Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 11, 1963 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1963
Page 7
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Status of Farm Ownership rising Changes Hy ttlCHAKD NOftHfUT£N SPWNOPIiLD (UPD-An old- fashioned concept 6t how Illinois farms are operated is fast disappearing. The rtld concept was that of four steps on an "agricultural ladder." The first was a period of work, usually under age 14, when the individual did unpaid farm work. The second step was that of the individual being a hired laborer. The third rung on the ladder was that of the individual being a tenant farmer, and the fourth — and "ultimate" goal was that of ownership. But high-pressure farming, involving specialization in certain crops,, acquisition of more acres and rapid advance of technology, involves a new "agricultural lad- tier" which has no resemblance to a ladder, write three farm experts in "Illinois Agricultural Economics," a publication of the Department of Agricultural Economics of the University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. A Change of Status In the first place, the movement from tenant to owner implies moving from a lower status to a higher status, when in actuality it sometimes meant moving from a marginal financial situation to going into debt with the new investment of ownership. Then again, a farm owner could "slip" from one of the higher rungs on the ladder back into the tenure of laborer class. The new concept of farm operation has no resemblance to a ladder depicting a vertical movement from one "status" to a higher "status." Along with three traditional ownership groups, full owner part-owner and full tenant of farm operation, the writers recognized a fourth group, that of joint oper- atorship. Joint operation was described as the managerial function being shared by two or more persons, usually father-son partnerships. A study was made of farms in Prize for a "Hole" William Gallagher, in 1953, was awarded the Pulitzer prize for his' "hole-in-the-shoe" photographs of Adlai E. Stevenson, taken when Stevenson was campaigning for the presidency of the United States in 1952. McLean County in Southern Illinois covering the period from 1948 to iflfdft so the writers could shed new light on tenure changes on farms. How Shift Works They found that some young farmers generally begin their farming careers as tenants and shift to being part owners. Others start as joint operators with their fathers and shift into the tenant class. In the middle years, the writers report, the shift is from the tenant class to part-owner, while the older farmers shift from ownership to joint ownership with their sons, thus continuing the transition of a farming operation from one generation to another. The significance is that full ownership does not have the status it once implied. The "top rung" now is merely to joint ownership with a son who does not have to start out from the bottom to work toward ownership. Full ownership is not always possible on farms'that are grow. ing from the traditional "family arm" size to huge enterprises. Farming is becoming more and more complex, and Individuals who once could start out as laborers and hope to become full own' ers can no longer succeed. FOR A BRILLIANT • iCHROH-Ll; L' INSIDE OUTSIDE METAL OR , WOOD «'v ;PWM J Covers better..; • gives you more •"mileage" per "gallon. jQQ QT. • Heat 1 •resistant. • TODAY'S BEST !-> PAINT : r> BUY 7UaAiPA £/iaft Hunt OUTSIDE HOUSE PAINT • Famous for qual- • ity and perfonn- J anoe. Comes in • standard colors • and self-cleaning J (No. 650) white. i GAL. Rf 9 . S.5Q Q«) JACOBY ON BRIDGE Luck Dangerous To Depend Upon By OSWALD JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. I have often stressed the importance of the key word, "Arch." I am indebted to George Gooden, President of the American Bridge Teachers' Associa tion for the first three letters of that word. I added the "H, which asks "How can I make or set the contract?" The ABTA will be holding its annual meeting in Los Angeles 11 WEST 4 97 54 VK96 4 954 + 852 NORTH * AQJ V75 4 KQ107 « J 10 4 3 EAST AK82 V J 10 8 4 3 2 • 62 + A7 SOUTH (D) + 10 8 3 VAQ • AJ83 + KQ96 Both vulnerable. South West North East 1N.T. Pass 3N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—+4 Clock Collectors to Help Project at Bishop Hill Galesburg Registe^MoiLGalesburq, 111, Thursday, My 1T,1963 BISHOP HiLL - The lowa-Ill.. flois Chapter of National Association of Watch and Clock Coller> tors met at the Colony School Sunday, with their wives and guests numbering about 60 for a potluek dinner and a display of clocks, watches and tools. Auction of the 250 items displayed was later conducted. There are 55 members in the chapter and over 4,000 in the national association. The chapter voted to contribute $25 to the Bishop Hill Heritage Association and offered to help restore the steeple clock in Bishop Hill. Mrs. George Peck of Rock Is­ land was honored at a birthday dinner in the Bishop Hill State Park Sunday. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wesell, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lewis of Cambridge; Mr. and Mrs. George Peck and family of Rock Island and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fuller and family of Erie. Little Robin Fuller is spending t w o weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wexell of Cambridge. The County Center Grange held its annual picnic at the Bishop Hill State Park Sunday with 65 in attendance. .fill is 3 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Gustafson entertained in their home Friday in honor of their daughter, Jill, on her third birthday July 6. Guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Spillman and Donita, Kenny Ringle, Mr. and Mrs. William White and Ellis of Galva and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hultgren and daughter of Kcwanec, It's Really Ink FORT MADtSON, Iowa (AP)The biggest customer for the Sheaffer Pen Co.'a writing flufd doesn't use it to fill fountain pens. Thousands of gallons of wash* able blue ink are purchased each year by tire manufacturers as II protective coating for the whit* walls of tires. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Galesburg, III. 343-5213 7 i. MAIN ST. the 25th and 26th of this month and anyone interested in learning the latest things in teaching will do well to attend. The "C" stands for "Count your winners and losers." George points out that South can count nine sure winners at his three no-trump contract if he wins the first trick with dummy's ace of spades and knocks out the ace of clubs immediately. George points out further that if South tries a spade finesse and East holds the king a heart shift will beat the hand in the event that the heart finesse is wrong. Of course, it is tough luck to lose two finesses, but George says that a winning player should not depend on luck when he doesn'. have to. South's correct play is to take the ace cf spades and go right qfter clubs. East will take his ace and shift to a heart and now South can try the heart finesse. It will lose, but South won't be hurt. He will still gather in four diamonds, three clubs and the two major suit aces for his nine tricks. Gilson Area News Topics GILSON — Miss Judy Harmon spent the past week at the home of her great-uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Friend at Buda. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harrison spent Saturday at Buda and Judy returned home with them. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Stegall went to Avon last Thursday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Joe Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Wilcoxen had as Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. George Horns and family of Levvistown. Kathy Horns remained to visit with Connie a few days before returning home. Teresa Wilcoxen is in Lewistown and Susan is in Peoria for a few'days. March 4, 1849, fell on a Sunday and President Zachary Taylor re fused to be inaugurated on the Sabbath, so he was inaugurated March 5th. EVERY ITEM! EVERY PRICE! EVERYDAY! 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