Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 19, 1973 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1973
Page 22
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Jt •Q ^lfS ^bu'^g fieQtste^^^^ Thursddy, April )9, 1973 Jordan Turns Its Desert Green ByJOMNBONAR AMMAN, JordMi In an effort to achieve belenee in its agricultural production and to innire against losses througii drought and frost, Jordan is expanding its desert farming projects. The projects, made possible by tapping under* ground water resources, are also effective in settling the traditionally nomadic fiedouin and eni(bling them to benefit from health and educational facilities. The attention now being given to desert farming follows a harsh lesson this year. The highly profitable crop area of the "tropical" Jordan valley, 100 feet below sea level, was bit by a severe frost and then a prolonged drought threatened the wheat harvest in the higher altitude regions. Any Loss Bad Any loss of agricultural output is serious for Jordan's economy. It imports animal products alone in excess of ^ million a year, of which one* third is cheese and milk. One desert farm that is well oh its way to being a commercial success is that run by King Hussein's uncle, Sherif Nasser bin Jamil. This year marlcs the second phase of h;s program and over a million new acres ara tft be planted with cotton, potatoes, onions and other vegetaMlei. The first phase of the program which took two years to complete covered 7W,000 acres. Alfalfa was grown on one-third of this and produced a yield of two tons per 1,000 square meters. This yield is expected to rise to three tons after mechanization of the planting and harvesting opera* tions. The alfalfa, whldi produced its first crop 10 months after planting has proved highly successful, and was sold on the Lebanese markets last year. In addition to the alfalfa there are 9,000 poplar trees, 1,000 plsta* chlo, 1,000 quince, 7,000 pome* granate, 42,000 vhies and 48,000 fruit trees—almonds, apricots, peaches and cherries. The farm's future will be based on alfalfa, sugar beet, cotton and some summer vegetables. The farm already has a herd of 1,000 breeding ewes and. another 3,000 are waiting to fbe brought in from their desert grazbig. Evenhiatl^ the farm will be able to support 60,000 breeding ewes and a large dairy herd as well. Doable Jobs Over 400 families are already living on the Sherif's farm and by the time it raaetiei completion double this number Is expected to be empldyid« Most of the families are Bedouin, many of them fMih from the desert and still preferring their goat hair tents to the concrete houses being built fbr them. To serve the expanding community tite government is bulldlag scheoli and has agreed to provide a clinic. The Sherif's projeeta may not be typical of Jordanian farming but it is i^hat the Ministry of Agriculture would like to see happening in its own plans for development. 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On this day in history: In 1775, the American Revolu tionary War began. In 1934, the United States went off the gold standard. In 1951, American Gen. Douglas MacArthur, relieved of his command in Korea by President TVuman, told Congress, in part "...Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." In 1972, U.S. warships in the Gulf of Tonkin were attacked by Conununist MIGs and patrol boats. Alexii Will Join College Diitriet ALSm^-Alttii School 019* inci m Ml DNH aoeniN DJT Carl UMftfi Colteie^a botfd o( tfmteti at i of tha mi Junior eoUaga ditriet. tlM Atetii anlt will beooma affiliated with tha cottege w/ht& it is requirad to be a part of i Junior oollafi district Aug. 1, 1974. acmnMf YMBnf* aroar • lOipMi $102*' •MM M ^pcr bfilw lw*ffc CMM Id tadpy for • tirt rM» yiwl bt aM ymidM. A thought for the day: American poet James Russell Lowell said, "Who speaks the truth stabs falsehood in the heart." SCHWINN DAVE'S CENTER Handarson at North Sts. 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Sat. 7:30 A.M. — 4 P.M. 8o Rt«i(^ faiftr Mtfip CttrfiOl CASH#CARRY WAREHOUSE OPEN MIy Thru Saturdiif Fron 9M a-n. to SdIO p.n. 4 CARPET 216 S. CHAMBERS Drastic Reductions On, Thouiondt of Yordi of BROADLOOM CARPETING and LINOLEUM This Wttk StNct^rem Pull Rolls and Part Rollt. R«9. $6.99 ta $9.99 Sq. Yd. BROADLQOM CARPET SALE Vtry Tight Wtovt NYLON Most Colors «3 1 Group Nylon Corpot At Only 2,99 iq. yd ONI OROUP RIMNANTS Indoor - Outdoor Plain Bock and RubbirBack Many Rolls and Part Rolls Ploin Bock t Indoor-Outdoor RUBIIR RACK - MOST COLORS Indoor - Outdoor t^99 *4 Many Roll! 8i yd Port Rolls THOUSANDS OP YARDS COMMERCIAL Rubber Backs For Kitchon - Family Rooms - Baths, Etc. Most All Colors — Pull and Part Rolls Vary Tight Wtovo Rtg. 6,95 to 9.95 $^99 ond 4.99 sq. yd. For Small Rooms or Largo Bathrooms Linoleum Remnonfs Cushion Floor & Vinyl idths3'-6' AA^Sq.Yd. 9'& 12'Now yyc ^"p MANY FULL ft PART ROLLS $ ^9 LrNOLfUM, Sq. Yd. «P Padding Sale • Hsavy Rubbio Rubbor • Plat Rubbio Rubbor • Hair Pad This Wosk ACRYLICS & POLYESTER Th« B»it Omlity ror tiving Roomi. The Btit ol Coign Loop k Tip Shaarod. Rog. $8.99 to $10.99 to Remnants -^5 '10 rroM ir' by II' up to 31" »y U'. Muiy U>g» •neugb to Cevoi Ooo4 Slit IMU Of Stilw- 27" X 54" Throw Rugs Ea. |1.M & |2.M 27" X 36" Throw Rugs Ea. Mc & 11.41 27" X 18" Throw Rugs Ea. 4ic & Mc Soloct tho car|»ot you dosiro. All carpot unrollod on our cutting floor for your comfiitto inspoction and •atlsfoction. All finost i|uality. Nethlnn hold back. Bring Your Measurements — Bring Your Trucl(. Bring Your Cash ... Carry ft SAVE. B DiicoHiit Cath & Corry Worthouit 216 SOUTH CHAMBERS ST.

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