Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 5, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1944
Page 2
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NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS •-,*» SATURDAY, AUQU8T 5, 1944 IF As We WtRt SAYING.. On May 12lh » Mii.»lun>f «r liriikr II tniiiHOi.iitii Vpvi'il record by fl.vlntf from !.<>* AiiUi'lp* to N«'»v York— u ill*- t«ii(-o ol !!,470 mil.'*— In (i hours, W llllniltCN, '.»} MOI-OIUN. Till' "I'Xt «l*y 11 Momjulto bunilMir l>n>,k" >« :truni»»«iuitlc »p»'«'<l record by flylnif 'from ijtlmMlor to H>« Hrltlxh litl«-«— ii (INHiiUii- fi •J.I»0 •milt'!*— In « hour?., 'IH niln- rullmnn plans to operate two ni-wtypu cars after the war. The duplex-roomi'tte in one—a car In which you'll Imve a completely .-quipped l>rl™t" motn for little. If any, moro than a lower borth costs now. The coach-sU'C-pcr is the othor-a cur in which Pullman comfort and conveniences will be yours for loss than the present rate for a be-th In either standard or tourist sleeping cars. ( Said LarnliH- tr.iy, movlr nc- tr.-.-u>: "M.V Mormon K™ 1 """- tlH-r Hud »lx "Ivr* mid >>i ulill- dn-ii. All M K ri»ndi!,iU«lr<-n l,,,,l n.ori- clilldn-n-M, now, I n,.. V iT hiivi- to worry uliuiit Inn*." And the Montrualer tolls of the of tin- realistic elevator operator In n department store, who announced: "Third floor- nothing much."- 24 hour* l» u pretty short tlryi! In wliU'h to j.olve u m-riuufi II- ...iiivjul proliliMii. Yi't wi' luive <lt>iu< It lor lmndri-d.i of NuiiKit-- lutik nii-n mid women IhruiiKli u Nuuifiitiiuk National I'l-.K- SOXAI. LOAN. And wi- turn do It for you, too! llow 1 . 1 J.rt us n.— nort of 11 iliuincliil i'mi-rK<~iiey. It i» niom-y thiit should In- l>'"d ut oni:.-, y«-t it N too much for V (\ir pny r.hiMJk to tukr curr of. "You iipp'.v today for (i 1'JMt- SONAI. LOAN. Tomorrow you K et our olipuk. Tlii-n you start ri-niivlng thr l""ii In monthly liMttilliiK-ntH that muy ho s|.n-ad ovr 11 full yiir. At tl nil of the vcnr. what have you uc«:<»"- I.INhVd" You li«vi- paid >"iir crodllor.H-you havi- |mld ^ Lunk-yuu an- out of di-ht. I" it Hint solving » .s.-rloiis fiiKi.m.U nrobU'ii.'.' Thi-n why wait nruiiml any loiiK'-r with lln- prohlnn ui>- noivod'.- can »i>u "'--i- V s - wn . t ;; U H or phoiif 2W«. The loan will cost you only SO I"'' .v illr l' tr SKID borrowed. It Is estimated that 80 per cent of U. S. newspapers will be. overwhelmingly against FDR for u fourth tft-m, while a majority of their newsmen. It is believed, will vote for Roosevelt. •ToduV'N imrcdrrti-: One day a rl.-h ami miserly Cliu-sld ciimr to 11 Kahbl. Tli«: Ittihhi Iwl him to 11 window, "l-ook out there, ho .siild. "and tell in.- what you >t .;." "l-iHipli-." answered tlin rlci> nnd miserly mini. Tli.-n the niiiihi ifii him 10 a ";irn.r. "What do you *«•'• iioW. 1 In«»k,-d. "I «•'.- m.VM-ir." Thou U>« Uiil>>>l NulO, -lii-liold—in tho window thoro Is glass and in th« mirror there Is, »ut tho Klats ot> tlio mirror Is t-ovon.-d with u mtic sllvor, und no sooner Is n IIUlo .-.(Ivor iiddi-d than you c«sisi! to M'« other* und SL-« only yourself." What IM tho moaning of a pink waybill 1 pnstr-d on fi Northern I'adflc '.'rflght. fur'! ft means literally. "Ko... f i contents In pink of condition." and IM a signal to every railroader, demaiuling top .speed, fi'rttiunnt servicing, for Ici'd foods In transit. Tclovlidon rays —Hid' human HlKht— ilo not Lend beyond th«- mirvalim- of the oiirtli. They .truvvl str.ilKht to the hurl/on— a«j from thoro off flito npuce. Ut H fact, that the average ^m'rrl.can family gets about twice- n* mtirh electricity today «a It 'did 1.'. years ago for the same money. Quezon Burial Party Arrives In Capital r— . ••.•:--.-;. ,-; Twenty^Fiye Conn. Men Are Reported Missing In Action WaBhing-ton,-Aug,.5— <U- P)— The names of 25 Connecticut men reported missing in uc.tlon in the Asiatic, .European nnd 'Mcdlternin- ean war. areas are announced by the War tiepartment. . Unaccounted' . for in the Asiatic area arc.: ' • ^, Second Lieutenant Max S. Knnd-; zur/ of IM.r.Whltney . atreet, Mart-; ford. •And StatT Sergeant Herbert. G. : ,Luvy of 108 Adams street, Hart-: -ford, 1 Six missing in the European area] are: ' .-Private Frederick Centrclla of 1 21C. Walnut (street, Winsted. Sergeant John O. Hadzegu of 332 Cherry street, Naugatuck. Plight ,,6lllcer Stanley J. Kulak of.ais Franklin street, New. Haven. Second., Lieut. James C, McNulty of ,1)0 .Russell ', Manchester. Private, Peter A. Nlcotcra. of 89 Gridley' .street, Bristol. . . . And Scrcgant Frederick C,. Slater of 80 Francis avenue, Hartford, And in the Mediterranean area, successor, auternutlona, -Sonno nmonwoiucn, is j ^ m 1.111.: ^ni=uii.<-"u>'^u-'> • dieU. ut'Siiraiiuc'. 1" n^cn are reported missing: pho o) Three Men Were Given Sentences On Conspiracy Charges I-tartford, AUR. r.— (UP)— A Mori- den printer and two New Haven asolino station operators have it jasono s boon sentor.cud to prison on ch.arK e.j- of conspirine to counterfei gasoline ration coupons. The primer— Peter J. MalavenUa _ y,. ls been sentenced to 18 mor.-ths in prison. Joseph Petriccione and Peter Klimc'/..ik each were sen- tenencl to a year a cViy. Sidewalk Sought For Elm Street Application l-.n-s hOi>n made by three property owners on Elm street for in.-Uallatirui. of a sidewalk near -their property. They art-: Mrs. Minnie McCarthy, Mrs. Dora Uebei-man and Stanley Zakowski. Warden L,eo J. Brophy said that he doe= not believe Hie work can' bo done now ' because of lack of | ' manpower. I Local Soldier Is An Ace Mechanic Man Accused Of Helping Son Escape from Reformatory Ooelhe »nl<l »: "" ' mlsliike to bold one'., self too hlK". «"• »«• rut<1 °" H * low."- TIIK NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK . .Member of Fe<l./«l IK-p ' agreed to buy them from -. crct service agents learned of Malti- vL'iula'-; schemn '.iftor an ink mnnu- I'acturin;: concorn in New York reported he had ordered a quanlity | of the sunu- type of i»ik used by th.. gov.-rnmoiH in printing g" -—- lino coupons. Cornell Gets Diary Of New York Utopian Tthaca N. Y. (UP)— A diary by Moses Quinhy, member of a C°x- saokie, >". V.. Utopian communist colony in the late 1820's. has been rioriiueil to Cornell university. Quinby, .'i noted student of bee- keopinfr.' P«i<! a vi - sit in 1S31 to the colony which had broken up, Ifft New York find assembled in Kendall, O. His trip via Hudson i-ivc-r steamboat, Albany-Schencc- tiu-j- railrond, Erin, a Lake IChie .steamboat and Ohio Canal is tfraphicully described in the dinry MOW at the university. The Zo.-ir colony of German pietists, near Kendall, wsis also visited and Is described minutely. DOUGIIBOV LOOKS AHEAO Fort Dovens, Mass]— (UP)— Hostess Dorothy Ellis of the Dev- nns Service Club hopes a boy friend in Normandy knew what he was talking about when he wrote optimistically, "How about a. (Into on 1 New Year's Kv^'!" I TIII'MIIS KKVKILLK Malrlen. Mass.. (UP)— After two years overseas, PFC. William Hu"hes wanted only one thintf on his furlotiKh— breakfast in bed. Master Sgt. John Gilbert, son of Mrs. Mary Gilbert of Golden l-Iill streftt, who has been stationed at. i.'ommnnications lu-adqiiartors in England for two years, if now in France, it is learned. Su't. Gilbert wrote his mother recently that he hopes to bn ho:ne in time for the "big election." He added that tin- French he l.-jarnod In Naugatuclt high school has proved exctiedingly useful. Nude Gambol In Wheat Brings Sobering Fine EvanAvillo, Jnd. nj P) —Stale liighwny patrolmn.n Millard Cowan and several hundred war plaML workers stopped in amaxemcin r.ear a wlir«:it field on Highway •!!. Jn the field ."omc distance from the road w-.'is a nude man jumping and riin.iing in rirc'.es. A 4 th;; patrolnwin approached, the man at.iomptod to 'hide in n. , whe,'it shocit. Later lie told Mngis- 1 tratc Kugeiio Chancy ha was only trying to .-iolbcr up. The magistrate helped him along by fining him 510 and costs. : -Stamford'," ^Aug. .0— (U'P)— AJ Stamford man is being held oa | charges of aiding an escape from j Cheshire reformatory and harbor- - ing an escaped inmate, .lAilii'.e say thai, Frank Mauonga visited his son, George, at Cheshire about two months ago and aided the boy in escaping. A week ago, '.ihc Ixiy wns ap- Iirehended itt his father's house, but escaped authorities by jumping from a window an<i swimming act-os.i a pond, He hu.s not bc.;n ro-copl-Jrod. Old Maid Asks OPA To Help Find Husband Dallas, Tex., (UP)—If you don't hclii-ve .it':: so that, people '• are fiinnv. you should spend a day in charge of the Dallas inform'a- -tion bureau of the Olllcc of Price- Administration. j Bowman says he has heard and seen everything or, his job. There was a man who called up. to get a priority to build a house on his back lot. He explained his wife, wouldn't let him live with her And there was the woman who :is!;cd the bureau to send her a list of men. "I've been thinking it over," she said. "I've been an old maid schoolteacher for the last forty years j and I wain to get married. I've j caved plenty of money and have a home and" I want you to give me the names of a lot of men." Private Gladwin E. Allhouse of College Highway, Granby'. Private Frank Banaa of ISO Putnam stree.t, 1 Hartford. . Private Emery p. Coady, Jr., of II Milk street, Willlmantic. Private Eugene V. ChernolT of 203 Church .street. West 'Haven Private Leonard A.. Dauglrrda of 302 Garden street, Hartford. : Staff Sergeant Robert E. Dcnison of ICO Foster str.eet. New Haven. Private Albert N. Geregitano of; 40 Fuirfleld avenue, Stamford. First Lieut. Benedict D. Kamberg of D-238 Charter palt Terrace, Hartford. Private Joseph Kamszilc, of 25 Reservoir avenue, Bridgeport. Stuff' Sergeant Victor D. Laucella of 84 -Wallace street, New Haven. Staff Sergeant 'Frank L. Bajrlaiy of 1005 Nuw Britain avenue, Elmwood Sergeant James W O'Brien of 223 VVhitiiey avenue, Bridgeport Private Louis J. Petrillo of 362 Townsend avenue, Ne.w Haven. Sergeant . Alexis V. PoLvin of 'Dugget street, Moosup. Private Rocco A. Testtt of 211 South street, Bristol. Private Walter C. Waring of -12 Od;jjsn street, Stamford. And Private First Class George Yo/.io of 1311 Iranistan avenue, Bridgeport. .MK.N'r HIM! «'I-:I>IU.N<; IIIKRS . . . lire itorlliv of icPllvliiK Ihr Illlllll of tin- lii-vi-Htflil. }'•?- l'lM»Ivi-lv In \Viilrrliur.v-.\t — PIERPONT'S ,, rlPllii firm ,«iiirl*ly II.V.Mv STIIURT ffTWSim BIKI) OSTKOSKI — CallH-rlnc (l.owry) of 'H Culver street. Aupiisl D, in<H, Funeral Monday 'at S:SO a. in. from Buckmiller funera.1 homer to St. Francis' church al 0 acloek. Burial in St. James' ccmotery. Part or full tlmn help, male or female. No experience necessary., CITY BAKERY jl71 Maple Street ; T«X. 3078 Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 KNOWS MIS ECONOMICS Fresno, Cal.— iUP)— A very small hov who was separated from his parents during n Frasnn victory garden harvest festival proved himself an ,-icutf observer on economic trends when r. bystander, •hoping to comfon the boy. off.urod him ii penny. Grasping the _gif- firmly, the boy observed: "This won't" huy much thcsn days," . Quartermaster Helps Family Keep In Touch Brockton, Mass. CUP)—Quartcr- n-.aslcr 3-G Arthur Striblis- is got- ting to be a middleman in relaying, news from Brockton to Italy and back again. Recently, ho. bumped into -his brother, Seaman 2-C Eugcna R. Striblis, and ate spaghetti with him in .Italy. O.r,i hi.-, latest tri.p, he runt an old friend, Sgt. Tony Vasaris of Brockton and brought him up to date on tho home front, . . Now !v>'s scouting the Italian "Hoot for hi:', wife's brother, Tech. Peter Tamasonls. Nazis Struggle To Break Trap JEAST PRUSSIAN -. J**v» •AILENSTEIN • ^ _ ^»^" Overseas Soldiers Prefer Candy And Cigars As Gifts Atlantic City, N. Y., (UP 1 )—Candy and cigars' -are the- ^gifts soldiers overseas appreciate most, the Inquiring Reporter of the Redistri- .ruino, post newspaper of the.AAF Redistribution station here, discovered in a survey of soldiers, discovered in a survey of soldiers who have been in combat zones. In Africa and Italy, chocolates arc particularly welcome "because they are so hard to get','' T-Sgt. Walter Schildt, Frederick, Md., a B-17 gunner, said. Candy also proved the favorite of S-Sgt. Russell S. Mayer of Blooming Glen, Pa. Any kind of eatables, provided they are not perishable, are .welcome, he said. Most of the soldiers were partial to gifts of cigarettes but they all agreed that cigars, for some reason, hit the spot. A man who gets a box of cigars is the most popular man in his company—as long as the cigars last. Tho boys in England lean to practical things, such ns socks. handkerchiefs acd shirts, S-Sgt, Fletcher H. Gess. Jr., of Brooks- vine, Fla., said. .Cpl. Morris M. Canclli Mew Haven, Conn., nddod to the list civilian shoes, cigarette lighters, flint and photos of wives and sweethearts. In Hawaii, however, smoked cheese is scarce, and therefore welcome, said S-Sgt . Sol Rubin of Miami, Fla. "The Army supplios everything else," ho added. -An,'.electric motor Is five times as efficient ns a steam engine, nnd three times more efficient than .-v gasoline motor. Nazis Abandoning oF.iMi crewrncn aputfoycr. escort*, to** jnliic tower of U»:lr U-ho;it In th«- AtliUitic :iri«f UN» , »'•• xurfucc, A nip/iier of ^o German »»ilor» htv, •• V-.J« ,r,i u> iret away li«ior,j »": sub >»"!<«* '<* <liv « «° the bo " om - V e ' Ve ** *"" .u"%S5 u^aKuken a. prisoner.. Ofnclal^^Cj^t Gu a ,d phoU>. (Inlern-U, Into Philadelphia TaEiidiStrikc ' !i :- >-<By Ul»lled ; Prc»»i) Army troops are moving into Philadelphia, apparently to put an end to th»'city's-paralyzing transit strike. . ..The-Army, which took over Philadelphia's huge transit system Thursday, has no otllcinl commi.-nt on how the troops will be used. However, reliable reports indicate that authorities arc ready to take drastic steps to . end the strike which has seriously hampered war production. It is possible that soldiers of tlit! communication division will be used to man the trains. The strike, called in . protest against the training of Negroes for jobs as trolley operations, now is in its Itfth day. Army and Navy of- Ilcials estimate- 'that it has cost some 500,000 man hours in war production by preventing workers from reaching war. plants. . The leaders of the strike, including James McMenamin, the chair- man.of the strike committee, are reported to be under investigation by the Deportment of Justice. Gt:n. Hayes has warned the strikers that continued interference with the lines -while under government control will/result in-crj'mina)- prosecution. So'nio o'f the-"sU 1 ikers,' : are : re- ported.'wilHng''.to' return to work but are said to hav.e been threatened by other workers -who insisted on continuing .the walkout. More cheerful labor news conies from Detroit, A War Labor Board hearing has opened the way to end a nine-day strike at live General Motors plants. Strike leaders say they expect the 7.00O workers to vote to return to work at a mass meeting Sunday. Earlier the workers had decided to'continue the' strike 1 until discharged employes were rehired.. In Reading, Pennsylvania—some 100 striking bus and trolley operators" of the Reading Street Rail- w.-iy company have voted to end n one-day 'strike which tied up the tv's transit facilities. The men protesting tho dismissal 1 of 3.3 em- ployes, heeded a back-to-work, plea oy j-cprcsentiitvcs of the Army:and In Canada, a strike of -1,000!. workers has stopped normal transportation .in- 1 Montreal for the third day. Sailor Held In Connection With Murder Of Girl j Old Lymo. Conn.. Aug. 15—(UP) — A Boston sailor — 18-year-old | Frank Higgins—is being !i:.0<J by stale police in -con-n«ction with'-j, as.sau It-murder of Ida ', Sicnnn, a Portland vaca.Uontr.Vi Soon after the girl's body »i,l found by raili-oad -workers a billboard, Higgins was taken iijj custody ond reportedly cento the killing, which occurred ^ Sound Viow UIP Thursday ni| Miss Sienna, 23 . year* old, l/j«n vacalionirig at Sound Vl«l since last Sunday, and is »aU fc | have met Hlifgins Monday BUSY PKNMAN Boston (U P)—New Engliuii most prolific penman is Revenue Collector Denis W. lane.y, who scrawls his on an average of (>00 official pers daily. Held Over, of Course! 2nd Smanh Week for M-G-M's Technicolor Mtislcal S RED SKELTON — ESTHER WILLIAMS HARRY JAMES — XAVIER CUGAT AND A GOOD CAST-KN ADDED. — "I'OKT OF 411 THIEVES" Trapped bv the swift, Russian drive west ol.Kigii. thousands ol Ger- nrin trr-nii'i in Estonia and Latvia (1) are struia'(in K to rljfht their xviv toward other Na'/.l units 111 East ITussl.a. Moanwlillc, UtiHsl.un units ne-ir llipi (2) lire fanning put' rapidly toward the coastal cities of AM/lr'ho Vi-ntsplls, and l..iepa.j:i, to tighten the trap. Another Kod •iriiiv group («> I" reported at tbe gates of East J'ru.ssiiv, apparently i.e'ided tovvard Konlgsberg. To the Ko.utli •(•»), Marshal Konstnntln . Kol-ossovsky's troops batter furiously at enemy forces defending Warsaw. (International) ID-Quart Cold Pack Canners In •»' Limited QuanWty .Also CANNING JARS and ACCESSORIES - NEABY. BUILDING Tel. 5212 Furnace Phone 0s! Waterbury Heating Go. S3 Spring St., \Vtl).V. 4-6478 : CUE ATE» SERVICE - • from your clothes .when-' they i; ure cleuiiea . reifuUirly by our expert ; wo'rkiiien. Prompt iterv-. ICe. D. LIEBERMAN 86 .CHUKCH STREET Tlint's all a three tiny—three line AVAXT AD \vill'cossl'. yon. Three liner? will give you. i'il'teffli words to work on. loo. A good, clcnr and brief description of your 'Fov Snle' or 'AVnnted to Buy' article will bring -you theTesjuH:? yon desire for only Call the Classified Dept. Of The : Naugatuck Daily News TODAY! Teh 2228

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