Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 28, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1916
Page 1
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B «.4 7-RITE I \ TWO CENTS, Many Cases Arc- S(.hrdn*f:n Fm The January Trrm Of Thr Circuit Court, LIST OF GRAND JURORS Court Convenes January 1 Bui Will Adjourn Until The Following Day. f Jl fh'i l'i !- ("! ! !••• .! tf.nn "f !h" \Vhiti -.i,|i I'<>MU!\ fOIH' llHVJ' ),' ! II (!!•-( ! ihtll ( l| Mil! - I;|\V\«''I-J Jl?!'! !l.-\v".|. Ipi'l •-. "f I!:, i i Vm i ^^ ill •••("•n ,M"!t^-> •• . tan i t"f! 1411 'liU"!!! Plnc'i' « ill !•'• t l (he fiilli'V. ioK i!a;/. H !•• i \pi(!'ri i'raitk H:im>av. nf Mniii«"!i. vi ;>M<' ni(.«( of (fie I' i in Thi- fi'l (WILL BE HELD JAM, 17-18|( n'^V's. Special State Speakers To Discuss Topics On Which They Are Expert?;, ,-Ji.Sin Harry Krunk A. Moirl." O' H ,St<'|-lini: f) .Sterling atfR < 'ishitn-i. J'!ntit.»: ,M"ti(tVMit ' in ItftitHT Hiihtiatiin n. 'Hiif'ti Tutnpieii. Ale(}ititt- Ifiimi' Attlnir H. MHXHT|| <;«-n, -i , Frfd Ultipn- ••( 'lyite, «'. (t. \VrH|. Ml. I'ii a> -.ant. 15. T, < *r('«'!io l,yinl'Mi, (.JoiirKe !'•". Wari,<'i I'rnphi (••t,.u n John H. Meyer • I'm tlan-1. Hnt'vr«y Mevi'i ..... Ken I mi. Jo<> HiiHh ..... I'lihni Ornve. ('. U. McKt>«<— -Until -k. Kntsl Hitumiin — I'uKon. Piirker— <;.'vnlen I'laln. fflw.N- -N'-wlon. -I. A. Krllcy - Hrie. Wllllnm McUnith- Alhany. Th>>rp at-*' n. lnr««' nurnh"r of <• i i on thn Uoekft, miidiiK them a I;HM.H\ istifnlwr of old oiiest. The fullii\vini: ai' th«> ncnv (•oiitrnon law ra.-«i'» fur the ni" -t of Which Jut Irs \vlll he ealhil, Wmnllitirn VB. Kutwll -Apiieal. I'Jitnillc'y VH. Naj;ald Tr<'xpaM< mi A VERY CLOSE CALL Four-Year-Old Girl Hit By Street Car Escaped Any Serious Injuries. • M " ' ' ' !ii f • n }.,. .; n ff ami Rork 'HIT; Tc!P (':~i setfr In Jamipjy 1. 1 01 R, at thn rat c of 2 i rents a month. Nn subscriptions Irtkcn at this price bryoml Jnminry 1, 1 9 t R. Lnsl rail. W II ILi.r To Enif Sub- ; I m,}MM? Dispute. |- iwu.soN NOTE A WARNING!-' * I : i I [Break Must Follow If Germany Cuts Loose 'AcjaHii With Its U-Boats. i >. n' I.' -, \ n Agucw Farmer Elevator l'o. VH. ('hi- t'Sgo North \Vi-.Ntcrn Ky Co.- Appeal. vii. U'cimet Ajp|>t. of j-J ve.vor. BttiH VM. Wilk!n«, ft. ill A-*snnipslt. McCarthy VH, <*«! Tail l>ralnai;c Dlstrici- — AMflunii»dt. . Flrk VH. Kennedy- -,\M>«ump>dt, Bobbin** & Company \'n. Ilennrtt - Atmumptdt. Ktrshner VH, Huwh — A.'tmim|ifdt. Mitchell VH. HcKur, _e>l. al — Demand, • Ilovwy ten. Mm.'k»ye-— AiiiKumpMit. Cunningham VB. McNeil — Appeal. The'PeopJit of il.e 8tnte of Illinois at the rfltttlon of (fleunon, H. al. VH. Gey- i cr, #1. f ftJ,>— Quo Warranto. Render VH. Nelson Ttl* Ptt>JH« Of tho Btate of IlllnotH al the rotation of BitKel, et. nl. v«. Hrower et *l~«Qu<6 Warranto. (~""~ IVfcCorfnlck VH. CordeH, et. at.—iAppt of Surveyor. Murtimlulo vs. Holt—Deht. NaUoiml Grocery Co, VM, Klinn. et al —TrvajHiHS on tho cnm> on promise. N*w Ch«nc»ry Cases. IjWihy vs. Giiflund—Injunction. \Yarnnr vs. Wtttyior—-Transferred to M'-> I.elaieI. l'-i ht'l.. daui;idi t \Vilma an<l a x mini:, l , Iuhl he, n ,!,,« ( , f'lV.n aii'.l xx, ii> l,,a>k iiiiin-' on tin- ill-. 1 .'i. I he lifti'i man U-IIIIL; '' !•; .Mi I .1 nt: him I le Htopf'.e.l ( he , a l nt .\\eHlle f !,, |i-( Iheni ,,;'f. The ,hiu;:!l- 'ei \Vllnia l;,,l niii HIM KM,I I". Ihi ! line ( lie mm hc| ,,,,, ,,,,, ^.i,,. |, ,,| ! ,,,, around in fmni of (I,, , ,,, 'f|,,. , ,, ."t.itle.1 (oixxaid. l.noeliii,;; !;.•• ih,\-n 'he iiille i;ni \vnli ci'-at pi. «,!,.,. ,,j lulu,I for one >o xoimi.-. t:<a!'lied Ih. fender ,ti i! pi~'«,| over hi i a'nl \elie,I us! My .Mot,,i in,,!! Ah l.aimhlin «<t<>p| .i| ihe ar as ,101,11 as he could hill (he chilli hud heen dratired ulnmr Hie (rail. 1111- ler the ear while han^in;-. onto l hi ender for ahoiit (ifteen feet Tie nioioiinan t-xtrlcatcd (he uirl fioni under ihe car and turned her oxer to IHI mother, and (he child-xi-i-mn !.i ! Ii" • :-'. .i>, Ml |V;. ,,,, - ill M>fe. ,,!,,| I. !' i • - i f i -' r > <-is.'.t,'., r,in>", I ( -.leill. ! -i , I h 1:1'.! n i n.; ,!-. I •• !,"dv m i> -I XCHANGE SHOT WsH Leav 0 Capifaf Tomorrow, A BREAK IS NOW FEARED •It Is Believed Carran;a-,Has Dei cided Not To Sign F^rotocal Aarecd On, " y The Third Kentucky Guards Fired 300 Shots Across Border At El Paso. MEXICANS FIRED FIRST ',,,:'!,/': Carranza Sends Troops To Pro- tec! Saltillo. Monterey And Tampico. ALLIED ANSWER Phraselogy. Has Been Settled And The Note Will Be Dispatched Shortly... \\i awe fin -r e.\]ierlen,- The itnitiirintiti i-tji lunl Ii" hea.illinht.-i in m-efjil lull mi,| h wa,« iniimssihle fm him In MM- 'the little Ktri UIK! It wa-i Miiite dark. Id Mild the whew ieailiiiK t.i the Until Im-i hevonie <li.sarnnu;cil ami Ii,-(i| imt lif-eii , ill al-i. i;is .- he; e\|,e| D; i ..Mil- au-t hi-u-i fix- i'i Ihlnt:* I h-^'V i \ 1 ei y f.ll mei iai^!,! |, •111 the ,i(l. 1 le-.ii'l ,,| |l|e )a^l ,|j,y l.T ll'e invlllulf I'li'l I'l lee. Cullnly S l U ,< I - In'endi if Si hi hoxx lii nhlalii H l.'\ i i x lax pax i all Who ai e Mill H-iti-d in (he XX of our l,o-. s and «!rl-. '.hi.uhi ,•••: Tell lilldKltl. of II"! l,lll Mllehell. of Ml IMeavant. dairymen, xx ill lalK on da V'. f ,IT I '..,;. i a '• ,-i >. ' .< ' • ,!ll'l> I !'• *• • •• M i; a 1 a it a> oi|||,,-..l - 1, •• - ! "f •!,.• Thll.l !s,i:I ' IN.Hi!", ti'ii ni;; u Id. h si.,,!* xxeif- !>:--,-l a.-i,,..-i WARNED IN A DREAM J fn xxlilillK' The Ca'/aile aliout'-the •--f-*-Hulc, J. J, Pcuuli s.-ixv: III Warning Not Heeded And Accident H«pp«nttJ A* Fsared. A man tliiviriK a l''ofd i'nntniiiftiK lilft \v(f« H'.nl twit other or tlx- t>ooket No. The l'«>|»le of the .State of Illinois VM. Huttun—Injunction. fcjtunley, et. ul, VH. Chapin. <'t. al -Injunction. SSenpr VM. (it'iffin, <•(. al.— I'artllion. AclartlM VH. llarlh, et. ai.--Relief. Taylor v.-». lloland. et. al -Partition. W^bef VH. 1'rHtl, et. al I'.elief. IttinnoiH VH. Alderfer, et, al Kdlef ^Hterllng NHllonul Hank v«. I'nlinmvn ^tfeifB. etc., Ct. itl--Relle-f. ^ ^ ™»-*-. _,~—~~. — —^ .(Continued-ou I'auu Throe.) A ^% O ff* P*TH • ft! f^ t"* f^ f\ ft A f^ A ft Jl F^ GREETING FROM CAMP lartuly from T»mi»l< •» tmd tils antn turn \\'edn*\Hdiiy aftcrnmHi while nut few rnllew, Tho rniin of W«H lht> (inly rsno hurt, MiiirerSng a strained m-i k. 'lie *.-» Id lir v»-ns "1 received in |oi|a>'N mail a hnoklrl ivj.ueil hy (he A-.s,if la t Ion of Commerce of Sterllnj;. and atiioiiK . o)hei t hi 111,"! nioiul«.<ninl are il|i- ihltiK.-' inanufaciuied In the Twin Citie.«. 'There ar,» ahoiit xixty-lixr- different Ui 'h The epli,, , ,, s .,.,.1 iijiljii.-, , .,,,,| H v. i i e aioiisi-d h\ tic- H.iiitid of lirini; h' l"i" one ••'• i-M-K :hi-i mi-rnitn.; l;e:;u- tar ainix oili. - i ~ in ill, xieimix 1 ai the lini" d., hired (h,-, heard no -.h,>( . Mevji HI --ide, \i !>||. .,!!'.e|.< and .,f. , • *- 11« , i , '' ' iiie i air,.| v a i, i »;, ali'riti^ '.fi-'!' coiillnui >t !,'i -..ixeial minuie,.-. Capl I! \S'. < 'I u k in , >,mm ind of • ',,. |.. !. . Si . !Mai v I,-ie..-:e., • :• i-.,i'!. •! :'!-:' ill' ! -'I!-. . lr> I u i!| in >. ,,j< ,• \ in '<>-;: .1 \ n , \ •; In i n I h «' ,'"'» I ',• Hi, t! I t ! i;i ' \ !••', I i '•;•'•! 1 1 -it,' 1,1,1 f ,. I" > i,,' i i i..|i-= !h/.| ,•![,- ! \ in. If !••' I I,, i cii'l <• aH'.-tl.Mt !? '.\ ; i* \\ <•> •• In '-!Tr '. ii.l- 1 (.11, .) :ii 'i, i; '. in tic hi 'i 1 1 ! HI ,,r I h)--. 1' •!(••• f i ; 1 1 (.;:',.' , ,,!IM it >•'! ".'. it ii i Ir . >• ' •-•. ,i i niti(! ' 'r ! i M n S siation. "aid !h,. in;.! •-hoi-- W,r.- !ile,| fl.itn (lie ,\te\ican fide Hal. 'I'h, Knard« Hien opened file on article,-*. Jfnvv peo|.|e in \Vhlt aliiliK 1 at a fair nit«> nf f-peed utien MIJI|- denly DM' rear wlieelM-f-t.-irled In skid In lll«> flKllt, und hefiife lie could sto|- !lu> ear «i!i tin; Mli|.|.er> |,IKe it tinned iner, ihimvini," the oi'eti|iants in the diteh. Tin- l'aK.'<eiiKer»« \Mlited fur l When iliJH mil and til gel (he e;i|- up. dniii* tin- encin« wn,« ^lulled. e\ei.vthini^ fuiind 'in ftldf fiHiuty kiinv. half of IhemV II vvr> routrt !mv each of i|n>se article!) <'Xlli!>lt<'d lit our liiMtl<titi> what an eve ,|,],. ,,f (|il- fdintnutilly, and what an ad\ e|! inMiient for lh«> lai tone-," Th«< rvcniiiK-of the )<iih will he i;i\en ever to the school , hil.hcn Ther- will I'f <<.«n(e,s|M in i-ecjtationM hy children under ten \c.u* of ace, o\er ten a»»: niiiler i-Ktei .n. and many other Inter- thln>;,M. Kvirvhody i; Amo» Eb«r«ol« Write* To A. A. Thummel From Auttrian Camp. Mr. AifH. A. A. Thummcl li.t\c received Knot her from Anio> A. KhorMolo .from .Vub'i'i'i, where he wont ln«t Htimmer from this city to as- blst ill (hit Y. M. C A. work In the ' iirlnon t.-miipr'. He xx-as wta- HrMt In n camp near S-ilxhnrK. Wept AiiKtria, and enjoyed his work very much. The luwt curd does not way where he l« locuitod, hut it iw preHiimed Ins fii^ifomewhero in AuKtrlu. The card w»« rtMled from «to('kholm, hut It'IN tluit u!V mull thttt city oriroute to tho thiited K Hlu nmny frttnida i,» Kti'i-lltiK will ln< glad to know ho IH w«ll and is enjoy - Ing.Mif worl<. Th« following IK the ftarrT received from, tho young man: ' v. 2«. lj<-ar Uneit Ht Home.- Jttst a curd t<» hit yon know that I am well und thut 1 urn KCUIHK along Mnoly In my work. I am now xuper- f»ui - cuuij'*». A hljf task and the K oriler. the top nf (he car hejnt; snia^heil wan the extent of I hi ii.amaKes The family did not «ixe (hell namcM Alter art'lvtiiK In Sicilinjr the man vald hi.* xxife liail a \x-arnii)K vision ihe night hefmv, dre.imlin; | he sanm tour came (o ' Sleriing' in their car and on the xxay the iar turned turtle and two of the oeeiipanl.H were killed, and Mhc xxaw loath to lea.xc fm Sterling that day, placing much faith in (lie xifion, and wficn the car did turn oxer ulie (houKhl her dream was comillK Hue. , AM It turned out no one XX.I.H l.illed, FURS"WERE STOLEN W. D. Morgaridge Lo»t Fifty Dollars Worth of Pelt* at Gait. Thiex e.s' entered Ihe harn oi VV. D Moi-K>trid>:e at tialt and >siole oxeT fifty dollars worth of pe||H A few a«o. .Mr. Mor^aridKe IM i\ie "f (he oldest mcrchanlH in \Vhltexide county havinif heen in hu.sinesK in Ualt foi nearly a half century. He hux.s pell* of all luiiiN cadi winter, and puts tliem in hifi harn hack of hi* horn Nloic, and places a padlock on the door. inn- morning he dlscox ered Ihi lock had heen hroken and fill of Ihe pelts .stolen. The .skin.s consisted moMily of sKunk and niunk rat sklnn. and were all toKetlier In two or three pile*. He has notltled officers hut as yd (hey have gained no clue. iVrHon.s saw an auto slop a Mock or two uvvnv APPROACH BRAILA Germans Continue Their Steady Advance Says German War Critic. -„"" (Ify I'liilcd I're.-.:.) H"i'lln. (ier. My Wire lens (,, Sax \ilie, I. 1. lie.-- ;,'.x Hi alia i.s xxillitn reach of (he iannon.-< i-f the (Icimai, army, which Is stcaililx adxaneiuK in HolllilHIlla \\I1M1U; |,,| Ihe oflleia! preHH hiireaii a military critic declare-- xtroiiK ItusHian for, es ta'ein lo .-dioxx no grealer resistence than the llou ihaniaiiK. "The lioum.i tila us leiitalid IK hind the Serelh in,oider to he letoruied Hie ,-pi.l vx hen- (hex <; a x\ (|,,. .Another deiai hiueni ran up and joined m the xoilrxM. S,, fur us known there XX'ere 110 c.'i.siialtles The i" S. autltiit i!|e-; haxe .i::ke,| the commanilcr at .luare;-. d> ase> rtaln ,1 any of Ins men were slat ii.ijed nl that TO GUARD THREE CITIES. i Ify 1'nited J'lets i of the c.iirnn/ji KOV-I ninent i-< hein dire ted i.'dix towanl seniiini; (loop to Saltillo a:id Monlecex- lo h'iul off th a'h.'uue of the \'illa |I.\J,|IM /poii lh<,- toxxiiH and Tall.pit o \ \ According io rep,,r!- r.\HiJ, is; n,e | S autiiontie, IM-II. lten|:.min Hill. ( ,,ni inander (I, the |e<l.-iai di'-di, t aioum Mes.eo i'iix. i> prt-paiiiiK lo stall nor! uilh lio.,i.« (,, take eiuiiK'- of the ,-ain pal«n UK oust X'illa. Aleanimie MII.I:I, Carrnnr.a ^arris-en In the Muie.-j ,,| I'iiialiMo and Coahuil; ale re\ollin v ., de,-|;, s i|, ; (hem,se|\-, \'llli'-tas . and staMiiu; out a.s'Oilll.'c hands- • WILL TELE But It Will Not Consent To The Peace Conference Urtjcd By Germany. • .' I I .1 I "I ! e, ,,.,!, d-'l'« ..' ! •',!><•, f ,••!•.).-:> I-'--,, . !>• • :v l ij..| i h'- -I 11 :•••! I • ['I-. :•> ( id I!C> !M I' II :>-.-....ilu i.ii imminenl. l:ifoi in it |,,n !i"' i '- '.••'.!'. • I'l -I l he |.!i| .'---I ,-.|,,r'. of I he "i'i'.li" ha,I |.| i,Meall\' heen ncr«ed •i;,,-| f ;,iv.!->'•< |it.!\- us alleadx e!l- (o I'al !•- W II. ,,• it '.'. ill tie h'ld led Ih*- An:-r|, an aml'.i v-ador xxith (he '•' li II"!,- for ! raii:-miM'inn to l!>i t> '"In'- linn- in (he next feu da v*-. ' ' 1 ,' 1 O ! -1 a ' I! h " I i! a M '. e -:,, 111 •:.!• d I'l Milan! !;•'!,•< u. n of |.,,-,,e fi'i'.cd on (otmai; in-i'ie plan-.: .1 \ IK-.I -iii-ly word*'d HUIII maiy of (he punclph.-i for xxhlch Ih • ill--, aie i onleo am;.:, r-'inoxiil of ».'' tii" n"'.; i-./ hv i ,U>t eta. lime in /--.iid ?-•• hi- « f't f ifnl flllly 1 ee, hx ih" ii'lnsini'-'i •! Hon. h i'l delif vc<| i'ar rali'/'l will exr-nfU- i'l\ 'tirrl |h.- iTolo, "i. hut ixill .".eeoin- I'.-iit'.- it «i(h a n,-if cxi'laining thill iio ,h|,., i^ to H.IIIII' of tile leim.« while he- I!'.- ";|l I.*|U 'i i;tl|e|.l!l> \', iHl l(.'5 |-1!|-|>(ISI\ If hi d'.es not M»rn Itn- frolocol a inner i-olii ' tmxaiil Mexico wl!l (in-. Th'i^ (,''n ' '.i 11 ;MI;M ha" not i (hi- protoi '•I arid liaM fiiHtead «ii''mlt»fij a eo'infer (iropos.'il, xxnn \{\rt Kri'ulni; liefief thi« a fiet'loon. This t>e- lief new even In otflcial circles whero aiiicr i!ie hope u ;i.s t-xprex.Heil Cftr- llm paper. if Hit imt loll :-M'i tlu'v heliev.d < .H rarj/jfc Would seek ,'!l''fh'T collf' lenee TtllM rei|IU'.lt It* expeiled (,» he Hiihinilteil hy I'luiirinan 1 v .'l'f''IM of (he Mexican CommtSBioJl uhen In- lie-; ^cii-'laiy l«-me (his af- \ Mil h"! Hall', e -a,III ,•;• |lii' , , , , ,. . ! i/lli/a Would ulllinilteU' HiKli '« -ii n • ! I" a led note «i ,{, . , , ... .. .Vlcli III e "Ml lollcll « Hi t If ICI't. and ! );i< I il|e of I of. .uc Hi' 1 la itni i with !h" SM.'- J, x t;,'t« !hrr:t» opportunity «!mply ovorwhctma nu\. 1 tluiiili (jod i»vnry day that he 1'ia.n granted »«> th« privlh-Ke of huvlng n purl in ihiti grciit M-rvjce, Some. day I hopn to he nbH» io tell >on all ai>out it iiiuj ih«n« will he much to tell, Wish I fouhi jM-ntt'-you all a t'hri.Nimus re* ife, tint HM I am not ahle to I muHt coiitvnd myself by Mi-nd- Jug you lhi> "Most Heart v 4'hristmaw ." u»U « heartfelt Jlii;pah AmtiH A. ivbcKiole. - RETURNS FROM FUNERAL. Hev. W. f. Merge |I«H returned from MitchuHi H.. li., where he \vd.s called to; jirtittl'll the funeral .'sermon of hid friend, Clim-iea Ksuulv iormcii\ of Whttft»td« iH-'Uuly. lit: vva-i ci)K\> idd under Buv. Mr, Bi-rge ami a wa.-. the Wish, of llt« ftsmil)' he hhoiihl !,,• the one to jierfttriJi the last riles met (h,4i huwbi«nci »nd («ihcr. Funeral M-rvli-e;, were held at hla. lute home ctu i^un.i;, afternoon,' Rev. Mi. Hcn;c wa.s a?,Mst- tsd by Hov. \V. F. J-YIKU.-,OU i.f ih,- ,M. K. church, and Uev. .1. i\n-uh of d,. Kuaprena church, in.ith oi .Tij. \' ) ||,oi,. U dhort distance from Milch, li. Th, bUfiui took pllU'e- y( < ii.-Iceland , , use- U-ry at Mitvhell. Theie \xa.s , t \,i> A i olilp!' (i J.-'ud«.v. on the night the pt'ltw were stolen, und u party was seen to leave it and return later with n package, hut whether the auto party took UH- hide!* away is not Known. " A DELAYED CHRISTMAS. H i, thoMKhi hy the .uothes.s ,nid parent!, of Mall I Hock, of California. that he. i.-i M.,flie whele hetween Ju-i c and the Coast In one of ||,e snowed In train*. He wrote a letter to hi;; pi o Mime (iiiic .1140 that In- w.i- claren the crllic. RuwMJansi In MIOIIK fmee ucic reported at Kimuicu and Saial and at (he Danulie to offer icsi.-dcm e hut tarihei lldXaiUeM weie made hy (he (!el Ilia n.-toward Ihe Serelh. Ill conhcqueuee (hrre were nexv ami x iolent enRa>:e- mentN. In the tiix i UH!I the Herman iillifH <'aptured r,.r,iiil priMonei H and KtUned grouiHl. The .strongly forlillcd VlllHK'e "f Plllpesl fell into UelllWIi THE STATE TEACHERS Will Be Represented Hereafter By Delegates From County Organization. i H.'. 1 I mted Pro* i SpnniMu-ld. Ill , Dee ,'S The Illiuoi. Male teitcticis" assocl.itiiili !hl> moin- ii": l,> r-Hcluiioii ehanseu Ms-It in!o a ;ep!e.-,ciiMli\ e tioiiy inMcud of a Kdi- cl al !e o-h. l ':. I i,|--. \ViUi the c, i:nl> oi>;aiil,'a! ion as-a iihll I he association adopted a i .•.->,In! ion K t\ 11114 each conn i v t'teir Icim.v and aim 1 - it is lliou^ht h\ ofhcialH will pul (Jernfaiiv diplomatically in a Jmle Mild helli-e m:,|,e pe:>, e e\i-n mole Impiolialde. GERMANY WEAKENS Czar Nicholas Gives That As The Reason For Its Offer To Make Peace. * ' • < My t'nitfd Prc.s-<.i l.otiiiou. I-.'IIK,. Dec. x'S. -"(o-rmany IN xx eaUetiini;. her peace proffer eaiin- from tip- liiioxsledue <>f thai wanincr n-iiKlh and (he reallv.atl'Ui "f Die iii- (Icnnan'i'rop.,-,;i!M or of thi'"American a •II.C-IIIK of her f'.ar Nichol.'iN of Mn-.sia a.ssi-rti-d m r-. .seiit to all Kut-t;ian fronts fitlil/..i( i»n All tiieinhi i-.'of tin- a.-."i>c| • UK well both x adjacent points on he here fiir ('ItriMma.s duui'i. hivini: heell (fl (he V.e.-.j for Iliail.V >e,HI , Without rummi; hi'in.;-. Tin- ii-lative-, have heen hw.iluu^ for iiim in xain hut he haii not :-hox\o up. nor h-i-- he >, m them any won!. The dt'-pal, i,< .- .<-..i\ llieie ,ire nine(ecn pa»-.eli,;er (rain: a,,'U p !,,,und m \\ > eiiini;,: ,u,d M,,iirana and heen ii.iie foi -.j \ e i a! d a > •-> \o mud he, ii iciejvfil !H,ui ihein a I'd H r- (hoiiylil l.j (lie Si. • i (in.; iriem- hers ,,j ii,.- f'l.icis famil.x llial h, |, "111, X v i; e I r 1 u I i j, :-a ,, j XX U ; ( i I I i i ^ I,, I I, j ,-i Irani ',•, he .pi;.; VM I and : lai led (,.|- SI- r (in.:- • LYNDON- MAN iS DEAD ' iiia • TI/I in- ." j-aw, ,| ,.i xx ., , \\ .-,( COMMANDER DECORATED. (liy I'niied I'ICHM Amsterdam. Itolland.. Dec. L's Suh te Commander- Yalcutmcr of the (ierman nav>, liaa I.ei n de.cor.ited I.H his exploit in MiiKliu; 1,'tS shii :, xxlth a lotid (oniiagc of ^'S^.iMiu loii.s. aecoid- i 111; ( o d I * p a (i h e • i I e * e I X e, I h, I e f.,, WAS ASSISTING ENEMY, ( l!\ i ' nil-'d I '1 , ;.M I Heiim. tor. h\ \\ 'ireie^s lo S.t> \ die, I . I. I >ei . :,' •> The N'orwewian Mi,no c *''' '• i hill llollc liu! (he reprehend I IX i-S of KM countx ,,| L;,ini/,.ition \MU li.iXe the ii(;hl lo vole. Tho Uf-oclalion adopted the lepoll "I the te^olutloii < oiiiniltlee XX inch cou- si.-.tcd of l.s ie>,o|ii(iou>. alter adding (xx o more to the" icport. Chief amoim ihe lesoluiiotis wi-ie Iliat all liatei mties and -e«nl oti;:ti,- ;/.,i?ioii^ t>c cnminaleil from tin- hujh *-i hoois '1' Ihe >la(e he divided into hi;:h s, 11* 1 -,. I id-,. Thai polenli'd • li.sliiet-, he (ased lo j.tx for pupils at- lendiic; liuii ,-. ii.,,,K xx <:, \ ,- i h.-x ale niainlauiel Taal (He |e\; i, ,,,!,. N he lui ii:--ir, d- h, i),.. .-., hi..,!:-, ,,| Illinois. MODIFIED PEACE TERMS MADE BY GERMANY TO PRESIDENT WILSON oduy. "(.ermitiiy i« feeliin: that her com- l!e|e defeat is near .'Hiit lie.II also ia •elrihution for all her \lolallons of the uoral law;-!. ,-^ in the time of |-er «'l!!<lh .-lie declared XXat, Mi |ioX%- in I- I' XVeakeliili).; hour ^ lie .-.uddi'llly of cis to cuter on peace nexotiationji. ,|e- Irim; to cmnpieli- her peace netotia- ioliH hefore h--i Illllitar} talent IN e\- The C/ar declares his knowledge that no JttiMsian soldier desires peace until the eneiny is driven from KusMan .--oil a id guarantees t.-ueii iu:a!if,( futun li • ache! out> attacks. WAS .LJNEFCAPTURED The Voltaro, Long Ovtr Due. Is, Reported To Have Been Taken. I liy I 'lilted I'lOS I Xe.x Voik. \. V . I'. ;.'-., The Sin, ! Voltaire, hull; oxer due from lavei po..|. h.i.< In en cuplur'-d h> a »!ei m in sclun., tine, aimed .iisii firmd int-i a Tentom>- nii-h-r, :\!coidinK to a repor' puhlishcd hole today. Twelve dav, ali'-r Ihe \',.i- •'allns xxti; make mot. ' AMBASSADOR RECALLED. •f th. -i nine, ' f,, i -xxhicjj : \\aNhint-toii, D c, Dei-. :!«>.- C.-n, ilax piot.o,.- in h,.|,| i;,-ii:i,,n\ re : <pon- ' "at i a iiv'.a. lir;-t i hlef of Ihe Mexican do •d'de The note will not slate specitt- 'f"etn novernm«nt. ha" onlercd KH»e«» , ill\ l!u- ieim-i on xxhlcii (tie allies will! Ari«-i|om!i>. Moxlcan iunhiu««;»dor dcnijc- talk pi nee, |> sviii not consent to (he '' " ;llt '- ( " wiihrlraw fioni thn United IM-.O,- c'lifeienee uifjeil h x (Jet man > . ! ; ^' ;i ' *'" v -l'l!out dclax. 't x-, ill not admit the tti'nvilnes* of the' ' l ' ll ' ! * m»ivf, xxlji, h has the itsppet ,,f ture ot Mich diplomatic relations v. iM piohahly declare ! as ''^l-* 1 ' hctxveen the >|i>xienn do fiicto • • ns America xxanls to «"Vei iinienf and the Cnlted State.i, ero- M". hron^M about can onlv he achiexed •"*" '•' eonHteniii t ion arnoiiK udlnlnl«tra- i-s (in- pinieiplcv the allies are NtjivltikT '""' '»"I ( '1-''I«. "ho confe.K.H<-d thr-y «ro fm- I in>'sti*rH»iI hy the un\eralded not inn. ;" j ArreOondo liiforineaNlds ussoc-iati'g GERMAN NOTE ARRIVES. |"' lh " oril<<r reonlllR UinNCc^nn Wash- (j!y rutted I'resH i i iiiRion and K«i«J that In* would leave \\a-tducton. D c, |>(. r ;'s Ci t - ! l " !in ' H "' ''"* "tiiti? drptiftinpnt today m.uix'.s aiimxer lo 1'i esidenl" Wilwoii'i, ! "' !»' - ' - or(JHne«- with dlplomntle \ peat n note rea,'h"d the stale department today, otllcials who annoiiiu «••! und depart the following: day for Mex- C'lty. 'H«- the itrrhivf-s of Che leeelpis of | he leply .-aid there u ,,,; j ' mhassy XX 111 lie left III <-lmrf,-n of a ;Me\iian c.'ii-ail temporarily on duty ii'tfliiir.; attached to the an s\v er. - i liclc ft" had I ..... n .-,,| ih;il (Jermanvj Worries Watchful Waiter*. iniV-ht t:uc i,, Amh.i:,-,o|or i.'.-iard KM' * 'ai ian--e'« move IncreaHeH (he alarm peace tiiie,., s-ecietli j' 1 '" ' IIOHK advisers of the prcHidetl' Wju» 'i hJ- :-iate departmi-n't cahle nltic.- ! llav<< '"'K 1 '" '" ''onffsM of Into that Mr. ' notified Siciclaiy l.'iliMit;;- of I he - rv- c.-i| i of the in.swer . t t tin slli '*-' >fif ' polliy doi'M not tdM ' 1<!l «'.v fear i hat" C-a t()-h«a uf- all t he .Miirrt uderlng to |I|H demiinda Secietarv Ixiitisint; has I *'- v ''"'~1'! eiidelil, intends to rchtiff tho rapier Ueie (la-dii u lo |!iili>-.h ships hy -N'olhlni; has hi en seen • Ulthorities |ie,au.-,e II H a , a m..; '.he ejieliix HI a \i i- e,ii)tia!> !', neu- li'HlllV, (ieim.inx e\|iialn,d (n Ain iiii.-Midor i;,.|.,i.i i,.,lax ' -• RUSSIANS DRIVEN BACK. ( I ;.-.' I illled i'li: .•. 1 • iiU'lill. <Jel . |!x \Vl|ele .'. I" .< I s \ Hie i.. I . I )e> ' :.'\ Si i.,(;;: l;i.- -1 i n p m .-I-. xxei, dil'.en a-, 1 . ' s I'KIIII | iiu.i.s m the XVoodcd Cal p i ! hi., il.« ill l!:e •'••'• '<'! h;, t ',, laii >li I lile . ii \., .,.. ., :, ll'ilill- ;--| l.,da '. CONFERENCE BROKE UP i ;eU:,-,!!l f:-, !••• j -. i- -.- from Ni'hru UlUi HUlK<il>- bt; iiubliiiu-i. Tho if a- IH< hop, iH btOIH' i'Silui I- 1/vUUtK j vi a, julit.U!'.- f" t N T O N MAN IS C A t. L. fc U ttii made ll^ht ,,| ilu- rt-'porled capture o! the JIIUT. Inn said no xxonl iiad hee> leeelXed from |l since it left 1,1'. e|'|u ml FIFTY ARE SAVED Fate of The Remaining 400 On Japanese Boat Not Made Clear. i Ivy I "mied Press, i T.,l>io. .hi| a u. I lee "'•'. l-'lll x -ui x i X"i'^, »l tli-- plSSe||i;et:, .Hid l|-e\X ol tin- Nli-antec Sankakti Main, xxhiih u a •• ure.iad ,,11 Chefoo. haxe h'-en landed •*ale|x. n ua>> announei ,| tmi.ix. Tie suixiiorw iiiclinh d I xx o Ami-Mean.-. TI, (alt- of the iciuaindcr of I he pill |,.is- ."•eu. 1 ,-!,, .,!!'! ' leW XXJS:-, lull llUi.d*' eieal Ml tl-.e ill- ; atche-., hilt II IS fealed man;, h. I \ e { I r , / , J1 t : I 11, a 1 It FIVE KILLED, SIX HURT Heir End Collision Odin-re:! In The Na-nr Montreal Today. i I !> i 'lilt e I I'l ' -.- > I ! xx« i e i, ill, ,| ' a nd . ;x- in lui ,-d < n \\ i... j jiia. ill a teal eld , •, >i I IM'' •>. xxl.en l!:ej I ' ' i' i: T"l "l,!,. t I .-Hi.. f>- ;'id !••! M.-II j 1 '' ' 1 '> VX .: i! ! • » >- 1 1 ', M X - . H i e I I v, l ;, - { , ' Ihe I ' • ' * f.-c i! •-. • ',<;.) ,.-, .1 Ih. ee I i • le, • I , e; •:!-.,- I 1 ,1(1 I I . .11, '!'.'! ",!'', .-|l !.,,- WAR LOAN INCREASED b'^adyo OJ Hc. u t- \cftj Hvi'pn 1 H',H.l ill War t ,'.»,! Ne; t I/. ' i . - i : i:, i \' i ~ imnie,li,,ti'ly prox ided. h'e and \Vil-iou] x\ il!i copicM liiipi»cl\ tef/.lined irotn stiidxinij the "drninlMiration in KOIIJH Kpectaciiiar press reports ,,f the ;..n-', to keep |,| H j manner. mind clear ,-.,, ihat lie mi^ht nm be 1 "' '"' " ISI chief'!* reply to tho pro. lotiiiiM-d xxith |,,,s,»ih|e mi.sslatement.-; i I" l -" ; ilf ''"' "" agreement rnatle in tho The elti-ial copy of ihe ansxvi r. hmx - • ^"an'i'' ( 'Jty piotocol Wan to have .M-- ex-er. Is undei•:.( ,,,d to inform \vi:h ! rived in ^\ ashiiiKlon l/i'nl night. In- all of ih" e--.-'ciiti.tls of the PICKS \ei-l^ !l '" ( ' Hn-ie came xvord that IM\» Ca- —sion: r . j hi'-ra. one of the. Mcxleun eoiniiii.saloit- ! ers will HI rive here today H> consult with Secretary of the Interior T*ine, I'haiiman or the American commission. j It is supposed, that lie will hring tho !.<'ariaiiwi reply. j See Break In Relations. Officer Who Signed Round! Th " ' hi< '' illlvl! * -r « <if *h fl i»n-«iiient •n i • •«»»-ii »T »-. . ! "" ""' M«'^'«-an (|viPMt!uli are u prey to KObm Will Not Be DlSCl- ioieho,liiu;« that the recall nf Arre- plined J n or Action. idou<i.i ^(.maii/es th. s refund of car_ _ i any.i io aKrei- to thti protocol and that i Mu- iiim chief mieiulM lo proclaim that Mie xx III "not continue diplomatic ri'la- WONT BE REDUCED hln protest .simicil hy !i,sn Ohio national guardsmen, Cell. Hell antioiinc- ! as Am<-iicau troopsi remain on 5Iexl- j can .soil. I'nder ordinary circutmstan- res ihis would In- a H(ep in tho direc- CLASH .IS REPORTED •rs xxlio signed (he piole-l would liol' >•• reduced to the ranks The only ill- - 'ipline lhat xx'ill be adimnndei ed is that j " Koln rl Ui.Min, of Akron, ()., for CM - • •ul.'ttin« "fl'ii mi justified" protest. j Two Parties Of Filibu»tera Cr«t««d The non-eominiMsio-m-d officerVi of i into Mexico It la Reported. ihe KiKhth Ohio made Matemenip ihey' 'Hy I'nited I'resH ) I'eliexed (hey signed a 'paper d,'iiyiii);! l-iicdo. Tes.. Ifec. 2*. Two parties an arjh'le pr"iled m an (Hiio iM-U'spa-''>!' UlibiiMerers cro-4nei* Into Mexli-d per. The round pioiesi against camp -ailx Tuesday, it hecame known lo- '•onditlom. and food xxas h uhsiitnted ( day. i me party participa!ed in a fun- later they declared Ti (her HiKiier.s niiiK IlKht with soldierr, from the c, u - xx ill receive no discipline. ,,,„,,;, K ,. U rison at Nuevo, re- ' DOITIOU nn^-Y r.ii»n/ -'iltiii,' ni_thc xvoundinK "f six Oni I ioH oOA j SUNK ; ereis and'-yi** Holdier. I'm oiitirnied its- f > ' pori<-. s»a.VM «i\ .soldiers tiate killed t>ix Letters- RccvivcMi In Gdlvctton Give* "" lt " 1 l» l! »'>'l- Ths First New* Of The Loss. " - <l ,. . "«>•'•'.'..-„ iv,,,,, WILSON IN FINE HEALTH l.alxestou. lex. (>,-.,. _•«, Tiie Mi-Ill- h, ^ -''•iimv i-iiai, ,.! is,,. n :! i,. hue, xx.i- Pr«5i(lent Is Ctt'ebi ,!t 109 Ho, Sixtieth^ • "I'ln.iiiii.-d m ihe Medneii in, an near! Birthday Toiliiy. !ii, At (•)•-..( n .-.MSI. a-a ,,| din- i,, ,; |,i ' \', ,i hni;.;|.,i,. ], i' ji,,, . H I'),-,, '" r ""'•Hid I.M, l,x (i.e iclalixes ,,| ...ieni U,| f .on , ; , ,:„ _ v ,.;,,..; old 'liidax and ''"' " £ ""' •••'"!"• oth-eo All o( (he a. co iduin lo I i r . Cui'i, liiay-.on. she '""•'• "''"' -' V1 ' ! 'Hi-' ha- i",( ' prf.Md-n! |, M x:il.- piivsi-.a.-! n. hv -,vat, ' ••'•'• " i; ' ! ' '"> >' I'"M. -I ,-.. x,-i m I,..ner health." LAWSON SAYS LAST-WEEK'S LEAK NETTED WALL STREET $60,000,000 AND TELLS OF BIGGER ONE

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