Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on June 26, 1919 · Page 11
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Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Page 11

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1919
Page 11
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SECOND SECTION SPORT FINANCIAL SHIPPING CLASSIFIED SECOND SECTION SrORT FINANCIAL S1IIITIXG CLASSIFIED VANCOUVER, B. C, THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 1919. Summer Time Shoes In White, Brown, Grey and Black Oxfords, Pumps, Lace Boots The best products of the most reliable manufacturers ; and every style is a leader in its class. Every wanted Btyle, Shape and material in shoes for Summer. For satisfactory results have them fitted the Wilson way. WILSONS' TWIN SHOE STORES 157 - 159 HASTINGS ST. WEST Snapshots of the City Landlady Is Fined. Miss B. Duon, landlady of a local rooming house, was fined $50 for having liquor on the premises. She plead ginlty. Xfirrow Kscupe Collision between a bicycle ridden by James Jackson, and an auto driven by it. Bowes, on Wednesday evening, resulted in the smashing of the bicycle and slight injury to the cyclist. 5i Not Guilty of Theft Advices received stats that Thomas Snell has been found not guilty of the theft of dynamite, at Pnncc Itupert assizes, presided over by - Mr. Justice Clement Drop in Bath House Receipts At thev parks board on Wednesday the superintendent reported the receipts at the bath houses to date as follows: English Lay, J715; Kitsilano, J373. For the corresponding period of 191S the receipts were: English Bay, $1115; Kitsilano, $309 60. The superintendent said the drop in receipts Is accountable to the strike situation. Xew Home, for Whisky Four cases of G. & W. whisky, stored in a bonded warehouse, at 837 Beatty street, disappeared some time during the past few weeks, according to a report made by Inland Hevenue Officer Car - michael. Prizes for Needlework Nearly five hundred sections of the Vancouver fall exhibition prize list are set aside for needlework and cooking, by persons from under ten years to over seventy. fey it Ouch! My Corn! Why permit a corn to take tho joy out of dancing, walking In fact, It makes you irritable and takes a great deal of "joy" - out of life. Apply KNOWLTON'S CORN CURE on three successive nights. After the first application you will find that your tender, aching corn gives you but little trouble After the third application the entire corn loosens and Is easily removed without a twinge of pain. . KNOWLTON'S CORN CURE will remove hard or soft corns, and It does not irritate the tender skin. Keep a little bottle on your dresser, and at the first Indication of a corn, apply it. You will never again need to say, "Ouch! My Corn!" Price, 25c the bottle KNOWLTON'S RUG 5TORE. 1 5 Habti nob c. phone bey. 656. MAY BE CALLED OFF TOMORROW Only String Attached to Announcement is That No Discrimination be Exercised by Employers. M At. Vollowlng receipt oi wir irora mo Winnipeg Btrlke committee at p.m. on Wednesday, the local strike committee Issued a statement last evening, officially calling off the general strike in Vancouver at noon on Friday. Tha proviso is added to the etatnient. that the strike will end, "pro - Tided no discrimination is exercised fcy local employers." Although dispatches published In the lecal press from Winnipeg announced the action taken by the strike com - tuitteain that city, local strike leaders throughout the day refused to place .ny credence In them and to the flood Inquiries made by the men on strike, urged them to pay no heed to press dispatches, but to "hold the line." It had been announced on several occasions by local strike leaders that no settlement of the strike would bo reached at Winnipeg, unless agreed to generally by the strike committee here and at other places. Confirmation of the calling off of the Winnipeg strike was obtained in replv to a wire sent by J. Kavanajfh on Wednesday. Secretary Robinson of the Winnipeg Trades and Labor Council stating as follows: "Strike called off Thursday at 11 o'clock. Will let you know about reinstatement later." Upon receipt of this wire the local strike committee issued the following statement: "The Vancouver general strike will be called off at noon Friday, the 27th of June, provided no discrimination is exercised by local employers." The decision to take . referendum vote by the street . - . lway men was unanimously carrlea but before this took place debate of a rather heated character was indulged in when Messrs. J. Kavanagh and May - bank, of Winnipeg, sought permission to address the gathering. This permission was eventually given and brief addresses were delivered by both. Acting General Manager W. G. Murrin, of the B. C. E. R. Company, also attended, and was granted permission to speak, his remarks dealing chiefly with the effect of the operations of the jitneys on the company and tha men. MEETING of all who were interested in the John Elvvard Brown TABERNACLE at the Christian Institute Rooms, t2t Hastings St., W., FRIDAY, JUNE 27, AT 8 P.M. "Keep the Evangelistic Fires Burning." PHILOSOPHY IN A JITNEY (With apologies to Touchstone) When packed in reeking jitney Sore strafed by bony kuees. Where uieu ami wuiueti fume and fuss. Though clutched like swarming bees; If peuduat in uiil air. Too tlhtly wedged to fall, I count myself a lucky mun That 1 cau ride at ail. And if the sum I pay is more than in the past. I know the Jitney driver thinks lie has his own ar last; Viewing my dwindling store I will not then despair. Since that which 1 cannot afford Is to the chauffeur U'are) fair. Why should I then complain. At what the fates have planned; When, well, 1 know Lhut 1 aui not Worse off then ail the banned? Standing ou weary feet, I nchanged my point of view, Content I aui that In the "Jit" AU stand upua thein too. A. B. Gets Another Chance Charles Steele, a young man before Judge Cayley, pleaded guilty of having some stolen goods in his possession, was allowed to go on suspended sentence and placed in care of the Salvation Army whilst on parole. Steele has formerly been convicted for vagrancy here and was also indicted in the United States as an associate of bad characters. Judge Cayley said he seemed to be starting on the wrong track, but being still young he would give him one more chance to reform. STRIKE NBVtS. If your eyes fail to function properly tliey are ou strike, but there is a remedy for this strike nud you ''tin (jet it by consulting Hurry Pickering, Uptkiua. 004 Granville Street. Returned Men! You don't have to pay $10 and up for a good suit or overcoat, you can buy one lor $13 and J.'ll) at the SAN FRANCISCO TAILORS AND ".tktT CLEANERS Zja - Let rus dye that sr'iitcont for you. PALMISTRY PHRENOLOGY MRS. 1TOCKQ Summer Resort WHITE ROCK THE CENTRAL HOTEL Enlarged and Improved. Comfortable and convenient. June rain: 2.jO daily, UI2.00 Weekly. W. niCKARD. Proprietor. Puone Cloverdale 50 - M PHRENOLOGY A IO MRS. TOCXG Eg 4j5&ta 833 Hustings, W. jfW near Granville t Tel. Sey. 3133 L - "Bafley Makes Good Bubber Stamps. - j A. O. B AO LEY SONS, LTD. ' Printers, Enitntrer and Manufacturer, I Fluouar and Metal Stamps, Scale, Htenctli, j Baa.tfns, Brnas Sign.. Metal Cherlii, Burning I Brands, ale SIS Fender St. W. Sey. 318 Case Over Lease S. E. Inndry has entered action against William Dick, Limited, to compel specific performance of an agreement to lease a rooming house, or in the alternative, damages. Wants lilg Damages Action has been entered by the Mitsui Company against H. Brown and C. J. Mahoney, 730 Granville Street, for $5000 for breach of contract over tho purchase of a boiler and engine. Hospital to Court Frank Jordan, Japanese, stole certain articles, audi was in hospital several days after n party of Japanese had finished with him, following his capture in the room,: was committed for trial. Musical lteeitnl At Madame Schaefer's students' recital to be given at Second Avenue and Alma Koad this evening at 8:30 the following will contribute to the programme: Vocal, Miss Margaret Tennant, Miss Alexander, Mrs. H. L. Corey, Mrs. F. J. Carter; piano, Miss Eileen Watkins, Miss Frances Latta. Mr. Duncan Eraser, Miss Frances Morley, Miss Myrtle Alexander and Miss iicryl llillis. I 'lowers for (he Turks In spite of the strike the bedding out with slimmer plants of the various parks has been almost completed, and the various city Institutions have been supplied with plants us follows: Clark Park, 100S; Kitsilano l'ark, 3350; l'andora Park, 2378; , Kobson I'nrk, 637; Strathcona I'nrk, 22.12; Tatlow l'ark. 870; Victoria l'ark, 1 542; Stanley l'ark, 17,061; City Hall grounds, 1230; Old Hospital grounds, 293; Old People's Home, "70; Alexandra Orphanage, 4 46; General Hospital, 753; Hastings Tark, 2479; School Hoard, 600; Miscellaneous, 4000, making a total of all over 40.000 plants of which were raised In Stanley Park and the park greenhouses. THISVAGRANT' HAD $100 CASH Car Goes Through Store Window Swerving his car In order to avoid striking a lady pedestrian, A. V. Thomas ran tho machine into the plate glass window of tho Bishop nnd Christie store on Wednesday. The j'lass suffered, but fortunately neither pedestrian nor driver were injured. Liberal Convention An open convention of Liberals of Vancouver South will be held at headquarters on Main street, near 30th avenue, on Friday evening at 8 o'clock, to select delegates to the Dominion convention at Ottawa. Mrs. Mntlieson Bereaved. Mrs. E. G., Matheson of this city has been advised by telegram of the death of her father, Mr. W. J. B. Eraser, of East Orange, N. J. The late Mr. Fraser was born in Scotland and lived in Montreal until recently. American Party Coming A largo party of Minnesota and Dakota business men and ranchers arrived at Princo Rupert on Wednesday en their way to Vancouver. Many are already negotiating for the purchase of land in central British Columbia. Speeder Is Fined w. R. Pproule, Granville street, who drove his auto up Nelson street at 40 miles an hour, and collided with a car driven by A. M. Thomson, 1531 Haro street, throwing the machine thirty feet, pleaded guilty and was fortunate In petting off with a fine of J25 and a short lecture. Valuable Recovery Through local detectives, goods valued at $321.75, the property of the Green Swift Company, the loot of two men named Baker and Rotch, have been recovered at Calgary. Baker and Rotch were recently arrested here by Sergt. Jewltt and Detectives Cameron and Perry, being afterwards sentenced to four years each at Winnipeg. Park Pavilion Receipts The refreshment pavilion in Stanley l'ark is working very smoothly under the new management. The receipts to date for this season were reported at $S, - 443.95 as against $9,398.15 for the corresponding period of last year. The superintendent said "The falling off has been on account of the strike." Agents Elect At the last meeting of the Advertising Agents of Canada the officers elected were: President, W. B. Somerset; immediate past president, J. E. McConnell; 1st vice - president, J. P. Patterson; 2nd vice president, C. T. Solomon; secretary treasurer. A. J. Detins; director, Adam F. Smith. Cost of Killing Caterpillars. The parks superintendent reported to the parks board on Wednesday that considerable work has been involved on account of the tent caterpillars ptst. I and WOUnd stripes were quite common ine ioresiry gaii wer icyi. cuiyiur - among the party. Local Lawyer is Given Stern Rc buke by Magistrate for "Unfair" Treatment of His Client. Magistrate Shaw commented very strongly in court today on the notion of Mr. Donald Downio, barrister, in the matter of a vagrancy charge brought against one Maurice .Sltna mons. Simmons was arrested several days ago, a remand being granted in order that his father might be communicated with. He was allowed out on the understanding that he would leave the city. Recently he was again picked up by the police, and a remand again granted at the request of counsel. Today Air. .Simmons, senior, appeared in court, having hurried to Vancouver from the prairie to find out what trouble his son was in. He went Into the witness box and informed the court that Mr. Downie wired him for $100, winch ho at once forwarded. Later he received another wire, as a result of which lie at once took train for this city, to find his son still in jail, although the money had been sent for his release. "Do you mean to tell me you allowed this boy to be brought in here again as a vagrant when you knew he had $100?" asked the court of counsel. "There is no question of that before the court," replied Air. Downie. "But there is a question," said Magistrate Shaw. "If you did this It is manifestly unfair towards the boy. Why was I not Informed by you of that circumstance?" Air. Downie proceeded to state that there had been no need for such a course, but the court in no measured terms informed counsel that It considered Simmonds had been most unfairly treated by his counsel. "Is the court making any reflection on his counsel?" asked Mr. Downie. "I have not his $100. The court may search me." "I'll let this bov go home with his father," said the magistrate Bharply. MANY SOLDIERS ARE WELCOMED HOME TODAY Acquitania Men Are Detrained at Hastings Park Veterans from practically every unit in the Dominion comprised the party of over 6 r. 0 returned soldiers who arrived at (Listings l'ark early this morning. There were men from the 7 2nd, the 5th, the 7th, the 8th, the Engineers, the Railway Corps. Forestry, Medical Corps, the 29th, me 7th, and many others. Quite a number of the men had been overseas almost from the beginning of the war, ed on this work for nearly three weeks in Stanley Park; also at Clark Park. The expenditure amounted to $221.33. Rack From Motor Trip Aitken Tweedale, manager of the Tower Publishing Company, Vancouver, has Just returned from six weeks motor trip through Washington, Oregon and California, made in a car driven by Mr. H. K. Kitchin. Mr. Tweedale had an interesting trip, in which there included occasional risks of flood, but has warm praise for the manner in which the road question is handled in California, particularly. Give Cp Business Mr. and Mrs., J. B. McLeod. the restaurateurs, have disposed of their business. Accompanied by Mrs. M. McMillan, Mrs. Mc - Leod's sister, and Miss Violet McMillan they will leave about the beginning of the month on a tour to Boston, New York and other places, returning at the lapse of six months or so to the city. Half Holidays at Post Office Hereafter on Saturday afternoon the post office will be closed at 1 p. m., with the exception that postage stamps will be sold at the stamp wickets as usual. The general delivery and registration wickets will remain open for business. There will be no letter carrier delivery on Saturday afternoon, but the outgoing mails will bo despatched on Saturday the same as usual. Praise Pnrk Employees When a firo broke out recently in the stable at tho park service yard, entirely destroying the roof and contents of the loft, the damage amounted to $772. 48, which the fire adjustor has approved, and payment for which will be made. At the parks board meeting the suplenndent said it was only due to the very efficient work of cer - tm.n of the employees who were on duty at the time that an extensive conflagration was averted. The ser - The men formed part of a large I party who came overseas on the S. S. Aquitania. They came across the ! cont.nent on two trains. The first 1 section arrived at 7 o'clock, and tho second section half an hour later. The party is one of the largest, that has : yet come across. The Vancouver j men all detrained at Hastings park, i The Victoria men, numbering 119, j came into Vancouver, secured their ; transportation at the clearing depot j at the C. P. R. and caught the morn - I ins boat for Island points. I In spite of the early hour, and the difficulties of transportation, there was a large crowd on hand at both the stat.on and at Hastings park to receive the men. The jitneys had a "hurry - up" time handling the passengers going east, many of them expressing surprise that they were at that tune in the morning getting loads both in and out, sometning quite unusual. The welcome committee had made special provision for handling the soldiers, and knowing the party was a large one, a great many automobiles were on hand to convey the men to their homes. Ail tiie men seemed to be in splendid spirits. The weather had neen excellent on tho trip over; the. accommodations good and the reception accorded them as hearty as it could be. The ladies of the G. W. V. A. Auxiliary were on hand with refreshments, coffee, cake, smokes, etc., which were heartily appreciated by' the veterans. III Pre - Holiday Sale of While Boots, Oxfords and Pumps at Johnston's A wonderful value - giving drive on Canvas Footwear for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday All previous white values eclipsed by Johnston's unequalled pre - holiday prieea. Thousands of pairs of new 1919 summer goods on sale. Ruy your white shoes now. White Shoes arc Stylish ! White Shoes arc Comfortable ! White Shoes arc Serviceable ! White Shoes are Economical ! See Johnston's big display and get yours before the big last - minute holiday rush. SALE STARTS TOMORROW. Here's the way the Prices will Read: i Li Ladles' $2.60 Admiral Cxfords, with solid rubber heels and coles. 81.95 "Lady While" Csn - vss Oxfords, high heels, plain toes and light sides. Going out at S2.65 MORE THAN 5000 PAIRS WHITE SHOES RECEIVED THIS WEEK. Lndles1 94 50 and $5 White Canvas Boots all styles, shapes, sizes nnd heels. Going out at $2.95 Ladles' $2.50 and $3 B0 "Gems" and "flonr - boro" White Sea Island 12 - ln. Hoots, solid rub ber heels and soles., $1.95 WESTERN CANADA'S LARGEST WHITE STOCK FOR YOU TO CHOOSE FROM rieautlful new 1919 Summer Oxfords for ladles; white sea Island duck. Worth CJO Qf $4.00. On sale at.. WaJiJt) Indies' $5.00 Whltn Tlelgnskln Cloth Oxfords, prettily braided natty styles, white heels. Hegulnr $o.50. On sale at $4.00 A PRE HOLIBAY SALE OF IMPORTANCE A. SJK. Indies' $4.50 and $5.00 New Summer Oxfords, assorted styles. Selling at $3.95 "Lndy White" Colonials just In. Sell In most stores at $4 50. Johnston's price $3.45 SEE OUR BIG DISPLAY Hundreds of Snaps for the Kiddies Here's one example: Mary Janes, assorted sizes and styles to fit girls from 3 to 6 years old. Keg. $2.00, for 81.35 Wen's White Canvas Outing Boots, rubber soles, finest quality. On sale at S1.75 Men's White Boots and Oxfords Th lowput prlrp In Western Cfinddn on thrae ppr - trflhl comfortable ftryl - lh rnnvn8! ftooft f"r men. Vtrn atnrt at $2.9 up to 85.00 Rfft our window. BUY YOUR WHITE SHOES AT JOHNSTON'S Ladies' f'egpy Pumps, neat and dressy; worth $ 00; as sorted styles. Go ing out at 82.45 Snow White Sea Island Pumps, just in; $4 00 and $4.r,0 goods. On (J0 Of sale at White Canvas Mary Janps; broken sirs; values up to $ - 3.00, going out at $1.95 111 GENERAL OCLUM COMING Loft Liverpool on Wednesday Troopship for Quelx - c Briiradler - General Victor Odium Vancouver, left Liverpool on Wednes - 'Juebeeday by the Minnedosa for uuebec along with 29 officers. 23'J of other ranks and 73H dependents. The of officers include General Watson, vice thus rendered during a period of j Colonels Lyall, Talt and Simpson and strike deserved recognition. Major Vandier. FIND BODY OF RETURNED MAN Nelson A. Minnes, Drowned at Jericho Beach, Disappears Suddenly Was Special Policeman. POINT GREY, Ju 20. About nine o'clock this mornimr the police found near the spot where he was drowned the body of Nelson A. Muines, returned member of the - 'th Battalion, who was the victim of a drowning accident at Jericho Beach. The remains of the unfortunate soldier, who had scrvrd four years overseas, have been conveyed to tho city morgue where Coroner Jeffs will decide as to the holding of an unuest. ilinnes, whoso home was at 500 Eighteenth avertuo west, had one swiinmiiiff in company with John and M,.l,rt f t ,ir.l fl.ll i'mnt Cr..v r,:ii and Albert Chase, 3158 Lmliteenth Avenue east, last evening ai auoiu seven o'clock. At tho tlmo of the' drowning tho swlmmors were en deavoring to reach a raft 150 feet from shore. When about thirty feet from the rift Minnes complained of beincr tired and then sunk. His companions were too exhausted to render any help; moreover, Ihe body did not come up airain. Tho Point. Grey police were immediately notified by William Amos, owner of a tea house on tile beach. Kour members of tho force I lien carried on drafting operations until ten - t iiirt y, when the work was taken over by the city police and carried on until four o'clock this morntnor, without anv result. The lindy was noticed in the water at low tule by William Amos who amain notified both tlio city and municipal police. iiereased was said to have been enffairert lately on special police work. J. H. C.'imm, honorary life savimi instructor of the Vancouver Amateur Swtmminir Club, made repealed efforts to locate the body by diving, but without success. AL3EaT - WITfTB0DTF0UNO The youth, who was 17 eyars of age w - :is cinoeins in rompany with a romp.inion on Sunday, June 8, when by some moans their craft capsized. , His fi lend managed to clin to the j uptm - nod canon, but young Witt sank. I Hranuinir operations were carried out ! for several days without success, the I body havinpr been taken away by the I tide. An inquest will be held. OKOI V A KFACHKS HALIFAX. HALIFAX. June 26. - Tho Ordtina. with repatriated Imperials, entered the hart. or shortly after 4 o'clock this 'ifiernoon. Announcements Lot me dy( your hair with Liio. that new vegetable hair tint; wonde - - ful results. Margaret J. Allen, :iiV' Kobson. ' Is Recovered Several Works After Drowning r,t Fnglish Bay. After betnjr in tho water several weeks the body of Albert Witt, late of 427 Eiwhth Street, New Westminster, who lost his life in English Hay through the overturning of a canoe, was recovered today at the B. C. Dock Company's wharf, 1155 fisth Avenue West ALASKA SFKVKE. Tho Canadian Pacific Railway announce that their .S.S. Princess Alice will leave Vancouver at 9 p. m. on psturday, June 2, for Skacw.ty. Alaska, calline at Alert Bay, Prince Hupert, Ketchikan, Wraneei and Ju rieau, both north and southbound. I. EARN TO D.AXCE. W. E. Fenn's school, Cotillion Hall, private lessons by appointment, lady assistants, social dance Wednesday and Saturday, 9 p. m. Calvin Winters' tlve - pleca orchestra. IF

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