Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 29, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1916
Page 3
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11: THFBIGPAPFRS we ofiVr you some gr-nuine b left-ovrrs in holiday j^oods regular price. a , o.f nil one-half ONE P/2 BRUSH AND COMB SETS MANICURE SETS WHITE IVORY GOODS PACKAGE PERFUMES' : ETC, ETC. Everything- is marker! in plain figures; , the bargain price is one-half. The Sterling Pharmacy Co. 106 First Avenue * * ,?If Statement S<*rtfi fftr 'R^i- flirt(if t! hnv InvM Staff. !•• f • • u!fl d ; -Ml f h.-m fi ,'trt ••lld •'! Of p! nart. I!!' t!ld. Arcordinq To California Press A The Subject , v..,: ./;Cl o Thr< On i-.;fl I'M f AMUSEMENTS J "WHICH ONE SHALL I MARRY"" The n»"-' • e«! jif -"III' -i Ion <if tlip -if-nFi'i \VhUh <>n*> Shall I Mr,nv"'" i* ;i, n«n lii thu iJirtina. U'liticn m leiiidlS LAST BARGAIN i MAIL OFFltt The Bargain price for The Gazette expires Jan. 1, 1917. Until then mail subscribers outside the city of Sterling and Rock Falls can secure The Gazette to January 1, 1018, at- the rate of 21 cents a month. No subscriptions taken at this price beyond January 1, 1918. Last call. OBITUARY Jacob Utterly. Jacob Eatorly. ti prominent find hiuli- Iy resjwcied cltlxen of I>RV|K|OU «'oun- ty, 8, I>ok., pncsfd awny In H lo« *it nt Mitchell.' 8 J^ak. !>.-o ":', His pn r tcr |'ie< o i Mr. Bwterly nnd hl« won, went to a nelRldxn'* to f?et a barrel of oil with an nuto, to which a trailer \vn.i the bin re! on tho irallor, Mr. BsteHy prfccwded to (jet Into tho tratl- er to ei*ndy the tiarrfl. nnd wh)l* thi» nuto was slowly moving out of the yard, driven by hl» son, tho toninie of the trailer aooldently broke*, throw iiiR him violently lo the Kround, fracturlnK the »kull tind other InjurlfR to the brain ...ll»nu«..from whlrh he died, Medlcnl aid %viu» summoned find the patient wnn immediately traitpn to a hOHpltat n| MlU'hell. where R Horgicnl opontllon \VIIH performed with the only IXMmlble hope of diylnfr "I- 11 life. Hm nil efforts proved frultieBB. pnatflns Frldny morniuir. never gaining eon- BC|OUB to the time of his death. j The Hubject of this sketch w»s born Keli, 13. IBfiC, In I^hlgti County. Penn.. where he Kpent h!H crhlldhood days. In the (tprtiiK of 1807, he with hin parent $> and i-he other memWra of the fnmll>' camo west ttncl settled dowu on n f«rm near Pt)U». Ogle County, III. It wns here In thU name < •ommunlty that, lie wan- murrleit when a yoiini; man to .Mlwi AH'-e VlrKlnlu Kllfer, of 'Polo, 'III, The marriage occurred a! I'olo on »'>h. 10, 1891. Tho j'oiirrtf pooplh ' woon went to housekeeping on « furin nem- Hrook- . vltle, '111., and lived' In tluit vicinity 1^1- t!! the HpriiiK of t'tiiy when he, with hla family, inov»-d to DaviMon «'<innty, H, l)Hk,. where he purrhaMed a farm on Which IU< refilled to 'the time of his 'hrui.i. (IB If c,,uri!v. III. .tn.l nno brother ;iml f-i him hi d'-nth. Mr. I'Stctly way ;m hi>ltol,-|li|e l(t|- •«-ii. nnd (<ii>iitly I.-\-IMI'I! and M"<|ie'-t<-.l iii (lie fnminnnliy u here he ||MH|. His Int-Kfliy nnd honeMty won never I|IM>M- tioin-d iiy any due wh«> knew him. .Iti the |'.-i';'(inir :iwny of th.M in. 1.1- man the i-iiinmnnlty liris Uisl n jjr.od nelrhlmr, the wife a K <md hiii»bnnd. and th»- fhlldren n II.VIMK and faithful father. ;nn! the brothers and xiHlerw n triio brother. AP ft Christian Mr. Kuterly wns Blori- (sii.«dy conn«>eted. to • flod over forty yearn ayo, and united with the ICvan- uellrnl clmrch. of which church he re- malned a faithful anil consistent mem- her to the time of hlsi dpath. While he wan a memh»r of the Bvan- gelh-al church his reIlKloii« prlnelplcti wrre broad enough nnd hlM lovo for <?oil nnd His people btroiiK enouuh that Ittt could (Hinilstently wornhip with any of Cod'n children, regardlepn of tlu-lr church atnitlntlon. Jin belie\fd In experimental nnlvn- tloii. and that the blood of Jesus • 'hriHt. : VJnd*H Son, would cteflhue from i all win. He did not only believe- hut he nought to live It In hln daily life. Il wan the motive power back of all of hln biisiupMH (ransactlomt. He «ought to Kovern hlw home by the prlnciplpH • .f Christianity, r»s his children te»tlfy thnt <!my never snw their father nif- tii-d fn nplrit HIH family rise tip find • nil him blessed nnd welt may they emulate his life, and be true to his Ood. He W;»K n friend of tho preacher and liberally supported him and Die troupe) which he «liice!'»ly loved. We lay hi« body to rent In mother earth, find mourn our loss: hut we mourn not AH thota who have no hope; but we look for him a Rlorlonn resurrection and a bleHWd immortality In tin* world to come through the mighty power of Je.stis Christ our Lord, whereby He |s (tljle to «ui>du« aH thingH un- lo :ti-t i"IIT!. I! pi i injif l>c.<;u ritnlinr. ii, whh'h mi" In pi-if.ijm Kl«',i 'I'll" 1 nll''t.'oi i> :il :iIKUIiil >' hi the tlint n n tin- ung IIKT i\ i-l t- ! n t 1 he i it. m VMi'i |III|H ituie. She K lii b ,'l|:l (I ;II!i| ffi Cf» lie! •Mil \>'-\\ . \V llllc b'-l- lo'. e II !•« tb<- nil, Marry'." the bnr)< v, Mlory bej.:in .••he prays upon •oiutoidM of life, when- t'hnI:u'l* r ivf Advire point to a FiK-cesjifiil i.,iii;h! in ma I ti;ik» bv i poor man. The foi everything tfi.'it money lite nlin-! <-an only offer then thai .«he propounds "Which ''IK* Hr-iil! I ?• eue then rbilllKe" to 01' her home, when- the \t the end of thi'< bendid Kn an m '.--I i • * 1 1 • f f ? \ \ s ?.• Hart Schaff- 'c.M th;tt plic 1m whmvn hor futuu» lift- with both men, X<> /iooiHT .x.'ikl thnn !<|M' IB tnuin- IHirtcil to (ho »;niy for«'Kt of iloi:ht nri(J then 1 K!II V IN lo-Jt Ii if; tin- rich man who mt-i'tM ln>r ;iiul tnls"* |u<!' to hl« hoinr A;i (hf wife nf thi> rich man Mill' if <lt!!l'lil!t<'!l!<>ll I)T)(1 »'(immitfl HJll- rido. HIT pmi! H Wftfti'd to tin- Iftiul of utiaiii. In wliirh purKnti'ity '.«!)(' prayw for tU'llvi t.HH »• Kiio tht'ii HnilN lnTM-lf In l!i» ri'aluiK of ri'iillty, xvlietc \vutcrK ar<' hhn>. «ij!H!* In srcen nnrt tho jtun- hhino c\ i-i yvviicri* Hrrc Iho poor mnn curiH'N to her nml !«>iu)« her to hln hum- hl(» home. Hh«- In happy then? but has none of the thpJK" that money cnn buy. Ajjiln K|H> wonders wlietlur f«ho hns fhtiKcn wrongly an<f finds tiersu'lf nmiln In tho KIHV fnrfjtt of doubt. Then reach I nit it dei ixlon, she !» dJscciverfil bnek In her own home — and If w«» told you what her llmil «1ecl*'on r«""«lly was you would not enjoy the- piny luilf go' THE CHAWPION SPELLER Mary Orton, Aflcd 12, Of Clayton, Won State Honors, ton, To Air, ami Mr*. K»?erly there were . born Hlx' 'clilWren: Hurry, who died in Infancy; .J4rrrwin. Irvln, Arthur, \'eia, mill Xinit*, all residing at home, He I«HIV«P to mourn hi* Sunexpeou'ii death, htw isou'ly beri'llt vvlft* and fhil- dren. One Hister, .Mrn. John ituhn. of Vordl,' Minn., ami live ttrotherK, (''has Of Alrmwoi'th, ' -Neh'., floury of \Vr»1l. Minn., Wllllum of MooringMpoi i, IM.. AcJuni of Ji'lininffH, l-^i , and Albert of III,, l>c, 2»,-~ Mnry «)r- «g;ed 12. a pupil In the' I*eH Ureen wchool MI Clayton. Adama comity, l« tho champion grado uchool spoiler of IlllnoiB. she melvoxl tho gold medal In the Kiato H|>elHng "bee"" held hero In connection with tho Illinola State Teachers' ansociatlon convention. orniond Kmlth. 12 years' old, of Kc- wnnen, wrtw wecond^,--' nnd Maurice Campbell, of nt>ntow,'Krank!ln county, vva« third. Scforid and third were «li\'er and bronsse medals. "Rhinoceros" iind "mfislln" proved the defeat c.f the two hoy», Mis« Orton had H loft per cent grade. ! I'lara Ward, th«? Princess de Chi- j may, left $1.000,000, thereby proving that nil hutterfHeu are not spendthrifts all the time. All the warring' nfttlona unite In Bay- in K that, though they value fH'ace, it IH not bevaiiHP they th«--mBvlveii arp in anv way uncomfortable. Now is the time to join ourij Christmas Savings Cluh "Which One Hhftll I Marry?" will h«> «con nt tho Academy. Friday,-Dec. 29. "ANV MAN'S SISTER." Play* corne and go with plots writ- ton from adventures of coilntry tflrlH In the larse city hut the peer of nil altnictlona ilealinK with the white slave traffic, "Any Man'n .Sinter," which will be si'fn at the Academy of Music Monday evening, N'ew Ve-ar'n nlKht, brlnKH wlth'Tt a mcsHns* 1 In words that arc. clear and concise andfa epadc IB a spade. -' . The large company of competent actors, however, handle the most delicate lini'H in a manner that not even the idlKhteNt blush of «baine appearH on the fa CM of the timid or most highly cultured. It l» a *ul>j#ct thai we are. all Inti-reaicd In and the utory written around actual happtminKs. which mlKhl enter your home or mine make.i the play one of education as well as nmtiseinent. Thcrw are many comic an well. UB dramatic Mcvrtcs running throughout the entire play, tho audience holiiK In tears ono moment and Hlled with laughter the next. A carload of special scenery la carried. Heats are Bulling fast nnil a full hotisi? will no doubt great the, jllaytre. ' i ••••'PLANS FOR INAUGURAL There Will Be Parses, Farewell Address By Ounne t And ft, Reception. Springfield. I'll.. Dec. 20. -The official program for the Inauguration of cloy. Kteet l.owden am) the Kcptiblicon ntute officers, was announced ye»turci/iV. At 10:30 u, tn, on .Ian, s. 01(0 \keek from Mundi-iy, tb.e oftical party, includ- iim the new MUM- offii-i-M and thAr wives, will Hxm-mhlti in the BUM' parloi f llu- Inland hotel. All of the officers of the lllltnoiti national suurd will Jmve asNelnblfd nt the Ht. .N'leholfi» hotel. Escort for Lowden. Tho military and civic parade, including the officers, the Sprln«lH«ld or- giiiiir.utlonx of the national Kiiard. the M'imilton ('iub uf Chicii cluliM. will encoit the and 'thv* official party to the execiitivc mansion, where (!ov. and .Mi^. Dunne will join Col. .tin! Mrs. l,i>vvden. and the parade will move to the captlol. I'Villowliij," the fiirevvfll aUdless of Cuv. Dunne before joint MCNtiinii of the seiieia! assen>bl\, ilov, Klcct l.owdea will !H« .--woiirln by «"hief Justice 4 'ha rh .1 « '. i'i ii<4 of the Supreme i-onrt. Ciiv. .l.o\*.«-n will ddu-cr IIH inaugural .•uiiifi-H!-. and then the otlu-r !;iKi (he until of o>- ••lull i'lly hi , - n-"il in the ini|Uti y To i »mhinc in :m ;is;i ••••menl lln-ir xuppl',-, i( " (itt pi be v.-1-y dlffiriilt Publisher* s.-Uil that tho miiy uriy ibey «'oiild i-utrr into jn.ich an /ifn'''( l - liu-li! would be to esjablish a l)e\s order of hu*iini-•••>; in newspaper publishing Adv i i li-«liii,- lateM would have to be laisi-il ab<iut ."i per i enl and the fiUe i>f editions i ut do\\ n. The piirOl^herH coiihl cotnply witn the proposed plroi only at a larfio !o.*!«. with n jir«»(«ppct of pnylnK more ttinti ever In the future for their paper if the output \\vis manipulated on a ti^hiK mark* 1 ) a^alnxt the At WasliinKton Senator «'urll« has IntindiK'cd a Iiill to prevent dtsctimln- allon in the s.iie of print p.'i| H> r. In order to relieve smaller publisher*, who complain that they eanliiit gel con- trac'.s with mills nt any pr.l<*r. The smaller pulillshors all over the country arc appeal I UK for help, confronted by ihe most threatening conditions JUKI unable to forecast what the next day will hrlntf. Contracts are re>- fnoeil at nny price and no assurance Klven them of being phle to purchase the paper needed for even the immediate future. It has been alleged thai, contracts an.- belnjf made with Iftrficr publlsherH at 4 cents or lens while the smaller OII-.'H are paying 6 or 7 cents now and threatened with a Itt-eent price <*. I*. l>ny. ii Cnlifornln puhltslipr. In an address before the, prensi asHociatlon of that state, assorts that no k-ss than Sfti» country newspapers, mostly week-' lien, had Ktmpcmlod publication In the United States .since the price of paper betfan, to advance after tln» war li-PKan. T(u> statcni!>nt took account oaly of *\\~ Mpenslon Up to I'He. P. Meanwhile numerous mergers are announced, ind..many prlc-e liicreuseN. The most important nwv-Rer Is the Ottawa, Ontario, .loiiriiiil nnd FrM* Press, two prominent ("nnadinn pjipers, AiiKiri.s,' tho mote important dallies to increase rates are the Niagara Vnlls tia*ptt»» and Juurnal, the Gary (Ind.) Post and th.:» Krio (Pn.) Times and Herald, nil from one .to two centw ft C.M'.V, and the Portland (Me) fcxpre** to 1'J cents a week or J« a year. In- crcuseM by small dallies and weeklies have, become too numerous to report through the trade publications. ncr c\" Mnrx (jualificfs. We want to-emphasize again the fact that there's no need of waiting until late in the season to purchase an overcoat. u No Clearance Sale" has made delay in unnecessary Our plan pu re hasin and unwarranted. Buy now as cheaply later in the season—bigger assortments now, values now, more seasonable service to you purchase this week. Special Values at $21. Brad1ey~Boynton Clo. Co. as any time bigger if you French key. took' Mon;11?lir, Macedonia's t with bottleil up navy hn« llet-t it have mn<i I*nren«!4». ITALIANJEVIEW (Continue.;! from page one! chunm> Italian »» well contact and sfal flee. In Will utjuUv 'i'in I i i . M i if • Held the' Reception the e\ emus: * o have ,i public 11! ,-il M « u 1 9 n . Mi-, l. A i France and Knsland The arid moat radical remit! "of the was Italy's declaration of war (Jermany. Tin* dispatch of troops to Salonika-and Franet' as H more intimate ministerial with the. people followed. In the. last twelve months three Rreat movements siuml out from Italy's land litfhiinK. They Includf her cotimer-of- frnsive iiK!iin«t the Austrian** in the Trentino, her IHOIIZO offensive and her <'ar«o drive. Superior in men and cannon, the enemy rather unexpectedly poured through the vallt-yh of the .\dlne nnd Hrcnta spring. They were .stopped onl> uithlit sight of historic Vs'iHto and slowly, pushed back jilontf the* road they came They wtill hoki u rocky wipiare of loo mile along the Tivntlno border, their only foothold on Italian «oll. ? in mid-hummer tin- Ii ilians com eru Irait".I their resources for an IKOIIVCO offensive. Ii culminated in UorUi.i'H fall ilurius the ilrs't day a of AuKUHt. In late tM'ptemluT preparations for a new ill ivt> In the lower Carso wt-ro completed. 1( began in eurlv October and lian already bioUKbt ihe lieivt?- liKhting Italians within several miles of Trie.M. Winter, however. Ls apparently IUAV con.-tpiriiiK wult tin-• Austrian^ at,,dust the army Italy's j the main Austrian j times tho Ital- |' darlnR excursions iMirassxo, I'orto Kiino and Ptila. bombyrdinif military nnd naval works appntvntly with disastrous effects. They 1m vo captured or sunk several enemy transports and Kubmu- rincH. In addition, th»* lmttlt> cruiser Vlribilfl ('iiills Iw bphevi'd to have, been blown up in (be ha»t>t>r of I'ola, following an Italian air nvid. Italy's lonw* al feu include the I'.en- I edetto lirlnand and tin- I.oommlo c!a I VJnci de.iiroyrd through internal ex-.j plosions and several traitHporttt and j torpedo boatn. said !<•> have been K'.mk by (lit* enemy, Tho Italian nirmen fuivo_ rrlniorced thp land utul swi fislulm?. They have been r^HiHXifiihl^ fof successful boin- biydmcnts on Triostp, f*ola, Cnttaro, and Sfhonlco. i)n <!»> othpr hand «*n- emy aeroplanes ha\«> curried death and destruction to Vi'K'ua. Padijva, <rorlzia, Spezia and Venice. They have IKM-II followed by Austrian HubmarincK. which have bombarded AuHona, -Hart, Prindlsl, Havont>A and N'apolcon'a Is- of Kllm. llnancliil slid economic nrniB nsfiin8t thct cncmv arc now well KanUci! It is ' STATE SOLONS (Continued from pngo I.) of the merger he In sincere. Many doubters have appeared, however, who declare the legislature will block aii> attempt to vurtail the number of office holders even thoujjh the consolidation would brin« a i'-»:" efficient ' .state of ( io the usual Way, It i,i believed tll< iiiy will conniiete itn Monday. With tight out of the Fiftieth Amiem- work by Muy JL The tax regulation resin with (he fu- prt-nie court. The Ktate can\-at*sing board anr»-t« to hold the finiendtnent piix.sed ill the recent n-Iecctioti in order that the (itierttlon could be hurried to the supreme court when the l«>Ktt<latiire pa.**e!f tin- fir.Ht law under the amendment. The mipreme court will deridf- whether "n majority of the e|«-ctor«" in the coiiMtltution ineann n majority of all votCH cant or a majority of Un- votes cast fur members of t the leginla. ture. Honn- Itule for OhlciiKO, .It is believed at thin time, will «tlr up conslder- Hblo strike In the A«.iem!dy. A majority of downHlute ... nietnhern tire known to be opposed to allowing' Chi- Vain Repining*. "By right of conquest," lio the jjj».ld below*! to him; bat M alone Hfe'fi pnth they fared — his eyesight growing dim, her temper waited shiirp and shrewd, her tongue became unrunrlouft ; nnd ho wished, fis hlfl past he viewed, (hut he htidn't bee a Vie- torlous. ItV a '»'d ihiug to hav»> a reputation bad. jcago to rule her own ujiilities. Hom« hlKh class tradiiiK.. it Is pointed out. nuiHt be done before i\w measure ban a chance. Tho cc.iiHtilutional convention which arc now well or-[after wide- publicity, was allowed to Italy moro than din a natural death during the I>int Asu day to do her bit. t (Jovf>rn- 'fomhly aluo is* receivinj,' the endorsc- dccrcc.s, closiiiK the cafes and ihcatre.s at ll:3>). and «topplns the trolley cars at the nitne hour, art* H part of tht> economic 'program. The candle ment of practically every member of the AxM-mldy at tliiH time bui pie- diction* are fr.-,- that tin- present boom will follow itn ]>re<h>ce«<Mi>r. A iiuui- |M>wer of tho «tie«-t SiKhtM has also bt'enjlw' of liie supporters halved ni»d . t'jitravag'.int expenditures jurgo it as a remedy for dresH, luxury aiul plea«urt' frowned captuie of (h "niiif H pla>ed ;«c- (hcatie.t of IN c>tlm«ted. ad. «i>und«d ^he imnu'iiiati lifemcii city." Allllotil 4.l»'i(ViMl(» holdic live''jiiu-lsi in these siiri war Tiie Austrian.**, it l->si aiotost a million in i and pi (signers.. The ItMltan !I'--M.-H. Ihoii^li itilmrtledly he.iv.v au- ci^ljildcr- .ilji.v less. Moreover itiily today holdit ;;.rani ,suu:ue miles of Auslrian tcirjtory, < mbl'acln^ f-josprroiis Jov\ ns and fi'I'!i!f> \allc\s. AIe_inu hile. over -the skv- .11 i apiiife' j-e.-iks n| >'-!ii:.i.>. ind i>f th-> Il'iloltlKeK She italmii arms vveie iii"'-.n Li\-|nff w<i« approximately 20 per cent higher h\«l ,lan 1 than It WHS before the war. It is about SO per cent higher today ciothlnK ha;* inciva»ed from 40 per cent in-JO )HT cent in the tnt'isn- !ime. Tho reasoiiri for the hiKher cost of 'i'lvlns siro not entirely traceable to the war, wliirh has ocraxioited u lack of Imiwti* and «>xpo ulution playH a !ar»;o part The women are taking their nlinr Wuriimc InduBtrU'x and ei-onon \\ilhhi the last tw.he moiilbs the of this measure for tiie other eight Important measures named above. A plate-wide prohibition vote for 191S is the aim of tho Fiftieth AN-' Hernbly "dry," During recent wi-eks tIIP "dry»'' have hecoijit' more than ordinarily chesty and hope to force th«* Ansembly to pluee the dry ameiulnieiit before the people ill 1'JIK, .Labor is In'bind the anil-Injunction h«w and is dig^in^ 1 Its trencher for a and extensive ''itter fifiht nyainnt rapitul. Labor leiol- IVivate j.|vc- *' rs <>f tll( - state are bitter In.tlu-lr de- inmclution of the picket injunction HO commonly used thcso days and will !demand that the h-itLslaturt' make the 1 reHiraiiiini; of ),••>;,, ,-ful piiketiiu; im- > * - •' rf Diaries for m itii: in. put i , ma!** workcrf. who have replaced men. hate inctcased irnin 3S per cent lo 70 per •-••'til. Il M e.-utn.iti'd. They are found ploutihlnK ii''* lleUi". Kalhcring the harvesls anil ni:\kin;T the wjnes or itj.rnint; the liithes m nviiniitoii aiul ^nn lai tones There .»ti< fcnuilc ductois n (he, n iniiicn* lU'pariut'i 1 t>'F "con- AV\ v.ulve Italy," WAS ELECTEcTBlSHOP Rev. G^M. Shtfwoad, Of Rock l*l«nd. Wa» The Choico. jposil)k-. i The cnormoiiH and [of elections is ranked hi (important nu-asures tin.- 'iHtuie «-ill cniislili r. ; ' wheni-by the number of be d ine HMu« cost ^h amon« Die coining l.-^i.s- iime I'llethnil prltuarv and We have a full line of National Diaries from the large size with one day to a page, to tin- vest pocket size with seven days to the page. Don't forget your Calendars and Desk Memorandums for tr& new year. Wo have them- Gilt's Book Store (i pj.u-ol lii Ii 'C, u:i. The !:•• Koi-K IhUnd. v.: ih(i Spi lni{:ifl ,i! i bin ch. 'i'iiii • •lection tJ.iys \v III a corre.Npondini; in, r- i-f the ta.\p:i>ei.-, wi tin- AsMi-rnbly. Tlie s.-rles of de(dor;>bl uii-H in Chii-ano (IniiiiH tin- last years has driven bonte the' point more Hlnnmnt i i-.i; illation of pi liauKM ij% needed. I'r.ietieall.v i mi-mber of the A.-xemhly in tin- .\i--t, titi.t-ii AH Hands Point to Our Waiit Ad* as the Result Producers Everybody watche* tltens Tbey triog ilmtly r*»toit*

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