Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on October 28, 1922 · Page 2
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Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Page 2

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1922
Page 2
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II VANCOUVER DAILY WORLD The Newspaper of the Home SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28. 1922 14 LADIES' FALL GARMENTS AT REDUCED PRICES The first Bale of Ladies' Fall Styles at reduced prices will bo staged next Monday and Tuesday at the Famous Cloak & Suit Co., when the management will put on its Octoher Month - End Sale. For this sale the Famous will put on an array of Coats, "Wraps, Suits and Liresses at prices which will clear the lines quickly. Every ' garment offered is made up in the latest Fall styles, the models and designs being selected from the best offerings of the season. For the two days these lines are offered at prices which - will surprise and make shopping at the Famous mean the saving of many dollars on a Fall outfit. The Fall has been backward this year, but the management of the Famous has decided to keep faith with the public in the operation of its Month - End sales and offer special inducements for the rest of the month despite the fact that the regular buying of Fall garments is still proceeding briskly. Remember this sale lasts for only two days Monday and Tuesday. The lines offered afford the widest possible range in style, material and shade and every garment is offered at sale price with the name and reputation of the Famous behind it. Don't fail to drop in and inspect the garments. Monday and Tuesday only at The Famous Cloak & Suit Co., C23 Hastings Street West, near Granville. VACUUM PACKED .4 TV v. COFFEE Humanity Is changed as you change environment. 'Or atYoiws The Taxi with the Meter Careful. Responsible Service Burning Stomach RELIEVED IN TWO MINUTES WITH Jo - To TO - TO relieves pas pains, acta atomach, heartburn, after - eating distress and all forms of Indigestion quickly, without Larm. All Lrug titorea. adv. J'll , - ilUIHill III ni l II i" inili rniliairll . inhii Best $2.50 1 CLASSES OK EAKTK COMPLETE WITH OUR SCIENTIFIC EXAMINATION Glasses not prescribed unless absolutely necessary. Examinations made by grad uate Eyesight Specialists. Satisfaction guaranteed. We grind our own lasses. Xeases duplicated by null. Brown Optical House Be sura of the address Above Woolworths Store, near Granville. Suite 36, Davie Chambers 615 BASTINGS ST. WEST Pooae Sey. 1071 7malkins UBEST Jj n J POLICE FAILED TO GET BANDITS; ARE SUSPENDED WINNirh'fi, Oct. 18. (By Canadian Press). The RU.sperif.ion of Lieut. J. G. Rattray, commissioner of tho provincial police, along - with threo Hubordln - ates. Inspector James lialn, Inspector W. n. Clark and fcergt. W. Romh, the iHttur In thurge of the Hnimlon detachment, by the provincial ciiblncl yesterday, followed with sudilen rapid Ity tho failure of the police to capture the hunk bandits who attacked the Kuyul liu.nk branch in Pipestono early Wednesday morning, although they hud been advised of the, Impending robbery Tuesday night. Chief of Detectives George Hmith of the Winnipeg police force, will take, over administration of the provincial forces, pending Investigation of the l'lpestono affair. Col. Rut! ray commanded the 10th battalion In France and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order In January, 1'jHi. When the bandits arrived at I'ipe - stone, Constable Tulloch was the only piovlnclal policeman on hand and together with a body of armed villagers, fought off tho bandits without effecting a capture. Mrs. Margaret Mayhew Is Dead At Aire Of 84 Vancouver lost another of Its aged residents yesterday in tho death of Mrs. Margaret Mayhew, 600 Eighth Avenue East at the age of 84. Boin in Scotland, she came to Canada when eight years old and lived for many years In Manitoba, before moving to this city 10 years ago. Her husband predeceased . her some 20 years ant and she has been living here with he - son, Mr. J. K. Mayhew. Notwithstanding her age she took an active interest in tho work of the Mount Pleasant Methodist church. Three sons and three daughters survive: Messrs. James Mayhew, of Foxwarren. Man.; Ira, of Wawanesi, Sask., and J. E., Eighth Avenue; Mrs. (Dr.) Kwincrton, of this city; Mrs. Watson. Limerick. Scotland, and Mrs. White, Edmonton. Funeral will be held from Harron Brothers' uiVlertak - ing parlors, 2127 Main Street, at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon. Rev. O. M. Sanford and Rev. T. H. Wright of ficiating. Interment will take place In the I.O.O.F. plot, Mountain View cemetery. B. C. Surgeons Made Fellows' Of College ROSTOV, Ort. 28. (Canadian Press) Sixty - throe Canadian surgeons were made Fellows of the American College of Surgeons at the concluding session of the organization's congress here last night. They Include: British Columbia John W. Arbuckle, Vernoni Robert W. Irving, Kamloops; Warren H. Lang, Vancouver; Herbert Murphy, Kamloops. 'Enterprise Enterprise MONARCH Steel Range Enamel - w hlte and shining like sli ver, the Enterprise Monarch Steel Range makes kitchens blight. It keeps housewives young, because It Is a marvel of convenience. Hood, unmarred by chimney in front, oven door and closet door are ell white enamel; nickel trimmings are perfectly smooth. There's no black - leading. The wonderful Enterprise Thermometer Guide tells how long different dishes should stay in the oven and at what heat. Thermometer on oven door gives you the heat. Controller Damper controls the heat exactly; and If you open the oven door, the patent EXCLUSIVE Enterprise Heat Econ - omlser keeps the heat In; consequently housewife can bake and cook with Kl - RE RESULTS. You can have a glass oven door with the oven sides and shelves alumln - Ized to give you a DAYLIGHT OVEN. These are Just a few advantages offered by the Enterprise Monarch the labor - saving, fuel - saving, money - saving stove. Calh, we shall be happy to show you. Made in Canada We will pay you a fair price for your old stove W.T.McArtbur & Company i Limited i "The Stove People" , 1012 Granville Street ' At Nelson OPTIMISTIC AS TO FUTURE 4 . ' J ' J ' 4 If f Mli. I. fLAMAN. DECLARES IT FORMIDABLE CHALLENGE (Continued from I'age Hi) will make, it Impossible, for men of Ilka mind who believe In keeping tho country steady, from pulling together in the boat and preventing It from cap - tizing." Referring to the Conservatives the former premier said: ' "I trust their negative policy Is only a phrase. A negative policy Is not the way to get through your t roubles." Mr. Lloyd George laid great stress upon the necessity of activity Instead of passivity In dealing with the after - war problem. "The need Is great," he declared. "Europe is In rags. Many a dreary and weary year will be travelled before It gets back to what It was before the war. It's no use thinking you are going to get out by talking of tranquility and stability or by substituting Mr. Stanley Baldwin for Sir Robert Home. "You must look problems In the face. Tho war was won by the cooperation of all classes. Do not say that that co - operation is to be brought to an end. "The time will come when you will need tho help of every man to save the community from disastrous experiments that will bring ruin upon it. "As n n old mariner who has weathered many gales, I utter this warning: 'There is a worse hurricane coming from another quarter. "I appeal to you all not to endanger this glorious old ship by quarrels aa to what officers should be upon the brldgo or what manner or color of uniform they shall wear." Speaking of the need of taking other than a negative attitude toward the necessities of the workers, he declared: There Is nothing more creditable in tho history of the working classes of this country than the way they have behaved In the face of the privations of the last year or two. But do not say to them, when they have got to face the bad times that you cannot do more. Your action toward them Is negative. There is peril in that." LONDON, Oct. 28. (Canadian Press ( able). Former Premier Lloyd George received an enthusiastic welcome at Crewe, yesterday when en route to Glasgow. Crowds on the station plat form cheered him. In a brief speech Mr. Lloyd Georgo said he was going north to define his attitude toward the new goveiiment. It was a serious blunder to break up the combination which was generally winning the coun try through its difficulties, but they would have to make the best of it and sec that the rountry did not suffer and that the extremists did not rock the boat which was carrying the fortunes of the country through the surf. If the boat upset the extremists would meet Ht the bottom and, he added, "we must see that the country was not curried with them." Coalition Minus Lloyd George. Lord Birkenhead, speaking at Col - hester, roundly stated that tho pol icy of the new government would not bo materially different from the policy carried out by tho Lloyd Georgo government. This leads the Daily News, Liberal, to assert that If Honar Law and his friends arc victorious in the general election the government will be merely t lie Coalition over again, minus Lloyd George. Lleut. - Col. L. C. Amery, first lord of the admiralty in Honar Law's government, speaking at Birmingham, said that Lloyd George had refused to see that he was riding for a certain fall and It was not for such a reckloes rider to complain that he had been dismounted by an ungrateful, treacherous, jibbing beast. Applications received by Andrew Bonar Law to address meetings up and down the country are overwhelm ing. He has already engaged to speak at Drury I - ane Theatre to wom en next Thursday and at Leeds tomorrow week, at Manchester on Nov. 11. while two days later he will make his final speech in his own division of Glasgow. H. It. Asquith. leader of the Independent Liberals, made his first speech since dissolution last night at Deterboro, and after visiting his constituents at Paisley early next week he will make a tour of the whole country. Tory headquarters are running no candidate against Mr. Asquith, and J. Biggar, the Labor candidate, Is apparently his only opponent. LONDON. Oct. 28 (Canadian Press Cable) The resignation of the government and employees' delegates from the International labor congress, owing to the refusal of Hon. James Murdock of Canada, when presiding Thursday at a committee meeting to put to a vote two resolutions. Is In a fair way of being adjusted In consequence of he intervention of Lord Burnham. MAY LOOK FOR jj AND PROSPERITY Mr. I. Claman, president of Cla - man'a, Limited, returned from the east Friday, after visiting all the Important manufacturing centres of that section. When queutloncd Mr. Claman atated that there Is a decided feeling of optimism among eastern manufacturers and business men in general. This spirit of optimism may be attributed, in Mr. daman's opinion, to the general good crops throughout the country, especially In the middle west. Tho eastern manufacturer Is turning more and more to the west as his logical market, and Improved conditions there are immediately reflected in eastern centres. There is also a general feeling that Canada has successfully passed through the crucial readjustment period, and may now look forward to an era of substantial growth and prosperity. That this opinion la not only held by Canadian men, but by the financial men of tho world, is substantiated by tho return of Canadian funds to par. In fact, Mr. Claman remarks that United States funds were at a discount in Montreal while he was In that city. Another mark of general prosperity in the east Is the remarkable amount of building w hich is taking place. Not only are there great numbers of large office buildings and industrial plants being constructed, but an exceptionally large number of homes, and it Is significant that these homes are of an unusually high class. Mr. Claman is of the opinion that this general prosperity will reflect in British Columbia by the increased demand on our basic industries timber, mining and fisheries. Development of Port. ' Mr. Claman says that the men who represent capital In the east are at last realizing that Vancouver is truly a world - port, and must receive consideration as such. The grain situation in Vancouver is attracting fully as much attention in the east as it is locally. There is a general feeling that tho facilities of this port must be developed, not only for the benefit of those in Vancouver, but for the benefit of Canada aa a whole. This is especially gratifying as it is only within recent years that the men who control the finances of this country, especially those in Montreal, could see Vancouver as a national port. When questioned regarding conditions in his own lines of business Mr. Claman said: "You will remember that two years ago I prophesied first we would have a sensational drop in prices; a cleaning of all 'distress merchandise and merchandise of an inferior grade with which the market was then flooded; and then and then only would we be able to secure goods of a pre war quality. This has come to pass and tho public is now receiving from 36 to 45 per cent better value; the markets are stabilized tnd prices firm." Lady Astor Won't Join in Hotel Against Men Who Won War PLYMOUTH, Eng., Oct. 28 (Associated Press) "Now that my lato colleagues are down and out I am not going to turn round and throw mud and insults at them," said Lady Aster, who last night was unanimously chosen as tho official candidate of the Conservative party for the Sutton division of Plymouth. Her words were spoken In an audress of thanks for the honor the division again had conferred on her. "If you want me to join the people who are howling at Lloyd George, Balfour and Chamberlain, who steered us through tho war, who signed the Washington conference," she added, "don't come to me. The country owes a deep debt of gratitude to these mon." Body Of Missing Man Washed Ashore Finding of the dead body of Ernest T. Roberts, - who left his home at '1869 Pendrlll street on Sunday last, on the beach at English Bay, Friday evening, cleared up the mystery of tho missing man's disappearance. The body was washed up by the heavy seas and was noticed by a passerby, who notified the authorities. An inquest will be held at the city morgue this afternoon. Never Get Discouraged About Your Teeth Reasonable Prices It !s my policy to charge reasonable prices the lowest compatible with finest workmanship. Get my estimate. PH. BRETT ANDERSON, formerly member of the Faculty of ths Colles of Dentistry, University or Southern California, Lecturer on Crown and Brldrework. Demonstrator In Platework and Operative Dentistry, Local and General Anaesthesia. OPINION OPPOSES STOPPOGE OF P. G. E. RAILWAY (Continued from Page 13) and operated on the lines of experienced rallwaymen in charge, assisted by an executive composed of business men who know the possibilities and natural resources of the country it traverses and that it will be given a fair, trial. Any other solution will cause a wide open split In the house, with a new alignment of members, and a possibility that the government would be on the short end of the vote But the general opinion' Is that the road will be built and operated through to Fort George. Fight on Brer Predicted The beer question Is already begin ning to loom up, but the "wets" are already concentrating on a drive to have a plebiscite taken. It Is certain that the government will take no action. Anything in the way of a bill to amend, the present act must come from a private member, and th prohibition party is ready to enter the lists at any time. Any action to change the present regulations will meet with their energetic opposition, and realizing thrs, the "wets" have abandoned their first intention of calling for direct action from ihe government and are pushing for a plebiscite. Tho "drys" are welcoming the change In front and are ready to do battle, and even the "wise ones" refuse to predict what the outcome will be. It Is even on the boards that a plebiscite might make British Columbia a "bone dry" province. The outstanding feature of yesterday's developments was the absence of Vancouver members. Mrs. Smith for Cabinet Possibilities of a cabinet re arrange, ment this session was also a general topic of conversation among private members. The general Impression is that Mrs. M. E. Smith will be seen in the cabinet, taking over the old portfolios of Hon. Dr. J. D. MacLean, and that she will enter the lists as a cabinet member and will carry another Liberal to victory with her to fill the already vacant seat existing by reason of the resignation of M. A. Macdonald, K.C. Taking it all round government supporters are going into the session with tho impression that it will be "short and snappy," and that they will eat Christmas dinners at home. W. J. Bowser, leader of tho opposition, concurs In the "snappy" portion of the expectation but is mum on the "chort" end of it. That he will bring up the Stevens charges he has already asserted. Whether he has anything else calculated to make the session "snappy" remains to be seen, but he promises plenty of action. A few of his followers have already arrived at Victoria, but bo far no caucus has been held and no policy laid down for the opposition at this session. It is expected that Mr, Bowser and his followers will meet on Monday after the formal opening of the legislature. If hind were divided equally, each Japanese would hava one and one - half acres. Home - made, but Hat No Lqual for Cough M&Kea a family annpty of reafffp aepeonaDie courn medicine, r.aa iir prepared, ana saves about as. If you have a severe cough or chest fold accompanied with soreness, throat, tickle, hoarseness or difficult breathihe, or if your child wakes up during the night with croup and you want quick help try this reliable old home - made cough remedy. Any drug - pist can supply you with 2V ounces of Pinex. Pour this into a Ifl - oz. bottle and All the bottle with plain Kranulated sugar syrup. Or you can use clarified molasses, honey, or corn syrup, instead of sugar syrup, if desired. This recipe makes 18 ounces of really remarkable cough remedy. It tastes good, and in spite of its low cost, it can be depended upon to give quick and lasting relief. You can feel this take hold of a rough in a way that means business. It loosens and raises the phlegm, stops throat tickle and soothes and heals the irritated membranes that line the throat and bronchial tubes with such promptness, ease and certainty that it is really astonishing. Pinex is a special arid highly concentrated compound of genuine Norway pine extract, and is probably the best known means of overcoming severe coughs, throat and chest coWs. There ars many worthless imitations of this mixture. To avoid disappointment, ask for "2V, ounces of Pinex" with full directions - and don't accept anvthing else. Guaranteed to (rive absolute satisfaction or money promptly refunded. Ihe Pinex Co'., Toronto, Ont. make fine teeth possible even for those who have lost them. 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Seymour 2988 Foot of Columbia Avenue $10 month: $375 $375 $400 Humble Bui Indispensable School life rightly turns the thought of youth to hitch its wagon to a star, but to be practical is not to lose sight of the commonplace. Though humble, scribblers and exercise books are indispensable in the daily work of education. But Keystone School Supplies come to do more than supply the indispensable they give the scholar the highest quality and the greatest quantity for the price. Try them. SMITH, DAVIDSON & WRIGHT LIMITED Manufacturers of School Supplies. Vancouver Victoria sT MAIL ORDERS Same terms and prices f.o.b. Vancouver are available to MAIL ORDER CUSTOMERS. All freight charges must be paid by the purchaser. Write today. Ward West Phone Sey. 2444 Handy Andy Says: Most every man and lots of women like to splash a little paint up at;alnst the wall. They enjoy .painting adding a little brightness to the home. Whether you are painting inside or out, you Bhould use guod paint. 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