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"Starts the Day on the South LUBBOCK MORNING AVALANCHE Thirty-First Year, No. 185 28 Pages Today Lubbock, Texas, Wednesday, June Full L.awd Wirw: (AP), (UP) and (INS) For Jury As 69 Dropped Only One Juror Named As Killingsworth Trial Opens At Levelland Close Young Queen By KENNETH MAT Avalanche Staff Writer lone juror was sworn in here Tuesday afternoon as a 29-year-old Sundown High School teacher went on trial for the "Dance of Death" murder of his "good friend" and fellow tsacher, Richard McChristial. The juror accepted from among 30 questioned by attorneys was 'sworn in only after Dist. Atty. Travis Shelton had assured him the state will not ask the death penalty for Jack Killingsworth, who is charged with murder with malice in the death of McChrist- ial.

Good Crowd On Hand The courtroom drama began unfolding early in the afternoon before a courtroom almost filled by curious spectators and friends of the dead man and the man accused of killing him. By day's with the number of specta- tors dwindling, there were increasing indications that it may be impossible to seat a jury here. McChristial was shot to death Feb. 27 near the SUndown 'school after Mrs. Killingsworth allegedly told her husband the 37-year-old agriculture teacher had made love to her.

Opposes Capital Punishment Orville Kirby, the juror select- Tuesday afternoon and a 26-1 year-old Whitharral farmer, told i Shelton he is against capital pun- ishment but has no objections to Taxas prison system. He was the 16th venireman questioned. Court will resume at 9 a.m. Wednesday following a recess at 5:55 p.m. Tuesday by order of 72nd District Judge Victor H.

Lindsey. Eighty-one prospective Elizabeth In Promise To 'Rule Well' "DANCE OF DEATH" MURDER TRIAL OPENS AT characters of the "Dance of Death" murder trial hurried past waiting newsmen and photographers Tuesday afternoon, refusing to answer questions or pose for pictures. Jack Killingsworth, Sundown school teacher charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a fellow teacher, Richard Mc- Christiai, last February, is shown at left (second from the left) as he hurries from the courtroom with relatives. Left to right PRESIDENT T0 FIGHT CHINESE BIDIN UN Co-Operation By ROBERT TUCKMAN jurymen remain to be questioned. OEOUL, Wednesday, June 3 Ai opening day of proceed-10 Conciliatory words from Presi- ingi ground monotonously on dent Syngman Rhee Tuesday pledg- afternoon, it became in- ing co-operation with the U.S.

"at ereasingly doubtful that the required 12 jurors can be obtained from the original venire, of 150 namei. The first of the 111 to be queitioned took the rtand at 2:12 p.m. Tueiday after the other 39 had been for reasons. DitqwUfy Many One vtnireman after another wmi disqualified in the opening ttiaion for having a pre-cpnceived opinion regarding the guilt or Innocence of the defendant. Killingsworth is charged with McChristial just outside the Sundown School auditorium, where a song entitled "The Dance any cost" eased a bitter rift within Allied ranks and gave promise of a united front when truce negotiations resume Thursday (today, U.S.

time). Responsible sources in Washington revealed that the President personally has assured Rhee of U.S. support after an armistice, After an exchange of messages with President Eisenhower, the fiery, 78-year-old South Korean leader told newsmen "we must accept anything the U. S. President wants." By ROBERT E.

CLARK TTTASHINGTON, June 2 IN5 President Eisenhower told congressional leaders at a specially summoned White House conference today he will fight against admission of Communist By BOB CONSIDINE ONDON, June 2 Queen Elizabeth was crowned today in a glittering ritual as old as history yet fresh as a fairy tale, and tonight aimed all the rejoicing pledged herself with the zest of youth to breathe new life into her embattled commonwealth. In a broadcast from gray old Buckingham palace, the young i sovereign joined her 78-year-old Prime Minister in giving new hope of glory to her 600 million subjects around the globe. She told them her coronation was "not the symbol of a power and splendor that are gone, but a declaration of our hopes for the future." Had Anticipated Question It was as if she had anticipated the question in the minds of her unseen audience, scattered from the battlefields of Korea through brooding Kenya, strife-torn Nigeria and perhaps soon-to-be- evacuated Suez: Is there still hope that a golden new era is about to dawn, matching the splendor of the first Elizabeth's regin? Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, introduced the queen, and cautioned that the "present is hard and the future veiled." But he quickly added: China to the United Nations under i tion either to achieve a Korean! If: is our dearest resolve that any conditions whatsoever. I armistice or for any other reason, the Queen shall be happy, and He recommended that the House i Sen, Bridges (R-NH), said he! ou resolve unswerving that her and Senate adopt a resolution flat- will attach the resolution to the reign will be as glorious as her ly declaring the U.S. opposes any State Department Appropriations! devoted subjects can help make move to make the Red regime a i Bill now being debated in place I member of the world organiza-lof a "rider" which would have! are W.

A. Wiley, Killingsworth's father-in-law, Killingsworth, an unidentified spectator (background), and Killingsworth's mother, Mrs. W. J. Killingsworth, holding handbag in front of her face.

On the right, McChristial's widow, left, and Mrs. Mintie Frazier, a longtime neighbor of Mrs. McChristial, are shown just as they arrived for the opening session. Both Mrs. McChristial and Mrs.

Frazier have been summoned by the prosecution as state witnesses. (Staff Photos By Phil Record.) Ike Shuts Door On Reds 'PLANS' ON CONTINUED WAR Army Chief Warns Funds May Not Let U.S,'Face All Perils' banned U.S. contributions to the Made Five Appearances The beautiful young queen, still UN if Communist China were ad- 1 glowing from all the hubbub and trying routine, went on the air between on the By ROSE McKEE TirASHINGTON, June 2 year lum by Killingsworth, a woodworking instructor at the school and shot 12 times with a .22 cali See MURDER TRIAL Page 10 of Death" was being played for I forces, rehearsal of a faculty play in I Remained In Background which McChristial was 'a mem-1 "To allow the Chinamen to stay bcr of the cast our country is similar to accept- The husky agriculture teacher in death sentence," he declared was summoned from the auditor-1 firmly. i Rhee remained in the background last week while his lieutenants revealed the contents of a secret Allied truce proposal to the Communists and denounced it as a "surrender" and a "sell-out." In a surprise appearance Tuesday at a British Commonwealth Division parade in honor of Queen Elizabeth's coronation, Rhee broke his silence. He told correspondents he had received a three-point message from President Eisenhower but refused to disclose its contents.

He said he planned a reply "very See RHEE BOWS Page 10 But Rhee left no doubt he still i Secy, of the Army Stevens hoped for unification of Korea and told Congress today that while he removal of all Chinese Communist hopes for a truce in Korea he doing his planning on the Huge Plane Lands With Atomic Bomb LAS VEGAS, June 2 A giant bomber carrying the estimated equivalent of 50 million pounds of TNT in a deadly atomic bomb was forced to land at Albuquerque, N.M., today after adverse weather conditions post- I I poned the scheduled test deto- Florida Humane Sure Eaies "Twas believed to be the first! AJ Tropical! Storm Degenerates time a plane ever landed with MIAMI, June 2 tropi- an explosive atomic device in its I cal disturbance in Gulf of Mexico bomb bay. i weakened further today, degenerat- The plane was nearly over the ing into a rather wide area of Slingshot Burglar Finds 'Soft Touch 1 Undoing At Borger target area at Yucca Flats, when it was ordered back. The huge plane flew 500 miles to Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., and made a peifect landing. Crew members let out a long whistle of relief. The test was delayed until Thursday.

squalls without a well-defined center. An advisory of the Miami Weather bureau late today said squalls extend through the Florida straits from the keys to Western Cuba. Highest winds in the area ranged between 35 and 40 miles an hour. YEAR'S EXTENSION OF OKAYED White House, Congress Reach Reciprocal Trade Compromise By BEX WASHINGTON, June 2 flit-House 'V Republicans have reached agreement with the White House on compromise legislation to extend Martin said he expects the compromise to "pass without trouble," The President had asked lor a i simple one-year extension of the present law to permit a complete (By The Associated Preis) BORGER, June of the men who brnke into a Borger home and grocery store today had a slingshot; the other had the rocks. But John Seller, the grocer, had a pillow.

And his wife and two teen-age daughters had determination. Pillow Is Weapon When the two men started crawling across: the floor where Seller was sleeping, the grocer woke, grabbed a pillow and hit tile sling shot toting burglar. The burglar run and Sellers made a barefooted chase. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sellers and her two daughters grabbed the second man, who had the rocks, and held 'him until police arrived.

The sling shot carrier was caught a few minutes later as he crawled through a nearby canyon. Charges of burglary and theft were filed against Ivan Smith, 20, and Irving Sorrells, 25. theory the war will last a or longer, Stevens said the Army's request for 513,671,000,000 for the 1954 fiscal year will enable the military to fulfill its present missions but will not equip the Army to protect the country "against all the momentous perils which might face it," The secretary, testifying before a Senate appropriations subcommittee, said the request is a compromise between national security and economy needs. May Need More He said that if the Korean stalemate is replaced by an all-out i Brdges said he has signatures of 13 members of the Appropriations Committee all of the members present today as co-sponsors of the resolution. He added he will move to withdraw the controversial rider when debate re-.

Isumes on the money bill Wed! nesday. i Korea Discussed The GOP congressional leaders who were hastily sent for during the morning told newsmen that also discussed "the general Korean situation as far as a truce is concerned" at the one hour session. The White House refused to make any comment on truce developments but authoritative State Department sources disclosed that the Chief Executive has personally assured South Korean President Syngman Rhee the United States will not abandon Korea in the event an armistice is reached. Wants Clear Declaration Sen. Knowland (R-Calif), de- cony of Buckingham palace with her husband and two young children.

The Queen and Prince Philip made five coronation night balcony appearances in all four times by popular demand and once in a brief ceremony to il- luminate the glowing heart of her festive coronation city. She pledged to devote her life See PLEDGE BY Pace 10 QUEEN ELIZABETH Hailed By Millions OJ Subjects IN PROUD MOMENT 'Sir Winston' Shares Glory Atom Spies Due To Die June 18 (Sy United Press) NEW YORK, June -The United States Court of Appeals unanimously denied a stay of execution Tuesday for atom spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, whose execution in Sing Sing prison's war effort, he will have to come I dared the President wants the! electric chair at 11 p. m. June 18 back and ask for more than the congressional resolution to be a was ordered earlier in the day. $2Va billion he is now requesting I "clear declaration" of a fighting! The appellate court also refused for the Korean War.

-S- policy against admission of I a plea for the substitution cf a the Chinese Reds. i prison term for the death sentence Knpwland said: "By that, the I for the couple convicted two years Stevens placed the cost of the Korean War thus far at $15 billion, following figures previously given by Gen. Bradley, of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and See ARMY Page 10 President meant that the U.S. will ago for giving U. S.

atomic secrets not be just one single vote against any such proposal. We will fight actively against it and take the See IKE TO Page 10 to the Russians during World War II. Defense Atty. Emanuel H. See EXECUTION Page 10 By TOM OLCHTLTREE TTTESTMINSTER ABBEY, London, June 2 (J) Primi Minister Sir Winston old lion of the his young Queen today with his eyes brimming with emotion.

The man who served Queen Victoria more than half a century ago repeated once again what for him were magic words: "God Save the Queen!" A Symbol of Chivalry Then he walked slowly from Westminster Abbey in the procession of the newly crowned Elizabeth n. As 'he 1 Churchill symbolized for the 7,500 persons there much of the chivalry of Britain's past. He seemed" -somehow to represent the tides of history all in his own person. In his deep blue velvet robes of the Order of the Garter, Churchill was in that moment (he perfect Knight of Valiant Service. Accompanied By Others As befitted the leader of the "Mother of Parliaments," Churchill was accompanied by other Prime Ministers of the St.

Laurent of Canada; Robert G. Menzies of Australia; Sidney G. Holland of New Zealand; Daniel F. Malen of South Africa; Jawaharlal Nehru of India; Mohammed Ali of Pakistan and Dudley Sensanayake of Ceylon, It befeU Prince Bernhard to pay the perfect gracious tribute to Britain's 78-year-old leader. The Netherlands Prince was seated in the choir facing the See SCR WINSTON Pafe 10 stud act an its relation country's overall trade and policies.

Th new bill eliminates several the Reciprocal "Trade Act for one year without substantial change as requested by President Eisenhower development was announced Tuesday by House Speaker Joseph Simpson (R.Pa) and supported by W. Martin who said the pro- the House Ways and Means composed compromise will be rushed mittee which is handling the bill. through the House in hope Con- To Carry Name gress can complete action before the present law expires June 12. AWUNCHf-JOURNAL STATION Simpson had wanted to take away from the President his present authority to overrule the tariff commission in making reciprocal trade agreements, sometimes called the keystone of U.S, foreign pojicy. The compromise would retain the authority.

While the compromise legislation will carry Simpson's name, he told reporters he will continue his battle for tight, new restrictions on the law. PAMPA COUPLE KILLED LAS VEGAS, June 2 Dr. and Mrs. A. L.

Lane, Pampa, Texas, were killed in a highway accident 30 miles northeast of here at noon today. William Angle, 12, Pampa, a passenger in the car, suffered serious injuries. GOOD MORNING In Today's Paper Editorial Page. Page 8, Section 1. Climbers Are Lauded.

Page 1, Section S. Military "Waste" Probed. Page 1, Section I. Area, State, National Pages 2-S-4, Section 1. This Morning's Comics.

Page 9, Section 1. Radio, TV Page 5, Section 2. Today's Page. Page 4, Section 1, Regional OH News. Page 8, Section 1.

lakes Throne In Pageantry By RELMAN MORFN ONDON, June 2 (ft-Elizabeth crowned iii a ceremony old to England, rode her golden coach triumphantly through the of her capital this rainy day to the acclaim of the biggest in London's history. The cheers hoarse million! sent her back to Buckingham Palace tired but happy. She made five balcony appearances there and broadcast a message of gratitude and hope to her half billion subjects around the world. "I thank you from a full heart," Elizabeth said in the broadcast. "God bless you all." Broadcast Cloned Day The broadcast brought officially to a close a day of destiny that bad kept the Queen in the public eye 11 hours.

It was tile coronation in history. Only 7,500 could crowd into Westminster them Prince Charles, 4-year-old heir to the throne, himself due to get the crown some day in this coronation church of the Britons. But millions here and on the continent looked in directly via TV on all but the most sacred sections. Broke Pollen Lines Tonight a hundred thousand subjects, massed around Buckingham Palace, kept calling for her to come out. Many persons In the huga throngs previously spread along the more than rive-mile sional route converged on the Palace after the Queen returned there.

They broke police lines and surged against the gates and fencei each time the Queen appeared oa the balcony. It was dark and cold, but tha people were gtill in transports of joy over the great pageantry of the day, the beautiful young Queen, and her family. Appeared With Family The first time the Queen appeared on the balcony her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, their children, Queen Mother Elizabeth, and her sister, Princess Margaret, were with her. A deafening storm of cheering greeted them. Prince Charles looked startled.

He had to be coaxed into waving. He had seen only part of the Abbey ceremony today, sitting with his grandmother and his Aunt seemed to think the spectacle was very good fun, indeed. After Elizabeth and Philip had made a brief second appearance on the balcony in response to continued calling, the Queen delivered her broadcast message. When she finished, the crowd again began calling for her. The Queen made her third appearance on the flood-lit palace balcony at 9:45 p.m.

(2:45 p.m. CST) and the crowd cheered hysterically. The Duke of Edinburgh, who had MASSED Pagn 10 Allies Smash Reds In Counterattacks SEOUL, Wednesday, June 3 Determined Allied early today smashed back the last of some 4,000 Korean Reds who overran several hilly outposts on the Eastern Front Tuesday. The UN Command commu- nique said the Republic of Korea (ROK) 12th Division attacked in predawn darkness around Luke the Cook's Castle and, by 6:30 a.m., had cleaned the Communist out of all positions. Communist casualties in the fighting Tuesday were estimated at more than 1,100.

It was the heaviest fighting on the Eastern Front in more than a year. Lubbock and vicinity: Partly cloudy and continued hot. Today's low in the middle 60s, the high about 96. Wind out cf the south at 20 to 25 mph. No rain in sight a.

m. 72 1:50 p. m. 92 a. m.

71 2:30 p. m. S3 3:30 71 3:30 p. m. .54 4:30 a.

m. 69 4:30 p. S5 5:30 a. In. 68 5:30 p.

IT. S-l a. m. 6S 6:30 p. .94 7:30 s.

m. 72 7:30 p. 93 8:30 a. m. 78 8:30 p.

.85 9:30 a. m. SI 9:30 10:30 a. £4 10:30 p. 11:30 a.

m. 88 11:30 12:30 f. m. 89 12:30 a. jn (ilgn ana turoaiu recordings) at U.

S. Weather Bureau station In 24 bouri vetierdgy: Maximum 96; Minimum 65- Maximiim a year ago today 89: minimum a year asro today 64- Sun rises today a. sun seta today 7:53 p. m. Maximum humidity minimum humidity iTrj; humidity at midnight 3UIITUWE51 WEATHJEK oD tUID and low temperatures noun coding at nidniebt 'ait THE QUEEN of spectators jam Trafalgar Square in London, above, to see Queen Elizabeth pass in the royil carriage to orowtwd in Abbey.

Hundreds of thousands of persons jammed every foot of the parade route for the colorful pageantry. (AP Wirephoto via Radio From London.) the night CUT Abilene Albuqueraue XmarlUo Paso 91 62iHouston 97 SSIOkla. City 96 SSlRoswdl W. Fail! 65 95 71 94 8S 96 58 71.

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