Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 7, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Monday, August 7, 1944
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ftefe* WAR BONOS 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" WEATHER Partly Cloudy Full Report,On Pace * Vol. LXVIII, No. 183" Lt. Ashmore Killed In Action French Action Claims Life Of Another Naugatuck Soldier The tnsl moving finder oC fate wrote the mime of another Naugatuck nmn on its ever growing list. i,t. .Inmost U Ashmorc, 2fi. was ri-porlcd killed In action'In France July .12, according to a War Department telegram, to his wife, Lorctta Ashmore of Ansonia. f,t. Ashmore, the tatncr of a tliri'C-months-old son, who he has never .wen, was with an Infantry unit. His wife received a letter tinted July •* saying that he wns over in France. This was the last she heard from him. I,t. Axhmoru i.s t h o son of Mrs, F, p. Dln.smore ot 22 Bradley street, lln entered the service In Mnrch 1P11. after having spcn three years in tlic Ansonid NfltTona Ciiia rd unit. Ho trained at Camp Blancllng [i'l:i., arul Camp Pcndleton, Va. Hr soi'vcd for six months In the Nortl African campaign, and returnee last year to spend a short time at home at Christmas time. He was re-shipped overseas to Knglar/ In February. A graduate of Naupaluck high school, the lieutenant attended the Bridgeport Tradu school nnd was employed by the Fnrrcl Foundry nnd Machine Co. in Waterbury. He was married in May. 10-13. The couple's son. Jimmy, Jr., will be four months old next, week. ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents Panoramic View Of Brest Harbor apprars to huvc boon completely occupied by the victorious .\niurlcun frees In their Nla-sh iicromt Brlttiiny. Hero Is » panoramic vlow of the waterfront, tlio docks and u rwctlnii of the city whore tin; Yanks laiul<-d In another war nnd which, until rccuntly, was an important German U-boat IUIHC. (Intcr- . national) - Albert Pfeifer, 80, Prominent Resident, Died Sunday Albert Pfcifcr, 80, of 05 South .V.-tin Kfrcct, died -Sunrlay nl flic Connecticut Hospital for Crippled anil tho Aged, Watertovvn avenue, Waterbury. Mr. Pfoifcr wim born in Ger- rinny ind had roKitlccl In Ncuiga- tuck for 22 years. He was employed by the local ytreet department for sojni; Urn:!, Surviving are two daughters. Mrs. Charles Kohn and Mrs. John 'Cui'.knr, both of Naugatuck, two xmmlchildrc-n and two great The funeral will be held Wednesday at 8:30 'a, m. from the I'.uckrnillei- funeral home, 22 Park place, to St. Francis' church at S o'clock, where a requiem high M«M« will bo celebrated. Burial will hi- in St. James' cemetery. Friends may call at tho funeral Ji'ijne today from 7 - to 10 p. in, uml Tuesday from 2. to 10 p, m. Yanks Move Swiftly On 50- Mile Front In Their Drive Toward Paris; British Gain Warden Has Report On Theatre Ban ..LATE... Local Sergeant Wounded Slightly In France (S[>(vinl To Thr N(«\v.t) K/vdlcr Field, 8i;oxl, Miss., Aug. 7 Sj,-t. Xiirui J. Clx.apllckl today was ciirollpd in the world's greatest oclu- '•ailnnal program—one of tho AAF Training command's air crew I raining courses. I MM llivst. phase of training will be n.Tcivoci in the B-2'l Liberator liniiiliiM- mrchrmlcs school at, Kces- l"r I-'ii-ld. whore ho will learn heavy 1'iiniliardmi'iit ait-craft maintenance ji'i'l umijr»,'i:ncy flight procedures, The technical coui-se will extend (ivi'i- (L prrlocl of aproxlrnatcly 17 works untl will Include Instructions "n thr Liberator fuel and olnctrlcal "yletns, ,;nginns, propellers, structure* un ,| instruments. W>rt. Czaplicld i.s the son ot Mr. »»'! Mrs. Walter O.aplickl, 15 City Mill street. Union City, Conn. Germans Reported To Have Moved Offices From Paris To Nancy MOST OF NAZI FORCES SAID TO HAVE LEFT FLORENCE That Historic City May Be Spared From Becoming Battlefield (By United .I'nms) American, tanks ant! motorized infantry are making -s-wift progress in their bid to win Paris. Yank forces, moving i-m high gear along a 00 mile fromt, arc well within 130 milew of the French capital, and •£!. British broadcast says t-hq German.s already have cxauuatcd their administrative offices from, the city to Nancy, near the German border. The Americans are meeting virtually no opposition- ua they plow their way through toward the vital •ail junction of Le Mans only 112 miles west of Paris. A.s a mattnr of fact tlic Germans wore forced to rotro:t: .so quickly that they had no time to blow up bridges, thus enublitiiK the Americans to pour n cross the Mayenne river without •any delay. .AMERICAN BOMBING RAID Borough Executive Studies Next Move In Connection With Closing Of Theater Warden Leo J. Erophy today stated that he had not as yet made up his mind as to just what would be the next move of the borough in connection with the closing of thu Gem theater here, as a place tinsaf for public assembly. Warden Erophy today .roocivccl 1 from the ollicc of State Fire Marshal Edward J. Hickoy, who also is state police commissioner, the oflicial transcript of that ofl'tcial's (Inding on the Gem theater-closing, a document about one and one- half pages in length, the. general summation of which Is included here. Commissioner Hickcy held a meeting ;a his ofllcc in Hartford last Saturday with Warden -Erophy, Ralph S. Pasho, lessee of the. Gem theater, Eugene Pasho, manager of London, Aug. 7—(UP)—Some 1,000 American Flying Fortresses and Liberators attacked fuel tanks, depots,- Ifc-idges and railroad junctions east nnd north- cast of Paris, -and southeast of. Bordeaux and Amiens, France. ——oOo J ESTABLISH BKIDGEHJSAU .Supreme Headquarters, Aug. 7 —(UD—Allied headquarters an-' noil need that British forces him- c.stuhlt.shcd a bridffcliead on-the cast hank of the Ornc river and nre developing u "major threat" to tho rear of the German lines below ,CMCI>,,..,_,.. ~:'M^ZZ£'^££^.*:,I{T*,', -• • • obo———' "• "•'" OIL PLANTS HIT Local Sailor Hurt As Shell i« Bursts In Gun Coxswain Wayne K. Mowrey Has Narrow Escape . Prom Death On Kange Coxswain Wayne K. Mowrcy of the U. -S, Coast Guard service had a narrow escape from death when defective ammunition exploded on a firing range In Rhode Island, recently, putting: two pieces of sharpnei in the back of the local resident. Coxswain Mowrcy, the son of Mr, and Mrs. Fred Mowrcy of Rockwell avenue, was operating an adjoining gun when a 20 mm. anti-aircraft shell exploded in a gun barrell, showering the urea with shrapnel. The local man was the only one hit, one large chunk of metal penetrating his back and lodging against the wall of his stomach, the other piece embedding- itself in the muscles of the back -more or less, harmlessly. Coxswain Mowrcy finished his firing run before . being treated, while pharmacists' mates were rushed to check the seriousness ot his injuries. The medics on exam- ning the local youth feared that his removal form the scene might cause the deeply piece of metal to do very serious damage Internally, so they operated on the spot, probing and removing the shrapnel. Later he was removed to a Naval hospital for. treatment, being confined there -until recently when he received a 26-day furlough that he is spending at his home here. Coxswain Mowrcy was graduated from a Naval Training school some weeks ago with the second highest rank in the history of the school. Recently he was stationed at Rahway, N. J., but was, in Rhode Island for target practice on the j big Naval ;range when the accident Three Naugatuck Airmen In England Standing In front of one of the four huge cntflnes of a B-24 JJbcra- tor bomber nt an Hlghtli Air Force bomber station in England arc pictured three liichth Air Force men-from Naugatuck, Conn., who arc contributing to the success of AAF bombing attacks on Nazi military and industrial Installations In suppor of Allied ground operations. They are, left to right. Staff Sergeant Edward R, Furs, 23, son of Mr, and Mrs. Jules Furs, ot 67 Crown street, a radio mechanic In the flight control tower; Technical Sergeant Wallace T. Snxton, 22, engineer .and left waist gunnor, son of Mrs. John Bonn of 61 Ixjcuxt street, whose wife, Mrs. Violet Saxton. lives «t 22 May street: and Sergeant Stanley--I 1 . Wliliich, 22, son of Mrs. Diinicl Protnsrn of 80 Spring street, shrct metal worker, whose wife, Mrs. Dorothy Widuch, lives at J25 fjulnn street. Rome, • Aug-. 7—(UP)—A fleet of nearly 500 American bombers based in Italj* bombed two synthetic oil plants today at Blcch- hiimer in German Silesia, 70 miles southeast of Bresleau. oOo TURKISH S1I1F SUNK London, Auff. 7— (UP)—The German DXB news ugoncy reports that a Turkish ship nuil- JIIRT from Con-ft-tuita, Romania, to Turkey with 250 Jewish rcfURCes has been sunk. All but four aboard ar« N:ii(l to have perished. A front line dispatch says Amer- lhe theater and Congressman lean infantry are in contact with, i j oiic .)|-i E. Talbot. tho N.-iKis south and wi»t of cap- } ' f t ' is iru |jcated 'that a number of turcd -Mayen'nc. local Delegates At GOP Convention Republican state convention (od«y Hartford. Local del- Wit os who will attend will support r-.ov. Raymond E. Baldwin for '•'•""minntion In that office It was ">p_"rti;d this morning. •N'.-uigatuck til-legates are Rep. Anna p, nnd Dr. H. H. Gorton, William A. Painter. f-'>ng,^ Jcwcph E. Talbot nnd Wal- t°r N'oi-wash • will serve as alter- In Wftterbury or, Wednesday, the congressional convention of the OOP win he held. The local delegation, which consists of Judge Thomas Xeary, Mrs. Helen T. Rus"•'II. Fred D. Nnwrnth an;t William <•''• Boii:s with Si>-s. Myrtle Hotch- ItlsM nnd Raymond Stlntton altcr- reportcd to bc support- Other late dispatches report further gain's for Lieutenant General Br.'id.'cy's columns. Americans in Normandy won the Gornruin stronghold of Vire nf- ter a week long, bitter battle. Thus, they m-ay have set the stage for a possible new drive toward Paris. Another tate -report concerns the British in Normandy. They've forced th2 Ornc river two miles above Thury Han.'ourt in a new Offensive aimed at splitting- N'axi position*;, south of Caen. And as for tho 'action' on tlio Brittany peninsula. United Press War Correspondent Robert C. Miller says the Yanks h-ive taken Aur.iy. Thi'i. is 18 miles southeast of Lork;nt, the submarine port where the Germans have- stated their willi.r.igncss to surrender, but only to the Americans, not French • Patriot forces. The United Pros* war correspondent also reports the American capture of the town of Brlotic, 35 miles west of besieged St. Malo, on the 'northern coast of Brittany. German pockets of resistance are still being .mopped up throughout the peninsula, and Brest, St. Nnzairc and Lorient are expected to be in American hands within this week, Another United Press war correspondent, Henry Gorrell, says the conquest Of Brittany has changes must be made before the Gem theater can be used as a place of public assembly, and one idea today was that the work will cost in the neighborhood of at least $3,000 before completion. Warden Brophy stated this morn- inp that he will give close study to the report, and that in all probability, that the next step will be tho calling of a special meeting of thu welfare board, the unit that has control of the town hall building. The August niecting of the welfare board, scheduled tor tonight, has been postponed, due to the Democratic congressional convention. Jf the welfare board approves or the expenditure of the thousands necessary to alter the theater in* connection with the orders of the slate police commissioner, the work will prolmrbly will start immediately after their decision, providing the board of warden and burgesses also approves. Just what effect any .contemplated heavy financial outlay on the part of the borough in regard to safety alteration in the Gem [heater, may have on the lease for the theater between Ralph S. Pasho and the borough ns far as rent is concerned, was a matter of some comment here today, If the borough refuses to make the necessary changes, it will not Staff Sgt. Mikelskas Reported Wounded In Italy July 19 Staff Sergeant George Mikelskas, 20, of 11 Myrtle avenue,-received a flesh wound in tho leg in a battle action in Italy July 19, according to word received by his wife, Thclma Mikelskas. T-he sergeant wired his wife that his wound was healing and that he expected to rejoin his outfit shortly. . The woui\d was attributed to machine gun .Ire. Sgt Mikelskas has been in the service since May, 1942, and overseas since last December He has been awarded the Purple Heart, which is now en route to his wife by mall Sgt, Mikelskas is the father of a Jlvc-months-old son, whom he has not yet seen. The wounded soldier is the son of Mrs. Sophie Mikelskas of Francis street in Waterbury. Prior to his entrance into the Army, Sgt. Mikelskas was'employed at Joe's Tire Shop in Waterbury. Former Managing Edtior Of News Now In Hawaii Sergeant Joseph P. Donahue of the United States Marine Corps, former managing editor of The News, now on leave of absence for military service, is in Hawaii according to available information received here today, Sergeant Donahue, who is combat correspondent with the Marines has been in service since April 18, and went to the west const about three weeks ago after a "brief assignment in Washington. A letter today to his wife, th« former Miss Teresa Sweeney, at hia home on Cherry street, Scrgt. Donahue reveals that the sector he is In is very beautiful, with marvelous beaches, and thai the background includes a marvelous home of Doris Duke Cromwell. Mrs. Cromwell has a residence in Hawaii that cost several million dollars to build, and it is one of the scenic features about Hawaii's famous Diamond Head, so it is deduced that hc> is in that area. His address is Sergeant Josepn P. Dyahiie. No. 9G2S33, Hcndquar- .crs company, Public Relations Section, Administrative Command, Fleet Marine -Force, Pacific, c-o Fleet Post Office", San Francisco, Jalifornia. Three Naugatuck Soldiers Stationed At Same Bombing Base Now In English Sector Sergeants Furs, Saxton And Widuch AJ1 Have Hand In Highly Important Task An (Special to The News) Eighth Air Force Bomber Democrats Will Attend Convention War Dept. Confirms Hadzega A Prisoner The War Department officially , • . . ,„„ .i, rinn iiv bc Possible to operate a theater confirmed thls morn i n jr that Sprt. proved much earner than 01 Igmally the ,. C| nol , wi]| , nc audlloi . ium bc I John o . .Hadzega, son of Mr.'-and PXDfintDfl. i _ .._ : t - i_, - *•_.. .. _«i. ~ r ~..Yo:~ __ _ . - ' '• . ' hot, tho renomination of Cone. Tal- expocted. The correspondent says: doughboy knows the worst is behind him and that the enemy is on the run, . .He is confident that from now or. he can crack almost'any line the Germans can organize." And the United Press war reporter relays the yarn concerning a captured German major who was asked where he thought the new German line in France would be formed. • • The Nazi replied." "That depends (Continued on Page 8) Soldier Wounded In Burma Fighting Getting Along Well Station, England, Aug.. 7—An aerial gunner, a nadio mechanic responsible for equipment in- the flight control tower, ' and a 5heet metal worker, all from Naugatuck. Conn,, represent, tihrce of the specialists required iat this Eighth Air Force .heavy bombardment base to keep B-2-1 Liberators almost constantly bombing military and in- .duslrial ijustallationis of Nazi Europe. Staff Sergeant Edward R. Furs, 23. son of Mr. and Mrs. Jules Furs of 6? Crown street, is a radio me- | Democratic 5l1i Congressional con- chanic working Jr. the _fligift - con- j vention tonight at .Torrington will Same Group Of Delegates! To Attend Event Tonight At Torrington N"au?<ituck's delegation to the Aerial Gunner Back After 50 Missions Sergeant F. P. Shilinskas Has Earned Air Medal And Oak Leaf Cluster Sergeant Frank P. Shilln«ka» of the United State* Army Air Corps, former resident of Meibo'urn* Court, has returned to thl«-country from the Italian war' sector after completing 50 bombing missions, his parents, Mr. and,Mrs. Joseph Shilinskas, have •'. been informed. Hi« last mission "w»s completed on July 4, it'is indicated. Sergeant Shilinskas, the holder of the Air- Medal with an Oak Leaf cluster, for his meritorious work as an aerial gunner -with a B-24 Liberator Heavy Bombardment Group, has .been overseas of some months, and has been in sustained combat over enemy-held points in the Balkans, northern Italy and Austria. The local soldier has arrived in Virginia his parents have bccn~in- formcd and expects to be home soon on a furlough. Sergeant Shilinskas has two brothers in the service, Joseph, a member "of the United States Marine Corps,, and Vito of the United States Navy. . _ All three brothers arc grauu- ates of Naugatuck high school and 3 re former Garnet and Gray football players. 'Tin Up Girl" Contest At E S. Rubber Co. Event It was officially announced today that there will. be a. Pin-Up Girl contest held at the "United Slates Rubber Company Family Outing, August 13th, at Linden park, to select" "MJsir'UV'SrRuWJcr."' '. During the coming week on Monday and Tuesday, each department in the Footwear plant will vote for the girl who will represent their department in the contest. It is expected that there will be «p- roximatcly fourteen girls participating in the final contest at Linden park. The last beauty contest held by the United States Rubber company at their anuol outing flvc,years'ago was worn by Tilly Gray, who entered other beamy contests and eventually became a runner-up for "Miss America" and went on to a stage and screen, career. The contest will take place be- A letter was received by .Mrs. Anna Sovia, 81 Qulnn' street, from her son, Pfc, Edward Sovia, which stated, that the local soldier was getting along well after being wounded. Pfc. Sovia was wounded by shrapnel sometime ngo in action in Burma near Myitkyina. which fell to the Allies last week. Th i available for any sort of public M ,. s Eli£ls Hadzcga of 332 Chetry The wound according to first ! „„„,!„,. o^^an'c s.a-^hiv hin-h strcct cxtcngion ig n pl .j sonc r of | word , .which was sent .by an Army war. Last month his parents re- j; nurse from Burma two weeks ago, —Won't miss the big- »uivlnjf» in the j meeting, freeman's assembly, high school or grammar school graduation, plays, lectures, etc. Warden Erophy indicated today that tho matter would require a great deal of study before any decision is arrived.aC, anfl the work once started will no doubt require at least a month to complete. No appropriation for Improvements to the Town Hall budding is included in the current budget and outlay over $500 must be approved by a special meeting of the Freemen. To some persons the situation in- Sale of Fiirn now underway I dicatos th'at this .may be the TIrst nt Haphnol'.i, Nnugahick'n Fashion j Ont-t-r, Church street,—Adv. (Continued on Page 8) ccived word through the International Red Cross that he was a prisoner after first being reported missing -in action in June..- •• :• . • Sgt. Hadzega is a.rrtc'mber of the Army Air Forces.".- .'•'' ' •••;.• ;.••'• GRANDMOTHER JOINS WACS 'Whitinsville, Mass.,'Aug. 7—(UP) —The WAC has recruited a. grandmother of five children. Mrs. Agnes Swift is the mother of three daughters arid the grandmother of five children. She- will report "to'Fort Oglethorpe in Georgia on August 10th, • • I 1 was suffered in the neck. Pfc. Sovia, overseas about four months, has-been in the service for over a year. He is a graduate of Naugatuck high school. "BBOKER DIES tro!" towcv. All aircraft" faking off from this base, or landing here, receive their radio clearance instructions from this one control point. It is the duty of Sergeant Furs to BCC trwit the radio equip- nii.'nL in tho tower is functioning- properly at all times. He received th'rce months training at thc-Truex Field Radio School, Madison, Wise., for t))k- specialized work. He was a machinist for the Bristol Company before entering the AAF in August 1942. Technical Sergeant Wallace T. 22, son of Mrs. John Bonu of Cl Locust strcct. i.s an engineer and left waist gunner on the Liberator "Rugged But Right," who recently received his battle "baptism during a -bombing attack on an important..oi! refinery deep in Germany. Sergeant Saxton, who hat been awarded the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement" while participating in Eighth AAF bombing Continued on Page 3), include J. Francis Cullen. Daniel J. Callahan, Harold Murtha, Peter F. Moefran. John E. Ash, Edward Ryan. R. Milton Shea, Warden Leo J. Brophy. Rocco Rndo, Thomas Brodcur, Richard T. Parkinson, Mrs. Nora Swndbridgc, Frank Madden, Thomas Nash, Mrs. Mary T. Cainc. Creslo Klimaszewski. George Lambert, Henry Sawicki, Luke Comskey, Peter Klukis, Timothy Uanlon and George Frochlich. Michael Clancy of Ansonia may receive the nomination tonight for congrcssman^p.-irucularly if he receives the backing ot the Waterbury delegation with its •!? votes. Attorney Michael Blansficld of Waterbury i.s also seeking t))e nomination sa is Harry Byrnes and several others. Ansonia backed Leo J. Gaffncy of New Britain at the gubernatorial convention, Saturday, presumably in return for support for Mr. Clancy for the congressional nomination. The . same group of Xaugatuck Democrats ns listed nbove were the delegates to the gubernatorial "convention Saturday ut Hartford at which ' former ' Governor Robert Hurley won over Mr. Gaffncy for the nomination for governor. The Naugatuck relocates split j their 11 votes for Mr, Hurley and Mr. Gaffncy. giving to each five and one-half votes. judges:" Harry L. Carter, George Froelich, Harold N. Barrett, Stephen Knapik, Victor N. Peterson and Michael San Angelo. A great deal of enthusiasm and interest has been aroused around the plant due to the bevy of pretty girls who ax-c employed in the local footwear plant. Bridge St. Soldier Hurt In Action On Italian Front Pfc. Marion Chmiclcwski, SO Bridge street, was reported to have been wounded in action in Italy, according to information received by his cousin, Mrs. Repilia Rozum j pike at Norwood early this morn- Local Sergeant In Training For Air Crew Service The War department informed Mr. and Mrs, David Dillon of Rubber avenue yesterday that their son. Staff Sergeant Edward J. Dillon, 29, was slightly wounded in action in France or; June 1(5. The family received a letter dated July 14 from the sergeant recently, who said that he was wc'.l and that his outfit had seen a "bit of action." In the Army for over three years, Sgt, Dillon has been overseas since Demember, 1943. Ho had been stationed originally in Northern Ireland and arrived in France shortly nfter the original invasion took place. Prior to his entrance into the service, the sergeant, was employed at the Chase Metal Works in Wa- tcrvillc. IU5S CAUGHT FIRE "Norwood, Mass., Aug. 7—(UP)— Twenty women land one ?oMier .ire safe after flecJnig from a bus that caught fire on the Providence turn- Concord, Mass., Aug. 7—(UP)— Funeral services will be held at Concord Wedcnsd'ay for a Boston incstment broker ami aide of for- 1 mcr President Hoover In the first World War relief drives. He is Henry Smith Thompson—wtoodied at hiB h'ome after a short illness. i'Hc- was 72 years old. yesterday. The wound, however, [ nig. The passengers, en route from was slight. ~ Pfc. Chmlclowski.has been in the Army for about two years, and overseas for more than a year. The local soldier -was wounded July 14, No dotails.'concerning the location of the wound were available, ,v —When your,appetite Is ;i bit jaded, and you arc looking for something different In food, stop at Jeffs K™ tan runt, Church St—Adv. Tavern Proprietor Overcome By Gas A fire department inhalator was used Saturday on Jcrc Duffy, local tavern proprietor, who was overcome by illuminating gas from & leaky ranjrc. Dr, Victor C»s>olla treated Mr. Duffy,- who' responded readily and Providence to Boston, noticed was soon in good condition. f1.-i.mcs and smoke coming up through the floor of the vehicle. While they alighted, driver Raymond Fude of Attleboro put out the fla.mes with a extinguisher. The. bus then proceeded under its own power. —Ctisli paid for musical ln«tru- mciibi. piano*, radios, phonograph*. Metro Music Mart, 88 Church St. Tel. 5J87.—AUv. J SEVENTEEN XIIXED Sioux City, Iowa, Aug. 7—(UP)— Flight Olliccr William . Kavncr or Brooklyn, New York la one of the 17 men killed Saturday when two Flying Fortrossc*collided information. The name* have just nounced by Lieutenant Colonel Wallace Dnwson, commandant ot the Sioux City Army air base.

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