Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 5, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1944
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1944 U. ''; .. v ; ' I;.-, _ • Vsi,.,.-; t.*\, .*'?'• ' ' * "•".,' "•* :' .' '' Five Cites Canada's Cooperation In Duck Comeback $100,000 'Kitty' For This Cat \Vn.ihiHKton (UP)— The Crinarlhin jjovrrnnu'iic hns played aiv Important (iitrt in hclplnjr to qu!Ulru|ilp ,!„, ,">ntlnrnt;il poimliition of tui- j-ruiory wiitrrfowl durlni; tlio p;i.s[ f,<w yi'iirw. .'ind hocauio- of this, (,'nltc'l Stnti-r.: sjwirtsmcrn 1 owe "u 1,-rrnt d.-h:" to them, urrorcllnp to T)r. fiu N'., Cr.-ibric-l.son, director of the -If CHI of nlcil , :itul Wildlife' Service. Hie fedor.'il j,'ovornm:>ni of H, as well MS Uhc KovernrnonU provinces, hcul not cc-opct 1 wholeheartedly in the work of rm;"iN'v;iLionlsls both in the 1,'nitrd States and Canada," Gii- hrh'lson wild, "wo coxid not have •illrviiited thir so-call 'duck di'pfc.*- slnn' us nipidly ,i/ we have done," Ho ijxplninod that Canada nei. nsiil-i "millions of acres" a.s :-;mct- imni-s for duck.*t, K'eesc, swans and oilier waterfowl. In addition to cortiplotinir more fchan 20,000 water priijwt. runjjInK from «m:Ul stoi'lj- wnfrinK ponds lo larj^c rtonw [•rsorvfiirs and lakes for the benefit nf the waterfowl population. Th'- 'duck depression/ occurred In tho i:<id-1930's when the (luck population of North America dropped to the "alarminffly- low" fif.-i!ru of 27.000.000, it was .said, diiu chiefly to a .severe drought mid unusually heavy .shooting. But bir:ui.-t: of t.he measures taken by bo rh tho Canadian and tho b'niti'd States Koverivment, tho w;i- lurfowl population of the continent hin muclo a noteworthy conic- bad; sinci' that time, "Certainly the Kish and \V1U1- lif.' Service could have iiitkcd for nn morn co-operation thnn C;in- iula has always trivcn." Oaforiol.son said. "It has been a i^ood neighbor indeed," New Bazooka Model Can Be Handled Easier IJri'lfruport. Conn. (LT D —A haxnoku. i>( "knockdown" construc- tiu.'i and with improved sights, now is liuini: made hy the General Kici-tric Cu.. manufactui'ci's of this lethal weapon since the crude ;,iode!s wen; submitted to Army ordinance experts. Thf new rocket K'm is similar to '"irlier rnoduls but the barrel is made in two parts, which ffreat-* ly fnciliiatns handling, particularly in junKli's find other confined pliic-i's. Dry-cell batteries for Ilrlnf; nisi) hv.'" boon eliminated. '['In- latest offspring of the rocket family «-,-I.M flr.vt used by pnra- lfutii>i:m inviidiiw Franco. UiL-trr, S-ye;ir-old titft-r cat, oiin well afford to dciniiiid Kolfl fi.sli and i* (irivule hiintiiiH- ground with .silvi.T finclit-s iind scjulrrels, for thin "lonl of I In; housetops" has come Into $100.0(11) thanks to the im- iisiuil will of Attorney \Voodlniry Kund, ltroi>kline, .Mas.s. Itand'H relatives WITH ilisiiiliuritoil ami $(i(i,(H)U was luft to provide for Buster and S-liMMiH to ftlrs, Margaret Tliompson, Jiitiid'.s former lunixo kiM'pcr, " alii- iiinli; Bu.sli<r belter," ]Ju.stt:r, scoinlnKl.v. 'eriu-il, l.s shown above with Donald Chase, Kr;imlsuii to Mrs. Thompson. (Internatiotuil) Swiss Company Revealed DDT To U. S. Attache An avorase city apartment has mil!: elfctric motors, 'and »n it.var- :ti;r .suburban 'home is uqulpjitd wlrh from 10 to M. To make your home more attractive nuinc » PAINT ^ STYLING DiJ you (enow thin you can mnke • small room look Inrscr by the proper choice jind placirR of colors? Come to us for hints on modern Paint Styling, Murphy Paint* CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Electrical Supplies Equipment 'MM WITH HOMOS Victor — Oliimhiu — IJcccu Kccords SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 1.1 CIIUUCK ST. TKI.. 257-1 Toledo. Ohio (UP)—DDT. the Army's new insect power which is the bu.i;s Lhc DT's. WHS first, tested hero as u possible eiimin.-itor of the corn borer, out' o! the Amer- iraa farmer's worst pests. .It WHS in November, 19'I2, that a small amount of DDT, a white pou'der, was received at Uie European corn horor laboratory here rind tested by G: T. JJottjrer, entomologist. Soiontists at t'ho laboratory were not excited particularly at first; it was just another routine test fur them. But it wa.* not lonpr befoi'e the laborittoty sent tin enthusiastic report book to Washington, Soon after, the \Vr.r Production KcKird cl'ampcd down a liffh: c(. - n- soi'ship on rieu-.s of DOT at the ;'e- i|Ui:. u t of Army ataliuritics. Xow that the s'.ecreny of tho insecticide is no tonpre:* iiv effect, it ran now b*o rovealetl thai D.DT am !<;•".'[) .''lii-.s away from a cow barn for at least three months after one sprayinR. The pijwdci- is sudden death to flit*, chiller?, ticks, bedbugs, roacii,' 1 ^. most[uitoes. ^r.'ip'infvsc bee- Lies 'and aats. A tiny bit of DDT in a room would be a cleath tr.ap !'o." flies for almost :i year, tc:.ts proved. Ciot.hir.^ into which DDT ha^'. beer.- blown has been laundered si.x or seven times ancl still the powder is effective lice of any type, scientists iat the Toledo laboratory said. But. DDT is not o. new discovery, it was explained. The powder's power was first lea.rnod in 1S7-I by Othmar Zaidlor of Strn-'hours. Germ-any, and its insect properties wore proven in Swiss laboratories five years aj; r o. J. R. G-ijitfy and' Co., of B.'LxIe, .Switzerland, reported t h e powder's deadly effect on Insects and typhus-oarryinif lice in .-L re-port to the Amcrii:an military attaehc nt Geneva. DDT is made by several com p-anles in the United States. One concern alone has made enough to protect more than SO million persons apaiti:-.t typhus for a. monl.b. But the Army has t'aken over the entire supply, except for a small amount released for farm experiments. Homemaking Full-Time Job ? Expert Holds State College. Pa, (U PI—It houscwivcisi don't want a broken home when the boys return from "over there." they'd bettor consider homeniakinjr 'as a f'.ill-tim. 1 ) job. Dr. M. E. John of. Pennsylvania Stato C^llcfTe, Wiirncd. Wartime ncRlcct cvrjnta.-Uly will sliow in homes -where the wile refuses to take inicrotit. liu said, and added that divorce rates .-ire hifrhcr where the little- woman h;is outside employment. "Full-time intcrosl outside 1)1.1 home unquestionably lerisens in- tcTcst in the home," Dr. John said, omeii wlj'o work destroy the satisfaction to ,bc pained from horacmukinjr both for their husbands and for themselves." And, Dr. John 'fiirthc: 1 esplninC'X Llic wife will be a bettor p-.irine-r if she sandwiches a litt'.c community life in with 'her 1 home af- I'airs. She will more fully under— Vtand her husband's problems,', become -i. bL'Ltcr convor.Titionalisl, and bucomc more broudmindcd. The Penn State .sociologist fur- thci' added that community ancl social organisation must.prei>Li.r^ no\v to meet the tremendous post-war social rcaclji-istmen t probcms. He «ujr£L>slcd cstiiblishnier.t o!' coun- sclinjf centers where ruturr.iinpr veterans may discuss their social and vocational problems, About 3,700,000 Americans h.ivc been killed in accidents; 'since 1900, j and of this total. L'30,000 were killed J s;i;ce Pearl Harbor. Have foil HoiiKht Tlint HO.VI)'.' HIGHLAND GROCERY 02 HIGHLAND AVE. WAK 1JO>'J>S AND STAMPS JJap Carrier Pigeon NOTICE! TO OL'R NAUGATUCK SJ'OltK CU.STOMICKS! Duo lo war time conditions, wo :ire vunipollcil to close uur 3S':iu- CAM. US For the day our Route Man "'ill tin on your street. Free Telephone Service Tor Natipatuck Customers Call Enterprise 4700 KOCCO KADO, Prop, **»+*»• CLEARANCE SALE CiiulM, Suits :i:ul (ireutl.v jGREATOAKFARMi jO.Ni'-OJtl) JtOAII T«l. C(M!){ { MILK — EGGS { « Dfllvi-ry To All .I'lirt* Of J J >';tii),-:ituck * SHALETT-LUX l.iiuiHlcri'irs — Dry Clcuncra s !•:. Main St., \Vatcrliury IVIain Office & Plant, 22 Walnut SI. K.xt. \Vatertown — NaiiKutuck MIddlchury YOUJl KVKGLASSES SHOP C. H. Tonilinson Ncnry' , Conn. STOKE C1.OSIOI) AT.T, HAY JiACIl MONDAY ntjRINU ,IULY ANII AUGUST Frninpt, ICxport WATCH & .TEWKLJtY William Schpero Jeweler 180 CHURCH ST, — 1 FIlKht Up — .\mrricuii.H who 'mvi; iiindi'd <m MK- i.irnnd of C'.iam (ILscovi-n-il 12,).I-,.,, x ,,t tliat (In: .Japs are iisin^' carrier jrintwrnr, .Scrvici! fur (i liilfi'un.-. H.S :i ini-iiiis nf coiiiiniinl- I'litinns then-. Ma.j. Gen. A. II. Tnrniii,'(. is shown ...vainininc a riiphirrd Nippom'-sr ini'ssiivft 1 lir.-iriT. U. S. Marlnr Corps photo. (International) S»7.!»5 cnfpiT JEWELERS oiitli Main S». — 4-J20* O- World War > A Year Ago •" ,j August 5, 1943 ;' Await Ferry Planes To Russia (By United Proud) • British Eighth Army, -captures Cntanliv in. Sicilian campaign. On Russian front; • Sovic'f'fbrcoa cnptui'c pi'Cl and Belgorod;, In special order of -day, Premier' Joseph Stalin, breuks good .news: to Russian people, * Sweden cancels lacilltioa''' "by which Germans hud moved "troopa and materials through -that,, country to Norway and- Finland'.; cancellation bcciimc effective for materials on Aug. 1C; for. troops,' on Aup. _20. American forces encircle Japanese pfi.rrison at the Munda airport in New Georgia, New It.alinn cabinet mccta, for three and ohc-holf I'uiyrs to , discuss domestic problems'/ . , ' :• Safety Director Tak£s Legislative Ribbing Enton ROURC, La., (UP) — Hunter i Huckabay, Louisiana's new safety j director, didn't anticipate ribbing-' from his job, but the state., legislature. had ideas fit Its own.Vi 1 " .A resolulion directed- •'•.him to a uniform o'Cvthe'ibllow-' inp specifications dn.rk;b'luc trousers with prold •.strlpestfjBCarlct tunic with wold . epaulettes and a.' sword of appropriate length. Ho was then directed to' appear on a specified clato, so attired, before the bar of each House. the Nliios ul: an airfield in Fuirbiinks, Alaska, are .three /crry pilots and an American officer, awaiting the arrival of twln-ciitriitcd Iciid-lcasu planes whicli arc rcRiilarly ferried to the IliiKNlan fifirhtiiiK front. It K'rt* recently niAdc public that about 10,00ft planes have rciichvd I((ixNi;i )>y way of tills route. (International .Soundphotoj When shopping or. work bogs you down— and you get time out for refreshments, hop over and perch at our fountain and enjoy— FRESH LIME FREEZE...lOc JUMBO ROOT BEER .. v »i|« ! - , • , • •'.-'-• 'V-'H.?.. Tomato and Lettuce Sandwich G. C. MURPHY CHURCH STREET Back the Attack — Buy Bonds NYWHERE! NYTIME! i NYHOW! BAR NOTHING m That's the spirit of our fighting men Let's match it in the S m .WAR LOAN E >OK AT that insignia adopted by one of our fighting outfits as a symbol of their fighting spirit. They are ready for anything. What about you? Arc you ready to match that spirit to -win with your War Bond purchases?- > You couldn't put your money on a-bct- • ter fighting man. Now, as our forces face Ci » /: o * <* *• < the biggest job they have ever been called upon to do—the job of invasion—they need your help more than ever. We know they'll fight—all out, all the way. And that's how they'll expect you. to buy War Bonds in this crucial drive—all out, all the way. So let's lend the way we know they'll fight. Anywhere! Anytime! Anyhow! BAR NOTHING! And that means EXTRA War Bonds—Now. Double- triple—your usual extra War Bond purchases. That's the way to put the "V" in, invasion! That's the way to match die fighting spirit of our invasion troops. '-^BUyMORt 1 .. •>•;: . , • - '. •' . ••.'." This Advertise mentis a Contribution Toward America's All-Out War Effort by The DAILY NEWS

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