Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 28, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1916
Page 3
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! \ f. 11 •scr s 4, •4 J, Hi flit r?" \ -f) \, f>r« ff?m' ho] :--in, of », MHlllH'- h:U'?£<H?15-, "f !*! If IIRUKH AM) COMB SETS MANICURE SETS WHITE IVORY GOODS PACKAGE PERFUMES ETC, ETC. , Everything* is marked in plain figures; jfehe bargain price is one-half. The Sterling Pharmacy Co, 306 First Avenue * t •f 4 .*?>< j, ..f- i : t II it! .4, * r ! 1 =K; him ..<•. er fntU-'/ii: n r *" Kit'if-r 1 >'. h'-rt. b- -! ' r ,ft;,,,, .»( ,,.!-, TT n |lr,1 F!fli |,.<:<r ,\i... r , r- - ! •. , t -1 PI rv<!-..i:t;i'l j, . t. .-• ii ,.1',1'ii i:-.t: iJi'- <'m ' '•''>• -i! ;,5j;,-^ XV,t.^ S-riTtl'll k" : ( ' (1 ' i )i ; !'!'H, I!'*' !i(t"-<- ;n>'.uli»-« drivn ;i v, vol.; [<'>' <»! .-!l;i[ >'« ll'-C' »-r»t!"lll|. \\-M- nn'H - fi, •J> LAST BARGAIN MAIL OFFER The Bargain price for Gazette expires Jan. J, 191 JL Until then mail subscribers outside the city of Sterling and Rock Falls can secure Tho Ga- aettc to January l f 191 8-, at the rate of 21 cents a month. No subscriptions taken at this price beyond [January l, 1918. Last call. r's Empire Recovered From; ^™, /';?;: The Blow Germany Dealt 4 frV'Polanrl And Galicia, WEW ARM (N FIELD :!1 ''•''• IV;, ' ullil Pfl'll (-1 i-:.'!' !.;! i I'! !>,.< XiM ii ---» " Tin- tmr-rrlnl d^T'-c .ll'«M«»tltiir '.-.•'!-;:» i :>me. H i« inif, in t hi- fall .'!' !'Mi, )D:( j'M'i «:!•< l!»t ;i trill- (ri-.ll. ' nr <<-i in >.|.•':>]<, n!n! It '.\as ,mt\ in ^;U !!;;:« IvMik nt'OMn'S nvrltt H!> I'V ;>'!i|« niul Imuivis, IV;tK,-uits, fiinMI- :I;!IIH: •"' ; • i <'> ni uf !!K- ronntry's )'«>!'- nLition uf 1Tii.fMi'i.iifin. \vi*ro nover 10 well off »n their lives* Thf-v \vi>r»» ficl- ti r f.> ( ), hi-iti-r ejotlied. ,t l <it In en nn :ivt<rage i|iiu|i|f> the number <>f wurk- iiu; hoiir^ "i u ?.v. nnd jsii'kiitM?* IV.IH r*^- didv-d to nti irii wiliatih 1 deftree. One hail l.:>rt'» Itnlw. Prior to I'.ur. i< way 1.1 vi rlliiwiiiK ,-tll tin- tinip. hiivinK ««mo ..f'iiii patient.* tn core for OH be«t H vouhl. X'iW t.'''Mi bfilM hjtve lwni f<ent tit a ruilii.'U'V tioiMiltal bi>rn:t««* there- r.'U« fur. Thin \ saw the formation of a iVutral *'(Hiimittee to co-ordinate tho Man 7.4'mntvo t'nlon «-. i nir :>>:• H'"-«Ui ia r I>MI;I-> vi-'t l'i" p:u !i''ii -elicit in s i->'- v.'.-ir !^ thf r,,,!, !':•--)•!," tvri---- tli» (Mr, ,-.v.-r.t. •in' tvojthrtii'iiv !» find t !n'W.-i*h < " Thi- nifi>rni;Hs'>!i uf ri Pc'tf.nnl's 1'iit'v l;t lM" p'ltiwi i« «-U;;-i-;< -int -if thi- M' 'A M« ml i!' !Mi«!.:i;i Ul'i'il Ill-|:1i» ll':«ll' ! ••>! Ill "! 'I !'• tur, iilff <-' i^'tlnt.: 'In 1 i«.ir n.'.'- .1! Hi'-li>«!" TI'.' •;|)h!tn |n!--)it:il (tifiiu'i- in thi' l-:ni|-ii" t\ Hi !in>!:i- t''l" n ni,-'H!l"'t!'i| n ';• n v ;«':>ir,.»t in !hr !iH<! »!n',! h.i\ •• 1" « M !<•! s;i''1t n THE BAR DOCKET Thr Tin•*>'••••< "f th' 1 Si«-i'llni; I,.i.!..i' N.. :.:•<» \'~. ii.tit. <!. ni HI icf, \Vi!k«-u>- v* Jliiii. '•!, .U -!'.n-Uli"n l;-ll|i;> Vf l.ff.'V.'I. ft 111 -Kt'Hi-f liiiliii',|u>' lt";»ll.\- «'". VK. Humpo 1 (; >" s , i. ai.- -H.-n.-r. >'li',. ft. nl IIJH to ronwtni" \VilS. Van i.)*i|i,:| v<. r'cllowH, »-t. nl.- J-'iTo- V.-). \Vhi'c!i'i. i't ill—I'ni'llUon. i;» l r<!<-s v« Triimhtill. ct ul -Ki-li.'f "Th«1 i'! '.Mr. !!-"r-.-f-r jrf-r<, |fc. H n CTC-U DviM." "I dr-n't ?r--> If. Mo m-iy you lin.ln't t"M ;';f -n-f,:, Phonl'l «^iy fhnt h" TV-?:P ;in i;<-^f..i.ifl- c«nt n>an " "Wr-il, oomo to l-H-fr nr hlni, ?'i> litrrr-" that tht'T" !«• sonifthine l?t<k!iiir. wHh ouf- <--hftm'-t"r r»r ilk'nity. If h" viv? m.r hni»?isinl I Ph»i!!il piro lilt!! n hit of n.ilvirf Ihnt woniii ni<! urcnlly t<> d 1 ^- nify him. I sljouM ndvi=o hhn to I-T»\V chin Tvhl?U*'rs.'' "I'ut v.-hy'r" niifripi] 1hf lilhrr. '•iU-.-nu«c. t](-rt'{ v->i! «••<>. hi- f;i.'o i- ton round, ni!il br- ;iU'ii' V"-| (if\cr yi-( Knfv n rodit tvith. rhin vhr-k'T's !>"t tlmt. they ««f-n)<Ml to nil'l t'> hi-; i1i;:n!ty Ifnpfhcii'Ml out, n i i it xvfn*, lusi'l !i»!li Inc but chin \vhisk<-r< will d-> it. IS (•-(. fslllfrw!*r flint IliM Vvifc di>"" lint f:c,' It." th(> rislo of u mih> (<-,• more 'f --1 f. ; -.» t > ?:.>*- • ii'ii?-. »i?'-i R !•!?.-> !;- iT'ii n!:i! npf-H''.,! *>.<•• !.>i!.f.. h^ f.-jf jr -i diify fo ..tif.-rrjii.i H K>;r-f. H" !"~•i !.y ft-.-K!7ii;: "!':•! V--U hr»'ir n!>i-,i|! t?S« !!!»» Tflv> ••!-.;-.itrf'il c ':! °l<1<> n'..- u! ! •-, , }i,,ti;-4 ition Of The Centra ! Committee Has Done Much To Aid The Army. '"BciiCor'n Note—.Mr. Hlmmn pjn-nt |tno8t of thi" y«'«r In Knxfia, ThiM v, \vrittPii ufier JilH roturn to while In I{u.«*Iu niul >MI- infornnttion I'mm lil« UuKMiuit HOIjri'CH SIlbHt'ljtH !i| to his ilf- jparUiif, lly Win.. Philip Siuini!> iff Corrf»|fOJii|i'iH uf rniU'tl l*rcss I Paris, Dec. 2S.—Whatever ilugi <!o in the future. J'.'tii will !»' n lift an one of tln> ,:rc;tf<»*t yearn in lKtory. No i.'criod in nil her na- Oftu! i1fsVeI<ijiii)i'iit lutH ln'i>M imirr «i»»- t,-,-tiot even thp 'SixtifH which d'TtliSr' lltirrutiuii of ilit* Soi f.-t. >'> (In- Hiiwwiftn |K'(ijilc, the tnon H' 0 ! 1 ' 1 '. H'^'H) to h;iv«> n»uml niul llirir |»|MCI* In (ho 1JH- TlK'lr |insitii>ii nuiy nm us yi't !"• ••4?l«urly dt'lliKd Inn tin- fujmo. BliW Studi ntii lM'lii'\c. \\ill ki'tH sif- ftlllHt, tJBXhl, III llu 1 \t':ir. !l,ts ;«iTi>m- (li»hi''t MKn'h. Sh*> nrmi'tril irnrn (lif- fronnam ili-.ilt h.-r n> Masi I'm-*; iMl <iillirlii Hill' (•d!ll|ili>t« > -ii a liruml now m my In th«' liclil. in ihc i-nliii.s unothrr army, for imy ctiici-^em's whu-h th.- war t') Hiil'iiuua. i in SilK'lU .'in.I \'l/»unit ^iifilh'T arrny Mhi 1 f,'iA ' l!i;inam.i v, ln-n thut i-tnintry ii|> with tin- .\lllt-f. thp nu.uuiinr nh>» ii'niiiii-il thf of- Vft In Oallrlu ruiil ciitniih'tt'lv <li?i- il tltt! Ausiriun urinifs tln'i-o. tak- W*U ovt»r c IIH!*' million prlKoncrv. In Asia .\llliur >lu- \\;iv!<«! a |nnv- !• tho ruiii'i>i.-it.« H'rtC aiv 11vint'ii'!mi«> ii-.-niiii'ltHti- l» whi'it on>> t:vini'ii;tii'i>' \vliut Hu«- W4l« ll)i a4,-ISII;-t III ll'l'i. \\lli-M Nil"' (iurii)K In I ({I'l-.u ii-tii'al. li'it (iiic t>tl u ditv. |'s-v li.itti I - In in- ,i'.;.>::;;;! 'IVHIl'.'IH^ I ii'l IHi4ll'-. i» Minister «t \\',{i if,<.\$v<l I.J-IM.H- ftif I he ln:ll; •,'. i ii. •! to. 1 'M JlliH- ln-sf, M. S'Mil-.ii.iiniiinin'. v^a* aril In (he ;•! lint? D|'i ;iii«i |>sai'i-il ' t > I; u 11 i in h i; i - . n • • i \Villt itVr .-..i-HiM-t h ; n:,' I" i >,: n Uji. (if\ .1 l|.lli:i!i.' ,>' HVn\\ n"- liii : in • • • * 'i-isi' >• Ului i»i- iiivi'-i."-i:'i' ii! Municlimllty T'n- coroiw**«l of -,. 11. t xv o Kui-ninn pliilli t<> in Ip the Kmpire riui thi» war. ThnuiMh th!* Commlttef pvprj' wan. \v<>inHn iimi I'hihl \v«fl brought mow or I«-.MS iliH-eily into touch with thp war am 1 , j'erhni'fi It hn« ilone more to make On- war "n popular" war ihun any tuh- er tnovpttipnt. Thp Zcrnstvo Union, tdnis-e nil. i« a t^ojilie's concern hnd thn Vrf'mMHT.H have iMstrut'tet! the aiul fomnion People (<r»n*rally out UtiKsia as to what the war meanH to them and the importance of carry- ins if on fo n 8iici L «»s«fnl rtniwh. - K'arh ftaie in thp United States Is divided Into I'ountk*. If each county luid a board oimpoiw'ii j»art!y of fiir- inets. partly of villaRe m««rchiints or other piiiju-nx-holders there and partly of landowner*, thi* hoard would ror- to the Russian Xfmni\o bonrd I with roadbuilfling, hoppHalH of its dtKtris-t. Ft is ea,-iv to ^^'e the influence of n The% employ titnirert of tlioUKands of j«ior iH-.tpte, rnustty women, thus Klv- iiiK mat'iiiU aid In time of need. Ki'ln«»ls i'i»r nnu'hflnirs, ehiiii(Teitr8 nnd !£c>ntsivo board on th* rural jK>]iu|a- Th." Muntripality Union la doing: In the i-ltle.s what the. Union of all thw Vm^tvos is doing' In tho country. 'hi-M' f.v it pciiple.n' MWMH'latloiiB <lurin»? 'Jl>i have niai'e millions of gnrmeutH for .s.'ildirr.---. cjillstlnK 1 tiie service of over She lund; fed tons of Is uf m-luRec-H from tho invad- Uumlieds of hospltal.t, fltrnlnhinK <hc JII'C*»>-MII y KiipptU'H thcniselve.-*; j'HIatj- llMlted 'tea and eoffw roonm for the 'r* 1 ** dixii Ibution of theup hrvertiRps; itdeii the Hovernnivnt feed th*» soldiers it i he !!<iii«; fiirntHhtrd laborers in n,my Institnce.s to dig trencheu, build iriiiK' 1 ^. patfion*. e!f.; ;lnd. in a geri- «,i>. they litn'i" *<olii!ified the Hu»- iiiiii Knipfre by having: tlie people work Hft nxidc Will. Tin- l>f* Moiin-M J-^iln .'v Clli'_v. ct al- Kor« i c|i>!«iirr i'li-. \>I. nl li«'lii-', \Vi'lfi-r>.pcrg«-r V.s. 1'usrliu!, et. ill - - t'oltrr. ft. al. -1'ill to Mf^;. l"o VH, of Me- Lien. HiU'tinnn. et. rtl VH. Apl>el, et. al- I'm- titlon. flielema vs. i'.lelemn-—iJlvorre. Urook« vs. Itrook.o, et. ill---Separate Millw. et. it!, vs. Miller, et. »! - Partition. VH. Mlddleton. et. H!--Kore- clo«ur«>. . Bolt, t>t. al. vi*. Hiolemii. et. ul — Hill t>> A pp. Trusts. Kiiftat-it Adtnr-. «-tc. v«. Dniry. ct. al. — RIM for Appt. of TniHiee with pinvcrf unrtf-r will. Httirtxmun VH. SUtrtcman -- Itclin- f'f Dower. vw. Melville— IJIvorro. BX IXXJBKD AT IT FftUil ALL ANOLKH. they coiitluued u> cunmient and criti- cise, Hud when Mr. Dowucr homo the first thing he did was to upstairs and survey his faa» in the glass. He looked *t it from all BANK WAS_ROBBED BandiU S*cur«d $3,000 From Safe of Oklahoma Bank Eettrly Today <lly I'uitt'il JY'^s Okln., l.lcc. I'S. l!;>l!ilit« in tin- Fax- with $a,Ui>0. Karlh-r in the nlKht im niinuc«-««i««iful i- in arly todny hlew the on wtnte hank anil was made to blow the M the Heeiirlty bank at \Vlrt, 4t» went of here. All of thf wire* cut. iiie for the common This v\ orK wiir< begun early In the >.ar. In U'lti il m«de Kiieh heiulway i;.i( n,. <'!i! ran ilittjiute itn iiiaKnlltule ixliii- iisir Us. pn.hahle iriliuenc? on the Ius>;a 1,1 ihi- future. S'lnii.ii to the iCemst'io and «.il;i\ I'ni.iii.-s in that it ii* if x.ttioii f;i«'**ia(f out of public spii it, < the i 'iimtiiittee whleh durifiK li'lti r,i>l*ili/.eii the >nu<!i i i«s of HUM,i;> to help the arrnv with rnunttinns ['hen- nit N<-vt'tal l^iigc tiUMiittotis fni'- 01 it > in ItiiNMiu which deal direct' with he U'.ir tH'purtntent. but there hituiri'ii* jif littU* i-'nunirifM- maehnu*- 4u>| ! !i. iniliH and works of all hulls ton tlltlii in iiii !i|tr;hit'.-.!4 itf ih>« sot t liimie f'h" > 'iinimii U-,' nioipe.) :i!i lln'>e. jiut • !•<"! iiilnn!?> in v'hai"i4«' i if dititrict ^rnuj'S. ,i'ii h.'iii (h'-ni iill tiriit-r.-i tor tilt- g"V- iiinu-n! Tin- little inilu.^ll ii-s \\eic Ii* •..- -.;! f,i ;., -!i iritc on-.' i'i'i nidUMU "> ' l'> ' ', U v r \*t f > * t rU>! iOTIU'H V\!'u M l • i ',vt- M.. |M> fur their »er\'!e« thoiiKh. 'i > .-'.ii s,- t lie Ii; tie shops Early Chrtotmas Plays. Two of tho earliest ("hriHfmas plays that havo i ome down to n« wr« to l»o fouutl iu the few froKtueuiary woriffj of Ullailsm, a monk ut (hi* twelfth century, who i* fcald to have heen tin i anil who is known t«.t have be-.'U a jniptl uf tho monk Abelard. Of ;ho thrpp mystery plnys which lio ls< lo have written in collubora- ti'Hi wiiU .lordunUM und Himun, [iroli- alily bruther monks, two were Iv |ilt4V(>tl (jiii'iui; the ChiiKtuuiH t.ea,siiii -miUJi'ly. "Tlio Imugu of Hi. Nicliu- las." mo*l likely |iroduced on thut 'H day, Dec. ti, unU "TIu» History of lJunk'i." which seems to Ituvo been intetiileil for Christiana Holiday Tim* In Holland, The country when* th« people enier Und straight In the ryes anil exclaimed to himself; "By Ueorge, but tlios*.- women wore right! I have got tho face, of a baby —almost of & cabbage head. It Is HH round as the letter O, mid while I have thought I always hud a loot; of dignity and importance I «>« now that, I have been wrung. Mrs. liovvnor must be blind an well us I am. My fare wants long!beulng oirt, -uud I'll be hmiK'eil if I don't do il by growhn; chin whiskers." Mr. Itowst»r tlionsht-over the idea for the next thrro days, and nt midnight owe night IIP nwoUo und resolved to talto his plunge. It was a rndlrul stop, Ho had uover worn any whiskers ut nil. and what would the world say when be w»gj?ed a loue whlKker l«>low his chia? Would men taunt him with try- Ing to look ton years younger thun ho y j s round lien 1 Hinwn Jjrrf T' | ' . I?,; r shrf" 1 \>'-» !<-> fi~: n v Hf» jiiwp- r> j n-sS !!!>(! ttf-jst d-'Mn to the- l-nffoin Ilkf i! slonr. f*('ini> l«n s c;nr hi'n jusnft !n- \\"h'lt tl-v you f;tl{ijv,=e IVM < lil-s l-T't fl< t 'Hi- i uii'-M] (iff his mfivbc,"' psj.! Mr, !-:-'n-epr. "No, h» ..lldn't. He. ««L-;:i-a nt. Ills ( hUi \vhlsker-i H 1 ' if ho wmjlt} pnii i! O'H l-.y the ro'itS." "Thaf %va^ funny." ".\tiil yet \', wfian'f." "vront «n t!-.o I'.ir t>er m he nHihfsl »wny at thf rhi "1'i'ur fifth 1 -; of (he hiiU'iilf.js r-])io!)j; r :tl'e 'Ar-nn'tT «if ehlri tvhi'skor- 3 -. Jt ^r« f.» fiflVet their bnslns—tho ral'Ung of \vhi-'ver.-i rin the ehtn," "I. d"ii't ji/'f how thnt «'fli» !«\" Mnnt h:ive nothing; t-> dn \\lth fh*. brain. whl'lller <>n <'hlll or eheel;-s." "1 !">« lo differ wltti y..>n," sni'l the barhor in propltlntlii^ tone"*, '"i h:»v« be<'n In thl» linsliifBM fur tu.-uty yenrK. iind I hnvp ni:idc* a study of wh!«k nil thnt Uine. Jj'l mo t;!ve rntl n tip. If you wnnt fo ooiiu* to «rlef ra!--o mul wenr rhlti tvhlskprs. No man of soi jnd.ctuent rvrC wears them. They denote a weak rbnnicfer. They deno?e- u tnelllatlnj: mind. They are n sli:n of taiilty. 1 ' "i eun't ai?rt'i» with yon." protected Mr. Itowscr. "THi;e my own ease hen 1 . Would you sny that I nm n wenk nilnd- rd fir vain man'" "Quito (he contrary. Fir." ''Then what difference would it make If I wore chin whisker*?" "It w.nild ehntiw your looks entirely, sir. You will, rseiw me, I nm sure, but If you brought <'hlu whlski rs into Oil* nhop I Hhonld !mvf> a poor opinion of your rhartirter. You would be like a Jiifln I have heard of. His nnme is i?<»WKer, iind he live* about a mile from hen>." "liow.ser. rb? What about Bowser? 1 ' nsUed tho man in tlie chair us hc--sat up a little. "Why. he In tho vainest and most conecftrd ninn in nil (he town, lie quarrels with his wife and !•< Blwaya In the wronjr. Me Is always kicking to feis hnlcher and grocer. He i< always wanting to ralso ehli-kt-ns. «o to the north polo or some sueli fool thintt. Say, I didn't Ket the name of the man who jumped Into the eann!. but a thought H»rila>H me. I'll }*>t a dollar oven up that it Was old Bowser him self. It would IK» ju*t like him to start iu mid K''ow chin whiskers and when he found what the world thought of was. and would tli.o inspect that most thuroiijiUly, , into.Uiut)idr- it of the nativity, is Holland. In near. ly uvery I Hitch town ut ~ »\ lock «iu chrisiniiis mi'i'nin,ti the yoimg nn-u a> »«»ibli5 iu the iuurk«-t jann> nnd liKlH lurge buiithi 1 *. and KIHH carols until of , wlst-n they i<»imi>r to tlic- proiuiHciii maa nnd iiarla l.iiisi. MIIKI unl, of a bountiful ever, furnlshe 1 * the bent i-\anu>le of tiu- t'hi istliia:> c.-aols. At Christma* 8s M*rry. Al CliristH'ttS l'is nu-ny aii'i Hi'iiikiul he was guilty of somo criminal act and Iryliitf to hide bLs !dentityV And M Bowser? Would »h« IHJ pleased or fibe at him? And his mother-In law? Would sho say that ulu* eonld dearly lo^-e a «on-in-law with Inxnrlant Hide Whlskera, hut she had no use for one whoso chin whl»ker« made him look like a goal's grandfather? Hut Mr. Bowser had decided, and there was a look of tho jjreatent de termination uri)imd bin month when he arose in the morning. It WHS his day for shaving, but he did in>t .shave. Fie had neglected hla rumor for the three days, but he would wait now until evening and then go to a barber. If he was to grow chin whiskers they tuust bo blocked out gracefully and scientifically. At the breakfast table Mr*. Bowser noticed tho stubble on his face, but made no comment, H« had probably taken u new futicy into his head, and would wait for it to develop before crit'.clsiui;. '8ever»l limes he found lilmitelf about to ask her if t.hi' had ever noticed how chin wldsker« took "Christmas Carol" ~w INSTANT ACTION ! SURPRISES MANY HERE '! firs I In !'• ")' the Si! (,„-.! ..i.,.;ii".l «'!e« I))'krm \v.-,.- .,:«.-,•,., rraOinc cf Uie !•:• !p- il .i::tii I M n ; ,- enrol" nfter the i onclusion • (• •-• n'sv- •' of hN first I>->ndon Fen*<*n. ir«> rend !t sr> " ' '' : ^" l '' < 'I- -' In the Corn • if W*>duo5»dnv. • ?,.!-, •••'tr]>; i'-i M iii'-:i I, i.'; -••( nirini !i t I'onli!' !-. --..Mr ;ind fin ru !;.-!• ..i-.-.lil'.iU'i!. Xi.lliini .-,! !--|. (ii'i-rn. ijlycerir.' in A'il"i i- !..i, "M I.•!•;-.)•. .1 in'' With I(H •1 |i.•<•:!'!«.' AdliM I- ifr, 1.1, JSTiS, 1x»fort> n i-. w.ns accottipniilt-'d on thnt .o.iusft^lon by [',',,'. j'^.,!,,','.!'/.'!!.' Arthur Smith, l»r<ither of AtWrt Smith. of his tour. A'< Hev..Mr. Pnike wns on friendly terms «lth Arthur Smith, he niul Dickens were itivitc'l to .•M.IV nt thixleatierv \NY '' 111. 11 ('! i h hr>« r .n,;, I 'mil, n .- • \', i'li U II! l''V '. ami pie- .•rii'KKST f-'.ld. The Just Like a Woman. "Thai clod; Is iv. o hours t*low," Bnid ,.._, ,. , , , ,,. , . the mini "f ih" h"iiM> \\hei) he rnm« during their to \\oJvrrliara,.io D . ,,„„„„ „, ,, K HMI1| , „„„. nnt , fuun(] , he ; dltiUer Hot even !«tacted. "lmpos»llil«," : 8ald his wife. "1 M-I it mi!y tills uftur- [noon. 1 vept o\er to MCH. Kmlth'*, ' next door, ami ii)d<cd her what tltuo it \v;is, and then us voon (IK she shcvwod me her new C""" uud gave me A 0 w.oot tlietu. It wa fvpr, Dickens' custom on K\H h ttn-n- sloiH to prefer to put up nt a liotH. where he ml>:bt IMJ ns privtile nx he desired nnd from the IttiportuuitloM of wero anxious to hour his brilliant conversation, but lie cheerful. r '^ w fl>r <''"'-':l"'"'. v J'""- l < -" mt% r| K ht ly nccej'ted Mr. I'nrke's hOM»lfnllty and . llolm> flh . ( . i : "' ( thl ' l ' 1(H ' k tu tllc Uino vbiited him nt the deanery, althonsh he ' !u!l ' in '*did not siiH-p utider his roof. What She Needed. Helen, fixed seven, \\!i< visitor how fusi she could run, when Nlif Middenly sto{ipeil nnd snld: "Hut I mn't sho\v my besi running unless Homethlni: N happening hark of m«." Hilly Sundv. who has lu-c-n H,,MOM'N saloons, mlKht have ntvt with M If he hud biru desi»ouileiit und ru>h for away ut tea ycarH from a man's face, but he r^etralued hlmsi-lf. It would be time to «»k when Hiose whis- k»rs wero blocked out und n like youug corn after a heavy thunder shower. Mr. Bowser }' a long day, tttid tlie <'fflce boy couldn't help but wonder why h« rubb.-d bN i-hm s" often. He bail Ions had (he habit of pullijit," duwu bis vest al brief iuu»r Vftls, but ni'i'er of rubbbur his chin. He cottflded to the ofiiec. bu\ iu the ili-xt buihllng bis sii'-pi.-ioi-.s (!)Hi his ho** vvua iihcut to rui^e clihi .« hi -!,i'r.-, uud hi- tlci-hired l!,-al if his-.-ii a iieiiiou--. t-rlme WM-S ci'iiiuil"li'd he wii.-j'd suii.^ tor higher Wit t :,^ mul !,.:«,- hi-- j-'a-i- ir j be did Ji'". yet them. t!ie canal. An soon as you KO out I Bhall try to find out whether it Is him or not. 1 believe he has been In this Khop two or three times nnd tlmt I could Identify him. even if dead. There is little room. .sir. for enuiks and kick- era in thin world of ours, and maybe ft was time for old Bowser to go up there where they play on She poiden harps." "Yon BIVJH to have n person:)! in this case." wild Mr. Bowser, as he made it motion a* If to get out of the chair. "Oli, no, no, no," Bald the barber, y: his la'/.or around. "In fact, Instead, uf u {:rudxo 1 have j>ity for him, whether bo aliv r dead. 1 have read mid heard enough about him to realize that he was born half willed iMid can't help lx»lng what he Is. It's pretty hard on his wife, though, and the lust straw to break tho camel's liaek would IK) fur him to grow chin whiskers. Will you tftiu't in to ralso * luuaturbo, plr, or ahull I five you a cleou shaver" "I>o you tak« uu> for a jnckasss?" fairly shouted Mr. Bowser. not, fir-. 1 H ball go ahead You nro right, and hlmv<> «-vei sir. A mini ivtth y»ur fae<« would IH> u. JacUaw.s to fall Sn love with either a oiutitaeho or whi-skers. About that Sir. Bowser, sir"- "Oh, shut up about IJow.-ti'r!" es- farms?A the man in (lie chair. Fie made more than one utory in that inn (tho Swan*, nnd his enees there with the mention of the waiter whom he saw returniiiH; from the fishmonger's acroRs the way find : over his thigh the sole Intended for the novelist's dinner formed the | subject for one of his graphic articles | Su "Household Words." ; Ills journey by night from the eame! inn to nirminghrnn supplied him wlih ^/Vh^l.T'n'favor of the material for his famous paper, I ' . " „_ "Fire and Snow,' 1 la the same journal. All n htmd:niee cf coal nt the mines Sir. Dickens was greatly pleased with („',, ntu-r mockery to Die tdiivering lib Woverhampton hearers and after-j Mat <iw.!ii-r. . _ ward told Cuthbert Bede, who sat by ; •'• ~." ' ~ " '•'' ~~ ""••""''."'"" " Ti Mr. Parke-'» side in a front row, that he had never read to so "quick" atid sympathetic .an audience, nnd that often In London he hud scarcely been able to continue ids reading from the "genteel", .frigidity of his audience. In tho very commencement of the "Christ- Carol," where mention IH msde of s clerk -occupying a dismal little cell—"u sort of tank"—there was an irrepressible shout of laughter from an occupant of the back seats, who doubr lews bad an everyday experience of Ti nlmilnr tank. The latigh was taken up by others, and the applause thenceforward was continuous. Iu talking with Culhlxjrt Rede nt tho deanery orer the events of the evening Dickens especially referred to that hurst of laushter at the mention of the i "tank" und said that he instinctively! blamed the person for his applause. 1 Don't Suffer From Piles 8»&d For Free Trial Treatment v Nr>nwttt<<r how long or ttovv Imd—Roto your UrugKlol today And get u no <•«!!>, of ry^nniiil Pi!« Treatment, it What the Dot« Mean. ! When you .see . . . three little dots such us thes iu Tk* Pyramid Smile Front « Slnslo TrUI. tho Muff of ti modern versifier even in our Muff that the writer . suggest Mum-thin well, elusive, if you . . and the rcu.sdu he 'ti.stt'ad of exprc.-sHig it . . v«;ry ottcn la an idea , real idea . . . . it aii-aius , . is trying to j rutlu-r . . . i vi hut we mean • :a ,lt . is he<'»ui4e It U.Mej d ilf U I Will glvo reli.'f. nnd M slnfflo \x>x ofi. u • 1 cures, A trhil t»«*l»i>eoin«lli'ij fien 111 plulu S'lMT if you o.'tl'l U9 OOU(M>I1 below. New York FREE SAMPLE COUPON PYUAM1D JiHl'rt COMPANY, KG i'yiiuuul liUid., Warnhull. Mif Kindly send mo ft Frcn aiuniilii of Pyramid Pile Tr**tm*ut. Ul ptultt wrapper. Narno ......... ..... , .......... ..... "And the. didn't block out ;t beautiful chin whiskers, and -Mr. Bow- didn't und Mirpri-o Mrs. Bowser. All js'it- isuhl u lu-n he came Itt iilid >.U dov. u w .is: "Y bt-iter wnh that thl- artlty. iiiput or'' iintr.M Discouiayiny. very disci'iuritutu« i" u (*ll! HUH! i; iiiiilrr sii>-lis iiii-l off. If you had any sort of wh!>!,er»« piMi!-M«i half bidden asxay iu Ilie |>ig- Wectis " ' l.ltM. Electric Floor Sarider ! Don't Neglect your :-Uimuch. Krc(> it stiong ami vwli, ; Wht'U Uxxj ch's^i- .s with it, •suviuzUu'-u ii \vith The only way you can make an old floor look like a new lloor is by using an Electric Floor Sander Elect'ic Floor Sander, for ivrit to contract orb. JOHN M. POWERS GL-noral Contrat-tor Jioll Phone 87D-W .

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