Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 5, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1944
Page 3
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1944 NAUGAT.UCK DAILY NEWS Paga Three | Women's Activities—Personal g? Social 1 GOVJ Hot-Dog' Roast At Home Of Mr.-Mrs. Noyack ,\. hot-dog roast vfnx held Tlmrs- day night by «• group of lU.sdoi rmplu.vtf!! at thL> lionio of Mr. u-.ul Mrs. Joseph Noyack, of .Diluviu fitrcot. About -0 people 1 attended ! im l \vffi i-ntcrUiiued with siivgi Visiting- Relatives In Borough Or. ami .Mrs. Barry Mongillo n.itl (l!U!.i,'!i'<-'r.-<, Joyce and Juiinne. ure vmiiiiV - %Il '- s - Mongtllo's piu-yiit^, jl». and Mrs. William D. Crosby of \Vnl:i»t »lrcut. They will. return to tiidr homo in Providenco, R. I,,' next week. Mrs. Berth.?, Hubancl Visiting- In Madison ,\Ira. l-fi-rtha Huhnml of Church lUi'ivt i- s vising hrr daughter tuu ,.:(iti-m law. Mr. .-uul Mrs. Cotilson Si[t;in-s of Mudison. Spending- Vacation At Lake Pocotapaug- Mi.-:. lii-li'ii ijhrridan and Janet tevnti of Nurih Main struct uro v:irati'>niag at Lake Pocota|i;utg, K;ist Hampton. Evelyn Gunn Graduated From Bryant College Miss Evelyn Ciuin was gradual eel fr-om the School of Exoc'uliv Sv'croUiry Si.-ience in Bryunt Col ogc. Providence, .R. I., pn>, August -I, receiving the ufjreo oi' Bachelor of Secrelarin cience (D.S.S.) ' It was Slat Commencement of Bryant College and Miss Gunn was o:ie of I'OO young mum anc women who received Lhuir degrees Juul diplomas from President Henry L., Jacobs. The Honorable Albert W. Burkeley. Majority Lead- Summer With Grandparents Marshall U'uoilficld Of Cotton llnllutv is spotidinK tliu summer widi (n'r ^rJKiilik'iruntM. Mr, nnc( Jlrs. VVuc'clfii-ld, Sr., of Millvillo. Samuel Tummarello Given Farewell Pany Si'vnal friends "!' Samuel Timi- iiii-i'lli' of lii-iit. IT. U. S. Rubbf! 1 onicuny. fi-tml him at a farewell iarly last nifjlu at Hi-nny's tavern. Mr. Tiinimaivllo is beliiK ti-atis- [i-iri'i| tn auothur tin- t'"' ;lt - lit Church Council Meets Wednesday The Church Council of the SM--III I,u'lii-ran efuirch will meo: U'l-iliu-silay i-vuriinir. AUKUSf!>, at 8 (M'Uirk ai tl-e church. Herbert Eohlin At Lake Quassapaug tfrrlierl CoMiu of Hillside fnvtini 1 In ul hin pottJigir at Lake. Ciuassa- pan;.; fur m-vi-ral ilays. Hillside Church Beard Meets Monday Tin! Church lui.ard of the MillKide f.'":r,-i-r-.;a( church will meut Mmiday at x p. m. at the church. 3VIJSS KVJiW.V of the United States Senat::. j. the guest speaker, making the address to tho ;.,'i>:uUmu-s. Class Day cxercisus were ilielil Thursday morning in Bryant, Auditorium and the Commerc-u.-nont f-.'stivitie.* came to a uliimix on Friday evening with the Senior Prom, held in :he Ballroom of the Providence Hiltmore .Hotel. Miss Gunn is the (laughter of Mr, ami Mrs. Lester J. Gumii of •ID Moore avenue. She has !>?er. an outstanding student at Bryant Col- ti.-jre. both ^fhoUist.ic,-illy and in extra-curricular activities, and was secretary of Sigma Lambda Thcta sorority, a member of t'ltc Bryant SiTvicu Club and of the Badmir> to:i team. iDcll Contest . ;Held .Friday At Playground Eighteen glrlu exhibited their dolls In- the' -contest" held Friday .afternoon ut ,.tho prospect play r ground. ' • '•' • Mrs. Joseph Shanlcy and Mrs. Harold Johnson were judges for tho event. The following dolls, were 'awarded prizes; . • ' s '.eraor a Prettiest, Betty smallest, Patty Ann Johnson; moat original, Peggy Ann Smith; shortest hair, Dolores Swierbltowlc'z and Peggy Ann Smith; and largest; Gayle Johnsoni. . . ."• Tho weekly Bingo con teat .waa also an event of the afternoon, Raymond Smith won an award for highest score of .C out of 12 •am cs, ' ' • •A bean-bag contest on TlHirs,d!iy Tfteriiioon wa-s enjoyed by 22 Iron. with Etige-nc Smey being- the victor. Sgt.-Mrs, 'Ostrom Celebrating 25th Anniversary SerKoant and Mrs. Richard Ostrom of S-l Fern street arc ccle- iratirnr their 2Cith wedding anni- 'ursary today. They were niarricd n New York city. Mr. and Mrs. Ostrom are the urents of t"'ct children, both in he service. They are Lieut, Kieh- rd Ostrom, now stationed in daho and Lieut. Hilmu Ann Os- 'Om of the Army Air Corps. Is Beturrangi j From Conference (By United Prctm) - : ' Governor Thomas ' Dcwey la on his way -home from '.t'h'e' !Repul>!l r , can governors' conference' lit St. Louis amid soaring hppcs for a Republican victory In November. Dewey is reported confident that • the. declaration of party policy drafted ut the GOP governors' conference .will end yours of conflict between the slates and the federal government' over domestic affairs. : •' • In Wash ing-ton— -a Senate fight! is looming over unemployment compensation during' the recon- version period. Th.e struggle' involves two bills, one 'approved by the Senate finance .committee and the other just completed by the military 'affairs committee. The finance committee version would extend .jobless benefits to about two-million federal employes at prevailing state' standards for un- •BOROUGH DAILY DIARY AUGUST 19*4 »•'M -tt w T r I .-2 (J j4 5 6;. 7 8 9 10 II 12 U M 15 I6..17 18 19 20.71 22 » 24 2S 26 27 2» n JO Jl — — Many Refugees Have Arrived .-•:',*- • From Europe O. I ..Coming Events I o ."" '' • —if-;-' — ~ —— o employment other from Lace Flowers Will Spend Aug-ust At Pcijham Beach, Me. I.i r. uiul art's, \V. E. Hill of .Nfe mv sirci.-t will lon.vo Monday si»-nd i In- rnnnlh of August ul lintn I'.i'.-ich. Maiiu 1 . opes-Amador Wedding At 9 This Morning compensation. The the militu'i-y affairs committee would guarantee com;- ponsation ranging from 20 to 35 dollars a week to war veterans and war workers who can't find jogs, when reconversion comes, Lieut. Robinson On Way Back To Base In Georgia .Community Hand rehearsal,' 8 p. in., Tuttle Music Shed, . ;Weather Report | -O Massachusetts, Rhode Island ami Connecticut—Fair weather today except for widely scattered thun- dersbowers'.this afternoon and cvc- n i n gi Tomorow ' partly cloudy; thundershpwcrs in- the afternoon. Continued hot today and tomorrow wi'th. afternoon temperatures in the middle'90Vi; warm tonight. Eastport to Block Island — No small cru.fl or .storm warning 1 . 11 jv. Ccoi-j.,'e Dunn offieiaLCil at the wecUiinfr this morning at U o'clock of Gabriel IjOjics of Church .-street to .Hilda Amador in 'St. Francii'' church. Tile attendants were Miss Mary Aiiuiclur antl Mamjol Lo|je». Gloucester Will Pay Tribute To Its Fishermen Gloucester, Mass,, Aug. 3—(UP) —The .hundreds of TU'hci'men who have helped make Gloucester the nation's leading fishing • port will bo honored at memorial services' tomorrow. Tlie 53rd annual Fishermen's Mcmnri-al s-cr'.'icfi will spccificaily c-om.'nemorate the seven Glouct-s- ter men who wore killed whOj'.> flic ilraggw Incn was ;-:unmeO by •another boat -and sunk off Vlf- ginia l.'ist January. A large number of pe" i :o!is arc expected to attune! .the ceremonies, which include a procession p;ust ihu I'aaiuus Crasku mesnonaJ :r.o;iiumer,t — "Tha Man at the Lieut. Albert Robinson of .the Unitud States Army Air.Corps, has left for his.base at Bii.inbridg_e Field. Georgia after spending the p.ast several days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Robinson of Cliff street. . . . . • Lieutenant Robinson, a test pilot on Army training planes, made the 1,000 mile flight to New Haven in Ills own plane, and will return the . same way stopping at Washington, cnroulc. ' ' . As far as Is known this is the llrst case in which 'a' Naugatuck pilot has flown his own 'plane home. Lieutenant Robinson would like overseas duty, but states that «o nmny good pilots art.- now available that the chances' of shipping out are not us good as they, were before the services went in for an in- tctisiiled training program tor uir- mcn. '. Peter Moruska, Local Trucker, Is Convalescing Here op- For Sheer Comfort! NORWASH Shoe Store SPECIAL! MK.VS Si;ITS H'-miliriill.v Dry J>r/ilfiUiril 1011 Church St. DEEN'S J' 1 K K K I ! ltuldi; liliilnilnj,- YIMII- li'liln vriii., (:j,n „,, pi,,,,,,, .i-y77 POST • IL '- NIOIt WOJ - C'OM.KCilj "I <'K\TI{/\I, AVK.VUK 1'A' Try out your beginner's le^on.s uu this sirnpl-j floral pattern, or it you uro a filet crochet expert, here is a quickly-made fift .-iet. Pattern envelope cunt'iin.s two filot-crochet dJiiirrarns oC easy-to.-••i.-i,- clot-i:'.' square melhocl; also full direction.". Our I;O-J«II,'B multicolored book of Needle Arts conUiiniti;^ five free pal terns, and. nnny other suKfies- tions for di-CKitinic u|> yuiu- home ;incl yciur.-tolf 1* now avuiluble. Send yuur request t'ur this book t.f> the mklrcss listed b e 1 o w. e:u:losi.tiK twenty cents <-Oc.) i:i coin.s to cover the co^'t and mailiiii; cluuvos. Send 11 cents (coin) for Pattern No, R2.12C to Naupatuclc Daily .Vcws, iN'ecclIi: v'.-rl.s Dept., P.O. Box :17L', Station D, New York 3, N. Y. Please include your postal '/.one number. Prince Edward island's 19-11 oy- >-tcr production •amounted to a I total of 5,000 barrels, DID YOU WRITE TODAY? A LETTER MEANS SO MUCH WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF Peter MorusUa. of Cherry street extension, well known local truck- m.-in rind cmployij of the Naugatuck post office, is convalescing ut his home following an operation some days ago at St. Mary's hospital in \Vaterbi.-ry. The local resident is very well known here where he has -been active in business for the past seme years. Mr. Moi-uska, two years ago fractured his skull in a fall from his truck .'it the Naugattick railroad- station where he wan loading mail, Oui. made a very rapid recovery. Reports are that the local businessman is milking excellent convalescence and soon wi'l. be able to'be up and about'again. More Humidify Boston, Aug." 5—(U P)—Tho weatherman has only bad ncwej for New England. He predicts will be 1 .cveiv hotter today -than ( it. wan yesterday. .And to add a'final note of woe—-the weather officials say there will be more : humidity In" some .places. Temperatures' which went -to more than 90 degrees in most sections, yesterday, probably wiil scoot up three or four degrees higher. • The only good note yet to come out of -the weather situation seems to be . Uic report that norther;;. New England farmers arc taking an opportunity 'to -make hay while thn sun shines. Agricultural- officials said that the four-day heat wave- 'has enabled many farmers to get in a fair crop of hay.' ' Temperature Report Howdy, folks. I guess today wil! be another scorcher. The setting sun last p. m. was as rod as some of the grease paint the fcmmc of 'today wear. And it came up just as it had set only in a different part ot the earth. I always wondered how the sun could seemingly go around in circles and not get dizzy. But 1 find it's the earth that goes in circles and I know we are di/xy. After you have read this column for a few days you'll realize {lint T am no exception. But there's an old saying that a "cheery smile makes life worthwhile." Red Hermans will be back Monday but whether ho will resume this weather column or not remains to be seen. He thinks that after seeing the climates of Canada .and. our own Southland he knows not a thing about ;t. As .if I do. If he doesn't you will have to suffer through my writing until I. am assassinated by some well wisher. 'Due to conditions boyond our control the tempurature report is quite skimpy but you can Have all that \vo are able to give you. .Yesterday afternoon tBt ther- mom_ptor reached HOG, At present ii is 02 and still climbing. Be sccin' ya. . . New York, Aug. 5—(UP)—One- thousand European' refugees are aboard ii ship anchored in the Hudson river. The Poles, Italians, Dutch, French, Germans and Span• inj-da sailed -into New York -bar-, bpr last night ..on a. .refugee ship from Italy; The vessel Is'the first to bring Europeans from, occupied countries to the United States; The plan was advanced ; by ^President Roosevelt last June 9lh.:Sharing space on (the ship were wounded American »il- dicra from ' the Italian -fighting .front. The refugees arc awaiting- completion of examinations before go-: ing by train to Port Ontario near Oswego, New York. There they will be cared for until.the war is ended"and they can go back home. v Passengers told of violence they had' .suffered .in ghettos and concentration 'camps.- But there' aluo were stories of singing and dancing aboard -ship to entertain themselves and .the wounded soldiers. Monopolizing much of the attention .was a three-week old boy named "International Harry." He was born cnroutc. King Meets IJ. S. Archbfehop Three Locate Are Patients In Waterbury Hospital Throe Nnufratuck residents .arc now reported to be patients at Wa- torbtiry hospital. They include Beatrice Hccring of .the East Watcrbury road and An- Rrclinc Mariano of 15 Baldwin street. Also Helene Pruchnicki of 5 Millville avenue. These ore the first Naugatuck patients reported at the Waterbury hospital in .nearly a week. .George of liiitfland '(rlffht) chuu .with Archbtehop Francte, J.'' Sjii'llniaii (left), mili.Ury vicar of U. S. Catholic' chitplftln*, while touring the Italian-front, l.t. Gen. Mark W. dork. Allied-Fifth Army . commander, look* on. Soon uftcr thin picture. WM taken, the three leaders escaped unhurt when n mine exploded 100 y«rd» kit-ay.'. (International) ' " . . CANCEL WILD WEST SHOW Woodward, Okl.i. (U P)—The Elks'Kodco, held here annually for many years and ranked as the world's third largest Wild West show, lias been cancelled this year because of win-time transportation and other problems. Ted Pinkerton, president of the Woodward Elks Rodeo Association, said it might be revived in 1 1345—or as soon a-s conditions jiKprovc. STORM KILLS 09 SPARROWS Wichita, Kan. CUP)—Harry Olden of .Wichita recently reported finding -69 dead aparwvi and-one dead robin in his yard.'Olden attributed death 10 .a, »tronir wind and heavy,rainstorm the nigh.t bc- lorc.. • ''" - ' Quicksilver mines at San Jose; California, have been worked-for move than ISO years. Former Member Of Merchant Marine Accused Of Bigamy Stamford, Aug. -(UP)—Police St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Rev. O. H. Bertram are holding .1 former member of the Merchant Marine on a bigamy charge. George Gordon Lobb is said to Divine worship at S.--15. Text: Psalm 23, 3. Theme: "Our Shepherd Gives Kcncwcd Courage," Communion Service at. 8:20 a. m. The Lutheran Hour, Sunday, 1:30 p. m. Station W1CC, Bridgeport. Salem Lutheran (AUKUntan* Synod > WHIUni K. h.ivo wives in both Stamford and al . ( j DTHT, Hartford. Baltimoi-e, Md., and is the father of n thrce-wecks-old child by his Stamford marriage. Lobb recently was discharged from the federal correctional nisti- ttition at Danbury where he served n term for impersonating .1 chief' petty officer ,-inrl making public' appoaraoccs during the Third War I Loan campaign, relating imaginary I battle experiences. ) Dr. O. A. Geiscman will be the guesi speaker for the Lutheran Hour. He will use the theme: "The Secret of Success" based on Psalm 127, If. Hillside Congregational Rev. Paul W. Peterson Ninth Sunday after Trinity. The Householder, the Steward and the Household <Lk. 12:42-48). Ushci-s: Philip Swanson, Gi»t*y Johnson. Sunday, Aug. 6: .9:30 a"m.' English service, Soloist, Mrs. Arthur Parson. . ' ' Wednesday, Aug. 9: 8:00 p..m. Church Council (church). Thursday, Aug. 10: 2:30 p. m. Ladies' Aid (-church) Silver -'Tea. The commiuce: Mrs. Victor Olson, Mrs. Jennie Anderson, Mrs. Oscar Carlson, Mrs. Carl Thompson, Mrs., Victor Rohs, Mrs. Andrew Anderson, Mrs. Alex Lundin. STATIONERY AIR-MAIL V-MAIL PLAIN and NOVELTY PAPERS FOUNTAIN PENS — INKS Vnur SUitloni-ry Store 1 SWEENEY'S S T \ R T!OSY STORE THE CARD ANIl GIFT SHOP '. A wrap-arounid frock .which Is the essence of cool comfort. .The pleasing shoulder treatment, clenn- lincd side closing and trim, neat lap-over, bow tie at-Che waistline 'I will make you look slim and smart! Barbara Eeii Pattern No. 1208 is dcsip-ncd for sizes 14, 1C, 18, 20;. 40, -12 aad -14. Sixe 10 requires 3 -1-2 yards of 39-inoh material. J | Keady now—the brand new -ABC ' Pattern Book—the quickest aid to home sewers yet devised. It's a ill complete up-to-the - minute catalogue. Price 10 .cents per copy.- Order an ABC Pattern Book with a 15 cent pattern for 25 cents, plus 1 cent postage. . . ; • For this attractive send 20 cents in coins with your name, address, pattern number and size wanted to. Barbara Bsll, Naupa- tuck. P:iily..News. Post. Offi<;o Box 99, Station G, New York 19, N. Y. Rubbish Will Be Picked Up, Monday, Wednesday The rcfe-ular rubbish collection will take place in Naupfatuck oh' Monday and Wednesday of. next week, Warden Leo J. Brpphy has Announced. ' •' ! Collections will be made on Monday on the east side ;md on Wednesday in the West side areai Kosidciits are asked to place' debris in containers at the curb in front of their homut;,-.and to have' the ricciiimil.'itions ready on time •-so that it will not be-neccssai-y ;to make two trips to any neighborhood. - • • ' ., Russians Drive Toward Krakow (Continued from Pane 1) German Alien rge Of Extortion BtY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS South Norwal.k, Aiig.^0 — (UP.).— .A German alien' arii£ former' 'Bald|. win, Long .Island, "domestic.- faces an oxtor'lion chm-Rc as result ojf sending a thrcatening-.'-lotthr t o n iJB former superior, a Ja.pancsc alien'. Richard Ebqrhard. Flaig; is ( hclo on a fugitive .warrant and .^ylll be returned tp.JN.ew York ,to. .faco,.ihc extortion charge. Federal agents say. that' Flnlg resented taking Borders from drawing two and one-half divisions from Finland. It claims the Germans arc being evacuated through the port, of Han go on the southwest cocusL .The newspaper adds Unit Finnish military circles no longer expect any complications from Germany in the event Finland sues for peace. Reunion In Capital Japanese — Haru Hata— ^a 'wrote, him- that "the" time is" coming to take revenge ' for all the trouble you caused mo." ' : XO BOKOCG1J COUJIT There waR no'Session'oT the Nau- gratuck borough court here this morning, 1 . . : Germans May Have Abandoned City Of Florence (By Unllod Nazi troops in Itnly—according to a Gorman high command an nounccment — have 'been with drawn north of Florence. The re ported enemy decision apparently indicates the city has been aban doned to the Allies. British Eighth Army units yes tctxhiy captured the quarter o! Florence lying south of the Arn'i river. They have been facing wohrmacht paratroopers i trenched along the north bank o the stream. ' ' Gel-man artillery fire from higl positions beyond the Arno ha stalled British drives'to-reach the river east nnd west of Florence. On the Adriatic const—Polish and Froo Italian troops have advanced their patrol lines more than two miles in several sectors. NOTICE Buck In \yushlnirton, after a visit to Ills Iow;v -lionie, Vicc-Prcx-, Henry A....Wnllacc .OcW, i» 'shown W'ltli Sen. Hurry. S.. Trunuiii, to whom ' he lust the Democratic vlce-presidenUal honiliiutloii. In a. jettcr to yyalluce, Sen. Truman fi'Nlgned a.s uhairman ot the Trun^nii wnr Jnv.estistttlni; com- rhlttC(;...JIe-.Kavc us; his rcnspn thn if net. thht.Jic would not i>o able .to devote all his time to the committee's..worU duc-to the com•' Ing- campaign. ..(International) -. District .of Naiifiratuck, ss. Pro- bnt.c Court, Aug. 5, 19-H. Estate of Alice .Fisher, kite of Beacon Falls, in said .District, deceased, ,1'lic Administrator having- cxhilr I ted iU administration account with said er.ta.te to ..this Court for allowance, it Is ORDERED—That the 9tl] .day .of August, A. D. 19-H, «t.2 o'clock in the afternoon at the ,Prpt^, office in .Naueatuck. be .and tho same is assigned for'a hearing on the allowance of said Administration Account with said Estate, uvd this Court directs -the Administrator to cite all persons interested therein to appear at said time and ptaco 'by publishing this order in some newspaper published in INcw Haven VCountj- and .having a circulationi in said ilistrict, and postirip u copy on .the- public sign post in the .tbwri of Beacon .Fal-is, where -the deceased last dwelt, and by'sending 1 , postage prepaid, a like notice- to each" of the known heirs residing outside thitj Dis.tri«t at least three days before 'said day assigrncd. STEPHEN J. SWEENEY, . •Judge.. Too Late To Classify 4 JtOOMS to rent, would like 2 ' adults. Inquire 1G Sheffield lane. See Victor. Ghmielinski. - The service of worship next L-ord'i Day, August 6, will be held at 11:00 a. m. The theme of the minister's sermon will -bo, "Sins of Unfaithfulness." Miss Irene Gus- uifson of Chicago, 111., will be £uos.t soloist. On evening at S o'clock there wiil tic a meeting: of the Church board. The mid-week service wji: be held on Wednesday evening- at S o'clock. Inimanuel Lutheran Church Bcv. Harold Luca«, Futor 10:45 a. m. Worship service. Holy Saviour (Polish National Cntjtollc) Ilcv, LouU KaccorowBkl Masses celebrated at 8 a. TO. and 10:30 a. nj. First Church of Christ Scientist \VAT1SRBURY (Corner Holmes and Mitchell Avea.) Sunday service, 10MS a.m. Sunday school, 10:-15 a.m. Wednesday evening meeting at S o'clock. "Spirit" will be the subject of the Lesson-Sermon for Sunday, August 6th. • Tho Gold'cn Text is from I Corinthians 2:12. "Wo have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might kr.ow the things that arc freely given to us of God." Selections from the Bible include the following: "This 1 say then, Walk in tho Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill-the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusleth against the Spirit, and the Spirit ngainsi the flesh: and .these are contrary the one to the other: so that yc cannot do the things that yc should. But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under" (Gulatinns .5:16-18). ' Correlative passages from the- Christian/ Science textbook, 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, include the following (pp. 451, -1S11; VMan .walks in the direction towards which he looks, ind where his treasure is, there will his heart bo also. If our hopes and .affections arc spiritual, ,thcy come from above, not from be- ncurth, arAl they boar as of old .the fruits of the Spirit- . .'Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is lib- St. Mary's (Roman Catholic) Kcv, Thotnan M. GrlfflB The Masses at St. Mary's church will be celebrated at 7:80, 0:30 and 11 a. m. St. Hedwig's (Polluli Roman Catholic) Bey. S; F/ The Mnsaea at St. .: •Hedwlg'* church will be celebrated at 6:30, 8, 3:30 and 11 a. m. • — The regular weekly ve«p«r , aer- vlce will be at 3 o'clock .Sunday afternoon. St. Francis' (Koinnn Catholic) Bov. J, J. FtUverald. Futbr Masses celebrated'. In .81." Francis' church Sunday moaning' at 7, 9 and 11 o'clock.' St. Anthony V 1'ronpcct,' Conn.. (Botnun Catholic) . Masses will be celebrated at^8t. Anthony's church In Proupcdt Sunday morning at 8 and- lO'Vclock..;> BEACON FALLS "•' St. Michael's Bcv. A. F. 7:30 a, m. Holy Communion. 11 a. m. Holy .Communion and sermon. ." Rev. Richard Baxter of Middlebury will officiate. Thursday; 7:30 p. m. Girls' choir meets. Naug-atuck Methodist .Rev. T. Rradlcy Lonpitatf Uniteci jOhurih !• (Bcv. Hatry i. Th»«Va», raaWl; The Everyman'* Eib'c claw will meet at the- church at S:SO o'clock with Prc.sideht -Clayton JJubbla In charpc of tho'meeting:. , ' \ Morninjr hour^of .wor?hip.',aervlca will be conductcd-'at 10":-46 o'clock, with- Roy. Harry E. Thon»a», the pastor, officiating 'and . delivering the tscrmoh, ' • ' ' In the evening tho Chrlilian Endeavor society v will meet- at th« church at 7 o'clock. 1 la. m. Usual service. .Subject of sermon: "A-Founder of a Faith."'avenue. St. Michael'i ^/ • (Roman Catholic) .. ' .Rev. Jerome •Cook, YMtW, .' The Massci for the pariahionera of St. Mlchael'a- church wilt b« celebrated nt 8 o'clock, B:1B o'clock and 11 o'clock on • Sunday . morning in tho" new church, on-lfaple

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