Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 29, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1916
Page 7
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uctton Orparf tner i % * & f f» r i f v F'tm "it 1!• ;•• t Use ns filth. ,V f-J BALKS OUT 5M.F. -!• ffikfin n ? U*i"- prire bry~»p(] Janimr? 1. 1 HI R. T.n~f '-Ml CROKER WILL RETURN Vindication. ,f {».,- lifnt' of <"--rn*» .; ') ! s o Pl<<".-!!m ;,,!!!•. >>], l..;,,!;,.^."!-'!,-. Hn( | d-itv in ! , ** • iy*' ."•*. r • - - --- [ p : ,rt ,.r ii, Formor Tamnmtiv Leader Will ": ; ? :i , :l11 "", Ul " " fh " r1 Kmi i •' nub ',-, bo:n Hi. v vf;it!c In COT Start'His Horses On Tbo r Trn-rks. mi>noi)n-| ir *< * i, flu* 1 y hlcT) •H on tlii-- «!•!<• of <!,,• oki-r IH .1 irre:ii ,i.lnii!'T 11 n\ >' I,-111 of i.| • i -.lllH! -I II' I the r •.•.in Its it liM" prodnc,-.!. Ih- do.-i not believe Ameiii,-in bred hornet n ill begin to <nitipar,c with the Kiu:llsh hl'I'H" >1 litllll MVi-l.'ll yc-ll?' Croker eonflded that be \v;c« retu. - inn.t to' tnke pact in the KnKitsh mret- lt\K» while the witr I.H li) proin'eMH, That is pufTb ion! renjioti, be be!lcvo«. to State thnt hi* holers a^.iin will be Been on trackH in the i'tiln-d staes. THE PASSING YEAR HAS BEEN A BLOW TO BOXING SAYS SPORTING EXPERT My II. t". Hamilton (I'nite.i PIT art Staff Cot rcMpvinb nt > New York, lie« , J !».-•• A year of In- iwtion by tSKhters and their matuiKerw. rthother year of demands for enormous' films to box, arid a year in whleh Some of the ll.'ihb!<«t chami'ionf ever prodlirrd have been content to !<it sc- <ftjrely on their lanrelf, is ihe pn;;llistie UtialydM of 111 I'! , ^CJij^iiplonship bout:,* of b|i;!i caljhrf rtftVe bei otne MO narce tbat the man Who formerly become nil worked 1 up over the prospect of ner-im: a cham- -Oloii nnd A n*'ar-champinn sot to- Ift'ther KI'oWH Very Illtle excited How- tldftVM when the word IN passed out til at a title-indder iM about to ri*k it. No-dpcifilon boii!,s and the mercenary U-ndeneies of Ihe lighters have done their duty. The old Muht Karne is In- tiorhiK nnden a tremendoiiH handicap. ill the year (hat i;i nlipptntt • by illt«r«' have been mighty few bout.H for cljnmpio|i«hlp(4. The ellisise i'reddie Weiwh, lightweight title holder, ban en- KiMied in two niixupH over a marathon rmitc. I'll ft he tackled "*.\d Woltfast, poor old wobbly Ad who Mill thin);.* ho can heat the beM and then In Hfiarcd Chin He While and the public for a I wetity-iound affair In Colorado |"-ol,,->!'!.Y (o l!l< riianii ierizod, ibf PfT.siftn i>-!ii;!nn. So • '.' i'M". >». h'ltcvrr r> !.«;«• inny !>*• «nbl of him, v. a>j certnlnlv :><*{ (in. ItJoin'or.— Cbri'-iifiti liernld. Guard the Thoughts, r'rllii.'r not nv.iiy \\hHt U 1, ft of thy ill'' li: thoiii;h!.<< iifiou! ot!ii.r<s, unless tlmi) i-iui''! brlnt the^e tin,light's info, ri-hillon « ith some, comttjon i!i;ere<;;. - Miircu« Aiirelhi:-.. Not Ambition*. Minn fin?;'-. M.he« it n bnid on the mind. STERLING BOARD OF TRADE ,V.i \ >•, i II ;ii!<l y'.ilrilcvnn M(nihel'l Ho;ir<l of Tr.ole. t 'Illc-Ulo, •:i -1 .- ,-.,.,!! U,.;K ' ;/ ;.'-!? -^ : : \,\ t ,.„),,:.,..,. ,.,,„, - > M-'-f! ? V !"•). ' A I i M ti t I H T I {<- ,, • ; '. T-? '. \r » ^ . , rn-it .'• IT ' i t : ''\'.-\-<r. ' .., •.rn..,r. ? - , - •tr-t AH-,. \l F-,I »NK.--1 ' \ ,', .! I- is! ~ I ; SPARROW HAWK Open Wheat I )ec. i l. . Mav 1 M JM!', i ::i Cot h Ii,.,. Mtiv J 111 y Oats !>.'!• May .Inly Pork M.iy 1)! L', Jan. Lard .May IH'.Jan Ribs •iV "l I '!.' l:: 7.". .-. ••* '.' l \ *'>*•! '. .5 : S High t.'-:.'-.. i r.i\ l :;••*., .:..'»\ '.:r, :. i >-* /, ,.,(,!, ,, t . ••• l"»rf.j,.,„/,„,.,,„ ..„,,. ''•'I )- r? tl1 '"--- "•" n " "''.,»/ mM-e -v/•'•'-•'••• •«•'•' '"' ^'"" ! ;T.. ; -h:h« i -»H, : . r " of .,.-,. •,,,. ,, :! rr ; „ MK-M' Ml ••••• . -( " r (hi - •• hnlli ,..,] .., , „. , ?'•' :-••'••• -. i''"!i;di-iK!;;;;:,.:;. „,'„.„.,,". HELP WANTED— FEMALE '..',' A X T 1 : f \V < ' >,' A ?-,' i:;\ir- -it :"" ,,,,) ,?,,,|hic; |,-,v •:-,,] ' f'-'ii j! f -i s IH:U'i i'-l lini; eoi!<- i 'ATT!,!* ' x- , l,r.i'- f'.'^ll ;l||.) !,',!•;,-• i ll'-j,,,; !hot,.I!l!>lhrr- •oillitS)"! l-.'dl.'- : f, e-'liv-.s S toil!-: "- \-.i sf.-r-i 1 hH i-' ;. j:o.-»l fhriflv of e:,(:l. S» rid f,.f <-Mllo i: i|.-. S IH'.AI' i'liiili (iXI'iiiUi 1 !l l SI IKKP S< \ i n i-iv. •>.. on. Inn 1; *•". H?:.\!> i >!•' MI >i;s- I'd l-o <'!'in-s l.?,.o,| :.o«-. ;: stoek |H, : ;S, t". I'lr.--! < n-.-h. !.;I»;HIC.- fall | > SIT llf-- lil «jff- l I'..I mint' rm;« ;it t(cle« M.M'HINKHY Tu,, intnl tr:)i--K. !)"i-!ini: 7-fi •in hsnd.'t-. S ind-.s ich :i-i-foot ,,.-.,, wild i,t> t< to inn vslih <>r)Klne; ;; tiew in pfowj" with surface ilt;o.-iniun',-i. 1 siirfaci' plo\v. 1 !''.m«T- piow, 1 Hich I-'lylnif !>!!!• hit),in ;-;u>s: plow. 1 X-ltfiy niilky ! <'.l,«c witu toii^ne truck, t I'iitn.i.x -ii'i-tl',-. I «talk rake, 1 MH- l,vticfl. J'e.Jti;;-, «> i; lv«-n (j.n ,,f .;,J, '.ii ycrttiini'. h'lf"r.M. .'! f-i!) !s< if"! < -T I- V«-u :.'i Hi-;,\!> <H' HiMIS I*! On roc rnofre iOOl.M-l.inine la- ! \v ',,'H'!. "','."« " |l5 ' n "" >! ' " ""' ' f "'"" '" ! look MOV,-, t Wo,,,i,., • ,,,-, ,. M . rK! , V p ,.,,.„„„„,, H ,, (a , i i'.nir^.U chunk „„;,«. '-''"'•-• ->m Iv k nt-. 1 Conl.l A- Schaff (I \V ANI> fSISAIN |, t i. ,-orn in = llli; .",l!!l I'll o-|t< III Illll. H of choii r> Tlmolliv )i]i\ i>i I'Dit p:ni |>'il- r il,:fl",l " ' " U ' '""' ' '" ' '""'' " IIAMN'KSS drivlni; hul n< .•'iiii;!'- h(ii !>' <, lot -of li'miik-n't*. KAIt.M MA«'HINi:i! V 1 Kmpirr nUlkiliK iiinclilne in n i e i-veiv d'i\'; I' hox wanoni. hav inck .'ind f.'o'k wa;;- on, ^' MoHiie iijiuiiue •Jjiri'/uli-rs. 1 *,foot Mcf'ojinlck irrain hurvcMter. new; AlrCortrHck corn hnrve«ter. n"w; TC» KKKP \Vf-f f-'U-tli Sr !",!-! "-•" •u Kirn 'tir.N' i "'"'"'•.r,i.,r.L'j th<' ,f •••hvot H>n '*„.. iri nuHc *H^ i •••? H r-"\ *:^ : I *i - ,jf ,i ,-. , •, r ,.,l "u. i*\iivf •i.s-. rif.rt!', rtf f n! • 11 i r; c w a t t*f. 1 XV H Mi f'k5J% l.M-lSi -..- . ...-. _ — "*««. TWft H?>r,<B<l- r ' I-' !!o>,ii|o,.n «9% at Martin Iti<»« \Vaitf «•-< t!. Hoc!; V'iMAV- r;<Hii» WOMAN' ' ! H nil!!, rill for -f:em>nil lion«:<MVor)< in e> >-;n- try about 1 'jj mlb's fmtn H!«--Thmr F'>Pv ItKNT n-mo.-l of t fooiiv! «'•-:>••-!) tn SALE-—REAL ESTATE 'OH H ! v. A fine K-!•onrn. I esirli-ni'e isfl p:i^''--.! Allot her at $"i nni», .1 '-tly tt)">!<-!!> H :1 1 Sl.iiiii'! O. YV<!j-,! i.M -!*,.•>, I :l nfflro «?liif«* •p*-klc btiibUmt ' All rnoilf ri! <f>firr-n. pt b«-?ii. i ! o««o<j«{oti Jan« ', H. AJrCIoy. apt-nt. 1"'»U Hi-INT Honio four I.lorkM fr*»*« ; ,jown town, four room*? tind rn'^S» "rn, room. eb-eUie liirhiff. liiuuiii' J. M. .MiXJ itioj'si)! It.-uik Hid«, Jtiha« FOH SAIJ: FINF. ."oFNTrtv IIOMI-; i I.-OH HKNT ',-HOO.MH IN T "Ith lily eonvcrdpneeM ;nid f<-«- ;icre^ ! 7-i(i«trn bon««, rlo«»» fti, nult: uroinid. At railrorid «t;ition and ch^e bou'if4i"riiin>r. Writ.e "M. « to >-ehool :>od M.u. M I'.;uti. KJII ,'u ; c, i <: ; i/ott.. or cnll 1!<-11 JXUHl cbleken boiim-, »reh:ird nnd e!r All' m i'i«':il place for faniH-r who wbdie*.* to! <» |k. r<n;« nr>il prefer': a few to Tr- i: i:..rj u.i'i F:.«;J CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. Chlrrt^i. 111,.. !H:r, 'J'.). on's open steady, Left ov r Mixed 14.2S4 $lfl. ;,!),<?!< )o 75 10.70 JS».iH<r1 in.55 $1" -'l''f'lll.4o i 'ii<!|e, steady. Sheep, Mron« • 'a Mb- '. 4,0(1(1 Sheep '.i.dllil lions' ( lo«in:i' fairly active and ui-ak. at early decline; ,">c lowt-r than xeMenlav'H averac*". Length, atout ten inchrsfl. Thin is one of thf best known and handsomest, aa well ns the smallest, of North Am«rlcan hawks. Range: Hrft^ds throuKhorit tho United States, Canada, and northern Mexico; winters in the United States and south to Guatemala. Habits and economic B tat us: Tho ap&rrow hawk, which IB a tru« falcon, Urea Jn the more open country and builds Ha nest in hollow trees. U ia abundant in many parto of the West, vhcre tele ) graph jjoles afford It convenient parching and feeding pliwo». Ita food conslnta of insects, stn&ll mttmmalt,.birds, BplilPi-8, end reptiles. mower, i ("b>-ui Hwpop liny r, ! Tb.Jina-i hay tedder, 1 peerr No. 'i i..;;. piant«--r. 1 mi!k rack. 2 bay raek>i. I r,'i-^,i! fe. d cooki-r. I boh I iial\;inl:-''d tunk, 2'i*'" fret. n>> new; I'.'ft for>| n;n.M pipei, 1 '^ inch. cii:'«-i out H!iw, xndillp. Cowboy tank lieatvr. wheelbarrow. Iti-foot IIM!- i'« is of work tsar- and 1 hirvcliiriff hnrin"i«. 1 dippirn: tank, flv nelH. Waterloo Hoy 4- h<.'M> power j:a« ejiju-inf, Corn lie • ciimb-r. 2 f-hox-eluic bo:iuls, bar. • board*, abi.sit I". torsH clover hay i-, linrn. three dor.en food Rirred Hock llci.x. ('..Hie pup .s month;! old, 1 «nr- rey. 1 top l»UK.i.*v. 1 Nte«d roller, 1 -TTP (ernatioiial liay loaijer, 1 (iran'il Detour usam; plow. Sale to commence, nt 10 o'clock. 1'ree lunch, at !-,i».n. TICH.MS All wrnnn of Jin and under. • VIM)). uvr>r that amount a credit of 1? en on npprovecl Mr<*oimick inowor, neiv, I Mo!hi" bay louder, Kt>Mtoti" *-id" delivery rake, 1 Moline com planter, 2 dlw hario^n, •\valklntr plows, 2 !I;UTOWK. 4 ridimr plow*. .Mtullc cutter, new; 1 Hterlliu; Meeiter, I bob Hied, 1 KVyxtonf potato |(tnnter, ! sprimr wncou. i rubber tired <-|ty lot, W, S. MeC'lov, Stef!,*,!- |;',2 !'»K SAI.K -N'I'.W ••'in boiiMc, ! iiofi S.MA1.I. MIHWOI'Kl FA1JM, $Ut ('Aoll and $Fi monthly; no Interest or taxefl; hlKhlv productive laind; clos*- to 3 blK markets. Write for photograph* nnd full information. Munttcr A-172 N. V. Ltfn DltlK.. Kansma City, Mo. i •<">!£ IlKNT IHifSK. . II.-. J. d C i month, Sheldon. FOR SALE -MISCELLANEOUS I .1. SALI-: LAHY'H 1'LUHU COAT, r< Sh IH, worn twlco. ('nil Holt 2ZS* lf.2 S* pjr. 1 br.*akl!iK cart. 2 buggy polen, 5? KHH 2'^. 1 'i horar power, Ilfld llolh boiilH were ridlctilotiN. judged fr«ih! the Mlandfiojiit of chain|don-niak- |JU2 cxhlbltlonH N'"'ltber of the men could be cla.ssed aw worthy of a cbaiu- llion'.s hlull. A.^idc- from then- bout.s Wt'!«h ban ciiKiiKetl in many ten round affair* and has demonstrated that no t*fi<* can t'titi-ii him ovrr ihe ti-ti nuind route Wlien he ehoonoji to run. Jv<-a 'iViliard. the heas y Wel>;bl trail hax been e\en worse |-\if|ow- cli'cii.s In I lie Miiimier inoiiihH. aKiiln.Hl iiubliviiy .ii the bin hulk IIH.S cilKajtod tiHl'y"onM^lioiit. and that with Krank ofj(Ti"^' ! ,4'r'tbe (en round route. Their be no chalice of KctfiiiK him lolo'*(i loni:er liont, althon,;h .sr'.eial iltleini'l^ have been made Johnny Kilb^ine ban ib'fended Ins Illle JIIHI onct- in a hunt of more than tun rounds, and he ,MN||V <H.H|>oMcd of <}i*oi'Ke Cliaiiney on that occaHion. Thi'i'e IM woine exctin*' for Kilbaae, for tJUM'e al' Uien of bin \'.einht eoin- |*«tent to Kl\'c him a real IboroiiKh titfiil. He H«.'i been aiu:lniK for a ni.iirb With 1'Yeildic Wflnlt, and If he ir*s.--. it. lit 1 may help xtir Ihiniin up in the CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. .•htenni.. III.. Dec, l'!t Wheat- No. 4 red. J17'M-^; No. 2 hard winter. il.T'Jl-^. No. 'J northern «!'iin^, Jl.Mt.1-4: Xo. :i northern Hprinif. $l«!!3-4. .No. ^ mixfd. :t;M-»Si'.»-' 3-4; N'o. 'J nil\<-d. '.'I l--5iSC; N'o. 4 mixed. S91/!K't N mixed, v lM; Ni>. 3 ; No. 2 ;ill-4'ii !'2 1-2; No, 4 yello« r , M »-2«» SO 1 -2: No. yellow, ss i o, L' wiiite, 1-b; No. ;>, whin-. 1U I-2 1 -! !C 1-2; No 4 white. S'.i l-2*Mtl 1-4; No, 5 white. SS; Sample ^rade. Kl( <i S8. O.Ht; - No, •,' mixed, .r.j 1-4; No. 3 white, f. 1 .",- Mi r,2 |-i; No. 4 white. .M 1-4V51 1-2; ritd., r.2'a T.2 ;t-4; M McCoy IH Mill) the alle<:e.| mid- l^hl rhaiii|iion. with no oni- | ii, illg hi" clainiM M'lioiiwly, I.e.-. li.iioy b,i;. till,en on ' rvi'i'v tiling l»tS < nllld n'nd in Ansilalla and ha* lillidcd iir'-^iif' iiiiiiilry li may be •\hal Ihln .Miutli ttli! beljr brin«' ba< k thl< old lime pi.-|". 'i'es Kit Kard. the tnull who made HW^wilib- I In- woibl'.M cliiinipioii^iiiji bout bftHeell James .1 Jellrie.s and .1 o. I,. .lotuu.oii ,H iit'iio, IMII; iioiiii; IM.-. bptii to KlcK 1 -' n litlle lil«« into (In- .!>:ir.; ;.yiinr N'eKotiutlnu for Madison Sij.i.iie ildrilen and M.HU- o| |!|.. i,...--; hont> \1 ; , \V<'i"ld (mild,,,.. i!-,i ni.i^i.'i jo-.. I I8<j|rl' Iliifl plolliihi-d a n ,IV!ii of i.ii.tlil- |»ionHbl|i eoi-:<e*|j. yia! v%ill IIMII up JffW YO| I, III ; III! .Ill) one Ai-idf Iron-, (he ('.-irjH-i:! i.-i - \\ ijl.vfl KV, one bt'twecn 1..•.-,- l'aie\ Jjilioll or (ii-ol^i- I 'ai'i i-n( !•• " lui?* a.iuion i j, ed { b,, i [it-•',.,;! | biMit |i,.| u ,-i-n \\', i:-i| ., li.) ]; x i Ijlso is .IU4U! nii: .HI .in t-linui Wiii pi,i. .- Maidi > KI '•> f.. i -, iMiilH- di'.,, j^ \ Hi;; )., ,01 Jllol I' I " ' II (!:,.• i •!.. . , , ;, I ', Mai ley >v'i/ I _".? li>e No.' 1 . 1 . «i ::i; i-'j. STERLIiyG CITY MARKETS '^Corrected Iiaily) (.Mut<fH Dillon I'ompaiiy.V New No ,'! \ ellou corn S t : NI-W No. 4 jellow (oin ; . , H.' ',•„><' U'hite O,,IM 4~ r No. ;i mixed oatH 4. r ii\\ heat JI.KI ityu , . .s»5c HarSey s5c LIVE STOCK. (I*i|iju"l't Bros, &. Co.) Kat stfiTH S!l.iitV''i 10.20 1 *ow» $*',,<)*!'«*7.00 Shi-ep , rrickntu, and terrestrial and caterpillars mako up considerably more than half its subsistence, whllo fl«jld inlre. hous» mice, and ahrewa cover fully 25 per cent of its annual supply. The balance of tho food includes birds, reptltei. and spidora. Contrary to the usual habits of thn species, Borne individuals during ihe breeding season cajituro nestling birds for food for tbotr young and create considerable havoc among the eongstera or" thft neighborhood. In agricultural dfcsrfjrts when new ground is broken by the plow, they sometimes become very tame, even alighting for an inatant under the horsea in their endeavor to solze^ * worm or insect, Out of 410 stomachs etaminod, 3U were found to contain inancta; 129, small mammals; nnd "(^ small birda. This llttlft falron rnndera good Bervice In dpstroylnK noxious inflects and rodentH and should bo encouraged and protected. * months tune will be note (J pe,r rent intfr^Ht from dat'- if paid when due; otherwise 7 per cent from duto of «ale. No property removed until :;etl|ei| for, XV, J. HA1HI). H. I. JlnrrinKton, <ieo. II. HurK* 1 . Henry V, Olds, Auctioiu>er.i; M. K. VVil- .;rr, t'lerk. I>ec. 22.- 23. 26, 27. 20. ,1I>. CLOSING OUT -SAL.1! AH I am KOI UK' to <iuil farming wi! Hell a! tniblii- auction. 6Vi miloH north- wr*u of SterlinR, 2 mJlesi north uwl -^ of a mile wtNi of Emer«c>n on thc^ieo 1 c(jrn Ktlcc-r. 1 fodder cutter and Id- foot carrier. 1 funiHiiK mill and xritder. 1 cutter, Ki'lmNtone, wheePiarrow, I litter carrier. 1 hand Kraft* ««/'ed''t. i po- tWlO plow Mnsi-|-:j.LANKorS--ii. mtik caiiH. 2 milk pa KM and strainer, I Heeti ivirn dryer. 1 K-lwrrel jjiilvanizrd tank, tank heater, fueil troiiKii. band potato tsuray- er. 200 t?t-l buy rope. 1 block »uid tackle with I" 1 ' feet rope, hop: tnnnrhH, 1 cn-ciillon fnrmicr kettl and other artlclcH ton mnneroiui to •mention, A f»nv bou.sehold rtockH, rto. Tobian Kroehler will Mell on the pa in- term« of wule 1 brown ; 0 years ritlDAV. JANl'AUV, C, KMT". the following ileHcrilKMl ]iro|)p| tj/: ia JJ<»lSSEH^-«. % onHlelini; of H tt-arn of Krey niun*H, 9 ami 11 years old; team iron Rrey mares, 7 ami 8 years* olil; Ki'ey Ki'Hlhi". M yearw old; lirowi mare, ii! family itrlver; team H, 3 anil 4 year* old; j;rvy Keld- IIIK. ~ yearn old; brown gchllnK, 1 year • Id; roan Kehlin;-:, 1 year uhl; i wean- llnc Illh. 4'J iIHA!) <iK (*ATTr.B-~ of is iiiilt-h COIAH, Miine fre^H atuS will In- hy <lay of ,salc; 7 head, l-yt-ar. old lu-ifer«; ! yearliiiK -nicer; if. head psjirittk' calves; 1 tsmal! cafycs; 1 tlior-, oilKhltri il hull, f ( ytrars oltt. 3L' IfKAJJ ofabutit 20 K ooi I sow*, balance KXHH! thrifty bar. row«. FAHM MAtUllKKKY— 3 triple box ; «tii*l trus;k ; top biiK«y; Deputy Sheriff. al quntlflcnticm, <>r examina- for <m*' who would *' « deputy i*hi"riff, .bt>;*oiid cour- Bg*p, Jutt'Migoncf Htid the willingneBB to Bcrve the public h!H'rc(*tH. No tion,, is LEGAL NOTION BIDS WANTED. Htate of Ulinois, | WliiifMflc ('uuitty. t U.K. Town of -lot,Ian. I The connni'-.'-ioners of highways hay rack; hay ruk«-; side delivery rak«<; mower; Mci.'oniilck 8-fool bind, er; niannie uprejuler; 2 riding" corn cultivators; walking corn cultivator; Mi*V« corn planter with ICO rods wlrp; i I-foot txftlcr wilh graK« need attacli-. met!, Kooti-«M nt-vy; j^tMerson jrang plow; 16-Inch walkiiis plow; 14-inch walk- IIIK .plww; 3-wciioi! harrow; ICiuurtmu H^wheel dine; lfi-whe ( »| dlsc^ Tower tmlverivier: tioh ,M|«MI: fanning mill: hand coin .shelter: .swill cart; wcahl- iii« kettle; tin T" Will liveive f»' ;>l t iicl Ion tu at- f .b.i.liui -In said cuu'ily l.idw for the con- with tlu> map?;, LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. <«'-.i.*h HaxKel ijroct-ry.) Dairy—Retail, I <i . i I'iiincry liuHei " 1 >a;i \ hul tor .42e Dairy- I >.( IM |MI( i.'i . > . . :{'.!.• I'Vc. 1 -!! C:..:iiM . . . ' i*l,' New Vegetables. I A .-* <3erde».) H.-:|.| !. Ho.. -, i., r h,-,ui Jtt,: t'eici V, mi -h , iji* < No i;miini> each . '. ISo .$:.'.on pbii:>- ,i!nl spci-iltcalions tlu-ri-foi p»ucd in ibo t-oimty supi'linteiHleni of bit:ii«a\> of .-.ii.i VVhtteNido I'ountj'. of >;iii\ii roaiis and culvert*- In haul Town of .lord. in i. quinni: as ctUimittoil .( ;;i,ivil ami "int. 2 i ( -i-iifiM n il concret I, >.fi.l in a *.-ah'd SWccl l.-ol;jfoe.-v Ji'li-'t-y. !.', ii.'.-i Hi, i-.,u.i !,.-.. : ' .III! I .1 j I 'l .uiheri !• x. I'll" ( |,' i I J| l-,.'| , . |s|:.. : lol! •>,.,! J S;-!:,.^ !, ll, *,.«.-,* C It III- itlllC \.Uil-. i-:.idi iiid n\.-li.|,> ailiiir.-.--.-,! to lh. Town «'l»riv of sihl Tuxvn .«( .lout,iii ami In- vtct-iijii- (iiilHi (I liv ,l ".-IIHilit check or tell |"-| e.-rst of th, i,ii} juviitil, to Ihe Irc.i.sor- «'!' •:( li.e | ,,,(,( ,ili,! Ill fuill! Hi ,-:aiil To\V tt/l'f .).,!.t.lll. AiT liuiii IiiSi,-t lie .<!ihliutt.-ii on (lie fo| m U htc-il I 1 .ill lie olilitim li ill Whet i- 11 iliiplii- >lc t ..j'\ of I tie plans und iil'i'- \\\\\ (••<• n. .Utd ;it Uo' la-.V of- five of. l-'i.iiik J How m..n. Sl.-iliiij.:. (II unui .'o'liot-u >' M of .l.uniary :,. liHV Yi.v t .iniinr-.-ioiii i ., |..-.»-M>- lh>- iij;iit to r« ;e.-i ,i!i \ ,111.1 ;il| !'],(.-, l>a!. .I. i ', , t oil-er )",. ivMii. >- li l',oi! i 1 i .i vim; Mon, - .1 v,' EXECUTOi I. i ( f'-.-!. :;iiiKlc li.lines.',; -| hens and 1 Tom turkey. HOt'SKlIoU) I'UHNITin:E I nix. hole cool; htove: Itoyal (Hik soft coal heatf-r; Motile hou.-ti hold fti.i niinrc and oth4-r in ticleH too iiuiiit^rousTo ineiilion. I'Yee lunch nt 1! o'clock; hale Htarla ;iitnu<il}iiie|y after. T10HMS OK KAI,K Ail Ktmia <»f $),}» mil under. ca«h. Over thtu iuiiouitt li' montliH will he jilv«»ii on apjiroveil imtj* heurlnK S fer rent interf^t from date if paid when due. Othurwixo 1 per cent from di»U> of wtle. No iMojii'i'ty to he ivinovcd until MctdciJ for. HKNKY WINK. H. \ t . Herrinfiton, Auuiioiieer; M. Ii WiiKcr, i.'ferk. Uce. 2;'. X'3. 29, 30. Jun. 2, 3. PUBLIC SALE. Inlenillim to reiuuv^r'r^ will tifil at imhlie auction on the taini known as •he l)r, .ItniiiiiK'ts i)!at:c. owned Ijy W. K. Thackali* rry, almty 3 tnile.s Mouth itul 3 miles \v«'t>i. of Mi'»"frlwon, 5 inl'en iottli of I'Viitoii, z mile.-* Hoiah of i'rai' "if t'OiiliT. ii^hf .".ouiji of the Cn-ea .'alley M-hool, on MONOAV. ,!A.\(?AUY STII. oiitHleiieini; \viiit lice lunch at noon;: ..tie ininieiiiateiy after, the following : :". IIKAI> of HOK^Kh! ronsiMiiiK •:' luown man- ii >,'/irs uld: hrowu maic 1 i year* old; Ill-own i;i. idiii« 4 jeaiweM, old. weieht 1.2<>0: I hu«Ky |>ole, and 1 net of doui'li- drlvltiK hainctsa. !•>«•«• lunch at noon. T*;UMfi OK HALE—All Hum* of-$10 and iniitar, cfu^h, Ovr-r that ninOutit' 10 month*' will bc< Kivcn on approved _note-s, licMrliiK fi I'cr cent intt'f« ; «t from "date, if paid whun «!»«, ot)i<<rwlKfi>? per i-^nf from dfttc 'if «nl«. No property removed until »»>tth*d for, !•'. O. Unniley and <;c<>r»;e K. l-'ruin. Aii.-tioneei.H; Clifford (.'ray. t'lerk. lOl-lf.3'1 CLOSING OUT SALE. IntendiiiK tn -iiiit farming I will sell at public auction without rtt«er.v i the .1. H, 55,->ok farm. If) juilcH of ,\forrl«on, 7*4 rt>ih«s nouthwent of rhndwlck, 7 rnlle.i went of t'oleta and Vi mile iiorlh of Mt. Carmel Itruni. on W KDN KS !> A Y. .1A N. 3j_ J !> 17, ' ijexiniilnK at Mi;i)0 o'clock; Tret- lunch :t*t nunn. 2 HOKSiOS ! h«y mau- « years old. 1.1 Ml, in foal; 1 gray mare, fi year* old, In foal. \vfiKht 1,300; ] |, rt y mnro 12 yearn old, in foal, weight 1,250; 1 *<»r«>l KddiiiK, 12 ywir« old, l.l"o; 1 liay inare, fi years old, 1,2.10; I hay mare 4 years old. 1,100; 1 uray Kfitilnif oomlndt 3 weight 1,100; 1 dark mare 7 yt>nr.s old. of ?—l-KACK OX KAUM ItY ihc yf-;ir l»y mnrrinl ninii. \Vritf "K. K." rni'i- of {.iitzottp. I&2--1* farm by inar- \VANTKI> — riwoc rliHl num. Sl«'«t of rcI<T«>Hc-PH. In- (|«lff »t Hcitzcl Bnm. poultry I>«UKP. MIS^LLANJBOUS I'Al'LKY'S UPHOT.RTKUINO HOH- pltul, Imsprnent tjrner IxH'uxt and Fourth St«, 139-lG'l LOGAN* nuOH. OIirnKSTUA— KOK dates c-all (}. II. •164O. , Boll phonp 135-160 A1."TO KIH10 A.X!) THKI-T INSUR* itnce. Life mcmliorHhlp $(!. Y^nrly dues $1, A!HO Auto Inability, Fire anil Accident IiiHiimnrr. Will pity you to nee mo., Acinus H. liner. I^ww- rerioo HliJtf. 127-152 XOTICB—I WILL NOT UK HESJ'OX- «llile foTany debts contracted by anybody than myHHf. L. W. Itei'tstH, li>7G Avo., Detroit, .Mit-h. I'«H SAM-:- STKXMTYPK. NI-'W 19J«» I'ainh I.Ki Addre.HM, ('hnH. M Ham* rilolid, fiOl bit Aye.. HterllilK. 152-15t* IT 'ILK 1 SALK--Tli«« ii <!ei-|il>"(| to rnovo ttwtty . 1S17. the' follriwIlIK pro?*'] head of hom^ii and irtul«i; * .^cll nt |I!K resideiH'i'. 16 nill*»n en»it of Hterlliift on TlairmlAy, nnry 4th erty: 18 28 lirad ut i attle. . 2j head «f 1erm«y lm*od ?«>WH; » full llnp farm impiernpntu; liarnPMS nticl b Ki<'«t, eir. l-'rep luiii-h at 11 Siile Imnifilliiti'lv after. T«>rm«, NuniN of $10 iirul nntlor cash: thitt aininint n credit of 12 in time will he Kivon on biinkublp dniwim; «tx percent dilte of H{(1<>. H»Kh I'lnnili-y anil Howiti, .1. H. Itoxs. rU-i-k. 1TH1JO SAIJv-I will <i! : tr ; on the \Vm. Mntthfw fn»"»n i t tick, aliout ttlno txillt*^ ir rtli'iuat Morrison and one inllt- w<"Kt f Hchffol hoiiKr 1 on 'Ptuwldy, ". 1!H7. with free turicli it i jon, K»& immediately after rattl'*-. a horwK. 11 rood NOWH. chicl OIIK, O:MH. liay. corn odder, •Nover .seed corn, .Tiachln<*ry, l.'HUiil termn. 11. Onirwskl. 150-IElf K<»lt SAI.K \Vynndottu pullotM. ir,^-ir,4* llritt. Kock KallK. 16t I HAVK CAHUY-ALL SLKICHK AXI) will taUo out nil klnd« nt NloiKli ri purllc.x. H. iMUfftvrd. lioth phones. IG2tf WANTED^ \VANTl-:i>-The I'hllanihiupic committee; would appreciate it very mnch if ttoimi charitable di»po«i'<S wotibl furnlHh them with a wardrobi"' in which the bettor clotii- in« could IIP Mtnru'I until Call Hell phone t;3l-U. 150-152 !.ir.ft; spriiiK fnirs; 1 H. comiiiL' one and two y»>ar» . Hlr«>d by (Jokl 1'lafe, full lirotherH, weii m»tcln*J ami Uio muking of a nood 41' CATTKK-14 wood Miial 1'urpose •Shorthorti cow««, some nthei.i u»uvy Mprhifc-erM; M yearliiiKH: i;t ojirtnn ; Shorthorn hull {pure hied) '.'• oh). Miire and Kcntle and an «>x- rft Kood om». •11 HO4JS—Ili yomiK MOWH, nil hreii, o««l unfa; -4 hiirroiA-fi, r<'ady for mar- et; I Poland China hour, 1 year old !UO Klis'H Pl.MJ.irrs- AIwo a full >( farm <maehjnery, coiiHJ.«tliin of V.'A.VTHD—-IIIDK.S. KUH8 AND kindM of jutilt. I alHo huve u nice line of Kurd tirex sit It would pay you to InveKtitfato h<f- forf» upllitiK your Junk or buying tirea. I). Munfletd. 13Gtf WAKTRD—UOAHN BAKIIKK THADI5 —world's most profitable trade. Quickly learned. Write for'fntwlojj. 201 16th Street, Moliiif, III.. Tri-City Barber College. 133-15S WANTKD — KKCON'i)-HAN» AUTO mobiles, will pay the. highest price Alf-o sell all kilui« of repalrn. <'st pr!c«'« paid for all kind* of fin ami hides. Mike, the $15 Tailor. Hod- phones. • 3Stf !•'«'> H SALlv liroaklliff net IIIIKK)* hnrnfan. M«-t tioilhlr* J!o%vland'n FOU SAI.K—l-TLIi m,0on CHEST* «T Whito boar. Ijirfif and !omr. ' Six inilpH wiuth Hock Falls, (So road. John Dirkn. 55J-16J FOlt HAM-:— KXI'KKHH AND THAKS4 fer. 3 auto truck** and buninf-HM c«* „ tabliHhed. Stand InvcHtlKation. $2,25$, In TH-Citi«'H. Htudh-y, l'J14 3rd Hock Inlaiid, 111, IS FOH SALK— -so bitm-d rock cocker* flu, -|1. SO to $2.00 «'uch, Stewmnl Matlu-w. Hound Orovp. 14 FOH HALIC—ONK It. FLAT HOLTQlf cornet, hlKh and low pitch, fin« ditlon. $3&. J. J. !"<jjJ SAKK -- CAHIX C'KUISKR feet lonjr. with 35 H. P. cii«ino|H.«H condition. (iood For its form at ion call 4(iO rliiR 3'B*-!! phone. !S2"15t*"^ 11ICHFST CAHll I'KICKS 1'AII) FOH bide.H and fut'N. .MutiKan'H Harness Shop, 31U I''ir«l Ave. 12'ltf AUOTIONEEES wa^uny, hiiKKi'-«, haiiK.-'« u.ahinei y. farm totti. UiiUKli feed. Also r.ome furnltuiV ami ;i line lot of apple butter. l-'Hllal tt'llllM, HAMFKL A. Xoi>K. • 10(1. .Mewl. Wiu'd Crom, Au'-tion«'er.s; Frank /«iif^chw<-! dt. C'lerk. " v, hi VK roc AND real ewtato iuicUi>nr0r. Havo nold more Hale.-t than liny ttucitntifrr in Htei linn aud Hock l''all.s Kince bej»'iu- r.injj biiBlae.sM. ftiy lontj li«t of xatiM- tied patroiiH un> mifficient r»>feronc»». <>'o anywhere. Afiikt> dates early. Hell phone. Hivsidcnco 100S Weal Sixth fit., .Sterlinu. PUBLIC SALE, 1 will Hell at public auction ii mili-n north of Hterlin.!;. -1 '/i mil{ji t,uuth- w»'«l vt foli'tu and u mih-.s liortbuawt of Alonlwon, on iDAV, JAN. 1U. I'jlT, -HK 1'cedH everytiody at li y'- clocK; haU? iiiiinctllately ultcr. The foliowiiiK Ue.scirilie.ri 'property: {. III'IAD HOUSK.S i;.»x mure, i. yi-ai'N old. weight !,,",i;(i;'ii|m--t oan mare • i yi'itrs old, HI fort), weight 1,-I<)0, liluek iMrir«^..»i yeurn old. in foal, wei^iu .),;jut); i^r.iy mare ;t year« ohl; t;ray mare (I veni .-: Dili; hay di'iycr <.- year.s. old, A. I.. COE, AUCTIONKKa. HOCK Fulls. Huve had experience in- all kinds of sales. Hold HHIPH anywhere uiui I'vi-rywhoro. Ouarantct- aimoluu Mati.Hfuction. Cun refer you to u long list of taitiHfied iHJHtomi'rw. for dates, lioth phones. J. C. CROM AND ~ «M>rH, Cob-ta or n»' I'OR .SALK-<;OOU SLKKJH. Khehlon. i-'OK HA14: 40 IliCAD Poland China jioarn, IncludiiiK head full yearliiiKM, On Kiiicoln, ..»y^ ;!'/•! milew east of MorriHon. tut« l i'* f state phone. Simon SS'ldmlcr. *- * Fri. A- .Sat, tf' _. '~' ^ '_ _ ~ "'LOST'".' : '"" ~^ == ~* LOST '• ONI-: nf,x4>i WKKI> TIHI chain bctwci-n I3tli ,^t. and .'Iril on l.oeiifit or |t Ave. Hetiirn to f <r. Woods Store. ' lf,L'-15l LOST I'l'U lilcaMC nolify W. t.'llHCV. JUitiK. 151-15 Varieties of the Peanut. :, l lire*- varieties IS liKAD 01'' «'ATTI.K -«'i.mpr!Nli)K ' .' llllli-lj i-i.w.-.. .-i>IIH' (r<'J>ll. dtiillH S.-OHI'((,: Itl ;.<>ii!>. . Hi bt-Jfer.l I'Oliltjli; ^ >'c;iih id; !• .-.tcers coming.; 1'. aiul tiiu"ltcfe- '"rd bull cuiniitg '±. i? i 111 elll FA1 I i.iin ii i •- 1 1'utaiul 2V JJKAI. 1 l'A'l"i'l.i: iim 1 v.itij calve., .ii (j|(i; 0 1' mtlclr ci.w.s. i.'Uii'i.-< bea\> ll>;.'l;,; 1 ;i V..H-I. bl tbololn;blire ( "| ham bull. ( !oht 'ii i'liisr.' ; 2 2-year- lal iii-ili-r:-., - 1 \ouii)4 iiull.s. t yt-ar ln; We irmk* a t>pft,riuliy nf auction «uh'». Conduo tnany sales every y<;«r and can ief« you tu many natisHed rustiiituTH. \\\ K".-iriititi><> alis(iiutj> satisfaction. Write or pbonu c UH for ciutea, nui'tionoer, Ulxon, III. liav« sob) .pure bred .-.lock in h-eyerui Ht,itt:'.,s the pa.-U .season. Sutisfieti cu.itotru'r.H ni^ ref,'i<-ncf. All i-aliw promptly attended I'hone or writ** for duies. in U FAHM M.VriUiS'KUV -Acnu- blndi-r, •S-funl !,i(i«UH truck, buy Icddi'f. IH-VV |)relt j i t;j n plow, com ih vati.i, 'J. W;IK • "ii.'s. .-ipi HIJ-; waKon, bie.ikiui; c p ari, i\\-\\ , canopy Miney, fanniiii.; mill, .sackuif; flrvaior with corn yrador combiiteii. i of (Hood r.o\v..,,' ck hoi;. |;u> in i.ia i n ; *<.!> ^'n.^ht.'Ls col i\ \ !oii iitiVj.;'.', liiil*,|i !-!* U. Shaker |it-f.--:t< FARM M.VCiil\-t-;HY. KTC. -1 Me.,. !. i,.^.,.,., eosi-UKUl,,! i,i s ti ^al.^e i.i\PA'.> ridini;- !.tiibbb- plow. Meai.low powei W.talH'T, Mc-Lolle cli.JUl (M-pata ( i <l , I K, A1KST," Al'CTlOXKEK, i'.'i.o.l wick. ill. fc?uU-a luude any wluxx. iaiia ami slock Kah-M in;, specialty. 1'xi'erience has in-eu )n>' tt>i'ic|ivr Speak Ivolll KtHUtsij .arid (iej-maM pcntiur arc grown la this country- white and Spanish. Tin 1 \vhltw, tbf:3 most import)! tit vurii-ty, IUIH u out (wo kernels with pink sk'ns; its vlt «I>r«iiis uloiig the srouud,, in this r sj>o«'t unlike tliut trf tho red variety, \vhicli j,'rowa more uprlKlit nnd in A hunch. The pod of tin* rnl nut fm!'i» tlirco uiui .boii'iotiiiuts four kt'nu*la, has n tlci>|) nni (iklu., The Hpanlsh in much Miiulter uut, with u lilthttyr «ntl milder flavor than <-itlu'r of t otlicrs I'lOSs.'SH.'ti. Tlu« ctitire crop shflleil (aid used e.Hpfdully ia the fcctlou known us i Reminders of Maine Statewnan. AIIIOIIK tlit« treusured the Maine Histuricwl s iioiij phoiifti. Cull, write ur wire ai ' land arc fhc yavel a»U desk Hl\ e MH'l'.,-ie, lu ! UICVKNN'NV. AfCTlONlSKIt. i " f tlu> Proptu-tMtow-it. 111. Will c:y sales any- ! vvin.'ic, Coiidtlft lli'i to I in sales \e-'i- i i\ lu-!'eH'liCe,s. Hank of ,1'|, ..[.'h.-i s - ! tonn. <'it.ixi-iib hank, i'arnter'-, Na-l hank, 1'iiriner'o piionc. Lot 1 nee ami otfice. H. Heed while, lu* wus usi' of rcprosenlativt-a. T c^ vvcre given to III*: hooiety by tj.^, ireii of ttui late Thoraua D(/iijij f «|, 11 11. I- HAi:it|N<;T<>.\. .\r<"|-Ki.\Ki:i; .ir:, .-,ii.•.--..s-ful : «iln:i;. Sats i;!u i4u ith M Br.t : i ; iicMv-a 203 Lawrence Bldg, Uf/WdlmgtonC. Fossler 5 .li>hur Hu..llh Baths Ojt-. .<,-;5 ; i ,ic,J Chiropractor '• :TKUNG, ILL, is

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