the Hot day may be cooled off by rain High in 70s VOL. 95 NO. 80 MORGANTOWN, W.VA., THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 23, 1970 Dear Governor Moore: I am writing asking you as Governor of our State to seek assistance of the United States Department of Justice by its assignment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to Monongalia County.

The FBI is necessary for the solving of the bombing of the prosecuting attorney of 32 Pages in Four Sections FIFTH AVENUE, reminiscent prosecuting attorney of Monongalia County, and the murder of two West Virginia University students." A copy of the letter, dated Tuesday, was sent to Laurita, who is still recuperating from injuries sustained when a bomb exploded as he turned the ignition key of his car Jan. 2. Janco's request for action by Moore to enlist the aid of the FBI was the latest in a series of such requests from Monongalia County leaders and WVU students. Gubernatorial aide Norman Yost had militants, business executives with rock bands, and scientists with hippies in rallies across the country pledged to a continued dedication to reverse the contamination of the environment. Most of the observances reflected this sense of unity.

But there were scattered reports of heckling, vandalism and rowdyism. Student radicals waving Viet Cong flags and shouting obscenities stormed the stage where Michigan Gov. William G. Milliken was speaking at Michigan State University. State police whisked the governor from the scene.

Sens. Edward M. Kennedy, AN EARTH DAY9 APPEAL Americans unite to fight for more livable planet was filled with thousands of people just after the fashionable street was closed to motor traffic at noon yesterday, Earth Day. U.S. SELLS ARMS Trinidad helped to quell mutiny INFLATION UNCHECKED Food falls off, other costs up federal law in the case of the missing coeds.

This was before the bodies of the coeds were found last Thursday in a makeshift hillside tomb near the abandoned Weirton Mine. The finding of the decapitated bodies was followed by Morgantown City Council action Tuesday night asking City Solicitor Frank DePond to research laws to see if the calling in of the FBI is justified on the coed case and authorizing City Manager James A. (Doe) Ashburn to speak for the Martin Wolterding, 25, led demonstrators who paraded about 20 pounds of very dead fish, plus a long-expired octopus, in front of a power company plant in Coral Gables, Fla. Wolterding wound up in jail for violating the city's sanitary code. Earth Day in Portland, began with the wedding in a park of two couples, one couple clad in flowing white gowns, by a Yogi bhajan.

Indian sitar music accompanied an "Apology to God" on the banks of Lake Mendota on the University of Wisconsin campus. Oil man John Smith of Raceland, snorted at the proceedings. "The kids campaigning for clean air are polluting their minds with marijuana," he said. New York led the nation's cities in demonstrating mounting concern over the threat of pollution. The city's Union Square was made spotless by about 300 persons, aged 8 to 80, who showed up at dawn: Then an estimated 250,000 persons converged on the square to listen to speeches, watch a stage show, and stroll on nearby 14th Street, which was closed to traffic.

Gas masks were sold out in Omaha, because students throughout the city chose to observe the day by wearing them. High school students around Cape Girardeau, and other communities went on litter-collecting expeditions along the highways. There was a "dead orange parade" in Miami, a "survival march" in California, "a festival of death" in Boston, and, at Southeast Missouri State University, a mock funeral to "symbolically bury the earth under a pile of trash." The inspiration for Earth Day came originally from Sen. Gaylord Nelson, a longtime battler for conservation, Rep. Paul N.

McCloskey, and the student-oriented, Washington-based Environmental Teachin Inc. By the time the day arrived, these sources were almost forgotten as Earth Day received warm endorsements from President Nixon on down. Although the President took no personal role in the observances, the White House sent word that he "feels the activities show the concern of people of all walks of life over the dangers to our environment." Nixon seemed almost the only public figure in the country not making a speech. The air over the cities was thick with oratory. Mc Closkey said, "Everyone I've talked to is making a speech somewhere." The appeal of Earth Day was such that even representatives of firms accused of being major polluters.

such as Chicago's Commonwealth Edison took an enthusiastic part in the teachins and rallies. (Continued on Page 8-A) There were speeches and panel discussions at the State Department, co-sponsored by Christian Herter. special assistant to the secretary of state for environmental affairs, and Philander Claxton. special assistant for population matters. There were speeches and films about the earth, unspoiled and despoiled, at the Agriculture Department.

Screenings of topical films at the Rayburn house office building included "what a beautiful bird the pelican was" before pesticides got to it. Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel was in his home state of Alaska at a teach-in. Transportation Secretary John A. Volpc participated at another environmental teach-in at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

A spokesman for Volpe said: "The past sins of the transportation industry have come to rest on this administration and on his head." James Farmer, assistant secretary of health, education and welfare, planted a and Henry Jackson, underwent heckling in speeches at Yale University and Seattle Wash. Crankcase oil was dumped in a reflecting pool in front of the Standard Oil building at San Francisco. But disruption on this, the greatest mass expression of opinion since the Vietnam moratorium marches of last year, was the exception. ELSEWHERE ON Earth Day: In Ripon, about 350 school children took merchants up on an offer to pay 1 cent apiece for discarded cans. The merchants expected to get away paying about $100.

But the kids turned in so much junk the final bill was $250.54. To Americans, that meant it cost $13.22 to buy the same goods and services last month that would have cost just $10 a little over a decade ago. The Labor Department said higher interest on mortgages, spiraling medical care costs and increases for other services more than offset the slowdown in food prices in March. Egg prices fell by more than a dime a dozen and largely offset increases for nearly all other foods, the report said, but even so food prices still were 7.5 per cent higher than a year earlier. In March, food prices rose just one-tenth of 1 per cent and the cost of food eaten at home the first figure includes restaurant meals was unchanged.

But ori the dark side, the bureau reported: "Home mortgage interest payments again were up appreciably following their substantial rise in February. Other services associated with housing also continued to climb, led by property taxes, home repair and residential telephone, water and sewage services." Mortgage interest rates accounted for 28 per cent of the overall increase in March and were 23.8 per cent higher than they had been just a year earlier. Dr. Joel Popkins. assistant Bureau of Labor Statistics commissioner, conceded the figures still showed significant inflation in the U.S.

economy. Government economists have repeatedly predicted that price increases would start to slow by late summer when the anti-inflation program finally takes firm hold. Moore's inaction on FBI criticized Page 1-B PRICE 10 CENTS UPI Telephotn of some European promenade The United States also sent six warships with 2,000 Marines-aboard to stand by in case it becomes necessary to evacuate the approximately 1,000 U.S. resident nationals and an unknown number of American tourists from the Caribbean island. In London, the British Defense Ministry said it had alerted two guided missile frigates in the Caribbean for possible emergency duty in Trinidad.

They carry some 500 officers and men. A government spokesman here said that commonwealth troops from Jamaica and Guyana already had landed on the Chaguaramas Peninsula to aid loyal government forces in ousting an estimated 200 army mutineers holding the military base there. The U.S. State Department said in Washington that the request for light weapons was received from Trinidad government officials and that the arms were being sold for cash. A spokesman at the office of the prime minister said five persons have died since the mutiny broke out in army ranks Tuesday when about 200 military dissidents seized the arsenal at the Chaguaramas base to supply a local black power movement seeking a larger voice in the island government.

One rebel soldier and a government supporter were killed in fighting there Wednesday. Fireman Pete Praithawaite also died Wednesday from injuries received Tuesday night when someone threw a Molotov cocktail at him as he fought a fire near the citv. The mutiny came after the government of Prime Minister Eric Williams declared (Continued on Page 8-A) DAY 'for it' spoke at Yale. Sen. Barry Goldwatcr.

was at Adelphi University in Garden City, N.Y.; Clifford Case, was at Princeton; Ralph W. Yarborough, D. -Texas, was at Rice University in Houston; and Edmund S. Muskie, D-Maine, one of the Senate's long-term experts on pollution, spoke at the University of Pennsylvania. Rep.

John Bardemas, took a swipe at the Nixon administration by charging "big talk no action" on environmental problems. Rep. John B. Anderson of Illinois, chairman of the House Republican Conference, called on Democrats to "get down to earth" after Earth Day and begin congressional action on seven environmental quality bills introduced by the President two months ago. "Only one committee interstate and foreign commerce in this Democratic-controlled House has bestirred itself enough to hold hearings on the President's proposals," he said.

Related story Page 1-B By United Press International Hundreds of thousands of Americans gave testimony Wednesday in demonstrations, marches and rallies to their support of a cause affecting the lives of each of them keeping the earth livable. Earth Day, as Wednesday was designated, was a phenomenon in this age of protest a day when persons of all shades of belief joined in protesting the spreading pollution which, according to the warnings of some scientists, threatens the very existence of life on this planet. Congressmen joined with leftist Good PROGRESS IS WHERE you blast a two-ton boulder into a million fragments called gravel which you put back together again with cement. AREA SUMMARY Two area men face kidnapping charges today after a West Virginia University coed signed a warrant in connection with an alleged March 16 incident. Sen.

Jennings Randolph, told an "Earth Day" audience at the Mountainlair last night that American pollution awareness is coming late, but "not too late." NATIONAL WASHINGTON The Labor Department reported that, despite a rise in consumer prices in March, there were signs that inflation was slowing. WASHINGTON Two major Japanese companies of the Mitsubishi group and the Westinghouse Electric Corporation were named as defendants in a federal antitrust suit filed in San Francisco. NEW YORK History's first mass observance of the planet's ecological problems brought out millions of Americans in demonstrations and other activities. NEW HAVEN, Conn George Sams the main prosecution witness in the planned New Haven murder trial of Bobby G. Seale, the Black Panther Party chairman, told a bail hearing that Seale had personally ordered the slaying of Alex Rackley, a party member who was suspected of being an informer.

Then the judge in the hearing granted a motion to have Sams examined by a psychiatrist. INTERNATIONAL PNOMPENH Frustrated by evidence that the Cambodian Army is unable to turn back Vietnamese communist forces only 15 miles from the capital and by the almost-total lack of response to an appeal for arms aid from other countries, the Cambodian government was operating in an atmosphere of heightening national emergency. WASHINGTON Administration officials said that several thousand captured communist rifles would be supplied to the Cambodian government. WASHINGTON A planeload of American weapons was rushed to Trinidad to replace arms seized by mutinous members of the country's army. MOSCOW Russians celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of V.I.

Lenin with pomp and ceremonies. Premier Aleksei N. Kosygin officially ended a two-day Kremlin celebration of the birth with a promise that the Soviet Union would be true to Lenin's teachings. PORT OF SPAIN (UPI)- British commonwealth troops from Jamaica and Guyana landed in Trinidad Wednesday to help the government put down a black power army mutiny, and the United States flew in a shipment of small arms. Survey says faculties switching NEW YORK A survey of the attitudes of 60,447 university and college faculty members has disclosed that while most profess liberal views on national and international affairs they are becoming more conservative on academic issues and consider campus protests and disruptions a possible threat to academic freedom.

More than 80 per cent of the respondents held that "campus demonstrations by militant students are a threat to academic freedom." More than 76 per cent agreed either strongly or with reservations that "students who disrupt the functioning of a college should be expelled or suspended." The survey, unpublished as yet. was sponsored by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education. An early analysis complete with detailed statistical tables on the principal questions submitted to faculty members was published by the Chronicle of Higher Education. tree at HEW's main building. Then, he recorded a 20-second.

inspirational "actuality statement" that people would dial on the telephone. Dr. Myron Trubs, the Commerce Department's assistant secretary for science and technology, also delivered his environmental message by telephone. In a conference call to an Indiana High School, he suggested that the students monitor the noise pollution of rock n' roll music and hot rods with acoustical meters. Senators and representatives were scurrying from one "clean-it-up" speech to another.

"Everyone I've talked to is making a speech somewhere," said Rep. Paul N. McCloskey R. -Calif. McCloskey, along with Sen.

Gaylord Nelson, conceived the idea for Wednesday's nationwide environmental happening and spoke at three colleges in his home state. Nelson hopped from the University of Wisconsin to Denver and Berkeley, California. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D- WASHINGTON (UPI) Rocketing food prices slowed in March, but sharp jumps in home ownership and medical care costs kept the worst inflation in 20 years rolling along unchecked, the government reported Wednesday.

Despite all the federal anti-inflation programs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the cost of living went up five-tenths of 1 per cent last month, trimming almost another half penny off the purchasing power of a dollar bill. That increase' equalled the February advance, boosted the cost of living 6.1 per cent higher than it was a year earlier and nudged the index to 133.2 per cent of the 1957-59 base period. Cambodian emergency heightened (C) 1970 New York Times News Service PNOMPENH Military closed Pnompenh Airport to all civilian flights Wednesday evening in an atmosphere of heightening national emergency. The atmosphere is due to continuing evidence of the inability of the Cambodian army to turn back the Vietnamese invaders, who are at one point within 15 miles of the capital, and the lack of response from any nation except Indonesia to Premier Lon Nol's appeal to all nations for arms aid. The airport will remain closed until Thursday, according to military sources, in connection with an important military operation.

The operation is presumably directed against dislodging the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces from the district capital of Saang, about 15 miles south of here. The air of discouragement over the failure of such countries as the United States and France, on whom Cambodia had counted for important aid, reached a point Wednesday evening where the official military spokesman. Major Amrong, appealed to foreign newsmen at his briefing to awaken world public opinion to Cambodia's 'pressing need for arms, ammunition and other equipment. Amrong declined to say how long the (Continued on Page 8-A) Explosion kills McDowell miner WELCH, W. Va.

(UPI) A McDowell County coal miner was killed and another injured in a mishap at the Semet-Solvay Mine at nearby Caples early Wednesday. Tom Broomfield, 48, of Hemphill, was killed when dynamite exploded prematurely inside the mine. Roy Smith, also of Hemphill, was injured in the blast. EARTH DAY IS LIKE MOTHER'S Officials everywhere are By NAN ROBERTSON (C) 1970 New York Times News Service WASHINGTON Conservatives were for it. Left-liberals were for it.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents were for it. So were the ins, the outs, the executive and legislative branches of government. It was Earth Day, and like Mother's Day, no one in public office could be against it. Large numbers of United States senators and representatives, some cabinet and sub-cabinet members and everybody on the President's Environmental Quality Council were spread out acrbss the nation Wednesday, mostly on campuses, talking about how to. better a rapidly deteriorating environment.

President Nixon, through White House spokesmen, said he had earlier expressed his concern about pollution and hoped Wednesday's events would be the start of a continuing campaign against it..

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