Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 29, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1916
Page 8
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f ,,/ N L,/ ?"•• ». r* <"» ^fsg^f^^SSS^^^ III "Tlif Selfish Woman" Also Bray Cartoon^ SATURDAY Lionel Barry more «fid Marguerite Skirvan "in "The Upheaval" .... .v. Ci'.O-U-r! .V- !i!'!-ri'>n LEADER PREBS RF-PAIREO. ^ii| • •« JIM vauaette Tli* Mouse of Tonight—Vaudeville /'' THREE f^NG ACTS / raf Murftio Duo, s^nsa- lift! Japanese equilibrist, "Tho Man Who Went S»uic" 'The Yellow Menace' •,'-- .. t .,..,i ..,,,,..1. Weekly. Usual prices. oniorrow, matinee 2 p. m. the children. day, Theda Bara in ROCK r.AI LS. TONIGHT M i !;> !) '•! •' 'i j. M t Vi! n:l U'ii s ATI..M: DAY, orr. ,^> tvf (f}>|t> tl!»T1 •'! <-,{(ti- ml rt ' .1 •< |n tii'f-i? on it" • •« n .... tl<>-j>l!f> tlli" I.,»>"•• 1 :iin! <«. :(li'r. Th". t '-'.-"r>l i!"! itl >!"% In I Double Life." "Borrowed Sunshine" Alvi. ;i f"''! ((.!!>, ,h Show* o{ 7, 8: 15. 9: 15. icademy of Music New Year's Night !Jil--ifiK mi i' ! -*uc in hi •••('!!!« \vH!> the imlicy find ,! •; ,-,f (!l<- ofTlrc. Ihlt Kffftl mil-it I"' f-ii i•'< f"i' ""* H*- i.v t h<- i;\-i ninir, T'-lf- fur tlii n-<p of tln'lr |irf T!u \S'i!ly-. ' u. r'/ •!.* !!(!', '-•"!!!<!! t!>r m r?i u fi it v >fft I ilf- f"ri Mii] ( v,r,.|,: )ipi,-i!ii-<- qi:,-i!i!\ :iinl t f-firH'tiif !>! ;i« •,>. cil ;!•! i-nfYlfii|! ;it!<! t" rrii'Hluft "I IH '' II' 1 ! »jn!t'' '--<v nrii'v f:M''. lint iMilhl tli'rn ticl~ trr. TI',<- <M)jlj. J ln^" l';i\' .'i'ltlr^l !T1:li}\' lif-w f c.'i t ! ! i f ••• an '^ f • f i >i • ni * n ( ". t h< r*5"^t t5< > - : "*•'?! i' s Ht;-;'m> 'U- : ;'•-•'- ' :->*• j O?!« ni/'fl! mv't f>irr :-.!«•-> :h'- r?-,'-ti!rs! f•«!"{« in miking el<-<y«;. ' ' r:Mhm!n I* r-f-nt Irldhirn. tvfifrlt N ft:«.-, n?, .1 t;.. th, F.iR~ r 'ni s-"rnrr The Oft! :-c ft?- t n Janvi.4ry j, 1 9 1 8, ;,« f hf? i a? •- of 2 1 c.pnls a Month. No subscriptions f : ijfaj-! n| Us is price beyond J.-unuiry 1, HH 8. Last call .,f I)' <•(! l;«Vl!i!i-H ! ~ ft m ill'! till- )|i|-:i!M ••;>; offjrf- ,lllll ''II i tot'lii) ontnM :l!<- IHil reiltly f<'l' <H -ellpiin'-} - !|ntv( vi t. :< fun'i' of j'.iiittf-r*! nn«1 <l"'<>- .i;itiii,« HI<- :it -.'.I'tk on tli" Inferior. ion--! will IH- jriu-vf.!. $750 FOR A LIFE! I,:in. ill rHIzMif itrm-r<«II.V art' vi tv im.-li .ti-,i:«U"iH>il uitd ill*Kiisl<-i| with tin' piirMltnonbiN ><rftl«m<!it nin<le In the c. M. & Ht, T*. rnilioml with A. X. Cluy for Hi* 1 eU'iith nf his flfle*'n-yr;ir- '•Id .inn, Hny. who wn« VUlifil nt th<Urn id fUrr-iM i-to?Hln>: i:t I,nn«tk nhotit H-lllrb ni" U1IH-'liillli ti. :il|tiftll Mll'l i.f tlii-lr n« n <!i <-icn i *ne llro-i., v, 111 li'iv" HHjJ '<' df !h' m \v nnxji-l'i •-•.i«n, Hiid the\ f« t-\ (lisit l!i' ••>' i- H -i \< ill t-t/uid the in- M|»rM'!ii»M 'if !h' IT]' 1 '! (MiUf?*!. I'liir tir;*n\ t \ i i v <MK \» hn h;»'i «^H n till 1 nr-u niodel-i me . MI h'.s- i'l'.lir in th'^ir pial>.«- of Uu'ltl, iim! '"sx l!r;«v, have ln'i'n hlub- ly |ilf-i)«r-il nt tfi" i•i-inplitn'-ntrit y wild" «.\iil nf III*- ..-ir- An invitnli«n i' ; l- xtf nil'-.l ti> ;»nvoii" rt'i«hitiK i.> ••<•'' Utr nfw modei.f. \viH-tii- '•r Inti t-i-sited i:s the pnfrli!»«e i.f a i-;ir •ir nut. am! :i il* mun^triitbin \\ill In uiv»-n nl nti\ liriv.* font, b.-ii-kfd by prncticnllv <-\rry ni«'f- I'lintit. l>U' < ln' f '> < ! < mmi anil «hlpj»fr In HIP Mty to rr-<iprh tli«> nnd ItnlHt on the railrond rompuny (lonilng fnlrly ifxl Idftly wltli the Mtrlck/'H IHIII-IHW intl In ciisf of rrfitntil to n^ht tin- OHHO to n Rtiindxtlll. In vl«^w cf nil rltcuin- itniu'ci, that $7, r iO xritb-nirnt «•«•« lbi> runkt-fl kind of it trsivfsty ott JtiHtlco nml thf B<MX| propl»« of (hiH community will not Ht»nd for It. MOVE TO YORKTOWN. Mr, nnd Mrn. Wlllliim Sdlyr*. who had a public mile TlmreiUty. intend to o to Yt'tktowti In Uii' iifnv futtirf. mvnri a hoilso In the village !Hlil hi-r furtn In tho immediate vicinity. Mr. HHIyr biui bet ti IniyiriK nml farinx for .sevf-ni 1 yenr* «tul (!>»> p««t three ypurs liaw boutrbt nnd fold !<>n fiirtn«. lie WSIM formerly a rout o*ui« l nmn but llnd* It It pnyInt: hlit\ hotter to buy fnrm.i for him- «t-lf. and Nell ibr-m sifter flxlnn them up iin tbc-y i hould he, CITY TREE CHOPPED DOWN. The Municipal' Christmas tree h».i fiissNCil into hlHtory. for It WHS rhoppfd down thlw morning by w«Hnlmrii. who jlld not thfi tree. It nerved ff,'i H--', L-t-'i i. 35c, 50c and T5c, Thi« is "not a moving pictura. State now. on »«lo at The Stalling Pharmacy. FAMOUS 2 - MOOSEI1EART II p Mil iniii .Hi m .HJS...I .mi in ».. ii iiuiiuii m. nil I PICTURES f'omptyih;." with 'tin-'many Teipie-»s, The Sterling lodge. Loyal Order Moose, Sunday, December 31st brJiu; tln> fumousi Mtm.-i-lu til pminv* IK ythe V.ui.|.-it<« The:iiie, Tbie entertainment will be free to a'l, , These pletureK are Iht- i>nly on.-.-. "f their lilinl' in «-\i.Men<-o. tlii-ro Ing only one MwoKeheatt in-tlie \s i>rl.l. iln-n-loii- in;il,iiii; thin enler- orlginul, eilurutioiml, J'ntM rti'-tiie u If • Hriitt! yuir J'rli'iiil. v Ai'uii. HHHI in->- jmtilt'il by tbcir (un-iit.-'. Slu.-A- |v\i • Musi* 1 l»y fli*' Mods!' i - Ilitrl I. Sln-fl 1).'T. IItilt'. . u "n . nc\ t'r tti hr t'or- n h<' iti-i-oiii- .oo an<) '.':«"i o'.rlock A SAD CHRISTMAS DAY. !!'' ATTACHWgNT PHOCUEDINGS. »Ajt <Jt» »r*"ini;(iii n( tin- i i.ii-i !->n<-ii *l'M'**sil<i> lj-> H.firt-v- in SIM.;5si njiu > .\ fttM« itlill* I uf IliV'HI' In I 111 li I'll! I" Midnliiiii !'i u ji It'll'.; -,\ -i •Mi'bilH 111 "I! * V, il i.* [jil(ibijt( I iiift ui-MHi H-HOV4I (Ulilln illli ,:'•' prk W .-tii-l SJrt.1 If,4Iii4 of I >l xi ih .' Hl'aer uinl Jli'iirj :•' 11 it IN t' 1C >l tin iti >" to" liUKiiiii.ii ii'- _ - -.- - .- .. .. IJVP' 1 liit 'I'M i.l '. ! imr ! ' j- . I .:i..i ' ' • t^«m*'\ l>nf 11 f.'l .-,.-. i .Hi ."; '•' i ' I ' |«',i.l III)' . t I it.t li .1 i |. . i . . .i- i L~FT H jHb£ UN ROAD At t NIUHT. U (.1 . 1 ' , Hi:-', . • | , : ,.,.'. V »• t«tli •' I I in: . : ; I- ',•• : -;• i': • (ji ', itti rt I t • 1 1 i I • : • '• •,-;'•..'. toi*l !!?!? I ' liHMlii.t^ .(,!>• rani.' Ill :. .sail «.II,I for /.iji j iLi> r . ini|ls itt ,., 1Ll , i( , s H(1 , i wll(1 ]IV1 , „ i'" " "" * . i _..(. ....,1. i *(.., .,11.,,... ilUh I i>l a Illlli.- Ili'l III "I 1 In' V ll|:l|., r ' nl' Sli;inii"ii \\ Mr. lb>) smlili-nly in , cv.ii.ii" A f.imilv. tliiiiii-r and lb«' : i n in} ihi nl id' hi* iwu MiiMll il.iii;:lid-i !-. \\,\! 11 11 it'u ' 'In 1*1 ii!.tJ- ^;il i -"i i -i' 1 I HI ni"-ii , ..f |i|i',i.ti;:'r ainl tt iilii- I lic> ,il..'i!.t till' tiuU-,1' Ml: lli>y l.i.lli-i it Ih I ! lii'l t:i| -l.ii'i'l U ''," • • .11 .1 i ..u.-ii -'I i !l- tilin- ' • ''lull i di-ln .-• - S i -i •''•-, 'in I" IMS •l,i .11:.I I '• ili.-il 111 il li tt tlloijlt-tli-i. ,.:HS"'. ii! i'-. Ill-- Ullr. «I|H in'fi.l-- li<-| i.:' u . SIM Nt.VV SWEATER COAT'S. - * J.-\ .-*• I if- II !i" ( • ' f I I ' ' ^' f ' 1 i I I !,', i l|. i I '. !, ri.-."i f...'l i. .il U ..III ! • purjxw well nnd In no longer wnntfd liy tbfl city. It WHS one uf tlir iiirfgt «h to have trepH hnct t>y »ny elty In northern Illinois, although It not an tall us NO MAIL DELIVERY MONDAY There will )»<> no delivery of mull ,Vew .Vear'H (lay but-tiif piistofTlce will be open for the (iccomrtuiflittlbi) of pat- rou«i Imtwwn the bonr.<< of 9 nnd .10 o'clock. TODAY IN ILLINOIIS HISTORY. On l»ec. I'H, 1778. Metileiirtlit-<!over- nur llatnllton of <'aiiiida uppenlrd tii (he InbublfitntH of lllllnoH to return lo their itilfKiain'c to Creut lirltluii • >f F>i»lviil"rr. .^jn-iit 5c"!t' s iil:iy (*ivc ii?» a trial mi nti] tu'W TH-iillH solf K'Ulbf-r, I'hnm(i!ii|i Shun ISrpair SliD|'. 109 I'-.'n.if ;iid s!rr<>( * Mr. and ^!r-t. ,!n«'-ph \Vili;i'i- nud fatnllv-, of .Joiihui. »>!i"ii! Ttuir«ibiy lure Ol) ~btlMlll»'K'4. A rni>i)tlil>- K.n biK-i of Sin ilcpuHlli'd ill (he AVIdtesld nt> Hulldillsl; rtlld Loan now.* wiel.'itlon v- ill In iilnmt $1,*^'!! ',a»h. (ipi'it an ifioiiiit ih"). Sfoddaid HroH. in the plile«. to i*et tile "mrRc f eb i t ny.mer**.* \V. II, uppobl, .who lui-i !>"en w Improy. |; for the pHM werk i 1 ' illl,'. John Moi ni Mich,, np IIPHH. Mr. Htid Ml:= .T.iy i Me velanil. of Pro- phptMown, :prnt 'riiuiMlay h'H' on e. of Crand I'.apiiN. Th\ii>da.v lier<- on tn)'l- Hube-rt iillstnt. of I'bampitl^n. In Hpf>tnliliHt >li.- hullil.iy vacation in if witb -bin puri'tits. f-Yiink HltiKbitm IISIH rc'ttirnrd from will flic d;iy "PLUNGED TO HEB DEATH Patient In A Chiengo Hospital FVII 8i». Stories Tfl Her Denth. ( Ity I 'nlt'-rl I'IM-S i I 'Illl :U-.'>. II!.. !'• •' . "'' - Ml v< ' ' ' ' ' '"I!n: i t;tit. !>ln»u:!-i| )•» hrr ij.-Dlh from Hi" «i»ih (ii-tir of I *,i lidatTin n ho u |dt.-il to- diiv .^-hf li.-ul l»<-i-i! nt il:'' bin-pitid ii>r flir*'«' s\ i t-i H inUnw in;; ;h'- iiiitb »i' .) s-tni. SLOW ELECTION RETURNS, ;iull llic slow nr!n li) ill iimUnK (ii c!n;tlon rrlurtt'< Ihi.i >'f«r. tlir Inml 1'lnln I'rnl'T Pt;i!ft!tiii (hat «>ai-U o Accurst* Return* | a r B *> VVlldcilU 1 * Ar« srpftB mul Ihp i«tl Alw«y« Slow ulatliin l« rcinot fmtn ell l\v«»nib>fl fi'nturr ni!-«n<i o f'fltln'tn) 1' nl--ii !!':•-•! f -.«'.-,••-•'!•< -f-ly irt IniT to Itt *''/ir'It.v, !j>!'ir!'l^u'nt! i" t' n lug Pi!!i"f Mtiff'1. ^JiJfr nl"-!ii(itM let ITnikp ofhf-r ^ttt^llh!!'-* ft--r j> ! fttbintt> to bt» iipi',-1 in Jc-wcirv !i;i'i- i)'-<-;i )n.'|i|*\ hnj iv('b')iil ni'ifb <; "' •«";'-•. 'Hi' «*» b' gfld. w hT'Ii Inftrr In ninny fits>>*. how- c'Vrr, pvpt)tti«!'y (urns TI •'!•>«-. Tbo mi' 1 i-f>s«t of white froM n n« rnfhrr prfrnrl- oils owlntr t<> thf difTI-'-it'iy hi matjluti ..ppoplp bflif-vp thnt it «!!* rrnliy gold, rvrry onr> hn^ius; b'-<-!i (iii)gh! frcin chH<l?Ki('d tip ih.'if t,""5i? i 1 * yellow.—-Ni York ^'or!d. Philip If. Ward ATTORNEY AT LAW "111-114 Lawrene* ildg. 't Lik» il \\"iil|nn)", R*mo{» Diltrict*. CM UMJ1IIU ll'fl t I Olipton wherv he hn« been spending a few <1ityM with hit moth'-r. He bt a burber In the !"|.»'k barber simp. , . of Ci'lie^nr townxhip. w:i« in SterlbtK Thursday ifK-rnoon and paid Thf> Curette ofriee a friendly call. Henry JenniiiKH. of Knoxville, Tenn.. arrived here Thursday (•> make un ex- londrd visit at the home of Albeit Birrs. Chas, -Tnbrr rejiirnc'd to iiin iiome lu I'rophf t Wt'dni'xdny after »nd to co-openite with the Hritlwh In driving out th<? rebolN— I, e, thf V!r- RECEIVES A 12 POl/ND HAM, .Mrs. Kntellue Hurnuni, i>f Seventh avitntif, wnM the recipient of u line twt'lvo pound IIUIM which i>hc recolved fruin bor dauKbtor, Mrs. W. M. UrutiT, nt Jutllti. Mont. LITTLE LOCALS Willbtin W(igin>r Vent to Morrhion on <'. ('. U'-ynoblH wa-s ii viMltor In Dlx- ii|i yj-Mti-rilay afternoon tin biiMbtPHH, Cbnul' 1 MHIIK**" HtKMit Wwint'.iduy Kvrntnv lu Ulxdii will) frb-iitN. l)ttin-« iijt T«inj>U'n tonight, JJurtle'ii'H bull. Mtmii- fnnilHbcd by t'ochrn'n.* ltnrr,v Mpiicbi-.r. Hjnint Tbur»ibiy In MCN,.,M, «'. Btrlarl, o* Ki'lnoti, Is Im- provinjs nicnjy from ln v r r»'t'« i nl KUlf---Monairh 40c I'Oftw, 3 Ibciiti, ll.'Mf. .Siniblunl III<>."." '\Vaiitod-A jntuu; mini tt> leant pit- lur«' Cruinliiff. (Jttlt'H Hook Stun'. MIH. I). 'A. IJunicby h|ipiit yoMtt'nbty at Ibi' M. C. HtlU«-l lit N.-lmni. Khncr Wbrat WUM a , jiKbKeiiHi'r to rlurriauii 'Tlmr«Uay »)i bUMiiioxn. .Mm Alury J)<'fm, of t«ofi KUMI Kiftb trcu»t luih bcvti iiuii' 1 ill f">' th" puMt fi;w duys, .Mr. und Mm. JJ. Ciotild wi-nt in (Mil- -ujjo TburttUuy inornlni; vk'hcn,' tlu-> pcml ttiti ijay, Mrw. A. J. Frunk nml M|t>« AUco Mi-yr wi'nt tii L)uv(.tit(nirt 'I'linrMilMy whi'ro li'-J Will Illitki; (I Vlnit. .'•If-' Cburli'i-j Wiioiliiut 11 went fo iinii'ii 'j'huriiituy, whcrv **ii(< sprint tin- K the holiday* here with t'-lu- tlVCH. Order early if yon tun, but w«» will serve you atl day' tomorrow/' \\' ( . ,-ire closed till day New Yoiir'n. Stoddard Hro,N.« I>r, nnd Mr*. \V. ('. Kos home from sler returned TburMluy lifter .upending the holblnyH tliero vlth rr|»- tlves. Mr«. Kubcrt Dryinun. of <iap tirnve, spent yestenlny lit the hoin" of ber diuiifh^cr, Mrs. John Klsas.ser of thin city. / - bb{b Rrudt* fabticH, Sume ex- tnllorliiK. Same savim;, now an Mike, tb« II.', 'Tailor.' Miss J'Vrne tirrenawall Is KoitiK to '..'tilitop Satlinlay eveniHK where .she will attend HIP Truinmeii'H annual ball which will be K'veii Mumlny e Mins Mary Moralrly Mllpped und fell on the Icy a|dewalk In . front of her home on Avenue A Wednesday even. ing which rcMiltfd in breaking; her right urnu Stah ths Ne« Ye«r right \\ltb u nionthl, 1 .' NHVingfl account in the- \Vhitc- aldn County Huilding und Ixntn A.MHOC!- atlon sind your money will earn you from 5 to t! por cunt Interest.* Down goes the high cost of living — tjunHerH. lOc per I'b, J'omo early ».}>• Nu! \Vi- n-:, ,\H;.C. tin* -$ir. M. (iiov.- li>f< yrs. ivilic. l-'li» , whi'i'r N>.! .N i 1,1 • r/ii;.ii .Mr. .n 'i MIH. ltdu) In.) .lack will -|.'i-iid the «inly i'. Mi- A 11.11401 man b'l'l Tiii)r«i;iy for i lt« !so- lu i'liii:<4^o ufti'l' Hpflidili^ thi,' i.<liiia\ f III tills city. ' t 1'hllbj' Van,IJnuic \s\-ilt tn Chlc;i^o iur---'l'- • ftftt-r xpi'-ndin,^. tlo,< hullduya \itli iii piWt'iit.-i, Mr. and Mni. M. U, V'.in 1 >> • in-. I h ' I* feO**., ill*: ill^ll i-'I-t V'l li\illj^ " or civil Kuhn & ThomaH, KIM; J'lfth St. t."l<l in hahes or quartern. Moth phones.* Charles Staple.-i, the in, ill man, met With an a.ccldent ThutHday afternoun u|>otit " o'clock near tlm city hull corner with hlis unto truck, and was ob- to slop bit, tlellvwy work for nearly an hoi jr. dlr. Hiid Mra. Frank KtaKor, of Herwyn. near Chicago, ate exiiccteil Saturday for un over New YCHI-'H vinit with hi:( purcnln. Mr. and Men. Walter Htttger. <.». I 1 '. Suiltli, , of i'coita, connected with the liahket store of .Stei|iiiK, IN In the city today, Mrs. J.»mes i)r<Mier|<.i< and daughter. Pearl, went to Chicago this for a few diiyu' \lKit with relatives. This lm«i come of tlic triitli. but Ijnp 1 * not nl! of the truth, llnpltj ctun niilnicntioii nffectfl tbe gre-it cetiterS 1 mid thefte cenfem usually linllc«te b, 4jieir vote the probable drift of voff l«>,or nwny from o!<J bonrlnK'- T1>1 yfSr the theory didn't work, but tho \» not the wholp vtory. lleturu nlw»,V8 hnvp been slow rowing In from the very Mime necf!ori<» -«ii(i l»it nolbliift nuicAi rtf^jpndwj upon them HIH! their i«lovne.i,« *•«» n Thin ycBr. hn*-ever, rteln.r canted a . Ih atnte election* they hn Junt an R|I>W. bill the nation «HS not MntBolently intcf-nxt^l to tvnrran Itlff typ* on tfie front page for a wee fiffor election. Tills ywsr the «Iowiirs» hod fletltloiis Itnportnuce because the (>«rty role was upad on(l csllmafow oil at «r». In 11)12 the official canvas wave \Vllnon a plurailty in tho elec I or.-. I coile«e «if 38U, he havlnjr i-'D nc«bi»t K.S for lt«WMiovpSt «nd 8 for Taft. It requlrfxl wpeks la reach the f'xflct renult, but \VU«on mturtn) in so well ahead that thfl change of 8t*t«> votes from one column In the o wnM of lit lie eonnequence and no one ljut hiterestetl offtclslii kept fab ou the flucttiRtlnns. On th« in«>nilng of Nov tJ the NI»TV Vork Tribune enve Wllno itSa electornl votes. Room-felt J)7 nnd Tflft 29. with Michigan end We*t Vlr Ulnla doubt fill. .N>st d«y H change tho fltniren to 4'22 for Wilson. W for Roosevelt nml 17 for Tnft: IlHnnli »ntl were doubtful. On the 8th wm given Mlniiesotn's 12 and had "J; Tuff atijl ntuek «t IT and Wllion bad -M2«», with Illlitola in and :;atlfonii« shifted to the doubtful along with Wji-oming. On tb* Oth Wilson S rredlted with 420 Bgaltut "U for Mwe P»w»r to the Plow MaUet For Reel Prosperity. Gormany Is Now Transporting Titosu Enyagod In The Relief. (K\ failed I'rehs.) J.'.nKloij. Kng.. i'cr, '.'a. - ( ierinuny \f n<«j,v gouiB ^o fiir with tin Helgintn ile- fiortutiuns ,tiiat it is tiuiiMiMirllnK Hel- yljiiiH eiiKaj^cd tn lelief wurk who an- (.joti-. led by cards of the American relief < i Such H V.\-.H ,t| Kiihn A )>'"' l-'iftb St. s \ made tu the United I'K-HH b;. t(ie Het- Kiaii ihtni.Mry of jntitice. Ttita haw been done In at lcas.( thrfo cities. A BIQ IMPROVEMENT. Cot\ Hros". have nearly linirihed the iO-arr«iiij'triK.... l .'ir Jhiv ijiierior of tbvir . «*"<-! -It .i:i a hlK illiprovemeilt their pie*. UUIH urrHiiKt-niuiH. A •u:vv ubtiw I'ouin. coouKh tn hold i t b r .John HidiKv!' und J. A. i,.-Hl.-s i. Ntl.! i !<-o|{, 'i'lllll :Hi.l>' :il (i I lii..i|l \\lll'i« 1 I I hf) f 1,11; .-.;n'trii txi'-iiif ;•-. I ,,i V, ) .•:;'. J ,i'l''i-V '-I H ,1 i \i .;!i'"l I'! l!.|f -.11', l,|:-l > \.-nllft.; Ui'.'if hf .lllfli-l- i M Hi.- H)>,il .'.-••ll'/'il U.UHT i in ! « ,,' :,(«. -I IL-I- j^i-iit iii h-' i;.i-iv .'I U :, , u -,•!,;!, -s At '-iv ;! K,.. U \S ii >i>- li\c fit r.-., IM ill tin- north wt-tit t-ortn-r of tin 1 iiuilitiiu:, «nd Ilioy |il,uif4o haw ht-n- u i-om(*J-i.-tf i-xhildt ton of thi-ir niu\ C'd to ihf norHifiis-t |,ii! "I" lln- liiiiKltnx. wlim t-iMnplftt-ii will in- ipi'"i .1 (in RoAHf>velt nnd 13 .for Tuft. - California »nd Mnlio M-oro thr> «!oub»fuj one*. T') (Imatpl.v Taff I oat* 5; Roosevelt galueU Id anil Wilnoii gained 0. THE FARMER'S QftOWINO JMPOR 0 TANCE. The Wfl»liingt(»u Po«J. reviewing the president la 1 cninpalftu. flayw that loa» flattery WON given to lh«* fftrmt'rs fills fe«r ttifiti at Buy tlm* In recent .tours. yonce th* farm er'» vole political bi every national ronfi'st." Now- aday a Bpe^chci are nitsde (or city folk*, although probably tlif luajority of tlio v«»teM <-n>u come from fanners and i hose voting lu their Interest!— (hut IM, for thi' gotKi of the funning ihmilrifi on K>'Uorai pdiu-lplex. But the fanner net-da no flattpry toduy, no ma tier what the Hit uu I Ion was once, to put him on a KO<X! Htdtut, with htm- fj?lf, Science and l»Vi»jit!o« are help- Ing him. Through tho collegia malu- mined fo'r his benefit tH«'be«t expefl- ftn-o of the whole world IM brought ant) .'HHt!i("l to noil and eonditlona here. Methods hnve beeu inndftrnlxftd. and It IH coming to "b^ nnderfltond that sgrl- riilt'.m* IM the mainstay of ivnr nfltiotnil pidsperliy Hiid thnt wlmt the furuier iicf'(l>4 In way of Nuh.iiitnthil winport shunlil be given u* » bil^llie.sM Investment purely. More power to the man behind tlu- plow means grpHtrr volume !»f and increased Htaliillly for reft! prosperity, v . -i V When the Kuropean htru^le opetied. It was thought that the submarine and the aeroplane were declined t". revnlutlonljie warfare. Both we«tp»tiH ; provwl destrin live, and defense c h>8 : tt-in-i were Inventei! ii^'uhi-t MiibniH- rhu-H, netrt itit'l Ifttwli-fn. «:.:ulti.-.t air I HhipH, iiilliitlr rial! K'Hi;* Tin- re'- oiija jih'«w thai iii'iiiHi H*Mi-in "f de ftHr.ic hit^, ln-'-li !ii»!e to in-Ull ttli/.e lilt' de.stl'iii th i-m-'-i "t (hi- n--*v ^eap-'tis Oflfeli'ds'c Hie imj»n»vrij US rupldiy ii V liji- de;'».-tin!\e "in-*, nin.1 il 1.J Wiiiii'ljt lliij. I tll-'.tli.-i t !iV MUi'i' ill!.' j H..C IJiji- a!;' ' safi i,!i- I, ,-• r.,'4 tin- Pnilt j ,-r ,„.;,,,.„„„-,; I mhi Son of tllplonintH in c^nc-nii. mul fn\'\ (hnf fhoj- wrrs* (hi> canso nf Hie pr^irtit "I trlnd to |w> n illpj-imat," hr- wi'd "It I" thf most Htnpld business I know of. It was n niRtter of deciding on th« rlRht tie for n errtnln fmn-tlon iiiid <li- (errnlnlug whnt kind of trousers to near when wo met the kins: nnd IIOMT to behave nt dinner. U wns a oon tlnnnl swapping of humbug •with ns-">- j-lafe?, and noTrr, In any rln-um«itflni > e?i, lapsing Into truth. It's t!ie meanest, roltenest oot'Upnllon n rnati ever got Into."--Bo*ton Herald. Slot Machin** and Fraud. Tho Income from the ponny In the slot trinrlilnen In the subways of New- York Is plven In the trade n« ft"¥),rHW pennies a day. or $(i.(XK>. The eompa riles linve various InRotiious met limit to counteract frntid, but none of these Is Infallible. If dinks of Iron go into the^slot they aro deflected Into n dls- rard rbsnnel by ft magnet. Hbigs can not pass n>u«ter unlr-«ti they are the exact vreljjht nnd «lie of the coin for which tho mnchlno.'wns inten'dcd. „ Any disk wjfh a hole nC or uear Its center 3t nipp«d by a hook nnd tosced aside, and no gum or caramels emerge.—Nevr York Times. N. G. VAN SANT Attorney at Law State Bank Building MARTHA FRY, The Sterling Chiropodist. MRS. EMMA GRAY, I'n--! i'l;i'--- < *hlri>|>D<tiMt witli MI-<* I'Vy. 110W. 4th St. Bell Phon* 837-R . W.Johnson AT LAW Practice in all court* LOANS H. T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONOS N» t -1 !o 0 [K-r cent K\«'iii|tt from Ineotnn Tux LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lawrence Bldg- 8t«rliM8 ( III. Symphonic Din. It Is **ld thnt a din will ho In a new Hlchnrtl Strati** svuiphnny by tbe fi>llowlDKlnstrt)JBt'iH)i: Klgbt boms, four trumpets, four !ron»lKHit-«, two bass tulias, two harps, uti orgau and fjmbals, (rlntiBlc«, tomtom nnd a Hlipp herd's tx"!!; also eljjhtwn first violins, sixteen neooml violins, twelve vloliis. ten vii>!o»crllos, eight' douhlo Im^.-'e". • two large flnti>s. ol>t»e^ ami olnrincla. : JACOB CANTLIN LAWYIE« 5% farm loan*. Prtpaymint privtl«)3* ETELL 439 ROCK r-ALUS, ILL. Prison Refcrm. . That prison reform, now ncitalcd la America, Is an old measure I* shown by n report from Japan th;it the .liipn- neflo trletl out the Idea over two <vn- turies' ago. Self goveninu-nt nmoiiK the prisoner* of Tokyo prison* «ns ««««• tabllwhod in tho Keveniecnth century. It worked out BntLsfartorily, but WB.H abandoned for some reason not known. . —8t Louis Post-Dispatch. : DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Ew»ry Monday tvenino From 8 Id tO P. M. • For private U-gKunH cftJJ H. H. KELLEY, B.ll phon* 430R H.E.VanEpps,M.D. Rooms 10 and 11, over Jennings' Jewelry Store Cattl* In Paraguay. Although various estimate* ph'iv the number of rattle in I'arnKuay all lh«> way-from 'ono to four inllllon head, the cattle industry, with untold possibilities, la scarcely out of thc'tMuge when the animals aro (slaughtered for their hides alone. While all the world ing for rnent, cattln 1n soil for but little more than wh/tt their j will bring. FARM LOANS AT 5," 7 or 10 year*, up to $100 per . *cro if »aeuri»y warrant*MORTGAGES FOR 8AtE rOHN M. STAG2SH Law,office Stager A 8tag*r MONEY TO LOAN On Farm Landi. 1 have arranaemanl* for unlimited amount* cf Money for Farm Loans. Lowest rates of mtor- tst, prepayment pciviioflcs, and quick confidential action. W. A. BLODGETT, Morrison, III. Five Cars of MILWAUKEE SOLVAY COKE In This Week More on the Way It's a good plan to keep ti of your wants Prompt Delivery

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