Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 5, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS .SATURDAY, AUGUST g, State Democrats Selecting Ticket At Convention Hartford, Aug. fi—(If D—The Demoorutie s!:ite nuniinating con- vontion L,'::t.'i ilown to its renl bu.-i- nc.N-s lodtiy—jiii-king cnndidates I'or state offices, for the United Slnte« ^.Airilc and for emigres inian-iil- larfro. , Th-: prinr-lp-il intei-osl, however, cc.titcrs on Iho giib'-rnalorlal and senutorlnl noiiiii«:ilUmsi anil.ilong. drawn-out floor battle nppears likely. Foi-mer riovernor 1'tobert A. Hurley and N':rw Hritnin Attorney T.i-o V. Gaffney both claim a majority of the ciindUintfs in tJie guber- nalorl:il 'racf, nnd a roll c.nli vote lirobahly will br- taken. Anothei- roll call may be taken In the Senate race, In which Brie:i McMulum of r*n-w:i.i:;, is being oppoaecl by former LieuU'na.n.L- Guvernor Odcll Sht-p-ii'd and I'm 1 .met: Soiirclury of State Mi's. Chase Going Woodhous.'.'. Organl/ation forces have ri <lofl- nitr "Block Mc.M.'ihon" movement ufoot, designed to bring otil a corn- promise- candidate who nitty be rormur (-[a-rtt'ord .Mayor Tliornas J. Spi'llucy. The 11P2 delegates sat through last right's keynote session in what turned out to be the 'liotteu day of the year —witli the thor- momoter in the nineties. The keynoter, '[iidi.-irin Senator Samuel D! Jackson, e'llled for com- Americans Ready For Offensive On Guam Island Top Pacific Ace (lly United I'rcss) American troops are a.v/ait ing y.cro hour for tin all-out offensive lioslgiKvl to I'ompleto the recapture ul" Guam Island. The riMiinantti of the Japanese gr>i rison :MV b-i rrirviilcd in l-ui jungles on the northern one-third r>f Llle isliuui. They aro believed delerinini:c! lo fight lo the la:t nia n. The .Inp.inoso in western .Dut<:h New Cuiiiea npp-irenlly havn jriv- L'li up all tluiLight of a Inyt man stand. Giincral' M-ncArlluir says sfiim; 30.000 enemy troops .ire re- U'l'alir.g weslv/ard. apparently hoping for a ni:nl<.'.-r<|ue ovantiation. COUXTKItKICIT COIJJ'ONS Mc.slon, An;,-. r.--f UD---OPA au- thori'.ics are worried about a new series of counterfeit ration coupons. The stamps are said by r.-U'ioning ollloiuls to be so clevor- ly made that it is almost impossible to spot them. .Extensive measures are being taken to prevent the A-ll stamps from flooding the New Knglaml ar-ea. A New York ring is thought to bo responsible I'm- making the counterfeit coupons. Yanks Hold About Half Of Brittany (Continued, from Page 1) pli'to support of the national ticket, rhnracU'rixins Prosidor.'t Roos. 1 - vi-!t as "thi! most valuahlr- public si'i-s-ant in the world today." \Vlirn Miij. Tlimims H. MuGiiiri: (iiln)viO, 2:i, Kicltfuwooil, X, .7., ImjTKCd his Uvi.'iily-flrst .»:<|> piano ill il MT.t'lll. raid on M:ilm:mVr:i Isliiiiil, lir liccanii' the trading AiuiM-icim :ilr acr iict-ivr; ill tin. 1 Siintliwi'st I'iii-lfli!, Mn.j. Kir.liaril IJtill;^, 1'oplnr, \Vis., wiUl 27 Jap phiiii-K In his c.i-rdil. is now in (his iniimtr.v. (Inlcrllaliiinal) World <-rop of tvits aniounl.s l<j nhout 'Jii-ec hillion bushuls oanh year and of this nmouiit, the U. S. producer or.c-tihircl. and Brittany poninaulas—Ameri- can forces strengthened their'ex- posed flank with Junpes Co Bfircn- ton, 215'miles oast of Avranchos-:- and through tho scyon-way hitch- way junction of Fbughercs. 25 miles southeast of Avranches. ". This push co-.itJ develop Into 11 ru:w uiistw.-i.rd March,, toward Paris. Fur to thu noVth-^'tliu Germans began a liirgu-scale'; withdrawal on an eight-mill! front', between the Odon and Orndo River's'. The area' is west and south west''of Caen. The enemy is trying to.escape th'e closing jaws of Caen.- The onomy is try inf.; lo escape the closing jaws of a .British-American Jo.itli trap. The Na/.is appear to bo falling back across .the" Orrio river—and 1 LO be iibanrloniri'g a;salient from v.'hich they hiivo ' been menacing ihe British flank bcolw CtHMi. General DompMCy" is expected to consolidate this flank—in prepara- i.ion for a renewed second Army Smash toward Paris: Major General A. W. Kenner— chief of the medical corps Cor the western front—says Allied casualties in Franco to dale have been 30 per cent less than anticipated. He M tributes ihn lower figure to the success of the Alied offensive—and- to what, lie calls the incredibly low mortnlity rale :uiiong Ihe wounded. Once the wounded have been moved across English channel—-. GolfToiirn6y |orYoun£ Trophy Starts Here Today -Golf play In Uic G-'eorge-P. Young tournament will start today at tho JEtop-Brooh;. 'club and will continue •yn i .u,-''i ii-'i)l.i:ni'b(;r 2. , : -.. Teams already entered include- A :' "T::n "Gi*iscHf. ' 'aaxl Dom Mtnlcuccl;. Henry Cieslew- slti and. Dick Van Tw.isk;. Bcrnle Sullivan and Oscar Wicth; George keeper' and Harold Barrett; and Cii'"t. Underbill n:rrl Al'. Green. Section. B: Fred Zonlno and Rii'l'ph Hanson:. GUH •• Klem and •r-ok; Dick ..Sweet, and Petrucclli; Harry/ •••Andnrsnn Stn.r. Glover; and. Chct Woja"-.k n.nd J,-ick Doo.n. The matches arc handicap nf- f.'ilra and team will play m»" rnii.t-r.ii-.- s diuring the" next five weeks with total points to decide I be winner. Each t.-iam ' has been h.'indic;ippcd oil' the records of- recent play at the club. ; Ed :-'nd There are 11,070 miles of highways exceeding 'two traffic lanes in t.he U. S, uis of IS'IO. ' ' . '. _ claimes Kenner — they have . a "" out-oMOO chance for 'survival. On the air over Europe— American bombers again- are active. A fleet of about 1.000 Yank planes crossed the. channel early today. A short tinie -later— the German'. nrdio ••nportotl Allied formations, over. -the Hannover and Brunswick. areas of Germany, BEACON FALLS Curr'tMjMiiidcnt's rhono 482* Church Carnival Opens Monday In Beacon Falls t."$v\\ \ • tt!r '•: • •• \ \ L ; 7l .' ' ' '.A iP^r^>t^'; : '' *&*•** ~ ^Vy*,S.*Uafc!i!!3f* .<.<- ^* FALL GLITTER — P.ile blue rayon Jersey makes this hnltcr bodice evening gown with sequin embroidery and 3 I i m , split skirt. MOUNTBATTEN VISITS U. S. FLAT-TOP—During an inspection of an American aircraft carrier in Indian waters. Admiral Lord Louis Mountbat- ten, R.N. (center), supreme commander. Allied Eastern Forces, talks with U. S. Navy officers. GIRL'S TEND RAILROAD GIANTS —Me- ch.tnicsvillc, N. Y.—Girlr. do a real cleaning job on the huge Diesels ,15 soon as they arrive at the terminus ot ' the railroad. The locomotives arrive here after completing the long freight haul through the Berkshircs from Boston. _/>f,olo courlo.iv tf«tf yo'K ""» '" -, <' .'VAVV; • ?""" >;' ; r .;;fe&&» ••"' RETURNS TO THE AIR —Frank Sinatra, shown here signing autosraphs at the Birmingham Army Hospital, Van Nuys, California, on one of his many visits to servicemen's centers, will bring his Wedncr day evening radio show back to the airlanes on August 16 at 9 P. M. (EWT) over CBS. SARONG TYPE—Lovely Louise Larabee, who plays a dance hall girl in' "A Woman of America," NBC'* drama of covered wagon days, dpclges hot weather doldrums by sicstaing in a sarong.'' LASSIE'S" LADS AND LASSES — Holly, wood—Lassie, collie dog star of the films proudly surveys his three daughters and one son as they visit him on the set of his second picture, "Son of Lassie." Holding the tcn-weeks-old puppies is June Lockhart, who plays the feminine lead in the film. Lassie's one male puppy, third from the left, marked exactly like his famous daddy, plays his son in the film, an appropriate "as ting. CORNY POSE —Cypress Gardens, Fla.—"Victory gardening is fun," says 15-year-old farmerette, Nance Stilley, "especially when the eatin' corn gets ripe." £•——____^ SAFE CANNING RULE—It's a patriotic duty to can everything, you are able to. But be sure to use a pressure cooker for canning all vegetables except tomatoes. The 'hotter than boiling heat provided by the pressure cooker is the only safe way to avoid rare but deadly b»tulinus poisoning/ according to Good Housekeeping Magazine. Although rare, botu- linus germs may be on any non-acid vegetables you can. They are harmless until they get into air-tight jars of canned food. But if the botulinus ba'cteria arc not killed in the canning process, they gradually create a poison that usually Is drfficult to detect. BOOK CORNER Former Undersecretary of State Sumner Wellet i> the author of "The Time For Decision," which official Wa«hlngton and London have recognized as one of the most Important documents on the diplomatic scene to come out of this, war. One of the most widely heralded books of the year, -'The Time For Decision" is being distributed as the August selection of the Book-of-the-Month-Club. A member of our State Department for 28 years, Mr. Welles served in diplomatic posts »l Tokyo, Buenos Aires, the Dominion Republic, and Cuba. He served as Undersecretary of State from 1937 until his resignation In 1943. One of the chl-ef architects of our Good.Neighbor Policy Mr. Welles also visited the heads of Germany, Italy, France and England in 1940 as the President's special envoy. The annual carnival of St. Ml chael'fi church will bo held ever; night next week at Noe's field starting- each evening' at 7 o'clock Chairman Conleth Kiernan, report ed today. , .. Arrangements having practical!} been completed, but the final de tails for the event will be made ai the meeting of the committee t< be held on Sunday afternoon at tin field at 2 o'clock. All members o' the group arc asked to be presen on Sunday. Firemen To Mont Fire Chief W.- J. I-.ce. Sr.. ha> called- the regular monthly meeting of the "Beacon Falls fire department for next Monday night at 8 olclocli. All members of the depart- men(. are requested to be on hand Sailor On I.cuve Ernest Troski of the United States Navy Is spending a shorl leave with bis parents, Mr. and M7s. Thomas Troski of Maple street. Petty Officer Troski has been stationed at Norfolk, Va., but his new' orders indicate that he will report for duty in California. I,ar(te Attendance There was a large attendance at the regular bingo party held lust night at St. Michael's church. These events are proving very popular with residents not only of Bcacor. Kails but other immediately surrounding places, Orders One Foxhound, Gets Seven More Free Bransoni, Mo. (UP)—Jim Owen. Lake Tancycomo sportsman and businessman, ran into a "Pigs is Pigs" situation and got more than ho bargained for in a. Railway Express crate. Owen had ordered a female r.ig-- isLsored fox hound from an Eastern kennel. When -he moved the crate from the car he discovered his .new hound had given birth to seven pupplcfi. Unlike' the station master, i n "Pigs i.s Pig-s," however, the Springfield railroad man waived the question of extra charges and allowed Ovvon to inke the new family home WANT BONUS Boston, Aug. 5—(UP)—A strike vote taken by employes of the Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway will be counted today. About 1,800 union workers in 32 com munities voted on the matter which thev say is to force action on u bonus question. The workers — members of the Street, Electric Railway and Motor Coach Em- ployes union—said that they do not expect, to stage a-walkout. WELCOMED HOME East Wai pole, Mass., Aug. li— (UP)—Townsfolk are welcoming home a 23-year-old air nee from the European theater. He is Cap- taon John P. ' Thornell, Jr., who has flown 100 missions over Con- tinenal Europe and shot down 21 Nazi planes. The town of East. Walpolc is preparing a reception for its'hero, who has a 30-day furlough. ALCAZAR TODAY tt UP IN MABEL'S ROOM" und Hop-A-Lonjr COKNldj- Western SUNDAY - MONDAY "Are These Our Parents" Helen Vlnxon "Moon Over Las Vegas" Buy More. War Bond* Open Daily LUNCHEON - And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday Evenftigs Only After 9 P. M. ||TA|LI|HI» Illl A REGIMENT OF WELL GROOMEfil MEN HAVE TAKEN TO OUR FAMOUg SUITS AT $45 — AS A WELL BR 1 DUCK TAKES TO WATER. They're wonderful examples of what it's possible to de when we set out to do a thing better than i it has been before. Not that there was any shortage of $45 suits — the woods are full of them — the shortage was in $45 suits like ours — in hand tailoring — style and fit — fabrics and patterns. ************ Recordnl Courteous Service LOVINE KI-IiCTRIC Co. 8 Cliurch Slreet THERMOS BOTTLES $1.19 up. TEMPLETON'S TEMPI-ETON'S CORMKR - WATERBDRV DIAL. 4080 (No Toll Churce) SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS! | Friday, Saturday Johnny Rock 'n' HI* B«k | and Rye Boy* PoIkaH and Sweet MlMle BUI Luliack Polka r> to 9 Sunday* ; White Restaurant BRIDGE STRER Member of ConnecilcBl><; t HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANGING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 1 GO Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality, footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. •^__^__^_ ^h ' * UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naug-atuck Footwear Plant Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment sinc« :the war began of charcoal briquets for civil- .' ian consumption. Packed in. 20 Ib. bags. .} Burn twice as long as ordinary lump char- :. >; coal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless form. Get a bag for that picnic before they > are;gone. ; . The Naugatuck Fuel Co. one 52 87 Church St

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