Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 29, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1916
Page 5
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^^ --- iv \ 7 ' ' V< , f '< U ", ' ') r " ."' •" •<.* ****** '" *' 1*" ,'•,-»'* ** »*• '..I' »>'»*',.* >» TWo Bki Days-Salurday-Tuesday Fuir dry ;.;! ' liu'a '<'d. 15 Ihs. for . SI no With a S'J.Od pur ch;i..'<: or more. Pot aloes Extra fancy couK^rs, per hiishrl of fiO Ihs. . . SI.HO Sweet Pofatoc* Extra />ood slock, 5 Ibs. for . . .2!k IVlmee Meal 'i 10c package:- for. . .Ufic Olives Largo lull quail j;«r. per jar or,. Pov.dereJ Sugar 2 pon inte for ...... '!. r :i: Buiier 0 r r. n >.r i Prairie brand, Inrifc !'M o; v . jar for. . 2f;e :»'k '2Rc 47c 20c 33c 28c Canned Vessel ; 3 pun Com for 3 ran"» F^ts for 3 cans large Tomatoes 3 cans $o. 1 Tomatoes 3 cans Kidney Beans. . 3 cans Wax Bnans ____ 3 cans p;rocn nut Beans . 3 cans Hominy for . . 3 cans Su'uct Potatoes. 3 cans Snuer Kraut. . . 3 cans Milk, lar^re . . . 6 cans Milk, small. Or,'ir;r Frame brand. p"r '10 pound .SiicK . o'.:.:Y» Oranges Extra faiu'y Ipr;. 1 ,*.' .Snn Ora;:'rc", JVT do.*c-n FIRST AVENUE BOTH PHONES Sterling's Original Cut-Rate Market General Office*: IJ. S. Vards," Chicago WH )i,r.SMi, AND RF. TAlt " » • 1 ! it Sj M'l'l;! ! " !r! ! •',! i ! | ! '>'• II | 'Mi '"•" \ i >M 'A i ill |i I it, I ] i i ! \ | ill I . '.'He and 30c Oatmeal 3 tOc •packai'.o.s for. 'l r >c Grape Fruit Extra fancy lan;e ::izr, 2 for 1 He Pickles Full quart jars, assorted, •oer jar 20c Cocoa L:irj>'t- 1 Ib. cans Her Kiev's Cocoa, per ean.3f>c 2Sc 34c 43c 34c 34c Bacon, per pound .. ,23c Mustard Lar<;c. I!fie jar prepared Mustard for lac Macaroni 3 ICc pkcfs. Macaroni or Spaghetti E»-£ Noodles for 20c Mackerel .Lartre size, 2 for 25c Extra faifey Johnathan -Apples, per peck G9c C'anned Fruits 3 cans Table Peaches.50c 3 cans Table Pears.... 50c 3 cans Table Apricots.OOc 3 cr-'is Table Raspberries for r-Oc 3 cans Table Gooseberries for 50c '•> cans Table Blackberries For'" 50c 3 cans Table Blueberries for l ilv 'jii.llil\ \\ ' : : , Tlie following |>rices are for the Sinrr only, not delivered: Corn fed Native Steer Beef Roast, per pound . . 13'-2« Other euth'H«t,,;-;o choice, Ib, .. ll! 1 ,c Boiling Beef, pound. , . .10'._, to 12 ! .,c Sirloin Steak, Ib " . . IGUc Round Steak, Ib 18c Sljort Steak, Ib 18c Porterhouse, Ib 20c Very best Hamburg Steak. !b.. . .12>:,c !i^ home dressed Pork Roast, loin or should?!' butts, Ib lY^o Porh Chops or Steak. Ib 18c Sweet Pickled Spare Ribs, lo lie Sv/ect Pickled Neck Ribs, ib Gc I/inib fltp-.v. ]:> Laiiib Cltop". !i> Pnrk G;'Uf-,;<;f\ link or bull;, Ib. . lOc .18c . Ific Kr.)t bo-/IP {.aufir cured Bacon, ib. . .22c S.'. iff:; line Oleomarg'crinc. Ib 20o Good Luck Olcomar^erine, Ib 28^ Canned To-pr.toc::,, No. 3 si;,c 12« a c Canned Tomatoes, No. ?.\M?C; ... . . . lOc Canned Tomatoes, No. l(si.-*e . . . .3 7c Canned Su^ar Corn, ;-oocT quality, per «.in - .....!. lOc C-;nncd lyirly June Pe:u. t-.r.i . lOc .lie cured Corned Beef 12 tn"TDc Ti ]vcry article fully guaranteed. We have Saner Kraul in the bulk: Sweet, Sour and i)JH Piekfe.s; Minee jVleni, Fish and Oysters .We buy Live Stork and Poultry, fritter, Fanes and Hides The IVI-irket of Oua'ilv. Price anr- Service e Butler _ Hi-nford's Creamery, per 1 pound-print 42c Soaps ~v 0 ban Galvanic for. . ,2f>c 0 bars Rub-No-More, .25c 8 bars Oval Queen. . .2f>o CodHnh Large i Ib. box, absolutely boneless, per box. ,22c Apples Fancy cooker:;, peck. .4!")c Headquarters for Home Killed Fresh Meats -:- -:- :-: of Finest Flavor *;- -:- •:- Slarl (he New Year I !\ K'Ml|\ \\l-r |() !(>(• |j(U| I Ami \<m will be li;i|i|iiri because licth-r .-;ili i us .^cci.-rl (ii : i|crv. \\',.. i{.-1j\ci-. BON TO/W BAKERV Bell Phone 342-R 110 West 2nd St., Rock Falls For Sonday and New Year's Nice Corn Fed Ducks and Chickens Just Received—Fine Young Pig Pork—Just Butchered CHOICE£inS OF MEATS For tbose not desiring poultry, we liaVe choice cnt/; of Reef, Veil, I>rk, Mnt ton - all of linest quality. V/e have just finished curing and smoking another batch of kains and bacon. You will want some of this for your breakfast -the finest flavor yofi have ever tasted. Also smoked pork sausage, bologna, frunkfurts, liver saunaifc,. all mado of the. t.ho;.'vst meats and guaranteed pure and wholesome. To our many friends and customers, we extend best wishes for a Happy New Year. .iraAve HORN&MORATH f TAMPICO NEWS, I i11111 , :I I ,: I t •. 1111.! • ! il.',: • :.'u I In'! ,-in. i In |N ' !:!• Ill l|i : li i •/ I " i • I.I I lit.-I I il • i • I .' fur ,( I I Ulii; |" v'V \i it In Mil u i -!i -,:. In Ilnln II. Ijn- .(v.ti. .Hit! UHMIl!- nl. r.-. .1 tin -TI '..•\i-li .UK •>• M| vii«:. 'i\'i<>(i'ii-l;< inii-i ui'iidin: ,J \\tlti.ini \lui|i|;\ Kllnli.i!) plix -Mil. KlIiili.iH. /'nl in I 'i u|ilii \-.\i \\ n tin. wi-'-K, "1 l:.-ui..ii Il.i-l..,i. nniiint: UVilii, Ml. i> alli^usMMM. ' * *»• ••**•' ** .1'<n?Hrv uill br "fare; 1 for New i>ut v,r have some very nice Ducks and Chickens But we advise yon to order early. Also the uuual quality meats in Roasts, etc. Sonic Specials for Saturday Mutton Stew, per lh I2 !2 c noilins; Beef, per lh. TTH-V^c Home (bred Bacon, hickory smoked, per II). by slab 22e Wr wish all our friends and patrons a Hnppy and Prosperous New Year. Phelps Bros. «.'ur Bi'ien & Hutten's Grocery Both Phones Voiir las! (hance"! i!,-i / will be your l.i<;t '.hnn^c to pu'-chjse ^foccries in '916. Cuni<» in ,-,n.) lot 113 sell >fiu an or<!c<* !M.») will l*hi ysu ti.-Jf of the 1917. We- have botlt the nullity ancl the qu.^n- t.ty winch you will t«now if you li.ivc ever tr.ided '.vitli us. Foi- your ficw Year's dinner you VM|! '.vnnt somctliiny &)>jcial. Whatever it may be — f.ini;y or it.ip'i 1 frint^ or vcgctablns—you <j,in ,i!v^;iy'> fm;l them .it tlita s t > f o. Ci.iM'i"-, from ?jc to -!0c per t'n.-.jn. Gr-ij— fun! f..,, ',.. 10r .irvl 13c. fl M I i f t>'i!3 .irul nut IT nil Is. Cverythiiv) you nccri tn com- filetc your New Year's dinner. ' We vvi^h t.-i lh .nk .id! our pi- troni for tneir p.itronjcje during t'-- yg;'r 1916 and cordially in- vitr each And every one to stay with u-; during 10!7, and wish you all ,7 Hjp^y arid Prosperous New Ankeny & Clymer We vsi»h ail our FiierKlo flnci P»iirons > A Happy New Year And offer n lew auiigcition* to J you with your Sunday and New Year's dinners: Full line^bf Fruits and Vegetables. Fancy Cheese-Roquefort, Mac Claren's, Cream, Brick, Pimento, etc. Baltimore Sealsnipt Oysters. Everything in staple.-and fancy groceries. Cnasc & Sanborn's Coffee und Tea, N. Gaulrapp, Jr. ft -J ''•!, m.i \1t - li, ,i M ••..,!, .-,,, r,,,,,,,,!- UK: il.i- i i.i;.! , •. \ ., , ,•,,,,, xv ;i|, . j,,,;. ' ••!-i'l v • in An ,,| .1. "'•'• - I.mi i... Ki .!.•• i.C 1,,,. ii k'. i I ' • i •'! I ' I i • • I ..•!;.; i i . v\ i I 11 . I • • i .,.(,, N!l -• ' ; "i, i •.< > \\ :m>l I. ii I 11,11 i/. 11 ' '" "I --• Hci !:•-. i.i.,. i •( id, ,,:.] .., j ; |, | ., I l 'l ''. i • Mil; I I), .: v, ll I: .1 ,11) i • Jij •'"•'I !•• I'nl ;i),|,. tn >i' i-nl ,.| ,|..,.| , ,, .stances. Soiin Talk | MH'.' oil! Wlltl ANSWERS NOTE ^Ii.O-bp,Tasty Austna hl! '' J!l ' H) lo Pcacc Silf land Appetmn^ > options r/i;iffc By Prosi- ' ' dc:it Wilson. Have the real potato'..... _ lastc that is too often lacking in AGHtLS WIIH ! FIJ ALL\ Ciiips. f - ricdl only in e<uiily cli^i-HiiKJ vegrtablc Htittrr. which acceiXviutcs V()tCl"> PIlKl I I'M' Ail Eai'lv iVf'H' 1 - NONE SUCH MINCEMEAT the U 8 »a inateud of taking from it. my (lf Tho Warrors J 0 LAST BARGAIN r/IAfi, An inexpensive treat for lunch or *-i(>pcr. the l«9t<- of (lie (list in.mliihii »«<l tjit- Ko<jrJiu-.i» uf the last will inukc THIUMPH UHAND youi iutuic ch lp . ' They're Vetjttabta Thru unJ 'I hi it j *** il *"* > * UCL.I I •i***:*****™-**,^****-^.^^^.^^ ,=^..^X ANKKNV A (H'.YMKK At !-i!c...^; ^' 1 lnco I 1 !*.: twice ;;;; •< ni a.; bulk niitu'r njeat, Mid ,..-/i.; half tiio |-;u---. Try it. -/,:..- w.iA..r flJ ,,A/,;,» f -;-- ': -*" : '• •'<> . • "-.->, K. *L F or box of utu t.'iiu./ Cindy. It's .j nute-iMty (or v .«; New \c ir'- a Ic: t; i'i :;;. A pcnin.l <if I'r MI N%jvi!j,(t f»u!l vvonifi i ci't.t mi > ^ I., '' .ippioi. i iitetj. /.laj.k- am! v.uiiii.i li.i.oi, ii0.v pcf" 1 pou n: j , YiTii -A-IJ!^o f nd lu-ra a ci ni • ptetu iim> of rn.uio (..imlici, appi ypi'uUy fo/ f<u/v Ycui's. A ff.v ji r jLi tt t c.-j ci f .ifc^g'i i'.O'vic fl illll- (i.TIflcl : . .Iflltv \vi(| tl-ij) th.'.t rou'jh ...... an-i XJSLI ,vill fii-.o it t u o . . Our Famous Better Scotch -(IT t off t-ic . «,!,ib. f ; ,.-•. h iiiinu-,'. lJlitti.1 icdt;!. -- t'ic kui! th.-/ .ill hkc MdJc tf ov,iiiir.) ' Iji/lti.T. j,v\v«:t v.rij.ut:. bi u»,v»i j li <j a i -'-.itiil h.ij, ihu t..iatc t.'iat's riyiit. W*- wo.'i uli mil 1 t-'.ciuU 'J UjlvriVCl j ;i i(,li,i;i; jn • fit.';.;,;" • FAKGO'S !'> VN H ST ! M|!<!> ST- We pride ourselves upon the quality of many of v i tlic toilet soaps we sell. >; » We carry all the. most widely known kinds sold elsewhere and many brands .sold only by us. We can supply your every need iii first class sotps— skin soyps, n- o d i c a ted soap,;, hand soups, shampoo j'oaps, bath soaps, etc. 0:u- mo;-.: popular and by far the larye;;t sellinf ^:oap v/e carry, is ' ''- c Harmony Glycerine Soaps It i.s a remarkable soap- Vi'lue at 10 cents per oake. A !ur.i;e % transparent cake- that latiiers freely in hard or soft water. Comes in Eoye or Violet odor. Resolutions Why not start the New Year right by >r-adin£ at Eshleman's Grocery for a year or more? Our quality is the best, prices are right, service h unequalled, store" is sanitary, clerks are obliging, and the boss is on the job. Notice a few of our speciulties: . $2.65 to ?8c Marshall's Bci.t Kj'JO/. Coffeu, pound .''^. Pure L.iiil, pound . . L'i.'c Buttermu, best (jruclea, tb . 30c Gi ,inul.ited, 12 !b:> . $1.00 Baltmriuic O>-;ti;r6, ',;u,irt ,'lic Muliiy;.!! Cc-lt'i-y . . Sc to Ific L.ita Hoi-.t C' rinijcf (ic:.,. i,t 1»" ^c Head Lcltute . . . . . . . I5c Cmj:£ror Gf*ip«.'^. putui'l 20c Floi nl t j OLUHJIS, <tof 30 to 40t BU!K U.itc:. poufiti . . . , ISc SACI;! Pot.iKx,^,. ttsl, 't Iba ?>c Fresh ; ( C.ikc-i . . . I2c Haokf , f ti ,.^ H "i Stvrlirrj £t?o.i<i, ctv,. <•»,<; tfl l!» h.ivtf )••::'.) r M-JVV Ycai'i We clo:;.i; all day Monday Eshieinaig's ocery t ft. Ki. (NO

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