Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 7, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1944 DAILY NEWS |Women's Activities—Personal & Social For The Fastidious! . C. Roff Married To Thurber Hillers The following article concerning the marriage of Lieut. Harry C. Roff, Jr., son oC Dr. and Mrs. Harry C. Kot'f of 29 George street, appeared In The Boston Herald, Sunday, Auguyt li. .Tn the Trinity Church chapel,' ilelrosc. M'iss Thurb'cr Hillers, I diLUirhtcr or Mr. and Mrs. Chnrles | A. Hlllers. of Mclrosc, became U bride July 2S, of Lt, Harry C. Roff Jr., USAAP. with tho Rev. War ren C. Hei-rick officiating at thi •I o'clock ceremony. The bride wore a blue-grey sui and carried an old-fashioned 'bull quut of white roses and blue del- plhnlum. The maid of honor was her sifter. Ensign. Francos C. Hil- iers, USCG (WR). Lt. Ro!'f, son of Dr. and Mrs Harry C. Rot'f, of Naugatuclc, Conn,, recently returned from , had as his best man Lt. Randall Hathaway, USAAF, of Thorr.tiston, Conn., who was in lh.-; same squadron with the bridegroom in England. Mr. Arnold W. SVilliams of Melrose, the bride's brother-in-law, was usher. After the ceremony a reception, was held at the bridc'ti homo. Tho Baby's Little Lambs BOROUGH bAljLV DIAftfe Army Guards Protect Philadelphia Drivers ! bride's mother wore a dusty pfnlc PATTKUX lf><!8 A grncious, -.-iHm-lined and prot- ty fn--); for afternoon wear! It's parii<-iilnr!y attractive tor the matron .'irul ok!.-i- woman as the wcll- uiil frunt p;inel treatment of the .••ki:r givi-s you that trim loolc through torso and hlpw which is- .••u ilt iriiblf in iliis type of (rock. Eiirh-ira Bell Pattern Xo. 10GS is di-sUfi'd for si/.i'S 3-1, 30, 3S, •in, -12. •!•!, -Ui and -IS. Sixe 3G, short, sli'i'vcs. requires 3 1-2 yardi of 39- inch material. Ooocl for all home dross- makers; tlie now Spring ABC Pat- tt'in Rook is rcruiyf Send for a ri.jiy forl-iy. it costir only 1(1 cunts. You may order a copy with a 15 <vnt prittern for 25 cunts, pluts 1 r.-nt postage*, i P'rii' this attractive pnttorn send 20 i-.fnv. ir coin! with y<nir name, fuldiw.i. [vittfrn number nnd siy.c wanted to Barbara Bell, NaUfSi- luck Dnily .VfWH, Post Office Box fi.". .Station 0, New York IP. N. Y. \viili ft corsage of plr.k cay- nations, and the bridegroom's' mother was gowned in navy and. white with a corsage of white gladioli. The bride is a graduate of the Elsie Chamberlain School, and Is a member of Kappa Delta Psi sorority. The bridegroom attended Harvard with' the c.'o«i a! 3!M2 leaving in hi« senior year to enter his basic training at Maxwell Field. Ala. Lt. and Mrs. Roff Atlantic City. AUGUST'.1944i"'...'. • M r w r- 12345 6 1 8 9 10 11 12 11 14 IS 16 17 18 19 20 21 It » M 'K 26 tl 28 29 JO II Coming Events -Q . TOXJGHT. .Community Bund rc 8 p.^in., Tuttlo Music Shed, o. Weather Report Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut—Partly cloudy tonight and tomorrow. No important temperature changes, Eaatport to Block Island — No small craft or storm warnings 1 .. PATTERN No. R2137 These little lambs malic ideal designs for trimming Baby's thing's tihemsclvcs Local Girls Attend Graduation And Prom At Taft School — and the garments are easily made. Pattern envelope contains hot- ron transfers for four designs and complete directions for making! jacket, kimono and bottles. Our CO-page mulicolored book if Needic Arts ubiit.iir.iing- five free )attorns, and many other suggets- ions for dressing up your home and yourself is now available. Send your request for this book o the address listed 1 below, en- are now In,'! closing twenty cents <20c.) in/coins j to cover t'he cost and mailing i charges. I Send 11 cents (coin) for Pat| tern No. R2137 to Naugtttuck Daily I News, Needle Arts Dc-pt.. P. O. Box 172, Station D, New York 3, N. Y. Thojncis J. Dolan Now At Camp Parke Miss Shirley Bowers of -IS Maple stroot and Miss Justine Brophy ot "C Hillcrost avenue attended the graduation exercises at the Taft school. Watortown,. Saturday evc- nir.g and also the tea party and pro:n which followed; Miss B'-ophy woi the jrucst of Edwnrd Yc.iton of I-lomostead avenue, Xaugatuck, Miss Bowers' escort was Paul ilehlln or New Thomns J. "Dolun. S 2-C, Navy S.-iibwrs, son of Mr. and Mrs. ThutnuH DoUin nf Curtiss Mtn.'Ot, has lit-rn ^transferred :o Camp Parkr.-, Cal, Adeline Stankus Resumes Duties In WAVES Phelan Family Return From Vacation Mr, and 'Mrs, Ctrpffory Phetan fiiul I'limily of North Main street have n.-tut'nofl from n vacation s[«-nt nt ihrir cottage at the Miss Adeline Stankus, a member of the \VAVES, U. S. Navy, returned last night to Boston, Mass., whore she is stationed, after spending the week-end at her home on North -Main street. Sgt.-Mrs. Ralph Lyon Are Visiting- Relatives NORWASH Shoe Store Story Of Nightmare Which Airman Says Really Happened American Bomber Ensc. Kng.. Aug. 7 — (UP) — There a'i-e nlght- nnaru« with happy cnctin;,'s. Flijrlu Engineer John Carlisle of Houston, 'Texas. says he cnr. prove' it, Hiu was a terrific dream — the ;ii)d s-miill hoys get from eating that 'extra piece of apple pic, It seemed' he was on h'ls- first • ihfs- sion. ovei- G-crmany -hut something •had gone wrong. There he wns sprawled on the Fortress catwalk wild his head hanging down throueh the open bomb bay doors — nothing between him and the ground but 22,000 feet of cold; windy air. The worst part of the rti£ht- marc was (,hat !ic couldn't walte up nnd forget' it. He was awake and' it really was happening. The co-pilot found 'him — with hi head dangling over Germany — at tcr ho didn't answer the Innei phone. Carlisle had gone back to clos Petersburg. Fin., the former MisS|-the bomb bay doors by hand afte William G. Boies Visits Daughter" At Camp William G. Boies of Hillside avenue: recently visited' his daughter, Susan, who Is spending' the season at Camp Kuwiyan, Meredith,' N, H. Temperature Report RKD HERMANS RESIGNS Red Hermans, who sees all, k-r.iows all and usually .blabs it aH over town, has resigned from writing this questionable , column. His resignation catnc written on Government Form OOOXXXX after his gallivanting all -up and down the East coast from Montreal to Washington, D. C, His resignation came 'as quite a "shock?" But yours truly will try .to carry on in his place. He did promise, however, to stop in every day, and let us know how he is doing. The weather today is comparatively cool when you realize that hist wuck it soared • way above tho hundred mark. Yesterday'* showers tended to lower the 'temps' a wee bit, for which we are grateful. Right this 'minute ill era is a semblance of a breeze blowing down Church St. that might be carrying showers, but don't quote me on that, And i;o\v here ii-t the- temperature report which' you .had-to read through this column to get. An-j noying, isn't it. Midinght 7D 3 a. m .. 73 G a. m 71' 9 u. m 72 10 a. m . . 70 11 a. m "9 P.'oasingly moderate. Be seein' ya. IT. S. Soldiers ore 1 Insuring the xnfcty of pfl>KK»ngcr.V-"ori Philadelphia SJiil>wn.VK,'clevut<;dK and ns normal transportation nervlcc Is slowly resumed following » five: duy tie-up which (jroiitly affected many vlUtl \vur Indnstrlt-N. T>e»pltc acceptance of nil army ultlmuttim* liy the"Ktrlkcrw, nrmed (ruardw remain on duty—"jiiHt in case." Tlie tioup rtmilted from a protest strike against upgrading of Negro cm- ployex to the stutiiM of oiwratorx. (Interimtlonal) . BEACON FALLS CorroHpondcnt'H 1'liono 4324 Carnival Starts Tonight At Noe's Field FIFTEEN HURT Mrs. Kalph A. I,yon of St. Petersburg, Fla., is visiting her mother, Mrs, Samuel P.. Bristol of Platu- Mills. She will join her husband, Sgt. Kaiph A. Lyon, Saturday at Chevy Chase, Md.. where he is spending several days with hiij-pa.r- ents, Mr, and Mrs. Ludwig Meuser. S^'t. Lyon of the Army Air Corpn, is stationed at Drew Field, Tampa, Fla. Spent Month V7ith Mrs. S. R. Bristol Mrs. Andrew J. Gardner of St. Man Accused Of trying To Drown Son In Pond Northford, Conn., Aug. 7—(UP) —Accused of trying to drown his three-year-old son in a'pond, Lawrence Nicolar haa been temporarily committced to the Middletown state hospital. Nicola's father-in-law... Stanley Pawlowski, told police ho discovered iVocolai trying to .drown the boy and forced" him at the point of a gun to stop. Nicolai then; dashed into the house nnd threatened:, .to shoot anyone who entered. • .'• . State police forced . him 1 out" by threatening to toss- In • tear- gas shells. . • • • , •.. . •. St. Michael's parish carnival opens tonight at 8 p. m. at Woe's lot- near (.he powerhouse on Main street. There will be no admission charge to got on the lot, and plenty of room for automobile parking is avail.-i.ble. Conleth Kifrnan is general chairman of tho affair, and Mrs. Helen Grimm has charge of the ladies' group. 'The carnival will last all week, •with the grounds opening at 8 o'clock each evening. Ensign Juan' Richtcr, USN, spent a few days visiting her'parents. Mr. nod Mrs. Harold Richtcr of Wolff avenue. Ensign Richter is a-.Navy, nurse stationed in- Brooklyn-, N." Y. Cbif.'og-b, Augi 7—(UP)—Fifteen persons were injured — none seriously— lawt night when the coach section of the Olympian—a. cracJc Milwaukee road passenger train—was de-railed- in MirtaesohY. The train was caslbound from Seattle, Washington. LOST ins MONEY ' Boston, Aug .7—(UP)—Hard luck ,has intruded on the loave ol Mel- .vin L. Johnson; a sailor stationed at Fargo. barracks in South Bbs- tonu Johnson' reported to police that he left a wallet containing-' $140 and a navy pass in a South Station telephone booth last night By Hail Stones Hartford; Aup. 7— ( co" growcrrf of' Hartford county h»y« taken a losx of about half a mJff lion 'as a' dlsn«trou« hall storm, % • About 800 acr«n of tobacco' h&vt been virtually. wiped out, and «om'« growers feel It 'would not be worth .while trying to salvage any ot thi crops. .... ... , . • • . ;+ Hail stoneK fell ai large >»» walnuts, and the utorm wa» .compare* wltli that of. 1929. which, albaont ruined the northern county plantations.. • • . r . Bride* Delight '•'""" 'in' 1 GlflV ttarit' Clyne'm and- no does everyone else, irop in at CLYNE'S. Junt few steps from Exchange" Place !or_rcBtrul,- leisurely, gift «bop' CLYNE GLASS SHOP Harrliioh AVP. '... Waterliury Inc. NAUGATUCK, CONV. Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES and CHEWING GUMS '.'•'• Corp.. Raymond Lee of Main street has returned to In Georgia, after- spending a furlough in Bcacbn Falls. , Garry Fuoco, former gas station proprietor . here, was a visitor in Beacon Falls yesterday. Pvt. Fuoco who entered the Army -about two weeks ago, is stationed at Fort Devens, Mass. Grace Hamilton of rs'augatuck, who spent the past month with her sister. Mrs, Samuel R. Bristol of Platts Mills, has' loft to visit with another sister. Mrs, Stewart Brown in Fairfield, Conn. SPECIAL! MK.V'S Si;ITS lii-iintiriill.v Dry Clciiitrd nnd nnnntlird 1110 r.'hurcli St. S Spending Vacation At Ocean Beach Mrs. Catherine Kilduff and daughtcur, Marion and Pat of O;ik I street, and "Sis" Noble of Aetna I street are spending a vacation at i Ocean Beach, Now Londorn F RE E ! I itiiloi; phirinlng Your Kuturo" rlli-, cull or |iliiiiii> -1-S77Z POST TtNIOK A WOJ. COI]1!;C , K 2-1 CKXTIiAf- AVKNUR Return From Week- End At Twin Lakes Mr. and Mrs. Henry Daly of Elm street have returned from Twin Lalnes where they spent., the weekend. About 75 percent of the retail concerns in the U, S. have annual sales of less than $20,000, and account for less than 23 percent of the total retail volume.' L }£"""••"•*** ' » L DID YOU WRITE TODAY? A LETTER MEANS SO MUCH WE HAVE A * COMPLETE LINE OP DON'T DELAY WRITE TODAY STATIONERY AIR-MAIL V-MAIL PLAIN and NOVELTY PAPERS FOUNTAIN PENS — INKS . 1'our Stationery Store SWEENEY'S sxTxTo^U STORE TIIK CAHn AXD GIFT SHOP fulk 'had damaged the mechanica syst-jm! But he left his oxygen mask bo hind <and .collapsed. The co-pilo took off his own mask and put i on the engineer. Then he, too, collapsed from lack of oxygen acid foil against the controls, sending the giant ship plunging helplessly through tlic formation, narrowly missing' othc Fortresses. The pilot jammed an o'x'yge.r tube Into the co-pilot's moutli .whiK trying to straighten the pla'ne's course. . ' . Then' ttre ball turret gunner felt himself slowly posing conscious' ness. HU- oxygen lino had' .beer, s'hot away by flak. He fell out' of hk'. turret 'and collapsed' on the runwny. The Lai! gunner grabbcc: a flask of oxygen and attached it to his mask. The walstffunncr had b'o'cin woundad over the target, and required urgent' medical care. But there was no time. One engine of the plane was completely dead and another started to sputter. The .nightmare ended with a splai?h iri the icy waters of the Channel. However, an hou'r later the entire crew' was picked up by an air-sea rescue launch rind given brandy, food 1 and clothing. . Yep. said Carlisle, it was' a hap py cndiii:ig. But, whew, what dream while it lasted! Fire In Freight /\ t*'n j iiT'iL Car Filled With Explosives Put Out Attleboro, 1 Mass., Aug. 7—(UP)— Town firemen and a New Haven railroad crew are being praised for their bravery and speed in extinguishing a lire in a freight car filled with explosives. Four trains Three Naugatuck (Continued from Page 1) attacks on targets' in France and Germany, said of his first combat opcrtion, "Ftak' followed us most of the way, Sometimes it wim as thick as wool around us. We, received quite a few holes in our plane, but' got back to our base OK. The Luftwaffe left us alone th;it day, 1 boeausa there were too mariy_o'f our own fighters -around,Our bombs went right where they were supposed- to go;" . " 'The guinlner's' wife', Mrs, Violet Saxton; lives at 22'M-ay street, arid he was- also a machinist for th'q Bristol Company before entering the AAJ?. .Sergeant Stanley J. Wldu'ch, 22. the sheet metal- worker, is the son of Mrs.- Daniel- Prot-a'S'an of Spring street. His wife is- Mrs. Dorothy Widuch of 125 Qulnin; street. When the -big 'bombers return from assaults-on Hitler's war machine, they aro carefully checked for battle damage. If they have received' any flak or machine gun rills, the planes are moved into one dr the .huge hangnrtj,' and there Sergeant Widuch and- his' c.Few go to work- repairing the metal surfaces,' : "Sometimes 'the battle' holas ai-e •io big you can crawl through them," said Sgt. Widuch, . "However, we do a good patching'job; and tho' planes arc soon ready to fly over Hitler's factories- deep in ermriny and drop their loads Sen, Caraway Is Disappointed Over Her Defeat .'Washington, Aug. 7—(UP)—Mrs. Hattic Caraway of Arkansas predicts that when she leaves the senate next January it will be some :;timc before there is another wom- •an'Kenator, •'Mrs. Caraway has been in the senate nearly 13 years as its only elected woman member. She says she.has no particular plans n.fter she leaves office. She.,ndds that her dcfeat-at.the polls last.month was "disappointing—^-a' bitter surprise." Too Late To Classify LOST— Bank Book No. 4C..1-I4 on Naiigatuck Savings Bank has been lost. Any person having claims on said book is called up- 'on to present the.same to the barilt 7 within two r mon l tlis or the same book will be declared cun- cellc'd and extinguished, and a new one issued' in' lieu thereof. Dated at Naugnt'u'ck,- Conn., Augr. 7,, i9«; Aug. 21 194-1; Sept, 5, 104-1 NOTICE Prior to' entering the AAP July 1942, Sgt., Wldueh worked' at the Naugatuck' Ohemical tr.i JJau- g'atucl<. ". ' vcre- delayed for varying periods' up to an hour, while the freight car was cut out of . the Boston- >ound train ' and the fire ex- ingulshcd. The blnze was-.diacov- ••red by the conductor, who hear'd mall tubes containing black powder explode. However,.most of the ylindera were riot touched off. District of Naugatuck, ss, Probate Court, August 7th A D. 19-14: . ESTATE OF Frederick Senirow; late of Naugatuck, in said District; deceased. . Upon the application of Ottilia Semrow praying that an instrument in writing purporting to be the last will and: testament of said deceased'may be peeved',approved; allowed and admitted to probate; as.'per application on file more fully appears,- it- is ORDERED—That said applica- .tlon, be-. Heard .and determined at the Probtfte Office in Naugatuck, in said District', on the'llth day of August A'. D. .1914; at 10 o'clock in the. forenoon and that notice be given oC the pendency of said application, and the time and place of'hearing thereon, by' publishing the same once in-some newspaper .having a circulation in said Dis- 'trict, and by posting'a co'py thereof .on the public sign-post in the town .of Naugatuck, in-said'District, and by sending, postage prepaid;.a ]lkc .notice to each of each of the known heirs residing, outside this District to the Guardian a'd Litcm and to- Joseph E; Talbot-'at' 203 .Church street, 'Naugatuck, Conn., as attorney for. Avald Semrow of the U.'S. Army at least three days before said day assigned. STEPHEN J. SWEENEY, Judge. e a r a n G e Entire Balance of Dressesi Sl'ax Sets, Playsuits and Sportswear Must Go! ALL SALES MUST BE FINAL SLAX SETS AND PLAY SUITS Reg. $5.98 to $7.98 Those formerly marked $8.98 to $16.98 and BLOUSES $3.98 to $5.98 '2.59 2 for $5 MESH HOSIERY , Gotham Gold' Stripe" : Celling 1-rice $1.18 59c 2for$l BAGS $2' to $5^8 PRELEG LEG LOTION Reg. 59c & Tax ..... 19c plus tax Spring Goats & Suits Reg. to $39.98 . SHORTY COATS Reg. to ! $19;98 ON THE BRIDGE

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