Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 2, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1968
Page 2
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, April 2,1968 SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. HOK (MK) STM, PfMtol IV Oflstt Sprouts Win Some State Contests Calendar of Events WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3 Garland PTA study Group will meet Wednesday, April 3 at 9:30 a.m, In the home of Mrs. Revis Edmonds, All Interested parents are Invited to attend* ,. The Victory Extension Homemakers Club will meet Wednesday, April 3rd, at 2:00 p.m. In the home of Mrs. Robert Cash. ".THURSDAY, APRIL 4 - The Pat Cleburne Chapter of the UDC will meet at the Town and Country at 12:00 noonThurs* day, Arpil 4. ••The Hope Men's Golf Association will meet at the Hope Country Club on Thursday, April 4. A 9-hole golf tournament, using the Calloway system of scoring will be played anytime during the afternoon, and a barbeque supper prepared by Jamie Russell •Will be served at 7:30 p.m. All male members of the Hope Country Club are invited, ,. Order of the Eastern Star will meet at the Masonic Hall at 7:30 Thursday, April 4. All members are urged to be present, : The Gardenia Garden Club will meet Thursday April 4 at 1:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Lonnie C. Crow on the Rosston Road. Mrs. Dale Flowers is co-hostess. All members are reminded to bring flowers and containers for arrangements to be made at the meeting. The Sr. Citizens Club will have their regular meeting Thursday April 4 at the Youth Center at 1:30. All members are urged to be present. FRIDAY, APRIL 5 Girl Scout Day Camp Leaders Training will be held Friday, April 5 from 10 a.m, until 2p.m. at the Little House in Fair Park. Those attending are asked to bring a sack lunch. The Rose Garden Club will meet at 2 p.m. Friday, April 5 in the home of Mrs, Charles Stone with Mrs, Jim Andress, co* hostess. Members are asked to bring flower arrangements. SATURDAY, APRIL 6 The Hempstead County Re» publican Women will have a White Elephant Sale Saturday, April 6 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. in the building formerly occupied by West's Department Store on South Main, Test Proves Wrinkles Go DINNER PARTY FOR ENGAGED COUPLE An In-formal dinner party for Miss Donna Kay Cochran and her fiance, Mack McLarty, was given Saturday night, March 30 by Dr t and Mrs. Emmett Thompson In their home. The bride-elect pinned a white camellia corsage at the shoulder of her trousseau frock. Lovely spring flowers were seen at vantage points throughout the home. In the dining room the table was centered with yellow roses. Dinner was served buffet-style to 20. Out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Cochran of Hot Springs, Dr. and Mrs. John Nix of Texarkana, Miss Janis Hayes of Marianna, and David Porterfield of Mineral Springs. A gift of art was presented to the honored couple by their hosts. BRIDGE CLUB MEETS Mrs. R. C. Cooper entertained her Friday Bridge Club on March 29 and used spring flowers to decorate her home. Two tables of club members enjoyed a pleasant afternoon, and when scores were tallied, Mrs. Tom Kinser and Mrs. M. M. MoCloug- high. the refreshment hour, a salad plate and coffee were served. Births Mr. and Mrs. John T. Whitten, Fayetteville, are the parents of their first child, a daughter, born Sunday morning, March 31 at Washington County General Hospital. She weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces, and has been named Karen Lynn. Grandparents, all of Hope, are Mr. and Mrs. N. Whitten and Mr. and Mrs. Stewart. Great-grandparents, all of Hope also, are Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Whitten and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brewster. Bob Thomas at the Movies Sex. Slow Talk," So is in H HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel — Photo by Mrs, Lonnie Crow with Star camera Pictured bottom row left to right: Bud McLarty, Glenda Buckley and Cindy Whitaker, Pictured top row left to right: Mrs. Helen Hatch Boyd, and Mrs, Juanita Hart. PASSING THE BUTT Dear Helen: I was in the girls' rest room minding my own business and putting on lipstick when a girl I hardly even knew suddenly said, "Here, hold my cigarette." I did. That was dumb. She had seen the vice-principal coming in the door and I hadn't. Guess who got sent home for smoking? Nobody would believe that I don't smoke, and I sure wouldn't fink on the girl. I told my folks somebody handed me the cigarette and they can't understand why I'd protect a sneak, and why I won't let them talk to the principal. I'm al- Coming, Going Mrs. Frank McLarty attended a coffee March 28 in Little Rock for Miss Donna Kav Cochran In the home of Mrs. Henry Sims, aunt of the honoree. The Town House in Texarkana was the setting for a breakfast honoring Miss Donna Kay Cochran on March 30 with Mrs. Harold Knight and Mrs. Dorothy Roberts, hostesses. Among the guests w'^re Mrs. Frank McLarty and Mrs. Tom McLarty, both of Hope. Mrs. W. W. Compton of Sheridan spent the weekend with her sister, Mrs. Clyde Zinn, and other relatives. A l.c Robert Lawrence,,Barksdale AFB, was the weekend guest See MarvelOUS ReSUltSofhisgrandparents.Dr.andMrs. in just 2 weeks or Test Costs Nothing Through tho nina/ing benefits of ii siil)st;iiuv new to rosnu'tirs, nnimti CJriuiva, aninj; skin can now look younger anil youngor. It's triii! 1 ! Gcnavii acts in an iMitin-ly (liftVrrnt way tocorrcx-t i\K\i\K dry-skin wrinkU-s, crow's- feet, thin papery texture. Small wrinkles disappear-even deepest wrinkles show urcat improvement. Skin becomes smoother in appearance. Now you can prove those amazing results to yourself. Make Half-Face Test Apply CJenava twice daily-under make up and overnight-to only one side of your face. In just 'i weeks skin takes on tho appearance of youthful firmness, with dry-skin wrinkles vanishing- crow's feet diminish ini?. Many small wrinkles completely j-one! And, mind you. this is not a cover-up, not astringent, not temporary. Dry-skin wrinkles really do diminish or disappear entirely. Get Visible Results or Money Back Use (iiMiava for '2 weeks If you arc not thrilled with the remark ah!* 1 improvement if > mi do not seo visible improvement in dry- .skin wrinkles and lines- return unused portion of (ienava where you bought it for immediate cash refund Stores are author- i/ed to refund money on r<><iii<'st (u-iiuvu. $:» fit) for the :il> dav supply, $, r > 00 for the 7, r > day supplv See (his dramalic improvement i" wrinkles yourself or the trial costs nothing. they believe me, as they're mad enough to get me in an awful mess with the kids. You see, they know who the girl is. Would you please tell parents that nobody likes a tattletale? ACCUSED NON-SMOKER Dear Parents of ANS: Leave it lay. But this time the principal probably knows which girl *was "the smoker, so let your daughter earn points foi "honor." It's a small price for learning an important lesson: Never fall for the old "pass the butt" trick . . . Among oth- ersl- H Dear Helen: Can you please tell me why the boys talk and joke around with me at school, but won't ask for a date? People tell me I'm cute looking, I'm very outgoing, and have a good sense of humor. I have lots of friends among boys, but no boyfriend. If there's a school dance, I go stag, but dance all evening and have a good time. If the guys like me, why don't they ask for dates? Does a girl have to be fast and loose to be popular? Could you, Helen, and some of your male readers tell me — and a lot of other girls — what it takes to be date bait?— LONELY TEEN-AGER Winners in the state Smokey Bear color crayon contest held by the Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs were presented Certificates in Recognition of Meritorious Service, The following winners from Hope are: 12-14 years - First Place Cindy Whitaker. 9-11 years - First Place Glen- license, crowds. Now, at 21, I'm still rather timid in certain situations, but I've changed myself radically. May I share with "Scared" the steps I took? 1. Get a new self - concept. Determine your strong and weak points. Work on both. A person who respects himself will be respected by others. 2. Get involved, Remember are afraid too, and need 3 Dare yourse i f to do that f par Dro videdit's -?en- If da Buckley. 9-11 years - Second Place Bud McLarty, These contestants are members of the Sprouts Junior Garden Club, the 6th grade of Garland School which is sponsored by the Gardenia Garden Club. Mrs. Lonnie C, Crow, Leader and Mrs. Helen Hatch Boyd, Class Sponsor assisted by Mrs. Dale Flowers, Mrs. Doyle Yocum and Mrs. E. C. Latcham, The sponsors are especially proud of these awards because of the large number of entries in the state contest and because of the short time Mrs. Juanita Hart, Art Instructor and the students had in preparing for the contest. Other award certificates were presented this week during the state meeting of the Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs to the Gardenia Garden Club as sponsor; First Place - Sprouts L. T. Lawrence. Mrs. Weir Owens, Nashville, was a weekend visitor with friends in Hope. Mrs. W. B, Huddleston has returned home from a Texarkana hospital. Mrs. Wilson Cannon, Mono- still think of you as "one of the guys," a good buddy who kids around so much she doesn't let them know she is a feminine- type girl. Work on charm and soft-pedal the old-pal routine. I'm guessing, of course, but maybe your sharp wit punctures male ego. Boys seldom date "The Life Of The Party." They prefer good listeners. Remember, too, that fellows don't date as much as most people think. They've discovered it's cheaper to meet a girl at a dance than take her there. They shudder Helen says. You'll discover you aren't alone. 5. Read up on psychology. It helps you know yourself, 6. Lovel Love yourself and your fellowmaru Accept friendship without suspicion. Thank you, Helen, for letting me expand on your good answer. I've learned you can change neurotic to normal if you meet your problemsheadon.— KNOWS S. 1967-68; First ior Garden Club scrapbook 196667, The sponsoring club also received awards of Standard of Excellence; Second place for the Yearbook and Honorable Mention for one year scrapbook. Artistic work drawn and painted by Mrs. Earl Whitaker member of the Gardenia Club. Mrs. Ned Ray Purtle is President of the Gardenia Club 0 By GENE Assdclaled. HOLLYWOOD hints are good "Beach Blanket Violence "Battle o , fight at the OK Corral", But nobody knows for sure what makes a really great movie title. "Naming a movie," says a studio veterans, "is more agonizing than naming a baby, it means many moments of meetings and millions of miles of memos," Producers of a Monkees film are still so undecided they're shooting it under the tentative title "Untitled." For a good title can mean thousands of dollars at the box office. An Edward G. Robinson picture about a syphilis cure attracted almost nobody as "The Story of Dr. Erlich." Retitled "Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet," suggesting Robinson's past gangster roles, itdrew respectable business. A current trend is to long, oddball titles: "Darling Lili, Or Where Were You the Night You Said You Shot Down Baron Von Richthofen?"—A World War I comme- dy starring Julie Andrews. "Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?"— filing in far-off Malta with Anthony Newley as producer, director and star. Such kooky titles are intended to suggest uproarious comedy. But they're no box-office guarantee. "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm feeling So Sad" is said to have been the trend-starter— and a bomb. Short titles had a vogue "Stagecoach," "Shane," "Hondo" - and still pop up. The American - title "P.N." is the leading character'sinititals. For British audiences, distributors- often the final arbiters on titles — are calling it, more safetly, "New Face in Hell." "Oklahoma!" may have started some moguls' liking for ex- chamation points: "Me Lmtockl" . . . "Support Your Local Sheriff!" Studios long have circulated scrips among employes, sometimes offering a $50,-$100 prize .title., Disney em- hare been dlfttfet, 'foam H a stety 6f fdfestlltfft, if tftt atttietitfe gees etrf of the fMtef holdiftf US ft0se&f if tetf't B&t* . , Koreans Call TAEJ6N, Korea (AP) <- Hie South Korean government afitl* corps today as part of Its fflilij tary buildup triggered by th« North Korean commando raid on Seoul in January, ;; The veterans' force was e&{ tabllshed by President Chung Hee Park's presentation of rteMf colors to Gen, MbOn Hyimg4ait whose 2nd Army will have opef* ational control over the new of* ganlzation. <_* The reserve corps will au|i ment South Korea's standing armed forces of 600,000menand, its 45,000>man police force In the, struggle against stepped*u& North Korean Infiltration. $ Kosygin to -- VUtf Iran MOSCOW (AP) - Soviet Premier Alexei N. Kosygin flew t* Iran today for a week's official-' visit. ! I Tonite At 7:30 Banned in Memphis Supreme Court overrules - Says "NOT OBSCENE" From Sweden A totally new j^, MRcept ii motion picture! * fir adults! N-O-T-I-C-E No tickets sold to anyone under 18 years of age- proof of age must i . I . m . - %..^-',.-i j...i'««l j\_ffc **.! tives for "Car-Boy-Girl." From four, including "Car No. 53" and "Herbie," young Disneyland customers made the final choice: "The Love Bug." Some studio veterans think the success of the picture makes the title rather than the other way around. Says one: " 'Bridge on the River Kwai' Request! Admission this show only-$1.25 i Saenger THEATRE Stephens, visited Mrs. Roy Sutton and Miss Pearl Polk last week and were the house guests of Miss Sue Wesson. Misses Kay Harmon and Pat Phurson, U of A students, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Harmon last week during spring holidays. system," so they avoid entanglements. Okay, I've had my say. Now let's hear it from the guys. — H Dear Helen: The letter from "Scared" might have been written by me at age 16. I too was deathly afraid of everything — dark streets, getting my drivers' Handsome Traveler I? :A ^ THE COMING EASTER holiday calls for the attractive appeal of a dress and jacket combination that will breeze you through other spring occasions. Perfectly suited for around the town or out-of- town travel, design your three- quarter-length jacket with or without a contrast trim. So very adaptable to evening events, simply wear the slim- fitting sheath alone. For fabric, color, and accessory suggestions consult our exclusive fashion Co-ordinator included with each Young Original pattern. B-99 with PHOTO-GUIDE is in sizes 10 to 18, bust 31 to 38. Size 12, 32 bust, dress, 3 yards of 39-inch; jacket, 2 5 <« yards; contrast, I 1 4 yards. Sand $1 (or this pattern to: YOUNG OHIGl.VALS (name of newspaper*, P.O. Box 438A, Midtown Station, New York, N.Y. 10018. Print your full name, address, with zip code, pattern number and sizt 1 . Add 25 cents for first-class handling. (Newspaper fnlerpme Ana.) VILLAGE REXALL PHARMACY "Courtesy, Quality, Service Hope Village Shopping P Hi Center are still available. Sendonedime for each button, plus a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Helen Bottel's S.O.S. Club, Box 9997, Sacramento, California, 95823 Judge Slips Off Bench SETTLED IN CHAMBERS. By Honor Tracy. Random. $4.95. As a judge in a divorce court. Sir Toby Routh considers himself a guardian of society's moral fabric, and has a tendency to be quite harsh on philandering husbands. In his private life, behind his facade of righteous rectitude, he is something of a bore and a boor, a fact which seems to account for his wife Leila's affection for the bottle. When Gerda, a young opera singer from Vienna a tomantic, red-haired baroness first meets Sir Toby she doesn't realize how stuffy he really is. She enters quite willingly into an affair svith the old boy, and he begins acting like a sophomore on vacation. The judge naively believes his fall from grace 'is a secret, although most of his affluent neighbors and a gossip writer for a large London newspaper are among ihose who have caught on to the situation. Miss Tracy's humor in this hook is less acid than in some of her other works, anil for thai reason is more enjoyable. Current Best Sellers (ComjiiJed by Publishers' Weekly) FICTION "The Confessions of Nat Turner," Styron "Vanished," Knebel "Topaz," L'rts "Myra Breckenridge," Vidal "The Tower of Babel," West SON FICTION "The Naked Ape," Morris "Nicholas and Alexandra," Massle "Between Parent and Child," Ginott "Tolstoy," Troya* "Our Crowd," Birmingham EVERYONE CANJOIN! ALL EXISTING CONDITIONS COVERED NO WAITING PERIODS Even conditions known to exist will be covered (except obstetrical cases and these are covered after nine months of continuous family membership). NO PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS REQUIRED and no health statement needed either. NO JOINING FEE or other added charge during this enrollment period, NO AGE LIMIT New liberalized plan to supplement Medicare open to people over 65, SPSCIAl QPfN fNROUMINT PW/QO INOI APR/l 15 RUSH COUPON BELOW fOR FRff INFORMATION ARKANSAS BlUE CROSS 4 HUE SHIELD, INC. 6TH & GAINES / UTUE ROCK, ARK. 7?JQ3 Please send FREE INFORMATION abogt how 1 can join during your Special Open Enrollrnenl Period which end$ April 15, 1968. NAME ADDRESS CITY . __________ ..... ------------- , EMPLOYED AT ________________ ............... THERE ARE IF YOU FARM FOR A LIVING, CHECK HERE AGf. WHERE! I I I I I a

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