Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 1, 1968 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1968
Page 8
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ffif Point LBJWas In jfevtmhr By Dcttous fi. , AssceiatM Pf es§ Writer ..WASfflNQfON (Al>) deil Johnson eased his six-foot' tHf6e frame into a maroon chair and said: "I guess the turning probably last Nove'nv Pbf some tiflie Johnson had been tossing around in his mind -"•and talking over with close frJefids and associates who could keep his secret— the possibility bi f enouncing the run for another presidential term, He had even come dose to making the stunning announcement that finally came Sunday night when he delivered his State of the Union message to Congress last Jan. 17. But with so many more messages on particular phases of his program still on tap, he decided the timing was improper. So it was not until the last day or two that the President made the final, definite decision against seeking or accepting nomination for a second full term, His family knew his intention and had what Mrs. Johnson later described as mixed feelings about it. But not many other people did, particularly as to the timing. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey had an inkling. So did Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Secretary of Defense Clark M. Clifford, and Clifford's predecessor, Robert S. Me- Namara. The President said he talked with his vice president Sunday morning about what he was con* sidering but didn't tell him he gfeifig id infieimce ft deel* siofi that night. He did call Humphrey, whs by that time had flown to Mexico City, after the fatHd'feleVlsldfi address ffoffl the pf evidential bHlce. \Vhat fixes November In John* son's mind as the turning point was a visit from the U.S. military commander in Vietnam, Gen. William C. Westmoreland, "Mis visit didn't bring it about," Johnson explained at a news conference hurriedly arranged just before midnight in the yellow oval room of the White House Uvlkg quarters, "His visit coincided withwhen t turned the corner." Christian is one of those who had the President's confidence. He said of the blockbuster announcement: "I think he really has been giving it hard consideration for about the last year. I think he and Mrs. Johnson have just been counting the days on when they might get out." Christian said, too, that he was working during the fall on a speech for Johnson which would have incorporated the Sunday announcement. He said Johnson had in his pocket In writing what would have been the announcement when he addressed Congress on Jan. 17. With the decision made and announced, the President traded a suit coat for a blue shirt jacket with a mandarin collar and turned up at the post mortem news conference eating a cup of chocolate pudding—probably low calorie. Questioned about the family's reaction, the President used the same term his wife had used: "Oh, I think it's a mixed reaction. I can't really speak for them. But I think they all go along with the decision I made. Lynda hasn't been here and she wasn't sure it was as immediate as it was. t Beat 1 Rockefeller May Return to the Scene HOPE (AM) STAR, Printed ft Offset to say that itockefeller opinion that, as one put It, By R6LMAN MORlN AP Special Correspondent NEW YORK (AP) - A top- ranking aide to Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York said Sunday night, "the governor has no immediate comment" on President Johnson's announcement that he will not seek re-election In November. Me stressed the word "immediate." the source would not go so far as may be reassessing the position he stated on March 21 when he said, "1 have decided to reiterate unequivocally that I am not a candidate . . . for the presidency of the United States," In spite of this disavowal, Rockefeller remains a factor In the contest for the GOP nomination for president. Oraft-Rocke* feller groups have not disbanded In the states where they organized before he stated his position. It appeared likely that they would redouble their efforts on his behalf In the wake of Johnson's announcement. GOP leaders expressed the 'the favorite sons all over, ttw country will be rethinking their positions now." these favorite sons included Govs. Ronald Reagan of Callfor- nla, James Rhodes of Ohio, Raymond P. Shafer of Pennsyl* vania, and possibly Sen, Charles Percy of Illinois. "Nobody knows yet who we're going to be battling In November," a Republican professional said. "I don't think it will be (Vice President Hubert) Humphrey. Bobby (Kennedy) would eat him for breakfast." Richard M. Nixon Is the acknowledged front-runner for the Republican nomination. He said Sunday, "Don 1 {downgrade Vice President Humphrey." But Nixon said he wanted to "study the text of the President's remarks before I comment on them." Rockefeller, potentially, is a strong challenger to Nixon for the nomination. He has demonstrated In New York state- where the Republicans are the minority party, as they are nationally—that he can pull votes from Democrats and independents. He is serving his third term as governor. On the basis of the New Hampshire primary, Nixon's aides said ha, too, had drawn heavily from these same groups. His office issued an Monday,April 1, ,.. kept pace with the changtpg conditions. And therefore <«r actions are not completely reje- groups, ms oiiiue is&ueu an a^uuiia aic ">-"• ~" «y 1 1*. 0 analysis of that election making vant today to the realities or we two significant points. It said: magnitude, and the complexity, 1. "A record number of inde- of the problems that we race. . pendent voters chose tha Republican ballot and cast their vote for Richard Nixon. 2. "Mr. Nixon received four times as many Democratic write-in votes as Bobby Kennedy." Rockefeller has not fully defined his position on the issue of Vietnam. He did say in his March 21 statement, "I think that our concepts as a nation and that our actions have not Nixon is advocating "hard" line on Vietnam. He says the U.S. should not invade North Vietnam nor use nuclear weapons but he believes prtfs- sure should be kept on Hartol until the North Vietnamese agree to negotiate. ; Rockefeller disagrees with Nixon on civil rights and, specifically, on the question of disorders stemming from that problem. THE NATIONAL RIPORT ON WHAT'S HAPPENING Hippie Yippie: So-called Youth International Party announces huge invasion of Chicago next summer to coincide with Democratic convention. Causing concern among serious antiwar groups and black power people who want to grab the headlines. The "Hippie Yippie" gang has predicted a "supercreative synthesis, energy explosion and information exchange!" They are trying to link underground newspapers in a giant special edition. They talk of cars painted like cabs to hijack convention delegates. They talk of pot-boilers like LSDer Timothy Leary, poet Allen Ginsberg, Dick Gregory, Bob Dylan, the Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish, Arlo Guthrie, The Mamas and The Papas plus dozens more , of 'the rb6k» generation. Talk 1 , talk, talk. The roads will be full of hitchhikers if the Hippie Yippies have their way-say-day. Meanwhile, as Chicago fretfully girds for the long, hot summer, the Demo convention city officials hope the Hippie Yippies stay on a talk gag. INSIDE TWIGGY: She's changed her mind! Twiggy, sick and looking giggly, has decided to have a "real slam" at the movies. Busily growing long hair (what! no hairpiece), she's being touted by her boy friend-manager, Justin de Villeneuve, as "the biggest thing ever." The Beatles are backing the film, "The Wishing Tree." The story is based upon a Faulkner fairy tale. The girl (Dulcie) can't decide if she's 12 or 20. Being billed as "a classic for kids," "The Wishing Tree" could be the year's top comedy. 300-MILLION AMERICANS BY YEAR 2000?: By 1975 we may have population of 225-milllon. A birth is recorded every 8V/ seconds; a death every 17 seconds. Result: A net gain in total population every 14^ seconds. An immigrant arrives every 60 seconds; an emigrant departs every 23 minutes. All of the above despite the decline of the birthrate for nine straight years despite increasing number of marriages. However, projections do make 300-mlllion a feasible figure for the year 2000! Fashion Note: Menswear Institute is plugging GANGSTER STRIPES AND SHAPE for late spring!!! Should put a booklet "How to Look Like a Hoodlum." Another mens- wear gem—"The Meditation Look"—guru shirts, Nehru jackets, beads, amulets and other accoutrements worn by the faltering Maharishi!!! PIT STOP!: Coca Cola and Petersen Publishing Company producing flashy Drive Ed film for high school use next fall. The works: top drivers, new cars, classic cars, racing cars. A large contest with no less than eight new Buicks as principal prizes. Motorists will see a ton of checkered decals on bumpers in fall of 1968. The insignia says "Pit Stop." Program has blessing of National Safety Council. L.BAHY WEARY—NOW LEERY: Dr. Allan Cohen, early l»SD<dlgglng disciple of Dr. Timothy Leary, turned off some years ago, Life's work now? As a counselor at University of California at Berkeley and in most free hours he advises trippers to shake drug scene—claims it's a big bad bag—the worst way of all to seek one's identity. Lady Pentlsts-- Scarce as Hen's Teeth: Only 55 women students have received dental degrees at University of Southern California's School of Dentistry since it opened in 1897! Why? Tradition alone since elsewhere in world 75 per cent of women are dentists. Teen § lrls urged to check out entistry-it isn't all that difficult and it's very lucrative. T&EN GUIDEBOOK: Fullertan, California's Corn- mission on youth recently published a "Guide for Par- guts and Youth" and gave a copy to all students in Wadey six through 12 in the school district. Pamphlet covers curfew hours, recommended dating procedures „ and contained data about drugs. Teens laughed heartily through section telling high school seniors to be home f Supervised activities by 8:30 on week nights: also loved aa/( |/tat iiwintly advised all teens below 10th grade woid any form of pairing off. Many teens uiui some . reseut beinu told W'lQt to do — consider iitea of book aii insult it's a godsend. Will it start a trend? —!y Rpbf rt MocUod Editor, TWO ki : " to SAFEWAY Reach for these save-money brands! BRANDS BUY...TRY... COMPARE It pays to use the brands which wear the famous ($) mark on their labels. They are a family of top quality product* which we manufacture ourselves or which are made for Ui by some of the most responsible companies in the country. All are made under rigid quality specifications. All are fully guaranteed. We sell them for less because they cost us less. It's as simple as that! DOUBLE GOLD BOND STAMPS WEDNESDAY! Cream Pies Bel-air Assorted Flavors Save a Big 56c on These! LOOK AT THESE LOW PRICES 14-oz. Pies $ I NuMade Save lOc! Mayonnaise Paper Towels ^ 3 Charcoal ° 2ark ° uality Canned Milk Lucerne Evaporated Milk You Save 17c On This! All 141-oz. Tins Shortening Facial Tissue Aluminum Foil Hot Dog Buns White Bread Briquets, Save 20c! Royal Satin Purpose •• . . . Truly Fine, Assorted Colors & Hamburger Buns, Skylark & Wheat j; Mrs. Wright's «. Qt. Jar 185-Ct. Rolls 20-Lb. Bag -Lb. Tin 1 200-a. Pkg. 25-Ft. Roll 8-Ct. Pkgs. l-Lb.,2-Oz. Loaves 49c $1 99c 69c $1 25c $1 $1 Pork Loins Full Quarter Pork Lotas, Sliced for Chops Lb. THIS WEEK GET YOUR Amberstone COFFEE CUP 2nd Big Co-a- Round at the Special 29c Price . . , Only One More to Go! With Each $3 Purchase, Excluding Tobacco Products. SAVE 30c! Pork Chops Veal Steaks Beef Liver Sliced Bologna Pork Sausage Choice Rib Chops Lb. Manor 1-Lb. House Chopped 1'kg. Manor House, Sliced Lib. 1-Lb. Safeway Vac Pack Safeway, 2-Lb. Roll ... 08c 1-Lb. , Roll 79c 79c 59c 59c 10t 49c Sliced Bacon Smok-A-Roma. Save 16c! 2 a 99' YOU CAN WIN UP TO $1,000! PLAY . . . Join The Ever Crowing List Of Thousands Of Lucky Winners. Over 182,000 prizes to Be Awarded! Win! Safeway Guranteed to Please! Can Biscuits w^ght* 12 5S 51 3 Pfc,6-Oz. *,J JttrS » | •Mil It! LI • * Kosher ' Sliced Dill rlCKieS Or Whole, Zippy ., | • JUIC6 Bel-air Florida Frozen Soft Canned, A«fd 5 12 6-Oz. Tins 12-Oz. C of f e e Edwards, All Grinds Or Safeway Pre-Cround 39c Get a load Of These Safeway Low Prices Cascade. 1-Lb., 4-0*, Why Pay More? Pkg. 49 Cerber's Strained 6' V,6 5 Assortt ' d PessertB, Big, Buy! $1 M Potatoes Selected Size, All Purpose Red Potatoes, See How You Save at,.. 2069 With $5 Additional Purchase. LUSH Tobaccoj, Please as Orange Juice Grass Sod Rose Safeway Pure Juice Qt. 390 St. Augustine Sq. Plant Now \U Cu. No. 1 While Supply Lusts! Hair Spray Truly Fine Regular 14-0*. Or Hard to Hold . . Tin Prices In This Ad Effective Monday Through Wednesday at Your Safeway Store. SHOP and SAVE! 49' Detergent Baby Food Bonus Deterged !!?**, ... 2 -X°" 83' -36' - 62' £23' 96 85 Detergent Thrill Liquid Clorox Bleach Margarine Shortening Blue Bonnet, Easy to Spread Crisco. All Purpose, SAVE! 3 3 1-Lb. Pkg*. -Lb. TM - Quantity Rights Roservcd— S A P E W AY rul'YIMOJIl iHO HAKhWAX tiTOHEB, UlCOHi'UHATW

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