Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 4, 1964 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1964
Page 8
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADA3IS THBieSNOUSe tEWMSnNUt BAKER. TO SEE IF THEREfeA MS>ICM-liB )eOH RRHBOfiCFPMS 0FF10Stffi> ASHEDSU. Mn> HAS DONE ONCTNSt OCCASKMiS. 8 - Saturday, Apr. 4, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts SHORT BIBS By FRANK O'NEAL HAVE MAPS (500DC5fiR£RSL BUTIFWEWAtT^HE^W^K£T MAVeouP.OK rr MIGHT FAO. VflSCDUtOHAVEA PEPBfSSION. WHAT PO DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD , I'LL BE ABLE TO AS SOON AS sav\E PEOPLE ' DECIDE WE CAN SET ALONG WITHOUT WARS' MEANWHILE... I WAS THE BEST A^AN AT MIffE SAVASE'S WEDDING. SKIPPEg. I KNOW HIM BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF, MOKTY JIEEKLE By DICK CAVALO OB RUTTING A C3RMN iNTHEacoe?. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HABILIN THIS IS TH' MEAPOW ) PIPMT \OU SAY WHfe-R- ARES SWP / TWIS WAS WHERE PEGASUS OFTEN CAME TO GRAZE! ^OU LSTMXIR LADYFRIENP? PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEEB CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER THRONE 15 ^ S05H.15EgWOTMJCCer BUTITIEP'HOIV \ MEANT /aOUraS C0U5W TO START VOlK I BCUr UHBALANCEP, eA«a , own- VOIXMOtfJm B«T ITTO UTE FOfZ ^ A PsycHiATnsriDHapHui? OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIA3IS -•IHEN, [you KM3W HOW we ADO PIECES TO A STOVER PIPE TO MAKE rr U3N5ER,MA30R ?THftr6 THE WAV AW MODEL CAR WORK'S.' CT SEPARATES RISMT IN -m &MlDDLE- SOU 3asr ADD SECTlOfJS To MAKE- a LOHSEt ^f AND EACH SSCTlOrl SEAT'S TrtRSE PEOPLE.'WITHOUT THE SECTIOrJS, iTi A SPOKX6 CAR —-ADD 'EM AND VOITVE <SOTA UMOUSlNE/, (^REATCAESAf?/ THIS I6AIJ EPOCHAL DIS- COVcKy.'tHE 6A^^£ IDEA COULD esU 'SEO FOf? PA56EN6EK PLANES TO ADO -SEAT^.' TELEVISION IN REVIEW By BIOS OD BBOW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — As the television networks release their night-time schedules for the fall, one thinks of Herb Shriner's story about the time bis borne town held a beauty contest and nobody won. CBS-TV has already exposed its plans. ABC-TV took the step today, shrewdly on a Saturday when hardly anybody is looking, And NBC-TV, when it makes its move, won't be any special im provemenL Today's announced ABC-TV schedule follows the giggle: trend with eight new half-hour situation comedies. CBS-TV had eight too. Among the highlights for ABC-TV are Bing Crosby's entry into weekly situation comedy, and a group of series derived from movies — "Petyon Place," "No Time for Sergeants" and "12 O'clock High." Several of these, of course, were also successful in either book or stage form. Offers Surprises The ABC-TV schedule offers several surprises. Jimmy Dean and "Hootenanny" will both be back for an hour weekly. The planned "Alexander the Great' series, which already has budgeted from high up for scripts, is suddenly out, probably because of expected cost. Gone from the ABC-TV schedule are: "The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters," "Arrest and Trial," "Breaking Pomt," "The Greatest Show on Earth," "The Price is Eight," "Channing," 'Fight of the Week." "Destry," Sid Caesar and Edie Adams. Jerry Lewis, "100 Grand" and "77 Sunset Strip" were previously ditched. The new situation comedies are: "Broadside," about girls in the Navy in the South Pa cific in World War H; "No Time for Sergeants," about a country boy who gives the Army a bad time; "Wendy and Me," with Connie Stevens as an unpredictable young bride who lives in an apartment house owned by George Bums; "The Bing Crosby Show," with the star as an engineer and family man. Also: "Bewitched," about an earthbound "witch" who has magical powers and is married to a long-suffering husband; "The Walter Brennan Show, with the star as a business tycoon who refuses to quit though his colleagues want him to; "Mickey," with Mickey Rooney as a man who inherits a hotel; and "The Addams Family, based on the weird cartoon characters of Charles Addams, and starring Carolyn Jones, Jackie Coogan and John.Astin. Other New Shews The other new shows are: "The Sunday Night Movie" (returning after a year's absence); "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," an hour-long futuristic science-fiction series centering around an atom-powered submarine; "Peyton Place," which ^viIl be a twice-a-week half-hour serial about life in a small New England town; "Jonny Quest- File 037," an animated half- hour program about an 11-year- old boy whose father is a top scientist; and "12 O'clock High," an hour drama about an American Air Force bomber group stationed in England in World War II. Of the returning series, "Wagon I^ain," which expanded to 90 minutes this season, will become an hour entry agam; and "Ben Casey," which switched to Wednesdays for the 1363-64 semester and was walloped by "The Beverly Hillbillies," goes back to Mondays, The night-by-night lineup: Sunday: "Wagon Train," "Broadside," "Sunday Night Movie." Monday: "Voyage to Uie Bot torn of the Sea," "No Time for Sergeants," "Wendy and Me, "Bing Crosby Show," "Ben Casey." Tuesday: "Combat!", "Mc Hale's Navy," "Walter Brennan Show," "Peyton Place," "The Fugitive." Wednesday: "Ozzie and Har riet," "Patty Duke Show, "The Outer Limits," "Burke's Law," "ABC News Reports. Thursday: "The Flintstones," Donna Reed, "My Three Sons," "Bewitched," "Pejion Place," Jimmy Dean. Friday: "Jonny Quest — File 037," "The Farmer's Daughter," "The Addams Family,' "Mickey," "12 O'clock High." Saturday: 'Hootenanny.' Law rence Welk, "The HoUpvood Palace." Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum 2 licex, S avtagm worrii to the Une. 32 letten and spaew. Do sot abbnviats. ITime JTImcs tnatt 2 Una flM »U2 I2.40 3 Unes 1.00 3.80 * Uses 1.00 2.64 4.80 5 LtoCT US 3J0 6.00 6 Idces IJO 3.98 tJO 7 Unes 1.75 4.B S.40 8 Unes 2.00 S.28 ».S0 9 Unes 2^ S.94 10.80 10 Unes 2.S0 6.60 tZOO Per MonUi bjr the Une —*3J0 Commercial Rate* on Bequest CLASSIFICATION INDEX Lost and Found . Personals Special Notices Emplojnnent Wanted . Help Wanted . Schools - Instructions _ Nurseries - Day Schools , Room and Board For Rent . Wanted to Rent, Bargain Spot Business Services Musical Instnimente Real Estate Loans .... Money to Loan Money Wanted Mortgages - Trust Deeds Business Opportunities _ Income Property Beach - Mountain Industrial Property LoU and Acreaia Real Estate ExSangn ... Groves and Ranches Real Estate Wanted-_ Commercial Property Houses for Sale-. 1 -I' . 4 . • . 7 . < . 9 . 10 .131 - 2 *i • ^ - *o\ . 41 . 42 . 43 . 44 • «7i . 48 . 49 . SO , SI . 32 . S3 . 54 i HelpWawM COUFliE to manage Garden Apartments in Yucalpa in exchance for rent. Write Box 43. c/o Facts office. KITCHIIM MELP£R-TO assist with demonstrations in evsninf. $ $60 weeUy dei)endinc on number ot evenings worked. P. O. Box SMI, San Bernardino. Calif. 9 Room and Board HD^ atmosphere and cooking. Couples or singles. 792-3418. bOtkL CASA DEI- BEf Retirement hotel for senior citizens, home cooUna, friendly atmosphere. 303 Nordina St. Redlands. 792-9088. to For Rent -APAttTMENT$ Mobile Homes-Traflen . Trucks-Trailers Automotive Imported Cars - . _ 53 _ 58 _ 59 _ 80 _60A ABBREVIATIONS Readable and uneerstandable ads promote greater results. The use ot any except standard abbreviations in Classified Advertisements is false economy, therefore only Standard Abbreviations are authorized. NOTICE OF BEARING ON PETt- TION FOB PROBATE OP WILt AND FOB LETTERS TCSTAMENTABT No. 33313 In the Superior Court o( the State o( California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the Matter of the EsUfe of MAOTE STRAIsmCER. Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of Lewis W. Cunningham for the Probate ot WiU of Maude Straisinger, the above named decedent, and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Lewis W. Cunningham, petitioner, reference to -which Is hereby made for further particulars, wiU l>e heard at 9:30 oc'lock a.m., on Friday, April 24. 19M, in the court room of the Probate Department, Room 308 of the above enUtled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and state. Dated April 3. 1964. V. DENNIS WARDLE, Clerk. By EdlUi Campbell. Deputy Clerk. EDWIN R. HALES, Attorney for Petitioner. iFlrst publicaUon AprU 4, 1964) NOTICE OF HEARLVG ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF tVILL AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTARY No. 33301 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and tor the County of San Bernardino. In the matter of the EsUle of JOHN •WMEATON, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of Veaulah Banks for the Probate ot Will of John Wheaton the above named decedent, and tor the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Veaulah Banks petitioner, reference to which is hereby made tor further particulars, will be heard at saa o'clock a.m.. on April IT, 1964. In the court room ot the Probate Department. Room 303 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse i the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and state. Dated April 1, 19*4. V. DENNIS WARDLE. Clerk. By Edith Campbell, Deputy Clerk. RUSSELL GOODWIN, Attorney for Pelilioner. (First PublicaUon AprU 3, 1964) ERRORS Where an error is made on the part of the Redlands Dally Facts, and the Facts is noUfied by 8 a.m. day following first insertion, correction wiU be made and the ad wUl be run properly one addltloaaJ day. The Redlands Dally Facts -wUI not be responsible for more than one Incorrect insertion. CANCELLATION Cancellations of. pijvat* party ads may be made until 9 am. the day of publication. If made after 9 a.Tn.. cancellatloa wlU be made for the following day. Each ad placed must be published one time or there will be a type jetting cost of $1.00, Trading Stamp Diredofy S. & H. Green Stamp* THE HARRIS CO. 17 E. SUte Fhone 793-1388 |2S4 CEOTEft — IWnlshed upstairs. aean. cheerfuL 793-4728. 1 &ECROOU. uniumished. iSi Fourih St $40 793-5866. _ 3 R6OM furnished apartment AduIE' 533 Brookside. 3 ROOMS, furnished, 25S 4tli St Call at 20 W.Clark. GARDEN Apartments. Yucaipa area. Furnished or unfurnished. 797-8265. TRY OVEROCKER-S RENTALS 627 Brookside Eves. 792-6320 PURJHaffib; close In, tor employed lady. Vpstairs. Ctilities paid. 792-W08. LARGE furnished upper, adults, *33. 330 S. Buena -Vista. For appoint- roent caU 792-1440. BfiDRdOM furnished apartments', $65 and $70 per month. No pets. no children. 792-3a4L 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished, ?S0. Near Sage's. Adults. No pets. 797-6641. See at 316 La Palonia. 3 ROOM furnished apartment, $90. Loma Vista Apartments, 205 W. Fern. LOVELY unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment Air conditioned, Hardwood floors. 624 Pine. 792-1104. i!)ELUX£ 2 bedroom, carpets, drapes. built-in range and oven. Carport •with extra storage. $100. 792-6326. 2 fitajRddM. uniumislied. No chii- dren or pets. Newly decorated. $75. 12413 Ridgewood Dr.. Yucaipa. NEW duplex apartments, furnished or unfurnished. See what we. have to offer! $83 and up. No Tnudres under 12. llZt Beryl St, Mentone. 794-2411. NEW 2 bedroom apartments, cooling, built-in range, disposal. Private patio, pnUman bath. $90 a month. See manager. Apt C, 745 t Brock. ton. 792-5735. . 2'BEDROOM unfurnished apartment: stove, $90 month. Heated swimming pool privileges and club house. 131S Sylvan Blvd.' See Uanager Apt 7. 792-3953. ftjRNtSHED AfAktiHiN'tS. Weekly rates. $13 and up, monthly rates, S30 and up, utmtles included. Chn- dren welcome. 792-7383. 1122 West Patel.^Dt 3!^ 1 Lost and Foond FOUND — Transit complete -wJUi tripod: chain saw. Identify and pay for ad. 792-3472. 3 Special Notices WHOLfiSALt! TO tHE PUBLIC United Beauty Ic Barber SuppUes 15 W. State St 793-2758 ^WING machine and vacuum dean^ er repairing. Also new Singer zigi zag.'$iW .3a Phone TU 9-0425. lOR SALE —26 in, or part thereof, Redlands Water Co. shares. Make otter. Write Robert Gibbs, 25550 Punalo No. 9. San Bernardino. 2 AND 3 room mmishea apartments, $30 up per month, -weekly rates. Swimming pool. Shady traUcr space, $20 up. MissloB Motel dr TraUer Park. Hiway 99. 3 miles west of Redlands. S«'ENT16M: Waitresses, beauty op. erators. etc Want your imiforms made the way you like them? Give them a personality. Bowling skirts, also. 797-4372. NOTICE TO CREDrrORS No. 33467 Superior Court ot the State of Call- tomia. for the County of San Bernardino. Estate at WILLIAM O. HALLETT, Deceased. Notice is hereby given to the creditors ot the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to fUe them, -with the necessary vouchers, in the office ot the clerk ot the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at 5Vi East State Street, P. O. Box 188, Redlands, Call- tomia, which is the place ot business of the tmdersigned in aU matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent within six months after the first publication of tliis notice. Dated April 3, 1964. HILDEGARDE H. HALLETT, Executrix of the WUl ot the atMve named decedent EDWIN R. HALES, Attorney at Law, 5V4 E. State Street, P. O. Box 188. Redlands. California, Telephone: 793-5481. Attorney for Executrix. (First publicaUon April 4, ]9&() Employment ma - Take i Wanted Men's dothe^ being essentially class symbols, are deliberately made unsuitable for any active pursuits. OEacjdepetdia Iritaaaiea Islands Answer ta Previous Puale ACROSS 1 .\feditcrranean island 5 River islet 8 Island, New York 12 Carnivorous mammal MExUnctbird 14 Bread spread 15 Rendered fat 16 Abstract being 17 Rip 18 Hostelry 19 Burmese wood sprite 20 Exist 21 Oozed 24 Puffed up 27 Presently 28 Angered 29 Depot (ab.) 31 Seed vessel 32 Metal 33Individna1 34 0newho(suflix) 36 Grafted (iter.) 39 Looked intently 41 Chaoses 43 Erst capital ot Banna 44EteTnit* 46 Age 47Soap-ma]Eint Itame 49 Ignited 50 Whit 51AlIow2iieefi» waste S2PeerGyBf« mother ' SSRomaa emperor 54 Conclude* SSAtfixmative 56 Constellation DOWN 1 Island in N'etr York Harbor 2 Climbing plants 3 Island in Malsj ardiipelago 4 Conjunction 5 Improve 6 Island in the Hebrides 7 Sample 8 Land parcel 9 Oleic add ester lOAppreacbed IlHerced.aswilh horns 22Cotiricr 23 All 23MascQliiie ^appettjtioa 30SufIix 31 Italian stream 40Pn)czastinat«> 34 Canadian river 41 Pokerstakes SSSaisedanap -42 Islands 37 Seesaw 38 Mistakes 39 Sticky substance 45 Fiwicb river 43 Streets (ab.) SO Babylonian sky sod 4 UAVlAUa — Take anything. Also tree service. 792-7279 or 792-5537.1 CARPENTER, cabinet maker, smailaP: terations. repairs. Watktes. 797-0396. ?A1*}TING_A-1 workmanship, reasonable. -Bob" DeWitt 793-3722. YARD work wanted: experienced, re- day month. CaU liable: by 792-2669. EXPERIENCED gardner needs 6 to 8 hours work a week. Fully equipped. 792-6827 day or night SEgB^nO .VIiil- seeks position in Redlands area. Write 38830 Cherry - y^-'L. B}y<'- Beaumont PART-TIME employed practical nurse desires room and kitchen privileges in exchange for light duties to elderly lady alone. 793-434S. 6 HelD Wanted CISENSED man or woman for busy Real EsUte office. Any age. Call 793-3118. WANTED—Male bookkeeper tor large COTTAGE-APARTMENT for the convenience of an apartment and the privacy of « borne, see ROOSEVELT COURTS $107 to $127 534 Roosevelt Road 792-2293 793-494S Redlands Finest Xailua Kona Luxury Apartmenta # (Thlldren Welcome.' « Singles, 1, 2, 3 bedrooms. 4 I and 2 baths. . Completely carpeted and draped. ^ Built'ins and dishwasher. ^ Heated pooL Comer Ash and Broolcsida 833 Palmbrook Drive 793-439g Plantation House Apartments » 2 BEDROOMS # Carpeting ^ Drapes ^ Refrigerator # Range # Refrigerative C:oo1ing ^ Patio 4 Recreation Room The Finest in Apartment Living" 850 W. SUte _ Manager. Apt 1 Apartment Homes 1 & 2 bedrooms with I & 2 laths. Private balcony or potio. Forced air heat Dishwasher. Air conditioned. BuUt-in range, oven. Fully draped, carpeted. Sound proofed. Across from Sage's. From $125.00 Cypress Terrace, 325 E. Cypresa ACROSS FROM SAISE'S 793-5378 poultry ranch. Apply in person at 35594 County Line Rd.. Yucaipa. WANTED—experienced Nurses Aides. 11 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. Must be steady. Write Box 44. c/o Facts office. WOMEN lor day or night shifts. Please apply in person. Burger Bar, Redlands Blvd. and Citrus Avenue. LADY to care for 4 year old, 5 days a week, in my home. Call after 5 P-m. 792-7181. TRACT sales lady or man for Redlands. Call coUect, Prospect 45692 lOrange County). PJCHTPriSlfi" typist, general ottlce .-nomings. Must have recent IBM experience. Beginning salary $2 hour. Give last 5 years' resume in letter to Box 43 Facts Office. METAL Craftsmen — 3, first class. Intricate hot forge anvil work. Birds, flower scrolls: some bronze and hammered silver deUlls. S7J0 per hour. Six months work guaranteed: out of town. No age limit Free lodging. Mail particulars to LOUIS KALMAN ENG. and MFG., P. O. Box 1031. Beaumont Calif., or Box 46. e/o Facts office. Wanted Registered Nurses For Medical and Surgical unit and Surgery. Liberal benefits. Six weeks orienution for Surgery. Ai>ply at Redlands Community Hos- pitaL CaU 793-3101 for appointment Terrace Garden Apartments Furnished or Unfurnished # 2 bedrooms 4 Private patios 4 Range Fenced 4 C^arpeting 4 Air-condlUoning # Heated pool ^ Drapes 4 1 story ^ Spacious rooms « 1200 sq. ft • $125 month Laundry facilities. Pets allowed. Mgr. No. 3 142 THE TERRACE. REDLANDS 920-930 Stillman Ave. Is the PUce to Live PATIO PARTMENTS 2 bedrooms, built-ins, air eonditloiied. carpeted, large private covered patios. Extra storage rooms. Near U. of R., Sylvan Park, schools. Quiet area. $125 monib, . East on Colton to Chapel St. turn right to Stillman. then right Manager. Apartment H. Devel-A-con, Inc. 336 Brookside 793-Mlt Brooicside Patios 711 Brookside NEW LUXURY APARTMENTS FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Private patios or balconies- Extxe large rooms and closets. Carpet' ing, custom drapes. -Well sotmd- prooted, insulated. Refrigerated cooling. Free circulating hot water. Heated swimming pooL Carports -with storage. Recreation area. Guests off street parking. 1 and 2 BEDROOMS 1 and 2 BATHS SllS Up Mgr. No. 8. 793-4275 OURiUWESTORS "1 wouldn't let him join «• Unlen.armv-lw iwvw looked good In bluer*

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