Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 5, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1944
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY, NEWS Page Seven: Rememberrif Carvt Travel, a WANT AD €arri A Keal Bargain! fur nnly 3-Day lassiriod Ail You Lift 15 Words, Too Announcements Employment 2 IIi-lp Wmitrcl—I'Vnmlo MAIP tvr Kriivml liuiixt'Wurk wunti'd by adult family in MIclUlu- bury. Phono WiUry. .I-JS32C. The report on the nvirtlt of tlin boolt.s, ri'Gorcl.* and documents of •all tloimrtmrnus of the Borough of N'liuK'-Ltuck for tlia fiscal yt>ar ond- ocl 'March 31, 19-M, conducted In nc- cordu.nct! wind tlie regulation , of tht> Sl.'iti; Tnx Commissioner ud required by tli.e Municipal Audit ACL oi' li)3!< as unu'iulod, a copy of which report shall bt: includud in Uhc :innniiil Borough report, when issui'd, U on file Ht the Borough Clin'k'st office, Room No. 3, Town Hall. , 1 Signed: CHARLES F. DALY. Boro%i;h Clerk. S-I-U2. Announcements ' Aud Found FOUND, Dufoiiao .Stumps In IsVu- '{iutuclc «tbre. Address Box 13' in care News. Owner 'may'lirivc same by paying for this and and ideiiti- ' BunlneiH Announcement* . MONUMKNTS Special j>rice» on All Memorial! IV. RICHARDS , 280 So. »t- Nauynt.uck Automotive 14 AutON For Sulo Announcements ih'lp Wiinlt'il—Mult 1 or 1'Ynmli' r wonuui \vuiH«'d tu «lt'un ot'.i'-x four luiurH weekly. Apply Naugutuclc U'jitur company. l.unt And Fo»ml SMALL mini of money, found. OWN- IT may b.ive same by paying for advet'iixcmcnt. Call 21U . Meadow 'St. Joseph. DODGE — PLYMOUTH AUTHOKIZED Sales Service Parts, Accessories' Malcolm W. Stiu-r Corp. •18S Watertown Ave. Dial 5-1146 14 Aiitott I<"«r Sale 1041 UODGK U S(idun—Jil»t Ilk Jie.w. Clean, good •-.mibbef, ,-;lbw mileage. Lyons Auto Co..Thomas ton e-i-2. • . ' "" 16 Autof Wanted .; PAGEAKD . '"A safe, place to buy" Packard-Waterliii-i-y, Inc. 482 Wutcrtown Avenue Dial 4-G109 Contractors Merchandise 25. •Feed 'And'Fii«r. WOOD for'snlo /or ktovo, fiir.iiuc nnil flrepUico.rHii.rry.' Edwards Burton .' Roud] .-Beacon • Falls Phone Naiifiatuck 4447. • 28 IlouHuTioId ArtlclcH One cord of seasoned wood will produce about as much heat as opo ton of coali PAPER HANGING W. F. Cota, 17 Tel. 5406. and Fainting. Cedar Street. COMPLETE It o in o bought for caiiti. Hjgrliest prices paid for electric "refrigerators, washers,', and stoves, regardless of condition."' •''.., Francis Fnmitnre Co. «9 NORTH MAIN STRKET 'IVlephono 3000 IJABV—Ciir NeuM, ..Vluy jieiiH, IwUil- nett.H, cribs, high'chairs, Kantwet mattresses, .toys'. .'•..' TI-IE RADIO SHOP. ISO Grand St. Waterlaury : A TOp-mlle-an-hour hurricane for aircraft 'testa' is developed by nn 18,000 horsepower motor, driving a tan 24 feet in diameter. Oltr.AMST w (i n t i^ cl , mitti'i', 1^ mill choir ill rector Addtvsw Nniigatuclc Church, Music Com- l'"r.MUM'ick St., Nuug, Dies In New York For Sale For 1M,ATTS MILLS O.YK Kiiinlly lluuM- uf 7 rooms 111 A-l condition; hardwood floors; gnrttK£! IftrKu beautiful lot with rook jf" 1 '' 1 ''"! shade trews. F.ct u» chow you thl.s beautiful honn 1 , jc.nx r. KM ; :RXA.\' iO Meadow St. Dial Nauj,'. S707 or W. H. H.£RT, f.VC, RKALTORS ;0 Eust Mnin St. Dial Wtby. -1-1239 SALIC—Two family house, 11 room;:. '2 oar j,'ar"Ke and barn. All iriiprOvwiu-TiU. f.ot 8-1 x ICC. At ii sucrificf. T«l. 3-5-HJ3, Brldj port. KIGHT riMini, M-fiiinlly huunt'. All improvements, in trood condition. 2-cru- Kfraf,"' ftnd Inrj,'!' lot, Price $5.700. Also :t2-room 2-family liousv, j:ar:igc- and extra building lot. Price .Sti.300. A. Slu-pley. Tel. C-l3a. TKN-room, 2-fiimll.v house. All lin- proviimcnt.i. Lot 77x130, Wostaidc of town. F'ric.', $0.500. I'utsy Tjibrioln, realtor, 372 High s:,"£>«£, j N»u;,'«tiiclt Conn. Phone 583'! or TWO fumll.v IUIUM- »n avenui'. Two rumlly house on Scott street. I'Viur room, onu family house, J acre land on Woostcr streot. Price S2.SOO. John Honly. Ttl. r.031. Wuntvd To Hiiy ONI'I, Two mill tlin-i- fiuiilly h wanted. Also farms and Tt-I. fiO.'il. lots), Real Estate Wanted 7it \ViiMtid To Kent MATI.'KI'IK man and \vlfr drvlro 3 or -I I'uoin i-ent in Ni Hox A, Neva's. For Rent 'I'll lt''llt TllltKK nicely furnished roonin for UlClU t](iii;iel<<'e|;ini,". All canyon* U'nci's, A'ood location. SiiUnblo for - ddiilt.s. Addi'i-ss Box W in care of the Nt.'W.s. floor. I room for I'tnu street, 1 or i! Mccond Fort Sheridan Proud Of Huge Salvage Program Fort Sheridan, 111. (UP)—Fort Sheridan's salvage and redistribution program has saved taxpayers $10.QUO a /iionth during the first six months of this year, according to Col. John T. Rlictt, command- in),' olllcor of the post. KatK and greases account for n lai-ffc savintr~n total of I2.|,16i pounds valued at $-l,32'J havinK Ix.'un .salvaged since Jan. 1. Over 'J7/IOO poutula of .tin cans have hocn sold to dinners for re-use in addition Lo 3-1,000 pounds donated to local salvage campaigns, Twunty-tlvu thousands pounds of scrvicnablu cartons have been r«- turnnd to manufacturers and 23,- fJS.' pounds of waste paper have been salvaged. Five thousand egg crates, 217,2.10 pounds of scrap iron and 8.800 j pounds of rubber added to the sal- j vu.K>-'. -In one CO-clay period the post j exchanges returned to service over 1,000 pounds of candy and cigarette cartons. These and many other items bring .Fort Sheridan's total salvage far the llrst six montihs of 19-34' to ' ' _ iwiswan WAR BONDS It i« estimated that for every dollar the consumer pays for dairy product.?, approximately 43 cents got-* to the farmer. A MESSAGE TO NAUGATUCK HOME OWNERS! ! We will buy or sell Your One, Two or Three Family House for Cash, John C. Kiernan 230 MEADOW ST. TEL. 5707 RKSIOKMIAI, OFFICE OF WALTER H. HART, INC. 20 EAST MAIN ST., WATERBURY, CONN. INKUKANCF: — IIKAL BSTATK — BENTAI.S — I-ROI-ERTV MANAGKMUNT FOR DO YEARS On The Air Today Wuiited. To .Uuy BANK Nufu ae]K)Klt IIOXCH wiinted, Hifhest cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you have to offer. J. K. Murphey, Ke- public COS-), 815 Yeatman Ave., Webster .Grove* 10, Mo. Merchandise v.Wan'tiid' Co liny C A S'li • r ° r " y ° ur MUSICAL . INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co. !203 Bank 4-1422 DIAMONDS And Old Colt] Bought. Watch repairing bur .specially. ..GRAND JEWELRY ' 132 Grand Street Dial D-0082 30 Mlsceftancoun Merchandise Services FOIJU bliitln r.rllJii); fnil fur salo. • Also Todd chock writer. 27 GaJ- pin .strevt, Richard Kiely.' 'Ml, 3'rofcHftlonal Service* JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP VV> buy, well, oxchanjfc, mid repair iill kinds of instruments. Oow- cst prices in the city. 3SO-382 So. Main St., Watby, Conn. '• CBrUS Lurge prices CarrliiecH, May Pen*, selection of toys. Lowest In .town. KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wlby, ONE white cnumcl kitchen <rungc, oil. T. J. Montambault: Union Cit>v Tel. 2083, 1K.NGAI. Combination stove. 4 oil. •1 K.-IS."Silent Glow burners. Chrome pipe, copper coil. 'Like new. Call 3-! GO. Cattle And Swlnc 1'IGS for »ale, $5.00 anil up. Also pulk-t and broilers, 3 . months and up. J. 'Mezzo. Tel. 5378, Pond -Hill: Services IVofexKlonul Services KXCKtMJNT ING'and slip covcrH. Amazingly low fricCK. .Allen's. Upholstering Studio. ' Mftalcrcr.ift . Britain. I Grand St. Watcrbury. Dlnl 4-06-1.-5 3!t Wanted To Render Serview • Kr-KCTHICAI, Repairing . Appliances n Hpcclalty*. "Ray Decker, -102 N. Main St. Tol. ;4000. OUD .tOK I'AI.NTI-Vli . A. J. Kudzma. Call Niiu#. after 5 p .m. 4266 ATTKNTION Jflectfnlux' Owner* —Re pain, genuine pa.rU and service. By bonded Gtectrolux Man. I. .NlsRcn, 3 T'.rcum Av». Telephone 4822. . " . 40 Cleaning- And Dyeing One school child in eitfht In the U. S. gets to hio classroom every day by school bus. CIIAUOSKIK'S Radio HI-pair Shop.. Radios expertly repaired, moderate nric'cs.' Phone M17. CUSTOM Special 2-picce Suite $59 GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. Wutcrbury 4-8895 KIKVMAX'S Xaiijatuck's Great Dry Cleaning; Firm, offers its first 'class 'dry cleaning not only in family garments, but. blankets, rugs apd other specialties in Ihis field. KIEVMAN'S • .-'••- 7i5 Church Street .. BUZ SAWVER ROV CRANE I-"(iriii<'r cblt-f of the Set.rot Service staff In the White House, Col. Kdniuml \Vllliiiin StiirllnK. O'J, ilifd of lineiiiiiorilii In New-York. S!:irli/i^', \vliu liu.s pliarded ' five U. S. iirrsidents, retired lust No- Vfinher. nurlni; his 25 yeur.s a» a luriiiljrr of tin.* U Into . lloilio Srcri't Siirvlcu detail not u'slirjjle :itliMnpt was ' iii;i(li> uii u pre.Hi- (Iriit'.H life. (Inti-rniiticMiul) 1:15 p. III. WTIC—.Market Report WATR—Transatlantic Qul7. WOR—Billiu Rogers Orcii. 1:80 p. m. WABC—Country Journal \VJZ-Swing Shift Frolli! WTIC-WBAK—Indiana Indigo WATR-WOR—Luncheon with Lope 1 /. 1:45 p. m. WATR—Carnival WEAF-WATR—Telescope WTIC—-John McVane 2:.0ti p. in. WATR—Red Sox vs. Senators WOR—Luni Mclntire Orc'h. WTIC—Here'-j to Youth WJ2—News; Womun in Blue WEAF—Variety Show WABC—Of Men and Books 2-.HO p. in, WOR—News; Cy Wallers WABC—Culling Pan America WJZ—SCK You VS'T'lC-WEAF—Sports Storieu WJIN—Baseball Game" .S:00 l>. in. WOK—This ii I-Jjlloraii WJX—New;i; 21 Stars WTIC—Minnrcl Mulodiea WABC—Victory F. O. B. | \VEAF—Minstrel Melodies j ,S:SO p. m. WOK—Bob Strong Orch. I \VTIC-WEAF-Mu-sic- on Displuy ! WJ2—Jax/. Concert ' WABC—Visiting Hour 4:tK) p. in. WOR—Rollini Trio WJZ—News; Heidi Orch. WATR—-A'.'lcrnoon Revue WABC—Boot Camp Parade WTIC-WEAF—To be innouncad 4; 15 p. in. WEAF—Blui-s 'in thi- Afternoon, 4:30 p. in. WABC—Ted Hualntr: News WT1CJ-W12 AT — Rhythm Workshop WOR—Show Shop 5:00 p. in. WT1C-WEAF—Your America WJX—JVews; Concert Orch. WOR—Uncle Don WATR—Saturday Concert WABC—Corliss -A-cclicr 5:15 p. in. WOR—Navy Bulletin Board 5;,'to p. in. WEAF—Saturday Rhythms WA.EC—Mothtr and Dad WOR—Lee Castle Orch. WTIC—Ceaar Scarcnin£er , r ):-lr> p. m. WEAF-WTIC—Curt Massey WJZ-WATR—Hello Sweetheart (J:00 p. in. WEAF-WATR.WJZ—News WOR—News; Prayer C.-1S p. in. WEAF—Hollywood Theater WATR-WJZ—Storyland Theater WOK—. .cwsrecl; Entre JVoua WABC—People's Platform • WTIC—Jaz/. Gems 0:30 p. m. WOR—News; Stan Lomax WABC—Platform WTIC—SLricUy .Sports WJZ—Hai-ry Wismei-, Sports WA-fR—Spoitsi; Hits-Bits; News 7:W( p. m. WABC—It's Maritime WEAF—They Cull Me 'Joe WOR—Guess Whoi? 7:18 p". in. WJZ-WATK-WEA F—News T::!l) p. m, WABC—Mrs. Mlmiver . WATR—Best Loved Music WJiiAF-WTI C—1S11 :.• i-y Queen WOR—Confidentially Yours WJZ—RCA Program 7:45 p, 111. WOR—Answer Man 8:00 p. in. WABC— Kenny Baker Show WTIC-WEAF—Author's Playhouse WATR-WJZ—American Dancu Mu&ic • WOR—News 8:15 p. m. WOR—For Remembrance WJ2—To \IK announced WUAF-WTlC—Author's Playhouse WOR—Cisco Kid WABC—li.mur Sanctum. WJZ-WATR—'jungle wood Concert 9:00 p. m. WABC—Hit Parade WOR—Tulk; Air Thuater WTIC-WEAF—Barn Dance 9:15 p. m. WOR—Theater OI -A'.r WABC—School ot the Air 9:30 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Spotlight on Howard WEAK-WTIC—-Can You Top This 0:45 p. m. WABC—Saturday Serenade WJZ—Dance Orch.; Quick Quiz 10:00 p. m. WEAFWTIC—Orchestra; Guests • WATR-WOR—Nuws WJSJ—Guy Liomburdo Orch. 10:15 |). m. WATR—Belj.'i:m M u. lie WABC—Con-fiction Please WOR—Shady Vatloy Barn. Dance ' lO.'HU p. m. WATR-WJ2—irVrmy Service Fore-. es' •': .' WTIC-WEAF—Grand Ole -"qpry ' .. . 10:-15 p. in. " ".:'i:' .. WABC—Talks "' :"V-. WOR—Bob StrorjR Orch. . •'". 1I:(MI p. in. ALL Stations—News 11:13 p. m. '- WATR—Cnllfornia Melodies WTICWEAF—String Quartet WABC—Shep Fields Orch. '.-..., WJZ—Dramatic Skc-tch . '••"'. WOR—News; We,ather 11:110 p. in. ' '?•?: WJZ—Hoosior Hop WOR-WATR—Tommy Tucker- Band WTIC-WEAF—Training Command Band WAEC—Dean Hudson Orch. 12:00 Midnltrlit WTIC-WEAF—News;' Pcluso Ore!). WATR—Sign Oft WABC—News; Los Brown Or'ch. WOR—Stron-ff, Mortoll Orchs. WJZ—News; Fluids, Martin Orchs. 12:30 ii. m. WABC—Jimmy Palmer Orch. WEAF1WTIC—JV'cws; Orch.; L. Sima WJZ—Splvak Orch. WOR—Glen Gray. Oroh. PRIVATE BUCK ^'1 itHI find it hard to bfjiavelhalth*M ar* m*r*lv kiclesl" so SOBRY HONOIUUII.B YANK€€$PV. HAS E5CAP£D/ HE PRETCNKD HE WA4 *ICK. HE WA£ IfAKINC FROM WHfOW ON MOUNTAtN CURVC. fillW PAUT- BOBMTSON OH. IT BELONGS TO A - HE KAN OUT OF SAS, ANO LEFT I LIVE HEBE ALONE. HE'S HERE/'SO. HIS DATE MUST •• BUT WE'VE •£'\ BEEN WAIT- < LIVE INTHlSJ/^ ING HOUKS (6ULP4I--BLITWHAT ASOur THAT CAR OUT THERE? ITS HlS.!T VOU'(?£ TALJCM' SECRET AGKNT Xtt By ROBERT STORM ie CAN'T OUT A6AW9-T THOSE ACIC-ACK5! TWO WI5 ONE-CANW.6-POW6S BROADCAST, BEAA4EP AT THOSE S-/MANPOS, LETS 'EM KNfllV HABNEY -GOOGUi .'iiiiii \ND SNUFFY SMITH ', 6OOC>V.e tt — THAT tS ALL OATA UJ6 HftUE ON ET \QOETTe, GENERAL ROSEVOftTER W GOOGLE GOOGUE*. USU6R. SNOOGPftSS TO SEE THROW WtV\ OUT. BRICK BRADFORD BRICK, TW5 SiMPLY ; DOE6 NOT'-MAKE By \VILLr.VM RITX and CLARENCE >C,RA« OK TOP OF'TMAT-TME MIRROR SHINEiWITH )T6 OWN LIGHT WHY. OF COURSE.' TKAT'5 WMAT TIMAK MEANT W!4ENK£ SAS& WE'D KMOW TME MOON 5EMSE - A MIRROR TRAT REFLECTS THE'BACK OP.QNE'5 HEAD AND NOT v HEAP oo<ss~ CREAM PIE-CHOCOLATE pie - ice. cpeAM- ucrrs Of ST<JFF-\WOT DID MAO A ®,RCAT. PARTY

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