Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 4, 1974 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, June 4, 1974
Page 8
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Board Proceedings Board of Supervisors Office Carroll, Iowa Monday, March 18,1974 The Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa met in Regular Adjourned Session at the Board Office at Carroll, Iowa the county seat of said County on Monday, March 18, 1974 at 9:00 A.M. Central Daylight Savings Time pursuant to law, the rules of said Board and to adjournment with all members present. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the hiring of John Winnett as Maintainer Operator for the Coon Rapids area. A motion was made by Walter Koster and seconded by Jack Thein that the Board of Supervisors compromise the lien of Bernard Willenborg for $350.00 in full. A copy of this resolution is on file in the office of the County Auditor. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the monthly report of the public health nurse. This report is on file in the office of the county auditor. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the pay raise for Dorothy Wheeler, Secretary to the Co. Nurse of $25.00 per month. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the transfer of $150.00 from the General Fund to the Improvement of Instruction Fund in accordance with Sec. 272.5 Code of Iowa. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the tax levies for the various taxing Districts in Carroll County for 1973 taxes payable in 1974 and Vs 1975, and the certification of the tax lists to the County Treasurer as of March 15, 1974 by the County Auditor. On motion the Board of Supervisors proceeded to audit and allow the following claims and authorized the County Auditor to issue warrants for same: GENERAL FUND Susan Bauer, Extra Help Treas. Office 108.00 Joseph Irlbeck, Acting Jailer 21.60 Clarence Berning, Acting Jailer 14.40 Susan Bauer, Extra Help Treas. Office 108.80 Joseph Irlbeck, Acting Jailer 23.20 Walter Koster, Mileage .. 22.80 Lewis H. Rich, Mileage .. 31.80 Leonard Rupiper, Mileage 41.60 Jack Thein, Mileage 42.90 Orel Thomas, Mileage — 31.50 Orel Thomas, Mileage 36.20 National Assn. of Co., Carroll Co. Membership in NACO 162.00 Stone Printing Co., Office Supplies Aud. 14.41 Recorder 2.45 Social Services 18.03 34.89 IBM Corporation, Office Supplies: Aud 16.92 Pitney Bowes, Rental of Equip: Aud 27.00 Wm. C. Arts, Jr., Meeting Expense 15.65 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Office Supplies: Recorder 123.12 Iowa State Industries, Office Equipment: Sheriff 77.40 David Ritchie, Tracis Services: Febr. 8. March .. 100.00 Kanne Sinclair, Repairs to Sheriff Dept. Car 25.24 Northwestern Bell, Telephone for Sheriff Radio 18.00 Metro Uniforms Inc., Sheriff Uniform 26.40 Dr. R. B. Morrison, Medical Examiner Case: Postage .70 Iowa Public Service Co., Court House: Elec 464.79 Deluxe Cleaners, Court House — Rugs 53.50 Social Services — Rugs 14.00 67.50 Iowa Elec. Light & Power Co., Court House: Gas .. 282.04 General Excavating Inc., Court House Grounds Maint.: Snow Removal .. 100.00 Doris Walkup, Mileage: Nurse 72.40 Harry Bohnenkamp, Mileage 60.50 Meals 6.96 Postage 1.20 68.66 Kanne Construction, Permanent Improvements at County Home 1635.85 Mid-States Steel Corp., Permanent Improvements at County Home 114.64 Quandt Auto Salvage Inc., Permanent I m - provements at County Home 18.00 Manning Monitor, Publish Proceedings 149.66 Coon Rapids Enterprise, Publish Proceedings 128.21 Iowa Elec. Light & Power, County Office Bldg.: Gas 119.75 Town of Manning, Febr. Ambulance Subsidy 400.00 Town of Glidden, Febr. Ambulance Subsidy .... 400.00 Paul & Wayne's Skelly, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gas 26.34 William Davis Store, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Supplies .. 47.61 Iowa Office Supply Inc., Co. Ambl. Serv.: Office Supplies 17.25 Office Equip. 137.20 154.75 Iowa Office Supply, Office Equip: Social Services .. 38.65 Larry Cruchelow, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gas 8.10 Irlbeck Oil Co., Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gas 2.57 Eldon R. Squibb, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Meals 10.82 Gas 23.55 34.37 KIX brothers, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gas 5.87 Donavon Stanzyk, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Meals 1.80 Gas 8.60 10.40 Marvin Wendl, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Meals 3.40 Deluxe Cleaners, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Laundry 5.99 Standard Service, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gas 6.21 Moorman's Conoco Service, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gas .... 77.84 Moorman's Conoco Service, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gas 47.95 Garst Stores, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Supplies 49.98 William J. Reineke, Co. Ambl. Serv.: Gas 18.35 Meals 9.26 27.61 Carroll Lumber Co., Office Equipment: Social Services. 10.73 Raymond Sapp, Hauling: Social Services 3.50 The Manning Monitor, Social Services: Adv 9.10 COURT FUND The Village Clinic, Medical 91.00 Tucker Pharmacy, Drugs 23.90 Wilke Drug Co., Drugs .... 55.40 Carroll Medical Center, Medical 168.25 Dr. C. E. Lierman, Medical 29.40 Steinberg Pharmacy, Drugs 74.35 Dr. John E. Martin, Glasses 59.00 McCrary-Rost Clinic, Medical 15.00 Ray Bruning, Rent 32.50 Mrs. Carrie Prenzler, Rent 80.00 Donald J. Hallinan, Rent .. 20.00 Ed Gross, Rent 50.00 Paul Hanson, Rent 40.00 Mrs. Rosina O'Tool, Care 25.00 Mrs. Shirley Robertson, Care 100.00 Mac's Casino Cafe, Transient Meals 7.30 Metz Baking Co., Co. Home Provisions 80.59 Bernholtz Bros., Co. Home Provisions Farner Bocken Co., Co. Home: Provisions 29.24 H & H Co., Co. Home: Provisions 170.74 B and H Super Value, Co. Home: Provisions 141.84 Fareway Store, Co. Home Provisions 78.93 Marvin's Provisions, Inc., Co. Home: Provisions .. 49.93 Denny Minnehan, Co. Home Provisions 19-16 Deluxe Cleaners, Co. Home: Towel Service .. 10.22 Drees Oil Co., Co. Home: Heat 398.33 Kelly's Shoe Store, Co. Home Shoes 26.95 Center Pharmacy, Co. Home: Drugs 15.35 Wilke Drug Co., Co. Home: Drugs 119-29 Coast to Coast, Co. Home: Household Supplies 20.68 Carroll Coop. Co., Co. Home: Pig Feed 307.00 Farmers Livestock Auction, County Home: Straw 81.07 State Dept. of Social Serv., Co. Home: Freight on Surplus Foods 8.64 VETERANS AFFAIRS FUND Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 Mine Your Attic Gold With A Classified All copy fur classified mis ;md classified display ads must l>r in Ihc Times Herald by S am day of publication Monday through Friday and H a m on Saturday In insure publication C1.ASSIKIKI) IHSIM.AY Per column inch $1 70 Additional insertions $15" CI.ASSIKIKDt ASH WITH IIRDKH One day. per word I2c Three days, per word 2lic Six days, per word . .HHc CAHI) OK THANKS 2(1 words or less $2.50 Over 21) words I0c per wird 251.32 Card of Thanks W. H. Dentlinger, Meeting Expense 47.00 Cash Allowance 25.00 Cash Allowance 40.00 Cash Allowance 30.00 Iowa Public Service Co., Elec 55.00 Manning Muni Water Dept., Water .• 5.25 Manning Muni. Water Dept., Water 5.00 Iowa Elec. Light & Power, Gas Manning Natural Gas Dept., Gas 40.00 Center Pharmacy, Drugs .. 24.75 Carroll Co. State Bank, House Payment 117.69 Ed Kock, Rent 50.00 MENTAL HEALTH & STATE INSTITUTION FUND Adams County, Febr. Care 170.70 Foley Rest Home, March Care 250.00 Center Pharmacy, Drugs .. 19.85 Harvey Drug Co., Drugs .. 44.15 Douglas R. Bass, Gasoline: Alcoholic Case 15.40 Dr. R. B. Morrison, Examining Physician: Alcoholism Case 15.50 Edward S. White, Comm. Atty. Fee: Alcoholism Case 15.50 John G. Longnecker, Officer's Fees: Alcoholism Case 57.60 Wm. Polking, Atty. Appointed by Court: Alcoholism Case 15.00 Dr. R. B. Morrison, Examining Physician Fee: Alcoholism Case .. 15.50 Edward White, Comm. Atty. Fee: Alcoholism Case 15.50 John G. Longnecker, Officer Fees: Alcoholism Case 84.36 Wm. Polking, Atty. Appointed by Court: Alcoholism Case 15.00 SECONDARY ROAD FUND CARD OF THANKS Special thanks to Perry Nursing Home and staff. Dr. Joe Martin. Rev. Timothy Koenig. the organist & soloist, pallbearers and the ladies who served the lunch. Thanks to all our friends and relatives for their kindnesses at the time of the loss of our father and grandfather. God Bless you all. The Family of Fred Pluckhahn Sr. 3-131-ltp Announcements 6 STOP CLUB New members admitted '/j price Old members reinstated free if a member previously this year Thursdays June 68, 1 3 — 7 P.M. 408 West 7th St. 6-I3I-2IC Where To Go 17 Lost LOST: TRACTOR wheel. 792-3992. hub for dual 7-129-3tc Everybody is Coming to the ELK'S CLUB Wednesday June 5 ST. BONIFACE DANCE featuring JANE RUSSELL ENSEMBLE 9 p.m. to la.m. German Band, German Food with sauerkraut, sausage, 6:30 p.m. to 1 1:30p.m. Dance admission $2.00 per couple or season ticket. Members and their invited guests. I7-13I-JK Read The Want Ads 20.00 Business Services 14 If your auto insurance premium hasn't dropped at least 20 % this year, before you renew Call Bill Comito Pringle Tax & Insurance 792-3805 WANT TO do roofing — farm & home. Free estimates. Compare. Phone Tom Sheets — (712)659-3843 —Glidden. 14-122-12tc From a Household Spot to o Spotless House Your CARPETS cleaned and maintained by the world's leading professional cleaning systems — carpets, furniture, floors, walls and complete House-Wide Cleaning Isn't ihisthe day to call 792-2155 for a free estimate. U-66-tfc FREE STORAGE of winter garments. Pick up and delivery. Cleaning, pressing and alterations. Phone 792-4333. HR Cleaners. 14-95-tfc AZTEC LOUNGE Coon Rapids, Iowa June 3 thru 8 Monday thru Saturday JOHN WESLEY HARDIN June 1 2 thru 15 Wednesday thru Saturday JOHN FRANCE TRIO Featuring Carol Lynn TOLTEC ROOM Open Sunday 4 P.M. Serving dinners at 5 Featuring a full salad bar Wayne Danie Is, Postmaster, Postage: Clerk .. 500.00 Stone Printing Co., Office Supplies: Clerk 158.88 Carroll Co. State Bank, Office Supplies: Clerk 52.41 Iowa Office Supply Inc., Office Equipment: Clerk .. 56.20 Pitney Bowes, Rental of Equipment: Clerk 19.50 Pitney' Bowes, Rental of Equipment: Clerk 31.50 Koch Brothers, Microfilm: Clerk 4.75 Shepard's Citations Inc., Law Library Supplies .. 54.00 Shepard's Citations Inc., Law Library Supplies .. . 54.00 Jury Verdict Research Inc., Office Supplies: Judge Smith 9.50 Fidlar & Chambers, Office Supplies: Magistrate .... 62.20 St. Anthony Hospital, Blood Alcohol Test: Bernard Willenborg 15.00 Charles Finders, Court Reporter Expense 52.19 Kenneth Richardson, Probation Officer Mileage & Exp 36.89 Alfred R. Thorup, Probation Officer Mileages, Exp 50.83 POOR FUND Carol Bass, Mileage 20.50 Food Stamp Cashier, Provisions 53.00 Manning Muni. Gas Dept., Gas 34.63 Neppel Oil Co., Fuel 67.60 Iowa Public Service Co., Elec 39.17 Mr. and Mrs. John Eischeid, Clothing 5.40 Dr. David M. McCoy, Medical 89.88 Woodlawn Pharmacy, Drugs .-... 123.45 Center Pharmacy, Drugs .. 230.32 Conrad Berns, Overtime .. 22.75 Otto Billmeier, Overtime .. 20.47 Harold Brauckman, Overtime 50.38 George Dozler, Overtime .. 13.00 Joseph Eischeid, Overtime 16.25 James Fagan, Overtime .. 43.88 Floyd C. Henrich, Overtime 23.58 Neil Polking, Overtime 35.75 Paul Schapman, Overtime 13.00 Eldon Schuler, Overtime .. 22.75 Joseph Seidl, Overtime — 6.50 Dean A. Vollstedt, Overtime 48.75 Delbert Von Bon, Overtime 58.50 Leon Vonnahme, Overtime 39.00 Vernon A. Vonnahme, Overtime 19.50 Richard Weber, Overtime 32.50 Leon Jones, Inspector — 300.00 Stone Printing Co., Office Supplies: Eng 247.84 Monroe Calculator Co., Office Equip. Maint: Eng. 65.00 Martin L. Schmeiser, Mileage 48.00 Joe P. Frank and Son, Shop Supplies 13.95 Iowa Elec. Light & Power, Co. Garage: Gas 207.40 Town of Lidderdale, Garage: Water 8.50 Standard Oil Co., Co. Garage: Fuel Oil 60.78 Northwestern Bell, Telephone Line for Two- Way Radio 6.00 Iowa Public Service Co., Co. Garage: Elec 15.78 Iowa Public Service Co., Co. Garage: Elec 67.73 Peoples Natural Gas, Co. Garage: Gas 52.17 Daily Times Herald, Publish Notices 14.68 Lawrence Neppl, Gravel .. 20.54 Schroeder Oil Co., Repair's to Equip. 25.00 D. Fuel 167.98 Grease 5.72 Fuel Oil 83.06 281.76 Herman Ford Mercury Inc., Repairs to Equipment 18.00 Smouse General Service, Repairs to Equipment .. 12.14 Wilkens Auto Parts Inc., Repairs to Equipment .. 128.89 TCP of Iowa, Repairs to Equipment 1501.80 Riesberg Garage, Repairs to Equip. 7.19 Gasoline 25.77 D. Fuel 112.00 Oil 8.70 153.66 Swaney Equip. Co., Repairs to Equip 30.94 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor 8. Equipment Co., Repairs to Equip 255.63 The Kimball Co., Repairs to Equip 156.00 Eddy Walker Equip. Co., New Equipment (Frink G1-74 Spreader) 4610.50 Bliss Tire bervtce, Kepatrs to Equip 21.00 Reinart Service, Repairs to Equip 63.87 All Wheel Drive Co., Repairs to Equip 309.69 Neppel Oil Co., Gasoline 1370.11 D. Fuel 122.44 .... 1492.55 Manning Oil Co., D. Fuel 196.56 Tires & Tubes 6.00 Garage Supplies 6.04 208.60 Goplerud Lubricants Inc., Batteries 71.70 Freight 3.72 Misc. 94.00 .......... 169.42 Malick Foley & isabeiie Bengfort, R.O.W 397.40 TELEVISION SERVICE Prompt attention. Fair prices. Qualified technicians. WATTERS' Appliance Center Central Service. 792-2696. 14-48-tfc AZTEC LOUNGE this coupon good for 50c when applied toward a dinner Sunday thru Wednesday. June 9 thru 12 STARTER GENERATOR magneto and ignition repair for your tractor, car or truck. Reinart Service. 7th & Hwy. 30. Phone 792-2126. 14-tc SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS on Heating — Plumbing Air Conditioning MAYTAG—Washers & Dryers AMANA—Refrigerators. Air Cond. MAGIC CHEF—Ranges KITCHENAID—Dishwashers Call: DREES CO. for TODAY SERVICE Phone: 792-2863 'Home of Dependable Service' COMING — WEDNESDAY JUNE 26 HANK THOMPSON & THE BRAZOS VALLEY BOYS Honk has had over 100 chart hits'wilh 2 dozen in top 10. Such classics as: Cab Driver. Wild Side of life. Six-Pack to Go. Humply Dumpty Heart. Blackboard of my Heart and many others. Hank will be doing 2 floor shows. AU SEATS RESERVED — TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT THE AZTEC 17-131-tic EVERY WEDNESDAY SPECIAL V4 Chicken $1 50 French Fries, Roll, Salad FOR KINK FOOL) — DRINKS ENTERTAINMENT JAc. REALTOR Action in SELLING and a greater selection in BUYING contact a member of the MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Members are: Comes Real Estate Comito Real Estate Gretemen Agency 0. J. Murphy. Realtor Pudenz Real Estate Thelen Agency Wilson Real Estate RESTAURANT iiiicl NOUNUb Sew-Easy! Printed Pattern Help Wanted 23 GOOD WORKERS needed at once to learn a skilled profession. Good wages, overtime, good opportunity for advancement. Apply in person. World Wide Meats, Denison. 23-84-tfc LET DAILY TIMES HERALD, ADVERTISING WORK FOR YOU AT YOUR FARM SALE Situation Wanted 24 WILL DO babysitting in my home. 792-1409. 24-128-6tc Positions Available 26 For Sale 55 A GOOD buy ... give it a try. Blue Lustre America's favorite carpet shampoo. Coast to Coast Store. 55-131-ltc SECRETARY WANTED: Bookkeeping — shorthand — Pleasing personality. Good working conditions. Apply: 217 West 4th St. 26-131-2tc Farm Equipment 29 Cool delight on busy days! Printed Pattern 932!): Women's Sizes are 34 (3S-inch bust with -Id-inch, hip); 36 (40 bust. 42 hip); 3S (42 bust, 44 liip); 4ii (4'4 bust. 46 hip); 42 (4li bust. 48 hip); 44 (48 bust. f>0 hip): 46 (50 bust, 52 hip); 4S (52 bust, 54 hip). Solid'$1.00 for each pattern. Add 25'.' for each pattern for first-class mail and special handling. Sond to Marian Martin ', Daily Times Herald "Pattern Dopt.. 2V2 West 18th St.. Xe\v York. X. Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. OXKFKKK PATTKIJX nf your rlmice to semi for. our free pattern inside XKW SPUIXO- SI'.MMKU PATTKUX CA'I'A- .I,O<!. lliu slyles. all si'/.es. free pattern r-oupon. Send 7:V no\v. SEW-; KNIT Hook wilh basic tissue patient $1.2." Instant Fashion Hook S1.00 Instant Sewing Hook $1.00 SIOUX STORAGE and Dri-All bins. Finance and erection available. Halbur Implement Co., Halbur, Iowa. 29-126-tfc Livestock For Sale 41 PUREBRED ANGUS yearling bulls. I B A weaning weights and grades, also private yearling weights. Donald Pratt. Glidden 659-3039. 41-131-2tp PUREBRED S.P.F. Hampshire fall boars. Serviceable age & choice quality. Roy A. Struve. Manning. 653-5222. 41-91-48tc "GEMS & JEWELS" Glidden City Hall THURSDAY JUNE 6 7P.M. Spons. by St. John's Lutheran Church All sorts of merchandise and a coffee bar. 55-131.lie USED CAFE EQUIPMENT Hobart single lank dishwasher 3 Dozen chairs 20 Tables China CASINO CAFE Phone 792-2650 55-l31-3tc DAVIS DEMON TIRE BARGAINS 4 Ply polyester F78 - 14 $16.95 G78 - 14 $17.95 G78 - 15 $18.95 H78 - 14 $19.95 H78 - 15 $19.95 Plus tax WESTERN AUTO 4 YR. old Charolais bull. 792-3081 Robert Grossman. 4M30-2tc '2 LIMOUSIN 2 yr. old bull. Sired by Prince Pompadour. 1712) 684-2888. 41-130-6tc Livestock Wanted 43 WANTED TO buy Rhinitis and . poor doing hogs of any size. Truck will call. Write Arnold Nielsen. Exira. Iowa 50076. Phone 268-5344 day or night. 4 3-7:1-1 tc Help Wanted 23 BOOKEY PACK WE NEED *UUK CATTLE CONTRACT DETASSEL PIONEER BRAND HYBRID SEED CORN 15 years of age and over and have transportation. You can earn $150 to $200 per person in a 10 day to 2 week period. Apply individually or as a group now. Please contact your local State Employment Service or write GARST & THOMAS HYBRID CORN COMPANY, COON RAPIDS, IOWA 50058. 23-130-4IC Phone Don Clark 515-386-3330. Jefferson Plant Phone 515-266-3146. Des Momes 43-17-ltc Carroll 55.128-ltr. 10 DOLLY farrowing crates Audubon —563-2047. 55-130-6tc USED POWELL Challenger min bike. Reasonable. 684-2888. 55-130-3tc GOOD USED 2 gear Bicycle 792-2283. Schwinn 55-130-2tp QUADROSONIC TAPE player AM-FM radio. Excellent con dition. 792-4052 after 5 P.M. 55-128-61 Times Herald, Carroll, la. Tuesday, June 4, 1974 8 For Rent 57 APPROXIMATELY 15 acres clover & alfalfa hay — to be made on shares. Robert Glass. Phone 792-4013. 57-129-3tp Wanted To Rent 58 WOULD LIKE to rent or buy 3 or 4 bedroom house In Carroll area. Call collect (402) 734-4465 after 5 P.M. 58-126-6tc Houses For Sale 63 NEAR NEW HOME .hree bedrooms carpeted, two saths, nice kitchen with maple cupboards, double sink, disposal. Central air. Large double garage, brick and wood Front. This home is 5 years old and has a nice level lot with a nice lawn and trees and wooden patio in back. Immediate possession. If you want a nice home this is it. THELEN REALTY Phone 792-21 84 or 792-9924 63-128 itc A NEW LISTING A 3 bedroom in excellent south side location. This fine home features a large entrance foyer plus a large all electric kitchen on front. A 15' x 22' living room/built-in bookcase & storage. Bedrooms feature large wardrobe closets. 1% Baths. Full walk-out type basement/15' x 38' finished rec room. 3 Zoned. Hot water heat. Attached garage. Beautifully landscaped lot. Plus many other features. Priced below $34,000. John Gnam Realty 792-3815 63-131-Hc TO BUY or sell a home or farm, call Wilson Real Estate, Jerry Wilson or Doris Wilson. 792-9605. 63-18-2tc Houses For Rent 64 TO FINANCE the home of your choice see First Federal Savings & Loan Assn. of Carroll. 64-29-tfc 2 BEDROOM house, close in. Available June 15. Contact: Ralph Kanne Clear Lake. Iowa 515-357-4174. 64-131-3tp Wanted To Buy 53 WANTED TO Buy — Used youth size golf clubs. 792-9518 after 5 p.m. 53-99-tfp For Sale 55 NEW CASINO CAFE SERVING BREAKFAST—LUNCH—DINNER Open 5 a.m. to Midnight daily ATTENTION:. We will be closed from 6 P.M. Sunday to 6 A.M. Wednesday at which lime we will have our formal opening. CASINO CAFE Hwy. 30 West 17-131-tfc RED BUNNIES. 792-4765. 55-131-4tc 17-73-ltc ST. BONIFACE DAY Wed., June 5 Carroll, Iowa There will be FREE Brat- wuerstchen and Sauerkraut. Serving starts at 1 1:30 a.m. Entertainment, and special low prices in the stores. Discount coupons for rides available at local merchants. I7-128-4IC Sales Help 21 We Fix It 16 T.B. ERADICATION FUND Farmland Foods Inc., Swine Tuberculosis Indemnity 97.43 Hygrade Food Products, Swine Tuberculosis Indemnity 53.46 ELECTION FUND Coon Rapids Enterprise, Coon Rapids School Elec. Expense 192.92 On motion the Board of Supervisors adjourned until Monday, April 1, 1974. William C. Arts, Jr., County Auditor Leonard Rupiper, Chairman LET THE DAILY TIMES HERALD HELP YOU AT YOUR FARM SALE FOR FAST lawn mower tune up service, usually two days, bring in your mower today. Bob's Sport Center, 618 W. 8th. 16-116-tfc SALARIED SALES Position — Home office paid training. Group Benefits. Call (515) 262-9774 Collect. 21-130-6tc BILL COMITO REALTY 792- New beautiful brick front home in Applewood Knolls with super curb appeal. 3 bedroom —2 full baths, laundry facilities on 1 st level — 2 car garage — deluxe built in stove & dishwasher — completely carpeted. Call Kevin Bierl 792-4318 or 792-1 086 after 6:00 p.m. 2 unit apartment house on nor- thside. Downstairs apartment, is 3 bedrooms with living room, kitchen and full bath. All rooms have been painted, upstairs apartment is 1 bedroom with a large living room, small kitchenette and full bath. Only $9,000. Phone Pat Beck 792-1 134 3805 Lovely new 3 bedroom ranch home. North side location — carpeted living room and kitchen with stove, dishwasher and disposal included, partially furnished basement; gas furnace, central air and nice finished garage. You won't believe it until you see it. Phone Harvey Fleshner 792-1513 Older 2 bedroom home located close to Carroll High, fully carpeted living room, dining room and kitchen with dishwasher included; outside has been newly sided; gas furnace, central air and single car garage. A real bargain at just $26,000. Phone Frank Comito 792-3577 or 792-1558 63-128-lfc Iowa a place to grow Help Wanted 23 WANTED: MAN to milk cows. Woodward Hospital & School, Woodward, Iowa. Get in tough with Louis Venteicher, Herdsman or Doug David Farm Manager. 23-131-3tc MAN & WIFE team to operate modern 400 sow farrowing unit with on the job training. Contact: Manning Quality Pork Inc., Manning, Iowa 51455. Phone 653-4711. 23-131-6tc • If you get the Times Herald by Mail • You don't have to Miss a Single Issue • And we don't want you to. Here's a quick an easy way to avoid the inconvenience of having your paper stopped. Check the label on your paper now. Look at the top of Page 1. Your name and address are printed there. The number to the right is the expiration date of your paper. (For example: 12-31-74 would mean that your paper expires Dec. 31,1974.) If your paper is close to the expiration day, right now, before you forget, make out a check for renewal. Rural Mail Subscription rates Carroll & Adjoining Counties 1 year $20.00 6 mos. $11.00 3 mos. $6.00 DAILY TIMES HERALD Phone 792-3573 6 3 /4 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN Announces New Higher Interest Rates 48 Month Certificate* $10,000 minimum Automatically renewable 30 Month Certificate* $5,000 minimum Automatically renewable 1 2 Month Certificate* $3,000 minimum Automatically renewable 6* Month Certificate* $1,000 mjriimum Automatically renewable Passbook Account. Interest paid from the date of deposit to date of withdrawal. Deposits of any amount in by the 10th earn from the 1 st. * Federal regulations will not permit First Federal to automatically transfer existing certificate accounts to one of the new certificates. However, existing certificates can be transferred by taking a penalty. Contact First Federal for details. All accounts earn a full month's interest if deposited by the 1 Oth. A substantial interest penalty is required for early withdrawal. NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SAVING 5 3 /4°/o Deposits Insured Up to $20,000 by An Agency of the Federal Government FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN L AKE CITY CARROLL

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