Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 5, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1944
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WITH WAR BONDS 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" Fair And Warmer Full Report Oa Vol. LXVIII, No. 182 ESTABLISHED 1880 SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Gents Naugatuck Soldier Writes That Fox Holes In France Not So Bad When Dry The Show Goes On Again—Minus The 'Big Top' Corporal Irving H. McOow- an Tells Of Arrival Of The News In Lines Corporal Irving H. McGownn, of (In- United States Army, former U. S. Rubber Co. employe, and now In France with tho Invading Amor- lean Army, writes to Tht News to ull nf the arrival of the paper in tin' front HiuM. Tiie well litiowni local youth who i.s married and has an Infant lUuighti'r he has never soon, lias LATE. 47 KILLED Way-cross,' Ga., Aug. 5—(UP)— At least'-17 persons are reported bn'ti overseas nearly a yecir, and | |<i|| ei i | n „ truln wreck in an iso- rwntly went Into France with the lut . uu ma-woods section near Invasion forces. The News had boon sent to Corporal McGowan while he was in England and the puper him now followed him Into tin- lines ir. Franco. Corporal Mcflowan writes as of tin- dat.- of July 22 that the first copy of Tho News <arrivcd, so wet (tint he had to .spread It out to dry before he could read It. It was (luted June 10, bin he says old or not, the paper looked darn good to him. The next day he received .ill The Now:.' for the following week, and states that he sure,was glad to get them. The loi'id soldier states that he was going to try to send The News tu his brother Robert, who also was iri Prance. (He apparently doiv. not know that his brother wiis wounded in action and Is now a p«itlur\t In a hospital in Knglund.) Other Naugatuck soldiers Corporal McGowan mentions are Jame.i Bru/.lll, who cilso has been wounded, "Algy" a nil James A.iht'urd. Thu local soldier spates that much as he.would lllto to gut home that he would not huv;.- mlsstM the invasion of France foi anything and that yoort lie may lie able to write and tell a few inure tilings than he can just at present. C'oipural AfcOowan states-that it • In, not too bad living .In,'a.-fox"hole when It Is dry but when It rains, then thu Mitvmtlon I.s far diffc!-- i'i.,t. He ,'.,..el svery sorry for th« J-'i'onch people who have boon under the German reglnii!, .itatlr.g thfy aro Hie ones w'.io really huve lieen taking it on thy chin. Th« line In Corporal Mc- Clowan's V-mail letter Is eloquence itself. Me states vary simply that Thu News should tell all It/! readers to write to tlio serviceman as mall Is the greatest morale builder in the world. Corporal McGow-art's address Is. Hntu-ry li. .|«th F. A. Battalion, A. f, O. No. B. Care of Postmaster New York, N. Y. Stockton, Ga., this morning. The deall arc believed to be nearly all members of a large Negro construction crew. Their train, an Atlantic Coast Lines passenger train, jumped the track, and plowed into an idle freight train. oOo • « STOCK M.UIMKT New York, AUK. S—(CD— Stocks declined fractionally In early trading, extending the sharp Hi'lllng movement thut developed in the final minutes of tin 1 previous M'Mslnii. Cotton opened H to 10 points higher, Uonds were irregularly lower. Molt*: KOCKKT BOMBS The animal trainer In tho llliigling Brothers circus r.-hcarses his. charges before, the opening performance In Okroiii Ohio, of the first show to l>c put on sine.- the' disastrous fire iti Hartford, Conn. The cages, ci'.nU-r poles and trnpc-/.cs are set up, hut the canvas "Hit; Top" Is missing. For. the rent of the M.'ason, the performances will IMJ given .without tin; huge covering in stadiums and bull parks. (International Sound- P. H. Kelly Is " Around-The-Clock" Guest Columnist Pntrlck 11. Kellcy, . director of Industrial r oIu<Uonx 'lit the Nniigatuck Chemical will IM; tho guest columnist: for "Around, The Clock" column •In 'thi; NaiiKuluck Dully NeWM next Monday. Mr. Kelley pon- xesHcsN an excellent brand of humor that he . Incorporate Into a xplundld writing style, u combination that promlsen to be an additional treat to rcadcrH of thin • popular feature In The 2Vew» of next Monday. ..''..Russians Drive Toward Krakow, German Silesia London, AUK. 5— (UP)— Tho Germans resumed sending robot bombs over London and southern "England . early today. The mis- wiles caused casualties. 1'ROMI.SED KEI.IKF Uy United Press—MMwrMtcrn- crx—»t least In the nurth cent nil states—»r<> promised re- Ili-f from.-.the ' nation's record- hreukliiic heat.wave. The weatherman Hay*';thuiider*how'«>rj( and heavy .ruinfuJI .will seud'tcuiporu- turoM dropping in the drought Hi'ctloils today. But It's n dltfer- eiit Htory for th« east and -f^illi- w<-nt. »»v Yorkers Svlll find the. mercury flirting with this lIMMIi-- grei* nuirk und overcrowded Washington will not he much cooler. The MoiithWfst—where temprruiuri'.s soared above the humlrrcl murk yesterday—muy expect little relief. Reagan A. C. To Hold Bake On September 3 The first outing, and clambake of'the Reagan A. C. will be hole on Sunday, September 3, at Kelly's Farm in Prospect, John Reagan, president of the club, stated .today, Accommodation will -be ready for at least 100, with breakfast to be served - f rorn c 'l07to'. i l r "6'clbck '" while the bake, featuring chicken, will be served at •! o'clock In the afternoon. The catering for the event will be done by "Dick" Parkinson. Thomas Na'sli is chairman of the :ommittee for the; 'bake, assisted by IStlward Jackson, Joseph Nash, Anthony Aquavia, Andrew O'Toolc, James Pistarclli and Francis Gnl- vin. Prepare To Raise Flag- In, Strike Mortgages Are Issued For Local Development Houses KlfVi-r. more mortgages have linen issued to the Naugatuok Development Co,, Inc,., by the First I'i'iliTuI Savings and Loan association of New Haven, according to I>U[>ITM filed at the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John re- e.Titly. They an- for *fi,2r,0 each iirxl ihi. total Is $5T,7!>0. Thlu makes a total nf .it; mortgagor taken out I'V the company, most of which in-i- l«'!ieiv>d tu be for houses in HIP new development in tho Field t urea. Auditors Comment On The Overexpenditures In The Various Town Departments str 1'Ol.lTJOAr, CAMPAIGN Boston. Aug. 0—(UP)—The leader of a new powerful political group is expected to launch its •>i«.i.i«chiisett.i action committee announced that Sidney Hillman would direct the outset of the N-CF'-A-C campaign In the Bay mate n >'x! month. Hilman also Is nsso- I'iuti-d with the CIO-political action ' Risked Life Opening Supply Line shell ""' r canal, Supply lines cut and his ni-arly down to tholr last during a henvy Jap at- on Marino position* In r.nriga area of Guadal, .S,. r >;t. John Kaallon. kiit-w his unit was In n tough "not. Risking his life, ho battled hi* way through the enemy Hu,.* W |tii vitally needed ammunition. The tldo was turned; an entire Jap regiment was virtually annihilate/I! Basilone's dectl earned mm a Medal of Honor, You don't even run f» financial risk helping to keep gup- Plli-s flowing to -America's fighters, for War Bonds are tin- world's safest Investment. Use a News Want Ad to turn 1'uur hnndlwork or special nto a steady BOIII-CO of War Bond monny. Phone "kill Indicate That More Care Should Be Taken In Preparing Education Budget The firm of Knu'st, Everett and Cambria of Hartford, that audited the borough books, In their report have commented, "It appears from the large over-expenditures affecting practically every sub- classification "(of tho school department budjgct) that greater caro should be used in the preparation of the budg-et of this department'" (The school- department exceeded its -budget by $11,.|99.99 during the past year.) One of the auditors' recommen- d'utlons is: "No borough officials should at. any time expend amounts which are in excess of the budgcC as approved by the 'freemen.' If nccc.gary, to exceed the amounts 'try. approved or to make expenditures Other not contemplated by the original Peter Pauline. Executive Named To Important Unit Charles H. Flint, vice-president of Peter Paul, Inc., of Naugatuck, has been appointed a member of tho candy bar manufacturing in dustry advisory committee, the OPA has announced. Hecommcnda* lion or best, methods for securing more effective price control of candy will be u prime function of the committee, OPA Bnid. There are eight members of his committee, of which Charles F, Scully, vicn-prcsidcnt of the Williamson Candy Co. of Chicago, is chairman. The committee consists of manufacturers who are in close contact with problems of the indus- advlsory (By United" Russian armored spearheads ar« driving across the approaches to Krakow in southern Poland. After two days of fierce fighting, Soviet forces have driven 23 miles through German defenses from bridgeheads on the Vistula river. The Russians have reached open country deep in the German rear-, i are driving on toward Krakow and Cm-man Silesia. Xast night. Red army troops were reported 35 miles from Krakow and 80 miles from southern Germany. The Russian break-through has been launched from the new Soviet bridgehead on tho west bank of the Vistula, some 125 miles south i of Warsaw. Massed Russian tanks j and mobile artillery tore a big ! hole in the German defenses. Armor and mobile guns plunged through the gap, followed by mechanized infantry. The German* counter-attacked .desperately in .an attempt to break,up-the Soviet formations. Fighting at times is said to have been a hand^t07hand struggle, with-bayonets and grenades. Russian -tmops in two days, of fighting, are reported to have killed some 2,200 Germans and knocked out 26 Nazi-tanks,- including four GO-ton tigers. • ,~\Thei.-Ruitalan.'. break-through has widened' the ;S6Viet.'bridgehead, on the Vistula to 41_ miys. Military observers say the Russian drive to the outer approaches of Krakow can hardly be over-estimated. Meanwhile, there are indications that Germany intends to leave-Finland to her fate at the hands of Russia. A Stockholm newspaper says Germany hns begun with- About Half Of Brittany Is Said To Be In Hands Of The Americans; Nazis Fall Back Continued on Pago 3) Army Aviator And His Wife On Visit To Town Lieutenant Edward Posoivage of the United States Army, former Y. M. C. A. and Ohio State University athlete, with his wife, is spending a short furlough with relative*' In. Naugatuck. Lieuen.-int Po.jcvi.vage left Ohio State University aibout three years ago and enJiiiled in the Roya.1 Canadian Air Fores, earning the rank of Flying Officer before transferring to. the U. S. Army Air Corps, only a short time ago .vilh the rating of First Lieuten- nt. Lieutenant Posoavagc was mar- •ied more than a year ago to the ormer Miss Cynthia Dawson of Ottawa, whose Bather is manager f the Ottawa branch of tha Bank :>£ Montreal. Miss Dawson also was a swimming cliam.pion, having arned a number of tropliies in thii, field, in which her husband distinguished/himself in Y. M. C. A. circles and while attending Ohio State where he was a crack back stroker, and member of somo of the university's greateiitswimming teams. ' ' • On transferring to the American Air Force, Lieutenant Po.scavage was shipped to the Richmond, Ya,, Air Base where he is now stationed .and where his long and fine air record is expected to bring him an instructor's, post. He. now is flying the famous P-47 Thunderbolt that is rated one of Uic best combat -planes in 'the world. He returns to'-Jiis-base" im a few day. 1 ;. SAVED BOY'S LIFE. Boston, - 5 — (UP) — The state public health commissioner says that the sei'um flown.from Boston to Michigan has saved the life of a six-year-old boy. Dr. VJado A. Cettin™ said that the serum was sent to Pctoskey, Michigan by Dr. Geoffrey Kdsell, director of tho state anti-toxin laboratory in Jamaica Plain. Another shipment of the influenza bacillus scrum will be made in a few days. Naugatuck Soldier Is Rated An Ace Mechanic On War Front Fighter Planes Following President Roosevelt's orders to the army to take over the Philadelphia transportation system, Ctifit. ,7 \V. Cody and I'fc. .lames Durham arc shown as they were about to i-.iise tin: American flng over n carbarn in tho Quaker City, (International Sniindphoto) named arc for the'general line of budgc-t. proper authorization j candy and for the package candy ' grou.p. "Mr. Flint said that as bar candj sales total more than half of the nation's candy purchases, the committee of svhich he is a member is a vital one. 2GO Expected To Attend Event Here On Sunday A crowd of approximately 200 is expected to attend the outing of thu Mechanical Department of the United States. Rubber Co., to be. held on Sunday at Linden park. Frank Klonoski,, general chairman of the event Indicated today that everything is in readiness for one of the finest events of its kind that the Mechanical Dopar- mtnt has ever sponsored. Chairman Klonoski today expressed his appreciation to the committees' members of his committee who as- shmjld be obtained." The reported notes that records of the board of education were found accurate and well kept as far an expenditures and receipts- ore'concerned, but said inspection of the minutes .of the board meetings 'did not reveal any Indication that the board officially took cognizance at the fact that expenditures for the year were considerably In' excess of the budget. .Budget deficits in other dcpart- 'inentii included: General administration, S2,e88,C2; public works, $139.73; health, and sanitation, $1,179.78. Surpluses were: Public safety ,$181.40; public welfare. $3,779.25;' ,-. ^general appropriations, $722.19. •'. - I>KAD AT 75 Stiff leld. Aug. 5—<UP>—A for-' mor first selectman of Suffleld is dead. George -Afcel Peo'ka'luvm dliHl at his homo- yesterday at the age of. 7C>. For nia'n.y years he was Democratic chairman of the SeveiKh Senatorial district. Three Naugatuck Youths Enjist InlLS.Navy The following Naugatuck youths have enlisted, in the United States Navy at Waterbury during the past week: George D. Patten of. 788 Rubber aven'un, Wallace -H. -Tori-ill of 7E Ward street, and George J.. Poulin of 13ast Waterbury road, Robert S. Crosby of North circle, Beacon Falls, was also among those j ;i.r.d Mrs 1 . Slanley"Eakanas, of Fern sisted"-him so ably in drawing up the plans for the outing. At the final meeting of the committee held on Friday, it was decided that pensioners of the Mechanical Department, would be guests at the outing. Tickets for this group will bo available at Linden pork on Sunday. Naugatuck Daily News Gift Brings Servicemen's Thanks Private Clifford H. Hotchkiss writes. from Camp S(.ow,irt, Georgia. to. express his appreciation for tho 'leather memo book that The News is sending to all Naugatuck Education Board Session May Be A Real Battle The August meeting of the board of education next Thursday may develop Into • tho /first real battle that that group ''has indulged in many a year. It is indicated that the matter of appointing a' teacher to replace Lauriston Noycs who resigned in June, has developed into an im- service men and women.' - 1 Posse that may or may not broken at the next meeting. be Two Naugatuck Patients Are In St. Mary's Now Two Naugntuck persons who are patients at St. Mary's hospital in Waterbury are .reported to be making excel lent progress. Mrs, Irene Fitzgerald of Millville Avc,, is reported to be making satisfactory progress, while Eleanor Bakanns, the daughter of Mr.- Private Hotchkiss' note is as folows: ' "Hi Folks— "Received your gift of the leather memo book. Thanks for sending it. It sure WAS nice. All the boys here thought it was a swell gift. I am feeling fincT Have .completed basic training, eight weeks of artillery mechanics school and two weeks of bivouac in the wilds of Georgia. Now waiting for orders and delay enrontc furlough. Hope all is .wpll in Naugy. We have plenty of hot weather and thunderstorms here. Thnnks again for l.hc memo book. I. have hopes of being in Naugatuck 'soon." ., Seaman 2-C "Jaclt" Jones of the United States Navy who has. just completed his "boot" training at the Sampson, N .Y., Naval Training Center and is now home on furlough stopped at The News office recently to express his appreciation for his memo book which he received while at Sampson. He was deeply appreciative oC the kind thought on the part of The News and indicated Hint the book-would be of groat help to each serviceman or woman. —Cash paid for musical Instruments, pianos, radios, phonographs. who enlisted for service with Uncle, street is recovering from an oper- '-Metro Music. Mart, 88 Church St, Sam's bluejackets. ation on- her wrist. Tel. 5287.—Adv. Candidates for the position are Miss Elizabeth Mecgan, principal of Central avenue,' school and Miss , Elizabeth Casg of Meadow street now Naugatuck high school librari an. , It is indicated that three Democratic members of the board are for the appointment of Miss Meegan with the ,(J, O. P. members foi Miss Cass, A pirvatc meeting o! the board is understood to have been unable ' to break the deadlock. One" method of circumventing- the controversy for the moment would be the use of a substitute in connection with the Naugatuck high school opcninp in September. Superintendent of Schools Harold E. Chltlendcn will also report on tho financial conditions of the schools, playgrounds progress, etc. Staff Sergeant Ellard 0. Nelson Has Great Record In Air Corps SAYS HE WAS BOBBED Boston, Aug. 5—(U P>— A New York city soldier claims that he has been held up and robbed of $200 in the north end. Private Emmanuel Schaffer told police that two men wearing Navy uniforms took the money from him. —Don't miss tile big saving* In tlic August Sale of Furs now underway at Ka.p)m<>lX NaugiUiick'* Fashion Center, Church rtreet,—Adv. ' - <S|>cclal To The Xcws) A Ninth Air Force Thunderbolt Base, France, Aug. 5—Staff Sergeant Ellard (Red) O. Nelson of Naugatuck, Conn., landed with the advanced detachment of the first lighter group of the U. S. Army Air Forces to begin ^operations from French soil. ~~ "Red" is considered by his superiors as being one of the best crew chiefs on a Ninth Air Force P-47 Thunderbolt there is in the European theater of operations. He has sent his airplane "Leaky Joe" up on combat missions for 50 consecutive times without it having once to return because of a mechanical difficulty. "The boy from .Connecticut sure knows how to handle his tools." said his pilot of him. "Yes, it's sure a pleasure for a pilot of a Thunderbolt to know-he has someone like "Red" working oh the airplane." The fighter group Sergeant. Nelson is in depends on its crew chiefs to keep the P-47's in good.order »o that the airplanes can support the infantry and other ground forces. Daily the aircraft take off to dive bomb and glide bomb enemy fortifications, strong points and gun emplacements as well as strafe Nazi truck convoys and troops. They also aid in keeping: Luftwaffe opposition on the ground or knocking them out of the air when they do come up. Scrgt. Nelson landed on Normandy shores amidst an air raid by German bombers. He, was driving a 'refueling unit containing more than a thousand gallons of 100 octane gasoline. From his neatly dug fox-hole "Red," a former employe of Platt Bros, in Waterbury, said: "I'm glad to be here in France doing something to win this war." The Platt company reported that Sergeant Nelson was a very excellent worker, and that his last address when he 'left to' enter the service in September. 1S42 was 68 Railroad avenue, Beacon Falls. Enemy Is Trying To Escape From British - American - Death Trap YANKS MAY REACH COAST OF SOUTH BRETON SOON American Bombers Again Are Active In Air Over Europe (By United Prcns) Front reports from Brittany claim about one-half of the peninsula is in American hands. Some Yank tank columns are racing at the rate of 30-milcs every 24 hours—comparable to the Red army's fastest advances on the Russian front. Our men are 31 miles north of Nantes, 36 miles northeast of St. Na?.aire, six miles from St. Malo; and within 80 miles of Brest at the western tip of the peninsula.. .Reports reaching supreme headquarters in London aro trailing anywhere from 32 to. 24 hours behind the actual fighting. Thus there is no definite knowledge of the exact whereabouts of many spearheads. All Allied spokesmen agree there has been no sign of any -serious organized German resistance. Word is expected at any moment, that General Bradley's forces have reached the south Breton coast— to seal the fate of the German-held half of the peninsula. : O*ur advance into-southern Brittany penetrated into the department', of 'Morbihan—where French patriot forces have.-been steadily sabotaging the- Germans, In re' cent-, w'ceks, ..they have -killed • hun- dr«d»_.of, enemy *oldiers. at a cost -of -300 -of ^thelr^wn men. At the hinge of the Normandy (Continued on Page 8) Mrs. John Ostroski Passed Away At Home This Morning Mrs. Catherine (Lowrcy) Ostroshi, wife of John Ostroski, died early this morning at her residence, 41 Culver' street. She had resided Jn N'augatuck for 44 years and \\TIS born in New York 48 years ago, Mrs. Ostroski was employed at the Carton plant of the U. S. Rubber company. Besides her husband, she leaves "one son, John S., or Naugatuck, three sisters, Mrs. A. Sweeney, Mrs. Lawrence B. Way and Mrs. John Loughman, all of New York, also one halt-brother, Edward J. Martin, and one niece, Mrs. John Farrell of Xcw York. Mrs. Ostroski was a member of the American Leg-ion auxiliary, No. 17. The funeral will be.held Monday at 8:30 a. TO. from the Buckmillcr funeral home, 22 Park place, to St. Francis' church at 9 o'clock \vhere a solemn high Mass will be c«Ie- bratcd. Interment will be in St, James cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home this evening from 7 to 10 and Sunday from 2 to-10 p. m. Local Residents Are Members Of Sanatoria Assn. In the 40th annual rcport-of the Guy-lord Farms- association -vchich is the operating agency for- the Gay lord Farm sanatorium at Wallingford, where some of the greatest, strides-have been made, in th« control of tuberculosis, several Naugatuck residents aro listed nji members of the association and contributors toward its' maintenance. . ' Austin L. Adams of Middlebury, former Naugatuck resident and very well known hero, is a member of the executive committee of the association. Two pafientg from Naugatuck arc included in those at the sanatorium in the post j-car. Local members and contributor* to the association include Mr. and Mrs. Charlo* L. Berper.-Rcv. J. J. Fitzgerald, Miss Martha Johnson, John M. Russell Mfg. Co., George Shamlian, Carlisle B. Tuttle, Donald S. Tuttle, Mr»: G.. Dana Warner and Mrs, Roberta N. Whitto- more, > —When your appetite IK n bit j»d- ed, and yon nr» looking- tor wome- thlnr different In food. nto|» at. Jeff* Itartaurunt, Churdi St.—Adv.

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