Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 3, 1964 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts 14 - Priday. Apr. 3, m Spring to ^warmer WASHINGmV (UPI)-Spring •.vill be warmer than usual over the southern two thirds of the nation during the next 30 days. The Weather Bureau predicts that temperatures will be average except for areas west cf the Continental Divide and in the Northern Plains. Above normal rainfall is forecast for the Great Lakes, the Mississippi. Ohio Valley and the Far West regions. IN HOLLYWOOD •I Gregory Peck cod to hof films Bjr Enkine Johnson NOTICC OF TRUSTEES SALE T.O. No. 33-392 On Thursday. April 16. 1964. at 11:00 a.m.. TITLE mSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY, aj duly appointed Tnutee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust dated September 20, 1862, executed by LAWRENCE D'ANGELO and ILGA D'ANCELO. hui- band and wife, and recorded September 28. 1902, in book Si75, page 441. of Official Kecord! in the office -of County Recorder of San Bernardino County. California. WILL SELL AT POBUC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH Ipay- able at time of sale in lawful money of the United SUtesi in the Main entrance of the Pioneer TtUe Office of Title Insurance and Trust Company, at 340 Fourth Street, San Bernardino. California. aU right, title and Interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust in the Property situated in the Redlands Judicial District, in said County and State described as: Lot IS, Block 3. ENTERPRISE TRACT No. 1, in the City of Redlands. County of San Bernardino, State of California, as per map re- cor^led in Book 14 of Maps, page 24. in the office of the County Recorder of said County. Said sale will be made, but without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining unpaid principal sum of the note secured by said Deed of Trust, to-wit: $10,401.40, with interest from June 1, 1963, as in said note jirovided, advances, if any, under the terms of said Deed of Trust, fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust. The beneficiary under said Deed of Trust, by reason of a breach or default in the obligations secured thereby, heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale, and written notice of breach and of election to cause the undersigned to sell said property to satisfy said obligations, and thereafter, on December 16. 1963. the undersigned caused said notice of breach and of election to be recorded in book 6048, page 395, of said Official Records. Date: March 17. 1964. (SEAL! TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY as said Trustee, /s/ By Keith A. Gregory, AssisUnt SecreUry. HOLLYWOOD - (NEA) Behind the screeiL Gregory Peck is happy to say he is not a candidate for a eel luloid sex romp. "Frankness," he says, "has gone too far. Too many producers are trying to turn a fast buck. Most of the time the stuff verges on plain vulgarity and it's degrading to the profession of actmg. "If a director ever asked me to play a bedroom scene with an actress, I'd tell him to go get someone else." Theme song for "The Fall of] the Roman Empire" is titled, "The Fall of Love." "Cleo patra" could have used it, too. Uncle Sam struck out at an other movie festival, reports Arlene Dahl, just back from the Cartagena Fest in Colombia The South Americans roared disapproval when a wideiy publicized screening of "The Car dinal" was canceled without eX' planation. The official U.S. en try was MGM's "TickUsh Affair,". "A pleasant picture," ob- ser\'es Arlene, "but certainly not appropriate for a film fes Uval." Clare Trevor is coming out of semi-retirement for a role with Jack Lemmon in "How to Murder Your Wife." . . . Richard Burton was the screen's top news name for the six weeks ending March 15, ac cording to Publlraetrix, which computes the number of times names of film folk are mentioned in print. Why movie theater o\vners are singing the blues: Rally Around the Flag, Boys," a 20th Cenfury-Fox re issue, closed on a Thursday after a three-day booking for 50 cents admission at a Minneapolis theater. Two days later the film could be seen for free on NBC-TV's "Saturday Night at the Movies," JIM GLAZE. Inc. Anitiveiiimci BARGAINSI •63 PONTIAC 2 Dr. Hardrop $2695 '3495 M295 Radio, beatfr, peirer iteerlnr. HU3I :w '63 MERCURY 4 Door Factory lir rondltloner. radio, heatfr, pon-fr steerlns. etc. Like new. IIVK 504._ '61 PLYMOUTH 4 Dr. Belvedere Radio, brater. aulematic transmlsKien, poKcr Meerlnr. *lr condltlooer. etc KBL ZCA . ^—. ~ '58 MERCURY 4 Dr. Sedan Radio, heater, aotematie trans., Jiower ateerinr. etc. KBS 450 — ~— '61 CHEVROLET V-S 4 Dr. Sed. Radio, heater, automatic, power iteerinff. etc. HUB 188 '61 CADILLAC Fall power and air conditioner. Verj low mileace. HTS 519 '59 FORD 4 Dr. Wagon Power hrafcei and Btecrlnr. radio, heater, anlematlc. etc . '58 EDSEL 4 Dr. Hardtop Cnruiir. radio, heater, astomatic. power steerlnc. very clean. HUB 1€" '60 RAMBLER Cusfom 4.Doer Factors air condltlonlnr, radio, heater, overdrire. IIXB 678 _ '59 FORD Pickup with Camper 4-tpeed transmiulon. H31 81* '59 MERCURY 2-Door Hardtop Radio, beater, power ateerlnr. etc KAP 1=7 „ — — - '63 RAMBLER Sedan Well tqsipped, lov milrage, like new. . IIWF 431 - — '62 FORD 2-Door Radio, bpater, >lilaniatlr, .ower iteer­ lnr. power brskca, air condltleninc. HLH i39 ' Yul Brj-nner broke 100 the first time he played golf, to the delight of his "teacher," Dean Martin. Cracked Dean: "Yul, for someone who drinks as lit tie as you do, you're a great golfer." Romy Schneider is carrjing an Olympic-sized torch since her breakup with actor Alain Dclon. . . . Spencer Trac shelved all the serious illness rumors when he turned up as his old healthy self for "The CincinnaU Kid" at MGM. Actor-producer John Shelton claims he has the O.K. of the Red Chinese to film location scenes for a movie in Peking, Chunking and Hanoi. . . . AI bert Finney, in town to sweat out the Oscar race, is dating the late Frank Lovejoy's daugh ter, Judy. . . . Tony Randall is set for another comedy, "Fluffy," a yam about a college professor and a pet lion. Burt Lancaster insisted on doing his own stunts in "The Train." Saved producer Jules Bricken the salary of a stunt double but cost the budget an extra $25,000 in insurance premiums. When Bricken pointed this out to Burt, the actor grinned: WeU. that's the kind of eco nomy that's made our business great" (And that's why so many movies \rjid up on television in search of profits.) NOTICE or HEABING OS PETITION rOR PROBATE OF WII,!. AND FOR LETTERS TESTAMENTART No. 33S01 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and /or the County of San Bernardino. In the matter of Oie EiUte of JOHN WHEATON, Deceased. NoUce is hereby given that the petition of Veaulah Banks for the Probate of WUI of John Wheaton the above named decedent, and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Veaulah Banks peUUoner, reference to which is hereby made for further particulars, will be heard at 9:30 o'clock a.m., on April 17, 1964, in the court room of the Probate Department, Boom 308 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino in the alMve designated county and state. Dated April I. 1964. V. DENNIS WAHDLE. aerk. By Edith Campbell. Deputy Cleric. RUSSELL GOODWIN. Attorney for Petitioner. (First PublicaUon April 3, 1964) Read Classifiei Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum 2 lines. 5 avcrag. wonfa to Uic Une. 32 letten and ipaces. Do Dot abbreviate. ITime 3 Times • Times i Unes tl.00 fl32 f2 .«i 3 Une* 1 .00 1 .98 3 .o0 4 Une* 1.00 3.64 4 .80 5 Unes—_ 1 .2S 3.30 6.00 S Lines IJO 3.98 7J0 7 Line. 1 .73 4.S2 S.40 8 Lines 2.00 5 .28 9.S0 9 Lines 2J3 SM 10 »• 10 Lines 2.S: 6.60 12jn Per Month by lh« line — $3J0 Commercial Rates on Request "Loolc.'Instead of smokfri|: tha paac* pipa, lat'a all just h&va a piece of candy or aomethinsl" TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK OD BBOW - Is '60 CHEVROLET 4.Dr. Sedon Radio, beater, agtomatlc. GLL 173 '62 CHEVROLET Sport Cpe. Backet aeata. radio, heater, agtamatio trans. V-«. ODT 9S3 '60 VOLKSWAGEN Economy specUl, KOP 503 '60 DODGE 2-Deor Hardtop Radio, heater, antomatie, poirer steerinr. r.vK 0:7 '61 CHEVROLET 2.Door V-*, radio, brater. orerdriTe, etc. HTr ^3 - _ '61 MERCURY Commuter Waron. Radio, bralrr. aalomallc. poirer •trerlnz. etc. Loir mileage, white beaatv. UWT ::t ._ _ »795 M495 '3795 '995 '795 »II95 '1195 '1195 '1995 M995 '1395 '1995 '1295 '1195 '1295 1895 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARLNG REDLA.VDS PLA.V.S'ING COMMISSIO.V PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that, pursuant to the provisions of ordinance No. 1000 the Planning Commission of the City of Redlands will hold a Public Hearing in the Council Chambers of the City Safety HaU In the City of Redlands at 3:00 p.m., April •• 1964, to consider the loUowing: An applicaUon has been received for a variance in the C-2 (Neighborhood Shopping Center) District to permit front setback reduction from 25 feet to 15 feet for a required three foot high block wall. Request submitted by HICKS- BADBAUN, INC., Of Riverside. California. Anyone objecting to, or in favor of. the above is invited to appear and show cause why the same should should not be granted as request. Approvals or objections may be writing filed with the undersigned prior to said Hearing, or may be orally made at the HcarCng. DATED thU Jrd day of April. 1964. W. C. SCHINDLER, Planning Director. City of Redlands. HOLLYAVOOD (UPI) Tarzan a has-been? Has onrushing modem civilization and sophistication cut the vines from imder (or over) him, and made him obsolete? These questions are causing deep concern among Tarzan fans ever since CBS-TV recenUy dropped the one-hour series about the jungle hero it had planned for the coming season. The word is that it was deemed tough to do the stories a modern vein and make tbem believable. In short, he has ironically been dealt a setback by the man-made world he rejected for years, and which he tried to join when he could no longer lick it Such is the message for romantics and other individual ists who wait too long beforel seeing the light and joining junior executive program. There have been tremors of trouble all along. First, one heard that Tarzan's "Jane" would not be in the show—pre^ sumably, in part, so that fe male viewers could feel closer to him. Then one heard that Tarzan's "Boy" might not be in the cast either. The talk of modernizing" continued so in cessantly that, from gossip, one expected to see, at last, a Tarzan who commuted daily to the jungle. In short, again, the agony of all those who try to become partial conformists was becoming painfully clear. At CBS, a friend told me that he was concerned about a Tarzan video series because of the emerging and increasingly aware nations of Africa and elsewhere. Think of the possible propaganda problems, he said. Remember all the primitive na lives ui the old Tarzan movies, he added. Nonsense, bosh, and all that It is true that Tarzan movies have been altered for more sophistication in recent years but CBS bimgled things by not going for the real goods — the old way. When viewers tune in an old Tarzan movie, they are in total, ecstatic escape, and logic and propaganda be hanged! Tarzan's handlers should not try to conform, if they have done so. At most, they might compromise a wee bit on the type of actor to play their man nowadays. Perhaps someone like Keefe Brasselle might be logical. ^ There is some good news, Producer Sy Weintraub, an en terprising fellow who owns film rights to Tarzan, is going to try to sell the series idea else where. Onward, Sy Weintraub And onward, you too, Tarzan Long may you swing! Tha Channel Swim: Mrs, Barry Goldwater is interviewed on CBS-TV's Art Linkletter show April 22 ... NBC-TV's April 12 "Sunday" program is devoted in entirety to a visit to Washington, D. C. ... Glynis Johns portrays a kleptomania! on "The Defenders" April 25. Arthur Schlesinger Jr., his torian and White House advisor to John F. Kennedy, will help ABC-TV cover the Democratic National Convention, along with Sens. Hubert Humphrey and Sara Ervin.. .Leopold Stokowski appears on NBC-TV's "Today' show Wednesday. ERRORS Where an error is made on tha part of the Redlands Dally Facta, and the Facta U noUfled by 9 a.m. day following first Insertion, correetino wUI be made and the ad wtu b« mo properly one additional day. The Redlands Daily Facts win not be responsible for mar* than on* Incorrect insertion. Trading Stimp Directory S. A H. Crttn Stamp* THE HARRIS CO. 17 E. state Phone 793-M68 1 Lost ind Found FAiniD —Transit complete with trl- pod; chain saw. Identify and pay for ad. 792 -34T3. CLASSIFICATION INDEX Lost and Found Personals Special Notices Bmployisient Wanted Belp Wanted . Schools - Instructions _ Nurseries - Dar School! Room and T^rrf For Rent . Wanted to Rent. Bargain Spot Business Services Musical Instruments Seal Estate Loa; Money to Loan- Money Wanted . Mortgages - Trust Deeds Business Opportunities Income Property Beach - Mountain Industrial Property Lots and Acreage- Real Estate Excbangea.. Groves and Ranches Real Esute Wanted Commercial Property _ Rouses for Salc- Mobile Homes-TraHcn . lYuclcs « Trailers . Automotive ImiMrted Cars . 10 . 13 . IS .32 . 3* .40 . 41 • 42 . 43 . 44 . 47 . 43 . 49 . 30 .81 . 52 . S3 .34 . 53 . 38 • »i _«IA ABBREVIATIONS Readable and luoerstandable ads promote greater results. The tis* of any except standard abbicvUtions in Classified Advertiscmcnta is talae economy, therefore only Standard Abbrevlatioiu are antharized. 3 Special Notices 3 Special Notices ATTENTION: Waitresses, beauty operators, etc. Want your uniforms made the way you like them? Give them a personality. For information call 797-4372. SEWING machine and vacuum cleaner repairing. Also new Singer zig lag, $99.30. Phone TU 9-<m5. WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC TTnited Beauty tc Barber SuppUes 13 W. State St 793-2758 FOR SALE —26 ln„ or part thereof. Redlands Water Co. shares. Make olfer. Write Robert Gibbs. 23530 Pumalo No. 9, San Bernardino. 10 For Rent A —APARTMENTS a ANU 3 room tvmuhea apartments, »50 -up pe» month, weekly rates. Swimming pooL Shady trailer space, f20 up. Mission Motel & Trailer Park. Hlway 99. 3 miles west of Redlands^ • .CoMF6RTABLfi AND CHABSnNfi: I bedroom spacious upstairs apartment for two. Attractively fur- nisbed. $90 including gas, water, refrigerative cooling and carport. 792-1288. COTTAGE-APARTMENT for the convenience of an apartment and the privacy of a home. ROOSEVELT COURTS 793-2293 SI07 to $127 534 Roosevelt Road 793-fi52> Redlands Finest Kallaa Kona Luxury Apartment! t CatUdren Welcome! Singles. 1. 2. 3 bedrooms. # 1 and 3 baths. # Completely carpeted and draped. # Built-lns and dishwasher. ^ Heated pooL Comer Ash and Brookside 83S Palrobrook Drive 793-439* Plantation House Apartments • 2 BEDROOMS « Carpeting « Drapes # Refrigerator * Range ^ RefrigeraUve Coaling > Patio ^ Recreation Room ••The Finest in Apartment Living" 8S0 W. State Manager. Apt, t PICKUP TRUCKS As Low As 2 —IMJs ...... ,„„ 2-i «rs ...... »"'5 Approximgtefy 20,000 actuit mite* en tach truck. Your Trad* 1$ Always Worth Mor« At. Ineerporaiad NO SUNDAY SEUING-but you or* welcsm* to brows* our big lef. LINCOLN - MERCURY - COMET 420 W. Redlands Blvd. 793-2141 It's Springtime and our used cor lot is covered with daisies. Come in and pick one and take it home with you. 19M BUICK SKYLARK Sport Coupe — F.efory air eon- ilitiencr, power steering, power brakes, bucket seats, railie, heater, etc. Sold new C9fiQC by us. Big savings here ^£,OtS 1962 BUICK LeSABRE Sport Coupe — Factory air conditioner, power steering and brakes, radio, heater, whitewalls, etc. A sharp car sold and strWccd by us ^A#7» 1962 T-BIRD — Factory air conditioner, full power, leather interior, new whitewall tires. Very clean local ear. ^^173 1962 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4 Door Sedan — Automatic, power steering, radio, heaeter, whitewall tires. An exceptionally clean, ClfiOE one owner car ^ l079 mi TEMPEST LeMANS Coupe—Stick shift, radio, heater, whitewall tires, bucket teats. Very clean. d70C Local one-owner car ^1/ 79 1962 BUICK SKYLARK Sport Coupe — Factory air conditioner, power steering and brakes, radio, heater, whitewalls, etc. A nice car C9iLOC told and serviced by ut ^£,070 I96T VALIANT 4-Ooor Sedan — Stick shift, COQC low mileage, local one owner car ^773 1961 BUICK LeSABRE 4 Or. Hardtop - Air conditioner, power steering and brakes, radio, heater, ftlOQC seat belts, whitewalls. Very clean local ear. ^ 1 779 1960 BUICK INVICTA Convertible — Power steering and power brakes, radio, heater, etc. d70C A sharp earl •^1/73 1960 THUNDERBIRD—Full power, factory air conditioner, radio, heater, whitewall tires. C010C Very clean, local car 1 79 1958 BUICK Limited Convertible — Air conditioner, full power, leather interior. This is a beautiful CIOQC ena owner prestige car. Very low mileage. ^1*7* 1955 T-BIRD Convertible — Stick shift with overdrive. A beautiful little car you must te* to appreciate. BERT S. HATriELD BUICK Big BUICK BLOCK Dial 793-3238 East Redlands Blvd. From 7th to Ith, Redlands MORE BOYS THAN GIRLS IN HOSPITALS NEW YORK (UPI) — More boys than girls are hospitalized each year, according to the Health Insurance Institute, partly because of a substantially higher rate of accidental injuries among boys. Analysis of U.S. National Health Survey data, the Institute said, showed that Et least 63 out of 1,000 children of both sexes under the age of 15 are hospitalized each year. But the rate for boys is nearly 14 per cent high-; cr than the rate for girls. ' PUBLIC AUCTION 10 A.M.. Saturday, April 4, 10 A.M. On TENNESSEE . .. North of San Bdno. Ave. IN REDLANDS Farm Equipment, Furniture and Miscellaneous Farm equipment includes: Ford 641 Workmaster tractor (nearly new) with extra equipment; HP compressor: bench grinder: drill press; power mower; tanks: oU bowsers: spray rigs; hand tools; citrus equipment (larffe and small); etc.. etc Plus Other Large Farm Equipment Furniture: Indoors and outdoor! (including redwood and metal). Miscellaneous: Fishing and camping gear; tools: photo stuff; and 3 OLD POT BEXUED STOVES (smallj. CATERER PRESENT —YOU'RE INVITED! Col. Tom Caldwell, Associates, Auctioneers. 1337 S. Euclid Ave.. OnUrio, Area Code 714-YU S-7063. YU 6-OlOS 4 Employment Wanted ItAOtJNft - Take anything. Ats tree service. 792-7279 or 792-5337. CARt>£NT£R. cabinet maker, small alterations. repairs. Watkins. 797-0386. PAINTING —A-1 workmanship, reasonable. "Bob" DeWitt. 793-3722. YARD work wanted; experienced, rcliable: by 792-2669. day or month. Call LANDSCAPE GARDENER Experienced. A-1 work. Contract by hour. week, month. 793-1176. EXPERIENCED gardner needs 6 to I hours work a week. Fully, equipped. 792-6827 day or night • RECEPTIONIST seeks position in Redlands area. Write 38850 Cherry Valley Blvd.. Beaumont. Apartment Homes I & 2 bedrooms with 1 & 2 baths. Private balcony or poUo. Forced air heat. Dishwasher. Air conditioned. Built-in range, oven. Fully draped, carpeted. Sound proofed. Across from Sage's. From S125.00 Cypress Terrace. 325 E. Cypress ACROSS FROM SAGES 793-SI7« Terrace Garden Apartments Furnished or Unfurnished 0 2 bedrooms # Private patios # Range Fenced # Carpeting # Air-conditionisa # Heated pool « Drapes ^ 1 story A Spacious rooms • 1100 sq. ft. * $125 month Laundry facilities. Pets anowid. Mgr. wo. 3 142 THE TERRACE. HBDLANDS 6 Help Wanted i.ADY to care for •» year old, 5 days a week, in my home. CaU after " p.m. 792-7181. Wanted Registered Nurses For Medical and Surgical unit and Surgery. Liberal benefits. Six weeks orienution for Surgery. Apply at Redlands Community Hos- pitaL Call 793-3101 for appointment. PART-TIME employed practical nurse desires room and kitchen privileges in exchange for light duties to elderly Udy alone. 792-4346. 6 HelD Wanted WAKTlili—Male bookkeeper for large poultry ranch. Apply in person at 35594 County Line Rd.. Yucaipa. SALESMAN for printing shop. Some Experience necessary. Call 845-1696, Beaumont. COUPLE to manage Garden Apart, ments in Yucaipa in exchange for rent. Write Box 43. c/o Facts office. WAS -Tei >-experienced Nurses Aides, 11 p.m. to TJ30 a.m. Must be steady. Write Box 44. c/o Facts office. WOMEN for day or night shifts. Please apply in person. Burger Bar, Redlapds Blvd. and Citrus Avenue. 'RACT sales lady or man for Rnf^ lands. CaU coUect. Prospect 45692 lOrange County). EJJPESlEfreES Brui Store saleswoman. Will consider capable trainee. Apply Mr. Fowler, 9-11 a.m. at 1 E. SUte. 3 ROOMS, furnished, 235 4th St. CaU ' at 20 W. Clark. typist, general office mornings. Must have recent IBM experience. Beginning salary S2 hour. Give last 5 years* resume in letter to Box 45 Facts Office. HETAL Craftsmen — 3. first class. Intricate hot forge anvil work. Birds, flower scrolls; some bronze and 'nammered silver details. $7.50 per hour. Six months work guaranteed: out of town. No age limit Free lodging. Mail particulars to LOUIS KALMAN ENG. and MFG. P. O. Box lOSl. Beaumont, Calif, or Box 46, c/o Facts office. 9 Room and Board atmosphere and cooking. Couples or singles. 792-2416. HOTEL CASA DEL BEY" ReUrement hotel for senior citizens, home cooking,'friendly atmosphere. 302 Nordina St. Redlands. 792-9068. 10 For Rent A —APARTMENTS 234 CENTER — Furnished upsUirs. Oean. cheerful. 793-4728. St S40. 793-5866. 3 BOOM furnished apartment Adults. 533 Brookside. GARDEN Apartments. Yucaipa area. Furnished or unfurnished. 797-9265. TRY OVEROCKER'S RENTALS 627 Brookside Eves. 792-6520 FURNISHED, close in, for employed lady. Upstairs. UtUiUcs paid. 792-5908. EAHSBTuHSJSd — upper, adults, $55. 330 S. Buena Vista. For appointment caU 792-1440. BEDROOM furnished apartments, $65 and $70 per month. No pets no children. 792-3841. 2 BEDKUOM. unfurnished, $80. Near Sage's. Adults. No pets. 797-6641 I _See at 316 La Paloma. 3 KSOM furnished apartment $90. Loma VisU Apartments, 205 W. Fern. IISVELV unfurnished 2 bedroom 1947 INTERNATIONAL KB7 with Fetd Body. 1»4» CHEVROLET 1V4 Ton Cib and Chassis. 1953 FORD SEDAN ( cyl. 4- Dr. Aufematic. 1955 INTERNATIONAL PICKUP Long Whtol Bast. 1956. COOK BROTHERS 10-whtal dual driva. 1957 MERCURY STATION WON. Automatic V-8, Full power. 1958 DIAMOND T CABOVER TRACTOR with Semi-Trailtr. Excellant Condition. 19« FORD C.750 TRACTOR . Fully aquippcd. Air brakts. ?3950 Wilson Equipment Co. BETWEEN REOUNOS AND COITON ON OLD HWY. apartment Air conditioned.'Hardwood floors. 624 Pine. 792-1104. DELUXE 2 bedroom, carpets, drapes, built-in range and oven. Carport with extra storage. SIOO. 792-6326. 2~Ba)R<S0M, unfurnished. No chii: dren or pets. Newly decorated. $75. 12415 Bldgewood Dr., Yucaipa. NEW duplex apartments, furnished or unfurnished. See what we have to offer! $85 and up. No children under 12. 1121 Beryl St, Menlone. 794-2411. NEW 2 bedroom apartments, cooling, built-in range. dlsposaL Private patio, puUman bath. $90 a month. See manager. Apt C, 745 E. Brock- too. 792-5755. 2— BED R OOM unlumlshed apartment, stove, $90 month. Heated swtaiming pool privileges and club house. 1316 Sylvan Blvd. See Manager Apt. 7, 792-3955. FURNISHED APARTMENTS, weekly rates, $15 and up, monthly rates, $50 and up, utilities included. Children welcome. 793-7385. 1123 West Palm. ADt 3. 920-930 Stillman Ave. Is the PUce to Live PATIO PARTMENTS 2 bedrooms, built-lns. air conditioned, carpeted, large private covered patios. Extra storage rooms. Near U. of R., Sylvan Park, schools. Quiet area. $125 month. East on Colton to Chapel St. turn right to Stillman. then right Manager, Apartment H. Devel-A-con, Inc. 338 Brookside 793-2518 Brookside Patios 711 Brookside NEW LUXURY APARTMENTS FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Private patios or balconies. Extra large rooms and closets. Carpeting, custom drapes. Well soundproofed. Insulated. Refrigerated cooling. Free circuIaUng hot water. Heated swimming pool. Carports with storage. Recreation area. Guests off street parking. 1 and 2 BEDROOMS 1 and 2 BATHS $115 Up Mgr. No. 8. 793-4275 The Palmbrook New One Story Garden Apartments Country Club Style Living Secluded, but close in conveniences. Moderate prices from $115. Large 1 and 2 bedrooms, 1 and 2 baths. Carpets, drapes, built-in range, oven, sound-proofed, insulated. Soft water and circulating hot water. Carports. Individual garden plots. Private patios. Country Club type recreation lounge. HEATED POOLl No pels please. 950 PALMBROOK DRIVE (Near Ash and Brooksidei Resident Mgr. Apt 1 792-6928 Park Terrace Deluxe Apartments > 20 X 40 pool. « Patios. « Refrigerated air conditioning. 4 Complete wall-wall carpet ^ Drapes. « Built- ins. # Refrigerator. ^ Park-lika grounds. ^ Garages. ^ Storage area. # Laundry room. ^ 2 bedrooms. l '.'.i t>ath. ^ Adults. # No pets. « $123-$t35 on lease. Manager, Apt 7. 792-3724 1324 Stillman Ave. Near U. of R., East on Colton to Grove, south 1 block to Stillman. OPEJf DAILY Julianna Apts. 30 and 50 N. Ash 2nd Unit Now Ready Bedroom, 1 bath $125 Bedroom. 1 bath $10O.$115 Bedroom, 2 bath _...$145-?165 Bedrtiom, 1^ bath town houses with private paUos $135 # Healed pool. ^ Recreation room. ^ Carpeting, ctlstom drapes. 4 Completely sound-proofed and insulated. # Built-in electric G.E. oven, range. « Ceramic tile kitchen, bath. # Carports with storage area. 4 Free laundry facilities. ^ forced air heating and cooUng. MGR. Apt 4 50 N. Ash St or Dial 792-6770 MEDALLION APTS. GAS i CrrY SERVICES PAID Presidential Bit Answer to Previous Punt* ACROSS I General and president 6 John II Certain races 13 Irish seaport I4SIalrepoKibIe 15 Dinner lermy 17Ratite bird 19 Rested 20 Lamb fur 23FcsUve 26 Brutal personi 30 Oak seed 32 Orange oil 33 Muse ot astronomy SSRevolter .36 Class otse* veed(2it'ords) 38 liaise 39 3Stb president 42 Faucet 45 Wild ox 46 Reverence 49 Fetish 52Coypufur 54 Starvation 55 Slow creature* 56 Opera by Massenet 57 Diacritical mark DOTTO 1 Expanded ZMr.Coty swings 4 Grab 5 President (1S41-184S) 6Exist 7 Dibble 8 Exclamation of sorrow SFUttopprdhiU 10 Paving stone 12Half(preXixi ISHany IS River in Germany SOSiteofaoident Thebes 21 Always 22 Seldom 23 Ox of India 24 Flat surface 23 Weight 27 Asian desert 28 Hebrew letter (var.) 29 Sediment 31 Egyptian river 34 Akin 37JIi5sBIylh' 40 Eternities 41 Intimidate 42 William Howard 430rienUlnuTS« 44 Cougar 46 Seed covering 47 Untamed 48 Relaxation SOraty.two (Roman) 51 Abstract bein? S3 Oriental porgy r

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