Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 27, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1916
Page 6
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an K FALLS DAILY C f / r*. On* 7 l-r b.V ,M T« I J.-i (,• K f " -: Vi -f !N- t fo The IfSil i \ rpft.-i-i of t! fn/tiiv M.ii. o {v-f« -•!' "I |nJ» rr--' n, • n t«> miicif. Hf ",v,-i« < "tripf-lici t" "ii '-te "!••• idfi fiivi'T-e.i f with "I l.ix.e ^ <>u Trtity Jnc'.li* I'-"!"! Mr. H-f-m.'i! llfr f[0t Olllv ,'i \ -ft y I'M'.- '. ii Twn CHRISTMAS MUSIC " i n f C h r ' * t m .=> * Contr'-S^ W' I . GI \'f.n Sun r! 3 y * ...,,-! ;( : , I . -Ip >•-•"•! i'; i ,!...,••> < 'i i-.ev ; Smi'l-'i ;'! '• ; !,""n .••' ,_.,,,,.,,,! ,!;.;,,", •' > ' ..'-I ,?,!;,(, V. Ml I-'" !.'i'• ' !t iii ' " " f I h" |i| i-|.!;< ' \ il ll'l f !.'• fliHilil! ft. HOPKINS NEWS M p LD FAfVULY PEUNION lu- ! i-i III i'-' T 1 ." II"! 'n? -< '; ' t ! f •:'< ! v .' \ ; t ' h< t.i'M tr*!'-'i! in Ti-'- ' v, !': < H '<--'• *•' iM !.?!.' I; ,, Hi !„. ,.,,,. ,,f ;h< 1'(;•:•• >'t :• ..f !hi>- !; fh<) • •.-< t :• n • ti >-.'•! e iilat.t I« • ill."! "'!>," M"! a of pft*t '. irj. e l.n! ;• mi.«t j personality fi'id will be tvel- | t ' nVn"'Vi"l!rM^riM!'"?MK n ''l IJ ''' r - V '" '•>' r '" ! ''''"'" r-ll. ' I! Will IT H\«!l •>'• !! ,, , ,. •• . !mi' Ii Sun.i.iv evenlm: : i'!.'", it iXl' U VicT n'hlb'ii'.'.'' ' ' : " "'''"' h '' hl " '""'"' from ntait to tlfi!«h. Mis I s -"'" 111 s * -£ *n me — ,- *• ' ' i- f ^ t - » ^ Si -~ r •" ^— <•,-,•*. r ^ f~7 fo ei* 1 ^ i?lffi tr-p hnit"; not torn on <h#> light p»t npstftifs hffnr" I doff overcoat and. hnt, Bat Ii* i? Johnny on tV *pnf, ', fh.jvhftt in thnl?" *lt* »'\rrv <l»-tiii!. She J|>tT('(MI' <• atxl v ill li"t 'll-tl In ill! tlio«i- v, ho aiitJFl'l of IMT s oicn. IT! itu; i • Ml OWII Til" '!.'! Ml'' "f '• lllV I "'I'he Kv i I:I','M:I; ' FUNERASERVICE MARRIAGE LICENSE ISSUED A itiiirtlnui' lii'i'ii!'i> w.-i-i b"-aie.! .-it he eoimtv cleikV oft Ire rtt Mori i«»n .!,, Mi,-i I'YartC'- H' I I Irk of 1,-e Crli- " HfcM Over Remains Of Mm. Theodore i, r nml Tom H. Cot yell of tliiv in y. Frsnk Monday Afternoon. >'"<" •»••"• '"" ROCK FALLS BRIEFS m.f snipicieti'lv, J really think he triei With all }i\f youthful flrtfulnf«<( to take rne by s«rpri*f, Tlra Wasn't intimftl^d yet that he fonnd ua owt, Bnt fw» and ears fire open wide whenever s&fi'rp nbout. ol MIM. Thro, l-Yank in rit the 1'iiNi I!iipti<--t 1 in Klerllmf Kc\ lltnkl'*. I'>i fj* the church, !.!IU .iled. linri. i Bindf" In the Hock l-'albi cemetery. Jr.- KllMt A. Klpley \\-AK burn In Ohio. D<H-, 20,'I!'If., in Hay*. KancaK. Hhc Rnnr» to KaiiHUH with her husbaml tltlin tun month* UK" to whlli« lie «n.H Htt In ilia! nt'ato. W(?ll for «toni«' tn ho wish to nomi- hut «T8»>'« lJ»--f'H r «> li'T (!<','ith was taken 'with R nfvnro attack of ncplifitN. hlcli n-Hiilti-ii In IHT <l<>atli In splto T till thut could IM> done for JUT. AH a rJillit ntip rnmf with her (uir- 1 «UlB tr> thin Mliilc In 1-S')2, making: lu-r In .Ionian to\v)i;<!i|jt. Jlor lif" (*i>(«nt In this vicinity rxippt a few yciif.i Hi'i'iit' in New YofU. utt«>3id<'(l wchinil in' Nww "-York, fioni she I>M\\CKO SenilnafN :.! nj'dit fe\eral y«»nr« In Hln Ki-raily iipiin-clatc-il (ho anil ln.'iU'iltH of Kii cdticiitlon aiu! «m innplnitlon to her pupil*. On fk-f. '^'.. !S7H. hh<> \VIIM united In to (trsion t'lirlHtic. To thlK worn horn four children. <!uy »Oirlf»tU:, Ml'H, l-Vatik I'olloel,, Mr«. .Mabel «*tiuroh and Mi«. ('hiirch. jglfr. i'hrimle died In January, Js.s.V On Jfinnary -I, iK'.ifi, M|IC married t Theodore KIM ink niid to IlilN union one |3fc<Ift5JKhtf<r W/IM bum. MIUM Liddle KrnnU licr hiiMbiiml and children tbe followinK Hlep-ctilldren M. \V. A. ;iltil I!. X. A. i!;ini'- e'.rrv l''rida> nlclit. \\~oi idnnin hall, Iti-ek l-'allH. I.oyiin's mi be«l i;i.* ! Mr. :ind Mr.". I.''o I>nnnherty .'Hid il:ni«htel. I^'iioni, left for .loliet after xpemllllK the l|.,|lil;iy M..,|...M|I with Ml. un<l Ntifi. John Doin-herty. Ceol'^e illid ChllH H:i!in-n b-ft last ey.-iHin; for Chi.',11,0 where tliey will VIMlt fli<'I)(l». U'aldennir dlnen >t{ Mrn-yev. III. vp'- iteil .'ii. the borne of Mr. nnd Mix. J, Me. ami Mr«, Satifoi'd IJIWMOII of Orion upent «'lir!.'<tmaH with Mi', and II-H. IAV- Wtlkiiui. Mr. ami Mrn. f. M. Harne.M returned home yi'wtenliiy from M wher ,,,, Mr--.. !,. i.! .:-••! i « o d.-nn.-lin i I • ,1 I |iimi''iii-> . Ms "-"' M' '- It"'" '' AIiMtu'W. Mr :n- I Mi 1 - .t.'hn I'miii- !ied -"I-., Mi nii.l Ml Kaviiiniid M'lili- ,.],,,,, ;1( ,,i ,!,.,,,. i,t. ' I ),.|o!l>\ . Mr :ni«l Mi,. | -.nrl Mi !'•- n m.'M :-!id •- ' \\' n |..,| .111.1 i. « V H II. • .IM'l d.HILh!'-!- ' Ml \ , (I, . Mi'< I.' I."! a M It! h.'VV. I!' ! In J-t H ,h.-i : .II . and Wall'" •' Miitl lieu . TREE AND CANTATA •j'li.- i, ,i-h' i. Mi- • l,"'hu .1)1! an,I pn- !»,;•< of (he!: .-. boo! i;n ve .1 I1 f >* and laiilant,'* f.i .U!>' ^r)ioo| honn*- TlMiiKdJiv nS!.;ht !"i S'IM pai-<-nt.K ami Cation.) of tin- • .-iu".| di.'-ti-let. The tiei In.k"(! loyi-Sy m It'- i,|tal );llm; (teeorationx nnd l"-autif!il pr«HenlM. \vhlrh at M hit'' hour i>|d Santa caiii'- ami dlwtrihnti'd amor.i: !tii>, nunieroUH iMltltl'-d "l,oWer rcndcxd h> Uio |I(l--n I'aNMi'li Ical par! of the pr er the other pal t. TREE FOB THE PUPILS , M|M'( llel'-ii 1 1. ttinnii, teacher o the iiopevve'll Hch.'ol. u.HVe her scholars a I'hrMw.'iH trco l-'rldiiy afternonn a! the Hchool IIOU.-K' and nllhoUKh tilt f tilt- rnu-.- tice was smal H w,^. li'-ant if ully dec- they V-pent <'hiistma« with Mr. and K. \V. Mitchell. Dorothy mt'tirn her as a true mother. Mrn. Mr«. l''ann|e Comptiin, 'Jertio Howe. MI.NK May I-'iunk ^ftnd lti«y I'Vitnk. Alho t\v«> bnithnr*. Hlpley of <»sweKo. X. Y., and «>' IMpley of near ItocK Falls, wiit* i> fitlijifnl wife, u true and mother, and a Itlend that one ftiliy true. Aluay« intorented in thlnKH ilutt \\en- helpful and rt-/idj B^to !«< u lender in any ^tuid work. Mitchell returned home with them to sjx»nd the holiday vacation. Nathan t'ndeihlll, of Cnnhy. Minn. IN here for a two Weekn' vi.«il with I'rh-nilH and rclatlvps. John Mtlleiiry in reported to he \"*ry xick with pneumonia. Mr. and MIH. JCi.-x l r 'au;o, of Chl- • a«o, arc hero for a \ i.-dl with i>lathe.-s. Mr. and .Mrs*. lOarl \\'illlamH returned to their home In LymiM, la., after .spendint; ChrlstmuH hen' nl (he home of Mr. and Mrn, Teh Williamn. Mr. and MIM .1. M. Connett home laht i". eniiiK from Mrie, they upent Chi !Mman. ' M, \\' A .-iiid'i;. X. A. ().iiii-c every !''iida> HlKht. i \\'oodman hall, Hock h.'Stra.* MINH IiloH.'--oin .lintil went I" Lyoii; 4 , fit . \-eHlerda',, \sh>-ie she will \ l.-Ut until after New Mr. iiinl Mi.;'. I.. M. Kalld, of Meard.i- town, who have been visit nm nt the nf -Ml. •''•! Mix 'I- Monday. VVIlllain <!r«ibi' ivt'iit to Dismi thin on iiiiHiiu UK. untf'd with tin- Hiii'tist ehnreti M| , 8 ' H (J .Sheldon refirned u K", find f he uri« reao!y to do elmrcb wherever xhe conld. Alwuy« bo- mneli Interested in Hnnday Seiunil ftwork, haviiiK been a teacher and mi- 'iident, wu.s one of tlui It'ader.s of The Sfs' Ih'iti^ht^'jOi) tlili* county, !inv(or ft number of yearn nerved nn s :C?outity J'i'«'«ldent of tile order nnd en- ficrwelf to ninny hy her lovim" -f,W/ty». Tlu-lr molto, "Look ui> ami not i; look fot u iird and not haeUsN-ard, iflttrt lend n band;" U.IH her motto, Hwi'«'« of |u-o|de i olild testify to I he til which )>he ha i helfied llit in. hfl" Ulany aeifi of ItindneHM wece » rl<ui« In tlii'Miini' ijuiet, imMum- niunitt.'!', with no thought «f «elf IfA them. ahull titles her i:rt'.'itly but are llu' belle)* (bat hhe bun jgone to it itome iirt'iiurvil- I'oi- her by |'ttie 5Jo«!er whom she nerved. CHR!STMASJ)iNNERS |H*veral P«miH«* Entertain in Colo- br«tion of Christma* l» Mr. find Mi«. J. lln!.^en entei-tuin- home ('In twln . Mr. and ChilM llaiiM'ii of ('hi . {'liui'lc* Smith an (.V'llu and Ueiinalne und M|HS trgar<;t Aiowivr. A t'lniHiniis ovu ,l3(Jmei WHH «e| Veti and llu< evening wo* Jo playinK Kiiiiu-;i and danrinK- JMl. und Atrn. ChurleH Hmith ••liter- lit thi'lr iiontf ('hi iHtman day ..*|Mr. mid Mi« ('.. Ifuiiften, Alrn. A. Til'iF* and ,t*oiis, (iralil nnd Clar-.' Cbrisliiin '>nd Jlenry llun^en. uml C." W. >f ("hit ago. Sunduy from t.'liii'.'tK". aft'T.. a two \v.>rl;n' \lfdt ilu'ic. M. <i, \Vliali-n ii'iiiriii'd '•' ton work it- H ivlli liinan in Hut I 'Hi ii nilluM yalilH aficr n .•d'-litii'.'-:<- ol iu<. wi'4-Uw. Mr. iiinl Mrn. William IMpix-rl «r- rlvt'd liiTi 1 Sunday from Scolt. Siixk.. i'niiiida. f"i an i-xtcndcd \-lnit. lOiincr l<!iinl«on, of .South I>«i<ota. ii: \-|»itlim I' la! I .'I'M <>l>d jfrit'lldH ill llll.s <-it v-. M. \V, .\ . and K. X. A. dance every I iidny nirtlit. Woodiiuin hall, Itoek I'.'Hlr', l,t>;r,iii'.-> (iri-hi-flrn * (.'i-orK' 1 IliiiU'on ri'lnrned to ('Inra^o lawl evenliiB. wfter HI endiiin t 'lirUlinaM hi-i'e with l»l» iiurcnta. Undying Resentment. x "U'lien I was n llttlo Itoy," rt'latfd H, Jl, UarMii, "iind needed "bioncy than 1 litive over needed It o, 1 WHH til rod l»y a UIHII to do a Joh of work which wns n-ally too hard for me. I tolled and .strained tlirnnpli It, nnd \vheti it WUK done he Mild lie litid no change, l»ut would |ia.v* hie Ilir llrM time he found a hall'-dollar rolling tip lilll. Tlieti lie Inimhed \iCiieit I rrird. If lie Is jillve tmlny 1 liopis In* lias; ioe-nailH." Moonshiners, '1'lle Itllllli' "lIlounshllUTs" \\'HS to tlio Illleit distillerh iii thp i of North C'orollna. Trniuwsi-c. Kentucky and Wi-st Virginia, from (hi>fiiet; thai Ilicy do liuml ol* Hielr vmrk at , on arrtiimt of lite diuyrtT attend- vial jirescnts fi each one of the |>\udtv. The xelim «lt«o K«ve a tdiort prt>i:ram of Christ max oxerrl*eM. The tea<:ln-r and Keliol ar« ale en.)osiiiK their annual bolida vaeatlmi thin week. FSNE CHURCH EXERCISES A laure number w-'ie In atlendane til the ChrlHlmaM tn-e and exercise Kivi-n nt the Cerman hnlhiTan ehnre Snnd.'iy evenliiK. The program wu finely rrndered and the tree wa beuii'ltftdly decorated and beavll. laden with pi-e.^ents, nut.-* and cand; for the little folk-i. HOPKINS BRIEFS (;im"f lilchardMon VM nl to t'hii-H Ki> lant «M-«'k v.'here he H|II nt a lev days and aHo atlvn;!rd the Hale o blooded hornes. Mr. and ^it^i. i: \V Mitchell enter inini'd at theii home for Chrbuma fiVner Monday In r pnrent«. Mr. am Mi'n. <'. N. r..iine- of Hock J''aIlH an< hlH f.'ilher, C. W. .Mitchell. M|H« Lehnald spent the week en recently with friends m Sterling, J spoiled a phrafts to mother once, and then "he promptly said: "I giiegi it's tinie now, maw, for me to go upstair* to bft), •An' I feuppos© tlmf you • ' paw will talk out when I'm gone." I'd make an affidavit that the little rascal's on. —Dtriroit Free Press. Electrical Gilts Tho many derices BOPU on the, well tisl- ttiblo ouo now operati'J liy electricity rather thnu li.v With tho cheapening of the current or n ppceial rtito for Siousphold \\KO it JH t ettnomlcnl |u ojiernto ii t ejujomlcii dishes, /lev with current tlinn 1» any other >yuy, Oim of tho Btt.rm:(lve. nets In tljo ptores is « tlireo plecu (if- MI.",.M|{HI|I «hn the hi>:h Hchool at Ohio .Station, arrived 1iome l-'riday evenhif; to hpeiu' her holiday vacation at the home o her parent", Ml and Mrs. C. I' 1 . Hover . Minn .Mabel I'ottH returneil to her work in Hock Island Monday eventm after Hpendlm: a we. U «t the home (>f her mother. Air*. Maiy 1'ottM in Mai- Mr, and Mr;". I'aul Dettrnan enter- lalm-d for Cliri.-tmas dinner at theii I ome her .brothel*. Kirk and Max .Mr. and Mrs. U'llli* Slsnor went ti I'curia Saturday where they Mpent th( Week end an.l ate Chi Minns dinner at the holm- of her brother and family. Mrs. Irene Uetra and daiiKhter, .Mr« Ann Shaw of ClarkHville, Iowa. ar< thin with relatives , friciid.-i In Malvern, <'i.vile and vicinity, Mr. uml Mn-. . Kdiv.ud Tuttle returned in their home in Mlkoin>t;i. Jowa. l ; 'i|r"l.i;, ii U: hi alt'-r .-•peiullitf; Hever dii\:i (he pa-it week with relatives Mr. nnd ,MIH. Chaih'.s lliid.siill and hon Ccoir.e am.1-- datlk'hleiM, ' MlsKeH. J'a liny. l.neib/' nnd Hazel Ii spent i'hrixlyiir.H d,iy and ute n Koobe dinner at tii^liome of hi.s mother, Airs, Sarah llirdna!l and daughter, Alr.s. I'. L. Imrnp. .MI«H I.ehvvald, teacher of tile Mc- l-JIruih «c;hoid. went to her home in MaisalllcH, Michigan K'rlday nlKhl, where Klie ate t'hi-istmaH dinner and {M .spending her holiday vni'atlon. Minn iJellu J'otls of Cljde tiiWll- slilp, has ^.one to Wall, .South Dakota, where she Will spend several 'Weeks jit tin- home of ing It during th W. J. Sowles D. G. Co. Clearance Sale of Holiday Goods Soft fleecy Bath Robes in shades of blue and cardinal and brown and tan, with cords and frogs to match. $3.25 each. A few Towel Sets with blue borders, in boxes, 95c each. Chinese Hand Bug.-;, full lined, reduced from $1.00 to 50c each. Crochet -Silk Party 'Scuf.s in white and colors, fancy -borders and fringe $1.01), SJ.bO and $1.76 each. Angora Scarf ;yid Cap Sets in whin- with colored BtrieS Si W ;uui $1.1)0 s i entH and Hoi'tithy Mid-hell is .spendint,' thia week at the home of her f.;rand- parentn. Mi. and Ml-. C. N. I larijeH-- In Hock Kail.-*. Mr. and Mr.-< \Valler I »alr\ inple and family and Mr. and Mis. tieorce l>ai- I'ymple were cntei tamed Monday at a bountiful Christmas dinner at the home of Mr. and Mix, W. U. .Mathew in Hound tilove, . China Cement. Take disMilved nuw arable nnd Mir in enough plaster of pans to malic a soft pasie. 'I'lii 1 ^ is almost 'cnlorle.sN iitid itwtw excellenlis 1 as eemeui for china. In repairing \er,\ .!, ;i'-;;'i- -'hH';' or porceiiiln, tie the pieces carefully ill pll.ce e. llh Itlpe. Il i.s theii put ill- to u siiiicepnn oi milk and the latter Is very yrjidnnll) liroti^ln to lioiiiti)^ poini. Jteiimve the sailce|>ali from the lire, but Icnve the cliimi in il for aboui •^Ix miiinie'i. l,lft I'tH ciii'clully and jlllHV Oil il "-Ili'U to (hV Kt-r-Plunk, u di'< :i'.t ? ; iie \i ii-,- laii'iT a \\ ii. >ln- -..'cliii-d in float !I>L' i O..KI -ae'ti 'i\ a--' Ji.'l i » !...,.n ! .-.i.i-,! '( In' !> !..,,!-. d. 1 '-. -n :n,- lei.-,-'al-h fnlr, eoiifdntlnjr of utovo, chulini,' nud tonnter, Tlio pUwes nro nil «lmllnr lu dc-slgii, nnd tho t-ttivo Is to nccommodfito a munll tctikctttc, ti Hfluoepnti or n «killet, Tlio tonster linn an Improved rncH A&ovp. tli« toaster proper on wbU-h tonwt may IH> kept hot M'ithout burning:. Tho r.ot oonu-n in nickel tlninli or lu copper, coiujik'tc with conla and plucs. This net Is !ti fact n complete "kitchen equipment," only It inny IH> uecd at tho tnble. Thereforo for tho \vonwn who does her own work or serves Ilpr own inenta it would tnflko n most itihTietivo present. Another noTeltyis^i Hair drying cotnh which may appeal to'any womnn. The comb is quite UUo tho usual Jnrgo hair dressers' comb and is Jit ted with current »o that ns the comb is pasM'd through tho hnir the current dries it at the sumo time. Another electric devico Is n hand liuir drier which cuu he instantly tilted to any socket nnd expelw u gentle current of wurrn ntr. The bulb can be AH y<"» do j? to ask him for Trent'* Etif,>-,lypfoi Corn;-., 1 S,', ''' Hi I!',Hi >l" 11, Eating Their Chrietmae Dinner. i lloniilro feel a little ttiK nt !:ls heart Jind remember the poor, It i.s charnetorlHtlc of the day thut tho uio.Ht widely M'l'ar.itcd cla.s.seH ore often fuirr.v. each for the other. That }H why nt holiday time the rich ewpe- elnlly put money into ciii-ulatloii. It IniH been roiipliiy ealculnfed that in New Vorlc alone $'.T»,o<to,OtiO Is spent every Chris-tina* tfrne. I'rem wliat I cnn learn from charity or^an It •would not bo an extreme estimate to r tlint In the entire. United Stnte.-i under or above the hair and will dry hair in about sdx inlnutex thoroughly. Threo graden of bent can be obtained. Many a housekeeper has salil to lier- nearly a liilllon d"lliir.s es hiuids acain and that Hhe wished who could afford an electric iron. Now ia tho chnnce for eomo member of the family to give her tho iron na a Christmas present. Many of the irons on tho market are heavy, but ouo of the bivst tsceu recwit- ly hns a very pointed ed^o and is exceedingly well made, KO Unit tho bent in dlNtrlbnted at the point and just where it ia needed in Ironing. lu ulmolutely no danger In lining an electric iron, mid tho moment tho plug Is removed the current Htc>pn, HO tlmt there JH no wimto expense. Tho better irons now bav« a little attachment which will prevent, the' cord from becoming bent where, it the iron. Home of the new irons h»vo covers In addition, which »tili better conserve the, he«t, Ia general the price of electric Irons ia about $4, complete with cord and plug, nnd niemberw of a family could do uothiiiK better perhaps than unite In giving some mother Kiieh a gift. Lovely of Him. "What a kind nnm Mr. \Vl«hatn IK! Ho ahvuy.s does all tho Christmas whop. ilnjf fur lib* wife." "Isn't that lovely of him? u nivca Liera chance to put in all her time, just at this open hearted Benson of the year. Of, this doe* nut mean 11 billion dollars' worth of ehirrlly; i means the money spent upen t. lirlNtJinis in e\-ery form. Sllll, a Krefit pnrt !s charity, 'I'n ^Ire a dinner on Chris!mas dt the henrM of many rich in Lack of Capital For Railroad Expansion May Throttle American Commerce K- I'h'ito by American Tress AwwcUtlun. IVY L. LEE, F'ormcr ,\&sistant lo Pennsylvania Railroad President Tlio annual Christmas "blow out fMven li\ tiic late 'finnithy I >. Stilllva to the |imir uf th<- 1'iv.iT e:i:<t ^hle o NeNV V<>rU ha--i be' nine liuown throngl. oui. the Ttiuutry. I'vcry year "HI Tim 1 ' filled nl-init ii,0ti<) people wit food nnd >,•"()!! eheer. In addltloi ovorylmdy received a ?'_' bill and n nev pair of h The Sullivan dinners looklti« around and !!ecord-!lenil(i. things," PUying C«rd» «t Christmas. Flaying cards when lirst introdni'ivl nto England \vero luolied upon purely H u ('In ih Christmas. White is the frost up<>a tholir, Anil whlin.ttie I lino upon tlm tliorn An ttiihea clout!, \vitii threat of snow, Jias vi'lh",! tlui ov t -s of in<-,in Tho \vln-.l u ItUe u i.:ni!>'i;i.,| h,.irt Tliul may nut :<u!i iia pKimtivo moan, Anil t.kil).', l.el.nul Ihu \voo,!i.-(l lulls In c'.-rio UM..!t-rtn!ic. Ami vet ullhln tii.' cliisunr* '.s Ihr.'iit Tin- iMcklej; i-uurn with hrU- (.;!,-,., Am) thrro lr» .-."iiuii nf eliiiib'iri'ii mirth Aii«i hn-'-.-.iiil )r.lni,(ie!sy Am) den -. Ti-lui;.-,.: Tti,.-ii ' !'. i'c ii •«..: '•-•; i;K :1 a ;'.- i ttis riN. Ui. K.I...I will li. iiu-ir which have been carried on by his heir.' used up ri,<MtO jioiinds of turkey am chicken, twenty barrel* of point Hillad. ten boxes of celery, L'.tVlil loave.- of bread, '1,000 pies, 'J.",o gallons of eof fe(^ and forty keK.s of beer, politician, Sullivan distributed eharitj in many fonnn thron^'houl the year but those who knew hint well .--ay that lie looked forward with tho oHKernes:- of n boy to the feeding of "his home less" on CliriKtmiin day. The £oVenilnt,' hees Dial the army and navy receive a veiy ;.-oi>d Christ- IIIUH dinner, but t'nHe Sum il!s(ienses no charity. Mrs, F. .1. Sin-pard (Helen (ionidi nivvayw inal.ei it n point to HOinl collie appropriate present to tin Jiuviil branches of the V ounjj Men'? Christian association, and mi board many battleship* jj-'J boxen tilled with tobacco, rei^lint; mailer and other to clndtleji iiu« heartH of the if is .significant that nt Christher name !•; cheered by-every tar in (he rnileil Sialt-.s nav.\. This ejvlntr of Christnins dinners is a favorite- New i'ork charity. I-lven the ititr restaurants U' 1 '! hoieli ilo it. Last A ear one .ga^e -in<i ilfnner.s to tfu 1 poor. Another M-ni out ."tSMi din- net'.s.- beautifully packed in separate containers. The proprietor (> f ;| \vt.jj known ;rr<M'ery leaven hl.s home every ('hrl^tmns loji^' «'iioimlj to piav lio-,t to a thoii.siiinl "little mothers." Join) If, ('rimmhiK i-i ant-ther \vhi< dt. liuhi.f in fcediitt; thv poor. One year tie entertained old people and helped to wait on Hie table himself. There I* told of him th.'M he wailed on one LT leii \i>'i ariii\, iiiiieij M-itti jear-, u.'d, an in male o| U"1i»inr-, A Her .seeing s|| t had alt i he l nd.ov -,ho \vanted he allied: "Ibii o .sou rno;ii fo| a charlolto ruv.e. Mi -4. McC, T JIIS country is ir.uving .steadily toward gi'ivernmont oivnerphip of railroads—-not by thft conscious choice of tlit 1 people, but hccnttsc a condition is being created from which government ownership will bo thf only way uut. Our railroad facilities are whollv inadequate. The year .191.1 f-nw less new railroad construction tluin in niiv yenr since tiic civil war. Today railroad managers, though ca^er to go ahead with railroad development, arc making only Mich improvements UK are absolutely necessary to take euro of bu>inc.-s definitely in night. They fa n't «,'('• t the cap!!;;]. Tho American people-"must have new 'railroad facilitif,. They cannot, they will not, permit il.cir c»mnietvi: to lie throttled by inad INVESTORS ARE NOT WILLING TO TAKE CHANCES IN PROVIDING CAPITAL FOR NEW RAILROAD PROPERTY BECAUSE THE SCHED- ULE OF RAILROAD RATES IS PRACTICALLY RIGID, BUT EXPENSES ARE CONSTANTLY INCREASING. The Holo factor, therefore, which will determine whether or not wc nrc. to drift into government owner-hip will be whether wo arc going to be willing to ,-illow the raih-onds to c:irn ^'.Hicient protits TO ATTRACT. Pli'lVA'l'K C.M'ITAL IXTr) T1M-: 3 »!-:\ l',L! )1'.MKXT OF EXISTING KAILKOADS A'Xfi TIIK ]U"lI.I>IN(f OF XF.W HA1LROADS IF NOT, (iOVEliNMKXT OVYXFRSH11' IS CF!!TA1X. WIFE, AS JUDGE, GIVES "LIT UP" SPOUSE JAIL TERM OF THIRTY DAYS I THE STATE COMMISSION j •• -- iiy-u*., • Annotintuu a Number Of IrnporTant N. \\ *\ o| !,, I ,'.', M,-. .^• : nii: ii >-.i! a:; .ma i: j> I :.,!.- lu M. 1 1,'iji !':: . olil ( Ions.; i-iioiii'li to : bi r hii. li.nii! I.. .•• |H..|.| ('1,1 ! .',111,1 ••: ami l \,. nt.v - nun- olli.-r ,l,i\s in j:.ii. 'I lie • maci.sli .1 te :>il»\vii| t|i.- \\om-in, ; hi'i .1.-f. ntl ml linNl.'.inil '.\ Iii-n in- .il.Hlln-i.i'il t!.e | ••.!.•,- u liil. 'lit lip"' Iii • i lel'i ali"!j of l'!u l-tmas : •\ e. I'M .-. - i Th" .-I,-,»,-. i"'i i.i'iav an- ii!, -n i,.nt \,.n\- ( i' '•. i' 11 i i. ?' I '!' '-I i.l. Ii' I -.!•-( i • i v i. .. .,. m>^ •i--: -..!,. r ml- r , •'...!•• ," l.i : I.) .]'. 11 id.- ii i'.. i,n ' i '•'• " n \ ... .\ nn-im' 11 .• i.l.-'i i i a. e . • --H i... 'il :- . ;i e: i (oi t!>i- I 'l,i' elMil \' r ! .!,l.o.... ,.;].' I u" .lo'j. ' |.enllei;1 j;i- > , I. - ' •. :.i •>•;.• I.-, l> ,i -!,i-i; •'!.'• ."( -le Ii cli- . tn ;.- ciiaiii-.. .'I'ii:;!'!" .-I.» an l j'er.- > ;i .1; i.'i l. ; I'lani-e ai;.-\\ i i.-. ili>- (ii'iman eonti-n- 1 ; li. n l-'i.n it b.oi i ill-lit ii' f.rrini-tb by i !-.- law'! aliou si\ ^nioiil !i,-, for l. tn .t!n.: mil a \\allop in tbe Ian- be Iii-I ,,11'enM-. ln>\\.\er. '"1'iii-ii live :>•:! :•;,• ,.f ill,- riii;:. i.-, alino..t a "liay-' lion! i.--. " " i In < .' mini}.-." " i \s o i;i < ii> i " \ :n-:,:io-" -,,-,i,l the ^IK tii-.i ii.i'ui,-' (..iiron i.ll. llu- vNyman be.n all hill Mi. !,'.\ del,I .(I..- ni'is- : -" ; " (>; ' ''''•"' l '" llt;lt ""' v V " n (;M * '" . i. it i a-,c ili.-s van point oui m.inv no. w " fi . ; !. |.r,-. .',;. ntf-.' in t!i> nnil;.-i "f the e y.iV.- It. . i ,.,,,, ,. . , v _ »hi are deep-curved lenses vlu'Ti not on'y \voruler- f/w^'.l ,-, wliifh not on'y\vortder- r \, ^-^ ?i l>'^ r "'1 ll - v -y. '• r;l; "" c i'" ur liM V'Sf?£" !> ^ V^/l' .f'V-l-.i.piycyoi.n jiAjK' I ! !"t of v.'i'iUy n-inrti 1 ,'''- «,•! you \\-<-;.r }•!;; -. '-• •,' / 'T' /">. i) '.' t Ii ii- •'i i i>:;;i ll ;!- ,!". .-.'i ••- ; M . a.:i apot-arauce. ; -.i ; .»i.i'i l.n' v,- a!! e L E N S E S t .- ••- ..u|..ju their juaiiv .Mil v i:i-!!'i fit b,, j 1-."'-,!„. s,,r.l-:i,| iei . \ inaii-r an.! j .i. !i |... ijis;; i.'o <.M' ; ! We t:an save you from 25 cents to $1,00 on DiipHeate Lenses. i i*iiiii liifiif. iinffifi^n JiloII I-'ir»t Av.enue and Kast Third, St., Sterling, III, Ojjeu battmlay Evenings, Bt-HTliuiu- K)iW , v 'ltu'«* j :

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