Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 11, 1963 · Page 12
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 12

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1963
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

i Q T - - - h C i • •A. Adjusts Body Heat By W, 0. BRANDSTADT, M.D.iier balances in the body. If a . Newspaper Enterprise Assn. . man is transferred suddenly from y adjust itself f * cool climate to a hot climate, 'he is unable to accomplish as much physical work as formerly. But within 10 to 20 days his work to its former -A X How does the to hot weather? When I was a boy people thought that the blood got thicker in winter and thinner in summer. But there is very little evidence to support such a belief. A hormone called aldost­ erone secreted by the adrenal glands is now known to play an important role in our adjustment to a warmer environment, because it regulates salt and wa capacity returns level. This process of acclimatization requires a change in the function of the heart, blood vessels-, and sweat glands. The output of the heart is increased even when the body is resting. Furthermore the volume of blood shunted to the skin is increased. This allows more of the body heat to be dissipated through radiation and sweating. Normally perspiration carries a great deal of salt out of the body. Until acclimatization takes place it is often necessary to add a large amount of salt to the diet. After acclimatization* even though more water, is lost through sweating than formerly, the amount of salt lost drops back to the normal level—or less than 5 exposure to heat hattiams important to our survival and are controlled by the releases of more aldosterone through the adrenals in hot weather, in some persons with diseases that affect the adrenals these MINTED PATTERN Choose Now I Juit CHAIGE IT. 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TO P.M i glands are stimulated to produce more aldosterone than is needed. This condition is called hyperal- dosteronistn and is manifested by weakness, high blood pressure, increased output of urine and an abnormal thirst. The most Usual cause is a nonmalignant adrenal tumor. If this disease is not recognized and treated uremia is likely to develop. The treatment is re* moval of the diseased adrenals. Because the adrenal secretions are essential to life they must be given by injection to anyone who has had these glands removed. Q—What is uric acid disease and what is the cure for it? . A—Uric acid disease is not a common term but it undoubtedly refers to gout which is a disorder of metabolism. In this disease uric acid crystals form in the skin (especially of the ear) and iri the joints (especially of the great toe). Many drugs haVe been used in the treatment of this disease, but in recent years pro­ benecid has been found to be the best. It is I have a fatty tumor. What is the cause of Q- painless. this and should it be removed? A—Fatty tumors or lipomas As long as are very common, your tumor is painless and not so large as to be unsightly or get in your way it should be left alone. If it ever becomes necessary to remove it you should know that this is a relatively simple operation. t Fat Newsman Has Dislike For Patters NOTE! Stntt pitUffn Offtftn r*ct to W«w York. Watch addrm btlow. Ord«fi will NOT b« *c- e»pl«d si OaJuburo nawipapar olflc* Valentine-pretty! Pop your happy, little cherub into this saucy skimmer, and watch her break hearts galore. Very easy to sew in cheeks or white pique with red pocket. Printed Pattern 4632: Children's Sizes 2, 4, 6. 8. Size 6 takes IVB yards 39-inch. FIFTY CfiNTS in coins for this pattern—add 1$ cents for each pat tern for first-class By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)-What is the the most repulsive sentence in English language? There is no doubt about the answer. It is, as every person who ever went on a diet knows, this one: "All you need to do is to push yourself away from the table." Not long ago 12 people in a single day patted me on the stomach (oh, how I hate people who do that!), and said: "Getting bigger, ain't it?" Well, you expect insulting remarks like that from needling friends. But as four of these tummy-patters were total strangers, I decided maybe it was time to go on one of my four-trmes-a- year diet again. So I did. But not with much hope. It's an odd thing about this world. If you admit you're trying to lose weight, everybody gets into the act. Your private problem immediately becomes their public business. "All you need to do is to push yourself away from the table," you are told. What utter, utter nonsense! At many a dinner, I've pushed myself away from the table 20 or 30 times until my arms were so weak I .barely had strength to pull my chair- back and finish the meal. All this exercise did was to build mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Gales burg Register- Mail, 411, Pattern Dept. 243 W 17th St., New York 11, tt V Print S lainly NAME, ADDRESS with ONE, SIZE, and STYLE NUMBER Just out I 304 design tdeas plus coupon for FREE pattern any one you choose in new Summer Pattern Catalog. Send 50 cents now. New Windsor Racing Club Entertained NEW WINDSOR^Mr. and Mrs. Ray Swanson of Alpha were host and hostess at a barbecue and pot luck supper the evening cf July 4. The event was held at the New Windsor American Legion Hall. Eleven members of the Sod Savage Racing Club from Galesburg, WoodhuII, Viola, Alpha and New Windsor attended with their families. Briefs Allen Garrett, of New Windsor, has accepted the position as a teacher of industrial arts at the Independence Junior High School at Houston, Tex., this fall. Garrett had previously tendered his resignation as teacher at the ROVA High School at Oneida. Mrs. T. E. Nelson and Mrs. Larry Streeter attended the funeral for Mrs. Phoebe Tomlinson of Cable at the Crummy Funeral Home in Viola July 3. Mrs. Herbert Peterson and daughter Barbara visited Mrs. Peterson's mother, Mrs. Minnie Larson at the Good Samaritan Nursing Home at Knoxville Saturday. I up my appetite, am a veteran of the starvation diet, the boiled-egg-and-steak dite, the cold-champagne-and-hot avocado-pear diet, the baked- s q u i d-and-sauerkraut diet. It seems to me I have survived every diet known to man—animal, mineral and vegetable.. My theory is that it isn't what you eat that makes fat. Western Illinois Birth Record TOULON Mr. and Mrs. just James Hellmich of Kendallville, Ind., are the parents of a son born June 29. The baby is their second son and has been named Andrew James. The Hellmichs are former residents of Toulon you until last winter. Hellmich was fat My theory is that the air is full of lonely, invisible, floating molecules seeking a home. When the molecules encounter a kind-hearted, good-natured, generous person, they happily attach themselves to him like barnacles to a ship, layer by layer, until he becomes fat. employed by Kraft Foods Co. TOULON —Mr. and Mrs, Bruce Simmons are the parents of a daughter born Saturday in Kewanee Public Hospital. She is their second child and first daughter. Mrs. Pearl Gerard, of Toulon, is the maternal grandmother. Tour Planned bv Bishop Hill BISHOP HILL bers of the met July Busy 2 at Sixteen mem- Bees 4-H Club the Community School and announced their 4-H tour July 10 to Peoria. Linda Gustafson gave a talk on day camp July 1 at the Cam- camp July bridge fairgrounds. Demonstrations were given by Carol LaMaster on * 'Spiced Milk" and Kenda Kinzer, "How to Pack Jars for Canning." Club leader Mrs. Burton Armstrong announced July 26 at 8 the 4-H achievement the Bishoo Hill Com- p .m. night as at the Bishop Methodist Church. This munity will also be a joint meeting with the Weller Nile Hawks Homemakers Extension Unit. FAT OVERWEIGHT Available to you without a doctor's i prescription, our dr.uf called ODRINEX. You must lose ugly fat in 7 days or your money back. No strenuous exercise, laxatives, massage or taking of so-caUed reducing candies, crackers or cookies, or chewing gum, ODRINEX is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed. When you take ODRINEX, you still enjoy your meals, sUll eat the foods you like, but you simply don't have the urge for extra portions because ODRINEX depresses your appetite and decreases your desire for food. Your weight must come down, because as your own doctor will teU you, when you eat less, you weigh less. Get rid of excess fat and live longer. ODRINEX costs $3.00 and is sold on this GUARANTEE: If uot satisfied for any reason just return the package to your druggist and get your lull money back, wo questions asked. ODRINEX is sold with this guarantee by: Htwifeom* ?illt4L A } • For lUcordi of oil typoi, Fopulor, Cloulcol, Wotttnt, Jctt, HUM Show Minic, tym OW rWorJtii, tor doneinj, Home liitonlrtf occasions, ehooit from rho thousands and fhoutondf oriiloBfo for you olwoys or LINDSTROM'S. 1. MNO OF mi Johnny Cash Singl YOU CANT SIT DOWN SHAKI, SHAKI, 2. SHUT DOWN -leach toys f 3 HUE ON ILUE -Bobby Vinton 4. DEVIL IN DISGUISE —Ilvit PrMlty 3. EASIER SAID THAN -Devoid JUST ONE LOOK P -Doris Troy MY SUMMER LOVE -Ruby A tho Romantic* 4 FALLING Jackio Wllion RAT RACE Drifters I'M AFRAID TO GO HOME Irian Hyland Roy Orbison LAND OF 1,000 Esse* I 41. NO ONE DANCES 6. I WONDER Ray Chariot Chris Konnor Bronda Leo DETROIT CITY 7. SUKIYAKI Bobby Bara Kyu Sakamoto 8. STILL MY TRUE CONFESSION 9. LAZY, DAYS • —Bill Anderson HAZY CRAZY OF SUMMER -Nat Colo 10. MEMPHIS Lonnio Mack -Brook Benton 44. I WISH I WERE A PRINCESS -Little Peggy March 45. BLOWIN' IN THE WIND 73. ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA THEME Forranto A Telenor t 74. TRUE LOVE NEVER RUNS SMOOTH -Geno Pitnoy 75. I WILL LOVE YOU Richard Chamberlain 76. SAY WONDERFUL 11. SIX DAYS ON THE Patti Pago ROAD Peter, Paul t Mary I 77. SURFIN' Dave Dudley , 12. I'M MOVIN ON 46. WITHOUT LOVE (THERE IS NOTHING) HOOTENANNY Al Casey -M»n Lucas 13. TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LOVE —James MacArthur 1 14. HOPELESS Ray Charles I 78. GUILTY DON'T SAY GOODNIGHT AND MEAN GOODBYE Jim Roovos Shirelles Andy Williams I LOVE YOU BECAUSE 15. STRING ALONG Martino Rick Nelson 16. BE CAREFUL OF STONES THAT YOU THROW -Chubby Checker 50. GOODNIGHT MY Dion 79. THE MONKEY TIME -Major Lance BREAKWATER -Lawrence Welk t ' > A LETTER FROM BETTY Bobby Voo LOVE IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME 17. STING RAY Fleetwoods Dick A DooDeo Routers 18. SUMMER'S COMIN' —Kirby St. Romain DON'T YOU FORGET IT 83. KENTUCKY Perry Como Bob Moore 19. TILL THEN Classics BE TRUE TO YOURSELF 84. HELLO JIM Paul Anka Bobby Vee 20. DIVORCE ME C.O.D. —Glen Campbell 21. HOOTENANNY —Glencoves 22. IT'S MY PARTY 53. SURFIN' U.S.A. IF YOU DON'T COME BACK Beach Boys I 86> mKJ n w Drifters Leslie Gore 23. DAUGHTER Blenders COME GO WITH ME Dion 55. JUDY'S TURN TO CRY —Leslie Gore THE GOOD LIFE -Chubby Checker 87. A LONG VACATION -Rick Nelson 88. JUST OVER THE LINE Penny Jay 24. CANDY GIRL —Four Seasons 25. EIGHTEEN YELLOW Tony Bennett I Wj My SPK | Al ANGEL ROSES Bobby Darin 26. FIRST QUARRELL Paul A Paula 57. YOUR OLD STAND BY -Mary Wells ROCK ME IN THE CRADE OF LOVE —Dee Dee Sharp POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL 27. DANKE SCHOEN Steve Lawrence Wayne Newton DON'T TRY TO FIGHT IT BABY -Peter, Paul A Mary TIE ME KANGAROO DOWN, SPORT -Rolf Harris SO MUCH IN LOVE —Tymes 31. ONE FINE DAY -Chiffons 32. HELLO STRANGER -Barbara Lewis WIPE OUT -Surfaris FINGERTIPS -littlo Stevie Wonder -Eydio Gorme 61. GYPSY WOMAN —Rick Nelson MY WHOLE WORLD IS FALLING DOWN —Bronda Lee -Bobby Helm* WHERE CAN YOU GO -George Maharis THIS IS ALL I ASK Tony Bennett REVEREND MR. BLACK -Kingston Trio MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY Ray Price Cupids MARIENA Four Seasons COTTONFIELDS Ace Cannon WHEN A BOY FALLS IN LOVE NOT ME Orloni 36. HARRY THE HAIRY Ray Stevens -Mel Carter SURF PARTY -Chubby Checker FROM ME TO YOU -Del Shannon EVERY STEP OF THE WAY -Johnny Mathia NO SIGNS OF LONELINESS HERE -Marty Robbins WILL I CRY IN SEPTEMBER -Anita Bryant WIIDWOOD DAYS -Bobby Rydell GOING HOME -Dawn Capri's 99. GREENBACK DOLLAR -Kingston Trio DON'T BE AFRAID LITTLE DARIIN' -Stave Lawronco MAKE YOUR SELECTION HERE FROM THE LARGEST, MOST COMPLETE STOCK OF RECORDS IN WESTERN ILLINOIS* r RADIO ond RECORD HEADQUARTERS FIRST IN TELEVISION 4 (

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