Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 3, 1964 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 10
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TO Friday, Apr. 3, 1944 Redlands Daily facts Lemon Juice Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into a pan as Csh cooks to keep it white and firm. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads FIGHT OVER TV FLORENCE, lUly (UPl)- Police were holding Emilio Fanfani, 77, an old-age pensioner, today for stabbing and wounding his son-in-law in a fight over wliich television channel to watch. Police said Fanfani wanted to [hear Premier Aldo Moro's ip- I peal against inflation, while Gino Guidotti, the now hospial- ized son-in-law. wanted to tnne in soprano Anna Moffo. SPRING CARPET SALE! A NEW LINE JUST IN-"Lido Shores" 100% continuous filament nylon woven into a carpet that never needs pampering. New beauty, new richness, new luxury and durability Special purchase allows us to sell this for only $5»95 sq. yd. NO MONEY DOWN — 36 MONTHS TO PAY. THREE FINE STORES TO SERVE YOU REDLANDS — 100 Orangt — 7f3-S89 YUCAIPA - 35119 Yueaipa Blvd. — m-1121 HIGHLAND — 2720« E. Baseline — M2-5t5( This Is The Week Once mere w* remind yev, prune your fuchsias and ger-. tniumt. They will start fo grew again very soon if net immediefely, a\ which time yow can start giving plant food. As the early-flowering Iris, Christmas Rosas and other perennials go out of bloom, lift them and divide. Now is the time to plant your Tuberous and Fibrous Begonias seedlings. Give tfiem some shade in hotter areas. Keep weeds removed and don't let ttiem go to seedl How about some "fresh from the gerdcn" vegetables tfu's summer? Your nursery- plants you. already started for FLOOR COVERING — Cocoa woM to woU corpeting a used in the livinfl room of lti« Smith how. Foundation plantings Fojindaton planting of evergreens and dwarf shrubs are used to tie the house to the ground, and add a richer and more-liveable look to the home. According to the American Association of Nurserymen, at man has a good selection of tractive planting will increase . . • i .t 1_ —.1.... nt a home the resale value of a [from 10 to 15 per cent Cffrifs irees a^oilMe for home gardens Not many years back, a gardener who asked his nurseryman, "Caa I plant an orange tree in my garden?" would get the answer: "I don't know. How big is your garden?" . Today, thanks to the wonder- |ful development of dwarf cit- jrus, the answer is simple, "Sure you can". And the best part is that the answer hoUs true even in areas where climate might ordinarily discourage a would-be orchard- ist who would like to harvest edible oranges. In cool climates, members of the California Assodation of Nurserymen plant dwarf citrus up snugly against a south or west wan to trap reflected heat and compensate for the lack nature lhasn't fined. There arc still areas, we have to admit, where all the heat you can trap is not sufficient to ripen a grapefruit, but then, the big ornamental fruit are so showy on dwarf trees it seems a shame to eat them anyway. The propagation of dwarf citrus has reached a place today where your choice is nearly unlimited. Just about any citrus variety that is grown on fan! jSize stock is also available I in dwarf stock. This includes 'Several varieties of orange and jcommercial lemons, not just the more familiar dwarf Meyer lemon. Crop size is admittedly^ smaller on the dwarfs (you can't have everything), but the amount you can harvest often {defies the imagination when you consider the size shrub it comes from. You won't keep a family in orange juice all year from a single tree, but you'll give them many a delicacy' to niunch on. If you have room and hanker to plant a full size tree or two, Don't feed geraniums too much Geraniums planted outdoors in jeood garden soil require little if I any fertilizing. Too much fertilizer encourages rank sucker growth at (he expense of good flowers. But if soil is poor, you may add a moderate amount of : mixed fertilizer containing not over six per cent nitrogen. ISEEKINC SCRUB WOMEN DUNDEE, ScoUand (UPI)I Firemen in Dundee Tuesday asked the city council to hire scrub women because the firemen claimed they spent toe much of their time scrubbing floors and polishing fire buckets. backdrop to any large garden, you'll have a hard time finding anything lovelier than a row of orange trees in full crop. And , a single lemon can be a near by%U means go ahead. Aa *|year round provider. OrthoThe (ardeners (boice! OURGARDEM SPECiAUSTS ARE WELL VERSED IN THE SOLUTIONS OF ALL YOUR GARDENING PROBLEMS. OUR FRIENDLY CLERKS ARE ALWAYS EAGER TO HELP YOU IN YOUR EVERY GAR. DENING NEED. STOP INATANYONEOF OUR FOURCONVEN- lENT LOCATIONS FORTIPS ON GARDENING AND SAV* iNGS ON GARDEN. INCSUPPUES.,. FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU... SAGE'S USELlNE BASEUNEaiESTS., SAN BERNAKDINO SAGES DEL ROSA DaR0SAiHK5HlAN!>. SANBESNAROINO SAGE^MAGNOUA 6491MAGNOUAAVE., RIVERSIDE SAGE'S REDLANDS CYPRESS, REDUkNDS Garden Spray ORTHO SPRAY-ETTE 2 FOR ALL YOUR GARDEN SPRAYINGI ITS FAST, NO PUMPING, NO MIXING, OPE8ATCS ON ANY WATER PRESSURE FROM YOUR GARDEN HOSE. ADJUSTABLE SPRAY, 2 GALLONS. ORTHO WEED- B4iON Ortho's famous weed killerl Kills them roots and QIII Save at Sage's Garden Shop. :^J 't8aMl ,MAUTKlWi,BB^*^; ••.^lllSABilDS . RED SPiOW • FUES . f^OSQUlTOES • "Ljs EFFECTIVE ORTHO TRIOX KiUs vegefafion, pre- vwits growth from on e to 2 years. Useful in drivtwoys, walks, patios, etc. 149 • QUART APHIDS? < FIGHT BACK WITH ORTHO ISOTOX GARDEN SPRAYIISOTOX GARDEN SPRAY IN YOUR ORTHO SPRAY-CTTE 2 ISANEFFEaJVEINSEaiCIDE \ AGAINST APHIDS! ORTHO ISOTOX GARDEN SPRAY IS ALSO EFFECTIVE IN KILLING RED SPIDERS. THRIPS, EARWIGS, UVW MOTHS, CATER. PILLARS, ANTS, FUES AND MANY OTHER INSECTSISHOP SAGE'S GARDEN SHOP TODAY FORTHIS AND MANYOTHER FINE QUALITY' ORTHO PRODUaS. ORTHO ROSEFOOD& DUST KIT Feed your roses plus dust itwffl for insects. 8^Z.B0nLE V 22BVaXw ORTHO Azalea & GanelliaFood With FREE Bookl Complete plant food for odd loving plants. 10 -8 -7 analysis. |69 YahM

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