Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 7, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUGAT,UPK DAILY-NEWS MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1944 Refugees Bound For U. S. Shelter Tonight In Waterbury $ •• r-v ;#?^-<.*. £. •:«•&». £ r v;> t I,. .l^^T / .& ^ Pep Receives Challenge '• ,- • • -. r -.•'.; ',-..''-'• .-'-s." '-, ., "•• / •„ .*•'«' ' ••*' . From Pedro Hernandez Hartford Boy's Feather, weight Title Would Be At Stake In The Contest New York, Aug. 0—(U P)— lio Pop, the moal ticket for the' majiy Pep's of. Hertford, Conn., received :i challenge from .Pedro Hernandez of Puerto Rico. As a 1 result, his share of the feather-' weight title and a piece of change is at s'ta!\o. Recently discharged from the service, wee Willie 'holds the N«w York and- affiliated suites version i>r the fotitnerwoight b.-ilt. But Boston's Sal Bartolo is lltitcd .by the ilon-ul Boxing asziociaation- as the featherweight kingpin, A squabble may soon' arise over ^ which fighter is the champion of i Timganyik'a. Browns Continue Hot Pace; Now lead By6l-2Games thn-i; liUU- girls fruin Cn-cci: were ' imionj* tho OKI' refugees l''i-f>in Nnxl-ncciiiiii'il 1-JliropraM ootmlrlc.s Unit nrrlvod on an Army transport at lloliokrn, N. .1. Their mol-her, Aimstaslii Icotlomti, wintr- Inj,' mournim,' riothi's, Is in the hiickgriiimd. 'l'ln> girls' father wti.s Killed liy 11 Niiy.l Imnil), Tln> f:nnlly. iilong with other refugees, left for the BimTKt'ticy. refugee .shelter at 1 ; H. Onturio, near Onwcgo, •- N, Y, (International) SPLENDID BILL SHOWING NOW AT LOEW'S THEATER . Ba.iud on Uiu celebrated Saturday|j Post serial "The Phantom Filly" by CJi'orgK Agnow Chamberlain, 20th Century-Fox's newest Trchnicoloi* triumph "Home in Indiana," which Is lit r,*oew Poli the* liter, featured (n the exciting story of horses, lovuly women and proud men are Walter Bn.'nnnn, I^on McCii.!!iHCrr, Jeanne Cruin, Churlotlt: Cii'cetiv/ood, Jtlne Haver and H brilliant supporting cast. Walter IJreriiuiil is seen in thf? rolu of "Thunder" Holt, tho veteran hoi'se trainer whose shattered dreams of glory on the grand circuit htuTH'ss racing tacks are revived by impetuous Sparks Thornton, played by I^on MeCallister. Jetinno Grain as "Char 1 'and June Iluvcr as "Crl-Cri* 'are the rivals for Sparko's dttcntions In tho thriU l!n gronriannn. "I-tome In Indiana" wns directed by Henry Hathnway and produced by Aclru Dnvcn. "rrome Jn .Tndiana" .stands In a class by Itself. It's really grand entertainment, n' delightful tonic for those times that should not bu misML'd, A thoroughly entertaining mur- flf;r mystery with rho clover Charlin Chan combining cnmedy anrl keep deduction, "Thi; Chinese Cat," is the co-foauiro. The picture socond in .1 serifs, calls Iff high rating In tho Ilvld of com- ody dramn. Sidney Telrr is juaiTC'd in his fiimilinr role of Lhe crafty C'hiri(!se Deti-ctivt; which in ;he past yours he has made onu of tho srri-eens most popular nhnrnctors. The wily Chnn is t.hc nonlor o( the notion throughout tho story. Joan Woodhtli-y is charming in tho load- Ing 1'eniinlno role and Mantun Mni'oland contributoH dolightftil ci>me(!y passages ns a colored tuxi- eab driver. Bonsnn Frmg. a Chines,/ youth is tho dotrctivf's Xurn.n.-r Throe Son, anrl tho cast, alsn in- cludes Ian Keith, WcUlon Hoy- burn, Cy Kendall, Dowey I-lbbinson, Sain Flint, John Davidson and Anthony Ward. The scene of the story Is an abandoned amusement rosort In an unnamed city and the action linrls Chun ongngotl in ferreting out tho perpetrator of a murclor committee some time before. More murders are committed as the detective draws nearer to his quarry, but tho complicated case is finally solved in a surprising climax. ]0-Quart Cold Pack Canners i l.lmili-,1 (Ju.inlily Also CANNING JARS and ACCESSORIES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE MKAKY IIUH.DING Tel. 5212 Tomlinson UnlldinC Conn. 3TOKIC n.OSKIl ALT. DAY •lACII MONDAY DIJH1NU JULY AND AUGUST JOY FILM IS THE CURRENT LEAD AT STRAND THEATER Joy is certainly unconfined at the Strand theater whore "Bathing Beauty" is currently holding sway. Here, in Metro'-Goldwyn- Mnyor's latest and K-reatest musical, you'll And movie entortainmor.t at its bost: fun,-music, color and fvorything else that goes to make a smash hit musical. Red Skolton is at his top notch best in "Bathing Beauty," and is ably abetted by pretty Esther Williams, tho swimming champion who reveals plenty of acting talent as woll as beauty: Basil Rathbone makes a turnabout from his role ns a villian to play tho part of a Broadway producer. Carlos I'.amirox: Bill Goodwin of radio fame, and Ethol Smith, the Hit Parade onranist. in her first movie role. Then, for good measure, there's Harry James and his Music Makoi-s and Xavior Cugat and his orchestra. Kocl i:; a songwriter who forgots about his music whor, he moots up with Miss Williams at a rosort. I'ruiluccr .P.athbonc frames him with the girl when Rod would rather sock her company then settle clown to work, and JjSther walks out on Rod to return to her job as a swimming instructress at a Now Jersey school. Nothing feazcs Red. however, and ho follows her to Victoria college wh'ero ho finds that after all men are oligiblo for enrollment and our hum signs up. Tho fun i's fast ;md furinus and you'll have to visit tho Strand to find out tho Una! rosults. Do this, by all- tncnns, 1'or hero' M-G-M has concocted ono of tho iincst musicals in muny a season. The finale, a water carnival, is reputed to be the most lavish and 1 bi.-atitiful Technicolor over photographed. Tho Harry Jamos and Xavicr Cugat nHisiciats get "in plenty of good musical licks so as to mako tho production oven' greater. To sum It' all up, "BiUh- in^ KoauLy" is for entertainment purposes only. Your cntc'rlafn- monti Better not- miss-it: Tho co-foaturc .at. tho Strand is "Port of -10 Thieves" with St-Cr phiinio Bachelor and -Ricliarfl J ] o\vors. Hernandez, however, officially challenges Pep for a s'hot at his percentage of t!he featherweight uult— -and Pedro .backed these, words with the i-cqiti-fcd thousand d'olar forfeit check posted with the Now York -boxing commission. "Al" Weill, managev of the Puerto Rican, informed the commission that if t'lic board figures' Pedro does not qualify for a crack at the -title now — he'll fight any- lending contor..<lorS' to prove 'his worth. Chunky Phil Torranova and Chalky Wright were mentioned as "loading contenders." Sineo Pep received his honorable discharge from the Navy, -ho h:i.s brten fighting in weight classes other than liis own. climbing n few pounds to rnoet heavier fighters and draining off calories to moot tho lighter boys. •All of whirh adds to Hie Pep treasury and the color of the Con>- .'•.-ccticut connector. Pep defeated Lulu Costantino Friday night in a one-sided' at Waterbury before" nearly fans. bout 7,000 Musial And Doerr Are Kingpins In The Major Loops Wiliiam Howard Taft was the only man cvor to have hold-the offices of both president and. chief justice of tho U. S. Wanted Part or full time help, male or J female.' No' experience necessary. Xew York, Aug. 7—(U-P>—Un- Ics.-: some opposing National or American league hittefo- stop' up the stride a 1 bit. the major league loader charts-will road like a broken record at the end of tho soa- sar. — playing' -Wio names "Doerr" runl "Musial" over ami over again, •According to tho'books this morning, Eohby Doorr of the Boston Kod Sox — generally conceded the best in'' this wartime season — leods tho American league ir. throe departments and i.=i tied wi-th "Snuffy" Stii-nwuiss of the Yanks in a fourth. With n.r.i average of 331 Doerr leads All American belt hitters. He and Snuffy are in a draw for runs, with 7-1 each. Tho Rod soclser ihas 12-1 runs to load tliat dopiiftmein :ii;d heads tho American leaguo homo run procession wit-h the low total of 13. In the National league Stan Musial of the high-flyin' Cardinals heads 'four departments. League spectators figure ho .should win '.he- most valuable player trophy again —and say it'll be the worst case of larceny since the great train robber-y if he misses it. All young Mr.. Musiul is doing is "leading -the hitters, with n.m average of .359—heading with 78 runs —has' tihe most' hit? with 13S. And his 3D doubles stands as tho higl water mark in this division. Th'c chief- record difference bo twoon Lhe two leagues, comes in the. .matter of-stolon bases — as usual, Slnijc the days' of Cotab, th'o Amerks have headed bho oldoi league in- this - p.i'r't- of play George. Washington Case, and no\» Snuffy' StiriiwciS's,' -holds 'margins ovor the National league. ; Stirnwelss—• rated- above Doerr as a second Backer by his man- a'gcr Joe McCa'rtliy—lias, committed robbery on tho tracks 33 times. And has just been .pcggud out three times. Pirate Johnny Barrett, .loading the National league, ha'» 14 stolen bases to his credit. The St. Louis Browns arc going to b/j hard to calah jf they keep up their present pace.' ' • In winaing a Suixliiy twin bill' .against the' Cleveland, Indiana, the' Bi-owns ran tJieir "prusent win- 1 •niirg streak to acvun games, Th:.-y 'now are six and one-half games: ,-ih'oad of'thc se'con-cl place Boston. Rod Sox. Tho Browns won the- first game 'behind Denny GalcliouSe, 9 to G, and returned to take the finale, G to -I. .In both games the Brownies .scored six runs in the sixth inning. 'i-ne Dotrolt Tigers got back into the first division of t'he American league by boating the' Chicago W'nitc Sox- twice. Detroit worn, the first game,'rlO to 3, and repeated in the second game, 3 to 1, •'• " ' •• Dizxy Trout-,' who" pitched -the last yam'o for the Tiyu.s, got u home run'that started the 'scoring. Tho Now York Yankees won a douLioliL'uder from the JPhlladel- p'iii'a A-thle.Lic'ti. ' New York won. tho fii-.-.t game behind Alley Donald, G to J, and came hack to' win for. Walt Du- bioli -1 to 0. ' Johnny Lindcll Jiom'orcd' in bdtl contest..—his round tripper in. tho niifhtoap Uho game. ' VViiihington split' with the Boston Hod Sox. The Senators took tho first 'jjamo, . 3 to - 2, bin lost tnc finale, -j to .). • I'm tho National league, the Pittsburgh Pirates 'snapped the Chicago winning streak at 11 games- by boating the Cubs twice. Tho Pirates scored nine times in the seventh inning 'of the first i-.-arno to win, 13 to 5. They won tho nifi'litcap. 5 to •).' Mol Ott's Now York Giants split even and got Luck into, tho first division — one percentage point ahead of the CuUs. Now York won tho first game, 0 10 2, -and Philadelphia took tho nightcap. 3 to 1. Boston, gave the Brooklyn Dodg- ors do'ublc trouble and pushed tho ilock back into tho collar with a twin loss. The Braves scored 10 runs in t'lie; oovcntli inning of the first game to 1 win, 14- to -1. Tho Hu-b City team'won the nightcap, S to The St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Rods played the only single i:or,itest on the Sunday schedule, but 'trie game lasted r.oariy'-as lonj,' as a dou'blb : 'hoador, It took the league-leading Cardinals ]•! to win from the Reds,- 5 to -I. • • • St. Louis pitcher Ted Wilks w'as hit by a bai-l'jcl ball 1 in the 13th nning. Ko was carried frohi 'tho field', •NEAR-ING 1HF END By Jack Sords Rubco, Farrell Foundry Meet Ir Dusty Loop Encounter •-. •'' - i°"'r .',--.' -•: *r *.*• -' ri v.'"-L.™j " • '* '• • '-• '• ' • '• ': ybsterdny'8 Itodiilt* St. T-oui.s 9, Cleveland 0 St. Louis C; Cleveland 4" <2a). Detroit 10',- Chicago 3 list)'. Delorit 3, Chicago J (2d).' Wn.sMnjCori '3, Koston 2 (I^O. E'oslon 5. Washington 4 t2d). New York 6, Philadelphia 1 (1st). York 1; Philadelphia 0 (2d). Trie Standing W. L. Pet. St. Louie •-'-.. 62 -12 Jioston 55 1,8 New York S3 48 Detroit 52 50 Chicago 50 03 Cleveland 51 55 Philadelphia 47 . r )9 Washington 44 59 No games today. 59C .53-1 .525 .510 .isn .181 .4-13 .421 Locals Half Game Behind Watco! Nee* This Qnt To Tie For First Place Tile U. S. Rubber Co. Softball club takes on, ihe Fan-ell Foundry team in a Walcrbury .Dusty Jen^e meeting tonight at Hamilton park on diamond 3. The game is slated to get underway at <3:I5. Manager Sy Sicbcrling v.-ih have Bill Rado toiling on the hill f or the locals, in an attempt to mike up the half game that Rubco is behind the Waterbury Too! Co. for the league Jeadership. Both Watco and Rubco hav« been selected to participate in the stale tournament in Stamford starting August :3 continuing Uie following tv.-o Sundays. .' A large following of local fans is expected to take in tonighfi performance. . XATIONAK Brown Infield Is Rated At The Top In League Nothing TnT^atter With YoUflgStCr DoCSn't The Cardinals Pace' Setters In National Loop (By UnlUHl Press) CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TEL. SB78 rromjitf. J'Jxiiort WATCH * .IKWKMIY REPAIRING William Schpero flrwHrf IHO Cllt'UCU'ST — I .Flight Up — G I I-'TS 1--O R WK n OI NC!; „ »suo\vt;iis. GREAT OAK FARM! O.\I''OUI» HOAI» Ti-l. ~M» J MILK — EGGS \ Dt'llvrry To All J-iir'ts Of } 3KKATKTI SKRVICIi ? your clothes when they J { OKKA'l'KTl * from 5 arc cli-anrd rt-ffiilnrly l>y our j { i-.xport workmen, 1'rompt scrv- D. LIEBERMAN 2(i CI1UKCII STKKKT Reds Defeated ByForttefSfair Sampson, N. Y., Aug. 7—(UP)— —The Cincinnati Reds forgot 'all diamoncl courtesy and tried to slam one'of the Saints of Cincinnati baschall around the ball yard yesterday—but double-no hit fame Johnny Vancior Moor hold in the rht scams of the same and threw his Sampson sailors to their lOUl win in 20 ball Ramos. One of the more powerful clubs in tho country, either service or civilian, the Samp Bluejackets scored eifrhl runs backing Vander Moor and won over the' second place Reds, S-7. They unloaded 13 hits off Harry Gumbort and Amos Carter, two starting pitchers for tlio Rods. Southpaw Vandy was tapped for seven runs but clutched thinps over in- the pinches and won the g-ame on tho strength of one run. Vander Moor pitched two no-hit major league games for the Reds while working for that club in the National league throe years ago. Philly Eagles Have A Squad Of Fifty Two Players Philadelphia, Aug. 7—(UP)—The Phil.-klelphia Eagles of the Nation- ill Professional Football tongue have 52 signed players sot for this season—and tho squad begins training tho middle of this month. Last season the Kaglos entered tho league with the Pittsburgh' Stoelcrs, the two teams operating under the namo "Stoagl'es." The Pittsburgh's'comljinc with the last- place Chicago" Cardinals this season, and Philadelphia works alone. Bob . Friedman, former, -University of Washington tiiek'lc, is the latest to sign a Philadolyhia contract. Practice starts tho eighteenth-of this" month" at' Wos'tchoster, Pennsylvania—and the Eagles open the league year with the Cardinal- Pittsburgh combined team Sept. I2lh. Chances arc there's going to bo an All-Saint Louis world series this year. The Cardinals will certainly j around at world series time, i And the Browns arc in "the most likely to succeed" category in the Arnorlcan' league at the moment. Luke Scwoll'S'mystery team'isn't such ah' enigma anymore. Even St. Louis fans arc starting to come out to the park and try to find v.-hnt mak'bs thorn click. And the fans hnvc been disappointed plenty of times in-the'novor-win Browns: They've soon thorn take tho lend, and thon' go down under a final" ponnmir drive. ' And 'they've scon them dodder into socond division. Rut they've: never scon anything like this year's club. Manager Luke Scwcll has breathed into them that uncx- plainable something—call-it spark, 1 or spirit, OT' life, or oomph—whatever it is, the Brownies have it. They're winning back St. Louis allegiance. Tho poorest drawing club in either league, is now one of tho most popular. Think Much Of Big League Ball R?ftult» Boston M, Brooklyn 4 (1st). Boston 8, Brook]yn 7 (2d). New York C, Philadelphia 2 ClsO. Philadelphia 3, New York 1 (2dJ. PiUsburgti 23, Chicago 5 (1st). Pittsburgh' 5, Chicago 4 (2<J). • St. Louis 5, Cincinnati 4. The Standing \V. L. Pet. 72 fin St. Louis Cincinnati- Pittsburgh 52 A 1 New York 49 52 Chicago 4C 49 Boston 41 !5S Philadelphia .- 3S 58 Brooklyn 40 G2 No- games, today. .727! .Ml .5-12 •iSij .434 .326 .392 Hughson Gets Ready To Enter Navy Boston, -August 7 —(UP)—Tex Kughron, who has won J7 ,tamc» for tho Boston Red Sox, p-tchM his last, major league game forthe duration w;xt Wednesday. After the game, Hughson will go to his home in Texas to get ready for his induction into the army. MANAGER LEAVES OT,1J STAR 1HES Redwood City, Calif., Aug. 7' — (UP)—Arrangements' ' are being ina'tle for the funeral of" Arthur Haughtcr, one - time Cincinnati Reels baseball star. • -• •> " Haughtcr was 47 years" old and' besides playing with . the Reds, managed the Toronto Maple Leafs of the International league. He eavbs his wife, a daughter and a •step-daughter. One authority on baseball mat-- tur.s big and' .small, Mike Gor.zalos —the Cards' Cuban coach-—thinks tho Browns are treading the pennant road. Says he: "Tho Browns they will win. The infield ect cos wonderful almost as ^-ood as the Cardinals, no?" After a-moment of thought, he adds: "Tho Yankees, they are not the Yankees any more. The Red Sox, [:ood hit, no pitch." More, and more fans -and experts nrc beginning to think like Gon/ales, that the Browns, they will win. New York, Aug. 7—(UP)—Don Richie Ashburn, of Tildcn. Neb., ia just .one of the All-American- boys fraWic'red-'- in New York for the vVll-Sta'r game here today. •' He's n. good example oC what these kids are irke—kids from all the sl-ates and from all walks of life—but ur.-itcd in their baseball talent. Do'n.' saw" hiss first major league game. Gi.nnus versus Reds, and k didn't impress him. He ?ays: "It certainly didn't look iike nvi- jor lengues to me." But in spite of that, Don doesn't think he's quit-.' ready for the big time. Bin he wouldntibo scared to try if h.-; got a chance at big league ba!l. And that isn't beyond possibility. Three clubs arc interest _'d Lr, the towheadcd 17-yea.r-old catcher. Ho'? got 1 a sizzling record, Ho represents tho Ncbi-ask.i area on the streng-ch of .46-1 and .3S9 batting nvorages, fine handling of pitchers, accurate pegs to second, Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. 7—(UP)— Skipper Bill Mckechnie of the Cincinnati Rods has left a Syracuse hospital. The Reds' manager suffered head and hand injuries when he fell ir. the shower room. He fell after an exhibition game here Wednesday night vand X-rays laken after the tumble disclosed no bone injuries. Americans G5 years old or older increased by 3o percent between TMO and 1940. Direct taxes upon personal property have been levied only three times by the U. S. to meet-emergency expenses. That was 179S, 1812 and in 1801. RCV WAR BOXtlS AND STAMTS BUY MORE BO.VDS STRAND NOW — 2nd-WEEK >t G STs "BATHING BEAUTY" Hi Color with RED SKKLTON KSTHER Wir.T.rAMS Xa\-ior Ciigat and his Orchestra Harry .Tamos and his Music Makers plus ".Port of 4ft Thieves" Stophanic B.ichelor~~ 'and natural lead'crsliip. He's picked for a starting berth in tho western team. The other 27 kids have similar distinctions. They arc cul!ed from every section- of the country, through Esquire magazine, which dramntizingr- 'toen-age .physical '-fitness. All the boy ballplayer.-;, who'ro going- to be manguod by 'Con-n-ic' Mack- and- Mol Ott, -in" th'e .•ill-star game, will find base-ball's door wide open. Lake- Ladoga is the largest, inland body of water in Buropo. It Is riliblit' 7^000 sq'uaro' miles in' area or about one-fourth as largo as ,Lakc' Superior in the U..S. TONIGHT "Are These Our Parents' Helen Vlnson "Moon Over Las Vegas" v «t Indiana hor«. coon IOBUJ'S POLI TUBS; - WED - THURS. Uncertain Glory" and ."The Winner's 'Circle" th.^ won't scuff ofl — and withstands hard wear aj ll as-,exposurc" to weather. Murphy Da-Cote UUV..ANJI SAVE AT TH.E HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEL. 4880. ROCCtf CI-KARANCK Summer' "•" '" •' Dresses MAPLE STREET - TEL. 3507 : Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 106 SOUTH MAIX ST. Telephone -10!>0 2J-Pc. set. Sllvor-pliitp<| Flatweur. Service for 6 S 9 9 •"S* CftlOIT JCWELtRS «* 167 Sotilh Main S». _ 4-J236 Wheh shopping: or work'-6'bgs you down— and you get time out for refreshments, hop over and perch at our fountain and enjoy— FRESH LIME FREEZE... lOe JUMBO ROOT BEER... $c Tomato and Lettuce Sandwich lOc • _ _^ .' ' i; _- -- ^ •• •• C, MURPHY CO. STREET -

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