Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 28, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1916
Page 2
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? nn I j\ f f •f * * *-1 "*' * * « i /»,,- 1,.. /v if?Her.s K-rs IP !!i*" "SUiio* 1 } ('.ai'loon"* ronfrst, were Miss Anna l\il«I:!.v oi the \\nl- school, MIHH .M«irmn Mi'Krn./Je of flic- Centra.I ^rhool, ami Mrn. Brown of fjhc I Jn(• O jn srhooj, have awarded the prizes J»F follows: Thomas Parker, Sterling firsf .-|»rize • • $6,00 suit. :; William Penrose, second prize .S.'UM) sweater. Cecil Leroy (lark, third prize -$1,00 cap. (-153 East State St., Sycamore, III.) Come in kids and get your prize*. ' • IULLIVAN MORRISON. DAILY GAZETTE MORKISON, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, DEC. 28, 1010. CALLED IN DEATH PROGRAM POSTPONED Fi'fcil Rosfnnw Uird Wednesday After Entertainment At Whits Psoeon Months Of Suffering. - : To DP Held Until Saturday, r't'idenl of \Vln'< «!d" > .">;•<>•-. , •» •".:! u d nt HiM home, ,nid (.n«--h:ilf ndl<--: «»>nt <>f I.> ndi.ii. ,i< ti-n • .'< In k HfjOFtiin^. ,\U. !ii< '.'li"^ had *;>ilji reti (U»v«>i*4-ly fur .«• V>T--I! ini.ntit--. fiotn mi lllnw»s wild h ^.IM tami'i) hy -i Mri'K.' of 1-finilyxiH la-it Mi>y and hi" d'-nth. j fllUlonnh ft Mid in', ill I .iih i- li> the |:iin- i ( Hy and frl'Midv., • inn'- ;•" ,t i-lnf i ' tl>«<. (fit-fit p-'U.i ' Thf deceived v.i'i h.-tn .•!! Apiil 3i>. 1Mi>, in <;«-nn-iny. lie raiiif tn tlii-i| ^ Cituntiy ul-.rii .1 >u.i!ii; man. i"in; nil- | Held At K, Of P. Hail Wednesday Eve JKI«-dlii t«'ly in" Tin- ri.ilr • >!' \\' '.:•<< 'I!--! it ; A Successful Aff;*ir. Where he livrd foi lour >r:.!' !!•- wa> married on netuhi-r .:;. i--.'i. !» Mi;-Lt«na I'llKiim nt Kuwaiti •-. \\ i- Kn>!!! WMeoiirtin Mr. Mini .Mi H • "it-nov. moved to Wlii!'*ldo e-nnty \\ht-ic th«:- r<'Mld''d e\ i-r Mti< e. ' IH HHIVIved hy hi't vifi- .1(1 I f'i'.i po.stp.iiif.i .mil v-ill T'" t:n>-ii r-r, S ,' : ii,'!-. ficmni", I >< relnbcl .'>:(; T!II ; r e, l (in A ill open at >'li;hf o'clock .!!•', "A i OM«-.M i,f a two hni.r pl.iv ..!•{>:]. "Tia 1 Si hi.oinm'm," ."iKo iniw, < •.• ii". <('-, The piil>l(e Is in>. i!>.l, LEAP YEAR DANCE an- -intlii' )'t '<> t! k Mfiry IHernian and .Mm Hi-rthu .Meyer- i , ill! of whom te><h!f lil ; A! tnillv . ..up!..,-. : I I,. ij> Vi :ii i!ar,! e held ;< ( :':,ill mi \\ednesdav >'\i'nin:; I' 1 i •->•: : ini!t.-.- ..I Hi, lii^h «V!HM,| i.r;i i-.- T ! i h ill \\HS I'.retl liy de. m-.-tted in ' •- : : In-r \\itli the si-ariiii and d. iluht I'-il in •M. ^v.i.'i t in ni-Oted l>y the Mud--,"' .TV" I \i. MORRISON BRIEFS U 'Is ,t!\ K« l A. D. STONE LEAVES COUllty. Another d-uit;hter, Kdith; died ; at tilt- Ji«e i>f l.iillt.-en se.'-i-i TlK> funeral ne'rvlees v, ill he held atj .— HI* honu» nt eleven ..'em U Sat (inia> 'I Leaves For Sheldon, III., With Family nuiriilng. He\. oetiiiiK of lli.pkinx will { • To Maka Their Home. • Imve ctmri;i* i.f the nei \ !een, Internieiit' t«Ue plaee in the I.\nd..ii cemetery. and In i.ih' r. V i. >-'••!!> « ' ')! to ' • ii' .t - M1-I ! \ l,-lt i;,. it K,' .uel '' infl-le! : \ - i ', ! i f t 1 1 • n . ! s in S 1 1 . r - \\ .-. - ,- v.MMm; lelativts in thin }| }i K. lit -v vmifed. relath'vf* : I . . .- \\ , -i-.-M?ii>' •\<\-\ .\!i---. \\'. !•;. Weaver ar:,l .-ion. >.;-.!ti :i:i',;i!s in SttlliliK Wed- DEUGHTFUL PARTY A. I). Sunn 1 and daiDihter^'li left XV'edn.fs-riii.v for Sheldon. Ill, wlu-r-- tln-y will make their future h.'ine. A! i - St.,rn> went to <'i!nton 'he f-r-^t ,.?' the w«--ek whne fh»' will vlnit lelatix. » f..! j > f'M days hefuie f.;o!n>r to Site'.!-.-' Til.' car i-oiitulnliiK tl'.eir ho;i.-< hoi.l Kooilrt' \\.is M-tit from MorrKun Tui->- Mr. And Mrs. Potter Entertain At The Morrison Club. Mr. und .Mr*. M. H. I'.,tier; Mr. and Jlrr. Albert I'.itter, und ,Mi^n Anna I'.>1- S«n t'ntfrtained nhnnt (>ne Inindn-d jtnertN sit a ili'lU;htl'nr''partA .ii the f'i)( 1 l.-ion t'hlh \\'edne'fdav evenlne. j ' I'.in.iinc iin.1 -..eiU'il. 1 * I'nvnlshed ih.ei Marriai-.' li<-eti^e.H w«-rt' Krant«--t tlinHHeiTtent tnf the evening and a li^-'ht j Tnt--d.iv altermwin to the lidl.nvin-; parti---.: Fred A. I'.ele and Mi>-* Myrtle jreile Annnilt. ImUi "f Sli-llini;: !.",!- ueile It. Tar^'in .'intl MISH I.ilhun !'. MARRIAGE LICENSES r •-. ir ll Wti-i M-rved A MOOSERDER William Waynsr Arousing Interest In Now Organisation, William Waynei. oi Stei'ltuK. «-is in city Wedll.'-.> : d:iy. huiUhiK lip the pt*ClH lor thf orKitni/.at ion of nn of the Mo'W lodK.' In AJun Isnn. Sehlielder, Lolh uf Sterhlst-', BIRTHS I't't'.H -A haby daughter «,IH lu>i on Tuesday to Mr. nml Mrf. S.trn-.i c'obl). Jr. \\lio lepide iiliunt a mile and a half east of Atoriison, PROBATE COURT RECORDS K.stalo Hnsli \\'olf, de^eii^ed. Appraisement hill tiled and approved .. , i, ,i r ui n,>,r lo tfiiardian jo Temple.. (iu.u iii.\n',"« _.>„„„ l're.,lin. of Ste Inn: I-- ,.., , '.,.,, ,„,.„ ,,,„„ ^UIIItiK <"'• a rt-w dayn ultl. MU« Lor- , .„ , n , Jt;1||tl . J|||)it ,.,.. othy Ktmv. JI« HtttttMi that if lie could oldaiu th nanH'H of twenty-five prominent men tt t'hnrter wa>nh! ho granted Mr. Wanner W«H ralllliK on the hiisiia--.:, alid -firoH-NMlonal men <if the city In u.i at- U'O1|>t. t>J inlere.'H In the Jitoject. / A Safeguard Against POOR APPETITE HEARTBURN INDIGESTION BIUQUSNCSS OR MALARIA HOSTETTE;R'S Stomach Bitters p'irt appr.ixtd and dlsehat He I .-!.•! In ! v, <> ward.-.. 1 (iiiardian t'lirtdlno Warner. \.-d a i ?•>'!", tll.-d and apl-it 'jinltil'V Illetl and approved. '\KM:iti'v .lame;* A. .Nhii;h.<n. d« -i • a .-i 4 I't^ it imi fin- leave anil ordt-r to *.r!l »••(•lair,i piopertv at private sale Illt-d, e.m- sldeitd and alluwed, and n;ile oitjeted Minor. t!eori;t % M. llin-lis. llt-ml tixed .it TT' lr *. filed and approved. K.'-tad' .Inhn l-'lsln-r, tleet a.-t'tl. Irpni! liled. Hearing f-et !"i>! Jail, '. inn. ,x Minors, I'anl \V. M'.irra.v. 4'!rKil" «'. Muriay. Ueimrt nl' wale of real> of 1 minoi's Illed. i oiiwidered ;uul app|n\i<l and Jvlle eulillrmiHl. . I'^tate Jeiemiah Me* "arty, th'< National Bank , s p; ;!•:•< eit\' \Vfilne«da». li,i:r, Si-|nn»«-»;er r. mined tii -me ;,! r.-i.i'n NV'ednesdav after .,- ;.•; a .v!i,.rt time at the M. 1*. Tr. i ->i-i l!!.!.'!.^ 1 -was a h.isiness vis- n lase \Vi-di)rsday. ; !-,• \c-un returned t.> Juliet .«-.-..j.n a.'!.-r Mn-fitiinn the past l-t\f at the hume nf his p.ilent«, i-irj Mrr< A. !•:. Austin. .Mrs ArMsiif Ktdd and Miss I.eitlyn i<i-S.J v;'.;t<d r» !,ill>« s IH SteiUnK \Ved- !'.«'•»,{ !>' J;'.me* H.,U«U returned tn Halite ^,,i!,.'. Miiir. Wediiesdav after i<peii<1- U:^- t;;e ;-aMt t »\. • we'-Kf with Inn lulher, i;«'in't1 il:i!.!t. in lllis City, J'j, : = V't N'.^h'il. A\ lid heen X'i^lt- .i'-: f.-r H-.i- j-aM tew «{ii.\x at th- 1 home • -'. \-.'.f i'.irf"t.x. I •!". and Mrs, Nowlen. ;.-r the iMr-s f«'iv days, nMiirned t«. <'S;.inip-ui;n \\eiliie.sday \\here he i.« emp'Vve.l in i he iat.i.iadirv nt the T\\ln ('itv I'naniviy t't.rnpunv'. Mrs !^ty HuU-tt, "f i'loweree, Mnnt., •A!« l«een \-i.xiiiiiir relative* in this eit>'. went :•• K.H k Inland \\'<-dne^dny r. r . t v;si! 'A:'.h lihnds in that city f..r .4 Cv« d ivj-. ^ ! O'-^J^ lV Tiiiii'-.v visited relatives AI!-> lit i.'n Mc!..liti;i'dlil, ot' Chle.-lKo, i> .->; . n-SifiK ll.e W«-vk at the home of !.er ni[,-;if-, Mr an.i Mis. \'» illiam Me \-i-.t ' il!! Mr." Kiiiifi »'KI L .V foul, of Alat|ii,iKc!a. !'.. \\l.> 1 a- U i -ii vh-iiinj.: !i>r the pant '.•*.\ do--- •«•' >!',- Al. N 1'iitltr honif. t\«-n- t,. St. l HUJ; \Vt tSnt'stlfty ioi a \i?-ii with iit.ilUi.-. HI that <lt>. Ail.;. C|, 4 i. .; \\ilKt-n.s and Ml;< Ah" !'. u-.h .MM! ;,. t'iilton \\eiltn i.d.ty lor .1 \l-il With 1! Ii lids. Aiir-o Ma!'! i'.uii'.-. retnnieit to Uer f,, nil- s;i . 'niton Wydm f>day after vis- itir.^ !.•: l (a- I a*t/ Jew' tlays ut tin(a.m. of la r uncle, \\illiam Alci^iUKli- A Frifnd of Shakespeare. America luis m'Tiny intere*Un£, not to >.iv . vnltial'le. Shitkosiioitre ivlii's. <>ae that is no! well known is this t i>l!aj'!\ in ;i cliun in :iri| at l-'r.'tlrick.s- JiUJL, \ ;» : * n,-- IMvsal'd lieldcli. a ;i.« >Si< ;.! conijtantttn nt' Willhmi S{laKe>lK-ate. o! Avoll. lie died Hi'lcl* a ^i.t.n iHnc" m the \e:ir of hi* life." ••t Itutt-nr ssi ImitniiapnNs Sun'. KEEP A M OF V HANDY or Ch --t Collecting the Waste ERIE NEWS CHRSTMAS EXERCISES of Erie. HI II !:!!' t. 'i" ' .:..',,•-;. .Ill 1 ! •'. f< • !'l'e-!i- < ' • - •'' ^. jn, I. V i r' 1 I \' • '•'•' I'M'. i • ' i- ! i-d .iivl M i>... A i:'i i A'l.i n\". an-i a - "i nt ! vul-.i !.%• ^til•.••'er M.'!'. in r.!'-!!/.. a' • •••III- pa-iiie."' V-i!h yian.i .t'i'l \l.din h> Ml \.lain-' ard M)-.,' Wt'ie f--atiii of the | !• f.'iatn y hi. h \MH- « ••!••( • i i Il> tine and Wfll t4V,..'.. •! Aft- t the pn> •lain Si!itl l'liiit.« i-me With ,iim;!!n !...!!>.,. lunl :i>«!sl.-d !•'.' heip<-|t«. • i l •'- dihiited uift-i fi.-tn a will tilled (;.•. A *'!i l i-'t in.i s i-fiin'Hi v,/!>*< j.i.n' h. 1 at tin' M. I' thur-h Siitnlay nifrnin I v the (,'.->«;•'!, l;.-\. .1. \V. <JeurMe. W II t,,c!, r.-l- h,x PUhj-el, "If CiiliM Had X-u 1'i.pir" ^.imt- e\i fib nt m?:* i \\.\t\ f-ndered bv the chi.Jr and sprcla ;tinnl».-rr« L:H(!| hy Mrs. 11 *' lUirchell \\hi. r-'iii;; a fi.d.' un^ o trio r'.mp.'M'r] t.f Me?.!am.-.>i Hi-rnleq JuineN an.i l-\ni- nif Sw»'deru« And-' Mis* Ktifherin' I'ierie. funw a selection. The < \eret:se:- i.v the Sunday si ho<d were helil in tht evfiilnt: ulltl the lUldHiirltun of t hi' .-hurt h ;;nd h-aiuie fooin w«'Ve. liiled with an miditn.'e \vlii--li tlinrQurthh enjoyed tin' ex, t-li.-nf 'Tin platform \vaw tilled with pnpilH fn>n the internii'diule el«iJ«Keft, xvlliie ll't p'r-itn.iry <-ln^v. s were f-eaitd in the front, row*-in the .,f the etini.-h. The elstirn* siiiKlnn ^<di»«. iHie!«. reel tat Ions, were all well rendeied, and til.- splendid nuitdc liiven' hy un on heKlra eomro.sed of MisH Kllen Mather, Will lilciu. Melvin l!leit-x, Mt-rrls Cnthrh with Miss Anna Atlaiiis pianist, was ill) mhled fiatnie to thf pi'iiKl'am wlile] was (lino wll enjoyed.. When tin-pro >:r:tm \v:i.-» emied. Mr. und Mrs. Santa Cl.ui!-. appeared, ltre;*l,lili-s? ! , t>nt happy, .-Hid laden with l.aiskels eoniainiin; a treat for all, Imth old und yinniK. Afti-r a 1'fW words of itrect ini:, they dt-parted mi other missions. A in-et- tily de'-i'-rated tree o. .-upied one side of the plaffvrm, and hore K.if'-' 4 for the pi'rnary pnviln. The e.\fivl;<i-s al the Christian .• \veie al«;o held Sntlilny ev<llinj,-, and th'- whieli had been eure- fiilly planned and .Mieee.snftiliy i-.nried mil. In addition to the "Vision of the \Vipr Men" e\<i<-jse, iipeetul numbers svei e i;i\en l>y the pu[ I!M. Santa I'Unw made !UH ap)..-.-ir.illi-e after the jiro- Kruin and diMi ihnred ireal.t for t he ehlldit'll fl'tlll a Stve, FAMILY GATHERINGS. nn ChrlMniit.* ilas, with u few ex- eef.i ion.%, all More* wen> i lo.-.ed and l>uhine.-<* hUhpended fm the day. Numerous family Ki'ltifl'tliUSt wele held. Where holinteoHK dlnnti.-. were yerved. Anii'inv the nunvher of norm-* where relalivt-M and friends i.i.".M,-mit|>-d \vas !owin« wen- entertaim d: Mr. and Mrs. ICniory Thi>ni]'tion and little tlaiiwhlers ironi l-'entiiii tuwnsliip, Mr. and Mr.s. Arlhur lIuwK. Mr. anil Mrf. \\ill Hawk lonu ('dean aujil 8on I.yle, Mr. and Mm. Miiirley l"eas!tt r and Kvclyn. Alter linner the company ^tillered ajound a tH)e. wlin h was tilled to o\»-nlo\\- inp and «ai h one. from old to yoiinK ncei\t-d tuiinermiH KifiK. making a hapi>y t-iitlniu for ttie already full day. Air. and Mrs*, h'timry 1'fuiidstein were .Ml and hoMtcs.H »u j>. family iHlUH'l' Monday, \slu-n l.he follou'lnt; were ;.;uesl.-i; Mr. and Ml* I.evi Mattlie\vS alid ti'iii (Jleiin. Mi. iii'.d Mr^* llenr\ Unity. Mr. and Atr.s. A. A Maiif.ew.s, Mr. and Ml- i.oiiin Mali h.-u .->. A i>oun!e»u:> dinner sva> .s.-itid, hy the I-O.'-IK^-.S and tin* day ;|te!!S n\' a u.'h .•lit) .-••'•i i:i! Ua> \!r and M l n l-'l'ed l:io,-l,> ai.d dau^'i- ii-r. Mr. .ii:-l An - I .e-nal.! Arm-M. Mr ii :•[ :-\i * . i n i- \\' n hi ' \\ Mi. .1 .ii '•' i • IJofc I .(-'.im-r '•! I '••• '• >••'! - j..ii l i.s . i i-i .M l .•-. i-:.!)i h ran;! i. .. !.•! !,• mile, oi !•.': u-. u .-i.- - • - v ; • -t .\i i Did Hi .- ' '< A S« fix I !..-•, M ; .,t !,•! Ail .-. 1 'i i ni, H ui' 1 • , i i ..:.<. I, ,_., ,; I,! i i . Mr . 111 • i All?. I l. s '. - i I ;, b :al I ,i!iit .'.;,Ii. I . Ail: I . i '. Mil Ail u,-j •- U t . K rn.l i;',!' •'! Wii it" and ' !<->.|i:r S.-i A! !«M Knid Ii itit'oii. |.,V, a vj, jfi.,1 hlT pit' I'. l ', I i ) I i nnoii, o . r| ! i A!r-, K!iK Thompx'ii rritiiH, low. i. Satiinla r- 1 1 1 - i.. v, . M i er Mis'. ! '. < '. Smitv of l h ed Ali'itiday i \rnlim am! wa.» a ::t|e,st :it tin- l; .1 Thi-mp-oti honif W<-ln,"-- das' rnoiniru; she uelil lo l,\on«. la. |o \ !''lt her htothel. «'h:irlfN I'larlei. who fornnilv i-oniim Ird a haf!i« •« :.!).. |i at Tiilnpl.-o. hut IH now h" att-d at Kyoti.". Ml.«. ll'iir. IVan IH enlo\iim a v Kit from h.-r fi iend. A!r.«. I'.elle .lohti.'ioii of t'arth. it.-. Mo, who arrived l'"i!da> from Indiana, where (the had h.-en viMinn; and \\iil iniiUe ;ui evtrn.l.-l \ The Indy wa« an early fi it-nd of Air,". IVanV aiid tlp'.-.'hii! ii one of nmtnal pleasure, Air.". Sti-lla f'oHtrr K-ft Tne.fdny ev. nine for Aurora to vi.-dt lelatne.-. a few di',> s. (ii'inV'e N'eer has hern i|ill!e lil a few d.iVM hut IH it.'poi'ii'd (o he im- pluv !m;. STATE'S ATTORNEYS MEET Their Annual Convention Opened To- dny nt Springfield. I l',\ I 'ni!et| l'i p e-!-i| Sprinulii 1-i. 111. liee. I' 1 - ("root.* It-fi with the innunu tti'.lay of m\ I ladu of atiorm-y.s to attend the annual convention of the Slate'^ A t torm-.v s' n»r.ocla tion. Atntti-ra of immense impottance t tilt' Ic^ai prol.'fisioii of tin 1 Mate Will b*. dlscus.M-.l diirm>; tiie two-day ft-s- sion. «ni'.' of the nioMt Important of tht'.-e \«,ill t nine up I" in.nrow when Miieluy lloylie, Ntale's attoinry of Cool< coniily. will lead a dincusKJoii on the prtipo^ in Illinois. Jloili (.Jovei nor I'nnne am! <Jov- ernor-l-'li-ct LoWtlell have ln-,|i aslied DENIAL OF mmm LUST BABGdlN Is Favored A- a Pb.n That Will Rochu'e Ni.u>iln:r Of^ MAIL OFFER Th" Bargain .pricr for The- 0;i :,(M I c cxpnrs «T;in ] , ! 1H 7, ** --! ihrn m;iil :.;!.'ii:-rl (ht'TS tMlt >J<i (> * !!>*( i»v of Stt'i'linsr aiuS l?nrk Fails can srcnrc Thr 0-'< ::i t ? f< to J.Uiu.u y i. 1 H i H, at tin i;iti- of 21 rents a mouth. No pnlnuTiptions taken n.t ilii:'* prif*-,l-<'.voml Jnnurii v 1, i <> 1?\ !.;is? .-all. \ ; ' . i -, ;•- i t n- i- Ii: ! '• • '•'• >,, • , \ , ; -< . f • i i i; '.' i - ' • : 111 • nii'.-M.'i > . | i i- ' 'n '••mini n.'. .id. t:"-- '•!' \ .D i-'.i r - I; ;;,-• ..!.;•,.,1 .-. ..; ,1 .. inn,: i . ,:. I.-.,!.,•.';•< l I-' I-'' ! Ji ,,.:..-.' ;,.-'.. Ml I'.nVil • '. . . , I , ' i , ; , , f Ijl ' '• • I •"(•'' I I'*. <•!•' .',,. . . , •'-•'.I : i-H< i !"l '^ I ':•' : ;">!•' i u . • : r . ' , .': • ! • ' , I ; "i i ! ! ', ,'.( I! ! "> ill- 1 , ,, j , . | > -. ,:-"i" u i'.!n in ! r<j !• init-iit tii i..,,t ...,,,,. t'. ii <«•:*. in- Minll'.ns • . , ...j; | p. • !•.. i i i i'. i! ' '• • ' p! :."• :i !•>•'*! 1 , , .... , ,,,.', . ,i . in ,;; , ,.]. nl. -; .MI th" : |,i • ,.| . i. h • '. 1 i ' -in I \\ '•;!'. t.' ful IV i I,,. (,,i I,M d. I i- i! I '•' .1 I • Lit' • • 'H >' i'f the i,.],,j.,.., • :-,,.i|.l '•< i>! 1 !.'- Mlll- u;!''.>(, i ^ s|.eaKei>i t,.inoiati\v will he Atloinej 1 (iellria.l I'. .(. I,IH ey and bin a.-*iMa lit , tictiPKe HaliKsey. Til- hain|in.'l will he held lonli;ht. Puzzlers, An Intelligent Fn-nchiiiiiM \vn« KludyitiK' tin- Kn^H-di hniK'niKt 1 . "\Vlien 1 dlseovered ihnt If 1 wna quick I wns fast." Hiild lie, "nnil that If I was tied I was fast, If I spent too freely I WHS 1', ami Ihat tint -to eat -WU8 tO fliSl, 1 WHS (li.!H'')liniM;<'<l. T'llt wh^n I nuno JUTOXS the sentenci 1 , Thu flrsit one won one doiUir prize,' I WUH (o.Klvo up It-urn English." I'reity so. m tin- world will rease to di.scH.-,> tiirltey and lieeoine (UiMn!n.'d In the Ki'oninihow'H ^oiin'.s mi. Surprismyly Good Cough Syrup Made ci* Home fo»(» ViTV I.iJtlr u«tU fi but t* H«-iuiqkubi> Kttfi' Vou'll never reallv kii(>w what a line cou«h BVMip yon can muke until y.m prepur«' this-fuutotiM lioiiie-nuui.' re!iii-<lv. You not iinly. Hitve $^ art cinnpuri;il \\ith the teiuiyniH'.le kind, Init v.ur will u!«i liust 1 U iUuie el!'.-vti\e uin.1 <lepen.l:»hle remedy in every way. It i'»-ei\-nii!>--«. the ual cou^'ii". Uirout or ehent t'oUln in 2-i tiuurs—selu'ved tvi-u whooping cuii^ii cj'.iit'kiv., (.Jet 2 1 -!. tmiu-ej> of Pilli'X (. r ii) cent-* iiih) tiuiu unv >iooJ drug stole, puiir it into u pint liottle uud lil! the iinlti.! with plain ^rauutuled BUjitir Hynip. Here you littve a full pint—a family »iiipp!y — -at tii« jjii"*t t:!h-ctivi> v'mik'li rup that Wuiiey eun iiiiv —ut u. otiat iii i tijllv fl-l tVlittl t'l lenS. It UeXi'f bpniiH. i Tile |>l'oUl[st UU.i pi.ioitive ITi.nnHsi KiVi'i) iiiye cuutuid it to lie iiivd iu ^iiofo hoiiie-i luiit iiay »ilili-r fettled v. / It <|iiu-l.iy (i.i.-eiij* u tirv, iinar«' or /ti^tit eniiyii, titid.- t'lii 1 t!ill:i!i)e<l Qli iiiltjxlii. •* thitt liise tin 1 till eat' Hlld 1)1 O!l»'lli,*f tlllw ', U-:-i I'. 1 - |ji-t I'i'Uii;., iit'iin-it iniu/tli-i l> l\, >i-l." ih-l h-l ti:|,..U til |..l.'./*i.i,ll.--.-l. ••-•>. |i!.."1 i!i.>.i-., i-n.:ip UH.i hri'/i UMllnii.l. 5 i'lii-A i -, L; h'L-!.!v e-.ii' - nl; v'.. d ,-.-,!ii! j, -i |A.| ;:•,-!,i,ii..' N-.-i v-..,', p ; i:.- .-.::.. ;, , t . -Mi- n i^ I V, ; ( h i' u .u i i : • ! iUi'i In . l>- . M i n ---.I s •!• '.•••'"•i.'-ii'-'-'i i i'- ; t' i"i- .•- •.'-'.•! j v ';' -( .lihli.-Mji j \\», 1 ! .! • ,ii-!".'iiiUii. lit l-\ ;i !.:!:• \ ••:.•!• j dra • ->-l !... "•..' ' t ,,.u, , - ,.1 1 -i; -." ^ ,! . i ),...! iiii. - [ . -, -. "il'i i U .n f ... ,-! ; ! . • Dog Lorf. Din' \\l:n i>\»n : ;\ (In.' :i'!'N !'i thft sipn i..till i«;' hi- l.ii'iut'-di-e. A \veel? .1.,!.. :!.»"<>. th.-it faun , ..!" i-.-.^tu!' | ^^.^ n<| ,,,,„,,-, ,„,, | )a -, t . ( . :1 ||,..| (,, m l,ti! !l '""•'• lll:(; ll " ttl - H! ' x '" 1 l '" li: ' M I' 1 ,""!:! -.inch' r.-M.-dv fi,r ni'in.;.-. V'-w \v.-' ip,,?,''!.:!^ 1 '!!"'!?.!;,,',?. 1 .'!'!!' 1 ,.,'''.'' wi!!V,j^'"« »< !••-•'-«'» '""»''•"' -'"•'•;•»'•«• i!,;,» i,-wp.,,. i,,,, b,,,, |,.. n d.'M-i.'p.-i .Hid i f" r i( . "'''' •-iHr;:'" 1 '*" 11 - '"is'ltu- in ou nLmi. 1 :K- perfr. t .i.-; it 1» m,,.''.. j every nnill. l!,, II ev!:t!,'n>dl :i .•••»•< "lid f.h.'.d ne.iij C|,|. :t!-.> | H.-.T. t.M v I .'.i" -n\ i- m i^'"" -Urn; ||c ree.mnnendi d a ennsidecit imi <•( !!,•- prul nslti'.n \\!ii<ii !I:IM ;id\ :l - iiil'.^ In M-.issii'-hir-etl.-i and New ViTli. 1.1 .-itatv i:n:irdlar.fdilp f«>r the hrii'lit. r t ^ i e?; r.f f i-i'hlf - !n inded. a H>':iti'lll «'! ...;'.ij...•!•>. i"iuii and ylfUtutii.n, nndei j v. hi.h it \i-unld !»" nei-CMs^vv 1.1 IneK I np In un snstltntinn hnndM.I 1 , pcihaptiy lhini«i:inhi iif feehli'-mindrd jn-rson*' | Mr. r.owfn lepurtR thlf i<> !>»' the emn • Irtir s.dullon «'f the *t;«t<> '.-.'ire <,f lh« an lii.ttluitien. f-.. that tlie> may worK, I t-ain their hiippiirt and he (i.tppii-r and, Mai 1 "l-'i '-'•• will he d«'!)ied then) just : JIM it \\.>-.lld he if they \ver>> .-ii-cn-- i H.ite-l inside ' ln."tHllt|.,|l v,.i!!;i. Thpi 1 -y.-leni \\lll II"t apply ti. a'l:<:e.- el:i-'-.«! .,! ffchle-nitnded L-nls and wi.nien wh<>'. are Mieiet\'H nienai e. '(!!•• I.-p.irt »a > :< j liy reat-nil cf pnn r< Jition of llieir <»\\ n I Kind 'Pin- male, the Cepuri deelares, Sudden Cold. Look out—if s dangerous. &}& CASCARABQUIN1NE The old'family remedy-in forni-wifo. mire. *a*y to take. No opIuiM—no unpk*«»ant mitpr-offtxts. I'.tiBti ctdU* in 24 hours-Orip in 3 ilnys. Money Imck H it fall*. t-t'J thegcnuina f»ix with Kcil Top mid Mr. 1 liil's picture <m it-25 cents. At Aay Drug Store Fits-ll Eyeq lasses are the best because they give you style as well ao comfort. We fit Fita-U Eyeglasses for you to see with and to be seen with as well. Our establishment is headquarters for the genuine ® Fita-U with die good looking Toric Lenses. Don't delay, corne in now. We can save you from 25 cents to $1.00 on Duplicate Lenseg. DR. GOULDING, Over Obermillers' Store Bell !>hone 101-W First Ave< and East Third St., Sterling, III OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS The Automatic Sealing Burial Vault _. ii m—itntfUtfigiMr" n— i Mora than Sitonu or Silet'l, i'i a tn; IM I a I , i.i . c : is : ! maUert It a» e \, it .,i,,'-- .-..i i i aim., I fad. Madt- «if rcn.l'il • • d < '.'.- Ii te. « i • ; >l ''!-\" u'.iV. 'r'. ..'ii ^l,-',^"^,^' i i.i.d"- 1 !' a 1 .:- ^ ..n.lit !• •:;•-' ">l^ '"-V vutllt UuU >v :li p:-,!.... 1 i ,1'Ki ! i'.'i U •. tiy i"'< ">' ei 1 . 1 i .i.'t Ii: ,• ! i.i- p.-; i -i.ahie -.» •.ii--ti-..-i ,' • \ ', • l ia,-.i:ea under :; i a', i t..-..-U IIU bALh UY ALL-- I'NUt.KC'Ar, !.!-b A f 1 iif C't'Mi'U i I'll i V%

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