Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 29, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1916
Page 2
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TWO. s t > I f l Internal Mrs, *h*> 'S Mn». Hf>rm: Rtpriinr. HI - iftr of VrtpOKnh. Rlve it ft ihnrfiu e reports: "I ha Vnp.O.Rt!h so ro>"H.I thai ! hn-f> rrrmn- H to my friend*, and fnry all e H. 1 us"?'.' if on rny liiUn y.irl a" ftm! it workoil iik*> a ( Imrm found" V(fk> mother i* troubled vrilh tnroai «!»! ubles. r»nd shr- h.i« iV-tim? it v*»ry Rood .also. How ! would T,OI !><:• wMhowt H » 1* ^ w* in'iHt MMrr t<> take Omrt '.Sntrrnnl tnnlkinre, . s\ml ' If mothers '«lth ?nm!l children -will keep plenty ov' frrah ft»r in tho 1)r " 1 ' Vr.h'-l"^ ,., Vfl !,.(! f<, it \ ; ii! .;':• ' : •• '• :•..:• n fi-sh O'. •' f •'•••• l>- >/,-,; ,»>•• i ; V ! :,n,| cnver '.viih T i H'.'Mi. Thf< firi-'iv r<"U '•i a:.-v| '. -sf or-? thru fir-' ir-:- <-'.-ir h .,!f : -uh, nil uir-h! int; the* nlr s>aP;-;I•_'<"•<?, In ,i(l<liti')'.!, it thr> skin, nidinn HIP vapors inSnilr-iJ t" relieve tho vfrnKc-^llnn. Uettfr Urtn inir-rnnl twHoinf's for nH forms m* *•<'!(! trnnlii'c!!, from head ro!s!«, a«th- niAt'c H!»< ca?arrhal trr>»1>l"<», down to deep chejs cold*?, Borp throat or in- r-'/'c, or fi.Oi). REMAINS BROUGHT HERE H CHURCH NEWS MOREJSON DAILY GAZETTE "~~~~~ f ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DEC, 29, 1016. CALLED IN DEATH Themas Ttirnpy Culled '" Year's II ^r""''"- N.'EW BOOKS OUT '.After Will Or- f Plcasfftl At Library On Np«t i j t<.f-n> dni'l! of Th.' •>"'''• d-Mi»;h*. i. ''' Tin I 1'" ' \,,\\ i i', Mi- I "n Itiir fnf at of t ', of t.M'i i! month.*-he!d ut !!:<"' •-•• i' the r,e-h> ("i -a ' took pk'i' e 'n Ihi- -'•' ThormiH Tin IK •- «:•-" '"" " - |l||v n;: ii- ", Ii'i.-'..'! Ml !)." i >.!i'i •-. \>. t!| |:l- I.'lf .ifl -i t'l 1 ll" 1 T HI •'-'-•-. J ,t M ' ri! v ' K"l! i.r Iliitmt . I '. A. t: . \ni - M net ' \ . I •••••!''• Ii,u-.-.. el i !"•'< " "•• |Vl ""-t-"",!',,.„.,,.. .,. s ,, w ,, ,-., f , •.•o.!--. ,1'-it I in;; .h .' n o;' ! 'i' 1 I ,.-i v v A . I tmvc, 1 '' ;tr ,M the Fit; I'll ' 'lUv \H>th<-r \VcM Wind'* I ' I" I if Till r»> IHrcln s, h North- ! died on j hf« ffith. c m l*~'i H «<M J t. ^U, IVV.i. I" Mlf'H lip. of He, kfdtilc. .M.I--V on Thanh,«!;H i»i; < 1;|1 - ! " Mmv '. .! Kentoii. who pr«".-i'ded him by thf rolli.wim/ eluidren: I'janU U. MrM, HCMIV i'o!d., <•! I Vkeley, N William II , or chicairo. l.vsnan t* . "f j S'Mtl'-k: Mtf Mans Hardy. • !' 1.\mlon; • find Uoy J.. or Mt. I'le^-nt. Three A FAREWELL PARTY H«ld By Fenton Band In Honor Of! Henry Sure!). j The l-'enlon Myrtle I 1 unl entertained j Hi » farewell party In iu-nor of Henry | Unroll (it the IVnton town hail \\cd-j crowd preHdit nml (he evcnim; wax \ pleasantly np«-in in a social way. a de- ! ', IlUllcl Mel T.i'Mley n ||,) (', , , IVrfhef. How lo (,<-'(', !-*b'hi r and Kink. -The i{.-,i| Motive, l-'inher (I»orothy '*.) "'hi- iiHivant i >rl>ha ti.'-, iJKlmore. The iii!-l?< of Aloir.lnfr ("dory i'amp- Mi e. Hot hlhlook. Saud'-x'H I'al. flMntiiik'. The Hidden Spvinur, Ki'llnnd, "I'll" Side ,.f (!•<, Ans-'chi, Kim; The l'Vim;(» o','' the l-Tei-t, KiplhiK, Tin- U'l-mii-i '.'ill Ye.,,'. l,o.-ke. I'I-I-'-'OIIM! l-'j* i nIli i ti(»n.*i of IJiicoin, "I'ii.- \il--'/>vfciit I'IIIIH!. Start'. Il.ill' ;i l!Ui>,!i,.,1 llf-ri. Tnl«-H, H PRESBYTERIAN. A! <!,<• !*r- «h\ ','-', i .in i ; );,:>'h I-'unday lit..! :HMK l;--\ ' n <m '"< pi -...|r)i ;i i It ".1 <.'•• !..i !- '.I! "!! ! ! > f •M v r,'.-w V-.!i' l-MT, ' is'^i in : i. IliriR' V>il! !>''i- '" ''i" •••'i'llt'- *. "' l rl! | I ')!;,[. H t'-lif !;«.' " 1'-" '••<;!!>! .. i, ., u ill h" !" M! .'I ". "" "' r !" ' \vi!l In- in !•<•!•• -Mi it -in h»iif iMil Cic ! t-;;\:!.-'i- III. • ! stlf: f--l t hi- < 'li' | ;,-;, ., i ,,|- Sn. I'-' 1 - 'I'li' '--Hi -H |:,!!ni. 'I!- .,! !.,- S'U !'V nil ,-t it I fi •'•• :i li' A "U'-.i , 1 9 * n, rent? ;\ NO snn?rripfion? (akrn at lhi> f'si'.«..• beyond Jan n my I. 10! S, Last call. FENTON TOWNSHIP KEN TON BRItr-3. -V- iU , in .,.,, M . u -'n ( , ,„,.:,,,, -j-),,. 1:1,.,.,,,,. Ti-l. n MVh, •«.llni!'. st':ni<tnv>.l fM"'r,'iH. rpttin. 'I'lii- Ailv i iitui <•. UVbstcr <H. ANNUAL REPORT Company I Sir. rtun-h or^.'inl/eil HIM hand over u ffi\r BW5O und under hln tmpervirtlon it.s r the l.ov:> have Kfaduiilly iir.- nntll tin v are now a very MIX IM B iHy at pros- METHODIST EPISCOPAL. A! t" "n ; , in S-U..I •^ H< lio'd. 1 t <<'•'' , m. H..!V i 'ommnnieu •.-..•i-yji-, . V m , piiMI- h n otfhlp * 'I' 1 I'"' t..' '•"' i> m. a '.'.itch til;:h! .--•'•rv h • « ill 1'" h"ld. Ihe K|urr<h I.i' i ;i|f hi\i!il,' i liar:-'" A : • "n s-i.-w-i will I"- !'ho\\ n '-f a m.'iii- IM-I- of onr edm.,u!""-il *'• hi,.i-l-i ;;'ml .••hoi t t ilk< will h(i made iiy thus*,, -.'ho In', e a'linded ttiem. The refill IT I'.p- ^•irllt |.ent:il<.' devotion.'il nu'i'tini" \v i!) he m i li.-UK" of Mr. <V K. \Vlii-eh-r. The i Inninjr Net'«d •'• jn.'it hefore mldnlchi will he ill ( hartfe of «l-.f pastor. lte\". Hiantiiiin. l-:\r-i>hi.dy \-< Irivllrd to •.pond tin 1 rvetiimr .'llid uati'Ii tin 1 old yi ai out and the new ;• i at in. MORRISON BRIEFS .JuJlen tlalh-nllne \lvited friends ill Mh-M Anna I'l-K^man y. ent to l-^nlton ThMf'-das to ^I'cn.l the remainder of tin- ue.-U at ihe )-,ome of her parent*, .Mr and Mir .h.hti IV-Tn-n. i.u- li • \< i. S i' '.n <!.''. M1..I f I do not believe the prices usually charged by other optical concerns are too high, but I do believe as a rule not enough attention is paid to those who must of necessity purchase low-priced glasses, Delia iit "to, Sterling I'nr a It w i|t\-s .\!l>i."i>-( l-'i.iit. I'M ami llclfii M< I.fin«h- iin n'ttirni'il t" fhliMiJn \V cilii'vulay . Vfiilnu .iil'S't- v;,<-i;.|itiK the pii.«t t'-'VN .1 •!>•* at tin- lioinc of thi-lr patriits. Mr. .iinl .\ti^ \\ill;.iiii Mi UiUk'lilin. i t inuliiii!; out his miiiuul rt'imrtn of '. Hit' iM>mi><!uy for tlu> JI.'I.HI year. Thin - ( of lih- untlritiK .••iTiiriM in their l.Hmll. han.l Hun ' ' ' n JJc will leave tin- ol H) armi, \\'l»., w Itc-re lie hai |jo<Ul'.ii will, lhi» Anteticiii He u III leave iinuny fi lends in '(Ills Vl lidiv, who, alllu'iis,'tl they an- t<>fe'- tSnir his ID.HH, will unite in uiMiini; htm BIlCK^H 111 his 1H-VV locotion. OFFICERS^OF CO. I Cornmi«»ion8d Officer* Will Attend Inaugural Of Govornor, A eonitminiriUlt'n from Cohmel Davis c.f (Jf-nest'o witfiV reteived Thuiwlay hy Cnsst. K. .M, Hn\«!«e •>( ' 'ompany 1, re- q»f»tllHT III,' pri».te«Jiee of the three col,)- tnirwh'Wd ol!lcei«. Jlie i-atitain and lirt-t i and second lleuten.iuiH of tli" company, nt the. IniiUKural "f «'•"!• l.owdi'n at (.*d on January stlt. The ofll- will \veur their iduiki M'rvice uni- wltli HideiiiMM. their caps nml rejflmiMil, the Adjutant (ieneral of the tttute, am! the 'nt at "\ViifdilnKtdn. The, id t.'irKft records for th u part of 'the repiirt. Th to the war department, a* the private's' « ho make a eeitaln record :it tho prac- tni-s ;ne lit NIKniiled art lil'st clunN pri- \atepi and are ellRihlc to more pay in ser\ Ice than lhof<e would he who had oiily made a Mecoml tilth*} Hn'(.ird litilliary ovenviain. SVhilo at tU-ld tliey Will I' 1 ' niiarlered nt the SI. NtehitlilH hotel. Ulu-te tlu-le VMll he a!.*i>' H ropni "fur Ii'«lmilltal headi|iUlltefH. FOOT Roy James Injures Foot With AKO While Chopping Wood. Hoy .liuneu was the victim of ti painful uccide'i! at th(! 7i»mo of liin pJil'" (•Kin, Mr. and Mr.*, tjeorne Jiirnes, live and oiie-hiilf mihus KinuheaHt. of Mur- rin'ii, Thursiday nitirnlng. lie wa» i Imppliu: wood u hen the. axe '(dipped, NtllUItu: lllH left foot and cnUlnn H HO thai it «a.s lU'ei-MMiry for ii physicia.ii BIRTHS oilleerx v- ill f« -I tf * "'- " : "' ul (llls ! MiVli"i'K-- Wtinl linn \M~>-\\ received limH ami inunh in the I.<'!uml Hotel j in thin city of the Ivlrlh <»f » hahy tiny <vhert« they will join (lie iu.'UWU a! par- ] lo Mi. ami Mix, l-Yett NhyrocK. of Mu.s-. <it leii-lhirl.y on the morning of i ' 'klahom.i, which occurred on January eH;hl1i They will also attend j ' 'In i-slman eve. Mrt*. Sliyl'oeU WHS tot•• tli«» pitliiii 'reception for tin- r.ovei iiiir j mi riy Miss Certrmtt) M«uieK ul" this i,t 7:30 lh«t ovenuiK . ' ' l(v - ^^ K:il I. of lioeU l-'.ilU. aie \ LHltiiiK .I'uht- tlvi-Jt and tl it-mi** in thl« Vit'KUty. Allfi.soM Myrtle and U'lldfre,! ICwi-lt, rettirred !•> Sioux rit\-, la, Tluirsilay after /tprtidlitk'. Ihe | af-t \\ i <-U at the home of their patent^, Mr. ami Mrs. William K'.Cvi s. Herman .Mr-: f r and I'YnnU Mayherrv of l.\iu!oll. \\cle hilwlMCMM \lHltulH ill lliin i-|ly Tliur.Hilsiy. I "rod Hcirniaii U.IM u tiUKliifMH vlHitur HM Slerliiiir Thursday, Mr?i. .r M:•-!•!' lit returned to -IJiiledKe- vlllf ThuiM.lay after vitutfuK for the pant fi-w ilays ut the K. M, Harrison lldMlf. MJHS tia!t< Swa«?y. rrhirnetl to her home in HoiUrord Thursday alter vis- itillK at the (ieorue Jluletl hotlle ill tiiif i ily lor Hevt-ral iluyn. Mrs*. Aioiii'c IVIdinaii ami fain, l-Vy, arrived Thursday t'toin i'hh-a«o for a s-init at i!t«? hdiuc nf-.Mm. ''atiio Ktld- man. Mr, ami Mr« <3u> Hi-ott, of noeliford, nrrived ThurNvluy for n vl«it at thu iiornti of Mr. SeuU's inutlier, Mrs. K it. Siott. Mr, and Mrs. John 1'earMon and son Paul, visited friendf in Clinton Tliiii>"' Dvm with !,• r P H. !.!•< m .ir Alh-in\ . Ml". M A K'<:::in and Von. .i.O'k •H-,,1 Mr. -M^l Mr . I'l-'-d K."''"t w. i,. )•!,•«!«, nth i e,«. i i ained :it dinn.-i- i'!;, i»i - IIMH HI lh<" m-n.'> of Mr end Mr--. \Sill;am Kr--i,.»-i .T'd family. Mi. .lint Mr-- A \V. r.ihi.,1 jiinl NUM. '.. .-. i '. ru-i!"!! |o\va. .,-.!•• ' 'hi i-.lma'i •iiiim-i at th- !,"ffS C: \'if Mr. af.d Mi • i >!iv( i- .|..rd-.n. \. "^ Kalph -Ki > .--. in wa- a pa-.';",!;-.',' lo Kitllot, .^ylmdav evenlr..^ tn join hi- v\if.- at tiie ! on:, -if hi r mother. ,Mrn H.I ri >, fi >i ^'h> s--l ma'i M'.titin I'r.srH,-: <.f l-;i le. wa;« i nt'T- t.-lined at dintii t Tm--d,'iv :it the home of Mr. and Ml'- lfii'<ten Pop". .\!i-. and Mfi llov liurnn and daughter litlle Miv« Ada. well- entertained t'h-i ihtma-i at the ln'iii'- of Mis, Hurn'* p.u.ut'i. Mr. and Mrs. I! P. Moutanue. Mr. and Mi -. All.« I t .lames, IVn .l,i!!ies and Ms .is-.d Mr.". 1! u>t< n 1'op'- and datluhter. !I.|-.'e|. W'ti- i-liti I'.^iili-d < 'hrNima* at (In home of Mr. and Mr.-'. I >l|Vi-r Jold-l!:, t-'iiiiiiij: (',-• ".vm.'in and ("itiv I-;w>'r« • ,ieh shipped, a earlo-td of catt!-' i" I'hicui-'o m.ii i;.»'." Monday niuht. Thc> 01 "inp-inii d the i-hlpmt nt. Mr and Mi r ,l"hi, I'uiir-; spent i "h, ,"imaf. MI the home of Mr. I'.uiic-' p.ui-ntt--, Mr. niT-r-xMr.-.. ''.I. S. Uurn-<. Mr. and Mru ,(• A. I^W'-rj* were en- lertameil i/liilstmtis at the home of Mr. and Mr.-. J. 1C. I.ikes and family. .lacoh MUhr, of MiinieapollK. Minn, C Ulle 15-11 'J rd.l \' tli^'ht t 11 Sp*'!ld O\'er i 'hrl-itm.! 1 * with his mothi-r. Mr-. I. (' I'lnlileV. Mr. and Mrs. »•'. M. I'ristley and d:'.ualiter. Au!e((:t, Mr. and Mrn. l-'Ved Neary a:-d faiiiily ami Mr. and Ml*. It. Thoinpvon .-pi nt t'hl i.stma.i at the home of Mr. and Mis.' TlmmaH \eary. Mr. and Mrs. Krank i'ocklims and two MIIIH. df Mi!wau!t<-e,, ' \Vlw., are spending the holida;:-?! with Mr.H. I'oek- (HK'H parents, Mr, and Mr*. IJert Tnuinp^on, • Mr. and Mi>. l-Imerv Thorup«on and two il'tunhier-. i:Hv.aheth and Itijth. \v«T" i iiti-rt.lined Christina.* at ihe home of Mis. Thompsoii'M |)ar''iitfi, Mr. and Mrf. John Hawk, of Krlc. I shall cult 1 )' to tin: masses not the class<.-s. I sh.-ill s<'ll many more .trlasscs from .So.Oi) (li)\vn\vard tlian from xr».no up\vanl. I!' ox|>t i nsivo glasses are ])iircha>e'l I will make it easy for you to .<>vt the best. Open Saturday even in i?s. Dr. Goulding, Optician Formerly manager Sicgel,.Cooper's Optical Department in Chicago. ,1 ^ First Ave. and East Third Si., Sterling, III. Over Obermiller's Store. Bell Phone 101-W NO QUiff E IN THIS COLD CURE 'Tape's Gold Compound" ends colds and grippe in a few hours. Take "I'api-'s ("old <'itiiip<.>tnii|" '-vi ry It wns (ho mayor of a Hmall town a t;;i;i-i> thi..v few miles away who dropped into iho two hours until you itttt, thru all niippi- miNiM-y KOI';' an. i • o fllce of a Pittnburgh lawyer to Hay: your col,! will »„• htoU.n. Il |.rt.'ii.ptly j ., Wo aro , t() hay( , a w j tlc . o , )pn otU'iiH vour cloMKfit-tM) lio.-ili ilfi anil lie'! „,.,;,. . , air P^HK.-.S of th,- head; Mop, naM> i Fourth of July in our town and wo iiiM-hatu ..... • now riii:ni(it;: r>ii< vis th.-t want a bang-up oration. Have you lli'.iilarlii . ildlliH-.-i.,, I'l \ i I Ishm *, t.oli'1 got OHO?" " throat. ' Hor,-n.,s and -Mill- Mix A, K Wood and son A*n, went to IJardolph. Ill . ,Si»turday morniiiK to spi'lisl a few duj ••' with Mr. Wood, who is workins; nt tlsat plaee as relief asent. ts- \ V J UST a few dashes of water and the copious lather of Ivory Soap vanishes from the skin. Ivory lather does not stick and make thorough rinsing impossible because it does not contain unsaponihed oil. IVORY SOAP PURE Henry Ih-lsw. of SterlitiK. M'»f n l>u»l- m-MH vixltm- i» this city Thursday. luniks Ix-K'-l. of 1-iilton. ami Herman Ix-tfel, of \Vinde, Montana, who luive lM-en vifiiliiiK for file pa.-if few diiVH at the home ol their nksier, Mi'H. Jet-M> Me Kee returned to l''ulton (in Thurmtay, MI-H. Henry i iei niium WHJI a vitdtor in < 'llnton ThurHthiy. Mi*4»e!i '. !ei Irmle ('iitiiphf!! and ,|f»no I father returned to their home in Clinton Thursday uI'dT upending the- |>ii«| few day.n with Mi."H Alene Tnuilweln In thlH city. Mr. ami Mr* Henry Soloinom'on returned Wedm-Hday eieniiiK frurn a few daVN visit with rets.tiveH In Chii-aKO. Mi.'-'H liorothy MeDanlel returned tu her hunie in Clinton Thurxday "iifier ,ipelniiii(4 the past week at the home of her Ki'ttmlpiirentH, •'''•'• ul "' M' 8 - '•*• \V, .\!el»onald .Mrs. H, H 1'tice in vls-Hlim ut the ot' her hitter. Mr.i, .McKnight, jr., Nolilial. Ill \N', It Ti in di II went lo ('hicagc U'l-dlie.-.ila V I'o'l .i IfU '!.(',;. I.IIHIIIeM.s \ i it. Mr. an I Mr- 1-: !'. Mainlltun retiiined In i lnir homo m i >ak I'ark Thin-ahi;. after i.pemllm; the past Heveial du>s j,. the h'-'iue of Mrs Hainilton'.s ' pal • (ills. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. UeimetH. 1'ied l-'rasi-r, of C.edar KapldM, la.. \\'e'!la •-d ss. ,1 i'ni ; \ llnnier. of M<-i 'ormlek Scmiii.i i s . i 'ht< .-ii'.o ^ ho ,-, a minsioii- ii \. u I', I.DI. i'hma. i-< \i-ning at the i,\ i; l:i,u |..iim-- in I'ni'iis (ir^vc. Ul . .M.ii tha i leiild. of l.> liiioii, :il viwit SOME FASHION HINTS FOR FOR WOMEN READERS l!y MafKaret M:i«on (Written for the 1'niteit I'rei-M) If Percy and Muliel lla\-e had a Miiall tlf;ht i in N'i w Year»". If aide,They'll iniike It up right. If hair and complexion Hhmll'l (]Uiiirel and lli;ht The rc:it of your £iace ,!u."t make it up lif-ht. New Yolk, 1 ii-c. L'!i. Since New Vi ar'.n day is the day of dii>H to patch Up all dllTetcllces. eu\ or up all the (liHanrceahle featureN.of the pa.-if'and make up and he trlends. why not he- Kin with yoiir face. Any lni<ty° make up a quarrel and everyhody can | atcl, up a dlftereuce hut it takes a real arl 1st to patch up a face?, and make uii'ii complexion. It inuy hiirpririe you to learn that there Htlll are few heniKhteil ului me- di(>vu! monster liUNhaiuks in the world \\5in won't Id tluTr'ixior wlvr-s llf-e a powder ran or a speck of rouge. Jusi fiiiicyl Vi:-;i. uiul tliert' ure acluall,\ (Home iliiorm.'lt wivef Who ohey thcne same hcnU;hted and medieval monMcr Imtihands and r.o thloUKh life With fhinv HUM'S ,-iiiit \el!ow >-kiiiH. The,, they- v,-,«iu!rr why t-.imc liu.s. (•aiulH don'i make ,< fis.s.s over them hut have an i \ e lor every pretty Kill on liie ntlcet \\illi the heallhl'ul i;l"W ol retire (iii lier ( lieeks and her lip.s p»et- y, ho .suffer With he- 'h- ll.lN'e a >eeret llllle "My dear sir," replied tho lawyer, '.'I May .t(iiiyed-nn! cjnit I,hnvin« i bavo got no lesa ihnn Buvcn, and and ."imiThn^. lOave > our liirohhiniT lii-ad i wherever they have b«cn dcllvorod m.ihliit: e!"" Ii! t:,.. world i; ive.s ^uch' tht , y haV(J t, rml pht out wild enlhusl- prompt relief ... ... , .... any dniK Mure, It net* without a,s- MI:;tllllC-(', t.'lh convenience. "]Iold ou a minute." said the mayor, no hi- ; "docs No. 1 say anything about tho I tea being thrown overboard in Huston j harhur?" •] "Of course, that IB n strong point." "If lun't worth shucks! Wo have it 20 times, and It's got to bo old She lip Jilick .11; ! pu, the In.ike Up "II the .'is and .1'.-') on she no,-c and lip-. In t in . • .-. -..- !o p ii.iphi a.-'c I lial !a!!,,.;) - In-.i- o! "Tiii- I liil'llll^ of ! he Co J.." I I: i! . "Il :- I e! ler to- tie I h-i o !.-,- i,.-•!-, uu--, mii'i h " "il .'• eil to every ptirpoHe and nulled toevciy.i lype of ."kill, the powdeis malched Up! to every complexion to •» llhely, the routes, the llpstlckH, the cyc-hrow peuciks the wrinkle eradicaton,, mas-1 tea with ua. llocs No 2 Bay uiiytlnng h :,K«.. mud paek.M, niUHele ,M!H, penna - about tllO MoyflOWtT? incut hair w.'ix'ii,;;, eti , why .should any woman he plain" That h : of ciuii.-c it* H!UJ IIHS the courage of her • onvic- lloilH. I "Certainly." replied tho lawyer. "Most Fourth of July orations start iu there." "It won't start in thoririn our to\vn That old win•••/.(• jihoui not palntiim; this year. Tho old cruft in plnyc-d out. the liiy ur c-ildinK the |-OM- ha« l.een j UOW'B No. 3 on liunkor I nil?" knocked (ml hy'nur cntei'TiriVjiii- tlor i,s(« with their emerald lirecn caiin- llon»i. tlieir mauve and fialmon chr>s- aiithemum.s. Who nayx ymi ian'1 improve ou Xature. When Woods are overin'i'un don't Hie forestry expert.* • lear them mil and uhcn land is har- jvn ami treeless don't they plant fnid- S and .set out emljl.vo ''ln when e.sehrow.s are hiishy and over- fey It," eafd tho Ultiyor "Grcat, sir—great! 1 ' "But wo don't want it. It wasn't much of a scrap, anyhow. Does No. 4 tell about tho tmfforlngb at Valley "Most surely, sir, and that every heart in tho crowd." '/llut our -hearts won't bo iwn why not t week .them out to a |llie and tw'c.c/.ers ami If they he :-cani why mil j apply Ihe hliick or hrown'.' A JudlclmiM u,^ nek or hrown'.' A Judh'ioiiM n.^e ut . ,, .. , e roUKe that' H n-d on II,, and Hieek bal1 ' fl)0tlla11 - ™* lf >' 011 "But what son of u Fourth of July oratiou do you want?" uake.d the lawyer. "Why, ono about boat rariiiB, hamv In a scrap or two our poopla would rleo up on .their hind Icga and cheer for two minutoB. 1 guess you huvcnt got anything of the sort and I'll UJOT» on and llnd a mnra up-to-dato man." And aa the lawyer watched him tak« hlH hat and walk quickly-out of tb« oilico ho H«ld to IjiiJTflolf: "And wo call our flag Old Glory!"— J'UtHhtirgh Dispatch. will iiiako a woinuti fairly r« youth ami chaini and i-rini'iiil't'r of powder AIAKKS the whole world's ARKANSAS TORNADO TOLL ; 20 HURT IN TRAIN WRECK Mule i:«u k, Aik . D.-o. '_".' -Thedia-h St. Paul Flyer Ditohod Near Sidnaw, list in the 'MO i in iv tiieh s^ei'i >,'., c Mich., By Broken Rail. ,,oui.h cenlral .\rkin.vis. remaul. i ai li"'i -d •"" .Midi. I »ee. ;M.~ .Su for HeanO'H ;<;il-.e and your ov.iij When Vol.! hSVear <»l'f all ynlir had hah- j it.s .on .litnuary ftr,«t. l'.<\ !, .swe.'ir en all t\>,,.| V e. inn i-ipoi!.- of mluiies .ontia Thi,-i- ....oh.-, hile.l with | a^.- i-ngcrs ,| Ihe eo.vimetic.H that .you need and re, j U)ll j , l( ;irll .,,. j. , s |in,lKihh- th;i: :;;!% -\ > i •- hnthd over a ihiilv toot emh;,it!;> ] o." lllole pel.-ions >lllfered li.'lii!'. !" :!i :(.i-:il .)( ."'iih.l-A u!l"il (lie Si I 1 .111! r.'ill- \Unlt-r t.-iriiado NntMtimaie ,':as I . <-:i i"id, ('opi-er ' 'oMnli> |],\e|- War* made of Ihe ;'i.-!.itN dam.i-.:.. h'.; tie.- .;.l.-h.d In -i lir..!,..-, i.Ul .-ii'.-.-.l hy li.v- !».->! Will amount to maliv iiilndtc.! ' i'-'>' ,\ iiin--.:.-h .tv.i-i'.tS v» . , e m.l'ile-; shounan-lH of d.-liai.-.. , ii'-ne .u' iu a M i ion.,'i undnion. CRAZED WiTTH LIQUOR John Blisf, of Bucltanan, Mich,, T to Kill Pour, !' ,-sc.-ii>i-.i- I.(-in-.: Jotm lili,-;., aj,«'d -7 of f.-:. ii ,\1 |. k , . l.i.'.i-d l-> di 111 tlilli i iclllen- aimu k in a In it i I h-s ! • ! t|.-;. !.'--i hi- iinip I ,>'.'•! i ' nm Ik,- hi.t,.| ,ii link \\'hi n I"' .mol w *-^l o "H ,' I. lli !l.-;i ,in.| ; M i - ,V!,,. . !•• I.i i..-! fi-r ii.uii! hi ' ' . ill"! L 1 M I T I M f O H T fc l> IN TO \l (. A N 'i S. Jhe £ffr@fra Auto Frailer Mr. John Ueit/el, th" well-kifown Stuck Bu.vt'r, ways: "I ti'.r-.'i'l 8U_'UJ!v.'S ;i t!a\ 1 f- laiRr-KA TPAlJ.Kn lu' il:;-.l I U'lUlalu'l'- iu ' Witliuili H day:-; \vitu rd en In *> IN-rlir.p.-- \i'[' uMiUl ir"- a Tntilrr to • a;haiti;!,:,v? '.' ?' " 7

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