Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 29, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1916
Page 1
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SIXTY.THIRD »:? A A! li <fc •if it I Inspected The E, But ffte Result W f Not Announcrd. Of [' GUARDS EXPECT MONEY Should Receive Checks For Driffjncj From The Government In a Few Davs, f *« Int; («> "i, f:,, i ' ],, i , wvpnf'-i of si • ••• IM i mi '-in <J>vri!)FlC, Mfiiy nhiiist LI;. irifmbfrw "f ('•>ntj>*inv !' nrm"ry in I.e in«<|if" !< '! Fnttf'rKon "f th<^ 1'nitr-d Thf* rcjiijt! nf tlif !ii«j'i. fcncnvn fur hln ro|"it.« n!' t»> t>l'i«d'|IIMt ll-l 0 of (he inri'f DIK! tin re M<'I|<|I-!. m:.! <*•<• i->. > fllftde \>y tlif- ni*riil'<i« i.f « <iiiiiM(i', Will I)! 1 if^llfrt xtliil'My Ilflf! th<- lit -I tin* ypiir. Ii N tlniiii:lil t!i. , .>mii,i ttwlp HP ifoful ;t Kfiidc . *Hher <-.inip!i]n>->< in I'nltrd State* ^iim> ..ffjiei': ii" li'itre (Cr.'ldi 1 thr fttiit" lliiliti-. .'ii t!-,'- -.itii #«'i>rlnK rt« tlm^e nf th> lei.-ili.u ,11-nv t)Itt MceordiilK tu !!i" I'thei i »ni|-ii'iii of thf rr>Klnieiit or «>f the >!:i'" MILITARY TRAINING May Be Considered By The Township High School In The Near Future. jff Should B^ Larric u: f :!mh 'To I Provifjp Mrpfirin pl'ifp Fnc i ' v Larfjp Gatherings. COULD OFTEN BE RENTED Oixon And OcKalb Will Try Again To Get State Tn Build New Armories. K hns not hern a* te, and lhl* may have (•"ini t him; to .do With the money It [>•• e|\e r , f|..m thp United Htatca nmler <\ i, t « p,-r-->e.i C«tHfr In« yenr. This net provide.w for th< p.1-. tm-ni I', hy .V'l ill! ill! ( ;r-i. , , i \(, i •;, j, N'ori i!"i n Him..!* liu-li v I:.:..,!., ,,! ,,,,-> HIV.- uhi'i', aie < oii"idei im.: the f miiitatv 'taini'U', I'•< j Mi-'-t int.: The Ht(««r,f)jiiH e at i! I lll« "f i '. .nip i n ', Ih-ni loj'.fo M n ! );i i|. ;... 1 1 rn. 1,1 »heih- of tho member^ of « <>i' the . A , if >'- taMi-li II I'V I IOM-V1-. i|, I t|e|| 51-hooI'i Th<» • !»•-(• ''o operation of UK . h""l si n! hoi it !>•-: in t he-' >•• lit ii--i i •>e. c.^'-iii v to the un, ,)••« of i (n- ., s .. M! .( \ Tl'<- l..;i.|i i|.--,- i-.f t !.. . .1 ' ! ! )i.- - ! , ' ( i-- t ii w.'i ! '! !.. I ' ; r- • • I. • ' ? v :.' i i ' i u n f. '- ! > ; ; I: r i f. I !>'• !• •!'!!!. Hi- i'!- i-r th. '•• Ml I . ! I I • I \ ':] I • . I •, I - lii tuo- t •.( ! ! • . I' i- •• v- ' • i i I !i-- ,i> 111' i ? j * <•• : i ! t ! - i: i i! i I : • i p ' . M • I i I ] i' h U i ''! ii: •: d> i i v. i )-ii "f i •'.>••:•:< 11. rn i'-n* •(I-. If St'-ilnu: !;:ol Hi- i 11 :. <• n. w sir- T !•-.-. 0:,;-Ht- r-xpivr-r. 1, 1917 Unfii thnn m.-vj ." n b s c: r i h r : r s o u t ? i d >:> ! 1-, r city of fiUf'tlinp; and Rnrk Fans ran sr-riir*' The Ga- -ctt.e to Jammry 1, 1 S"M R, ;ii Hie infr- of ',}\ rr-nts a month. No subscription?; taken at this priri? beyond .January 1, i f»IR, Last call. ARE ASTONISHED People Of Argentine Surprised U. S. Is Considering- Its Military Plan. 11 I I< "1 \f MM 111* * ' The Mnst ln>pw?anf ?<-<:-: : ?irdi 0^ Rncpnt Yr^r?, A! j 1 CnniHiq Mcotinrj. !' i \HlHf IMPORTANT REFORMS! i . - '' fWith Usual, Orqani?atinn Fiqhtii i Out Of Way Session May j; I End Work By May 1. !• J ftj National Otinrd. provide,! nKty c«nt of tb<> men ;m< in attend ins ht Iwint twenty-four dim* of i > i yenr. ThlB meiim; veiy faithful attendance. It IB hoped that the wai department will iillow the drill* made While at LaHitllc und at Sprlng/tchi to fount on the nvjulrrd number They four liourH each day at i.aSalie for twcnty-onp dn>n and n* ninrh at the Ml»te camp "' Sjirln»;fli-ld for ;.>n dayn, muldnK n tutu! nf tliuiy-one drills. The df'i-fslun l.y the .lep.ut- mcnt ought to tic iniiile pulilii- In n few days, ,/tir thr money !: boy« «t tlld hffjjinnini: of the jeur. The boy» nrc «'X[H*etin(r about t\ventv-t\vu dollare caeh for jirlvittcx, HP !.• iiiiom tblrty-on*' d<illnr» for tin' mheiM. All told th«> amount exi'eetcd will reach abtiitt two thouHuinl d<dlat-H. fEOXABOUTbAMASCUS , Dr. Mir»hak Sorrowfui Ov«r Jh* Bad f Stit« In Hit Home Land. St.-i'lliu: l.oiu-.i .,( c nil) erinteitdenl. I'u.f I-'. T Austin |I;M e h.-eii eon-ddciln K the matter of it milltiU'v < ourv ( . in the »<, hool. hut af. yet 'have iletermltie'l upon not hint: dr-llnite. .ilt.hiumh :ii| of the iiiemliei- tit'ft fii volatile to the Hellenic I I of, Auwtln s.'ii.l ihl« momim:, while he is eNpectJnt; to re. e(,c M,ine thine from the war department n (.'fir'lini,' the course, he is not <inile sun whether It will I.e taken up m ( ,,n. ncctiori with the ilepiirlment or not tti. n PP.. Mil;.- 11 . ! I' ! ' hot It f.lSl. il "I p .. .',!::'• •!"!;.' ! ....' i.'l. Mute. h"vyve: ippr.'pi'd Iii".iin (Va an ;i i ni' .1 '. , t •' K «. 111,,! K . • ? ;,a <..» \ f,, th'- .M noiith -It. t.etlll: ||..'. .11"'. f.'l I'.... I I ill, IV.' III. I i••.I r,., i"m nv: HMsii ;n!U"!.^ in I'hj'.tr,'' ?-7V"'"i to- uai.l the 'th i '.•-.: ins. nt .ititi'-:\ in t'hi- "ai.'o :i'iil v.i i s. MI'. '*uni'. : t < i '.\ 11 r \ the ,U in t.i wa. er n< vv-- II,-it the ('Intl.! State.., f. j ri .' (i ' . onMdeut.i: :!M -oi'-ption of it) Uti!', ., ,. S"'l -, H e pl'lit I- I-'.I o?i th'lt HI fop-e in , , | ]' V rt'-nt MI. Tie i • t'.i!i'.hint n! v,.t |i,l'i...| o|| . >-|||. '. ni ,.f ll,e J.'.i'li i;i op..|- ( tll'll h"|e The Air,, mine ,iili!;, pliu make- ' V >' 1 y 111.1 11 I, e .','.( e 11 ! |,, a U < 'i ( , I J - f 1 I I' I I."' a ?-"!<!>' t M' II of I- and }',• .u>'< from 3') to I'i. I.elo,,- to Ih.. t, ,T..,M ,| .i I t rn'-ii! : ^ f ta \f •' ii'llthoi iy.-.t. !.\ ,,t. I -. ,.f l',|, ..t;tte in ( h" !' ' ' 'l! t; j.i o\ j,|, ni; I h- --iipi > ni" i >','. t i ('.' a nu i..|iii. lit )> i" '-"''I ITALIAN REVIEW i f - - .The Last To Enter The War It I Learned The Lesson Of Unity Quickly. THREE GREAT MOVEMENTS They Were Offensives In The Trentino And isonzo And Drive On Carso. irnatds ritiil ate tre for I |I!M MI llll\ e llotliint; to dn \S it)) * Or, h*,» »om«s horrihlt- truth* trll ref the condition of the In hln tuwii f, and. In . t&Ct tlif! enlU'tt vouiilry of Axityriit. The Iw under thfe Turkish and «lnca Hie war (ht* putting iii of u eourHc. I'rof. Austin thought j| nm;ht noi he con.MJdctvd adv|>ai,|c hv the department to co-opemtc- with thi: si hoid on account of \t» .Hinallncss JIM compared with fitch .schooJn UK limit ford, I'Veeport. ttnd cities of that *!/< which .have from IL'OO Io l,".oo pupil* m their high Hchool*, n number wufflt ien: to Kft un entire company-from tln.di youilK bw> i», and it wonl.r be' H hard lawk to Kcciirc half that many in nrhooln I h» fixe uf Slerlini;. tScn. .McCain wild that ufler the vn- M hool unit* jiai! attained th»-v «>X»et«d much wf thb nroju-rty and hfjrh ' oh thn peo)>)p. Proto th* war the Ttirklwh govern| Went WHS not so Imrd on them, but IK»W they want- more than the- poorer «!»»»('» havo to *»|VP. Ho «ay.-t that tiffics are very hard and there 1« no f0rxt to Mpt-uk c»f and thoii^andu of hi* fellow cwuntryrnen un« forced to K" out Iii thfe fields und lilu- HIP once fa- itimiK king, forced to eit-t Ktaf,N like an ox. He say» ghfrc ar<* untold number." | tioijiff thin right rtlonR for Kiistenanee. and tlioso not no fortiinatf arc'Ht.'irvliiK'. Ill the funiouK region wh"i>e the cedar uf l>»hanon gruw, ucconiim; to the lu- l»lft, thoUHfliiiih mt> dylTVir today from . BturVutiott. Already nciirls om» him- 5dr«f! thoumiml of thi« half million MMI|« to a certniii i-f protlclrncy li, .it..! « if- tavvn t;o! ,i!i.:(it Jt,n..iiui c.n h Joi new Ulti'ille.i ,nn! \V ..oil-to. ;, ..Linn J-IH.- Hiii!, '('he i;i|i li-ui^l.iini.- :>',-« .ippio- prialed Jnonev foi the puichaie hy the built by local p,tr- :.! Kew.iiif. *!ab"-.- beautiful --ton.- flout building f'-r the Vlhi- of ftv mi t ioiui I i:'iai.|' J . ('..input e(l with \\hni -...nie of th,- olh.-i loun-i have b> i n j.:e(tii'^. St'l- llni; and IC.n l< I '.ill-- are cutitl. r\ to ir.iUMiil to $il" 'fin for an aimoi'V an.) -ite. Thin eommiimtv has an c.-pecia!h Kood arKiiimtit in favor of .m apprn- prtatli'i! in that it . has on<* of the stron^ companies in the -tale Through the efloits of I'apt. \Vahl, lileul. <*ul!eiiM and tin- other ofTlrer.ii, ind of the meij thetnxelves. the nc'tn- tier«hip of Cotnprtny K has utmost I the one hundred unit 1, and -all "\| elfe. Men fro'i) .(II to i % ,l|e !.•)•- itoIUil-i ;llnl Illen ffnlll "'I to ."" ..-..;. ititUte the |es;i|!.lt.'i At l^'all men rei;i«tei r.ii >=e|-•). e, J'*roin tin." registry the w.-n- .le. lartmerit '-••-ie. (H by lot Oio^e <,f l'n eaiM tu (he number ri"julred for the eKijhir bran<-)i of the Set", ie... '|-J, V . pet toil of set v |.-e i* one year in the army arnl tv-i > e;trs in the nrc. y. i-'or the pi'i ioil after i•'.tuple! im; I!SIM t.-nn until rea. hitii.- hi-« ^ath year, the Ar- Kenline soldier remains a iesrn!,ir ).::! in not in nev-.. lie inii't practii e ,'diooiiim- at pri-M ribed p. i IO,|M and is liable to |,e .alle.l upon to attend tn.i lietiMTM. After teai him: ','," >.,U.N of ace the regular pauses into the natlmi- al pnardrt and i eaucH to l>c under n,,. I order of. or expense to, the f'.l.tal irovi-rninent. tieeomini; eutii.-!-, a s.-i . v ant of hlH state. NATUBALOBSTACLES the inernhers have taken the miliu»r.v' work, they wosil.l he re.-o«- fXtatfn olillKiUlon. thus ni»«i un it part of the rexervc offlcerft'| Mln '"K eomp«u>' b<-te for year training corpH. which will entitle them to «.y(>ry p.-mide of eiiuljimcnt ne'c.-h wary. .The var d.'pjn tinent wan authorized tO CI|Uil> Hllcll Illlitv, |,y || 1( nutlonul act of hint of 'libation from dlpd in the pus! (V«r ionr. lie ii^- CITY COURT IN SESSION Reconvened and Di»po»*d of Several More Cards. The .Mlinclpal court opined a-;ain Thur>da\ inorniiiu wiih J'.uli'A i'. (.; Sheldon on tl»e bench. The tir.-ii. ca;,e w.'is that of Klhvl .Archer au< Archer for divorce. Mr*, pi-ared ami .swore to Mm and cn,e|ty ,,f )„,, she hiid left ••die has no! heard Von; him f..| nearlj two .vear.s, The clegree \% it s Canted her. ,Indi;< 'ft« the condMiotl over there »« hi»- J Mitchell was attorney for the com ing terrible-, ic-iicr in »it;hi un- piaimint lM« tlio war rndtj very KOOII. und then Attorney K. \v, |{i'«.se appealed foi li Will tiah* u lotiff lltno to recupcraJe I".. J. Countryman of Dj.vun and argued ffptti heavy IHXM, ' x - for a new trial in the cane of Country- flf i» imi>OBs|()le to K<'t mail out o' 'nun a«aln,st \Vjlliam Maxwell. Tills [.. th*tt vnlintry, and he im« ha<l no direct >-* lhf> auto colll.sioi: ca«e which was «OinfnutiU-«tloii fryini hi» niotlier Mud Hied before a jury in the early part 'f fhe term. Ihe verdict beiiiK in favoi ••f the defendant. State's Attorney .1. I. l.udciiM represented Mr. Maxwell. At the conclusion of the iii-KHincntK "ii both s,i.|e,s the JudRe took Ihe motion under advisement. .Attorney H. A. Kiddcr appealed be- foic the jlldKc for The IVurU Life-In- for a new I rial ottkr relatives In DuruuM-u»« for sec moiithH. He cannot K**'-inonf> t> through tin- inailH, and die oni\ met bod in to Kt-nd li t*» the 1'rej.byter- JJKtt MlBwiomiry HiK.-lety, which VVOI!<K l$t hl« cuuntry, und Iht-y Hec, to it that , tHe mutiny goeM to for whom it $4 iiitenfltid. The doctor ban been in j tlrta country fourle«» years. While eotiipnnle« in other localities have hee.n ; to pieces, the one here has |>«>en stronger. At (lie riiininK -essmn of the le^is- Injure it is expected I'lson ainl _l>e- Kalb will end. avor I" eet appropriations for the piirrhaNo h\' the state of armory InilldliiKs reccntl\ elected bv local pcrHojis, in tho-i' towns. AUTO COLLISION CASE Eichlor vs. B«n»on Suit Started This Morning in City Court. The case of Klcldnr aKainst Keitson wan Hlarlrd HUM morning befoi <• .ludce i" !•:. Sheldon in the niunieipal i ourt. I loth Hides wniv4-d a juty tiial mid slirtllilted certain |i(iinls of law, and both agreed thiit it be. Hied on it;.. tni-riiM before the lontt. The wlarled nhorll> l...-foi.. noon were a liirKf nnnil.ei of witn'\ss.s on both .sjde.s. Some time in Auuusi. Keith, son of Mr. and Mr.s. \\'. I 1 , lienson. of this .city, with a parly, slatted for l>tv»n < »n u certain coiner on the road lead im: out to Lowell parK 'anoUser i n • onilllK from Ihe . t'oss load, lamedown the hill and there was a bad collision at the intellect ion, in vvhi.'l Will Aid The Roumanians And Russians In Stopping The Germnas. iHy 1'nitcd I'rejiii.) London. Km:.; Dec. ;!:».-- Uef.irmlng of HoumanlaV fo »; i 'sii! ilf'l a lie f. ,|- vv ' 111"!' 7 A n :t 'l' ! I! i !' I P.. t t' -n I.I ',\ * Ann ii'ltti" tit »f t)i< |>ifm:iry law" '' I't i v it>. b - ti!; i ei:i:t 11. .n. (if tin- e the (list i Ktnrrallv eoii- C. ,i. it to I-e of i.;rt.l!e'.t |l)|ele-.t to till t.t\p.«vt t'« "f tii" >tatc as b< IUK the -ilioite^i i.iM'd'. f.'t an evil "f l»in: •'anditu; The i .-nsol id.i t ion jdau i' 'I.-V.-tnor t,o\v.ten's p. ! [t vva.v f hts pi;(t|ortu in his ejuipii^ii for edctioll arid, bv Viltll'- of bis !'ed'-le out stale lol.-. iititl! tile •oliditioti SM -made, tlio-.e in favor (Continued on I'aire Thrt-el SURVIVORS ARRIVE One Hundred And Twenty-Six Survivors Of Russian Boat Reach New York. I liy I' uifod I 'i CH« I New Yorli. N' Y, I »e< ."' i me 1 - di'i.l tin.1 tvvent>-hi\ women und chll- ,Evw Grrn^sny Has No Hope Fot" Peace Until Allies Try New Offensive. PREPARATIONS ARE PROOF if New Offensive Fails Peace Talk May Be Revived Next Summer. Cnrl \V A.k'rmnn. •'~!>""ii< "nt nf trr»i!»-,j )'f^««i) IU Wft-i.-iK T.J I'liUn! •• ,lndi:int; from unof- purtv from thr front nnd dip» r"mw-nt«. Hie pfTnrt^ fjf Pr<\«- tin- Swi««t t:nvernn»'-ri( will not Htl"'"p«'i| initncihaiely \n I't inuititr the wnr ti» -Hi <•!!,! That the wat will not pndjpsn- til the (illi«'vi rn ike another j;l(r(nifl(j effort l'i jenetrate She fir-rtrifin !I|1P«, H indicated its th«» attl!l"r>* pr^parn- !i"!i 1" int: ninilf-- S'nclnnd In the we«t, .•Slid her ;ll!ir« In (!reecf>, JUld HilHshx Mid K"itni;!tii;i .'lie njipiirentiv »'.tpfc», im: to a- I'f-pt \.->i U il)denher«';t cfutl- t»'iu:e for n yi-inter rampaiKn, !t u lu-iii.\,-,i in Herlln thnt KriKlunil J.loyd fieorge n thor- !iten»!^ to ^;i\.- J.loyd fieorge n thor- 'iich tti;.| ;i*i ptefr.ier, f "ici^ideraiil • i t.--.;...n.lent of !'nit< d l ¥ re.-j. !"" ::• !-«'-) of the Alli'-v to j ; ,rt,. r l.eln,.- ' W >' I' I 1 '. h ^ le.lMI.'.l !!,..„, ,),.. f,,,,,; "'i "f tmiit.iiv. naval. polit jc.-tl, |;, ji, '••mi- ;.l!.i v... ' I ! unit \ (-'!' '• l|eee..>: • t I "• •' ' -I' !'•!! • ' t h.t ! \\ It Mlot . M^ Ih.'ii h> r t'eil'iw nation* In the I'le Th. •••••It I' 1 !.'' MiiH tl'e \e-ii 'n. h -he • ' is uti his iffotln whether jienro i'i n'vi\<-'! In th«* Hiuntner or fall e.l t>y men and f»teel lein^U'.y heUevfF! tho if h"VV V.< II file h.l'l .MIJ, and n.i\y had a theoict IcTtV .•r modern 'Aur. Hut for tlirew her lot wtt!i l!ah had t.. siifTer the hard I n --cnt day battle.' « :\* aetuallv pf«- - fToitu will ti; tin fall. The belief that pea'e will not come until tho illtej: attempt iin.'ther !.;lKiirtt!c offen- "Ixe. H voiced liy tin- Vuufdf'f'h JCeittltlC, which poin'« on! t!ie preparations be- inc made on ,t'\ frontM by tiermnn.v'« enemies. ti'i' li.itnitii; '!i"in w.-ll," H a * th" wax ,' i-i'otn'nei.t ;.---i>c!:il eVpre'-xed it. "Hut ••(•• :it. tlir'ilini: nnu, In the ahove <li«patch Mr. A<'k«'rmnt\ !iiak<-.i the flr*.t defhilt" Htatement thill in Merlin IM-.-H-.- is nut oxpootod until the a i-.s Dlilke HllotlliT ilttf'rilpt to iin ally tl.e Itnha.n K"\etnmeiit in ti! Ml!' V. eldei' to | l,e allied llllion • icrmany'M propa- tf.iiidii. v. Inch .-iintmually sri'K.s to .sow d'tlVirti'-i's arno,!.; || H . ;iilie>, ha'h failed ( a ho try to turn Italy against i;nj*iand jmrtlenlnr- dren xtirvi\.ir,s the «te,'iint»r i ei>ifor<'.-d KusMati troops, iilont; the new liu«- marked by the river,- Srrolh and l)tn- lil.e. anil the stoppage of the (.icrmati ofltiiMve iiliuii; this almost imprexnahle front, is the next development in the far eastern looked for here, Tin- enemy's I'ohiudja aih'atu-e uovv practlcallv at a .stiind.still. It IM pointed on! (he *ierman^ ha.»-e almost reached the !Uar;-.hv lake teiritosy aSjout the Danube and their advance is impeded l.v natural obslacb-s that make.-* the ' easy. AlotiK the line of th" liver Si'reth. In wh.ich point it is a.-.Mtired here, the scattered llnnni inian in my went for leformiiiK natural u'dvantar, 1 ' a No favor the defenders. DENOUNCESPOLICY Knrwt, whi! h struck a mine nff the S''i.itlisli co'i.Mt, N'.iveinlier i'rt and vtav aliandoiu-d. uere h|»nKht hen- today on lhe_ He, | Star lini-r (.apland. < Mie wi.mian ras-.-ciiKfr and tv.D pnll- .ifH were drowned in leaving tin- Kurw!. The arrival nf the Mirvnor.-. i-lf-iitv up ttse tnyntery for when !t waw Innn n jHifti-il i.\el iille ii wa.M h»-lh>Ved It had Sii-eti taken. o\ er l>y I lt*> Mrltinh admiralty for ;« J IA ire by a^teeiiii'iit with the ititK»ian Ko The ve^pei Mtrnck n mine which it Api.urt»ntly tin* I.een i'ftt»cth j'ly el«,tnj».d mi '.. Unit li' •'»r Ukdittl und hi.* followers. The old pr mler'ii r.j>in. t,, [.ovver during thr war t» impi oiialde The Sal.mdra ministry fell In early spring In \t* s! the UoKselll Stic!, .'aid to l>e more iicet?|>trihlc to hreak th< i (Herman line* and may ho distinctly Hiriiificnnt. It IB apumrent flint President \Vllson'f< note is re^KOJPfl- ed H" n rnovi men! for pp.'ieo by Bfrlin, The phrnti. <ili>>;y refl'-ctinK Uin Henti- nient In I let Hit H the inipr**."t.«St»n in cir<''•>.( from which Mr, Ackerman nl»« taine<I the information on which tlu> • toiy |>, I'.ified. U. S. AS A MESSENGER. H\ ,1 IV Voder. i Staff Correspondent of ITniled -If tnany desires the I'nited t?tat«*a to on Mecret terniH of tluv rntrtitc! mi- tlnn* for von*ld4>railon nt a rwund table. thlM Kov*rnrnent will lentl itself to that work, l>ut will act merely as % U'ontinued on I'tu:o Three.) One of the interpetuttonH placed on u" prrsidfnt'H noto itxelf and the «sx- that followed U briefly t\mt MAY RELAX POSITION ]* l>elle\ed had lm>)t iitli! fll- T!ie l.aplattil alj> file h'ors nf the Mutch Steamer Stntthalhyii sunk on i emhcr I't. Keport Is Current The U. S. Will Withdraw Troops From Mexico Soon, NEW BRAND OF STRIKE York N«w H«« a Stride of Tenants on Its Hands For a Change, Hy I'lilted ("Jerf.) New York, \. Y.. l>ec. l"i. After with street car. !!>' «"-irl I*. I It.. at. i.^talf < 'oi 'n^pondcnt of 1'nitcd I'tess t U'.i.-OdnLMon, IX C.. j >,..,'. •_".). -That this Ko\>rntitiMit is ahotit to relax Its position in the Movican situation and Tf Oiv« Stcrlinfl Employe* Free One Month's Salary. s SUTllliK eili|il(jye» of tlse American !S*J>r*w« t'o, were made liuppy \\'edties- d^y when they icurned that (hey weie to iiartlt jpjite in the jl,'.T>ii,iiiiii melnn that wan to ho doled out to the em- l»te}'e» of"lhn company receiving I.'.HIIM Mspiry or lea«. The IHIIIUH IN io he one -nidnth'a fxtnt ttulary. In recognition of the eXCfll«llt ttcrvk'i! lendfii-d hy the '» aervtintu In the ] u--sl >iai to in- | >ii id sn liUMiteily Uihtali- im ;ti6 Hi hi dajH oi .!annar>, April. July uiul Oatohcr, Thi« is t» he to rtll wlu> have hi .-en ,m MCI -\ ice for one jciu. All uiio ale \\ith tin company H'Hh tjnili Ihtit. period will pat llt'lputo.ln the Uotuifi p,i> ni'-nt -• a.* holm {»« they huvd lomplcteii u nioiiili!- tl|«<-. Thiwe ill Kteiilt'g- who 'iv ill |-,utak'- t-f thu huiius ure: '' VV ,|oi,r., .i^cut . K. Ij. Aidrii'h. cashiui ; c A »;ICKOH- S 0ua, nlgiit clerk. The ,i iiu- i,.|.c ha.» lx p «'(i uith t ht» cojnpanj IC.MS tiiai u ycuur. | CAUSED ffO SURPRISE Washington He*!*« London Will Re piftC* Anvb*»B«d9i' Spriny • Rite. (By (,'niuij I'to.t- .'• Washington. .1) ('. IH> ^:< i;i|i---M- the Ijumiun gu\ «•> iin\\ i,t -, • .U,,.M| Durance company f in the Miiit of the I' ..... ia Kite lusuranci company Arthur Maxvyell. Th* motion wim iirKiied !t\- the attorney and Jtidue \Volfsper«er made ar«uinentK .iKaliiKl the moduli for a ness trial. The UKuiiu-nt.H lamed until nearly three o'clock in the afternoon. JudK«- Hhel- don took the motion under advim-menl. JudKe ..Mitchell and hiw client Dr. Mlrshuk appeared hefiire the court at,k- iiiK for a decree of divorce from Mr?-. Mir.shak The case ha« heen held .up 'Hi aecouul of the di feiidant tor alinionev and was ready tu put up vigorous [iylit f,,i- Hcttleinenl was riuojc on! of the court by the liti- -laiit.s a» to priipt'i'ty maltei'8. This was picscliledd In tin- judKe and he '41'antrd the divorce a.- asked. Court then tool, a |-,.,-e.-ir. until (his morning DEATH OF M.CLARK Aged Redident n* Iowa Diod Last Fn d»y. Water-ford Township, Aged 86. ,\l».ut .'. o'elo, K I,,-,i m.iav ufler liooll oi i lined Ihe ilealll dt Ml' i'lark of t'hai lolle. l.iu.i death I.eini- due tu Hie innimtt.... ihi-i.i. nt t.. «.|.| aw f He W.t." V. >r,il:-, ol.l a 11.1,! V..I l.orii in )s;ii> .m (j.tiwav. lieluid. i ..Hi ni« to .\meiie,i ii, 1->.',|. |..ia'ini; in .'si -;\ ,lci;«'N. vvhcic inter !n- u -IM mint ted to M l.-.;i Sarah ' Nautili.sti II. n..r,..| to j \\'.tterl'oid tos., n>hip, l..v,.i. n, j M;>. ' « in I e hi i c.'.ldi ,1 on hi - I .1 I Io I i 1 « ifc j..,.-i~.,-.| au ...v in ! vi I- iin. .•), foreiKll eat was ownei) by Mav I in blot (.f IXxon, and in il vva» a hrotlii-r of the owner and a nimtber "t 1 vouim: people. It itt claimed by the St younj,' pedple that thcv were tliivuu*' niodeiiilely nlotu: when the other car came leiiiitiK down the road from a :itcep hill and tan dnectlv into their car, and there came nearly heitm a fatal accident in some of the paitio in the car trihtited nothtiii.; toward the ai.idcnt. and that they WTO (he injured par lies*. < 'u I he ol iii'i hand ; in flu HUM they VMTe Co hill, HtimifiK at itbotit fifteen mill .s an hour d lid the driver, a vomit.; lad? , Three Senators Opposed To Secret Diplomacy Of Administration. \\ a -lui IU11 Hi today dcti»uii''fd ltn workers and other varieties of wtril;e,«. N'l-vv V<irk today IM in tin- midst of it.s first general tcimtit »tril\e. (•IIP hundred and twenty tenant ft of live apurtraent houses in the lm>ti \iirf f international a(T,tirt> liy the adiiiinistialion. They char;:** that tht-> are not only hedged in dy M'cit'cy, but that e\eii,.tli.- senate for -inn ivlutlon* .-iimmittei" doe-« not know whi«t IK KO- iliK on. The M<nalorM wlm voiced (heii illsa |iii| in. a i ;n t . l'oin,|c\ Ii a of Wash- iliKton. \\'eek« nf Mii>8achu,'-etl^, and Sutherhind of I'tah. "My undcr.MamluiK is tiie Hdtiiini.s- tiation declaifd tt>'ell nn iiidcit! fi,e of secret diploin icy. and in |'i-a<ticc »!ovved up, by mill hi'i' car vv, n 11 i m; on tin altnoM .stopii by the Hensoi! ear. l^o h pain cl.-.nn.- the otiier car was diuin;: picttv l..-i. aild. lliilt Ihe "Itici . at vvn'-i t" -j-latlie ,\ car bclnu driven 1.1 hind the Hen ion iillto h.ld M-veial |eopl. in.;.|, Itics t iiiim the', v,' ic m*t ;:i.i!!;: . l'a»t, and were K'-epui-.: up wiih Hot iial c been t.:oin-.' i,. v . -n.! .1 i , -.i i I ale i a!., of • p< i d The i otlll'la ma o'. i, c, I . .. :-.::-,,. ,.-i Stale >•- A ! tornev .1 i I .u.i.-:c. ..( \\ : i.. i V,l<!c i o'.iot;-. . .in! I i ri i i I .''iu 11 .! • 1.1 in 11 veiled minors of >ce|e| policies allVet- hiv; the iulcicst ol' lie- .-..•iiitiv u (u, h Ihe administration plans to commil UN Io \\ithottt ci .f t.-ai i i I ic', n.-." :-i;-i Sen- it \sa> iiankpt i n !'! i.i ei| ic i he luatt.<i ' • 11 c- t ii" .i.ii.niU'- ''- 11 i le f^,>\ cri.nn-iit for more heat and |. st- tt-nt The ovMiei-b of Ihe apaitmctii hoit.'-e-, claim Uie strike will he. *nn-.' a lockout unites the It'tuiula pay tln-ir rt-ut l>y January |i». They threaten the n ic Uun ot all in uiTfii's. * TOUGH ON NEW YORKERS Those Who Want to Usher in New V<j«r Will Have to Quit Early. (liv rutted I'rcuhi New York. >'. V . l»ec. L".», It'.s lough on the New Yorkers who want to may even make < to C'jur- tii!i-,'.a. Including; v\ of (Jen t'er^hltu;',*. cc.iunin. wtis the growing I'i-iii !' in coti^ie.s.ssLiiiiU circlen today. I- 'iow coiij;re>i,ic.ii,il circles in clo«. ton. is uith President Wiluon -and S«T- tvt.sry IJIIIMIIK, the s-niK.sreMion cumt this itt'ternoon that (Jen, fVrsdiinKV column oiiKhl to h* withdrawn regard- IC.-.N ,,( I!,,., protn"i.)[ ,«ituat!on. .\tm> nun on herns informed of this fj»i. I there. w ,i.s no nuiitttry 'rcitMin for ki fj.nij; the tone.', in Mexico. SEVER RAILROADS. Hy \\ Miller. (Staff ''orrcsi'imdcnt nf 1'iiited 1'retis t l-:i -I 'a .so, 'JVx , l>cc. Jil .-• "ViHn'ji forces ha\c •-evcied >\\i> railway ISiii-M north and cast of San Lujs I'oto.Hi, i^olHting T.impieo, S.iltiilo and Alotjterey I'toiu ia;lro.-ni communication \vith the >out|(. aci-ordini; to authentic information reaclntiK the authorities here Kcdetu! jfiithotiiies t*.iy (he ctttling ot tmher in New Year*. They win hi,vt> .,, ,,, .-.- .... ,.....« ... . ,. , , ' ,, • M'U' Ime.s pie.sui.;cfi an immediate ad- to MUU at the early ho ; ,r of .1 a, .,,. v;tm ,- on Salt ,11,, and Monterey hv Vii- If M«>or Mltchell'.-i vVi.-ln•« are carried 1 !. . . . It is wholly up tu th» United States to rpmnln jieutrnl ofcant/itn Jot with iho aliles. Th«> ld<»a that there will be a break with (irrmany o» Ita mfbwartlaro If thf peace propuNiUrt full flat. Is now generally h,-ld. Some admlnlfltrntlun men way tlf tJcrmai; peacf reply nhown it U in sincere Hiirl that there Is Iittl« hope of the allies meeting thtt-propumiltt and fear unhridled .sulij'narllie' wurfurn will follow the failure of thf.peuciB effort*. x « Thoce ofTicinlM who have taiked with lifitl."h nmi.a^.^ador, Sir Cecil SpriitK- IUc«» hay the nlllt-s will' never consent to what appear^ to In* CSermany'H chief iibicctivt', namely, the calling o.f a conference before .--pcciilc pt'uc<; terniH uro Hnnotinced. PEACE NOTES SENT, UK I'nitiMi I'resa) Copf'tihagtMi, IVnrimrk, Deo. t'i». - N'orwuy. Sweden und Uennuirk tmvtt Kent peace note.v to, ill! of the bel- liKeieniN. acc-t.iduiK to lh»; nt'W.spaper I'olltiken. ____ , SPORADIC STRIKES Failure To Reach a Compromise On Adainson Law Threatens Trouble, (Hy 1'iiited 1'rptsa ) ...New Vovk. N. Y.. I>PC. as.— The ro- fusal of the rajlrofttls to «grt>e to th*> jperation of the Adutnson «?ight"huur aw with it.s Kubsoiiuent $6,000,000 nonthly iticr<*r«K«t- in th« ualurit-.s of Ha •mploycN on Junuary 1, may preKuigo sporadic Mtriki'a on roudtf tltruughout today. _ OUt. He has liotiiied i'olice ('oiil.'!!!<• • K.iorii'i- Wood to n-i|in-t all hotels' and re.sUuiraiit,-* holding all niKbl lii't-i;.,. :, the sale ot dtuiK.*, Hjiiht i .-ai 1 ! a* tJ./.tt hoiir. HOPE FOR VESSEL Company Sttll Think* thu Liner Vpl tairc Wdl Arrive in Part. Altei |ev\!ny :j war loan of iim.iiuii pe^.-i on the citv Villa ha.s evaciiattd Toiicn and is now imirchinu fov.ard S,i|!i|!o. an in ..liiii; (., ic:' o-it u ran/.a mtlitarv olticmln at .Itiu- \' i nine nt f loops is 11 he <-ountry, it The einploych Insist on the law put into effect January 1. The railroads refti>i«« to accept (he term?* of, the Idw until a decision In given by fin* I 'lilted Hlales jHllprt'lIU' Court. A siinllur to J'lat affected withXttiH riwiia'hmt'ii'x Uninn war* re|i* the 'hiMihcrhoodH, Tin; hrn- o. .'-'.'i'l. I l.v j er i',.',, MUIKUI hi I' S otlji-ial .|i; iilcis <|.>iibt is «x- j|t« ''I \'illa b-aji e.Viiv>.iuri-d Tor in OL a-- itiei,- is iinii- ini, i-ni : iti-Mi to ATTORNEYS ELECT Lowell C. South, of Sycamore, Head* State's Attoi'Koy Association. j i i >:;, i i.'T.'d ! 're. - >^; : -, i t.-K },.i ID.. ! ner \--i 'Se I S 11!! ' :,. i . I < '. i . I,: • I i """u:!.: f dent -r u.e Ilii,. • ' New S ol 1., ,\. V., | Ice i ! I.e I . i:np"l t iV- !(olt : .i id !..d i v I i:> \ -1. .-! Ill i I > i il 'n ,\H!< ! !' -i o| t! £ ' - i\ h 1. h H : \ -. f i 1 h .,; > ! , • I % i p p. a 1 f , i : I- I' • (lip lloIII I ,-U e|-jii, d i,n >',,-., en, • i ''J - '- 1 I V,H - -.(a t r i ! ii'- !.! = • i I|!.L: Iii i '' (illlltl'.i: VV!(h .u bloi.ej! pi ..pclii 1' I.,it'I "S other <: inia-.;c CAR BARNS BURNED I They feared however, Individ- ual^S'clioii by the members of the bio- tt.elhuuds. Tim entire railroad Mtnutinn vvilh if.-j [ ilu cat'eneii general *tnKo which/led 'ci the hniife,! eitactmi'iil of the Adanu.on i i A vvav i rpi'cd \vi.te open tin. 1 " after- n -tin l.v !h*> b'.-id--!'- id ||u« blfj four !ilu- thethoodf. iii t s'ati nif-nt (ruined and of tl'O Victims Were Killrci By ' '' 1J4! ''"' 1 ''' ''"" ! " ' l ''•''' h " u( ' leudcrw. HMV Ciimc»a Pirdtnii U Rtip^-t. j .nn^oxii ,-d ii- :-nH.i!ioii which ba/ti te- in -Ida Mits/'all -if tim Ijcnctilti I. inatid' d "i lli. men has* b'cii placed t»r>. the in .!ii,« ; hood iiieinbvr« l..r li.M.lcj'a t I"|L. THREE HUNDRED LOST i Hy I 'mi. «! \'t, ~ . > : ;. i i> in 11,, :. TM i» i --a., m...-M> i 'him : -c. pel i~ : '• li' '-. ,;l!i--l Sank U-.n Mai u i K- -I "it ( -l-a'li-o f-..'ine ol ti.c \ vn i.- iuli. d I--;, i 'fill,.".-.. pn „ SEE MANIPULATIONS |F<rc i ft Toronto Did Naarl/ ,t I Doli.iis, Damayc Today.. .1 *ta he hu» nut heen io «" "ii ("• It 1« 4i!l OjH-tl ai'l'U't tlitll !.•' >••• pl»yetj lit tHv imlili- ;t> ..M!'.. dor \<>l; HclKMo.H 11 Ji Jiclf I tut! {.<>ni .'NoiC; !?ti-'t au aniti,!.-. a.l a . ii herv, cri Into Coa v < n t c d u t IA t ! it'll Ai f (.'.-.: n A .;J Li 1 nio fit TIME IS EXTFNDED Hj.-c UnJ I Jan. c f-,..J,;, ,! (''..;>, «v t! : OFFICIAL PASSES AWAY -5Ui (u:!H".j! of i' ,i!!jl..1,i U- | TEXAS BANK ROBBED ;Ujn-:iti Oynjinited Vau'lt of B,'Hi^. ,a' ; •• f'i^. F !i-rn-..'ft dfid f>.,i:.spycs Witis $6.000. ' . ( - t'^ 1 .....r !•(.-.:-' , . i_ IS IN.GALA ARRAY TEN THOUSAND SERVE •a That Many Americans Are Serving Largely With Canadian Armies. l liy I'ni'.cd i'r..Jh.H) ' •< ' ' vv a, • .'..tit . ! U i l';» I .undon i a :•:.... i .-..uiuate thii H'.i'it'i' 1' ,-'. i tti/,MI.-; ;-«'.< v inn V.i!!i (hi- ullicH. a Ina Im it ;, THE PREMfER ACCEPTS u'.i of C^i'dJi-u'i Go vi:i iKfieot Will Attend thtf War t f H I

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