Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 11, 1963 · Page 3
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 3

Galesburg, Illinois
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Thursday, July 11, 1963
Page 3
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wo ft 1 1 FL • 5% LEARNING TO PLOAT-Campcrs at Galcsburg YMCA 's annual wccklong outing learn the fundamentals of swimming from live instructors shown above standing in the waters of Lake firackcn. _ _ _ . ft * w • Supervising the many activities at camp arc director Richard J MODERN BOWMEN—Un|ike the fabled bandits of Sherwood Forest, these YMCA campers consider archery as a sport rather than a Mrt. Roy Hatfield (with cap) is no Robin Hood himself, although some of his beginning archery students consider him just as good when it comes to teaching the sport. Hatfield is one of 12 counselors at a YMCA-sponsored program at Camp Shaubcna this week. Participating in the wccklong camp are 85 boys who will present a talent show for parents Friday at 8 p. m. Select Cast Chicago Men Not Badly Hurt For ROVA Play In Truck Mishap BUSHNELL—Two Chicago men were lucky Wednesday, escaping serious injury when their small truck lost a wheel near • Bushnell and rolled over "two or three times." George W. Czechawski, 46', was admitted for a few hours at Mc- J w Donough County pital. where an attendant said he had "no apparent injuries." His passenger, Malcolm Noble, 26, was taken to the hospital for observation. The accident occurred at 1:10 p.m., five miles northeast of Bushnell on 111. 9, when the right rear wheel apparently sheared off, throwing the station wagon­ like truck out of control. State Trooper R. A. Herzing, who investigated the accident, said Czechowski was pinned behind the front seat and had to be.pried r out. No charges were filed. The truck was owned by Permaline Products of Chicago. Birth Record ONEIDA—The members of the cast of the ROVA Summer Theater, production, "Blithe Spirit," were selected Monday night by Barbara Klinefelter, director. Taking the roles written by Noel Coward will be 'Scott Tucker, Helen Reed, Becky White, Vicki Adams, Jim King, Chris Lingwall and Becky Owrey. District Hos-1 Assistant directors are Robert Main and Lee McGaan. Business manager is Ardythe Bjorling and stage manager is Bill Harding. Barbara Klinefelter and Helen Reed will attend an invitational speech arts workshop at Western Illinois University today and Friday. During the session they will attend six discussion groups plus a .lecture and demonstration on impromptu dramatics. This evening the entire group will be guests of the university at a performance of "Squaring the Circle" by Valentine Kaytayev. Born at Cottage Hospital to: Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Hornbaker, 349 N, Henderson St., a boy Wednesday at 8:05 p.m. Born at St. Mary's Hospital to: Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Larson, 843 Ella St., a girl today at 7:32 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. Scott G. Brady, 566 Monmouth Blvd., a girl today at 10:35 a.m. Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Johnson, 1054 N. Prairie St., are ihe parents of a son born Tuesday at 10:08 p.m. at St. Mary's Hospital. The parents' address was listed incorrectly in Wednesday's Register-Mail. Decatur Mayor Seeks Ordinance To Lift Bans ' DECATUR, 111. (AP) — Mayor Ellis B. Arnold says he will move to ban racial discrimination in public places in Decatur. Mayor Arnold, just back from a meeting in Springfield on state racial problems, said Wednesday he will present ordinances which would outlaw discrimination in restaurants, hotels or places of amusement. ' Violators would lose their city licenses. The mayor acted after Gov. Kerner issued earlier in the day an executive order prohibiting racial discrimination in any activity licensed by the State of Illinois. it - - f 4& Delano, (standing, left on pier) and assistant director John Helford. Eighty-five boys, ages "7 to 14 reported to Camp Shaubcna Sunday. They will leave for home Saturday, and "Y" girls will take over the camp's facilities for the next seven days. Sanitary District Projects Slated Two Sanitary District improvement projects expected to cost more than $98,000 are scheduled to get under way in about two weeks. \Crowd Chants Protests at Peoria Jail PEORIA, III. (AP)-Negro and white demonstrators have protested the jailing of 14 Negroes for trespassing during picketing of the Central Illinois Light Co. The 14 were arrested Wednesday as they sat inside the company's headquarters in downtown Peoria. They were part of a group of 70 Negroes picketing what they charge is a racially biased hiring program. Twenty more Negroes were seized inside the building, but later released because they were minors. Refuse Bond Bernard Kelly, chief of Peoria police, said the 14 prisoners refused recognizance bond and chose to remain in jail pending a hearing. Later, 60 white and Negro demonstrators marched and sang outside the jail protesting the arrests. Their songs were joined by the voices of the prisoners Galesbur 4 Move Use WASHINGTON (AP) — A bi-partisan drive is under way in Congress to help bring about additional service at Chicago's Midway Airport. The move is sparked by Rep. John C. Kluczynski, D-111., with strong' backing from top House Republicans —Reps. Charles A. Halleck ~ . r of Indiana, the minority ™ c ^ mA . *T leader, and Rep. Leslie C. Arends gest,on uwas , ™J e shult e of Illinois. GOP whip. jem* be started at Midway to Kluczynski has written Mayor Washington, New York, Denver J 1 St. Louis and Detroit. He said some smaller jets already have landed at Midway and expressed succeed Richard J. Daley of Chicago about the situation, gotten a reply from him, fired off letters to congressmen from adjoining states and to United, American and other airlines. i Kluczynski told Daley that some downstatc Illinois congressmen feel they would save considerable time in getting back and forth from their home areas to Washington if Midway were reactivated because O'Hare International Airport is becoming more crowded each day. "Because of the congestion at O'Hare Kerner Bans r J L ^ t in Jobs SPRINGFIELD (UP!) GOV* confidence "we will succeed in convincing the airlines to establish some additional service at this important airport.'* the many inconvenience Gunther Construction Co. will replace the bottom from inside the Jail, and sides of a portion of Cedar Fork Channel for $40,348, One of the seven men and seven while an Aurora company will install a sludge re-circulating and heating equipment at the main sewer plant. Peterson Construction Co. of Aurora bid the job at $58,600. Final portion of Cedar Fork Channel to be improved is-at the west section of the city near Henderson other Street. Improvement on sections has been completed in previous years. i The contracts were awarded to the two companies Tuesday at a meeting of the 3-man Sanitary District Board of Trustees, which also approved a $341,907 budget and appropriation ordinance. The new budget is $10,072 more than last year's, mainly because of a $73,548 balance carried over from 1962 and extra income from the extension of services to the Holiday Inn and the Lake Rice subdivision. Salaries Main Expenditure Provisions have been made for r construction of new sewers $54,200, maintenance of sewers and channels $78,500 and engineering services $10,000. Biggest item of anticipated expenditure is $80,000 for salaries. Revenue for the budget comes from seven sources including $150,994 in taxes, $500 for sewer connection , and inspection permits, $4,700 for service to Galesburg Inns, Inc., for the Holiday Inn, $1,500 for rent of real estate owned by the district. The legal tax limit is .1666 per $100 assessed valuation, and the F district's levy has been .1466 the past two years. It will probably be the same this year, Ralph D. Lucas, attorney for the sanitary district, predicted. The levy will be set on the first Monday in August at a meeting of the Sanitary District trustees. Fair Secretary's Office Is Moved To Fairgrounds The office of Wendell L. Farris, secretary of the Knox County Agricultural Board and Fair Association, now is located at the fairgrounds in Knoxville, where preparations are being made for the 105th ' annual Knox County Fair, opening July 29. The telephone number for contact with the office is 289-9215. All records and supplies have been moved from the temporary office in the Farris residence to the office building at the fairgrounds, where Mrs. Helen Blackledge, chief clerk to the secretary, heads the staff of workers. Farris also announced today that entries in the various departments of the fair close July 19. area, Army Have You rXCHFO JL licit at Cam P Lincoln in Springfield. Three Train For Army Commissions Three men from this members of the Illinois National Guard Officer Candidate School, are undergoing intensive training at the annual summer camp at Camp Ripley, Minn. They are Donald L. McDbr- man, 223 Michigan Ave., Larry D. Martin of Knoxville and John Abbadusky of Monmouth. They will be eligible for commissions as second lieutenants when they complete the program next year, according to Maj. Gen. Leo M. Boyle, state adjutant general. Phases one and three are carried out during the summer camp, and the second phase during eight weekend training sessions at the school's headquarters Pat and Phil Gustafson of Miami, Fla,, are spending their vacation at the Paul Gustafson home, 228 Garfield Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Lindberg and children of Jacksonville, Fla., returned home Sunday after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lindberg of 78 East North St. and Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Francis of Woodhull. Customers Flee Flash Fire in Peoria Market PEORIA, 111. (UPD- Damage was estimated at $35,000 today from a fire Wednesday night that swept a supermarket. James Alwan, owner of the James Alwan Supermarket, and several customers escaped safely Tracy Bonney of Troutdale, but one f ire man was slightly in- Orc. is visiting his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bonney, 468 Clark St. and D. N. Youngren, 956 N. Broad St. Tracy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonney. Mrs. Bonney is the former Patricia Youngren. jured. Fire Chief Lester Manace said the cause of the fire was not determined immediately. • READ THE WANT ADS! CiibansExDandCoastalArms MIAMI (UPD — Russian troops and rocket installations in Cuba are "steadily growing," particularly along the northern coast closest to the United States, newly arrived Cuban underground members said today. Members of the Cuban Freedom Fighters Organization gave details on Russian activitity in the area around Caibarien, a key port on the northern Las Villas coast. They were among a group of 31 persons, including eight women and seven children, who escaped the island in a 33-i'oot boat last week and sailing Florida four-day journey. There are approximately 10,000 Soviet troops in the Caibarien zone alone, the freedom fighters— who declined to permit use of their names—said. They said Russians command troops in tracking down rebel forces, and there also are "foreign troops" used. "Some of them look like Mongolians," one of the arrivals said. "The Russians use Cuban militia uniforms and also Cuban army uniforms/' he added. Build at Night "There is tremendous construction activity in the Caibarien area and even on the three keys off Caibarien," said another. "Most of it is done at night and the construction areas are for the most part off limits to Cubans." The three keys are Fragoso, Frances and Santa Maria. They are from 12 to 20 miles offshore. virtually uninhabited, intense construction work has been going on for the past nine months on some : kind of fortification or installa- 1 tions," said the freedom fighter, his face deeply sunburned from the voyage in the open boat. "Only the Russians are allowed in Ith Key similar con- and ere. On Frances struction on is in progress Santa Maria Key "a gigantic excavation is being dug in the exact center of the island, u the Cuban said. "Work is done only at night/' The anti-Castro rebels said similar night construction also was going on at Vinas, near Remedies, about five miles in from the coast. Halted During Cri "U.S. aerial photos last a rocket installation there," one of the group said. "All work was stopped during the crisis but it was resumed again afterwards." The Cubans said they had "very reliable reports" of a new rocket base being set up near Mabulla between the towns of Mayajigua and Chambas on the Las Villas- Camaguey provincial border. "A huge tunnel—big enough for trucks with rockets to drive through—has been constructed beneath the main highway at Sierra Suela farm near Caibarien," the leader of the freedom fighter group said. Tunnels have been built into the elevated land which fronts the sea at Punta Brava, and the Russians have taken over the entire fall i sector including the old yacht club On Fragoso Key, which was \ proved the Russians had begun | and officers' club there, he added. women arrested was John Gwynn, president of the Peoria branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He said the NAACP has tried unsuccessfully since 1956 to convince the light company to hire Neeroes. are experiencing of not being able to land at O'Hare for periods which range from 30 minutes to over an hour," he said, "often resulting in their missing connections with planes which would take them to their destinations." Daley wrote Kluczynski that the city has been in touch with the airlines for the past year about the possibility of Holiday Is Earned by Air Force Recruiter The top Air Force recruiter in Western Illinois for June will spend a weekend in beginning Saturday, compliments of the Holiday Inn. T.Sgt. Sylvester G. Sihrcr of Peoria earned the award by getting 157 per cent of his assigned quota of recruits during June. Maj. Herbert Dagg, recruiting detachment commander, announced the award today and gave a citation for Sgt, Sihrcr. The winner will be accompanied on his weekend holiday by his wife, Eleanor, and their four children. They have been in Peoria the past four years. reactivating Midway, adding that a survey was taken "and we feel it will be favorable to the city's program to reopen Midway." READ THE WANT ADS! Otto Kerner has issued an execti* tive order calling for "equality of opportunity in appointment, assignment and promotion in statd service" in Illinois. Kerner distributed the code at a meeting of municipal leaders Wednesday. It sets up 10 areas in which state officials can stifle discrimination by writing provisions of the code into their rules and regulations. . The code called for "full and equal enjoyment of the facilities and privileges of state offices. 1 * It, also demanded issuing con* tracts and state financial assistance in a "non-discriminatory manner" and directed state agencies to report to the governor each Jan. 15 on steps taken to implement the code. "Pent-up forces of long overdue Galesburc racial change can. in the hands O „ 4 it * A 1 of extremists, set back the cause of progress in a racist reaction both black and white," Kerner said. "Moderate man must remain securely in control of the might We need to combine do process, resolute firmness to equal READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! justice to all." The Democratic chief executive said the most fundamental thing that needs doing was "getting our Negro and white leadership talking together, discussing grievances, problems and ways to understand and alleviate them/* Pay Only 00 Week Pay Only Down PURE WHITE CHINA ROSE MELODY L A complete set trimmed with beautiful blue tea roses accented with light green stems. Exquisite enough for formal dinners and inexpensive enough for everyday use. 50-pcs. service for 8 plus 3 extra cups and saucers. REGULAR $49.95 <0 service CORONET PATTERN Silver and gray design on H Moderate coupe shape. 59 pi for 8. Pure china. Regular $49.95 WHEAT CREST PATTERN Silver wheat design coupe shape. 59 pieces service for 8. Pure china. Regular $49.95 ADELA PATTERN Pink rose moderne coupe shape, 59 service for 8. Pure china. Regular $49.95- SPECIAL ORDER ONLY THIS LOW LOW PRICE DAY DELIVERY OPEN STOCK AVAILABLE IN ALL ABOVE PATTERNS $1.00 DOWN, $1.00 WEEKLY East Main Street Call 342-1417

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