Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 27, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1916
Page 7
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1 ft! In? •njjT', CKNT A wnpt HF.I.P FF.MAT.F, FOOTBALL OONFLRB'liL AWT! LIQUOR ItAGUE .FIGHT FOR PATRONAGE *- 3 y W. FOR SALE REAL ESTATE CONGRESSMAN TAKES WIFE M,,, M~, y C:i;,.-l: 0,., ,-^-rr f;*, r ^ j"ff ',% 1. , Mifrr T«H-->y. i-'!- ' \ div'nl'.i h.-'MA'-a (hf> "Organ Pti^jlrd Him. . .-, .i t ,-,,'•.!-. \Vhen I!'i-.--e!l v. :r !•"• Vent-' "Id t:.- - ,.,. |..,.,| :;->• Vl«i|.'d at hi-- iH!iir>- home, '.vl,,-!.' lie ••;. 'I.-- LI'!.-" « w.-i" nllo'.ved to druni mi 'he plnno. A : ;'' ' " '•" ''''*' few i1a\- hili-r h<- MCM! to \i>-U - h!- '' ''. \,'' ' ' ' '' ' ' ' ' ! -,'.-' „. - - ' ' . , ^ ^ ,,, j ........ -.,-,,,,., ; }|e !') .'!!'•>' I" f •"! In dinni. \Vhi n he i couldn't mi'Uf H -»nnd. he 't.p|i.'d « , , , , , O:<"f -ind MoralR. tun I- ;>!|d looKe'l lit il In dl' i-'ll -I !l !>)" , i,i ! :"MOII-. Jh-n.mtc and do."tors \vtio men!, tinl-i !i>- tU'tiid l'; : ' , an-l tfli-d . !• I ' iH'alu (Id's time u ill i mm h f..i < e and '''''' '"' ' ' '''''' - ' '' ' ; , .. their ' :•<"•'•: upnti th'- iii'.r;!!-: ami dis , *h'i||fei! : ''Piano, \\ .,!>.. up. : ' < •.l">--Hi.m ni human hciir,"* and animals, , , i-hii .1 thai they can de!"imin>' the char- Fivf Language':, to Toll It. actor of food i-iitin hi the phys|n(:A man in mn of Carihoii's (Me.) : nom.i. Th!'- l.iein;: Itite. il hehonve--: s!n,*-. i-i'-"i Ml-, Iminlred for •.nmetWnc IP-, in . the Interest of otir rl^ht fn j In the « Jerin:ili I a lil-'na;;. . The del 1, re- ( hi /, Ui > . lo i-iiiiline olll' die', to such; piled ill Fi'mh. A h\-.tatlthr repeated fin'!'-, a < are (he nllics nf he'lllt.V, it mi j the i|iie-t Inn in S M i-di-11 ; a no I he r a pi in not ii •» di-inon--! nid d i iieinii"-'. |>y Mrat Spots, Th- vhlto '-po!'-.- MI dKhe- . !M! he T'emov*' fn h 1'ifd on them, The Ul_ul should he rnhhed. in '.<l'h !!M- fir.j;yr<-'. >Jf th" '-111 V tn |o;n e the laid n|) I) fl-U I! I-; then rnhhed oft -Aith n soft clnih. The lard will nni i'.ilure the (itii'-h of the tnhle. A llnely polished dining f.'dile. otherwise ruined hy hot d|s!n-«, dill he thus reclaimed. CHICAGO STOCK MARKET, >••! \[.r, M I:'-''-' iiM-J F'AKM. f-H> CASH :•':.! ?;. mo;,'!.!-, . •,,i in!'-., •-! ..: i-' \' ": >!>i-!dv pl'-l'.!' t.\ e I I'tld. I lo-r- !" 1 !•'.- til',| I., I-:. Wl itl. f,,T- pl,"!,-:4l 'M'h« :" d f>>!> i-,f..'. "i ••'(.,,! Mni.;;.-i A - i 7 J N' V I.If.- I"- 1 .: . K-in.- •>'-• ' ':'-• Mo CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. ' •}.:> ..I'.. ii! . I I, • , 1 • >!•: SAM; •'-1 ! >l \ 'i:< A i ' • in 1"!-! ill <-|tv "f i r« »i: iti-:NT i \\'< t Kit-it I Port,-,.-, K, M ii<>r si: ]; K;, I is; ,,K.-n Itto I •• - - -Hhu; Will la!-:<' | '''' 'I' U^NT i!i,c or (v-.o (.atii-s "i hni" '••• |o part j 7-r<>"rn h< p.iMmnt. ,1"hn M. !!)!(-|:h y. Hot hi hou*- keep In ••.<•.. fJ • p. : !l! U\ '- '•• . ..f!'). •• .'!•;! TilM'i -!!"( P.e'l IV" -\V. M •Hi. (IMS JN M(it»ElUt, SITUATION WANTED n r i i!l Jli II !'i"]Hl nft<T 9 144tfj The Grcatrr Need. i "1 am ^ery Inj'iv." vaid th" ItncHtor, • "de\ isini: a raiii,-e tinder uhhh--" • "<iiind Lord, man," >ald (h" Mil'-nrhnn- Never Satisfied. "J'lic <-:i|iUilii ni' ilir '•hip ilitnititfk \VIIN mi mil' of<-ii', ^rctiliy i"i.:i' ; p<-nit- i-il hy (In 1 ('(linplnint'; nf He- tut-ii ill th'' fiU'i'i-aHth- ni' tin- ijn:i!i!y nf flic ini'iil ^iijiplli-i! tn tln'iu. "S!nir". :ili' 1 xvoii't dcfiy thdf It xlimits." lie ^ulil, .•IK m\(. iif (he innh'oiiti-titM t'rmj^hl n repeiiled Hie IJ Ho-d i oil, UNJIIJ; Spanish. • —- <»f cotirse lie- yiinvoi".i!iliin vva-- trail'.- . A Boy on Ship, •'»>. "wlint a waste of time. What (he ] paitlculni !y nlTenslve morsel f..r his In- latcd into linKlf^'i for the h.-uelil of (he Mere's a hoy's conip.^llloii mi ships: \ world needs Is no! a rantre liiuler hut ; speetlon. "fnif you hnys are nlwnys oJliers ulio were present, making live ' "Shipw nrc useful for eolnt: to fnr- ?n ( ' 1 > l > li 'inder Unit will slay « hen found .! "ruml.dlnt' and. hedad. If you em hal.ed lanmiMi'i-s spoken, •'(«" countries in teach siivmrev hnw I I'.v tile nun.-!"! already Incaled." i ancel for dinner you'd jcn'.n! -ihoiit So dress. Jf (hero worn no ships pen-j 'he sttiflhi'." Oil From Waste.' I 1 ' 1 ' would tmi no to the meuscutu to : Utterly Needless. j\ fi t eio!-\ ha . h'-i ii huili ni l.uhi'c. H| ''' models. .Sailors are very hu*'y.~.- A jealous woman is so clever iii that Avoid Thl». Me. for Hie purpose of evtraetlni: oil : nietj ami are nlnnys clie\\liiu (ohaccti i line herself Unit It IK n won»!er s'ht< [ W«' often ills-card fln^ nrong 'cards, from herrini; \\ti-ite nnd nuikltii.' dried '" pi'event sciisiekncss. I'oels p»t u ; e\cr ein|ilo\-i n prlvnle deledtvc.— nnd sotnetlmes It happens thnt way flMi scrap from the le^idm'. ' HvliiK with writlni; nhouf shlp.s." ' Ali'llisnn Clnhe. with Of Whiteside and Lee Counties If you are tfoing- to hold an auction would you w*int to wipe the farmers of ton of the richest townships in Whiteside and Lee counties off the map? That is what you would do if you fail to advertise your auction sale thoroughly in, The Daily Gazette. , " __^ The Daily Gazette is the only local paper that has a general circulation in ten pf the rich townships tributary to Sterling 1 . They are: Genesee, Jordan, Hopkins, Sterling, Cdbnia, Hume, Montmorency (m Whiteside), Palmyra, Nelson, Harmon (in Lee County). The Daily Gazette circulates hundreds of papers in Polo, Milledgeville, Morrison, Lyndon, Erie, Prophetstown, Tampico, Deer Grove and Dixon, outside of the townships named, thus it is of service -to auction sales in a larpre territory outside of these townships. ., < l>ut if a farmer intends to hold an auction anywhere in the ten rich townships named he Simply Wipes Them 1 Off the Map unless he uses The Daily Gazette for his advertising 1 . Or .if a farmer uses other advertising of any kind he will find it costs much more money to g-et half the service The Gazette gives every day. If a farmer lives outside of the ten townships named he wipes the rich farmers. in these rich townships oil' the map so, far as j>'L>..ttinir them to his auction is concerned if lie fails to advertise thoroughly in The Daily Gazette. The Gazette is Not a Hand Bill The Gazette is not tacked up on the cold cornel's to be read. It g'oes into the warm homes a welcome guest at the fireside. The Gazette is read daily by thousands of farmers, when they- are comfortable, when they have time and are in a reading mood. Auction 'sales that, are properly advertised in The Gazette have itable. * Thev'will continue to be profitable.- - ^\ 1 9 \ The (Jazette i reeds to bring only one real bidder to an auction sale to pay all the ru.-t i»f running the full bill of the largest auction full six days in this paper. Any farmer holdinf an auction within fifteen miles of Sterling, cannot afford t«> \vipe i.'n I'icn toNvn.-hhr;. •>!!' the map and that is what he does if he rt Illle. M' -l '<! I -..' N- • i it.s- N.. ,.' -,\ hit.-, ."-I ''i -M I I, N" !\ In:,- '.I I » 'i .,': 1 --J; No. 1 ^ hp. ! -.. •: .I .". - I; Sid . -.1 .".. I ••! .'..'::-1. It- r N.. ,;. j i .'.!'-( i ,;:,. STERLING CITY MARKETS (I 'of recteij 1 1,-lilV ) ( Mo.' >•;•• I >il!on i 'otni'anv.) New No. .'. yellou' torn v ! New No I \ r!!..w i urn v . '• i "'i AUCTION SALES PUBLIC SALE. M\vi .•' of .",(.• tie\v. on Lincoln LIVE STOCK. (I'ipprrt l!fi'« .V I'l.V JS.Oli',-) LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. Dairy — Retail. Ihilisfi'i il rreiUlleiy hutt<'f l»alry huticr Dsiry — Wholesale. Dairy hiiltcr ..................... S^'e Kro.«"li (-Kf:M ........................ < ! V New Verjetabiea. (A. J. (ii»rfh-».) Hriul letluce, per head ............ 10c Celery, wch ................ ...... So Ciirnrnhern, ench Parnley . . .......... .......... , •«.: iv, tn !H> -41. Ill \\ilh"U! ti;i(MVi', a;< I !!iU ;>.! tn tnnvi- tn Mli hii'.'in, i>n \Vi:i >,\i;S!>AY, .1ANTAUY 3. '|M- f.'ll.iwitn: d.-'irrlln-d prnpi-rtv: 12 IH:AI> M'I|'.SI-:H -<;niy Kii.nm: o >•'.->! ^ nhl. wi-ii;ht 1. •»<•'! Jim.; !>;iy tceldini: 4 >-e;ir.'i eld; ehi--aniit (mrrel nmrc ill yciii'M nhl, f;ilnily hlvU"; h:i>' malt' H; \i u" n!;i : t-pin nf hhu-k itKir.' 17" i'!d, rtiiiHl w"rk team; - >:• IdliiK" eiiritnn: ,'! yenrs nld; I inure* eoinlnw H >.-iii-'; ','. i;»'!(lin»:i« enniini: - vrarn. All ••nits .in- --iri'il l>v I'M. Kr.ifi'f' hnr.'ie. :!7 HI^AP SHOHTHOHNS I'misif-t- mi: cf IS enw.H, ' II nf these are |iur<> l.ii-d. h.ilanee hli;h Crudes. MIUII" «>f ihi':n- itro fresh, ollK-r« will !••• uhoiit -•ile time; 13 hulN. H of these are pure en, -1 nf these hlllln hl erinin:h fnr scrviee, Inehidiric hull, hal.-llice are hint dpi IllK Mild alves; ti tiilven. :i PulN and ' IFOR SALE--MISCELLANEOiril l.'ia I • 1 -- --• - - • (,... i Pl'lIMi' SAM! Th- undersi.irnfd- ,,,,,,..( l.:n mi d. i id' d I" ri)"',.' :tv,-ay Witt I •'il a I In--, i.-'>d. ni-i-. I'- ms!e« >-mith*' : i-'-.t "f Sl'iiitii; "n * ( .'hn 1 ^d?i> , .iftfl*: n,u\ tth. !"17. the f..|l'.«mi; .•i ti 1 S !>., ,,.d of linr-"< '• and vs h.-ad "f cattle,. ;';. ef dureej .'n I M v I'l.'i'd H"U •;; jl f;sll litn«" f a t in i in ph m' n I * . h a l m"^ an».l h 1 i: !<-•<. • !. Pi re limcli at 11 o'c|r. Sa(. Is nfli-r Tetm«, .'um-^ "t I'.l* 1 aiM.I nnd* r ea-.-h; t> that fimoiint it 'I. dlt of 1:' m lltlie \\iil I..- .1. I \ l n on liatlk.'thlr dtawiir..' "i\ pi-ici-nt interest fti>Mt] dale of .-ilt- Jhir.h > ,1'lnmlev and Hewitt. am .1. li. l',"--i. ch-ik. !5»>*tl 3 heifers. This 'Is a K»nd thiifty Idt "f cattle. Send, for cataloKiie. S HF.AI) (HHH) oXFullD l)l)\VN SI 1F.KP -Seven ewefi, one hitck. ST. 1IKAD «)F ItOCS -I'n I'olnnd China hrood'HoWM, 2 .stock IHIKM. one '•'.mim; ) y«>ar. 1 cnmitifc " year.-" old. 2 sows with fi II!K^ cat'li, halnnce fall P!KM. Hi H'SF,H< iLD (!«)()nK—DlnlniT tn« j j;ood an new. .lust lh«- thlim hie and chairs, I cook Htove, 1 Wonder I delivery. W, S. Keener. \Vi.b < >;ik heatini; stove. 1 I'enlnMtla chunk avenue. Sleilliu;. Hell 0X7-1. Move. ^ hedrnoiri miitM, 1 (iniihl «.- Sclniff piano, tahleM, ImncheH. Jarx, vlnefiTtr. Ijnitr can and nutni'i'miH artli leu. l-'<>lt S I!ri|l. Wyanilntte pullet*. . l-'.illM. ]".<>- l-'"lt SAM-: N.-iM'ti hM-iiklnc cart ?^i t lou;i:v ha. tne*;^. ^et doll hie C Int; harm:' Urns land's fenl * 15.0. PI')!!.1C SAM! 1 will *,"il at nurti«i| on the Wm. .Matthew farm in Ua lick, ithmit nun- mileH northw«-j«t .M'irrl'ioti and one mile'we^t of Co) M'hool house on TiH-.«!^iiy, .1. -, HMT, with fn<e lunch at niH> lmme<ll(itel}' after, cattle, ;« fel horse.H, Inood f<iiw«, chickens. CM Oiit8. hay, corn fodder, clover seed corn. farm machinery. t'Htial terms. 1!. (•rlowskt. !:".»>FOU SA'l.i; A pair nf ll^ht boh FAU.M MAC1HNKUY- -Two Inniher \v;ii,->n«. one with triple ^.\; Miller niiinnre spreader, truek, |)eerln« 7-fnol hinder, UecriiiK' enrn hinder, Saiidwk-h 3H-fnnt corn elevnttir, J; ..... 1 as new, with jaek to run with enulne; 2 now V:ik eninhlne rnrii plnw.M with wirfare uttai'hinentH. 1 Mitrfare |ilow,_, 1 Kiner- 11 L L > I V (llll^Illf't * O » t t »'l* * jr.-- •» f __, * .„..„.; S 5 ""n w.'ilklnK plow. I Itluh Kl.vInK •- 11 *" Dntchiniin iduw. 1 X-Uny _ _ plow, 1 1-4-lnch walklnw plow, one S- Minnt>«'/i!ii po(ii'to«'R, hti $1 ~ T > s..,-tion OriiK. 1 <llfc with loHKiie trncU. Swee! potato.4. Jorwy. 6 H.B 2Rc . ' •'lliintx M.-.l.T. 1 Malk 1 Mll- ., ,. M. ,> IhH ................... 1'H rt. futu-y, (|t .............. U»c ' wunkie rnnwer, 1 < le.'in Sweep liny 1(m(|( , r , Tl!onmH i lliy tedder. 1 Deere N(| ,, ( , nru j,| ant ,. r( i , n tik nick, -' hay ' l-'oll H A J, 1C -:''(> hjirred mck elfi. $i.iN In Mathew, Hound Clove, each, OR SAIII: i-'nri: KXTKA S!n rtlmrn hulls, Hcotcl) _ .Stewart Miithews. Hound f*rov«. J)ec. 19. 20, 22, 23, KOH MAI.K--ONI'; U. FLAT cornet. litKli and Inw jiitch. ftn* ditlon, *;i;'.. J. J. 141 ISAKCAIN KdH HALli—O(«W overcoat. I.litle worn. Alan floe Oil fi.'il-H. Green nninnK, hnncti *i' r :»cUsi, 1 r.b-Kiillon feed cooker. 1 h"l Sjiltmch, Ih ...U'Hc nh'd. t K.-ilv:inl/eil tank. L'MiXl" tt -"' l -i... ,. .,.., ... ,, C'elerv cnhhitj-o 13o -"'"' >'» »"«': i:»> f""< Kas jiipes. 1H j I "K .SAI.K- line n.ller trip oa«; , f ' 5 „„.,,. ,.,.„„„ t . ut ., ;IW , HHdiUe. Cowhoy JilltMl.le for l,U«!nirHS JJUrpOSCS.. ';" " ' " i,v tank he'iter, whei-ilVai row. )0-font lad- *;•". Half price. doud «.s t-(lUHf<i' u ^ ., ( . r j ;r . lit;H Hceder, 3'4 nets of work hur- Al-o a iMird i-unahnut $76. M rnr«l«'V. tii'MH and 1 hreeching haritefs, 1 dip- Knox, K.niinl c;r<ivi>. funrnero' j», Dry (inion^, Ih. TiniKHclH M|innit« <'n«iiha ineloiiH . . l^eal lettuce, enW Bcots, hunch . tank, Hy in-tn, Wnterlon Hoy I , .,,,, j Ml wcr Corn P. -It : f. ed 1,'rltnler, - shoveling hoards, huns- i hoards, jihniit 1T» li.ns clover hiiv In ;!>arn. three doxen K<>«'<1 I'.aired Uocl- tnonlh:< old. I tair- MI80ELLANEOV8 ,«.i-i a . .o.-.v,.. " „ , ( .,, m ,, ,„,,, (< m ,, llUl:i ol.l. I MI nrt-on pei-per.,, .1 for ^ ,' ( , v ' , -, ttu ^ , Htl , H ,„„,.,.. , New eahhu^e, Ih .- -,,,,.„..,,j,, ni ,| j, ay loader, 1 Craiul Uelo t'anllllnuer l;.4i'::-f ..;,,,,; j.jow. Kahl 1- 1- :C , S;i|e to cnrnnieiic-e :>l I 1 ' o'clock. 1'ree Oranges, ('rtllf.. down 3& f (f*>i'c Uuich at nonn. ,<"!ni|H) fruit, eiich . 1/emonH, ilox Whltn Kiiipe.'), Ih. . grupe.i. .S',jl"i- TKIIMS---AI1 suiniH of and under. .............. ao<s i «i\ ( . <"jNh. Dver thnt iiinonnl a credit of IV : months timo will he Kiven on npiiroved hoie heurlllK r < 1»T ''""t interest fnun dale if paid when due; otherwise Holly vvreiilliK ....; ".' lp c •• - p, r cent frorn date of Siile No prop!•, ih. ~""',i t tv ri-nioved until M-tth-d for. „.,.,,.,.„ ' \y. ,1. MAIUO. j 11. I,. • Harrink'ton. .Ceo. II. Hnrtre, 'llenrv !•:. OI.IK Auctioneer.;; M. K. \Vil- AUOTIONEERS F. »). U(!.MMCY, I<IVK .STOCK reiil ewtate unctltmeer. Have Bold more nul«'» than any "auetionei>r in i SieiliiiM; and Hook l-'alhs Hince lu'Kin- r.ini; iMjHlnt'H.s. My IOUK lint nf j-alis- , ih d patnuiH are sufficient referi'tiCf. ! Co anywhere. Make datc« early, li''!! j r, Clerk. )),.<'. "^. 23. l-il, ':T. •;!>. 30. LEGAL NOTICES ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Co anywhere. Muiio iiaicn euriy. H,.U j ;;f lilSt ' " f I '' l ' t ' tl '' 1 '"'. k ^'" l t> , <1 ''V' ' a '",' 1< , 1 ' i u ii.,,. snnr w.-ui <-!i V i>i ' he nnderiilnned h.-ivlm; l.i-i-n ap- phone. He.siaeme illUb VVi«t Mxlh , ,,„,,, „,„„„,(„„.„„ ix of the e.Mate of St., Sterling. l-'reih rick Srott. lute of the I'minly of ! Whiteside nnd Slate of Illinolti, decenM- A, I.. «'(»!•:, AtK.'Tin.N'KKH, HOCK . ,,,| hcrehy f;n'.-s notice that .she wil! Fall.-!. llitve had experience in till J ;,,,,„.;,,• bei'oie tin- County Court of kind.s of .stales. Hold miles anywhere j \vjdteside County, at the Cou,rt llon.-i. and everywh-le. Cuarantef !ih»oh>t» j j n ,\|,,i rl^on. at tin- .March li-ini, on th.. nutif-faclion. fan refer yuu to si lotiii , ti rs | .Monday in March which of fi|il!.-<tled ciudoinerH. Kce Ili» j ti,,,,, ,,|| pi'ison^ having clalli^ ai-.ain.Nt for tlale.s. litdh phoin-H. : S;i j,| rntale an- notilii-d and i c(|in'.sli-d — — —• - " ~ MO attentl tVir the purposi- of having the I C. Ciid.M AND SON'. A t 'CTM IN- : sain.' adjlinted. (i-t;,. i'ol.-ta or Milh-d^i'V ille. We Iliuk* All pel'MHIM inilchtei) to : : ,.|d e.-lale u hpeclall y of Hiictli'n «ah-H. ('oiuiiu; i.ue r< qm-Nted to make linnn'dnite 'pa;> - inaii.v unles every year and can n-f.* , nn-nt to the iiinlersiKiiet). yon In many MatiMlled customer.* \Vi : |).it.-d this twentieth day of IVrein- j;n-'i'[ani'-,i-ai.sohite .satisfaction. U'riU-' !.)•!-, A. I >. r.»ll>. or phone MM for date;-!. Lot lie A. S.'ott, Adiniiu.>( i ,i( i ix. — - —-- -- - — ^ Carl 10. Slu-ldnn, Attorn.-y. :;K»>I«;K c. t-'uiMK, i.ivi; .s-fot-K | . ..uu,.^,.,,.,.,,,,.,, 1 ,'^:,-— .L_- : .L_^liLJ!; iinclloni er, Hixon. III. iiavesold jciiro hre<I Ntot'k in several bliiti'.s the Rioht Place iis-arton. Hutlnfted i-flhtoiiierH my ' " I'AI'l.KVS IJ P.llal, . haMement <. irner Konilh HtH. XJA.N' IJHOM. ttliCHKHTUA- date.s call U. II. Irfigan, Bell MIO.V! --OIMI II.MJHTRATKD CATJ iojjue explaltiH how Wft teuch the , her trade iiuh'kl.v, mailed frw. Moli IIurhtT College, ChicuKii. AUTO KIHK A.MI> THICFT 1N*8ITI .'illCe. Life nieinhelKhlp $('.. \*t dUe.s $1. Also Auto Liahility, and Accident linaii an«'i'. Will yon to HCC Hie. Jolian H, lim-r, 1 rence Hldn. 1^7-» WANTED \VA.S"i'l:i) 'I'he rhilanthropic cm mil tee W'ltld appreciate it, V* much if Home I'huritahlc tils pit.-on would fttrnlhh tlutn with, \\atdrohe m which the hotter clot! IDK could he M(nr-t.i<) until ni Call licil phone t!3l -H. 15.J-1 \VANTI-:i> l-'.mir nr liv farms ronlllN fol ilnllt ho|iKi-k«M'J>{|ltJ. dre»H la™ ^'nd avenue. 143-U \VANTJ-:D HIDIOS. FFUS A.^U kind?- of junk. 1 also have a nice of l''»rd tire* at rea.snnahh- pri -II would pay you to investigate fore .sellhiK .\our junk or haying ti U. ."i|anli.'ld. JJ All fiil.ft promiitly aitviui- I'd Plume or write fnp dal«H. "Itcally. Kale." said ilie \m; ANTKD I-LI-:AH.\ .H - wm Id's must prolltahl«> (jincklv IcMCWid, Write for -01 itith Street. Moliue, II!.. Trt- Jiarher College. WANTKD SKC<*ND-HAM.> AU"f< ninliiles. uill pay the hiKhtst Also sell all ktnds nf r.-patcs l • -st pi ices p. ild for all kinds of )n considcrahle uKitaiion, "I ani very] and tdd.-.-i. Mike, l In- |i !.• Tuikr. Ki»rry 1 lost my head juid Kissed you. I phom-.s. ^/^^^u'la.^li^n.ade^^^r I"'H,!,,', «h,,l . «,,s doin, ' „ ,s| n ^ , ^ ,7^ ,71,^1^7^ l-'arm and .--lock i-ah-H my .-.pi-ciali.v " - s "i'i «.'L' tcinporar;, in-'inilv in nnr j hides nnd tins. Mailman's 5i,i l.\\pi ri'-in ,• has t.i-.-n in-y t.-acht-r fsunily." "Well. Hoy." replied thej .^h«.p, in i' I'ii.t Ave. \oinii-: wotunn, ".if yon rv,T feel nn> more Mich attucKs ciiniini; mi, yon hud •re your in i! la!,,- care i',ik holh J^n^.Ih'h and to !in.,f: Until phi»!ie:i. 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