Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 28, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1916
Page 6
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Iff C FALLS DA i A rii Mi!. - i " i * \ ' n .KN ft i' ' -' ISv r- t ,' ' ' f 1 , -,.•<> ' 'Arrt, «• • ' • ' ' ' T,l«'i Fl • i " MI«- Mi " ' • ' ' • Mr T •! M> • ' 1 •• ' " ' n s ENTERTAIN FRIENDS Wil*on Fntf r» -un«>-t La^t Evrntnq. ROCK FALLS BRIEFS ,,f ..., t !| . I I I I t I l 'I" If t P f X f i >\ ''I'll i hi . -. pi •)! Ml il » i H!" I'"! }>''• f (t!|(>'\ H-(" " I.I' 'l iIjHt'f. U v r|i- *• t-,« .i li, tli" b" •' r|r| ' f"! I " '» I "•" t.Ul ,?!l bain- ' '•<> ' ! itfwl time Tl o- mi"- i ; t'" " Vn«hirt K i' 1 .' I. M "' !l«gr. AlHm> Hr-. inf. Vm . P« !! Mnml" M<>!iH-'>nii t \, f i"" n, S, Kl«m»« '• M..i>Uii!» '',H • i-'I \\'< ! ,;,,-. ,,f I,.,.- -,,,. f Minn .... i, .«. ;,»» Mi --Mi-1 : i ili-Hiii U ,--,,, j M \V. A. .•!'!••! !!. N A. il-'i !>'•'•• f-vrry '^ Mr. Mini Ml A. 1'iU Mini f/uiiilv if- !>itM-,i'I !•> Mil-it i>,-!iH- in H)i!ii >: . i"vvt, ' : .;;,; ••]-.. inliii;: >i',- h"llii:t>rt li' 1 !" with } ! c-l;t' is i"'. ;,,.in<' in K">-U l-l.ii;-t iifft'i ;i vi-:it ii'i.- I •'. li h 11 t;i! t\ •"' ClMb And Hi.sbaniU Wot* En- M'"•< AH.i I'hUlii- n t^Uim: n l«.. ' Last Evrnimi. U^-Us v.,..,1,011 ! r.-tn in-r Moll.-, n t ENTERTAIN CLUB of Mr. nm! Mrn. Knuik TI ,, . flt In jTl.-ivinK rive llniiiir<-<i .t Vr'C! ('• fM'l vi-il ill" illK alfnlr wrn- Mr. »nd i, Mr. nit.' Mr*. T. .1. \V>lif. t!,,' Sou I. '(' !>! ', i;<i«MJM HI).I SI"]'- -mil in •n'.nilini; III" Illtif in l'i tin i •'< n. Mi'' Mason M-ipi' mid Fiunk Hint- IIIIIM --..Hi I.. Kn •«•; "it > i'st"i 'l;t y f"i' :i \<'M<-ri!;iy fi.'iii YorUtoun. vilif-rf sbo ( 'lit b-'!ni.iK \\ il li r«-l:i'iv«'*' Mr niti! Mrs I .1. \\ > Hi', f'l" 1 "' ' nii.~iin.if- v>nn i*i...i».r-. ,\ir«. I. I"..l.'OHi-n. Mr. nnd| Mr. :>ml M i-,- If.-nry Hill wr.t to - . ^ .. 4 i €.... * \ i .*,.; l • ! nt-i M,! f li f«.! nutn 11 !i f f * *t l n. «li(*rt I* K. Hifi'. Mr. .uul Mrs. .1, A >|, I>r. ond Mir l'. A P;irUrr. Mr. i. K. M. <;»'>•>!, Mr. fiiui Mr«. A\'. f, Mr. and Mro. Wllllnni K;, Anrtrt'WH, «'lvi!i- K*;uii'!, and '. of Aurora. K, F, Prrry, of H'.nnHtli. N«-t.r.. nlm ip«n vlHlttllK lit'lf fur a !•'« il.'O'' friends, went (o Cliin'K" tbi« KOI U !.'-l;)ii<l tblM monilnj? for n. fliori xlvit. Mr. .mil Mr."*. <!. A. .Ii-iiUliiK r<>tni tu'il li.iinc |.ij.t i vi-ninn from Hock iKl.'ind. u-b<Tt< (licy sipci.t ' 'lirintinaw. Mrs. !>. A- I 'IrUrnsim, of H'.anlon. Ni'hr., !« hi'i-i- viMilirur ut tbf borne of Mr. ami Mrw. I'lini-iiit' Van I>r« i w . . . 'i'lit-'.e knoxt im: (li'-msi-lx'es indet'teil ' ' r»tng short vl«<lt. Everlasting Nay Produces i Lawlessness in Children By 8IDONIE MATZNKR QRUENBERQ ^ Mather, W»y I Take Off My Shoe* and StoeklnQS? . came running up to . * tho porch, where hla mother and |* "Ik visitor were Bowing. Pausing igu to satisfy tho conrentloaB, breathlessly: "Mother, may Jay Bljoes and Htocklnga and efoit this afternoon?" Tho nBWor came abort and sharp. Awreaco began to teftae. "You i Monday and lant wcok." h« r«- bW. *f know I did." Bald K»"th!«*|>B| not thin afteruofan." There no reason given, and none ' ro- itpperently. It was morcly a of having the last word. Of , toother the Iat»t word." ioe took hts departure, Bulk- resentful. When he was be- tll«irinr the visitor aaked: "Why you let him go borefoot? You tly don't object on prliu-lpSo, thare )* nothing In tho weather, tfe« grouad IB dry~B»o»gh." Tife not proud of bur position, 'teOQiQsa that aho had no «JM©a tor objecting, only a linger- I 3Bneo»ory of the time I^itivrence I tut f»to toe eome wooke ago. But fji*d gone barefoot mayoral ttmoa 0'; there 'really, wnn 'no objection. YfnS Bftld "Nd." if^n liad to stick bad ahe not? ' J'oihupa," aug- tested tho friend, "IfB Just 6 habit of denying children's requests bftcauso BO many of them are fooltah and an- reasonable?" The mother admitted that probably It was. Although wo hate Ihe Idea of bulldozing this young children, we get the habit of saying. "No" before considering tho merits of the request Not- wUhutanding our chagrin on being nuggecl ngaln nnd again 1'ito making concessions to our children, we gpt tho habit of paying "No." .'However much \ve may rogrnt It the moment after, wo obey that impulse and etill eay "No." Again and again, in yourJU**«£course with children, you wlll^find U sihris- nble and neceB8ary»to Bay "No." Well then, buy it; and etick to U! Tho groat problem IB to eay "No" nine times and then be etill able to say "Yes." if need to, the tenth time. In other words, we must avoid getting the habit of giving children any stereotyped answer. Every request and ovary question must be mot with the freshness of a new situation and treat- en! on Its merits. Only thus can wo expect to retain tho children's confidence In our judgment and la our This Very Sadys A GlHlj that lier jmrt'iitu call (ilady*. 'J'tK'Hu « ho Knew tli.'i'larf) veiy Uin!\s. Antl Ilia dlcK.-* uho oiDpUiyrt ftiiy lift" tfai'Uer SK> !i:;idy« O -o Nb'so,oi <-—- _. . No ashes No edor -, . .r < • -, , f , ., f i- , . • \ -In In IMP tnl- (> r i > * * i 'i, »t ' ;i f " • - 1 , • • ». ' (h-i t>e ! i l'!" - 1 '" i ""? ' Up o J (1 r\ i<« (I (tilt f fl ! H' ' U.-ll, I'( N ''in. ' i'l. HP 1 < 5 n lor of tl>c (« i, ' rrr> i. i C !.$• t itii'j; "fv ! >fH if i TII I '(> t< > ' i ^ fut (lu- l.f v. j r if ;" "I nm iifrahl timt Js n'>» mnrb In mv !itv," fpllofl I."nl I >!'i)vh!itit in n ftliKliflv nfffrtrfl t'iRf*. "Hut 1 nni thifik- 'MIT of ninkinc n prfnt nHrrallc'Ji." "Itrnlly! Aro you golnu to (Innpn ynir tnllor or only let ymir iniisl.-u'inrJ gr«ur?" "I*m;'t !>« fllppfsnt." pnld bi.'ulor-il^liii* In «j»iJfo n tnplnncboly Juno, "Tho fm*! in. Hrlnrlcy, old boy, I'm trolns to jrrt mnrrlt"!." Tbi« wns drnwUvl out slowly nnd with n dwp p.U:!i, flfl ttiougb t!i* dpcnkr-r foil be wns Jitaklng somo inlubty Rflf pncrllti'p for bumntill.v. "1 thought you looked jolly. bin» .nliout MoinotliliiK, but wborrforft tlm Klootn?" nskocl Mrlnrtny. "Nobody com- IK-IS yon." "1 linn* to rnnrry In W'lf dofon"f*," jirornfilf-d bis I'trdsblp. "It !?< slrkonln^ id fool (hot yon tm> liolng run nftor by all <!)•> Klrl« nnd nil thflr fiiiitrbniiiUIni: iunmfiin«. Iltit t!i<* worst of It Is Unit I'vo fixed on two (jlrlB, nnd 1 en n't for tho Hfp of tn<» flerldo wlilfb to bnvo." "And who nro tlio fnvorcd couplo ti»>- twoon wbotn Pniis tbo Second li;is to Judge?" "Quo !« Daisy MolymMix—thp lively llttlo tliiuif xvltlj tbo bhio t-yos nnd tho Rood figure, you know. Of conm 1 «<|H> N vory Jolly nnd nwfnlly fond of mi. 1 "— "YnM. nnd tbo othor?" "Sibyl CnstJpmnlnp, your—*T-«flfH«oiHl cotinlu. Isn't piicr" "Do you tblnk Sibyl cares for you?" "1 nm nfrnid tbero is not much doubt of It, old man." paid bis lordship mournfully n« bo languidly stroki'd hit ! , ' , ^ • " n T r «*• «• , f ' ' ! i' !=• • T "l/l i . l' ' * ' 1 \f I rfi pr M''.-r-q I >i « r f *]ip T'T^H t "PI '"=• ffl" l>r Lfr' 1 ' i • > '{""j fo r"f»i-'f> t" f"li 1'ito I)'-" !i'r *1 It i\''i!il li" n \titf in •• |r '« '? HB orKNKD IUS AKMB AH THOUOII HK KX- PECTEO HKn TO C'HKKI' IN, clean shaven chin. "I used to fancy you "~wi?ro ratluT fond of her nl <>i>o time, but «f t-oiir«t» It Is imposrtthlo," "Utterly!" "Well, look here, oldchnp; I nho»ldift ngk ovcrylxuly. luit wbldi of tbo two f lrla do you ndvlso mo to bavaT 'hcy're both nice, loving Jlttli' tfli'ls. nnd it's an awful bore to- h.'ivw to chooso. Which would you ask?" "Well," Piiid Itrlarly Blowly, "I tibould ndvlac you to hu\> ll-ilsy Molynoiu." "TliHhkH nwfuily/old cbap, I only Just »u!ed«d nn impartial opinion like yours to b^lp mo decide. I'll propose to Daisy tonight. Bbo Is jjolng to bo «t Uidy Vlvyan's dnnco, and so IB Sibyl, no 1 cnn get It Bettlod either way. Will you bo there?" >' , "Yc-a, I ptpoet so." Lady Vlvyau'a rooms presented n stay and brilliant scene that evening. To welcome the now your with dancing and rt-volry. with music and mirth, was typical of tho giddy Hoclitl whirl In which hostess and guents rt-volvcd. Jxird l»»'jishnni «rrlv«'d early. Uuwns nttlrud with hb .usual caro nudj»'or- rectiujwH, and bo woro also tin air of determination tl>a* Hultcd him very well. 1 It dlaplurcd tiie Mpp«wraii«> of Indlf- ferenco nnd llstlcssneMs which' imunlly inudu thu hi'ivdltury It-Klslntor look li;'ij» and flabby. Ho speedily dlm-ov- ontt that both Oaisy Molyneus niul Mlbyt (.'HKtl«»iualn« bad COHH', and h» •oujs'lit Miss* Molyueux that lu> might acquaint her with the honor be proposed to do b» l r. It wus considerably laU-r when Coi'lt Hri«rl«?y ncrivcd He \vn» not in tit* best of Kjiirlts nnd did not Intend t»> do much dfuiHcu;. < MIC of (hit tirst pcmosus ho notli'rii was his own cousin "\ ! i' Nlli.vl you not dniirlii!;';" "Nil, I hnvt-n't lui'ii here l"ii« " "Shall we sit down Hi'incwluTc untM BOtiK- ono ("iin-M and chilniM yottS" "ISv all iiu-:ni-t. it i- finite <i long tiim> ...hi,'.' I've h;id tin- ih:iiiff of talkIni: to .Miii. C'. , U " " i; '" " ; ! ' ''•' ' ' ".intuit*j A IHflf Infor nrintl^y TTRS trylnc poo|hf his frfHnRfl with fl flcnrf-U* 1 In (h<> "itvuikine room wbrn Lord Donshrsjn rnsn<» up to him. "I pnv, old chop, n funny (h'rse; IKI^ hpps:cop(1. Pnlsy Molrnrtu hn« refused me." 4 'n,r JOTP! Were nn.r pfcrriB of Itv cvrr Tintirtnl in the fnrnUy ti asked Cfdl. "No. I bcllevo not," unswprpd the ITf>r, fnlllnc, n^ n.nunl. *o pec nny pnr- cnsni In tho fju(>«llon. "I tr!f<l to point c>'.!t to lii»r wlint it mp-nnt, but she stuck '.n It Nice little girl too." "U't'll, I'm awfully sorry, Donshnm; rcnlly I rim." "It docMn't mnttcr wo very nnK'h .Miss Cnstloniaiiw !? here. Isn't ,«!u>? Von Bee, i c;in n«ik her ntul jrct It net' Hod. I think I'll RO fltnl brr. I'm rath cr sorry I vrnsto<I my tlrno over thnt other silly KM. Anywny, it mnkpa my choice much on .tier." NVhcn Ix>rd DonRham miRtrPstcd to PlbyJ Cnstlomnlno that they nhould sit tho dance nut In tho conservatory she P;IW thnt ho meant to propose to her, nnd bin lordship perceived that under the circumstances there wns nothln;; to be (jalned by beating about tho bush. nml BO he quickly led up to the business be had coino to negotiate. "It la rather scrioiis 5o be Mandlne on tho edfrc of n new year." he Biiht "Dear Miss Castlemalne. I want to be n better man in tho future than In the pnst. nnd you, only you, can help me What Is needed to make my happiness complete, to crow.n a'l my hopes and perfect my manhood, In a woman's love. Sibyl— let me call you Sibyl, mr love— will you be tho woman? Will you marry tue?" In the Kccluslon of the_eonst«rva|ory ho opened his arms n little, a* though he expected her to creep In. and bo expanded hlH chest to receive, the burden of tho dainty little bead tbnt wan'to nestle wanly on It But It wns a night of surprise*. "1 nm v«ry sorry you should have asked me this. Lord DepiUiani." wild SlbyJ srarely. "I ani-YtAtnotiH of tbe vatttnofts of the coinpHmMip ttjid I nm not blind to tho advantfgfa bf your offer, but 1 do not lore you." "Vo» don't love tno?" repeated bin lordship In a tono of disappointment that had n suspicion of incredulity in it. "You don't love me? But mirolf tlmt Is only a matter of time. When you have seen more of me, when you know mo belter. Sibyl"— "My duclslon would not alter, Lord Densham. Will yoii plea«e take me hack? I am engaged for tho next dance." With a wonderful smile on his lips, In wh'ch mortlQcntlon, pity and surprise wero blended, he politely offered her Ills arm and led hor back to tho ballroom. As they entered It they almost ran Into Cecil Brlarley. He was about to walk past them when Sibyl "Oh. Cecil, hero you are! ' Yoti'rojust In time." . Denabam yielded her up with his customary mnllu. They w*ere about to Join the dancers when It was announced that th« my*tic midnight moment had arrived, and those who cared to do eo were to go to tho open windows and on to tho doorsteps and tho balconloa to listen and wait for the solemn peal that was to rnnrk the annual recommencement Briartey got a wrap to throw over his cousin's fihouldero. and then they went to tho further corner of tb« long balcony. "Are you thinking of the now yearT" nskod Cecil. ^ "No: I was thinking of Tantalus," "I hbpe you pity him." "I don't think I do.' 1 responded bis cousin noftly. feeling glad th«t the shadows hid her blushing cheek. "Per liRjiiTtds prize was not »o far out ol his reach as ho Imagined " "Sibyl, didn't DenHhnrn ask you any thlnpf* b» whlspurtHl. •»\*ea, Cecil, and-and I performed « modem miracle." "My darling!" and then thert; wa» ellence. "Hlbyl. you know I nm not a rich mun. and' I am not a lord." "And yon are not horribly conceited and fielflsh either, dear." He 'did not remove hla arm, and « enrtrten hush of aspect uncy (juleled thf cbntterUiK party. Nothing was heard for a nuinient, and then from H do/en cbiiiKlnK cloekn «ll •round them there tioomed fi>rtb ihf Holeinn rblme that iu'S'il the birth of-,jhe IK-W year., Johnston Lumber'Co. TELEPHONE NO. H8 What It liliistratcd. lir u;s.-. vi r\ \iniiii; in bo a U'arlirr «if H M'ii'lltiiii- >l!t'.ii-.-| ill ;iil lU-,iUlli:\ .srlnml nm |,-ir II'K.H Mini''!*', nnd iir \\ii--. as (in- iit:r \-, Uri«~ ii,'! i vil i-s --iiM .'ire ill iniirli Isup.irian'i-r (Mir l;i,.i hili. , ihlli Hi r> r :iin| I!IL: i ni_' of •!<•['. in- \\ ;:^ i|i^-. :i-- -iii:r si !,--^,HI I ha( !i.:--! l-i'.-n '^ivcii I,. Ut-. |.it;.il-> :.n I foil 1 rc (*\vnsps. su? rnn?u'n the map what al»Mil th» i man wlio yc-av in ;UK! year o kind the farmer needs on tiis sh has ^'nod for sale? lK s j'ai'nKM'tloitis an mietim] once a year. The* dealer in any kind of j^mdU has them for sale every day. If it pays tho farmer to advertise his sale how much more, would it pay the dealer to do the same thing"V Of (vtuTse the farmer must bring: his people to his sale. He may be located on a cross road, or in an out of the way place. Me most bring* by his advertising* and lie can tcet them no other way tl^e buyers for his rcoods to his farm. The locaj business man on the other hand can sit- down and wait for some other merchant to pull folks to {own and in some, way g"ot along without much advertising". It can be done. The Gazette does not hesitate to say so. But that kind of a store never grows big. That kind of a store makes a living, but it is not the house that is renting* larger quarters and putting- in new lines - in fact making- big* money and branching out. into new profitable lines. That kind of a store wipes ten townships off the map so far as its own pulling power is concerned. It wipes the possibility of being* the one store in Sterling in its line that folks patronize because they read its announcements In The Daily Gazette, , And these ten townships are right at homey surrounding* Sterling and Rock Falls, the real[trading 1 territory for the stores in the Twin Cities. If every store in the Twin Cities would use The Gazette to make some inducement for the folks in these nearby ten townships'to come to Sterling or Rock Falls to trade they would draw tens of thousands of dollars worth of trade that never reaches the Twin Cities. The farmers in these ten townships know what pays them. Other farmers have advertised their sales thor->. oughly in The Daily Gazette and have had big sales. They are taking no chances of wiping ten of the richest townships in Whiteside and Lee county off the map when they have a sale. I If the business men of the two cities as a whole will <cfecide to do the same thing next year the Volume of t)nde for the two towns will grow by leaps and bounds. There are many ways of reaching the public but' the one way that reaches the most people at the least cost is The Daily Gazette way—that much can be demonstrated over and over again. Any house that has any kind of a proposition presented to it for any kind of advertising will be saving money for themselves by permitting The Daily Gazette what it can do before closing a deal. Certainly no man who gives any attention to advertising can afford to wipe ten of the richest townships off the map, which is what they do when they fail to ad. vertise in The Daily Gazette. LAST BARGAIN MAIL OFFER The Bargain price for The Gazette expires Jau. 1, 1917. Until then mail subscribers outside the city of Sterling and Rock Falls can secure The Gazette to January 1, 1918, at the rule of 21 cents a mouth. No subscriptions taken at this price beyond January 1, 1018. Last call. Intelligent Little Thing*. ' !, Kvin " '""" "," v '1,1 ,n i i , , ., , '•!> inuv lie wi-ll You wouldn't think ihut the (title i ,,„ M|1( ,, <t things w^uld have vnouKh intclllgi'iiro ' _ _ to form such artafhrncnttt, but \vo n«i- j " '"' ..... ""-'-'""-""' '" r 'r? tlce tbai, when their n'gular friend and ! ' imtrorit*sjs is away for n wo*>,k nr ; o. i tind wv are lntrust»«l with tho duty of i ft'iHllni; the goldfish Hud rhdngiiiB tht'lr j \vat*T, the mortality uniong i!u>in IH wry high tudwd, doubt U>tui im account ; of liioken hearts. ; *" wl "! '' >lf ;».'• !"fit ^^-^•^-r ~*>!t Patagonia. I'al.-l^xiilH W44-S tlltllO^t UII llflUllllVVn (*v>t!ntrv I'.ntii I.udy l-'lurfiicc IH^.t' nn- t1«*rtoi.k tht' tusk of «>x|iloriiiK H hi»in«' >vars tij;o 'and risking her llt'i' m-cry thiy fi-r iiioiiilis niimiii; tin- j-avuK 1 ' trilH--. ii!i;i (ll.sctA I'ring a nice of nis-u , She Wat, Cur iout. l.iilU- ,lt'iil!i>' >al at (able, t'ltmws utl l!if liu/if iiln! hiiiiiis liitdrj- rhiii, nUirt • 'I'! i;. \»iiiiliin^ iiaifu rduui thiiiiiv.--. \\'ln-n --.-ht In i v \i;ii \<'ii ii'iini thai jHi- Why W',- i Demanded. i:^ IHI iiS;;r*' in ill* 1 hii>:h ni f t,r UK- nuiii v > SHI i :,iiin,i( in' i Mr JM 'ii hai'L nunilii-r \s h>-ih- ' s;i ilir ulUi'c tu' lii' 1 (Jii'ii'iy, • - l.u-.ii,'.-s or (!is- .-iiy li.'H to insert that Illtla" Want Ad that you- fcad in mine! — get iit't paper

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