The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on February 3, 1962 · Page 1
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 1

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Saturday, February 3, 1962
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THE LINCOLN STAR IOTH YEAR No. 108 LINCOLN, NEB., SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 3, 1082 7 CENTO STILL SMILING wmEPHOTO Four-year-old Kathy Jo Wilson of Crawfords ville, Ind., lias had her legs in traction for 4 weeks, but she’s still smiling as she clutches her doll. She’ll be in this position two more weeks, as the result of an accident with a rollaway bed. Reconsideration By Loup Power Urged US. WILL SLAP BAN ON ALL IMPORTS FROM CUBA Walker Enters Texas Politics FILES FOR GOVERNOR Austin, Tex. (UPI)— Outspoken Edwin A. Walker, who resigned as an Army major general to champion the ultraconservative cause against “communism and socialism.” Friday entered the race for governor of Texas as a Democrat. Six hoars after Walker filed Food And Medicine Only Will Be Sold To Havana ... Rusk Says 'Long Stride Forward' Has Been Taken GEN. EDWIN WALKER IN NEGOTIATING FEUD Bv DON WALTON Star Staff Writer A rural public power spokesman has urged Loup River Public Power District to reconsider its power litigation negotiating position. Otherwise, Ralph Foreman of Columbus hinted, “all of the time and effort spent in negotiating for a settlement will have been wasted effort.’* Foreman is manager of the Nebraska Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative. Inc., and a member of the 3-man team of rural negotiators. Insisted Loup has insisted upon two propositions: -—that rates established by the Nebraska Public Power System on Sept. 1, 1959 will have to be paid. —that the board of managers as established in require- contained in a letter to Loup President C. J. Wittier. Challenge Challenging the Loup position, Foreman wrote: “In view of the fact that the Loup and Platte boards executed the requirements contract in order to secure loan funds from REA, the members of the boards of the various rural districts are un for office, Gov. Price Daniel, a Democrat, announced in a state-wide television address that he will seek a 4th term, unprecedented in Texas. Only one other governor, Allan Shivers, served 3 terms. Walker, UPI learned, entered the race against t h e advice of Sen. John Tower (R-Tex.) and Sen. Strom Thurmond (D-S.C.), who represent conservative wings of their parties. Tower and Thurmond met recently for two hours in Washington with Walker and vainly argued that by entering partisan politics, Walker would hurt himself and not help the conservative movement. Walker, 52, resigned from Devaney Wyoming Granted Release By DON BRYANT Star Sports Editor Bob Devaney is now a Cornhusker, officially. Late Friday night the University of Wyoming Trustees finally * approved Devaney’s contract release request. But just as the Wyoming brass took a month to con- j sider Devaney’s request, they took a mighty long time and two votes before flashing the green light to the successful coach who has been working on Nebraska football prob- VVashington (¿ft — President j ters voted to take specific | Some critics contended the Kennedy was reported Friday j steps against Cuba. j Uruguay parley had a deci* to have decided to slap a j Rusk, reporting to the Am- sive effect on the inter-Am- total embargo on U.S. imports eriean people Friday night on erican family, from Cuba. the Punta del Este meeting. As to the potential effect The United States has been said in a radio-TV speech of the reported embargo, buying about $35 million that the Uruguay conference Washington authorities have worth of Cuban products a took “a long ¿»ride forward” said about 900 of the $35 year, mostly tobacco. Secre- toward wiping out commu- million yearly amount of U.S. tarv of State Dean Rusk has nism in the Western Hemis- said Premier Fidel Castro has i phere. been using the dollars to fin- The secretary of state declared in a 15-minute address that international communism has a “systematic subversive attack under way in the Americas, spearheaded by the present regime in Cuba.” Rusk portrayed the argu- amount to some’ $15 million ments that took Place among cigars, annually. the American foreign minis- The main anti-Castro U.S. Friendly Toward People ters as a si 8 n °* strength, trade move was undertaken While the U.S. government rather than weakness, of the by the Eisenhower adminis- has embargoed sales of other He said this demon- tration in ending American t I items in a partial embargo strated how free nations could purchases of sugar from against the Moscow-linked work together in a democratic manner, reconciling different viewpoints and moving ance Red revolutionary activities in other hemisphere coun­ tires. Informants said Kennedy’s action would not end those U.S. sales to Cuba limited to food and medicine and which imports from Cuba is tobac« co, the remainder being main« ly fruits and vegetables. A crackdown on the tobao- co has been considered before but postponed at least in part because of potential unemployment for workers in the Tampa, Fla. area who make the Cuban tobacco into the Army last Nov. 2. He! iems for almost a month, could have gotten $12,000 a A reliable source in Lara- year in pension and allow- mie reported the Wyoming ances by retiring, but he Trustees huddled “about 6 “chose to resign, he said, so hours,” before agreeing to he could speak more freely release Devaney. . . against what he calls two; An even after they made able to understand how it can decades of “deception and their decision, they would not now be contended that the misrepresentation” by Amer- i release it to the press immediately. Rather, t h e contracts signed by the rurals in good faith is now illegal and void.” Also invited to the negotiat- ican leaders. Conference Planned Walker flew into Austin by nouncement public was made an- by Castro regime, food and medical shipments have been allowed to continue on grounds I ahead together that the United States is still I _±_ friendly toward the Cuban people, though not the Castro government. i The White House was ex■ peeted to have an announce! ment Saturday on the Kennedy embargo decision. It follows hard on the heels of the Punta del Este. Uruguay, meeting at which the ioreign ministers of the Am- tine President Arturo Fron eriean republics unanimously dizi bowed to military pres­ py Dye obtained his permis-. condemned the Castro re- sure Friday night and agreed si on to contact Devaney gime and communism as in- to reverse the soft stand Ar- before talking to him about compatible with the Ameri- gentina took toward commu- Cuba. Sugar is Cuba’s main product and the United States had been her principal customer. Argentina Breaking With Castro Cuba Buenos Aires (JP — Argen- BOB DEVANEY ini meetinu were represent Private Plane Friday posted Ite mvirshv lives of Consumer* Public!9 $100° flllnS fee at Dsmo-1jrumpnrey a* me unneisny fieldhouse in a press confer the Nebraska job. While the Wyoming board apparently had a long hassle ization of American State* (OAS) functions. Frondizi earlier began what informed sources called the first step toward a diplomatic break with Cuba by recail- can system, lhe OAS minis- nist Cuba at the Punta Del ing its ambassador to Ha- Power District and Platte. cratic executive hcadquar- ILVvomm^Utah on the question, the UPI also ters. and returned to his Cen-ence a,lel >ne wyoming-utani caiH Weatherman Seesli'LiÄ Fair Skies Ahead Fair skies and mild tem- ments contracts is an invalid peratures are predicted for and illegal board. most of Nebraska Saturday. The Loup position, accord-1 it will be partly cloudy in ing to General Manager John Lincoln Preston of Columbus, has around 60 been designed to assure the: The state high was 71 at legal authority of NPPS to McCook Friday. The low was iKoctothoii aamo I said the contract release was Tex., home. He basketball game. gjven because Devaney’s re. scheduled a Saturday after- T he Laramie source report- j tention “would produce un- noon news conference, and ed a Wyoming spokesman as tenable circumstances at the said he would have no com- saying two votes were taken; universitv of Wyoming.” ment until then. after the Trustees recon*| Nebraska first sought Wyo- Walker is a political nov-| varied at 7:30 p.m., following rning’s okay on Jan. 6 . but ice. He entered a race that dinner. officials there balked on call- tendent of the State Home for already has 4 professional Strangely enough, both ing a special meeting and ef- Children in Lincoln Rudell Says Hell Remain At State Home Robert Rudell. 36, Este conference. While apparently prepar- j ing for a full diplomatic break with the Fidel Castro regime, Frondizi announced after a. long meeting with his angry military chiefs that his government will “comply with all resolutions adopted at Punta superin- Del Este.” The meeting was held amid that the armed vana, Julio Amoedo. ★ ★ ★ an- set and enforce its rates. Two Units NPPS is composed of Loup and the Platte Valley Public Power and Irrigation District. Foreman suggested that power representatives hold a negotiating session in Grand Island Feb 19. “The rurals have offered to compromise on practically all of the vital issues, but if there is to be a settlement, there must be some willingness on the part of all par­ lies lo yield or compromise on some with the high i Democratic politicians in it votes favored releasing De- forts to settle the via nounced Friday he will re- . .h h • i th • and is likely to have more, vaney. The first, according to telephone or telegnqfn fell main at his present post rath- 01 tes . Both Democratic and Re- 1 the spokesman, was 7-5, but through. er than accept a high-paying ro stand by tor possible elections then it was decided to vote In the meantime. Devaney position as director of youth atuon a 5 amsi government. Canadians Continuing Cuba Trade 23 at Omaha. The high in Lin coin was 58 and the low was 30. publican primary are scheduled in May. If run-1 again. The second count re- and assistants Jim Ross, John institutions in Oklahoma offs are necessary, they will portedly was 8-4 and Devaney Melton and Carl Selmer came Rudell announced his deci- the Frondizi be held June 2. HIGH SOURCES REPORT: was free to officially become to Nebraska and started to sion following a meeting with the successor to Bill Jennings work, along with NU hold- Governor Frank Morrison handed Frondizi an ultimat- as Nebraska's head football overs Ottawa (UPI)—Prime Minister John Diefenbaker indicated Friday Canada will re- Tlii- militarv lpa.iors had ject a U S' cal1 for free world lhe military leadeis had sanctlons agajnst Cuba and will continue to trade with Ultiinatium overs Cletus Fischer and and Nebraska Welfare Direc- turn demanding an ini medi- th“ C':',' coach. George Kelly. tor Frank Woods. ate break with Cuba and the French And Rebel Negotiators Agree . . , . ... . , Diefenbaker told the House tea- resignation ol Foreign Mims-jnf ihat „.».¡u amie that the Trustees re* i came long past the meeting of sons for continuing in his ter —' 1—' ” --------- wnue Lana- The UPI reported from Lar- Since the Wyoming action He listed among his ., -, , , „ -, g in his ter Miguel Angel Carcano. I Ja V m ' itm ” tA~m^rÂt#>~w7rh leased a statement saying a the Nebraska Kegents Friday, present post, the cooperation who headed the Argentine irjP1,d|v ».ilnni tt m»« h»«P “--L?,..“1!.."“1.. !"te„Cinl° ÏÏÂJÎÏÏv!; ï?? ÎR- delegation at the inter.Ameri., Jh Mwon S il be can conference Pans W — French officials wing European Secret Army ... J!* ihe issues *n' waited anxiously Friday night Ul,0 vo ml.” Foreman wrote for s | g n s lhat the Algerian ‘hat 32 light tanks, plus about ppted t0 be a reference t0 negotiations with a second in- pointment was taken. No sal- the new Department of Wei stitution during a term of a ary terms have been an contract without first notify- nounced. ing the institution which is a —--------—-.. party to his contractural .ICV rtliuy. anreement ” Official sources announced bIn Uramie this was inter- ''“•Unless all of the parties | rebcl government will accept »o'paris-*-" Devaneys vi8lting. the Ne' are whiling to make some a draft agreement ending 7 concessions, it appears that! years of warfare. NU Offers Fast Worker Bonus High French sources re- the rurals have done all of the conceding,” , . . .. . . , 4 , Foreman’s statements were if *0 * d. s ---------—.—-——-—= 111 g team and F reach repre (tentative* ha\e reached has The Weather . ... , ky braska campus w’hile Wyo- eniL week. ming athletic director Glenn The security buildup was < Red» Jacoby was vacation- expected to be m place well in ing in ldaho advance of President Charles (;ot permission de Gaulle s radio and tele* However, Jacoby earlier _______ ________________ VKS,?n a ss confirmed the* fact that Ne- ic agreement in secret talks ¡‘ead>’ to cope with any vio* i braska athletic director Tip«11 major issues holding Ilent reaction to major pro- --------------------------------- The University of Nebraska Board of Regents approved a $90,000 bonus for a contractor able to complete the planned Twin Towers dormitory by the fall of 1983. For that and other hoard stories see page 3. fare, loyalty to Nebraska and to his staff at the home, and a desire to see the programs he has initiated at the home continue. The Oklahoma directorship carried a salary of $10.800 RudeU’s present salary of, $ 6,000 will be increased to approved Este. lieves “appropriate” for it- Informants said the presi- self, dent — w ho has survived The prime minister’s state- past military and other ment, greeted with applaust crises —managed to soothe j from government membeis, the armed forces chiefs by appeared to doom any hope agreeing to go along with the j U.S. Secretary of State Dean full anti-Castro declaration Rusk had of enlisting Cana- at Punta Del da’s support in isolating Cuba. It was the third time $7,200 to meet the pav scale ,.__________. ol the Welfare Department The latest military threat | Cauda MtfiiMj This includes $50 a month for was touched off by Ar- rental he pays at the home gentina's abstention — along and diplomatic relations with Under the merit system ¡with 5 other countries — on scale, Rudell’s salary could a key conference resolution later increase to $7,980 ousting Cuba from all Organ- Cuba. on High around 60 EAST AND CENTRALNE- BRASKA ; Fa r and mild. High in 60s. (.IBnain Ttmftridirtt ! mí 4 m Fri > 11 1 W on* ,.. ... 34 2 to « in H1:30 p m ... ... 53 .1 W .« m34U p.m ... ... 33 * m .... - 35 j «* pm,... .1 io « m ft W pm.... ... so i 1# lift,,,, «. fi 7 :w p m. ... ...48 ? í m... « * * * Jí?8 30 pm ... ___4« im» m .. 0:30 pm ... . :» vw a nt...... 37 10:30 pm .. 37 to w j m ..... 40 1!:30 pro38 If M .« m,...... 42 12 Mi p m, <§*f. > .w 12. W p m...... 33 1 w am 35 1 Mi p m 34 2 30 a m 33 Higti fi-ini»*»! »0# $#at a*» 30; lo» 0 Hpü fi##-* 7. ti a m ; %&* 3 4c p m Moan run** §:SS m tr £ .; poll 4 31 p m N armai FaOruary pirfipttáUon . n in Talal Knitryary pmtiMtMna kl lit# ti e T«M IMJ IH triti to aate 32 m. Stbrn»k» T«ma*ratHr** M L H L latwoltt 3« 30 importai m 33 LA F H 57 31 Soin«»03 » Norfolk hi & S,id!»biatf m a f.rand Itlmd M 33 f r; .t,l na* 04 31 Nortll Piatii CV 2A Omaha 54 21 Trmmitarni H L H L Cmai »II« n M Juneau M 27 tiu ituagiioiit oa 37 Kaltaa* < *> SO 33 Hutnt arak aa 34 Lm hmmtm n » Host«« 1» 2 Miami Boach 78 5« fik uwtvsviltn 71 *0 Minn St Patti 1 Oural« ta 14 New (oteaaa m os Cl«.-. H,, né * 1 New V«t » 15 IMtBvar <kl fi 73 42 I»«« Mou«-* ht 1» Satt lath# CSV 34 « Fi f’«o »4 n Nan Cut omo 73 5* i'ort Woitli Ti 37hat* KrioWw s» m liait ««ion fi l ¡A fioatti« 04 4« J A vkA&ft t ill# n » Wumipog » 37 1« Co to Klein ICA for quality Skyline Dairy foods, 815 So. U -Adv. independence for the African territory. Any agreement must still be confirmed by the rebel j j bavp on band, anv attempt provisional government and o( (hjs naUlrr • h(. Interior Minister Roger Frey said “I do not exclude a very iimited attempt at disorder. With the mechanism MILLIONS PRAY AGAINST CATASTROPHE crusnea. Algerian revolution, an em-| Tbe d,a(t igreement, dlp,0. Ashtagrahaphobia Grips India SMOKE FILLS POLICE CAR 38 IN STATION LOT be convened soon in Tunis or Tripoli. Plans Perfected French security chiefs perfected plans to snuff out any tlareup of terrorism or at- ‘ Hey, you fellas have a police car on fire out back!** This report by an LAPB air policeman dashing into the back of the police headquar- By R. SATAKOPAN j extra precautions at this ing in automobiles parked in British-owned and edited.teis early Saturday morning New Delhi, India. Saturday; time the open. Statesman said the “conjunc* sent officers on the run. tional period in which a -With the chiming of the While the Nehru govern- Families have collected to- tionitis stems to have para- Car 38, normally used by French - Moslem executive midnight hour, temple bells ment, as such, is taking the gether under one roof wher* lyzed the reasoning power of! the police dog teams, was it i . i: -l ai.. iA ... ! • .At a . ... s « *...,1 41 %, % **#»€«•* * * i 4 - 1 « vides for a 6 -month transi* would organize and supervise a referendum. The Moslem majority probably would vote for independence. YOUR PAPER BOY SPEAKING: As a young businessman, buying papers at wholesale, and selling them at retell, I earn profits each 4 weeks after I have collected from my customers. I appreciate your promptness in paying when I call to collect. THANK i Ol FOR YOUR PROMTSE$S STAR CARRIER BOY many people in began tolling in many cities j predictions lightly, its serv -1 ever possible, adding to po- a good of India today while the ants are taking them with ¡lice problems the protection Delhi.” voices of millions were raised trepidation. Offices and ol vacant homes. The Congress Hindustan in prayers to save humanity schools are flooded with thou-1 \ great congregational Times called it “ashtagraha- from doomsday catastrophe | sands of applications for per- prayer began here Friday, phobia—a phobia caused by With newspapers of all lan- mission to he absent the next With 250 learned Brahmins the conjunction of 8 planets.” guages splashing astrological 3 days so that families may ] chanting verses from ancient nw two Hindu astrolo- forebodings that “the next 3 swim or sink together. ] prayers for the next 25 days. agree on what the con- days will see the earth bathed Congregational prayers have The actual danger period is junction forbodes. One group ‘ J * * 35 p.m, say* there will be a univer parked in the rear of the station, smoke pouring from Us window’s. No one was in the cruiser. Firemen were brought in for the second time in two nights, wetting down the smoldering front seat of the ear. Thursday night they put out a fire under the rear end in the blood of thousands of been organized in many holy saHj to begin at 5 3^ P.«». — ____ — -_______________ , . . . kings,” a near panic situation ’ centers, including the holiest os am CST) today, to last catastrophe, others say jot a cruiser which bad been was reported from many of holy Hindu centers, Bana- through Monday iust tjhe reverse—they wlU be areas of India and Nepal. ras, where hundreds of thou- oniv good for all. The outlook even of some sands have flocked to die in iN,eu. Phases have been Some have said prayers leaders has become so heaven’s gateway city. Hin- i coined to describe currentjWjjj save C 0 llfttry Ham top gloomy that one of the stal- dus believe the easiest way to ^:vstCM ia a^°ut unu,ll 1 lf* (warts of the ruling Congress escape rebirth and go straight planetary conjunction. Ine in a high-speed chase. The cause of the fire in C at 38 was believe*, to be a short in the portable spotlight lying on the front seat. The seat uling Congress escape rebirth and go straight Party and a former chief! to heaven is to die in Bana* minister of Uttar Pradesh ras state, Dr. S. Sampurnanand Thousands have moved iuto esh Chandra Bhattachary«, president of the All-India As*, was a complete lost* —3 . ti oiogica! and Astronomical I - , , Ti. \ Family Freat! Society, has said: “since 4 of Today 8 Chwcklt Special 2 -l’ayer White Cake the 8 planets are benign ones ,3 Hr , “This is going to he • publicly warned Prime Minis- tents to escape earthquake with toasted cocoanut. Try it! nothing bad will happen j ter Nehru that * the idol of danger from collapsing Fresh at . Wendelin Baking the world.” India’s millions’’ should taxe houses and other* are ileep*¡1430 South, 7am-10pm—Advt Amen, - • j * • • to real battle of brains She. “How brave of you !• fight unarmed.” : = .s .... 5S

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