The Topeka Daily Capital from Topeka, Kansas on August 10, 1890 · Page 12
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The Topeka Daily Capital from Topeka, Kansas · Page 12

Topeka, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 10, 1890
Page 12
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IHE TOrEKJ VAlhf CAPITAL SUJJ DAT MORNING, AUGUST 10 1839 KANSAS NEWS. CONDENSED LOCAL CHAT NEIuIIBOKINO CITIES. FROM The "Canlta!" Correspondents From All -t - 1 til Hnnnnil i u C of tfi Pt Week-Social Events Personal Mews What the People are Doing. Leavenworth. C. M. Tarr hat gone to New York on a business trip. ., , . . Mrs. H. S. Kidder Is spending a few days at Tnlrmmml t T MDnnald haa CODfl tO SL LOUlS Ofl a business trip. , . , Ed Fenlon, Jr., lett Friday for an extendei trip through Texas. J. A. Blackman, the "sage of Lonng" was in the city Thursday. , . . . . O. L. Stewart has gone to Washington to be absent some time. Captain H. M. Insley left Tuesday evening for a trip to Chicago. William Buettlinger has gone to Boston to b Fona several weeks. Herman Missolwiez left for a pleasure trip to New York Thursday. Louis Rothschild left Friday night for New York on a business trip. W. I). Stewart, a prominent Atchison man was a visitor this week. Max Pickarls, formerly of this cily, Is visiting old friends in the city. D. H. Anthouy, jr, left Friday for an extended trip through Texas. J. G. Morse, a prominent citizen of Newton, was a visitor this week. Miss Flora Frank is tiie guest of her sister Mrs. O. A. Aiford of Wamego. Miss Rilla Holmes is the truest of her friend, Miss Bennett, iu Kiuib.iS Cuy. E. O. Littltfield, a prominent citizen of Sa-liuii was iu the city Thursday. Miss Lora Callaliau of Piatt City, Mo., is the guest of Mrs. A. F. Callaliau. 1. A. Hood aud daughter are ependiug a few dnvs at Exceltir Springs. B. F. Harper of the Tunes spent Sunday at his old home in Larrolllon. Mo. Miss Lizzie Far ey of Springfield, Mo., is the iciest of relatives iu thu city. Dr. aud Mrs. J. It. Boyd spsnt a few days this week at Excelsior bpriugs. F. S. lloughawant, editor of the Oaao Herald, was a visitor this week. Dr. S. F. Few aud wife have gone on as extended visit to friends iu BostoD. Captain J. H. t-uiith, ex-warden of the penitentiary, was in the city this week. Mrs. Heury Steru has returned from a Week's sojouru at Excelsior Spr.ugs. Mrs. B. B. Wolfe leaves t'.ie tirst of the Week for New York on a business trip. Mrs. William Smith aud family have gone to Denver to visit lriends aud relatives. Miss Anna Vahace has returned from a mouth's visit with her uncle in Omaha. Mrs. McLoueigar hai returned fioiu a visit to friends aDd relatives at Sedalia, Mo. Miss Edua Maria is lying very low at the residence of U. S. lliatt uear Fairmount Hon. Lucien Baker haves the first of the week for a well earned vacation iu the east. Mrs. Fred Harvey is enjoying a visit from the Misses Schernierhorn ot Notre Dame, lnd. Mrs. H. E. Monroe of Atchison lectured at the Congregational church Thursday even-lug. Prof. Brown of the Kansas conservatory of music has goue to Boston to 8,eud the summer. Clias. Nelson and family and John Maduska left Wednesday for Tacoma, Wash., to remain. Mrs. A. C. Hayles and Miss Anna Swasey leaves next week for a two muuts visit to Boston. Mrs. J. W. Shoemaker left Thursday for Boston where she will spend the summer months. M. A. Wohlfrom is enjoying a visit from bis brother who has just returned from "the fatherland.'' A. C Lanborn of the Times has returned from an exteuded eastern trip, accompanied by his wile. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Johnson left Thursday lor a summer trip to their old homo iu tho Nutmeg state. Mis3 Kate O'Kourko has returned to her home in Fairmount after a pleasant visit with Kate Cushing. Miss llatlie Hamlin and Miss J. Lord left Wednesday for Jersey City, where they will spend the summer. Rev. Father Finn, Catholic chaplaia at the soldiers' hoine, has returned from his vaca tion trip to New York. Assistant Attorney General Black left Wedueaday for an exteuded summer trip through Pennsylvania. E. T. Rees, L. Schrader, J. Longman and J..Kiruieyer are iu attendance at the I. O. O. 1 . celebration at Chicago. Mrs. D. R. Anthony and Miss Maud An- Ihouy have returned from a pleasant tour of Colorado pleasure resorts. Mrs. W. S. Ruber aud daughter left Wed nesday for an extended visit iu Philadelphia aud other Pennsylvania cities. Dr. H. T. Neshitt left Tuesday for a busi ness trip in the east. Mrs. Nesbitt left the same diy for her future home in Denver. Horton. W. E. Lane is quite sick. George Hovey speut Suuday in Topeka. Dean Low of Topeka was iu Hortou Saturday. Harry Adams was under the weather this week. M. M. Wallingfori is quite low of typho- malarie. J. B. Riggin of SL Joe rwas in the city Thursday. Dr. U. S. Carman has been sick during the past week. James Rrundige has returned from King' ton, Ohio. Miss Johnson is clerking in Sam Ettcnson's cnallenge store. R. H. Mathews and wife have gone to Portland, Oregon. W. H. Kemper of St. JoBepa was in the city W ednesday. M. L. Foote of Hiawatha was transacting Business taiuruay. Mrs. Mitchell entertained a whist party luesaay atternoou. t rank Letson of Atchison visited with hta parents last Sunday. 0. J. Nugent and family are visiting friends ana relatives m lowa. Alfred I ete is working In the Union Pa cific shops at Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nesbit have returned iroin ineir eastern visit. About 200 of our citizens witnessed the ball game at Everest Sundav. Prof. Heath of Valley Falls, Kan., is the guest of G. G. Sballabarzer. Miss Addle Ricksetter is the guest of friends auu relatives ai Cameron, Alo. Nick Brlstorv of Pohl's pharmacy is visiting uia vmui at ueiuitnt", Aau. Mrs. Max Robinsou is eujoymg a short visit -wuu ner inenaa at tainax, Mo. K. u. Matene has the contract for building jjuuiuoci uw resilience. 1-nnio Mintu lert Wednesday for a visit witn nis iainuy at wotcott, N, Y. nr. Mivers wm spend a short vacation amoug tne mouuiams of Colorado. Ibe beaver laundry has been moved into we rrea Mrr uuurting on Vera Street. Aiex. vvunetm win return to h fnrmur home at Breeman, lnd., sometime this fall. Major Silas Stephney has been euioyin" a isik iiviu wi uis uauguiers at Alcntson. Angua miliar, a gay Anight of the carpet iiu wysiu, wan iu iue cuy fcaiuruaj even ing. tua. wuson oi Alexandria, Neb., was the Kuesi oi nia Drotner, t M. Wilson, Wadnes- oay. x iicmnu jifiiuiimu uua reiurnea irom a lsii wiiu inenus ana relatives at Daveaport, misb junet rotnts and Mrs. O. S. Titna will give a musical at the High street theatre the ivnu insu The little son ot Wm. Fisher foil from n ladder Tuesday afternoon, sustaining a serious scalp wouad. John Dillon, the noted comedian, will hnM the boards at Kemper's pera bouse September 16 and 17. J. 4). Reynolds of Martin's Ferry, O hio, is the guest of his brother, Dr. Reynolds on North High street. The Athletic dub will move into their bandsome quarters tinder the High street theater next week. Mr. Joseph Roggemper ot St Joseph, Mo., : Is superintending the tailoring establishment durinx Mr. Frazer's absence. Wednesday, while working at the shops, . Robert Wonder received a serious cut on the right arm from a piece of steel breaking off the coal chisel with which he was working. Dr. Reynolds dressed the wound and he lfl getting along all right. W. 11. Steele is excavating ground ior tne foundation of a new residence near the corner of Mina and North Main streets. Miss Maggie Evans, who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. Van Curen of the hotel Windsor, left for her home at Marysville, Mo., til 19 W(ilC ' A bane ball nine from Horton played the Everest nine eu the latter's ground last Sunday. The score stood three to seven in favor of Everest. Mr. aud Mrs. E. K. Allen and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. M.-Fraser left Wednesday for an extended tour of the eastern states aud the British provinces. Colonel E. Harringtonof Boker, Kan., was in the city on political business this week. The congressional, be has begun -to buzz under the Colonel's bounet. Black Eagle post No. -153, G. A. R., will give a sham battle on anuiversary day, September 20. All comrades and posts are eor-mally invited to participate. A telegram was recalved last FrWIay announcing the death of J. D. Jones at Galveston, Tex. Mr. Jones and family moved from Horton to Galveston about three months ago. The proficiency of the fire departuieut was exemplified last Monday night. They cleared the engine house withfthe horse cart aud engiu m two minutes from the time tha alarm was given. W. F. Means aud A. G. Hobbs are mentioned as caudidatei before the republican county convention for the office of county attorney. Either one of these gentlemen if nominated, would be 6tire of election aud would fill the position with honor aud credit Horton tiivision, B. L. of E., have elected the following oittcers for the ensuing term: Chief eugineer. E. W. Mason: lirst engiueer, F. W. Bariow; assistant engineer, T. Murray: Jiret assistant engineer, C. B. Toppun, second assistant engineer, am Walker; guide, H. M. Bover: chaplain. L. Lee: member ot legisla tive board. David Uartij;an; delegate to con vention, David llartigan; Toppan, iusuranca agent, c!, airman local committee David Hartigan. alternate, C. 15. Harry Adams; . of adjustment, Lawrence. T). S. Alford lwft. Friday for Boston. E. E. Dix of Fort Scott is visitiug in the citv. J. K. HemDhill is home on a visit to his tainilv. F. M. Perkins aud wife lert weanesjay ior Denver. Mrs. Julia Chalk is visiting in Kausas Ci ty this week (ieorire Lancrdon left Wednesday on a visit to Boslod. Prof. McDonald and wife left Wednesday for Boston. Gem-ire Little left this week for a visit in Calif or uia. Miss Bessie Anderson is vlsitinz friends in Kansas City. Miss W inifre 1 Churchill is visiting Aansas City friends. Miss Baer is visiting with Miss Delia bouih- ard this week. George Innes was in Leavenworth on bust ness iionduy. Miss Hellen Webber is vlsitin? Miss Jennie Ed sou at Tooeka. Mrs. Lelwyu Douglas of Paola Is visiting Lawrence friends. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Mclntire left last Tues day for New York. Mrs. C. S. Ulledd ot Topeka is in Lawrence visitiug her mother. Miss Anuie Wilder of Cbanute is the cuest of Miss Birdie Crew. Mrs. Jennie SutihT and daughters left Thursday for Boston. Mr. P. E. Emery left last Monday afternoon for Hornelsville. N. Y. Miss Carrie Stewart of Kansas City i3 visit ing Lawrence lriends. Mrs. H. B. Sciiafer of Valley Falls, Kan., Is visiting relatives in town. Mrs. E. T. Crocker is visitius Mrj. W. H. Harlow at Atchison, Kan. Mrs. George Anderson of Denver, is visit ing relatives in Lawrence. Mrs. Mary Lewis aud daughter are visiting the family ot N. P. Deiniug. Mr. and Mrs. John Hume are soiourninsr at Gren Mountain Falls, Col. F. Jb. Metner and family have returned from their visit to the great lakes. Mr. W. A. Stratum of Los Angeles. CaL, Is visiting in Lawrence this week. Arthur Boughtou has returned from a busi ness trip through central Kansas. k. D. Cosly aud C. L. Edwards joined the excursionists to Boston Thursday. W. E. Reynolds aud wiio left Thursday for Boston to attend the encampment. Miss tJiiristiana ward -loit Thursday ior a vis t with her pareuts in New l'orfc. Mrs. William Gibson left Friday afternoon for a two months visit in New York. Mrs. Sophie Barteldes aud daughter Louise left Thursday for Elkhart Lake, Wis. Miss Lulu Hoag of Kansas City is in town on a visit with Miss Rilla VauHosen. Miss Rilla Van Hoesen, who has been visit ing Olathe friends, has returned home. R. W. Sparr returned Wednesday from Texas where ho had been on business. J. M. Alexander, ot the firm of SDarr & Alexander, is in JNew York on business. Charles Bauerschnudt of Toneka spent last Sunday iu Lawrence visiting his family. Miss Anuie btewart of Kansas City is in town visitiug the family of M. M. Manley. B. A. Amb,er with the Western Farm Mort gage compauy at Deliver is m town on a visit. Miss Lulu Had ley left Wednesday for Bos ton where she will visit frieuds for sometime. jwr. w. u. wnuams ana son Arthur re turned home Monday from a visit in the east. Mrs. J. B. Lawrence of Manhattan, is in town on a visit witu her brother J. 1. Hollo- way. Moyor A. Henley is m western Kansas on business connected with the Barb Wire com pauy. Mrs. r. W. J aedicke and daughters A:nes and Clara are visiting iu Kansas City this week. W. F. Chalfant, ir., and wife of Carrolton. Mo., were visiting relatives in Lawrence this week. Mrs. J. W. Stailey and daughter who have been visiting Topeka lriends have returned home. Mr. and Mrs. George H. Edwards of Kan sas City, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fliotom. Miss Emma Buckley who has been visiting tier Bister at St. Paul, Miuu., returned Home last buiday. Mr. and Mrs. Riley of SL Joe, who have visiting D. L. Hoadiey and family Lave re turned home. Miss Anna McKinney ot Ottawa, who has Been visiting Miss Nellie Hamlin, returned home lhursday. Cyrus Crane, an old Lawrence boy, but ow iu the law business at Kansas City, was in town mis wee. Mr. Robert Horrow au old citizen of Law reuce but now in business at Atchison, was in low u id is wees. Eugene AIIpu, au old Lawreuce boy. hut now in business at beattle. W ashiniriou. is Visiting Lawreuce friends. Mrs. N. P. Auiirew ot Kansas Citv who has Deea visnmg ner lather air. W. ti. Eideu miller has returned home. Miss Mary Keefe, witu the Western Farm Mortgage trust company at Denver, is visit mg ner pareuis in mis city. Mrs. IT. Callahan and daughter of Topeka. wno navj oeeu visiting tue lamiiy ot D. -P Swank, relumed homelriday. Dr. u L. Lsterley and wife attended the meeting or the American Dental association Held this wees at Excelsior Springs. doctors Wright and Mathews attended the meetiug of the American Deutal association netd at excelsior bpriags this week. A. v. weaver auu family left Thursday for Pew London, conn., at wuich place and oth er poiuts they will spend the next month. miss Mae iiu8hmer returned home this week from a visit to Columbus, o. She was accompanied by her cousin, Mr. Fred Graves. .air. a. wnucomu, vice-oresideut of the American florists, left Thursday for Boston to attend the sixth annual meetiug of that so ciety. Lharles Monroe, formerly ot Lawrence but now with the law department at the L'nion Pacific railroad at TopeA was in town Wed nesday. juigar bneen, son or Mr. and Mrs. W. R. bueeu, entertaiued a number of hi young J11CUU9 job i xuesuaj, ine occasion being his uirtuaay. A. D. Weaver went over to Leavenworth mouaay to uia on the contracts for lag suppaes lor the penitentiary for the next six mourns. oeorge Innes left Thursday for Canada where h.s wife and daughters are spending the summer. He will visit New York and Boston before bis return. fcd. u Barker left Monday for a visit at his old home at Indianapolis, bat be will return la time to assist in the presentation of bis play, Suicide," next month. J. S. Emery and family let Thursday ior Boston. After visiting the principal cities of the east Mr. Emery will leave his family at Chatham, Mass., for the rest of the summer. Prof. Uuayie of Baker university left Law rence Tuesday for Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where he will deliver a series of lectures at a Chautauqua Sunday school assembly being held there. Misses Florence Crawford, Madge Johnson and Cerrella Knox of Topeka, and Miss Madge House of Boston and Messrs. Arthur Capper, Harry Asliby, T. R. Hopkius and C. J. Pres- cott, all of Topeka, composed a party who came tiown to Lawrence last Wednesday and spent the day in visiting Haskell institute, the university and Bistuark grove, au 1 who, alter talcing a moonlight row on the Kansas river, returned to Topeka on the evening train. Wn-Kfeuey. L. Rea visited bis Hon.'R. son Ed this week. Eight accessions to the Normal classs since first day. Mr. Saum expects his family home the first of the week. Mrs. J. C. Stebbinsis visiting her husband's people in Illino.s. T. R. Moor ass.sted at the land office during the extra contest work. Mrs. W.-Carson has returned to her temperance labores in Nebraska. Ticket Agent Morton vc.a reported sick and unfit for duty nart of tnis week. Mrs. E. F. Porter expects to join ber husband iu Pittsburg, Kan., soon. J. M. I'atton a land attorney froiri Digton had busiuess before the land oflica. Is it an original package house or a boot logger's joint that is ruumug in towu? Dr. Coagee will go to Kaus is City and enter into partuership with Dr. Jacafon. Mrs. M. D. Holister expects to go to Missouri in about a mouth to visit her old home. Takfujr the rainfall Saturday and Sunday together, we received auite an inch of moisture. Judge Osbom and A. C. Flicks will ship tlujir household effects together, to Sauna, this coming week. It is to he hoped that these fellows who are going east to wear out their rubber coats aud ga ashes wont be disappointed. S. Thompson, our genial barber, and Wife expect to go to Pennsylvania on a two' visit the 1st of September. The dance at the Opera liall Tuesday night was au enjoyable affair. The weather was cool, aud its beiug the lirst hop for some time, led all to appreciate it. Mr. Lawrence's son still lingers with malar ai fever. He has had two very serious relapses. It is hoped that tb is last change for the better may result In recovery. Miss Jessie C ark was enrolled as a normal student but owiug to the persuasious of some one whose name we have not learned.changed her mind and was married Wednesday afternoon. John Kerns was picturing the piscatorial pleasures he expects to have soon, that is John is goiug trout fishing to the mountains for his summer recreation, so he told us Wednesday. Cyrus Monroe expects to be among his old friends iu Pennsylvania the first of the week. His other busmen is all arranged but it is not yet decided who will waier his Mowers and iiold his checker board while he Is goue. If the quartet, Misses Ella Magraui and Edith Browa and Messrs. R ea and Smith, with their guitar aud banjo knew how much pleasure they gave while serenading they would certainly not Btop with a single night out. Prof. S. App takes Iub vacation from bank work uow that J. H. March has returned. Mr. VPP and Mr. Monroe will be fellow travelers as far as Jamestown. Mr. App will then proceed alone to bis old home iu the vicinity of hiladelphia. Wednesday the Ellis Kid niae came up to play our kids a game. The Ellis so-called Kid nine will average three years each older than our3. They are in fact almost young men. But we don't care; our victory is all the sweeter. Our kids scooped 'em. Commercial men who were registered at the Commercial hotel are as follows: J. W. Kennedy, Kansas City; Frank Niles, Chicago; M. Shaolfer, Leavenworth; vv. iu. Miiigan, St. Louis; H. M. Barnes, Chicago; J. L. Jack son, salina; il. A. rmsuury, new xorK. The atmospheric conditions were perrect Sunday at about 6:30 o'clock and a most mag- nihcent rainbow entirely spanned the near ens. It was a complete bow as was the sec ondary bw for a very bhort time. They were crandl y beautiful and yet, as a promise, the rambow seems rather a superfluous ad junct to Kansas scenery. This was an unusually busy weeK at the United States land office, With final proofs aud iwo coutests rtinumz part of the time. The claims under contest are valuable and quite near Dighton; the other adjoining Monument. Our hotel people appeciate these cou tests thoroughly. Well, so we all do. Wo get to see our old friends and neighbors. Monument almost quit housekeeping to come over tms weeK. lue iouowiug citizens were in town, most of them on land office business: Dr. H. Southard, Burton Smith, W. J. Neil, Peter Huddleston, Charles Churchill, Dan Neil, J. W. Sau'.tus, Hon. R. Rhea, Geo. Aibin, Chas. Page, William Drury, C W. Stickney, J. b. Hamilton, C Weber. The following neighbors visited us the past week: A. D. Gilkerson, Hays City; w. W, Miluer, Ellis; Dr. T. C. Randiez, Ness City C W. BicKell, P. M., Russell Springs: W. Jones, Hill - City; George Dryer, Graintield; E. W. Oler, Saiina J. C. Barlow, Streator, Ills.; J. H, Hurst, Chicazo and J. W. Taylor were transient guests at the Commercial hotel. Km porta. Miss Belle Welch is visiting in Topeka. H. M. Thorp has returned from Marion. Miss Katie Boltd is visiting friends in To peka. Mrs. S. Swartz of Newton la a guest oi Mrs. Roehig. Mrs. forterneid or lowa is a guest or. airs. J. M. Kuox. Col. H. a Whitley has returned from his eastern trip. Miss Oilie Lesh is visiting Miss Florence Loy ofAniertcus. Miss Emma Jones is visiting friends in Leavenworth. Miss Lillie Dale left Thursday for Boston on a visit to mends. C. Fulton of Cincinnati. O., is visiting his frieud, Jos Hd83. b. w. Kigzs is spending a couple or. weeks in Clyde, Kausas. Mrs. J. E. Estin is vis. ting her parents in Belleville, Kausas. b. birauss aud daughter Retta left on Wed nesday for Chicago. Mrs. W. t. ti roves and family have gone to Cherry vale to reside. C. W. dillett and family have returned from Salt Lake City. Mi6S Emily Moffett has returned from a visit to Indianapolis. Dr. 1. U Edwards of Wales wao a guest of Mr. L. W. Lewis last week. Mrr. and Ms. Wm. Addis have returned from a trip t Pueblo, Cola Miss Minnie btantoa of Liberty. Ind.. is a guest of the Misses Paddocks. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Reel have returned from a v.sit to Reelsville, Ind. Mrs. Mattie Cumbesly of Hartington. Neb- is a guest of Mrs. Phoeoe Best. Mrs. Carl Balweg is spending the month of August at Manito Springs, Colo. Mrs. Francis Trigi ot Garuett. Kansas, is the guest of friends in this city. Kev. t. J.banerber and wife have gone to Grove ou a months vacatiou. Miss Jennie Maxou returned yesterday from Dunlap, where she visited her sister. Miss Edith Pox of Atchison is beiag enter tained by her cousius, Misses Mabei and Lora Fox. Miss Jennie Persley has gone to Omaha. Nebraska, on a visit to her sister, Mrs. F. A. Brogau. Miss Sadie Hinkle has returned from Kansas City, where she visited ber cous,u, Miss Frankie Gilchrist. Mrs. Eulow, who has been visiting ber daughter, Mrs. Geo. Glover, Las returned home to ltliopolis. 111. Mrs. Frank P. MacLennan of Topeka spent last week with her mother, Mrs. M. C. God-dard, who has been quite ill. Misses Eva and Lima Watson, who have been visiting their cousiu, Oliver Smith, have returned home to Skiatook, I. T. Mr. aud Mrs. J. D. Osborne, who have been spending a few days with Mrs. J. F. Keuney, have returned to their home in Chicago. Colonel IL C Cross aud-wlfe. Major C. Hood and wife. Rev. W. A. MeGinlevand wife and Mesdames Allen and Johnson of Topeka left last week for Cascade, CoL, in the ! special car of ( olonel Cross. A party of young folks, picniced at Patty's mill last Wednesday. Those present were the Misses Ethel Hurst, Emily Moffett, Mary Plumb, Jeanette Burton, Florence Hood, Josie Johnson Florence DeCauip, Messrs. Collins, Flory, Owen, Lakin, Lodon, Fergu- sou and Hendricks. Nrwton. C S. Bowman was In Denver last week. Mr. Levi Wooden left Friday tor Dayton, Ohio. Congressman Peters is expected home In a few days. N. Barn urn is spending considerable time In New York. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. McLaiu left for Chicago on Thursday morning. R. Coliius i3 up from Guthrie to spend a few days with his family. Mrs. J. M. McNeil has gone to Chesley, Canada, to visit her bnsband. A. B. Houghton, a Chase poultryman, was visiting friends here last Wt-ek. The Christ an and Methodist churches held socials on Wednesday evening. Miss Ella Adams left Thursday night for Deuver, where she will spend some weeks. The county commissioners were in session on Monday for the purpose of making a tax levy. Mrs. . Huber, of Loganton, Pa., is in the city spendiug a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Ira Small. Miss Sarah Norton left Monday evening for Palmer Lake, Col., to spend a few weeks with her brother. Many of our merchants are in New York and other eastern places buying immense Blocks for the fall trade. The Sons of Veterans held a very enjoyable social iu the Gerson block Saturday night which netted thorn quite a baudsome sum. George and Delia Conway of Cleaburn, Tex., left for their home on Monday night after spending some time among frieuds here. F. B. Peters, proprietor of the Newton Steam Laundry has sold a half interest in the lauudrv to T. C. Trumble. a St. Louis laun dry mau. Dr. Hoss, of Baker University, delivered an interesting lecture on "What can she dor' to the normal attendants at the Methodist cnurcn on Tuesday evening. ihe average highest temperature aurmg the last week was y5 degrees, the warmest day being Friday, when the mercury stood at lot) at A o clock v. in. Miss Mazie Converse, with about forty of lier Sunday school class, spent Thursday af- teruoon most enioyably among ice cream freezers and delicious cike. The Harvey county uormal is now in full blast, with the greatest attendance it has ever known. The euroliment numbers lib and much good work is being done. Forty residents of this place organized a temple of the Kuightxi of Aurora on Wednes day night. A pleasant time was had, and a banouet was served at tne Bon ion. .News was received her on ba urday oi me death of a bright and promising Newton voung man. Ernest E. La wry of luka. He died of cousumplion iu his 22nd year. A number of the friends ot Gleun Lehman completely took him by surprise on Tuesday eveniug at his home on East Broadway, and rovallv celebrated his birthday auntversary. Miss Lu Fessier very pleasantly entertained a small party of her chosen frieues at her home on East Fourth street The event was a celebration of the young lady s birthday anniversary. At the rezular meeting of the Board or Education on Monday night it was decided to open the fall term of school on September l, aud to introduce the study of chemistry into high school course. J. A. Carlisle of the Newton machine shop has associated with him as partner L. P. Les ter of Halstead. Mr. Lester has already moved much of his machinery here and this will now make a strong institution for the town. Mrs. Mary C. Morgan, wife of P. M. Mor gan died last Friday evening of typho-malar- ial fever. She was 40 year old and one of the pioneers of Harvey county. Her husband and three children survive her. The funeral was held at Sedgwick, her former home, on Sunday. Mr. Fred Wallace of - Argentine, Kan., and Miss May McLean of Newton, were married at the hom9 of the bride's mother Mrs. E. A. Humiston of this city on Monday night. Many guests were present, refreshments were served and the new couple received many gifts. i Thomas Stevens, wno so mysteriously dis appeared some weeks ago, returned to his home on Monday, lie had been to many points in southern Kansas, and bad but a vague recollection of them. He was adjudged ot unsouud mind by the probate court on Tuesday afternoon. Miss Lucy L. Mayberry died on Tuesday morning after a long time of terrible suffer ing. Somi four or five weeks ago she was starting a fire with, as she supposed, coal oil but which proved to be gasoline. The gasoline exploded very severely burning her. The funeral was held on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. At the regular meeting of the city council on Thursday night, a delegation of about seventy of Newton's best women, led by the wife of Congressman Peters, waited upon the council with a petition, slgued by more th an ToO women, asking that the city fathers have all the laws and ordiuances stringently enforced and new ordinances passed in order to suppress the lawlessness and vice which now reigns in our city. An event long to be remembered in railroad circles was the marriage of Fireman R. J. Maloney to Miss Emma Elliott on Wednesday night, at the home of the groom's parents. The attendance of invited guests was large, the entertainment of the evening jovial, the supper splendid and the presents rare and costly. Both of the parties are well known nere, and have already commeneed house keeping on West Seventh street. Olathe. John Davis of Ottawa spent last Saturday in Olathe, Will McKinley left Wednesday last for Salt Lake City. Miss Jessie Burch has returned home from Kansas City. Miss Minnie Franklin is visiting friends in Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hyer spent last Sunday at uardner, K.ans. Dr. J. H. Oyster ot Paola spent last Satur day in Olathe. Misa Ethel Rhoada has returned after a six weeks visit in idiaoa. Eugene Lattimore, editor of the Pleasanton Herald, visited Olathe Saturday. Geo. Linderman ot LeMars, la., la in Olathe visiting relatives and friends. Misa Cora Evana of Wyandotte, Kaa., Is visiting Mrs. Joe Burr all ot this city. B. F. Adair spent the past few weehs rusticating on bis farm near Ibis city. Mrs. F. S. Hall oi t niton, Kansas, spent the past weeit visumg relatives nere. The annual Grange picnic was held yester day at btucks grove, soutnwest or town. Msss Nellie Norton ot Kansas City, visited zer sister, Mrs. A. J. t nlch last Sunday. James King left for Deuver, Colo., Wednes day where he will spend the ensuing year, Mrs. w. C. Paul and son, Willie, of Mem phis, Tenn., are visaing friends in the city. Mrs. Jennie Phillips ot Los Angeios, Cat., is in the city visiting the family of Judge Burris. Miss Etta Had ley of Lawrence spent the past week visiting relatives and lriends in the city. Dr. G. A. lant is attending the Missouri dental convention at Excelsior Springs this week. Miss Annie Torbert or Gardner was the guest of Miss Maud Caress the first of the week. Miss Helen Ball of Kansas City was the guest of Miss Jessie Thomas a few days last wees. Misses Bettie and Flavia Gaines of Kansas City, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Ogg and family. Latue Beckett left for Hot Springs, Ark., last Sunday eveumg, to be gone a number ot mouths. Prof. S. S. Beggs, wife and mother-in-law went to their former home at Hoitend, Mich., iiouaay. General Rice ot the Ft. Scott Monitor, passed through Olathe Saturday on his way to Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Dent and children left t ndaj for a two weeds' visit to relatives in Missouri. Miss Mattie Toothache has been employed as assistant leacner in ue Aansas city, aau., high school. Miss Lu Dnnlap returned Wednesday from a month's visit to her p&reata in Arlington springs, i-oiorauo. Mrs. Mary Bogue, Miss Abbie and Mr. Mark Bogue of Liv.stown, I1L, are ihe guests of Mrs. jane woncson. Captain and Mrs. E. Clark started hit Thursday tor Massachusetts where they will visit friends as well take in the national encampment of the G. A. R. Elder C. H. Pool left yesterday for Wiscon sin, where he is employed as state evangelist for the Christian church. Miss Mattle Wylie. siBter or Rev. Wylle or this city, lo.'t Thursday for Syria, where she wm engage in mission work. Miss Flora Davis stated Wednesday for a three week's visit amoug friends and rela tives in Conway, Kau. Mrs. J. Drum, Mrs. R. E. Kearney, Mrs. Alex Kearney and Mi33 Matie Harris spent Thursday in Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Snyder of Kansas City, spent several days visitiug relatives aad friends here the past week. Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Adams will start east with the view of attending the uatioual encampment of the G. A. R. Miss Sadie Kelly of Gardner, and Miss E.Iith Corliss oi Cedar Junctiou, were the guests of M.S8 Eva Rowiey the first of the week. sir. aud Mrs. Will Carter or Kansas City. Mo., arrived in Olathe last Tuesday and will spend a week visiting frieuds and relatives. Air. Israel, waoh as been visiting uis mother and siter lor ihe past two weeks, left Thurs day for his home in Wahington county. Iowa. urs. m. tj. Bowles and daughter, Mamie, went to Boston, Ma9s., Thursday, on a short visit oi a lew weeks before locating at Mock tOD, Kin. Miss Curtis of Admn, Mich., after an ex- tended visit iu Colorado, is now spending a short time visiting gwith the family of W. S. An an p of this city. Arnold Murray and daughter ora left Tor t!.e Boston encampment Wednesday. They will visit Nantucket Island and other points of interest along the Atlantic coast. Mrs. Euuice t eetnan aud children oi Lead- vitle, Col., and Rev. A. T. Burriss and family of Sedgwick, Kan., arrived in Olathe Mouday aud are the guests ot Judge J. T. Eurriss. Their arrival is preparatory to a family reun ion consisting ot Judge and Mrs. Burris, chil dren and grand children. Great Bend. ' left on Sunday J. R. Brown for Chicago, 111. R. B. Warren left for a trip to Chicago this week. Mrs. Livingston and son are visiting friends In the city. F. A. Patterson returned to Pueblo Wednesday. Mrs. D. N. Halladay returned, iroin ooio- rado on Tuesday. Mr. C. Samuels returned from New lorK Wednesday evening. Mrs. B. t. Pleger gave an enjoyable party on Saturday eveuing. Wm. Bunting and wite returned from Hutchlnsou on Sunday. Mrs. M. Cohn of Wichita Is visiting her mother Mrs. B. Negbaur this week. The original package houses have been doing a thriving business this week. Mrs. C. Samuels returned from her visit to Lamed, Kan., oa Tuesday evening. Mrs. Elmer Deau entertained her meads very pleasantly on Monday evening. Mrs. E. Odell of Florence, Kan., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Odell of this city. Miss Georgia Wells and Mrs. Frauk Porter left for a visit to Larned on Thursday. Mrs. A. C. Steck, of Ottumwa, Iowa, visit ed ber sister, Mrs. A, R. Mobs of this city, this week. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Schemer born and Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Moses left on Monday for Boston, Mass. J. C. Emtey who has been visiting bis cousin E. C Emley of this place returned to Topeka on Tuesday. Mr. C. M. Wick wire ot the First National bank left Thursday evening for a visit to bis old home in Connecticut There is a larger supply ot water in the Arkansas river at this place at present than there has been for seme time. Rev. Crawford ot Ellsworth, Kans., will oc cupy the pulpit of the Presbyterian church of this place, on Sunday, August luth. This place was visited by a soaking rain on Snnday night The ground is so dry that much more is needed to thoroughly moisten it, however. Miss Georgie Wells of this city, gave an elocutionary entertainment under the auspi ces ot the Episcopal church at Larned, Kans., on Friday eveniug. The enrollment ot the county normal, has increased to sixty. Interesting lectures were giveu this week en Wednesday and Thursday evenings by Rev. Benj. Hartley of Larned, subject, "Industrial and Pictorial Drawing," and John McDonald, editor of the Western School Journal, subject, "Means of Growth Eudoi-a. Peter Freund of Clearfield was In town on Thursday. Dr. Robinson and wife were in Linnwood on Wednesday. Charles Pilla and 0. G. Richards were down to Kansas City on business Thursday. Mrs. Mary Hagenbdch visited the family of josepn Htddierton at Kansas uty on Friday. Mrs. G. W. E. Griffith and Mrs. C E. Grif fith of Lawrence were in the city on Thurs day. Prof. Pealrs, of Vmland, candidate for county superintendent was in the city on Sat urday. The concert at the M. E. English church on Friday evening was largely attended, and a success is every way. Hattie B. GillUand and Mrs. C F. Richards visited the family of County Clerk Greenlee at Lawrence on Monday. Bart Thomas, general manager of the affairs of Hesper academy, was !n town Thursday on business connected with that institution John Weaver of the Weaver Bottom, had business here ob Wednesday. Mr. Weaver reports the coin crop good in his section, S. H. Davis, Euoc Pearson and Colonel Ken dall of Hesper attended the congressional con vention at Kansas City, Kau., ou Tuesday. Prof. Hubert of Rose J ale, Kan., who is to be principal of our schools the coming year, was here on Thursday looking for a house to rent. Charles Otis of Manhattan, traveling Bales- man for the firm ot Hulskamp Bros., boot and shoe house Keokuk, Iowa, was here on Thursday. W. A. Fuller, our tinner and hardware merchant, left on Saturday for a visit to bis old home in Vermont. He will be gone almost a montn. The colored people of Lawrence celebrated the 4th of August in tine style. Large num bers were here from other points and took part In the celebration. Spencer Lawsou, who made a trip to the Pacific coast by way ot Salt Lake on a bicycle some time ago, returned last week. He re ports a pleasant trip. He will leave on Sun day for his old home in Pennsylvania. William G. Hill of the firm of Gardner Hill & Co. was down to Kansas City on a pleas ure trip Tuesday. While gone be visited Chelsea park, took In the great congressional convention, a good supply of ice cream, lemonade and milk shake. S. E. Bruue, superintendent of our Sabbath school, was presented with a very nice willow rocking chair, as a token of esteem by the members and teachers of the Sabbath school, on Thursday evening at his home. The present was a happy surprise to him. Sterling-. Will Dunlap spent Sunday at home. Cole's circus will be here next Wednesday. John Watson is spending a few days in the city. There is considerable sickness here at present C M. Branch or Hutchinson was in the city lhursday. Mrs. Mc Williams has sold ber restaurant to Mrs. Selfridge. Mrs. Higly gave a very enjoyable party on Monday evening. R. J. Shay returned from bis eastern trip on weduesday morning. Rev. J. M. Green came home from Mex ico on Sunday to take a much needed rest Jim Phelan has returned from Louisville and has started in business on South Broad way. lnebternng urnet band lurmsbed music for an alliance picnic near Huntivllle on Thursday. We had a sice rain last Sunday night but we fear it was too late to be of much benefit to the corn. Judge Bailey and wife and Geo. Mitchell and wife started on Thursday night for a few weexs at eureka springs. Kennedy's oinedy company played in the opera house on Tuesday evening, and all we bave U say is mat tuey aaould have been egged out ot town." A lawn party was given to about forty of Messrs. Gooason and Kooantz's friends on Saturday evening of last week. The men a was neatly printed on satin ribbon. The evening was passed m playing cards. The alliance meeting here ou Tuesday brought one of the largest crowds ever in Sterling. Two flags were to be presented to the two alliances making the best showing, and in their del erminatiou to outdo the oth ers they presented a grand para te, over four miles loug. At ISO tne crowd gathered at the High School park, where, after a few ex ercises and an address or welcome oy Mayor Gaskell, the audience listened to General James B. Weaver, and J. Simpson, who addressed them on the is-ue of the day. It was iudeed a big day. The farmers vot wJl tell in tho coming election. Bolton. Work on the city hotel if progressing. Miss Tyson has returned from Co'orado Springs. airs. Ed F. Jonas returned irom vo;oraao resterdiv- llie Farmers' alliance has a business meet ing Thursday. The Te erranh institute has moved 10 me university building. mai Matte Jones has relumed irom Aansas City much improved in Mrs. LUtlefteld aad daughters left riouon for a visit to Portland. Maim?, yesterday. Judge Case Brodenck was called to the bedside of a sick brother yesterday by tele gram. Ihe Third Regiment band, accompanied by thirty or forty citizens, left Holton for Boston r l may. W. w. Sargent of the signal, is at the helm again after a vacatiou of three weeks in the Rockies. The board of education omployed as substi tute teacher Miss Eme Price at their last meeting. 1 he Misses Neltr and Hosier, teachers in the Atcbisou city schools, are visl iug fr.ends in notion. Katharine Tucker. Minnie and Grace Miles, Miner Cheviss. Sherd Tucker, vishei Kausas City th s week. R. G. RobinsoD. county attorney, is home from Colorado wbera he has beeu in camp for the past three weeks. Prof. Colbert aud wire of the Western Nor mal college. Sheuaudoah. Ia.. are visiting the lamiiy of Dr. Adatnson m this city. Mr. Oscar Hale aud Miss Lillian Douglas re turned from Iowa, where they have been vis iting friends for the past three weeks. K. R. Chrismau. Sr.. suffered a slight stroKe ot paralysis one week ago today. He has since nearly recovered from the effects. ihe institute coutinues to grow in numbers and interest The enrollment now reaches 118. Superintendent Bloss of Topeka will lecture in the C3urt house Monday evening. The board of directors for the university bave made arrangements for the negotiation of the bonds recently voted by the city for the completion of the buildiug. Work will commeuce immediately. Mut.chluson. Mrs. R. Pope has returned from Nevada, Mo. Wm. Sumner and family are visiting at Boston. Dr. E. G. Dick and daughter are visiting in Chicago. W. T. Atkinson left this week for an east ern visit. W. T. O'Connor is in from Cheyenne visit ing friends. G. J. Mauettfrom Grinnell, Ia.. is visiting his enele, B. C Morns. L. A. Beebe and wife have returned from their weddiug tour west Miss Mary Shannon has gone on a two months' trip to Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. John Clapp are in Boston with relatives for a few weeks, Robert M. Maxwell aud wife have returned from a mouth's visit in New York. Mrs. J. A. Mulholland has returned Irom a visit with relatives at De Kalb. Mo. W. F. Mulky and wife came home this week: from a month's trip through Colorado. Mrs. C E. Daggett has returned Irom a month's visit to northern summer resorts. Miss ueriruae wuiett left this week lor a visit with friends at Emporia and Topeka. airs. Elmer May left this week on a visit with friends at San Francisco and other west ern points. P. J. Leimbaugb, agent for the Missouri Pacific here, left this week for California to speud a mouth's vacation. Charles xoungeeim and wife, who have spent the summer in Europe, arrived at New York city last Wednesday and are expected home the fore part of this week. Prof. J. F. Daniels and wife of Allegheny City, Pa., are guests of the former's sister, Mrs. R. M. Heuderson. Mr. D. Is principal of the Allegheny City High schools. Silver Lake Misses Mamio Palmer and Nettle Noel ot week with the Valeucte were visiting this Misses Vaudeinark. About 6:30 Saturday morning it began rain ing, accompanied with almost an incessaut display of vivid lightuing, with heavy thun der. The ram continued falling gently all the forenoon. Our city has, for the past week, and will for the week to come, by programme, been entertaiued by the Kickapoo ludian Medicine compauy, who are camped en the lake bank and nightly give exbibitious ot Indian dances and customs, while the internal of day and night the public are invited to get rid ot their ailments, real and imaginary, by buying the genuine ludian Sagwa and other choice sci entific medicines, compounded and arranged by the learned medicine men of the tribe, "secuindem artein. Our corn buyer has during the past week has bought several thousand bushels of corn, and at present figures, 41 cents, made quite a stir In the city. Appearances strongly Indi cate that iu a radius of S:X or eight miles we will make a ban crop of corn lor rail delivery. This will realize for the producers far more money than the full crop of last year, besides requiring less labor in handling it Wo are satisfied we have the garden spot of the great west. The yield oi potatoes, as demon strated by parties who have been shipping the past week, is an average of fifty bushels per acre of Early Ohio and kindred grades. This character of yield is very encouraging to our farmers, as at present pricts in compari son to last year is equal to a yield of ZoO bushels to the acre. KlnS rman. Rev. W. Toll was in Wichita during the week. Dr. Rogers of Pratt is visiting the family of Hon. H. A. Lee. A. W. Fuller of Atchison ia in Kingman visiting bis Dioiner-m-jaw, K. r". Holies. ln u. . cnurcn ior ita Denent gave a so cial Thursday eveniug. It was a success. Miss Nin Edminston of Harper ia attending Kingman normal, the guest of Miss Clara Billings. M. G. Bowden, who has been clerking for E. E. Weir, attorney, returned borne to Elk county Monday. Assoc ate Justice alentineot Topeka was in Kingman Wednesday looklDg at the ex tensive salt plants. John wooasou or riuicmnson was in our city during the week on business connected with educational work. The normal gave a social Wednesday even ing. There were a great many present and an enjoyable eveuing spent ; itov. ci nueunmg oi prate preached a very interesting and able sermon at the Presby terian cnurcn on babbatn last Attorney Nincent and Judge W. SL Whiie-law of Hutchinson were in the city during the weex on important business. A social leap was given in the Kingman opera house 'l ues Jay evening. A large crowd present aud a nue time was bad. P. J. Conklin of Helena, Mont, is back'to Kingmr.n, his old borne, with a view of locating permanently in the city of his f.rst love. We welcome him and bis family. Coaucil Grove. Miss Ada Dill Is visiting her sister at Hillsdale, Kan. Mrs. Goodnight left for a visit to Sedalia, Mo., Tuesday. Miss May Snider left Friday for a visit to her old home In Wabaunsee county. Miss Nora Graham went to Cbanute Sunday to visit her sister, Mrs. George Kling. Miss Anna McCain of Erie, Pa., is visiting in the city, tbe guest of Miss Lily Mat) sell. Miss Eda Humphrey of Junction Ciiy was visitiug friends here the tint of the week. Miss Josie CoLier came home Sunday on a visit to her parents, from Ktnginan, Kan. Sirs. C, A. Dean of Lyons, Kan., arrived In the city Tuesday to visit ber suiter, Mrs. D. C Webb. Emmet Wbittaker and wife of Salina arrived here Tuesday for a visit among friends and relative. Mr. D. H. Huffaker, mother and sister of Kansas City, are visiting the family of T. S. Hurlaker of this city. C W. Talmadge and family left Thursday for Syracuse, N. Y., where thy will spend several weeks visiting among relatives. Mrs. W. C Hack, Mis. T. Lower and Birdie White returned from a protracted visit to Grand Junction, Col., on last Wednes lay. J. R Sexton n I wife of (ieneva. Neb., who bave been vlsitiu A. P. Ashbrook aud lert for Kansas City -Tuesday, accompanied by Miss Minette Ashbrook. Fl Dorado. Miss Kate Bronson is a guest of relatives ia Sal ma. . Will Baker of Kaasas City is a guest of Dr. and Mrs. Armstrong. - .vrs. Dr. Sigier has returned from a visit with relatives in Arkansas City. Mrs. Ed. C. Ellett and family are guests ot trie ads aud relatives id EI Dorado. Miss Jenuie Youug euterta ned ber friend M ss Laura Laughlin of Wichita last week. Mrs. G. M. Weeks, who has been visiting relatives in El Dorado, left Saturday for Lincoln. . ' . Mrs.. A. L. L. , Hamilton and family and Miss Grace Bacon are camping out at Green Mountain Falls. Miss Mae Schmucker is entertaining her cousin. Miss Juutata Schmucker, of Williams burg, Pa. Mr. J. J. Johnson and Miss Myrtle Came-. ron were married last week at the bride' home north ot El Dorado. Mr. C. L. -Turner and Lewis Bronson are in attendance at the meeting ot the South western Tennis association at Salina. Dan Boyden, George Phillips and wife and L D. Ccnuer and wite are in the east attend ing the G. A. It reunion at Boston. A party of young ladies held a picnic on th Wtiitewate yesterday. There were present: Misses Li liau and Sue Holloway, Emma Pierce, Alice Murdock, Sadie Woodrow, Kate Lagerty and Lydla Couuer. Miss Helen Shyrer and Mr. Cbaa. Wilcox were married Sunday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C D. Shryer.: Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox will reside in Columbue City, Iudiana. The fishes of the Walnut were compelled to seek the deep holes Friday night for a jolly boating party made the echoes ring with their songs and laughter. The party was composed of Misses Kitty Morgan, Hat ie Turner, Kate Bronson, Essie Cooper, Addie Miller, Ella Wilkiuson. Annice Richardson. Flora Pool and Mrs. C L. Turner; Messrs. Jack Holloway, Ed. Thompson, Harry Pattl- son, At Fulllnwider, Ira Sherwln and Harry Sherwln. Staple Ulll. Mr. J. H. Goddard will ship a lot of cattle to Chicago next week. ihe corn crop here will average 80 bushels to the acre, probably higher. Horace Adams shipped three car loads ot cattle from here Thursday night w neat and oats are nearly all threshed In this valley; the quality is exceptionally good. omcers were elected aud constitution adopted by the Epworth league at Maple Hill last in ursd ay night John verity was chosen treasurer of Mania Hill school district at the annual election, by a majority of two votes. Maple HIU has escaped the "o. d " scourra thus far, and the influence of the I. O. G. T.'a is perhaps the primary cause of its. delight ful holding off. ihe i. o. G. T. lodge elected officers at their regular meetiug Wednesday uight, aud they nave prepared a programme tor a public entertain uieut September 3. Ihe contract is let and the work already began on the new school building for Mapla HliL Marne Sage is doing the mason work: J. C Anderson the carpenter work. The grand Sunday school picnic to be held in Mrs. Hind man's grove at Maple Hill, bids fair to be the greatest event of the kind ever held in these parts; the 14th inst is the da for it Concordia. Prof. Wearen has departed for Kentucky. Mrs. C L. Botsford is visiting friends in Atchison. S. H. Barons has returned from an extend ed visit in Ohto. C Hinmau and family have returned from a trip to Colorado. Rev. E. P. Fox and wife are visit in 2 rela tives in New Jersey. Mr. . Tbackery of Manhattan has been vis iting In the city for several days. Mr. aud Mrs. George Marshall have return ed from a visit to Manitou, Colo. Mr. c. w. McDonald and family are sojourn ing with frieuds in Waukesha, Wis. Miss Maud Willard has gone to lowa where she will friends for several weeks. The work in the county iustitute is progress ing very nicely. The number of teachers en rolled is about 180. A union meetiug ot tbe Y. M. C A. and the Y. W. C. A. was held last Sunday afternoon and It proved very interesting. Ihe original package house has been doing: bnt little busiuess in this city. It is said thus Us proprietor is not more than making expenses. Mr. William C. Brown of this city, add Miss Mary A. Dodge of Seattle, Wash.ngton, wer married August 5. at Baiieyville. Kan.. Rev. George Brown officiating. Carbonilnlo. Miss May Reed is Iu Leavenworth visiting friends. Bert Sutherland went to Topeka Monday to visit Rob Clary. Mre. C. L. Fuller visited at her uncle e ia Scranton Wednesday. Bessie Plaford and Lillie Veacb spent sev eral days visitiug in Uurhngame. Mrs. it. is. McKet) and sou Charles were To peka visitors Weinesday aud Thursday. Miss Lizzie Irwin arrived Thursday night from her visit to Pennsylvania, where she has beeu since May 1. R. H. McCiair and wife started for Boston Friday noon. They will visit frieuds in New York on their return trip. Mrs. Will Diamond and Children, who have been visitiug at her father's for a few weeks. returned to her home at Wyandotte, Kansas, Tuesday. C L. Fuller, Pleasant Robinson and Dr. Ellis started but week for Denver, Colo. From there they will go to tbe mountains. They expect to be gone three or four weeks. Bald w la. Rev. Gill has gone to attend the national G. A. R. encampment at Boston. Dr. Hose is now engaged In lecturing at various points throughout the state. In tbe ab sence ot Rev. Motie, w. A. Lev- Ickard preached in the SL E. church butt Sun day. bam McRoberta, now traveling agent for the Kansas City limes, stopped iu town over-Sunday. Wednesday. F. Harps ted left for Ohio hav ing received? word that his father was dangerously sick. Pror. guayle started yetterday ror a trip through tbe west. He will deliver lectures l the Iake Tahoe.Chautauqua and elsewhere before be return-1. Prof. Docking, formerly a teacher in Baker, bnt now euperinten lent of the Spencer academy, Nelson, Indian territory, preached in the Presbyterian church Suuday. Wallace. Nice rain here Sunday. JoiJordon, editor, of Hugo, CoL, spent Sunday in tbe city. Charles Weber of Denver, CoL, Is making a brief stay in the oty. E. A. Powdl bad the straw carrier of hie thresher burned last week, due from a hot box. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Vsnderver of Cheyenee vVelis were the gu-sts of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Hamilton. G. R. Copeland and Sam 8chneider ot Cheyenne Weils, CoL, spent a few day with many of their old friends itere. A petition is in circulation among tho farmers to call an election to vote bond for a court bouse. Tbe farmers in tbe east hslf ot tbe county object to It on tbe ground that there is no permanent county seat established by a vole of the people. Valuable to Intending Settler aad Investor. The Missouri, Kansaa & Texas railway has issued a folder containing a county map of tbe state of Texa and a description of tbe several oouotiel through which it lines pass. a These counties are beyond doubt the richest and beet in the state and intend' ing settlers, home seekers or investors should cot fail to obtain a copy of tbi folder which will be cheerfully and promptly mailed to any address in the) world upon application to Gaston Mealier, G. P. & T. A iL K. . T, Ry. Sa-dalia, Mo. Interview Kowley Bre. When you wish to travel to any on earth. The Santa Fe Route. point

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