Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 4, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1944
Page 7
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m 7- FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 1944 NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS Pag*, Seven Ceiling Prices On Used Cars Mean YottPQet Less, Sell Now And Below! A Ucal Bargain! fur :!-!.! tic :?-T)iiy ilnssifiod Ad Get 1') To.. Von Announcements Notices Employment Kelp iI — I'Vnmle MAM) for KiMii-rul hoiiM-worU i! hy adult fiimily In -Mltlillo- luiry. l-'hone Watry. -l-SSSfi, WOMAN fur cli-antnir Ulul (Instill).' wars-led by C'.-irlsim KtuTiiUH'e Co.. Inc. Haul's c.-:m l>u a,mi.nj;ecl for your convcn'tence 2n Help WnntiMl — Mult- nr 1-Vninlo .MAN "f u'"(iiai) u'lmh'il to clean dffii'e four hoiii'.i weekly. Apply NiiiipitiicU \Vutcr company. OIlfiAMST 11 nil C'liuir director want i'il. Ailcli'oMa XaiiK'utuck Mi'Hiodist Church, Music Com- niitti-e. l. r i FYeduriek St., I The- rcpm-t. on the audit, of t.'io boaku, records and documents cjr •ill! (lepiirtmenfci at tlic Borough <>f N:iu;,"Uuck Cot- the fiscal year" eiul- cc! Miuv.h 31. 1!VH, conrHietccl in uc- cor.Uuicc wiuh the regulation of the Suuc Tax Commissioner lus required by the Municipal Audit Act of 1KVJ ;ui amended, a copy of which report, shall be included in the iinmual Borough report when issued, U on file at the Borough Clerk's office, .Room No. 3, Town i H:ill. . j Signed: CHARLES F. DALY, Borouyh Clerk. S-l-ili. Automobiles 10 Autos, PACJCABD . ' "A safe "place to buy" ' ;. Packard-VVjilcrbury, Inc. >182 Watertown Avomic Dial-,1-GlC',) Automotive Autos For S 1!>-U nODGJI G Sedan—Juot Ilk new. Clean," good rubber, niilcaprc. Lyons Auto Co. Thomas • ton 0-1-2, •. .. ' -. 12 AimoiHicriiuMits MONUMENTS Spcclul prices on All Momorlalu N. RICHARDS 260 So. Main St. Naufratuck Automotive AutiiH I-'or Ssilo IIO OIJJSMOHIUC for Mile. Good condition. Inquire 1130 Prospect street. Union City, ;u'ter 5:30 p. in. Tel. 4-2762 for a LOAN <A«I< for Mr, VVull) These are busy days ... if you l.ave use for CASH to meet seasonal needs: Fuel, Clothings, Emergencies, you will find the telephone :i. great lime-saver. A loan of $100 costs $10.50 when repaid' in 12 equal principal con- yecutive moiHhiy installments. PHONE '•1-2762 Sultr- 2 DODGE — f , 'AUTHORIZED: Sales Service Parts, Accessories Miilcolm' W>. Stan.'' Corix : <13-S Watertown Avc. • Dial 5-1146 Contractors Tainting I'Al'EK HANGING and W. 'F. Cota, 17 Cedar Tel, O-fS.'j. . . Strcot. Merchandise Mati'i'Iiils. For Sale I I For Salt* POll >.AI,K — T»'i> family house, Jl room.-:, - CHI- KuraKt: fttul barn. All iniiirovi-iiifiiisi. r.ot ,S'l X U r p At .'i sficnfii:-.'. Tel, 3-WU3, Bi'lilj,'e- parl. KKiHT n»>tn. To --family IIUIIM*. All ;;, in jjood condition. iirul ',:ii-^u lot, 'Price rj-i'noin 2-l'u:iilly i! .'ind extra huild- - ,?ii,300, A. Shopluy TK.V-riioin, '.Miiiiill.v IIOUM-. All 1m- piwi.irius. r,nl 77x130. West side of town. I'rici 1 , S'i.,'00, Pntsy -Vniii-rutuck hune or VI';U"N' nirr ^ ratiiily inutsc, trally located. One rent .-i!,|i> Si-pt. 1. Arldrc$.i Eos caro t,l' '1'hi; N'ew^. avail- | R, in CO.VCItliTJi MIXliHS — One 1U-S, one T-S Juogc'r n]ake. trailer type, piiim ma-tic tires, power lo.'idcr. A'.s'o 10,000 feet plywood concrete forms, din tie seen at north end of Hoaclloy St. 200 house project, Liberty Conlrnclinn Co. . On The Air Today TU'O fiiiiiil.v IIIIIIM- i>n fumily house on ' l''(jur room, one 1'nm- | Sen; t str-er lly tiuii.ii\ 1 ;ii'iv land on Ktrcut. 1-ricu Si'.ioo. John Mealy. .111 \Vanti-d To Mny (IN!-:, T wanti Heal *H wo nnd Him- family IIOII.HCS cl. Also forms and lot 1 *. Estate Wanted Wanted To Kent MATl'ltl'II) niiin :uul wlf,- 3 ur -I room rent in Nauj fii'X A, Xuws. (U-sirc For Rent * KomiiM To Jft-lit TIIKKI-: lith! '2 mini nici'l.v fiirnNliril rciinii.s fur irnisrl'.i't'pini,'. All conven- irnod locution. Suitable 1 for XavJcr CiifTut who appears with lil> baiul ill "liathiiiK Bcauly," the ni:w Mi'tPO-GuUlwyn-Mayer Technicolor musical lion' at Ihr ^ I rand thoater. Ueil .^krlton is Marrial with I'J.sther Williams in| the new film, and tin; wist fn- elmles lintliliiiin-, Jean l'«ir- li-r, Hill C'iiiixhvin. Ktlicl tiniith, Car|y> JS-'iifilrc/. anil Marr.v Jamust ami Ills nrchestru. \V in euro of tho Nrws, ->.NK runiUlu'd room for I or 2 Kirls. 12 Aetna street, second .N'ISIlKn ROOM. IIIOII STRKIOT. 1' L, Y At fl(ir M | s;iu;c. Uio Amrv/.on river neri'.-isi.s hundreds of ml I us In • |i:| li, Inumlutini.' thousands, of 'IH-'ii'i! mili-M ur densely-forest 'I 'I'lj.-u-.'iit i.-u,,|. WAR BONDS "BATHING BEAUTY" IS HELD OVER AT THE STRAND That-there's (.coins to be another week of fun for Watorbury theater I»iLron.s Is assured in ttir; hold-over of "BiUhlnj.; Beauty" for another week at the Loew-Strancl theater. The Tochnlcolor musicnl which Motro-GoUlwyn-iMayor lias brought to the screen with a bnn^-up cast and laughable lovoable music opens tociny ftt the Sti-rind and will continue through next Thursday. Hero is a I'.lrn,. full of fun, color, heiiutit'ul music and lovely girls, ves. and everything eisc that ;,'oos to make the most dosired motion picture entertainment today. P.ed SlceUon is the only man enrolled in u co-cd college nnd the funny boy with the flaming locks is at his tin-top best in this, his latest and greatest role. Miss Esther VVi Hams Is beautiful and talented and is headed for stardom in her own rifht us it result of her Kreat job in "Bathing Beauty." iJasil Jlathbonc deserts his villainous roles to piny a Broadwaj producer who shoxvn his undoubted versatility in the handling of his many comedy lines and situations. The 'imposing cast includes Bthcl Smith, Hit Pa rude organist, who m.ikcs hnr 111m debut in this feature; Carlos Kiimirnx. who sink's with Uu.« of the baritones, and Bill Goodwin u!' radio fame. Top these with I tarry James and His; 4:00 p. 111. WAEC — •Broodwa.y Matinee WJZ-WATR— %EUiel and Albert WTIC-WEAF— Backsta-e \Vife \VOK- IS'ews: Rambliivtf •1:1G |>. in. \VABC-Mati-nue: New/ WJ2 — Nation's MonunienLs WAT.K — Don r<orman Show •\VT1C— Stella Dallas •l::su p. in. WAT R-W J 7. —News WTIC— LorcniiO Jones \\'L>Ft — Ki'.Msoinhraiiuu Alusie W'AEC— Off the Record •l:<ir> p. m. WJZ-VVAT.R— Blue Cori-cspomJonts NVKAl-'-VVl'IC— "VViddcr Brown VVABC— Kaymoiu! Snott Show '5:iMi p. in. \VEAF-\VTI— When' a Girl M«r- ri es WJZ— Hop HcirriKan WOR--Uncle Don WABC — Fun with Dunn WATK— Terry and Pirates. WEAF-WTCC— Love and Learn \VJZ- Dick Tracy IVATK-iJelody Revue \VOR-Chick C;irtcr S::fi) p. in. WABC — Three Sirtci'S ;< •• ' Wt:Aft\VnC-- Plain Bill WATI-l-VS'JZ— Jack Armstrong \VOR — Tom Mix Show p. in. WABC— Wilderness P.cad A MESSAGE TO NAUGATUCK HOME OWNERS! ! We will" buy ! or sell Your One, T>vo or Three Family House for Cash. John C. Kiernan 230 MEADOW ST. TEL. 5707 It ESUVKNTIAI, OFFICE •••-.' OF .^ ' • WALTER H. HART, INC. 20 EAST MAIN ST,, WATERBURY, CONN. •"•LU.A.VCI,: _ KI:AI. KSTATK — KK.VTAL.S — MA>-AGKMKXT FOR so YJJABS "\VE-A F-WT'IC— From f'a.u-e Kin- 1 1 WATR-WJZ-Swi Hour,;!' WOR — Superman B:IH) i>. in. AL-Tj Stations — >,*ews ii:\~j p. m. U'ABC — I.ynn Murray Orch.; Chorus \VATK-Musie for Dining WTiC— Victory id Our IJusinos WJZ— Hop I-Iarrigan \\'OH — NOW.S; Jnsj(i L , Hollywood WEAF — Serenade to' America (i:HO p. m. WOR— IS'ows \VTIC-Strictiy Spoi'ts \V12AI-"— Serenade; Sports \VJK- W'llosn \Var? Sports WATR— ..Mewt-.; Son its li-.-t'j i>, in. WABC --World Today WATR — Pleasure anil Profit WOR — Sttir' 7-oinax WriC-\VEAF— Lowell Tjiomas 7:i)(» ji. m. WARC— T T,ove a Mystery WJZ-WATR— Blond i'e WE-AI-'-WT^C— Music Shop WOK— l-'uhon Lewis. Jr.' 7:15 p. m, WCK — Answer 'Man WABC— Wo Who .Dream Music Makers and tlie rhumba swinjr of Xavier Ciife'at nnd His Orchestra and you have entertainment par excellence, nnd that is exactly what "Bathing Beauty" is. 'Butl-iinx Beauty' .shows Techni- coior at its best, topped by a v/a- Lcr carni\ p al finale you arc. bound to (ftisp at'licca'.ise of it's rare beauty and fabulous production. WEAF-WTIC—News of Uie World 7:»n p. m. WOR—Keep Ahtxid WATR—Phone Your Answer WEAir—Roth Oroh. and Chorus WJZ—I/one Hanfjiji- WTl'C—Quiz of Two Cillos WABC—Friday on Broadway 7-.-I5 p. in, WATR—Red CrOi.s Prog-ram WEAF—News 8:00 p. in. WABC--Charley Ku^'lus Show. \VJX-\VATR—-Watch World Go By WO.R—News WEAF-WTIC—Cities Service -Concert S:SO p. m. WKA-F-\\ r TIC—Thin -Man • '. WOR—Freedom of Opportunity ; WATKAVJZ—Navy Proc;r:,.m i \VA13C-Survice Lo" the Front | S.--I5 p. in. • WHN—Dod.qroi-.s vs. Hi-ivcs :i:l>0 p. in. WABC—Pays to be Ignorant \VEAF-VVTIC-WaUK Tiir.v, Frank Munn WATK-\\'jZ —Can;; Busturs WINS—Giants vs. Pliillies WOK—Gabriel Heatter ; '" ' 0:15 p. m. .WOR—Screen Tcst> ,.. .. 11:30 p. ni. WEAF-WTIC—People are Funny \VAEC-Brewstei' Boy \\'ATR — Dorr.ocratic Convention WOK—Double or Nothing- JO.-IK) j). in. W E A F- WT1C—Bos ton B1 :vc.k i e \V A'L'R-W J 2—News WO]1—Jack vs. Montgomery U-'ABC—iMoore-DuivLiitu Show J(l::{|l p. m. AVA]?,C—Stage Door Canteen \VTJC-H. v. Kaltunborn WATK—Fish Pond \VE-A'F—Sports Newsrcel Jll:-l5 j). in. WTTC—Prom New York WJZ—Kay Lorraine WKA!'—To bo announced 3 I:(((» p. in. ALL Stations—News 11:13 p. in. WTIC -Hsu-Una.--*! of Washington W ABC—Shop Fields Orch. WATR—Eddie Oliver Orch. \VJZ—Sonit Team; Kobblcrs 11:30 p. m. WTIC-WEAF—Author's Playhouse VVJ2-WATR—-Van Cleave Variations WOR—Guy Lombr.rdo Orch. •' 12:00 MldniH-lit WATR—Sign Off W-EAF-W'J'JC—News; Mr. Smith WOK-RoKor Orch. WABC—News; Strorie Oroh. '.'. WJZ—.Xcws; Fields Orch. Merchandise ,,lioiifii;.riuj(l Merchandise \V:mi;i:il ro liuy Ji o-in o bought for cush! Highest prices paid for electric refrigerators, washers, and "stoves, .regardless of condition. ,.'.-.''.' Francis Fnrnitnrc Go. 4-19 NORTH MAIN STRKET T'jlephono 3000 . CAS II r °r Your MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co. 203 Hank 4-1-J22 Merchandise Services MfsccllancoiiH V ICTltOI"-A IN IS X C K r. I- JC N T CONDITION WANTED. PHONE 4-12,'J NAUGATUCK. ISAI5V—Car NCiirs. I'lay jiciis, Iwitlil- netts, cribs,, hife'h chairs, Kantwet mattresses, toys. THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. . Watorbury • And OKI Gold II»ii|;lit. Watch .rupairintf our specially. GRAND JEWELRY 31.2 Grand Street Dial 5-0082 WuutiMl To Buy BANK auposlt Iio.ces" wanted. Hiifhest-'eash prices paid. Wire collect, -write ;or jjbpnc what you have'to oh'eu.' J. E:'.\iurph'ey, Republic 008-1,' 815' -Yeatman Ave., Webster Groves 13, Mo. • Pliers downed at sea on. n. rub- er lat'i now aro.Bqufpped with a ny electric lamp which can j>ro- ;ct a 1;COO candlcpower beam to id niKht Tcscucrs. " .30. CK1US — CiiiriiiKCS, I'lay I'cns, Large selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. white onamol- Kitclicn nil. T. J. M.ontambault. Union Cit} 1 . Tel. 2CS3. FOIJIJ (>J;i,|,., celling'fun for R:I|C, Also Todd check wi-ilcr. 27 GuJ- pi.n, street. Richard Kicly. :t8 Scrvlci;» -i JOHN'S MUSIC SIIOJ' We liny, Hell, cxchanKc, and rajui all kinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. 3SO : 3S2 So. Main St., Watby, Conn. Gallic Anil Swine 1TGS for s;Je, .•jW.W> :U)«I uji. Alxo pullet and broilers," 3 months and up. J. Mezzo, Pond Hill. Services I'rufossionul Scr ICXCELLKNT RK ING- and slip covers. low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. Ma.slcrcr.-irt artists. I .Grand St. Walcrbury. Diul 30 Wanted To Render Scrvlccn lil.ECTJUCAI, flcpiUrlnK Service Appliances a sjfccKjlly. Kay Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. 400O. ODD JOB PAINTING A. J. Kudzma- Call sitlcr H p .m. 4266 ATTENTION tttectrofux Owner* —.Repairs, genuine parts and nervicn. By bonded Elecirolujs Man. I. NIssen, 3 T'.reisa Av«. Telephone 4822. )0 Radios expertly repaired, jnodc) 1 - atc u:-icos. Phone OG17. IMiXGAf. Comhiii.-itlDii slovo. 4 oil, 1 ^-'is Silent Glow burners. Chrome pipe, copper coil. 'Like new. C;U1 3-169. CUSTOM RKUI'IIOLSTlilJING ~ Special 2-piece Suite S59 GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. W.ilcrbury ' 4-889!> Clcunlni; And n.velni; BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMirS KIJiVMAN'S Grca.t Dry Cleaning Firm, offers its first cl.Tss di-y clcnninp; not only in family ^ar- MIOIH.S, bul. blankets, rust-'i and other specialties in Jhis licld. KIEV.MAN'S 7<i Church Strcot SAWYKR ./ I CAME TO M SEE YOU TODAY. By ROY CRANE t WISHED TO PROVE MY tOYALTY TO THE NEW EMPIRE BY HELPING TO MAKE THE YANKEE TAIK. FAH.' ALWAYS YOU WISH TO BE CLEVER. WHERE ARE MY PIPE? 8RINS WINE. HOW MANY TIME I Till j YOU IN JAPAN WOMEK ! ARC- FOR WORK.MW EKJOYMENT? THEY SING, ARRANGE FIOWERS, COOK iUKlYAKI. AH. VERY NICE. Y1SS. ETTA KETT IPSLEc-Py HA"S A DATE- HE'S P/XPKED'iDUR I.CAS? AROUND TOWN )/ LOOK SOME I YIPPEE.'' \rs • BOUMClNJG PAUL ROBIX.SOJt SJ-1-W-M/.THSM HIS Glf?L FI2IEND.MUST ItOBCRT STOltM £OT TO LET /V.V &AKQ OUT THESE JN THE STICKS XMOW WMERe J AM... WEHc'S A NOW. LET'S see- IP : CAN SPELL , . .AW. HA/ME IN THIS SHADE! OF TKE TRA5JC SHE is SOON TO PLAY, ROW SITS { IN THE CELLAR. K.AUXKY GOOGLK AND SNCFI-'Y SMITH RKT'OBTS SKJill.VG SUB San Pedro, C;il,, AUK. -1—(UP)— t,os Ange-os moi-r.inp- neu'spapcrs c|i)otc a flshinsr boat skipper .is re- jjortinsr that a foreign submarine surfaced a fow miles off the so.uth- nrn Califonil.-t coast July 22r,d. Naval authorities • have declined comment on the story, - :. By BILLV DE BECK RE-UPHOLSTERING COVERS 8E6&IN& VOUR PRROOM.SJR-- oo wou Mfl^e ftNw vwoaonscxw VftRO BIRO ROSe-rUH--S«V\tm? YOU V-.'AMT ME TO l.COi<, iMfO'.TM.'AT, 'KiixSCR / : ,T :N' r V 5ELF-? lA'XTi'WS'A. LftSOR'OF LCVe/ •—-- PHONE 4^064 5 ALL KINDS 18th CENTURY . EdR. SAM PUBS AND ESTIMATES Mfl'dr " V<T.V...)J*.*II iniitorliilN -mill <>r Fl/UMTURE '.' KEPRODUCElD' NlrimueNt rultMlrllr. <l<m fulirlr imttiTllN i-nt-rlutly -mufrhcil.- PRICED • AWAZINGLY1OW By \Vrj.LIAM KITT imd CLAKI3XCE GRA« m All work, done by jc^pcrfe iiv:OUIt b^VN, SHOP issures you of the highest quality workmanship anil materials at LOWEST PRICES. •/'•• ALLEYS UPHOLSTERING STUDIO (MASTERCRAO ARTISTS) " rn ' UIMIOI.KTEUT, 1 GRAND STREET I <o tin* the mime Stuli> HI Onii. CORNER SOUTH MAIN ST, WATERBURY SKKET.ER BUT- BUT \ SAW THE BACK OF rAY HEAD IN THAT MIRROR- - NOT Vou VJ£MT;TO- REGGIES- PM?TV,:EFFIE. A-.MICE- TIME INAW/ i w(jz';.BoSE05& DEATH/ ALL TUOSE WTNOTMAiDS -DID as , SIT: AROUKJ'-AW- PLAY" ISSIN' GAMES--T^E SI5SI6S- ^>\UA' BIS1IC "" 'fvJENTir' __ "/~FbB"METT4H"PARTY"vyoZ A V KIDS -T|JEC?E, AN' AFTEQ TUE PARTY \ OVER-.-TUEOE VJOZK1TONE BLOOO N OR.A BLACK ever

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