Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 28, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1916
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

It, flu L.O f V, HORNED LARK blip. <: i<~"f-r-1?'flf nnrl I'lin-s-r- ) thf potftto-jif alk borer,! jillMiK*. Rti'5 the rhinrh j HF.T T* J't TENNIS. ' i; I c •- i ! .. I' I t |M. .lohll'-'toT! :::••| < i il < ':• - .1 ' i Han Frn!< !••<>.• ?C;itl..n il HUM i ,|...|f,|. < > i; ,n,.>. I'llH-i I; |>i!VJ' I .infi>< r.i.i. 'i>!,! Million:!! V, •>!):. I;'-- -.-M !• - • >'•'! ->!lr"! M"l!a P. lei-.'•I'. ..I! N"i u . •. Natlomil worn. fr-< .i.i.i.i'h - - 'i it.i I—Mi--"' Moii-t I'IIH-1...n. N-..I u .-. . F,!'-fll;Mt.-l !••:« H ... I!"- l.'Ii TURF. |!li;i-t '.I i|ion<-\ w ititu ••>• by Aui;''i' t P.' !ni""t .I'r i>i ' : • |£r'ttt«in, and *oi.l ni '.'•:• ii.--'.LIGHT HARNESS HORSES. Tmltini; e!i:tmj.'"" '..••• A \ v . ill- • P.leinj,; champion N 11.•.;••• M' t'li'i' AUTOMOBILES, Nationifl rhampioti -I'ailo !!.•"!.i. TRAP .SHOOTING. Clrtind Alltel I. in iiaudliap ,J"hti 1" |Wulf, Milwiiukc-.' World"* profi !-;<!"t! i h impi'.n •'Pl.ilii [Milter. Dulla'i, T.•*. BOXING. World's heavYWi !uht champion .!< • • IWIllnrd. Chtraco. Wol'liI'M IlliddlcU 1-inht cbampl"ll ICInmifd lii' Al McC..y, P.rooMyn l'!-Jj^'w i lt«'rweiii:lit < linmi>iiin \ ftv .hi'-k P.riHon, Xt-\\ Yoii;. hornrfj Inrhp. on tho i>--ho)e. Riay b conslflcri?il UPC. '«! birds. Th* Happy Husbarid. >!,-,• hi" >'>'•<"•. n]i (hi- «([ilr«-nv i!u hi-; -,.. if.-'-, ro,.in dint n.'iiln-r nor the fMrcHnri.' will brni«<' CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. Doesn't Look Hurnj!!l. If il)Iiu;<5 in Hit 1 < i'--rhi!i;.: mlvcrl I-I-IHI '.M 1 ari' >,"'im: i» '>rh l> n |>!ii In him ^.-i- if !>•• i- !i!if.!:ir). It Sure Doss. li.'ifi! i a--lt In |il'( STERLING CITY MARKETS LIVE STOCK. (Pit I" 1 ! I Hfo, 1 ", ll « ' STERLING BOARD OF TRADE .'-'.r fj.t<\.>nt to ;o $.-, nil fj 7. WO 1 ;HH| LIKE TOWER OF BABEL. • r.v f'-.i?.'.i ,, 11;,,. III. \<i". 2s 'B' lobby ,> World's liKli! UrU, lit i-li:illi|iin|i lP Welsh. l-Jnul.U"! \Vol ld'<< fealhei « i'l)'.hl i'li.-iit Jjoliiuiy KilhaiH-. Cleveland. Wlill.irnK. \Vorii- i ..f H:,U-! all tsiIMnv !l is hc.ii|i|!iHi'ti'rN for tin- ibr i'r -ilnv rii'-'-liiu: KIII^II-;:.- \-.--i-i iilMi.Il Length, about pevcn nm! fourths inchi'B. Thf hlnrk tnnrk acroBa i tho brcaBt nntl tho ninnll, polntod tuftn j of dark fenthora nhovft and bohlnd } tin 1 oyon dlptlngulsh tho bird. j Rango: Ilroods throughout tho' tUilti-d Stnl'-B (cxrept tho South At- l.intlc iind Ciulf HtAleH) and Cnnadn; winters In nil tho United Statea ox-j,\i ; , v Hnblts mid ocononilr utatuu: Oat» Horned !n.rl;*< frr-'|ij«»nl tho opon court- ''' try, «'Bp(>cIal!y fhi> plain* nr.d deserts. , )' ^ Tht*^ nHHoclnto In hirgo flockn, arc sf TfJl.ll-. Ill, !<.-• i. .• I !a\ I iJoh ! i Corn High Low Close I I,'. I ;:'. /..IS, •n, hardy, apparently dollRhthig In Pork o Of Whiteside and Lee Counties If youlir^oing- to hold an' auction would you want to wipe the farmers of ten the" richest townships in Whiteside and Lee counties oil" the map? That is what you would do if you fail to advertise your auction sale thoroughly in The Daily Gazette. The Daily Gazette is the only local paper that has a general circulation in ten of the rich townships tributary .to Sterling*. They are: Genesee, Jordan, Hopkins, Sterling, Coloma, Hume, Montmorency (in Whiteside), Palmyra, Nelson, Harmon (in Lee County). The Daily Gazette circulates hundreds of papers in Polo, Milledgeville, Morrison, Lyndon, Erie, Prophetstown, Tampico, Deer Grove and Dixon, outside of £he - , townships named, thus it is of service to auction sales in a larg-e territory outside of these townships. But if a farmer intends to hold an auction anywhere in the ten rich .townships named he Simply Wipes Them Off th^ Map . unless he uses The Daily Gazette lor his advertising. Or if a farmer uses other advertising of any kind he will find it costs much more money to ^'ct half the service. The Gazette. tfjves every day. If a farmer lives outside of the ten townships named lie wipes the rich farmers in these rich townships off the map so far as tfettinjr them to his auction is concerned if he fails to advertise thoroughly in The Daily Gazette. The Gazette is Not a Hand Bill The Gazette is not tacked up on the cold corners to be-read. It goes into the warm homes—a welcome gwst at the Ii reside. The Gazette is read daily by thousands of farmers, when they are comfortable/when they have time and arc in a readinjr muml. Auction'sales that are properly advertised in The Gazette have proven profitable. They will continue -to be profitable.- The Gazette needs to brintf only one real bidder to an auction sale to pay all the cost of, running; the full hill of the largest auction full six days in this paper. Y Any-farmer holding an aj.ivtion within fifteen miles of Sterling .cannot aifonl jj}> wipe UTI rich townships oil' the map and thai-is what lie- does if lie neglects to ;nk'i ri h ;> ihorumdiK in Th<-Ga/ette. i .amli", S i.'iiK H )•>••< *!' °" ' LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. (i a«h Hiiski-f. Jirocery.'l Dairy—Retail. llan.' ("ill i if-ami'f\- but trr l»iitr>- but!IT Dairy—Who!«»al*. ! >.ilt y butler New Veg0table*. i oo . 41*' i.-unit>rr«. HI 10t: &c Ifc - •- llt ' Idaho potatoe,*, Mweet polators ttu(<ibiic;oN, II HM. . . ,'. I' 1 ' 1 Craiibcri lew, fancy. «jt 15'" (Irr-en onionf. bunch -rr-r-rAc. .Spinach, Ib. .- l-&c cabbago 13*-* I )ry It) Iv.lf let t uce. Boots, bunch ...... ., Orecn tappers, 3 for N«'\V <'i .25c JfH- . 30o ; «»c 1 < >'t \ . i r' f ' t .1, ?• • I ', I' T, j; 1'. ^ SALE ;:r -EEAL KSTATB^ AI,!; Hi'.r-'l f iT.N'i 'I-', l'i;< >F'i-"f? A !l-i- ^ -;.—f!!. \it t< Hv in.".'.' i i .-!, !,,,.<- 1. 11 I---, vc.l «rrr--t :'t J 1. '!'"'• 5', i . i ,;; * 'UK AT 1!' T.AK- ! f. i " r . 11 I--- f:i. ; '-v, .TuTaj r>, j !~i'H Hr;XT Pv'-tH" !;il oK SAI.K •-villi s Sty ci Kr<"!!!<!. Al -; «'0|"NTl:V l!«* t ti!« n. » ". ninl f.'xv ?i! •<••. All r--. to !i iM-ir.. 1 i A v> SMAM. MlSSOI'Ut KAIIM. t\<> *'ASU jinil S". nielli ! ; l - » : tm ii>t»-rc/;f i>r T.'"*; !ih;li!y pruilui tiyi- lalml. ••!.>*.•• (<> 3 hin rn'trkc's. \Vrit* 1 fur jilin'nsif ;it-ti« nri'1 fui! inf'.rni'Uicn, M'liii-^r A-1V; N. V. J,ifr lihli;.. Kntt<-,»H *'uy. M.I. t. 1 ?!" fnnr if. .tn« i:lll, *.'|.-i-tt il' |i.cV« fn»ni <unl nuwl- SITUATION WANTFD \VANTKU--\VOP.K IX A HKWTAPll IMi! bv a K«»>,J «!r;nly tt-!i,ibli' pi-'i-.ion Addrrvt ",\" Cale I'f (>H/-et|f- llfTlcr. 1ST ,5. M. M<-<;«'! K')1J UK NT r)-K'».!M,S IN MODKKN 7-ri">m ln'ii t- ". rlfiM.' in. fiiiHi'slilf for lnnif«'-Ki-f-|ii;n>. Writo "M. O." car« i;;ii:«'U<' «u mil B^ll ytilUt nfU-r » J=. in . I44lf WANTKI'- ! i led Itinti. quire at K ..n f;nin >>y m.'tr* .if r^'ft'l'^iio'o. In- Hn>». pouHry tuniso. i !'.(>- 1 5 :• -ACLKT'S i'HOTRTKRIKiTJ- JIOH- liltul, I>n t*prni nt corner lAicust nrid H(«i. 139-164 diiti-M call O. H. L»Jgaii, lk-11 plion* 4f.4-l. J35-1CO U-;.\:- -ouu SuKiio ttxplalr.B IKIW w* tench the barber irado quickly, mulled frw. Moltr Hurbrr Ootlt'KO. ChlCilKO. 120-lfrl* KoH MAI.i: -l''fl,L ULdou (*Hi:sT- rr \vhli«i l»i!ir t.arK" 1 ' 1 nin) IKIIK, 1.5. Sb; inilcfc (,, nidi Itn.-k I'^illi, <!uU1cr Muni, .lohsi !>!rkt<. i;,).15^ roil HAl.i: KXPHKSH AND TIUN8- f>-r, .1 iiiiin trucks and IniKlui-HH <*K- talillRlH'.l. SlnnO itivojitlcatlon. $2.a5o. In Trl-t'UUH. HtmlUy. 13J I 3rd Av<>., KfH-.k iKlHitd. 111. 151-J53 I'l'VlM*' SAUIv'-Th" ' Undfr!.|«»i(«l liavltiK <li-<:lilf'(l tu mnvp awny will xcll ftt JHH i cKUU-iico, IB rnlU'.i nonth- «'«*! of Htprling on Tlunmlny. Jnri- utti-y •Itli, 1!)17. tho fiil AI"IN) FFltK AND THE I-T INKtJU- ;inri>. I, iff mi-inbi-rwhlp $6. Yearly (hi'-H Si. Also Audi I.itthllUy, Flru and Acclilcnl IiiAiinini f. Will j»;iy you tn HP€- me, JolinH II. B.'U-r. I^iW- HUUr. lt'7-162 I'S tifMcJ pf cattlr.. 25 ln«ad of clurtH- J«»rfii x y hrtiod MOWS; n full linr of farni !rri|,)lfrornt.i: hsirnr-.^.i aiul I>Hg- KU-H. iic. l'"r«*p Uuicli ut II <'VhK k. S'.ili- iintni-illiifc'h' jifli-r. Trim*, nil of $IH and imdi-r c;i;h. HVIT Knhl ............ OranKi's. Calif., dozen fruit, each ..... doz ......... • H> ...... r*atnt>a Krai'* 1 *. Uaaket 20c ;'0c .SOo AUCTION SALES rf »»X< - *Si»'*w«*W»'%i^*SX^^^ CLOSING OUT SALE. to quit will tsell on thf (ioocll farm, 4 miles Went tif liix'OM. 8 mileH fust of iSler- ling, on Sterling and IHxon road, on car line, on Vv'ICDNKSnAY. .TAN, 3, PUT. nt 10:30 './clock th« followinK property: -' /, i 10 UHAD HOUHKS - t black man iyrititi old, weiisht J.3'»0; i bay 12 y('U,rt< old, weight 3,200; twirrcl mare PJ yeurn old. weight 1.20ft; bay mare 12 yeafN old, weight 1,300. in foul; ba> coach 'K^'dtnK. 3 y« i «r» old,' weight 1.100, lirok» wingie und duuble; bay »ad- dl« mure, vrciKht 90"; KTH.V mare WclKiit J.O'iO; ;: Kiickllnj.; coltn. 43 11KAI) OF CATTLK--2H cholct milch cow« norne fr«'Hh and hwivy .j<jirlm{t'rrt, 3 boliiK IlolMleiiiH: 1 "-year-old llnlHlein bull King Dandl (No. lH»£i73)r J 6 montliH old thorouKh- br«'d llolMteln hull culf, aim S'rince Cwnucopia, dam Iliirtojj'a' White Lynch. Pedigree Klv»-» day of nale; 10 yearlliiK heiferw. 3 fall lieifi-r <•:»!yen. t'l IIKAf) OF IttHIH 10 Ihiroc choice brood wiw«, 3 barrowN, '~ ojil Whito HHWH. 100 CllH'KIv.N'iS-Plymouth Hock HAY ANJ> (iltAIN* t,f»"0 lui. com in crth; r.oo hu. tints In iiln; n l»t of choice Timothy hay in Imrn part baled: alno Koni't) choice peit Kieen alfalfa, lulled. HAHNKHS- « «*•! of K"'»l work hnr- iii'ws. I H«( Iteing new; 1 ,-iet of doulilf drlvinti hurnesji. KMO«| IIH new; I tiet of tingle, harneHs; I lireaklng hiirneas; a lot of hliinkels. •J-'AllM MACH1NKHV 1 Ktii|iir» tnllkinij muchiiie in U-H every <liiy: " )mx w,u;onw. hay i.'n'k ^iiu! ruck waK- uii, "J Muline manuii' N|neiider.-i, I .A- foiil McCormsck giiiin liarveitli^', new; Mi C'onnlcl* corn hai vi-Hler. new; Aict'oi mick Hi'iwe.r, new, 1 Moliue hay loader. KeyKtonn hide ilenveiy lake, i Molliic cor'ii . hinler. - I||M!; -harrovss. MmeiHiiH uo'nt;, - Minert-nn IC-nu'li wallvjiiK tilowif, i h.iriowii, 4 iliiitii; roni plow.-*, hlultv ruttur, new, i Sterling seeder, I hob sited, 1 KI-\:>(OII» noiuto plHnler, 1 xprt'itK WHKOII, 1 i uiiber tir«d I>IH;K>. 1 breakiriK carl, 'i biiKH.v polos, 8 jias eiiKine.s, ;, ;>»; I 'i ii.ii.-,.' power. 1 corn MJicei. I fodder culler ami lii foot carrier. I f.inuliij; mill uiul Cruder, i cUtLer, HriiUlMoiie. wheelbarrow, I III- li-r Curtli-r, 1 hand KlaHH HM-dei-, 1 jm- Ulto plow. MllSCKIJ.ANKOt'H- -Jti milk can.-, -' milk pailK and sir.iiuer, I w.'C'.l corn dryer, ! S-barrel (;alvaniv.ed (jink. ami. lu<al«V. fi-cii !^i.iikt:. hand p>.l-.ilo «i>r.i> ii, Ji|n I'.-el ni-vv li.iy rope, i lilo.-l' an,! lackle Wltli I '.'i' feel iop«-. ho;; Hou>:tir< p»ialoi-.'i. i ...tin K-<S!i»n '1'iinai'i 1 ln-ulr-. I mil oilier lii :.H-|.'.-. too mimi In "laenli'-n ' LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICE. Stale of Illinois*. 1 [HH. hitesiile Cotmty. .1 In County Court. February Term. A IX P.U7. .Mary Hourk, Administratrix of the late of John W. Hourk, Deceased VH. Hourk, Delia Keefe. ].;iln Mee. William Hoi-ik. Helen : Hourk. John Hoiirk, Pauline Hourk and l-Mward Hourk. Potitlon lo nt-II l{<>al Kstutv to Pay To Helen Uourk, John Hnurk, Pauline Kourk ami ICdward Hmirk: Affidavit liavlitK Iteen tiled in my office stulitiK that you and each of you are non-residents and KiviiiK your respective places of residence, you are hereby notified that the petitioner haw filed her petition in nuld court against Jim ItTipleaded with others. That HuntoiiH has IHSUIH! therein re- tiirnablu to thv first day of the February, F.<17 Probate Term of Hald Court lo be holden at the County Court room;* Jn'MorriMon in said County on the tifth day of February, A. D. 1H17, and which Miiit ir^ still pendir.i,-, at which time amid place you ran appear, plead, answer or demur ati you may see fit. that amount a oivdlt . of I" fnontliK* will )»-• K'vt'ii mi liatilutt>|r notes uutrtlovu-cn*. Juuu il.'itf (if sille. l'luml»»y and Hewitt, .J. il HIIHX. clerk. Foil SAl.K--Wyandott«- j Jtritt. Hock Falls. jFoK SALK-N'olrton brcauimi ' bll^Ki' hutneja.s, net liollble t. HoWl.ind'M feed shod. «-art. 'PHI,1C .sAIJv 1 will il ' ••< tiou on the \V'm. Mattiie'v fa ii '• UM- tick, about nine mil •< n- rtln.i'i't of Morrison and <HIP. n.i.e \\--Ht ( Cobli school house on 'Hii'Hil^y, January 2, Pil7, with free I ;nch 'il i >on, milo immediately «ft> • c.'ittb', a few lior.seN, brood (»(:ws, thicteiiH. corn. naljt.-i hay, corn ,i>ider, > .IIVCT N<>ed, Heed corn. f...,n .nacriinery, fie. •fcrniM, H. Or.uu iki. JfiO-152* >ok rocker- KOH HALK- -50 barred els. *].5i> to $:"!.0f( each. Mathew, Homui (irove. t-itcwart FOH H. FLAT JH1LTOX Henry C. M. W. Chapin. Clerk of Kald Court. Jard, Attorney. L'8, Jnn. <, 11. 1 cornet, hlt?h and low pitch, fine condition, |3. r i. J. J. HltzelbiirKer. 143t O. 1UJMLKV, LIVK STOCK ANI real estate auctioneer. II, r tv« «o!d moro sjilt'M than any auctionwr It tStt-rlltiK Mid Hock FallM nliu'*» boRln- r.inK buainesii. My loin; list of satlsi- fled patrons aro sufficient reference Co anywhere, Miiko dates parly. Bell phone. llesiitence 1000 Wcet Hlxth St., Ht A. I;. COM, AUCTIONKKIt. ROCK }lavu had »«sperit'nc« in all «f KiiU'M, Hold HttlpM anywhero and everywherp. Guarantee ubsoimn Matififaetion. fan refer you to » long liwt of MHtUfU'd cuMtomt-rs, for datcti. Iktth phoncx. S«;e ni* J. C. C«OM AND 8ON, AlfCTION- t>er«, Cijletft or Milledgeville. \Ve mak» n wpeclaUy of auction Hales, Oonrtuo- many Hales every year and can you to many wstistk'd cuHlonu-rrt. isuarantcu absolutft satisfaction, Writu or phone 11:1 for OKOIW1F3 U. FHU1N. STOCK auctioneer. Dixou, III. Ilavi- wild !»ur«* bred slock in Keveral Hiatus tho putsl jiejison. Katlsfled rmtoinrra my I>«>HJ ii-ft;rent'e, All calls promptly attend-^ ed. Piione or writes for da tea. K. MKST, AUt'TlONKKH, Chiidwick, III. H»le« made anywhere. 1'arm and wtock saU-fi my wpeclitlty. Kxperieni'o lia* bt-en my leuclier. .speak both Kngtltih and (icrnutn. ISftth plwiucs. Can, write 01 wire tti my expense ' F. DHVKN'NNY. AFCT1ON'1-»:U. i"i-iil»liet»towa. 111. Will cry j«t!*>B any- v\ luT<>. Contluct 100 to l!u sates yearly. Hefelences li;»lik of Prophetstown, Ciliy.eii.'i bank, Farruer'a NH- liiiiiiU bunk. F.u tiivr's phone, both residt-nce and office. i. 1. IIAHHI.N'CTKN, AFCTiONKKH. 1-JiKht years BUccoasful celling. t>ut- isf.ti-tion j4uar.'tntci.'.i. uil'iio with M i-,' Wilder. Hi'tll phiHi'tf, KSi-iIui.; III. • ................................... -------- li>HN X. CKNTHY, A! r CTlOXj:KK Amboy. .III. Farm and live Mock'.>- a hpeciitlty KaJ-niei'.'i leU-phone FiiH SALIC— Fine roller top oak <b--k, suitable for business piirposeH. Ci ; S"iO, Half price. Good an n«" Also a -Ford runabout $7ii. Ktari*" Kiios. Hound drove, Farmer*' phon M9-U WANTED _____ WANTKD Thu Philanthropic rora- milteo would appreciate. It very much if itomt! charitable dlspowed person would furnish them with a wardrobe in which tho better cloth- Inn could be atort'd until nowle-d Call Hell plioiH' «3I-H. !;'.a WANTED --H1DKH, FUHH AND ALL kilidM of jtink. i also have a nicti line of Ford tires «t reaM.idi-tble price*. If would pay you to InvchllKate b«- f»ire Ht'llliif: your junk or buylnj; tin i .H. ». Mandeld. 136tlf WANTKD — LKAltN IIAlUiKK THAUK — world's 6 inont protHablo trade. Quickly learned. "Write for rat a log. 201 16th Htrcivt. Malint', III,. Tri-City ffairlwr ColU'ge. 133- 1 OS WANTED - HKCOND-HAN'D AUTO- rnohth'.H, will pay tho hij{hi'Ht piif&, Al»o'nell all kinds of repali-8. Highest priocs* paid for all kinds of fur and hhk'a. Mike, tho f 15 Tailor. Both phones. 36tf IJIOHB8T CA8H PRICES 1'AID FOIl hid en ami furs. Shop, 312 First Mun^an'a 12-Stf For Best Servic® and Equipment Gall Forster & Sons Funeral Directon Night C|H* BtllNo. 820 int«r*t«t* lilt Call* Ball No. 9 inier«t*U 9 ,, K, <iLDS. <;K\J:HAL ..\rc-j r S.l'.i-f.-iCilon Kiiai unteej ! Fallv Uv ufv I F..nii..! '- i.i- -.,,- i 8. Vv. Lehman, M. I). Special offtc* consultant, *nd of wom^n and childrort. UIXON, ILL. Discovery of Ad !.. re >•- e\-'t lit H! ;! C;.- N-.i in,.. ,.-: j ;,•! . K. UUNMOW je 4.'ii! Ht-.ittli . i ottf.'i.' (""I'l Y t • i ! i I'

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